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Selwyn Times: April 27, 2018


22 Selwyn District Residents' Guide 2018 S ELWYN CYCLING Cycling in Selwyn is a popular recreational sport, with an abundance of off road tracks, urban cycle ways and long wide roads for cyclng, the choice of tracks and routes is yours. URBAN CYCLEWAYS Coalgate to Glentunnel: Walk/ Cycleway connects the two small towns in rural Malvern. A 2.4km flat track suitable for all abilities. Prebbleton to Lincoln: Part of the Little River Railtrail, a 7.7km track joining the two popular towns. Rolleston to Lincoln: The 9km cycleway runs along Lowes Road, Lincoln Rolleston Road and Boundary Road. From Lincoln, cyclists can connect to the existing Little River Railtrail. Springs Memorial Cycleway – Springston to Lincoln: The 2.6km cycleway runs from Everest Way in Springston along the south side of Ellesmere Junction Road to the child care centre at Lincoln University where it connects to existing pathways alongside the road by Lincoln University. ROAD CYCLING Selwyn Flat Aquados Tour of Selwyn - 161.77 km: The district is renowned by road cyclists for its long straight and picturesque rural roads. Ride around Lincoln/Lake Ellesmere area, starts on Neills Road, Ladbrooks LITTLE RIVER RAIL TRAIL Little River Rail Trail is grade 1 Christchurch to Prebbleton – 4km: The start of the trail is at Shands Road Carpark, 400m south of Halswell Junction Road Intersection. Toilets, playground and picnic areas, available a Prebbleton Domain Prebbleton to Lincoln – 7.7km; this section joins the village of Prebbleton to Lincoln Township. Starts on Springs Road. Lincoln to Neills Road (Ahuriri Reserve) - 9.3km; trails starts on James Street/East Belt/Edwards Street intersection. Neills Road (Ahuriri Reserve) to Motukarara – 6km; starting on Neills Road, this section of the track is off road, and cyclists are advised to use tyres with good tread. Motukarara to Kaituna Quarry – 7.9km; park and start at Motukarara carpark (old railway station) with toilet facilities. Kaituna Quarry to Birdlings Flat – 5.4km; car park and toilets available at Kaituna Quarry. Birdlings Flat to Little River - 9.7km; starts on Poranui Beach Road, rest and relax in Little River. MOUNTAIN BIKING TRACKS McHugh’s Forest Darfield, mountain bike tracks in a forest of large Douglasfir, car park Horndon Street, Darfield. SPRINGFIELD TO ARTHURS PASS Avoca Homestead (hut) ; 25km, 2-4 hours, grade 2 easy. Broken River Ski Field Road; 6km, 1.5- 2 hours, grade 3 intermediate. Broken River Ski Field Road to Camp Saddle; 2.5km, 2 hours, grade 3 intermediate uphill. Craigieburn Valley & Lyndon Saddle Loop; 17km, 2-3 hours, grade 3 Intermediate/grade 4 advanced downhill. Dracophyllum Flat Track; 1.8km, 1 hour return, grade 3 intermediate. Hogs Back Mountain Bike Track; (varying distances). MT White Road; 25km, 2 hours, grade 1 beginners. Poulter Valley; 27km, 3 hours, grade 2 easy & grade 3 intermediate. Starvation Gully to Trig M; 3.2km, 1.5 hours, grade 3 intermediate uphill. Trig M to Coach Stream; 5.5km, 1.5 hours, grade 3 intermediate downhill. For more information on these tracks see the Walking and Biking Guide available through council offices or at your local library and visit www.

Selwyn District Residents' Guide 2018 23 S ELWYN SNOW There are six ski fields in Selwyn. Each offers excellent skiing and snowboarding to suit all abilities. They are in close proximity to each other and are supported by nearby villages such as Castle Hill, Springfield, and Arthur’s Pass. It is best to carry chains and keep a close eye on weather and snow reports. Events are common and popular, so check out the websites and for more information. BROKEN RIVER 03-318-8713 Locals call it ‘BR’, powderhounds. com called it a “hidden gem.” It offers excellent off-piste, soft-snow skiing and snowboarding, fantastic terrain for all skill levels. Access from the car park is either a 20 minute walk or a 4 minute ride on the Tyndall Tramway. Both offer stunning views of the Torlesse Range. A sunny day lodge is a great place to relax and watch the action. There is accommodation on the mountain and a facility for night skiing. CHEESEMAN 03-344-3247 Cheeseman promotes a fun, family friendly environment. From the Great Alpine Highway, just past Castle Hill, access roads are suitable for 2WD vehicles with chains. Drive all the way to the ski area. There is a day lodge and excellent accommodation options. T-bar lifts and tow ropes provide access to all ski areas, which are wellgroomed and suitable for all skill levels. You can hire all the equipment you need and there are group and individual lessons available. TEMPLE BASIN 03-377-7788 Temple Basin, in the heart of the Southern Alps, is truly unique. There is no access road, and it’s a fair hike up the hill. But there is a goods-lift so you don’t have to carry your gear, and the walk pays off with raw alpine terrain and some of the best skiing and riding around. Three tow ropes service the area for all skill levels, but the best is off-piste. Accommodation, food and beverages are available, as are equipment hire and lessons. The ungroomed ski area features rock formations that make skiing challenging and rewarding. Night skiing is an option, too. CRAGIEBURN 03-318-8711 Steep, narrow chutes, wide open powder bowls, ungroomed runs. Cragieburn Valley is the Holy Grail for advanced and expert skiers. Easy access for most vehicles, there is a friendly club atmosphere and environmentally responsible skiing and snowboarding. It’s a backcountry experience with cosy slope-side accommodation and a community of international and local snow addicts. MT OLYMPUS 03-318-5840 Backcountry adventurers who like to ski or board off-piste in amazing terrain are well satisfied at Mt Olympus. A groomer-free zone, it’s all about embracing what Mother Nature gives out. Four high-capacity tow ropes deliver you to everywhere from learner slopes to the most amazing, uncrowded off-piste skiing, and fantastic views of the Cragieburn Range. PORTERS 03-318-4002 Gentle runs and easy lifts for beginners, long cruising runs for intermediates, and super challenging terrain for advanced skiers and riders. Porters is very family friendly, with full equipment rental and internationally qualified instructors offering group and private lessons. Closest to Christchurch, catered accommodation makes Porters an ideal ski-holiday destination.