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Selwyn Times: November 07, 2017

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8 Wednesday November 8 2017 Latest Christchurch news at The Maddie story SELWYN TIMES Pages 8, 9 & 10 Family’s long journey to give their It has been nearly nine years since West Melton teenager Maddie Collins was diagnosed with kidney disease. Bridget Rutherford reports on the battle to give the 13-year-old a better life before it is too late IT WAS a normal day at the end of October 2008 and the Collins family was preparing to go camping at Okains Bay. But five-year-old Maddie woke up that morning with puffy eyes. Her parents Sarah and Adam didn’t think anything of it. They had just moved to West Melton from Spreydon, wanting a more rural lifestyle. “We thought ‘great, we’ve just moved rural and she’s allergic to grass and hay’,” Mrs Manson- Collins said. UNWELL: Maddie Collins in hospital as a child. They took Maddie to their GP, who said she may have something called nephrotic syndrome – a kidney disease which causes the body to excrete too much protein in urine. “I just said ‘oh, don’t be silly, just give us some antihistamines, we’re going camping tomorrow’. And he said ‘I’m very serious, you need to take her to the hospital now’.” The family didn’t go camping. And they haven’t been since. Since then, the 13-year-old has undergone more than 50 operations, been on life support twice, had both kidneys removed, one failed transplant and undergoes dialysis every night. She has been in hospital more than 300 times – the longest stint was for four months – and travels to Auckland’s Starship Hospital routinely every seven or eight weeks. “I do dialysis 12 hours a night, every night,” Maddie said. “When we go away we don’t typically take the machine, so we DOG LOVER: Maddie wants to become a vet, and has already had a lot of practice looking after the family’s dogs – Jilly, Grace, Mary and Coco. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER do manual bags – four over the day. It’s annoying because you can’t have sleepovers, unless you want to do manual bags, but I’m not allowed to do it.” Maddie’s parents and a family friend are the only people who can operate her dialysis machine. They have two generators just in case there is a power cut. The first time Maddie was put on life support was six months after her diagnosis. She had been on steroids and low-dose chemotherapy drugs, then one night, she woke with a sore tummy and they took her to hospital. formulated for dogs Want the best Dog Food possible? AffordAble Summer fAmily Protection Specially formulated sunscreens for the whole family providing SPF50+ protection. free Gift WitH bAnAnA boAt PurcHASe Barrington Pharmacy Ltd | Ph 322 3156 10% discount 256 Barrington St (next to Couplands) everyday using excludes prescriptions & sale stock The Automotive Lamp Specialists • Pure meat • No Chemicals • No Fillers • Dogs love Essential • Convienent chilled roll • Affordable $1 a day for a medium dog VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR STOCKISTS OR BUy OnlInE 0800 HAnlEy (0800 426 539) New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes PH 0800 225 483 | 325 Brougham Street, CHRISTCHURCH

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday November 8 2017 9 plucky daughter a better life She had spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, where all the fluid around her organs had become infected. After a week in the high dependency unit, Maddie was transferred to the ward. Things were looking up and Mrs Manson-Collins was sent home to get some sleep at 8.30pm. At 11pm, the hospital rang to say they had transferred Maddie back to HDU, but said there was nothing to worry about. Then, at 5.30am, the hospital called again. “They said ‘Sarah get here now, don’t get a coffee, don’t have a shower, just get in the car and get here now’.” The infected fluid had overflowed into Maddie’s lungs. The five-year-old was gasping for breath and transferred to the intensive care unit where she was put on life support. She was transferred to Starship where she stayed on life support for a week. In spite of the set back, the family and doctors were optimistic they could save her kidneys. But in December 2009, Maddie needed a port inserted in her chest so medication could be injected easily. FAMILY: Maddie with her mum Sarah, older sister Georgia and dogs Mary and Jilly. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER “I went into recovery to find them resuscitating her,” Mrs Manson-Collins said. She was put back on life support and her kidneys could not be saved. Six months later, six-year-old Maddie had her first kidney removed. They started the process of getting on the organ donor list. Both Mr Collins and Mrs Manson-Collins were tested to see if they were matches, prompting another devastating blow for the family 10 days out from Christmas 2009. Mrs Manson-Collins had to do a routine mammogram as part of the process, which discovered she had breast cancer. “I said to her ‘have you found something’. And she said ‘did you come by yourself?’ And I said ‘did you find something?’ She said ‘yes, you’ve got cancer and it’s really bad.’” Within seven months, Mrs Manson-Collins had a mastectomy and chemotherapy, and Mr Collins donated one of his kidneys to Maddie. “It was pretty rough on our older two children – is mum going to die this year from cancer? Is my sister going to die this year with renal failure?” She said it was hard to juggle treatments, but Maddie’s health came first. Although Mrs Manson- Collins has been cleared of cancer, she still has regular oncology appointments. At nine, Maddie finally started school at St Margaret’s College. But they began to see signs that Maddie’s body was rejecting her father’s kidney. She became very unwell and they had to remove it. •Turn to page 10 LAwyERS We have over 40 years’ experience to assist you with… • Buying and Selling Houses and Commercial Property • Wills, Trusts and Estate matters • All issues facing you and your business; • Employment Law matters; • Traffic matters; • Advice regarding Retirement Villages • General Legal Advice on all matters Call John, Brendan or Andrew today 03 366 8996 Email. Airport Business Park 92 Russley Road, Christchurch 8042 AMY ADAMS MP FOR SELWYN If you would like to sign up for my newsletter please visit: CONTACT P 03 344 0418 E Working hard for our communities Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Amy Adams, 829 Main South Road, Templeton, Christchurch. HEAT PUMP SALE NOW ON! Amazin’ spring Specials!! • We will offer you the best quality brands and option of heat pump for your home/business • Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 15 years to Cantabrians • We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years (providing annual maintenance has been completed) Phone us today for your free consultation & quote 41A SHAKESPEARE RD, WALTHAM PHONE 03 366 0525 “A local team for local people” Arts Culture & HeritageSELWYN Need funding for your creative project? Creative Communities Selwyn can help! Funding is available to groups or individuals with community-based creative projects that promote arts or culture in Selwyn. Applications for this funding round close at 5pm, Friday 24 November. Visit for more information and to apply.