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lack of services

Ward 44 members question credibility at BCM draft IDP budget meeting


COMMUNITY members from Buffalo

City Metro (BCM) Ward 44 used the

platform of the draft IDP budget to

question the credibility of their ward

councillor at a packed Tshatshu

community hall last week.

Ward councillor Sixolisiwe Ntsasela was

peppered with questions and blamed for the

poor state of the ward due to a lack of service

deliver y.

She was also accused of failing to account to

communities during meetings.

The draft IDP budget was presented by the

BCM oversight directorate of health, public

safety and member of the mayoral commit tee

councillor Amanda Mute to residents of Acorn

Valley, Breidbach, the Golf Club area, Qalashe,

Siyathemba, Sweetwaters and Tshatshu.

During her presentation, Mute said the

objectives of the meeting were to provide

feedback on issues raised at previous public

consultation meetings and to provide a progress

report on implementation of 2017-18 projects.

You will be offered the opportunity to

raise questions for clarity or give input

Present proposed projects in each ward for

2018-19 to 2020-21 were also to be discussed

with an opportunity provided to residents of the

ward to comment on the draft IDP and budget

before it was tabled in council for adoption.

“I want you to listen attentively to the

presentation of the draft and you will be offered

the opportunity to raise questions for clarity or

give input on the budget immediately when I

am done,” Mute said.

After her presentation of the IDP, she handed

over to Ntsasela for input from the various


Nomawethu Doyle of the Tshatshu area said

priorities such as housing and electricity were

listed every year.

“BCM promised that the electricity challenges

will receive attention in September last year

and we are still waiting.

“We have no sports grounds for our youth

and our cemetery is in a pathetic state although

we have made numerous calls [for assistance]

to our councillor.”

Another resident said: “Our roads are in a

terrible state. We have no services. I can not

remember when last we had a meeting and the

worse part is that our councillor is just nowhere

to be found when we seek her attention.”

Sweetwaters and Golf Club residents also

complained about the poor state of their roads,

a lack of sports grounds, no developmental

projects and no services.

PARKRUN FUN: At the King William’s Town parkrun, Margaret Foxcroft, centre, ) celebrated her 100th run. She was flanked by, from left, Michael John

Webb and Imogen Scholtz


A lack of programmes for the youth, lack of

maintenance of sports grounds, an appeal to

upgrade the Breidbach N2 intersection due to

the high number of accidents in the area and a

call to extend the clinic building were issues

topping the Breidbach priority list.

Siyathemba residents said the last time they

had a project was when the previous councillor

was still at office.

“We had the toilet project when councillor

Leon Mentoor was still in office and the project

has not yet been completed. We need a

community hall.

Qalashe residents complained about the

newly built bridge connecting their area to

Tshatshu which was a hazard for children due to

the lack of rails.

They also called for the construction of a

community hall, a clinic, street lamps and a

sports field.

Ntsasela said BCM would try all in their

power to attend to the issues which had been


WAIT AND SEE: BCM Ward 44 residents listen to the IDP budget presented in Tshatshu last week



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May 3, 2018

Bringing hope with wheelchairs

PnA’s gesture boosts patient


THE seventh PnA

wheelchair handover took

place last week, with

beneficiary, Rodney

Hodgkinson, receiving a

brand new wheelchair

sponsored by PnA owners,

Darryl and Gussie


Hodgkinson's own

wheelchair allegedly

disappeared from next to

his bed at Frere Hospital

just over a month ago.

Since then, Hodgkinson,

who has not been able to

walk independently for the

past six years, has made

use of a borrowed

w h e e l c h a i r.

Hodgkinson has suffered

two strokes and also suffers

from severe arthritis. .“I’m

just happy to have my

wheelchair back. It feels like

I’m sitting on a pocket of

air, its much more

comfor table,” an emotional

Hodgkinson said.

PnA, in partnership with

the Sweethearts Foundation,

kicked off Darryl and Gussie

Eberhardt's monthly

wheelchair sponsorship in

aid of the local community.

Through the collection

and recycling of bread tags

and bottle tops, the

sweethearts foundation buy

wheelchairs for people in

need across the country.

PnA decided to partner

with various hospitals and

organisations , including

the Frere Hospital, to

alleviate the pressure on

these organisations. Each

month the Eberhardt's

sponsor one wheelchair to a

local patient or person in

need, as well as continuing

their bread tags and bottle

tops collection for the

Sweethearts Foundation.

The average waiting list

for a wheelchair in South

Africa is three months, with

200 patients on the Frere

Hospital waiting list.

Frere Hospital donate

regularly to the bread tags

and bottle tops collection at

PnA, with the rest of the

East London community

joining in and supporting.

“Its wonderful to see the

entire community coming

together to support this

cause,” PnA marketer

Heinrich Fuls said.

WHEELCHAIR DRIVE: Rodney Hodgkinson (front, centre) sits in his new wheelchair recently donated to him by

PnA. Pictured with Hodgkinson are, from left, PnA mascot Penny, Gussie Eberhardt, PnA manager Elmarie

Krause, Frere Hospital occupational therapist, Sibulele Robi and acting Frere Hospital manager Joy Scholl


Trail walk to raise funds

for SPCA’s furry friends


THE East London SPCA will be

having a fundraising trail walk,

hosted at Table 58, on Sunday,

The morning will see families,

including their furry members, walk

the 5km mountain bike trail near

Cafe Du Jardin.The walk will start at

9am, leaving from Table 58.

Each participant will receive either

a free beer (over 18s) or a cool drink

upon completing the route.

“We're hoping as many people as

possible will come and enjoy the

morning with us and bring their pets

along with them,” SPCA fundraiser,

Margaret Pautz, said.

The funds raised on the day will all

go towards the various running costs

of the SPCA, including medication

and pet food. “These funds will most

likely go towards our medical bills,

which is where they are needed the

most right now,” Pautz said.

Between de-worming medication,

vaccinations and various other

treatments for the animals at the

SPCA, the non-profit organisation

spends R40000 to R60000 a month

on medical bills.

“Pet food is another one of our



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Mens Sports Jackets 2 for R150

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Hawkers & Public Welcome

81 Fitzpatrick Rd, Arcadia.

043 743 8964

HELP US: Contributions to help

keep the SPCA functioning will be

taken in on Sunday’s Trail Walk


greatest needs, so hopefully this

fundraiser will help us cover some of

those costs as well.”

Entry fees are R40 for adults and

R20 for children under the age of 12

All dogs must be kept on a leash

and a poop scoop and packet are

requirements as well.

This scenic walk through the

mountain bike trail promises to be a

fun-filled family affair, in support of a

great cause.For more information

please contact Pautz on 043-745

1 4 41 .

Rotary Arcadia gives pupils a boost


A VISIT from Rotary Arcadia

members to judge a

decorative project at the

school recently had

Thoboshana Primary School

pupils excited.

At the end of last year,

thanks to the Jacobsson

Trust, the Rotary Club of

Arcadia donated mobile

library cupboards to each of

the eight classrooms at the


Over the last few months,

pupils were asked to

decorate these cupboards,

highlighting the importance

of reading.

On Thursday last week,

the president of the Rotary

Club of Arcadia, Rommy

Naude, viewed all the

cupboards and chose a

w i n n e r.

Grade 2 teacher, Zaleka

Fadana's class were the

overall winners, receiving a

funky disco ball to brighten

up the reading corner in

their classroom.

The school, which started

Relieving Cape Town’s thirst


A FEW months ago, Cape

Town was in dire need of

water as the dams were

running dry due to a lack of


East Londoner, Talita va n

der Heever, started a social

media campaign after she

read about Day Zero that was

scheduled for April 12, when

Cape Town was expected to

run dry.

However, Van der Heever

took it upon herself to make

sure the people of Cape Town

did not suffer from the

shortage of water by sending

a WhatsApp voice note to

hundreds of East Londoners,

asking people to donate two

five-litre bottles of water to be

sent to Cape Town.

“I went to the bathroom,

flushed my toilet and

recorded it on my phone

saying, ‘This sound of toilet

flushing and tap opening is

the sound we take for granted

in our everyday lives, and in

Cape Town this sound is

going to disappear soon’,”

Van der Heever said.

out as a small farm school

in 1989, now caters for more

than 300 pupils and has

undergone extensive

renovations and

refurbishments through

Rotary Arcadia.

Her idea quickly went viral

on social media and in less

than 24 hours, her phone was

flooded with messages, from

farmers offering to transport

the water on their empty

trucks to businesses offering

their locations as drop-off


Van der Heever said her

phone hasn’t stopped ringing

The Rotary Club became

involved with the school in

2011 and has since, through

various sponsors and

donors, renovated school

buildings, put in new

flooring and water tanks

and she still daily receives

hundreds of messages of

support from people all over

South Africa, including

Durban, Johannesburg,

Bloemfontein and even

outside the country from


“Drop-off points were set

up in each of these cities with

the help of Gift of the Givers,

WITH GRATEFUL THANKS: Thoboshana Primary School principal Nandi Qinela, lef t,

receives a Vocational and a Community certificate from Rotary Arcadia's president,

Rommy Naude


and installed a new kitchen

and made many other


“I am flabbergasted at the

improvements Thoboshana

has gone through in such a

short time, not only thanks



Talita van

der Heever

loads water

that was

donated by

East London


during the

water crisis

in Cape

Tow n



a nationwide disaster relief

charit y,” Van der Heever said.

“I grew up on a farm, and

farmers who bring their

products to East London

return with empty trucks to

Cape Town. So I thought that

maybe they could carry the

water with them. We

managed to donate 800 000

litres of water in total.”

to Rotary, but also to the

principal, who has been

fiercely dedicated to her

students and school,”

Naude said.

After nearly 30 years with

little to no involvement from

the Department of

Education, principal Nandi

Qinela has managed to get

them to assist.

The Department of Public

Works has also chipped in,

offering to do the physical

work involved in renovating

the school grounds, with the

building materials being

provided by Rotary.

For her dedication and

hard work towards

improving the school, Qinela

was awarded a Vocational

and a Community certificate

by the Rotary Club.

“There is an art to running

a school as well as Nandi

has. She had created a

positive, vibrant and safe

learning environment and

we just wanted to

acknowledge her and the

instrumental role she has

p l ay e d , ” Naude said.

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May 3, 2018


All Star wins Freedom Day tourney



commemorated on the

soccer field with eight

veteran teams celebrating

in fine style in the Kingz

Social Football Club

inaugural veterans

tournament in Bhisho last

Fr i d ay.

The teams were King

Classic (Ginsberg), Black

Eagles (Zwelitsha),

Sweetwaters Masters,

Zwelitsha All Star, Kingz

Komani, Lady Frere and

M t h at h a .

All Star emerged the

champions by winning 4-1

after a penalty shootout

after their game against

rivals Classic ended 1-1.

For their efforts, All Star

won a trophy, gold medals

and pocketed R4000

while runners up Classic

walked away with R1500

and silver medals.

Kingz executive club

coordinator and player

Tabo Simani said the

tournament was

supported by the

Department of Sport,

Recreation, Arts and

Culture and sponsored by

Vodacom SA, KWT Soul

food Sunday Market,

Man’s Buy & Braai,

Magenuka Jumping

Castles, Falco lux, Vuvus

(Zwelitsha Hotel) and

Jongamazizi Sibaca.

“Our aim through the

tournament was to

celebrate the historical

day and to use it as a tool

to attract sponsors to

contribute to social

responsibility. Most

importantly, it was to

cultivate the much-needed

conversation around what

we can do to enable our

struggling communities in

producing sporting

heroes,” Simani said.

“We also used the

platform to expose

talented developmental

referees as young as 15 to

officiate all games and

handed over balls to five

developmental Local

Football Association


The games were played

with four teams in a group

of two with the top-two

teams of each group

advancing to the

WE DID IT! Zwelitsha All Star football club celebrate their win at the weekend



This was followed by

the final between All Star

and Classic which drew a

large crowd.

All Star put tremendous

pressure on their

opponents’ defence and

were rewarded with the

opener after a

counter-at tack.

Classic regrouped and

responded with quick

balls into the All Star box

and awarded a penalty

after one of their strikers

was brought down which

saw the equaliser scored

in the second half.

The entertaining game

ended 1-1 with the final

result determined by a

penalty shootout which All

Star convincingly won 4-1.

King William’s Town

Masters Football

Association president and

Classic midfielder Vumani

Mazwi commended the

hosts on a job well done.

“I think that football

was the winner because

our communities were

entertained by great

soccer the weekend.”

JUST MARRIED: Bradley James and Saminay Davidson were married in the Belstone Community Church in Breidbach last weekend


DOING GOOD: King William’s Town Lions, with the

assistance of the Breidbach Seniors Club, hosted a soup

kitchen that managed to feed about 500 people in

Breidbach recently


Lions Club, seniors

host soup kitchen

By Desmond Coetzee

THE King William’s Town

Lions Club and the

Breidbach Seniors Club

joined forces in hosting a

soup kitchen in Breidbach

r e c e n t l y.

More than 500 people

benefited from the initiative

with food, fruit and blankets

handed out to recipients.

Lions member Peter Moses

said the soup kitchen had

been successful thanks to the

assistance of Dhaysons

KwikSPAR, Trellidor, Nick’s

We e k e n d


Daily SPAR, Amazon Spur and

To g o ’s Glass. The community

had also been supportive of

the kitchen, with several

donations of clothing received

from residents.

“Last week we received a

huge bag of clothing from

the family of the late Theresa

‘Aunt Tjoepie’ Rose who

always assisted us in serving

food at the kitchen and who

was a pillar of strength

within the community.”

Rose died after a short

illness and was laid to rest

two weeks ago.

A PLEASANT weekend lies ahead weatherwise, with

balmy days although the evenings will be on the

chilly side.

Today was set to start with a temperature of 9°C

and it will be partly cloudy. The maximum will be


Tomorrow there will be intermittent cloud

throughout the day. The temperatures will range

between 11 and 23°C.

Saturday will be much the same. The minimum will

be 12°C, rising to 22°C and there will be patchy

clouds about.

On Sunday it will be sunny with scattered clouds.

The minimum will be a cool 8°C and the maximum a

pleasant 25°C. –w w w. a c c u w e a t h e r. c o . z a

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May 3, 2018


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TALK TIME: A Clarendon High student participates in a competitive debate against her opponents. The host school excelled throughout the debating competition


Class shines through at Girls Festival


THE SPAR National All Girls Festival

2018 took place last weekend at

Clarendon High.

For the first time a charity partner

was included in the festival and the

Smile Foundation benefited from

proceeds from the event. The final

amount is not yet known. The Clarendon

highlights were as follows: Senior

public speaker, Julia Nhawu won the

competition and junior public speaker,

Aspen Gilbert was placed second. The

vocal ensemble tied for first place while

the first chess and squash teams were

placed second. Anathi Bushet was

adjudged Best Actress in the play

Festival. The slogan “All Girls Together”

really shone through as schools

competed in the 13 disciplines with

much spirit, sportsmanship and fun.

Thanks must go to all Clarendon staff,

parents and sponsors for all their hard

work over the weekend which made the

festival a huge success.

Next year the All Girls Fest will be

hosted in Paarl by two schools,

Hoermeisieskool La Rochelle and

Hoermeisieskool Paarl.

HOT KITCHEN: Opponents face each other during the cook-offs held at Clarendon High during the

2018 All Girls Fest. Competition was fierce throughout Picture: SIPHOKAZI VUSO

CHECK MATE: Sherin Simon of Queenstown Girls High, left, and Claire Angel of Pretoria Girls’ High

focus on their next move over a chessboard


FUN DAY: The Carel du Toit Centre in East London is a pre-school where deaf children learn to

speak. Recently centre children had a visit from Mel's Fun Farm. The children loved stroking and

patting the animals and they even had a chance to feed the animals. It was truly an exciting

morning and it was difficult to determine who had the most fun: the children or the animals!

Pictured are some of the children of the Carel du Toit Centre with teacher Sandiswa Nqcangweni,

left back, and Melanie Harris from Mel’s Fun Farm, right front


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Of mountains and madness

Novel tells of drug hell, salvation


EAST Londoner Marc

Schroeder launched his debut

novel, Sleeping with Dogs: A

Tale of Madness, at the

Beacon Bay Country Club last


The launch was met by an

overwhelming response, with

Schroeder’s many friends,

family members and

supporters flocking to the

venue to catch a snippet of his

stor y.

Reading an excerpt from his

book chronicling a day of

cycling along the French

Riviera and an evening at an

underground French club,

Schroeder reflected on the

deeply introspective and

passionate writing process he

experienced while creating

this piece of literature.

The novel follows

Schroeder’s life – from his

childhood days attending

Selborne Primary School and

College and his crazy student

life at Rhodes University in

Grahamstown, to a seemingly

fulfilled adult life as a

financial analyst.

He seemed to have it all –

the house, the car, the job –

but behind Schroeder’s

perceived successful veneer

lay a deep-seated

unhappiness that he

attempted to drown out with

the use of drugs.

The book offers a

descriptive account of

Schroeder’s struggle with his

toxic drug addiction.

“There is a lot in this book,

but the one thing I hope

people take away from it is the

concept of fear and how it

impacts you and your life,”

said Schroeder.

“For years I was 'locked in a

dungeon' as an undercover

drug addict because I feared

what people would think. I had

so many doubts and fears

about what I was doing with

my life and drugs were my

coping mechanism.”

Schroeder expresses these

fears through the re-telling of

his whirlwind life, sharing his

travels, battle with addiction,

stints in rehab, many failed

attempts to sober up and

finally recounting his journey

to happiness.

It was only when Schroeder

quit his job, gave up

everything and bought a

one-way ticket to India, that

his healing truly began.

“The only thing that

anchored me in life was my

dogs. They were the single

most valuable thing I had and

it was really tough to give

them up.

“The title of the book is

inspired by them and the book

is dedicated to them.”

In 2016, he found himself in

the Kashmir Himalayas where

he undertook a month long

detox in an Indian Ayurvedic

and yoga centre.

This is where Schroeder

began his year-long journey of

writing Sleeping with Dogs.

He has since built a full and

happy life for himself in Nepal,

where he has launched the

Kashmir Trekking Company,

partnering with a local

Kashmir guide, Aslam Mota.

In writing his debut novel,

Schroeder has realised a

childhood dream, one that had

faded when he started living

for success in capitalist terms.

He is already busy writing his

second book.

With this novel, Schroeder

hopes to make an impact on

the lives of many people,

urging them to find what

makes them truly happy.

“This book is for anyone

who has had a tough time,

anyone who’s had anything

bad happen to them and

anyone who feels stuck.

“I was stuck for a really long

time and although there is so

much uncertainty in what I am

doing now – writing books

and taking people to the

mountains – I have never

been happier.”

Hardcover copies cost R200.

The digital version is ava i l a b l e

on Amazon.

HAPPINESS AT LAST: Marc Schroeder in the Kashmir Himalayas, where he has found happiness after a

toxic lifestyle led him into a state of turmoil


GIVING A HELPING HAND: Yamkela Nkomo, centre, gives guidance to Unathi High School pupils who

are hoping to enter university in the future, during the tutoring session


WhatsApp tutoring gives

pupils a good head start


FORMER Unathi High School

pupil, Yamkela Nkomo, is using

WhatsApp as a tool kit to help

those in need of some guidance

with schoolwork.

About two years ago, Nkomo

co-founded the non-profit

organisation, #SupportaLearner

that organises free tutoring

sessions for Grade 10 to 12

pupils at the school which is

situated in the Cambridge area. .

“This organisation gives

additional support to teachers by

tutoring, giving career guidance

and emotional support to pupils.

“We launched this programme

at Unathi High School two years

ago with the purpose of

supporting pupils, giving

guidance through their school


“We are currently tutoring via

a WhatsApp group and do

individual tutorial sessions upon

request. Pupils add their

questions on to the social media

group and the tutors include

school teachers, university

students and working individuals

who answer their questions

within 48 hours.”

The University of Fort Hare

graduate is a BCom Economics

and business management

postgraduate recipient and

director of Yam'íBusiness


Nkomo said the NPO started

with eight directors, but now she

is the only one left.

“Using WhatsApp as a tool to

help pupils is convenient, as the

youth is familiar with it. I have

about 20 pupils who I am

tutoring with the help of

university students and it is

growing,” she said.

“There are some challenges

we are facing, such as n ot

having a venue for classes. “We

are using Unathi High School as

our emergency meeting place.

“I have e-mailed a request to

the management of the

University of Fort Hare to provide

us with space at the new library

that will be collaborating with

Unisa and Walter Sisulu

Universit y.”

Anyone who is willing to assist

can contact Nkomo at 062-793

9262 or e-mail her at



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May 3, 2018

Win R150 meal voucher for one of Hemingways Casino and Hotel’s restaurants.

SEND in a completed correct

crossword #1079 for a

chance to win a R150 Meal at

one of Hemingways Casino

and Hotel’s restaurants.

Either drop off the

crossword solution before

10am on May 8 at the Daily

Dispatch Building in Beacon

Bay, or scan a copy and

e-mail it to

g o c o n t e s t s @ t i s o b l a c k s t a r. c o . z a

Please include your contact

number and full name on the

copy. Terms and conditions



Jocelyn Bell for winning

number 1076.



Ndevu proves a hit

on Algoa airwaves

1. Tell us about yourself

I was born and bred in Mdantsane and I am

25 years old. I was raised both by my mother,

Nyameka Ngceza, and Phumzile Catsha who

were married culturally. There are four of us and

I’m the last-born and only male, but to my

father, I’m the second-last of seven.

2. What kind of work do you do?

I’m self-employed, specialising as a training

and development programme coordinator and

consultant. I have my own company –

PMNgceza Developments – and am currently

digital coordinator for Google's Digital Skills for

Africa t raining.

3. Who inspires you?

My greatest inspiration was always Dr Myles

Munroe and former president Thabo Mbeki

ROXY loving friendly

Boerbul looking

for a home.

Ad sponsored by

Hair & Nails Tu Casa

Tracy and Larri-Ann

because of their leadership roles, character and

lessons and views in economy, politics,

education, and religion.

However in 2013, I found mentors in Luthando

Daniels Matheza, Thabo Mkencele and Lindile

Sonjani who became great inspirations in my

life, who walked with me hand in hand and

exposed me to a life of making goals and

dreams possible. They transformed my level of

faith, morality and character.

4. What makes you proud to be alive in this

g e n e r at i o n?

This is a generation that has presented to us

a chance to choose what we want to become

and also allows us to be an influence in

entertainment, media, politics, education,

economy, business and so on.

Whether you come from a rich or poor fa m i l y,

you just have to make an effort to find out who

you want to be and how you must go about to

achieve t h at .

5. What do young people in our country need

to be involved in?

About 60% of South Africa’s population

consist of young people, but when it comes to

South Africa’s government only less than 15% of

youth are involved in the most influential

leadership positions. Young people are affected

by some of the most prominent problems, but

it’s the elders who discuss solutions to these

issues and then fa i l to address by i n st e a d

blaming apar theid.

Young people must be included in all

leadership spheres in SA – it’s only young

people who can be transformational leaders.


MOST of the GO!’s

readers know him as

the popular, bubbly

radio host on Algoa

FM's Drive Show but

Brian Ndevu, 39, has

been making a name

for himself on the

airwaves since the age

of 15.

Ndevu who started

following his passion

for radio while he was

studying at high

school, moved on to

study Public Relations

and Communications

in Johannesburg after

completing matric.

The Mdantsane-born

star said his

fascination with radio

stemmed from visiting

CKI Radio at a young

age to watch what they


“But my first big

break was working for

the SABC where I was

a continuity presenter

at S i m u n ye and I did

very well, winning the

best presenter award a

year after starting out.

“During that time I

also co-hosted Miss

South Africa Teen and

made appearances on

various other television

programmes," he said.

He went on to do

other forms of media

across the country –

such as public

relations and

communications work.

The former TruFM

Breakfast Show

presenter, who landed

the role of Algoa FM’s

afternoon drive host

after one meeting, took

over from popular DJ

Gordon Graham who

had been with the

station for 20 years.

“I took over from

Gordon and the

blessing of taking over

from him was that we

are very much alike

and that made it easier

for me to interact with

his audience,” Ndevu


“And the way we did

that was to host some

of the first few shows

together before the

switchover and that

made it a smooth

t ransition.”

Ndevu received

some criticism from a

few listeners who

complained about his

mixting of languages

while on air.

“That does not

bother me because at

the end of the day I am

capturing all

audiences. If a caller

interacts with me in

isiXhosa I will respond

in IsiXhosa as well as

other languages such

as Afrikaans and then

go back and do a

translation into

English,” he said.

Ndevu said most of

his listeners have

amused him more than


“There’s a guy who

drove all the way from

King William’s Town

and he came especially

to buy me a milkshake.

“ He said he wanted to

introduce himself and

that he was a big fan

of the show.

“And then I also

made a joke when I

heard that Black Coffee

and Rihanna were

going to make a remix

and I said we could

call them ‘R i c of f y. ’ A

woman who was

driving from Alice to

East London said she

had to stop her car

because she couldn’t


stop laughing.

“I am like that, I am

not afraid to tackle

topics that spark up

debates or to speak my

mind,” Ndevu said.

“I think it’s fair to

say that the adaptation

has been successful.

“Brian has taken to the

airwaves of Algoa FM

like a duck to water. He

is a bright guy, a

people’s person and a

skilled broadcaster,

said Algoa FM’s

operations director,

Alfie Jay.

“The listening

audience has

responded well to him

and together we are

looking forward to

organic growth in this

wonderful Border


Ndevu, who enjoys

the outdoors in his

spare time, aspires to

win a radio award for

his show one day.

Catch “The Drive”

with Brian Ndevu every

weekday from 3pm to


May 3, 2018 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl on (043) 702-2031,Wezley (043) 702 2048 or Terry (043) 702 2122 Find us on Facebook GO & EXPRESS Page 9

Choir set to

excite fans

at the Guild


MDANTSANE Gospel Choir (MGC)

hosts its fourth annual

Extraordinary live gospel show at

the Guild Theatre on Saturday.

MGC founder, Luckie Shongwe,

said the choir would be launching

its branded clothing items at the

show. The event starts at 2pm, and

the entry fee is R100 for a general

ticket and R200 for VIP..

We have invited government

stakeholders, church leaders and

business owners, as we want to

showcase our talent.

The MGC was established on

February 23 2013 through h o st i n g

auditions for the community at

large for them to participate in.

The choir is managed by MGC

Foundation and Xpoxure

Production, under the leadership

and founder of Shongwe, together

with co-founder Lusizo

Kango-Nombitha. Both are well

versed in the finer points of the

music industry.

“The MGC official launch concept

derives from establishing that

music as form of art is well

received in the underprivileged

communities, and serves as a

beacon of hope to poverty-stricken

regions throughout the country.

Therefore, an opportunity for

community and economic

development through Mdantsane

Brand Exist,” Shongwe said.

Shongwe said the event was a

pre-celebration for achieving five

years in the music industry.

“The aim is to fundraise for our

actual celebration that will be

either held at The Venue or Winter

Rose in Mdantsane NU13 later this

year. The event is mainly sponsored

by the featuring artist, as they are

all performing free of charge as a

token of supporting the initiative.

“MGC has performed in two of

South Africa’s big events; the South

African National Heritage at Sisa

Dukashe Stadium in Mdantsane on

September 24 2013, and on

October 5 2013 – the opening gala

ceremony of the South African

Traditional Music Awards (Satma)

at the Buffalo Park Stadium.”

Some of the featured guest

artists will be Betusile Mcinga,

Israel Mosehla, Godfrey Mahlagu of

Tshwane Gospel Choir, Veliswa

Skeyi, Ntomby Beza, Lunga

Tshatshela and Lusizo Kango.

ONE VOICE: Mdantsane Gospel Choir members who will be performing at the fourth annual Extraordinary Live Gospel show on

Saturday at the Guild Theatre



Contact News Desk on (043) 7022048 or e-mail: goexpress@tisoblackstar.co.za by Monday 4pm on publication week

Thursday (today)

ýThe women’s All

Cape bowls

tournament continues

with the quarterfinals

and semifinals being

competed for at the

Comrades Club from

8.30am. Finals,

tomorrow morning.

Contact Dries van der

Walt on 082-871-4129

for more information.

ýIf you are single,

come mingle and

waltz, two-step and

line dance the night

away with live music

by Mark and Rob from

8pm till late at the EL

Bowling Club. Couples

welcome. R25 per

person. Cash bar open.

For more information,

call 082-766-7897.

Friday (tomorrow)

ýParty time on East

London’s best dance

floor starts at 8.15pm

until late with live

music by Quentin at

Comrades Club. A cash

bar will be available

with the kitchen open

from 6pm at bargain

prices. R20 per person.

Bookings before 2pm

on Fridays on


S at u r d a y

ýYellowwood Forest

Fare in Morgan’s Bay is

held every Saturday

from 9am to 2pm.

There is lots of food

and crafts to buy and

fun for the whole

fa m i l y.

ýFundraiser dance for

the Cansa Relay for

Life with music through

the ages at the

Cambridge Club from

8pm until late. Entry

fee is R20. Cash bar

and kitchen open for

bookings. Call DJ Kade

on 074-342-7259.

ýThe Gonubie flea

market is held every

Saturday in front of the

municipality from 8am

to 1pm. For more

information, contact

Glenda on


ýThe Lavender Blue

Pineapple Walk is held

every Saturday, weather

permitting. Meet

Yvonne in the Lavender

Blue parking lot at 6am.

ýThe monthly meeting

of Diabetes EL takes

place at 3pm to 4pm in

the Regent Hotel’s

Terrace Room,

Esplanade. The guest

speaker is Dr Sheridan

Santhia (general


Refreshments will be

served afterwards. For

more information,

contact Vrooda

Makhan on

0 8 3 - 70 8 - 0 4 8 9 .

ýThe Centenary Tennis

Club hosts social

tennis every Saturday

from 1.30pm. All

welcome. For more

information, contact

Maurice on

0 8 2 - 676 - 9 70 8 .

ýBelgravia Art Centre

benefit concert at My

Legends Showcase

starts at 7pm. Tickets

at R80 at Lee Gold

Music or Belgravia Arts

Centre and at the door

on show night.


ýAll Cape women’s

bowls tournament. Fo r

more information,

contact Dries van der

Walt on 082-871-4129.


ýThe East London

group of Alcoholics

Anonymous (AA)

meets at the Catholic

Church Hall, in

Quigney at 7pm.

Contact Pieter on


ýAA Kayser’s Beach at

the Chapel Hall at

7.30pm. Call


ýAA Cambridge group

at the Methodist

Church at 7.30pm.

Contact Jumbo on

(043) 741 - 3 6 8 5 .

Tu e s d a y

ýThe EL Caledonian

Society Pipe Band

meets on Tuesdays. For

more information,

contact Robert on

082-897-8571 or

Stephen on

0 8 2 - 5 6 0 - 0 2 47 .

ýAl Anon family group

meets at the

Cambridge Methodist

Church at 7.30pm.

Contact Elsie on

(043) 721-0483 or

078 - 6 2 8 - 6 3 1 1 .

ýEL Bridge Club plays

duplicate bridge every

Tuesday and/or

Saturday at 1.15pm at

the Berea Gardens

dining hall. Contact

Jean on

(043) 73 5 - 4 8 9 3 .

ýScottish dancing

classes from 4pm to

5.30pm at Hamilton

Sports Club, Selborne.

Contact Nookie on

(043) 72 6 - 1 1 0 0 .

ýBeacon Bay Bridge

Club meets for social

bridge every Tuesday

and Friday at 1.30pm to

4.30pm. Meet at the

Eden Worship Centre,

10 Coad Road, Beacon

Bay. Fore more

information, contact

Olga on 083-650-6653

or Heather on

(043) 74 8 - 1 4 6 5 .

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Louise and Walter Alldred recently celebrated

their 60th (diamond) wedding anniversary. They were married in the

Trinity Methodist Church in Oxford Street in 1958. They had their first

child in 1959 and thereafter a son born in 1962 and another son, their

l a at - l a m m e t j i e , in 1969. In 1960, Walter was retrenched from his job and

the couple left East London for Boksburg where Walter was employed as

a traffic officer. However, the couple returned in November 1961 and

have remained in East London ever since. Walter worked as a steel

structural draughtsman for most of his working career and Louise

enjoyed many years as a cosmetics consultant. They have been blessed

with six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Best wishes have

been sent by the Alldred, Duyvestyn and Taberer families

Page 10 GO & EXPRESS

GOT A NEWS STORY? Call our news desk on (043) 702-2125. Find us on Facebook

May 3, 2018




Loans & Finance





Home Improvement

A 10 ton sand R1,800.

Stock bricks R2,20. 8 ton

Stone R2,900. M6 =

R7.80. SABS Approved.

Delivery. 072776 9450.

BLOCKS: M6 R8,50, stand,

stone. 083735 7389.


Alterations q Extensions,

Painting q Welding q

Gates q Handyman q Call

David 083 320 8017.

Hire & Rent


R40 per day. Phone 0722

44 8044

For Sale



‘Scratch & Dents’

Various Sizes!

Great Prices!

083 373 1500

Under R300




BED FRAME: Steel, 1.4m

with backing board.

R250. 073544 7381.

BOOK: Grahamstown

Reflected. A4 160 pages.

Colour softcover. Ideal

for memories for any ex

Rhodes student. R150.

043 7262858

BOOKS: Linear Algebra

R25; Pre-Calculus Mathematics

R25; Calculus by

Finney / Thomas R25;

English / Afrikaans Mathematics

Dictionary R10.

073820 9982.

BOTTLES: 30x 5L water

bottles. R2 ea; 10x Glass

Peanut butter bottles.

50c ea. 07 222 55472.


tea cups from 1937 coronation

etc. 3 at R99,99

each. 043 7262858

Under R300


CLOTHING: Full length

blue evening dress +

jacket (S: 34); Mens

black Jacket (S: 34/M),

R149,99 ea. Both good

cond. 073820 9982.

CONTAINERS: 2L icecream.

30x R1,50 each.

07 222 55472.

CURTAIN: Voile white. As

new. 230cm drop x 120

cm(w). R60. 0722424929

CUSHIONS with ties. 42cm

square. Woven cotton.Mr

Price Home. 2 x red, 2×

blue, 2x cream. As new

R40 ea 072242 4929

DVD Rocco de Villiers-

Beautiful Pianos. R60.

043 726 2858


new (still boxed) Never

used R190. 083293


ELECTRICAL: 1.8m long

Fluorescent tubes. 9x R5

ea; Conduit tubing (PVC,

4m long). 10x R5 ea.



TUBING: PVC. 4m long.

10x lengths at R5 each.



1.8m long. 9x R5 each.



Excellent condition R100.

072242 4929


seater couch frame only.

No cushions. R299.

083467 5007.

FURNITURE: Cane single

chair frame only. No

cushions. R299. 083467


FURNITURE: Table with

glass top. 100cm (l) x

55cm (w) x 77 (h) R299.

083467 5007.

FURNITURE: Table with

glass top. 100cm (l) x

50cm (w) x 80 (h) R299.

083467 5007.

GALVANISED iron ornamental

plant pyramid for

creepers. R150 onco

072242 4929

HI-FI: Sansui speakers

20W. 2x R25 ea.

073820 9982.

LAMP: Table lamp with

black base, stand with

green and grey shade.

230 x 120cm width. As

new R60 0722424929


Rusted. Working electric

motor and accessories,

wheels, etc. available as

spares. R100. 043 740

5429 / 072 677 9605.

MIRROR: Arch shape.

180cm (w) x 85cm (w).

R299. 083467 5007.

MIRROR: Oval, 130cm (l) x

30cm (w). R250. 083467


OVEN PAN: Enamel. 40cm

(l) x 30cm (w). R80.

083467 5007.


2m tall. Leaves look like

an oak tree. R150 onco

072242 4929

POOL BALLS: Full set.

Good condition. R75.


POOL BALLS: Full set.

Good condition. R75.



London. 23 different from

s onZards. R2

043 7262858

POSTCARDS: Shoebox full

of world postcards from

ys oQwards +uQ

dreds if not a thousand.

Used and unused. R200.

043 7262858

SHORTS: Gents, Woolies

make, size 38. 2x prs at

R1 each. 082 592 2240.

STAMPS: Box of stamps

full - old and modern.

R200. 043 7262858

STAMPS: First Day covers

and old commercial mail

covers. Hundreds. R200

043 7262858

STAMPS: RSA first series

1960-70 First day covers.

R200. 043 726 2858


picking fruit. Size approx.

80 x 65cms. R100. 043


TYRE: Bridgestone

265/65R17 112S Dueler

H/T. R225 082 227 3400.


Phone: 043 702 2122 | Fax: 086 545 2648



Garage Sales

HUGE SALE of Building

Materials, Pavers, Gates

and Household Goods.

Sat. 5/05 - 32 Saxilby

Road, Amalinda. Strictly

at 11a.m.


Misc. Wanted

ALL military related items

medals Badges etc and

Anything old and interesting.

Zane 0827564133

CASH immediately when

you pawn your valuables,

even cars, bakkies, caravans,

boats q highest

prices paid 9aughns

Buy and Sell and Pawnbrokers

043726 4333.

LEE-$11E6 buy quality

used clothing, bedding,

linen, curtaining, shoes

and much more. Tel:

Lee-Anne 043q742 6546.


Repair / Services

FRIDGE Repair q Regas

on-site q Contact Hendrik

072368 3030.

PRE-PAID Electricity

Meters for granny flats &

cottages. Also Domestic

Electrical Repairs. Call

Derek 082557 4099.


Services Offered




Thank you for your

valued support, you


WORKSHOP Unit 7.8,

SBDC, Arcadia Park

Complex, Commercial

Road, East London


043 743 6679

ZANE: 072 210 2619

Email: mrprop@mweb.co.za























Accomm. Off / Wtd

PRIVATE Care Centre.

Retirement & Frail Care.

From home, to home.

Avail imm. 24 Hr Service.

Rina 082712 0984. 043 q

740 1454. 18 Yrs Exp.






Used Car Sales




4.2D 10 000km

With Service Plan

R580 000


082 320 3262




Mother’s Day Competition

WIN with the GO! & Express, movies@Hemingways,

Key Largo Restaurant and Cutman & Hawk Coffee



section of the GO! & Express, edition 10 May 2018 and …

…Submit a motivational poem or letter of 150 words or less

as well as an optional photograph about why you

have the best Mother.

First Prize:

R500 Key Largo meal voucher

together with 2 movie tickets

Second Prize:

R200 Cutman & Hawk Coffee

product hamper

“Being a mother is an attitude,

not a biological relation.” –

Robert A. Heinlein.

Contact Terry Zitzke for more info

T: 043-702 2122 | E: zitzket@tisoblackstar.co.za



Rules: 1) There is no age restriction for entries though it is preferred that entries from children include

contact details of a parent or guardian 2) GO! & Express, Tsogo Sun, Cutman & Hawk Coffee employees,


may be entered into. 4) Only entries which follow the set criteria (advertisement placement

and motivational letter or poem with optional photograph) will be accepted. 5) There may be more than

one entry as long as the same criteria as mentioned in Point 4 are met each time however entrants are


second place 7). The winner’s names will be published in the GO! & Express on Thursday 10 May 2018.

8) The winner will be contacted before publication. 9) Should it prove impossible to notify the winning

entrants within our deadline times, those next on the list will then become eligible as winners 10) No late

entries will be considered. 11) Winners agree to have their photograph taken. 12) Entrants, and winners

in particular, agree to have any / all photographs and entries published in the GO! & Express newspaper

media platforms including but not limited to the print edition, Facebook Page, Facebook Group Page and


HERE’S HOW: Special guest, WBO boxing

champion, Zolani Tete, addresses guests at a

meeting organised by Social Security services

to explain how the new SA Post Office Sassa

card will operate Picture: SIPHOKAZI VUSO



us – Te t e


WBO Bantamweight world boxing champion,

Zolani Tete, was guest of honour at a South

African Social Security Services (Sassa) Eastern

Cape function at Buffalo Park Cricket Stadium

last week.

The engagement was organised by Sassa to

demonstrate the implementation of the new

South African Post Office (Sapo) Sassa card

which will help ensure beneficiaries get their

grants without any problems in future.

Tete, a former Sassa social grant beneficiary,

said that grants helped his family over many

years, through the toughest of times.

“Sassa has helped my family a lot. The time

my father stopped working things were hard at

home, but because we received the social grant

we were able to get school uniforms and food

on the table.

“We slept better with the hope that by the end

of the month we would receive our grants,” Te t e

said. The fighter said that because of Sassa his

mother receives a disability grant every month,

and his father an old-age grant.

Sassa’s new Eastern Cape regional executive

manager, Bandile Maqetuka, said the event

allowed him a better understanding of the

blockages in service delivery.

“Because of the challenges in the province

and the new card we are about to implement, I

was brought in to make sure we minimise these

problems to ensure that all beneficiaries who

are eligible to get their grants will get their

monies without any hassles,” Maqetuka said.

He said that the event was also a good

chance for him to engage with staff members.

“I’m also here to ensure that the staff clearly

understand what is required of them and to

observe good governance principles,” he said.

According to the Sassa website, the

changeover from the old SASSA card to the new

one for existing beneficiaries had been available

since Wednesday.

Beneficiaries should note that the old Sassa

card may still be used up until September 30

this year.

May 3, 2018 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl on (043) 702-2031,Wezley (043) 702 2048 or Terry (043) 702 2122 Find us on Facebook GO & EXPRESS Page 11

ACING IT: Stirling

Primary School are

proud of their tennis

team which played in

the Klinicare

tournament in

Uitenhage recently.

They beat the

participating Eastern

Cape schools

comfortably and won

the tournament

out right


BARGING AHEAD: Lutho Macibela breaks away with the ball for the Stirling 1st XV against Dale in a

recent derby encounter. He is supported by Mike Tyolani. Dale pipped Stirling 22-17 in a tightly

contested game

BATTY: The Advance For Life Christian Academy U9 Cricket team recently won a second prize in the

Proteas vs Kids Tour Competition which is those 10KFC Cricket Set/Equipment. Receiving the

equipment are, from left, Liyema Kulati, Oyintando Mhlanga, Lamla Saliso, Endinakho Tongo, Lwazi

Mashilo and Inile Poti with Nolubabalo Nxomfo, the Public Relations Officer and Cricket Coach

(softball and hardball).The Team has made us proud throughout the season and we wish them well

in the next season

ALL KITTED OUT: The Hudson Park U13 girls hockey team are excited to be taking a tour to Knysna

this month, where they will be proudly wearing their warm-up tops and backpacks which were

kindly sponsored by Red Alert

Advertising feature

Roxy looking for a fun-loving home

FIVE-year-old Roxy, from the East

London Pet Pals, is looking for a funloving


Roxy was found on the road as a

stray and is about five years old and

she has been with the Pet Pals since

Februar y.

Secretary Melany Leach said

adopting a rescued dog or cat from a

shelter is the ethical and sustainable


“These innocent souls have often

never known a loving, safe home,

and once adopted, they reward their

new families with daily gratitude and

humbling loyalty. As we sterilise our

cats and dogs, by choosing to adopt

and not to breed or buy, you then

become part of the solution and not

part of the problem of pet

overpopulation and homelessness,”

she said.

Dog-lover, Mandy Whitehead, said

the Pet Pals need our help financially

as well as with adoptions.

"Pet pals is a wonderful animal

rescue organisation that is run here

in East London. I always support their

well-organised fund raisers,

especially their Beach Dog Walks,

which my dogs, Maya and Molly,

e n j o y.

“There are many beautiful fur

babies at the centre that need a

forever home. Please do go and visit

Pet Pals and meet the animals they

have there," she said.

Amber-eyed Roxy is a huge girl

with the heart of a kitten and this

gentle giant yearns for her own

family where there are no other small

or female dogs, said Leach.

If anyone would like to know more

about adopting they can contact Sue

Kriel 082-850 8935 or if you'd like to

be part of the volunteers contact

Leach on 083-800 5002. – Siphokazi



– Sent to light up

your life.




- Get lost in my







- Wherever you

go I’ll follow you.


- Bring me joy

and take me






- I’d really be

lucky if you chose

me as your pet.



Please give these pets a good home.

Interested persons please phone 043 745 1441 and ask for Reception.









Photo’s by

Shendl Rewitzky


- Excited to have

a family to love.



Hudson hockey team excels - see pg 11

Newsdesk: (043) 702-2048

Advertising: (043) 702-2031

(043) 702-2043

g o ex p r e s s @ t i s o bl a ck s t a r. c o . z a

Thursday, M ay 3, 2018

Rugby dram at Stirling Derby- see pg 11

TIME TO LOOSEN UP: LIam Victor, one of the riders, takes time off for some exercise after completing

the race at Kei Mouth


Great Kei

ALMOST THERE: A Cyclist approaches the finish line and admires the magnificent view at Kei Mouth


Trek epic

Mountain bikers show top form


THE inaugural Great Kei Trek took place over

the weekend of 27 April 2018, a three-day

Mountain Bike event that started at

Roydon’s Game Lodge just outside Komani

before winding its way to Kei Mouth where the

Kei Mouth Country Club hosted the riders for

lunch on Sunday.

The main prize-giving took place at the Morgan

Bay Hotel.

The Great Kei Trek is the brainchild of Rob

Jackson of The Leverage Corporation.

Riders – mostly from upcountry – enjoyed the

Eastern Cape scenery and the hospitality of the

local Thomas River and Komga farmers. Thomas

River and Komga were also the location of the

two overnight stops where riders arrived to an

already pitched tent and rider box. The smaller

tents had comfortable mattresses where the

larger tents (an optional extra) had room to

stand and a stretcher instead of bare

mattresses. Roydon Game Reserve hosted the

riders on the Friday night with a braai and warm

fires as well as a hearty breakfast on Saturday

morning, that signalled the stage one start. o

The first stage was from Queenstown to

Thomas River, a tough stage of 95km consisting

of gravel roads, single track and jeep track.

Every stage had three water points hosted by the

local farmers. Route planner Dean Sheared

made sure riders would work hard between

water points two and three. s

A final 11km brought them to Thomas River,

where once again the local farmers ensured

riders were well fed and rested,

Sunday morning was another early rise with a

scheduled start time of 7am. The day’s stage

consisted of district roads, single track and jeep

track with a forest section and amazing scenery.

The stage ended 95km away in Komga where

the local traffic authorities escorted cyclists to

the finish line.

The Komga showgrounds were the venue for

the evening and the local farmers ensured that

everyone was well cared for.

Monday saw the last and final stage of the

event – Komga to Kei Mouth – that was a

shorter stage of 72km.

A second event, the Farmers’ Ride, was added

to Sunday where the Trek riders were joined by

social riders participating in only the final stage.

The route took riders through the wind farms

and along the Ocean View road down to Black

Rock Farm and onto the Morgan Bay cliffs for a

compulsory 10-minute stop – the final water

point manned by Emerald Vale Brewery. This

final stop slowed the pace and forced the riders

to soak up the breathtaking beauty of the cliffs

with a well-deserved ale.

A big thank you to all the sponsors and

congratulation to Rob Jackson from Leverage

Corporation and his team who did a great job in

putting together a very successful Great Kei

Tr e k .

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