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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 5 ı May




Operating sequence in 2017











Electrical output in %

January February March April May June July August September October November December

In the year 2017 nuclear power plant Brokdorf (KBR) was with an

availability factor of 48.23 % in total 4,527.21 operating hours on the


Due to an increased oxide layer thickness on the fuel element

cladding tubes (ME 2017/02) occurred an unplanned revision

extension of 156 days. The revision was completed on 30 July 2017

after 177 revision-days. Due to the determination of ME 02/2017

“ increased oxide layer thickness on the cladding tubes of fuel

elements” the thermal reactor power was first limited to a maximum

88 % until 14 September 2017. Afterwards the thermal reactor power

was limited in the framework of the modified operating conditions

for the 30 th operation cycle, with a coolant temperature lowered

100 by 3 K, to maximum 95 %.

On 9 December 2017 a failure occurred on one of the primary

coolant 80 pumps. The plant stabilised itself with a 3-pump operation at

a reactor capacity of 40 % and a generator power of approx. 570 MW.

The 60 cause of the failure was a malfunction of the under-voltage

release inside the circuit breaker. The under-voltage release was



Unplanned shutdowns and reactor/turbine trip


Power reductions above 10 % and longer than for 24 h

See operating diagram:

• Operation with lowered reactor power of max.. 88 % due to an

oxid layer problem at the fuel element cladding tubes

• Runback for a grid-supporting power control

Delivery of fuel elements

During the reporting year no fuel elements transportations were

carried out.

Waste management status

By the end of the year 2017 30 loaded CASTOR © cask were located at

the on-site intermediate storage Brokdorf.


Planned shutdowns

After reaching the natural cycle end on 31 December 2016 a 35-day


stretch-out operation directly adjoined. On 4 February 2017 the

plant was shutdown for the 29 th refuelling and plant revision:

The revision included the following priorities:

• Reactor Offload of the RPV.

Positionierung: Inspection of FE, SE, SC.

Clarification of cause ME2017/02.

Bezug, links, unten

Exchange of the BAT-cable.

Load of 72 fresh fuel elements.

• Main VGB: coolant HKS6K pump YD20 30 Ring % exchange of e-motor.

atw: 100 60


0 0

of the axial bearing.

• Recuperation heat exchangers Pressure testing.

• HP-Cooler TA11/12 B001 Pressure testing.

• Coolant Works on pump stationary head VE10/20.

• Turbine Standard service, Bearing inspection SB14.

• Transformers Exchange CS22/CT41.

X = 20,475 Y = 95,25 B = 173,5 H = 38,2


Operating results 2017 – Part I*

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