How to Fix HP Computer when it Locks Up or Freezes in Windows 8


How to Fix HP Computer when it Locks Up or Freezes in Windows 8/10?

Most of the time, you might encounter a problem with your HP computer as it gets locks up or freezes.

There are multiple reasons behind the problem like incomplete installation of software, corrupt files,

and software, the conflict between applications, not enough space and more. When the problem

appears, then nothing will move on the computer display, mouse cursor on constant busy more,

Windows stops responding to mouse and keyboard input and more. In order to have more information

and support, you can use HP Help Phone Number through which you can consult experts.

Check out some of the troubleshooting steps to fix the HP computer-

First of all, you need to disconnect all devices from your computer except for the keyboard and

mouse and/or monitor required for minimal use.

Now, you have to remove any discs from the CD/DVD drives.

o Clean, repair, or replace the disc if the Windows become active again.

o If the problem continues, use the steps mentioned below.

Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and press F4 to close the application.

o Here, if Windows fixed, the problem is related to an application is resolved then. Save

your work and simply restart the computer.

o If the lockup persists, continue troubleshooting using these steps.

Further, in order to launch “Task Manager”, you need to press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys

Check the list of applications under the “Processes” and look for applications that have stopped


Choose an application that is not working and the directly click “End Task”.

Now, you have to continue the clicking “End Task” for applications that are not working

correctly till the unresponsive applications are removed from the list.

After this, you are required to click a window outside “Task Manager”.

Moreover, connect our service for quick and reliable technical support call at HP Tech Support Number

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