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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 5 ı May


Isar 2


Operating sequence in 2017











Electrical output in %

January February March April May June July August September October November December

On 22 January 1988 unit 2 of Isar nuclear power plant (KKI 2) fed for

the first time electricity into the grid. 30 years later KK2 convinces


with position number 1 of the German generation statistic among

nuclear power plants. With more than 11.5 b kilowatt hours of


generated power in the year 2017, KK2 leads the German ranking

despite of frequently providing system services (in the year 2017 this


corresponded to the supply of standard performance of 7.8 full-load

days of non-produced power), 13 days of stretch-out operation


( before downtime), the additional short shutdown and the annual




Planned shutdowns

100 14 to25 January: Short shutdown with refuelling.

Power plant KKI 2 remained shortly shutdown from 14 until

25 80 January for refuelling and the intended pre-commissioning-works

with duration of nearly 12 days. 36 fuel elements were inserted.

860July to 20 July: Refuelling with annual revision.

Refuelling took place from 8 until 25 July with duration of 17.6 days.



revision was completed 8 hours before its actually scheduled

date. During the revision 44 new fuel elements were inserted.


Unplanned shutdowns and reactor/turbine trip


After the grid synchronisation on 25 July at 14:41 h started

the scheduled performance increase with the given gradients.

During the power consumption up to 450 MWel generator power

the turbine automated test system „protection systems“ was

examined. Positionierung:

Approximately 45 seconds after starting the subgroup

control for the turbine „protection systems„ a reactor scram and

Bezug, links, unten

turbine scram were released on 25 July at 15:56 h. The cause was a

valve malposition inside the hydraulic system of the turbine

(see ME VGB: 01/2017). HKS6K The generator 30 % was synchronised again with the

grid on 26 July at 23:29 h.

X = 20,475 Y = 95,25 B = 173,5 H = 38,2

atw: 100 60 0 0

Power reductions above 10 % and longer than for 24 h


National Peer Review

25 to 27 October: National Peer Review “Risk assessment”.

WANO Review/Technical Support Mission

31 July to 3 August: WANO pre-visit.

Delivery of fuel elements

In the reporting year 28 uranium fuel elements from Westinghouse

were delivered. 32 uranium fuel elements are in stock at the dry


Waste management status

Currently 35 CASTOR® V-casks (13 units CASTOR® V/19 (85-typ),

13 units of CASTOR® V/19 (96-type), 9 units of CASTOR® V/52

(85-type)) and 7 TN®24E-casks are stored in the on-site intermediate


During the period from 18 September 2017 until 1 December

2017 6 TN®24E-casks were successfully loaded at the KKI 2. With this

loading campaign no further fuel element transportations are further

necessary until EoL (31 December 2022).

Technical optimisation of the KKI BELLA: The commissioning of

the unit safety relevant trades took place during the calendar weeks

49 until 51. The functional testing and acceptance testing (FAP) were

successfully completed in the presence of the supervising expert in

calendar week 51.

General points

Performance changes of ±100 MW from approx. 1,270 MWe1 for the

prequalification of the frequency arrangement were carried out on

22 March 2017 between 14:00 h and 16:53 h.

Form 8 August 2017 until 10. August 2017 four laden journeys

were carried out for the examination and commissioning of the

retrofitted predictor in the adaptive power distribution regulation

(ALV) for an automatically adjustment of the D-bank characteristic

curve impact. Thereby the minimum performance of approximately

560 MW MWel equivalent to a reactor performance of approx. 46 %

was achieved. For the upgrade (exchange of modules)) of the PRINS

processor (process computer) lowering phases in each case of

2 x 35 MW were run due to the limited availability of the calculation

value “Thermal Reactor Power” in calendar weeks 38, 39 40 and 41.


Operating results 2017 – Part I*

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