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Russia, the

Russia, the Moscow, depository of foremost fine art in the Russian world. is a historical This which housed building, collection of the the of the Gallery founder (since P.M.Tretyakov Here you can see 1856). than 1300 works of more art from the 11th Russian the early 20th till beginning from century, icons pre-Mongolian mosaics and ending and landscape, portrait with historical painting and masterpieces, and works as including by Andrei "Trinity" and "The Rublev of Christ Apparition the People" by Before T H E T R E T Y A K O V A L L E R Y G an art gallery in Is Alexander Ivanov.

THE PUSHKIN STATE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is a museum complex that is currently in possession of one of the largest world art collections from Ancient Egypt and Greece to our days.

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