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Scott County Catholic Schools

Scott County Catholic Schools have been a proud

part of the Iowa landscape since St. Margaret’s School

was established on the campus of Davenport’s Sacred

Heart Cathedral in 1859.

Much has changed since then, however, many things

remain the same, including a dedication toward

developing the whole child – mind, body and soul.

Built on the legacy of generations of students and

families, Scott County Catholic Schools embrace the

very best standards of Catholic education in the 21st

century. Our schools encourage students to open their

hearts to the Lord, their minds to learning, and their

talents toward service to others.

Scott County Catholic operates five interdependent

schools: four elementary schools serving students in

preschool through 8th grades, and one secondary

school serving students in 9th through 12th grades.

A brief overview of each school follows, but for those

of you who may be unaware of Iowa’s support for

nonpublic schools, here are a few “good news items”

that are specific to our great state!

Family Tuition Plan: Families who feel a Catholic school

education may be beyond their reach are encouraged

to apply for tuition assistance through the Family

Tuition Plan. Applications are evaluated based on

family size and income as they align against

the backdrop of total tuition requirement.

A single application may be completed for the entire

family – including students attending both elementary

and secondary Catholic schools in Scott County.

The application is available at\


A significant portion of the Family Tuition Plan is

funded by the Mississippi Valley STO, a grant program

made possible by Iowa’s Educational Opportunities

Act. Need that surpasses MVSTO funding is provided

by generous donors. To learn more about how your gift

to the MVSTO could qualify for a 65% Iowa Tax Credit,

go to

Iowa Tuition & Textbook Tax Credit: Iowa residents

may claim a 25% direct tax credit on the first $1,000

of eligible costs (including nonpublic school tuition)

associated with educating each of their K-12 children

(up to a maximum of four.)

Transportation to School: Iowa is one of very few states

in the country where public schools are responsible for

transporting non-public school students of residence.

Minimum distance requirements must be met. Public

school districts may choose not to transport, instead

paying a state prescribed stipend to a non-transported

child’s family.

Textbooks: Non-public schools receive textbook

funding that is equal to their public school counterparts.

This really helps contain tuition

costs, since non-public

schools do not bear

the full cost of textbooks.

All Saints Catholic School


All Saints Catholic School community

shares a common goal of preparing

children for lifelong learning and

Christian service. We are committed

to nurturing each child's spiritual,

intellectual, social, moral, emotional

and physical development. All are

encouraged to utilize their God-given

gifts in an atmosphere that challenges

them to strive for their unique potential.

All Saints Catholic School, located on the campus

of Holy Family Parish, is a shared mission of five

Catholic parishes: Holy Family, Sacred Heart

Cathedral, St. Alphonsus, St. Mary’s, and St.

Anthony’s. This unique educational partnership

values knowledge, excellence, persistence, love

and service. Each and every day, students engage

in an intimate experience with the nuts and bolts

of school life, and faculty and staff go above and

beyond to ensure that Gospel values permeate

every aspect of the school experience.

At All Saints, instruction is guided by a very

experienced team of teachers continually

searching for new ways to insure that each student

in our diverse learning community learns at a rate

commensurate with their abilities. Maintaining

time-tested programs is just

one key to ongoing success.

Another key benchmark of

our success is in the

development of each

student’s readiness to

explore possibilities, to

meet the challenges of

life, to extend oneself

to others by doing the

work of Christ, and to

always rise to

their potential.

Students participate in daily prayer and religion

classes as well as weekly Mass. Technology at All

Saints has become an integrated part of everyday

learning, with interactive whiteboards, iPads, and

laptop computers available in each classroom.

Spanish is taught by a certified teacher K-8, and

a full time counselor is part of our staff. Students

are encouraged to participate in extracurricular

activities such as Band, Chorus, Newspaper, Swing

Choir, Science Club, Chess Club, Mock Trial, Visual

Arts, Foreign Language, and Athletics.

All Saints is honored to be one of only two Catholic

Schools in Iowa to be linked on a national level with

the Latino Enrollment Institute at the University of

Notre Dame. All Saints earned this

honor in light of its ongoing

increase in Latino enrollment. All

Saints is family bound by faith,

where all students, parents, and

staff are valued.

John F. Kennedy Catholic School


Our mission is teaching children

to become disciples of Christ by

living Gospel values, nurturing

gifts and talents, and pursuing

academic excellence.

Fueled by nearly 40% growth in enrollment over

the last ten years, JFK is one of the largest PS-8th

grade Catholic schools in the Diocese of Davenport.

With enrollment records in daycare as well, the $4.4

million investment in school and parish additions and

improvements since 2011 are being well utilized.

Acting as an extension of the family, staff members

challenge students to realize and reach their true

potential both academically and spiritually. Religion is

not reserved for special occasions; faith is thoroughly

integrated into daily routines as a part of our school’s

identity. Students participate in multiple daily prayers,

weekly all school Masses, Adoration and Reconciliation,

religion classes, and monthly service activities.

Through a partnership with the Department of

Education and Mississippi Bend AEA, JFK is a leader in

differentiated instruction.

Multi-tiered systems of

support allow students

of all levels to

receive the

help and


they need.

As all JFK students are talented and gifted in their

own way, each student is required to complete TAG

activities including research paper writing, public

speaking, and STEM related endeavors.

With a 1:1 student to computer ratio in grades 5-8 and

computers and tablets in each classroom at

other grade levels, JFK students make

regular use of technology for research,

composition, practice, and presentation.

A whole new wireless network was

installed in the summer of 2016 to meet

the technology demands of the future.

JFK offers a wide variety of student

activities including band, newspaper,

mock trial, scouts, First Lego League,

student council, Creative Crusaders for

arts and crafts, and athletics. A

variety of age specific musical,

theatrical and talent performances are

also developed throughout the school

year, allowing each student the

opportunity to shine.

Lourdes Catholic School

“Fruit of the Spirit” awards are given to 20+ students

and staff monthly based on the demonstration of

different “fruits” such as Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,

Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and


Every grade level participates in at least one service

project such as Coats for Kids, Shoes for the Shoeless,

donations for Ronald McDonald House, and many more.

Parent volunteers are a special strength of the Lourdes

community, and there are several opportunities for

parents to volunteer throughout the year.

State accredited and established in 1919, Lourdes

has a long commitment to excellence in faith-based

education. Enjoying an average class size of 18, all

Lourdes teachers are fully credentialed by the State of

Iowa, and most hold multiple subject endorsements.

Lourdes also employs a special education teacher to

serve students with Level 1 individualized educational

plans. As one parent said, “At Lourdes, we’ve found

teachers who create individualized learning experience

plans for every child, no matter their learning style. The

teachers truly care about the kids.”

Students consistently score above local, state, and

national averages on the Iowa Assessment Tests.

Spanish instruction starts in kindergarten, and Lourdes

grads are typically placed in Spanish II in high school.

Classrooms are equipped with

Smartboards, iPads, document

cameras, and student laptops,

and the recently updated

technology lab provides a

classroom setting for lessons

in coding, keyboarding, digital

movie making, and more.

In an effort to provide a well-rounded education, a

wide variety of extracurricular activities are offered

including intramural sports for K-8 students, Scouts,

Robotics, Mock Trial, Chess Club, Choir, Band, and

Academic Club.


Lourdes Catholic School is dedicated

to providing an outstanding foundation

for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional,

technological, and physical needs of

all individuals, preparing students for

the future, while fostering a challenging

environment of educational excellence.

The Middle School science

lab was newly remodeled in

2017. Lourdes students live

their faith every day in a

variety of ways including daily

religion classes, Prayer

Buddies, and helping plan and

participate in weekly liturgies.

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School


St. Paul the Apostle Parish

builds a community of disciples,

strengthened by word and

Sacrament, to celebrate, live

and share the Good News

of Jesus Christ. In furthering

the Parish mission, St. Paul

the Apostle School provides

a Christ-centered academic

environment designed to

promote the total development

of the child by instilling the

values of our Catholic faith,

family, and life-long learning.

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

has a history of offering a high

quality, Christ-centered elementary

school on its campus since 1926!

St. Paul the Apostle School strives to

develop the whole child by instilling the

values of faith, community, and life-long

learning. Students are called to give

back to God and His people by using

the talents and gifts which God has

bestowed. Our goal is for students to

possess knowledge and understanding

of Catholic teachings and gospel values

– informing action through service to


Discipleship, stewardship, and family are

hallmarks of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic

School. Our dedicated faculty and staff

seek to help students by providing quality

learning environment and supporting high

student expectations. Frequent opportunities

for family involvement contribute to the

ongoing success of each student, and serve to

emulate relationships that honor Jesus, Mary

and Joseph, the original Holy Family.

At St. Paul the Apostle School, students

develop critical thinking and problem-solving

skills as well as effective listening and speaking

styles. Students have regular access to the

types of technology that bring value to the

learning process.

In September 2011, St. Paul the Apostle

Catholic School was designated as a National

Blue Ribbon School based on academic

achievement. This level of academic excellence

is the result of a partnership between parents,

students, teachers and the larger parish


Assumption High School


Our mission, as a Catholic educational community, is to

prepare students academically, spiritually, and morally, for the

opportunities and responsibilities of the future.

Assumption challenges each student to reach

their academic potential in preparation for life

beyond high school. Students develop critical

thinking skills and learn to reason scientifically,

mathematically, and historically. Above all,

students are encouraged to become faithbased,

self-directed, life-long learners.

The majoirty of AHS teachers have advanced

degrees in education or their instructional

content area. This allows our course

offerings include ten AP courses and

64 college credits – all offered on the

Assumption campus at no additional

cost! A learning resource center

is also available for students in

need of additional academic


Faith development, as well

as civic and personal

responsibility, are fostered

both in and out of the

classroom. All AHS students

document a minimum of 80

community service hours

prior to graduation.

Assumption is an optimum

size to encourage student

engagement and a sense

of community. A wide

range of athletic programs

and extracurricular activities,

as well as 24 student clubs,

provide diverse opportunities

for student involvement.

Each Assumption student is provided a laptop,

allowing students to obtain instant access to

real-time information and real-world skills.

Teachers regularly incorporate technology

into their lessons and classroom activities, and

students have access to their laptops both in

the classroom and at home.

In addition, every Assumption student

participates in a seminar course each semester.

This technology-based experience is a powerful

tool that prepares students for

the variety of learning and

communication experiences of

college and career. Assumption

is proud to be the first

high school in the area

to offer a computer

programming and

game design course.

With rare exception,

the ACT test is taken

by all upperclass

students. The results

demonstrate AHS

student scores that

consistently rank

above Iowa and

national averages.

Getting In Touch

Scott County Catholic operates five interdependent Catholic schools:

four elementary schools (PS-8) and one secondary school (9-12).


Assumption High School

1020 W. Central Park Avenue • Davenport

(563) 326-5313 •

A co-educational, interparish high school

serving students in grades 9-12.


Teddy Bear Club

(located on the Holy Family Campus)

1341 W. Pleasant Street • Davenport

(563) 322-6648 •

A licensed child care center with 2, 3, and 5 day options

for 3 year old Preschool, and Day Care for 3-5 year olds.



All Saints Catholic School

1926 Marquette Street • Davenport

(563) 324-3205 •

A comprehensive K-8 with morning and

afternoon 4 year-old Preschool options.

Extended Day and Before and After Care

programs also available.

John F. Kennedy Catholic School

1627 W. 42nd Street • Davenport

(563) 391-3030 •

A comprehensive K-8 with morning and

afternoon 4 & 5 year old Preschool, and

two, three, and five day options for 3 year

old Preschool. Extended Day and Before

and After Care programs also available.



St. Alphonsus Early Childhood Education Center

2626 Boies Avenue • Davenport

(563) 323-3204 •

A comprehensive early childhood center offering a

certified morning 4 year old Preschool with wrap around

care and licensed daycare for infants and children aged

6 weeks through 12 years. Transportation to and from

school available.

St. John Vianney Preschool

4097 18th Street • Bettendorf

(563) 332-5308 •

A certified Preschool offering a 5 morning program for

4 year olds and 2 and 3 morning program options for 3

(and young 4) year olds.


Lourdes Catholic School

1453 Mississippi Boulevard • Bettendorf

(563) 359-3466 •

A comprehensive K-8 with five Preschool

enrollment options. Extended Day and

Before and After Care programs available

to all PS-8th grade students.


Villa Maria Childcare Center

(located on the Assumption High School Campus)

1020 W Central Park Avenue • Davenport

(563) 449-5543 •

A year round licensed Day Care center for infants and

children aged 6 weeks through 5 years.

5 St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School

1007 E. Rusholme Street • Davenport

(563) 322-2923 •

A comprehensive K-8 with 3 & 4 year

old Preschool and half day Transitional

Kindergarten. Extended Day and Before

and After Care programs also available.






















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