Shattering the Chains of Sexual Addiction



Sexual Addiction could be the single biggest threat against the American family in 2018. As

access to internet pornography continues to rise and a wildly shifting public opinion on sexual morality

is in rapid free fall, it is becoming more of a challenge every day to lead a life of sexual purity.

A very troubling survey taken recently shines more light on this issue. According to the

Barna Group, they asked 432 Pastors and 338 Youth Pastors about pornography. 57% of Pastors

and 64% of Youth Pastors said they have either struggled with Pornography in the past or currently

struggle. 14% of Pastors and 21% of Youth Pastors said they struggle currently. 5% of Pastors

and 12% of Youth Pastors categorize themselves as “Addicted”.

As we go into the next section, you will find MANY more troubling statistics, but you don’t

need to read numbers to know you have a serious problem do you? You may already be at a

breaking point in your marriage, with your children, at your job, within your church or maybe even

in your life. Something has brought you to read this ebook, and it may be that small voice inside

telling you there is a better way. Do you understand the pain you bring upon your wife or girlfriend

when you watch pornograpy or stare at another woman with lust? Do you understand how your

children will be affected by your behavior? How your daughter will learn her self-value from YOU

and how your son will emulate how you treat women? Do you understand that you could lose your

job if your addiction is taken into the workplace? Do you understand you could LOSE EVERY-


My friend, I am so glad you are here reading this right now. I am so glad you have made a

conscious choice to CHANGE. To FIGHT for your marriage, your children and YOUR LIFE! The enemy

is hard at work trying to destroy everything in your life. You have a very serious, life-changing

decision to make right now. Continue on the path of destruction, or STAND and FIGHT. You are not

in this alone, we are in this together, and I want to show you a better path.

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