Xerox Support Helps When The Printer Does Not Turn On


Xerox Support Helps

When The Printer

Does Not Turn On


a document is a very easy task if you once

learn it. What if, the source of printing is not

working? Yes, it’s all about printer; if this becomes

faulty, you cannot print your documents. But, what is

the reason behind this problem? There could be

various factors; let’s discuss each in detail.

Here are some steps to follow if Xerox machine is

not working.

Plug-in the Xerox printer into electrical outlet-

1. Press the start button on the machine, make sure switch is on and waits for the indicator

light to blink. If there are not indicator light flashes, restart the machine.

2. Remove the power cable from the printing machine, check if there is any physical damage to

the cable. Replace the cable if your printer is under warranty. The power cable should be

connected to the power module. Once again, connect everything into the place and check if

it responds.

3. Make sure that the connection is secure between the printer and the computer. Check if the

socket is working. Try connecting the power cable into another outlet. If it turns on, then

there is an issue with the electricity outlet.

4. Remove the USB connector from the back of the Xerox machine. Turn it on, if it turns on

without cable then, it means that USB cable needs to be replaced.

Xerox Printer Tech Support Canada

For a proper solution to print from printing machine, you should take the expert’s help.

Experts know everything about their problems and their solutions, so they can guide the

users perfectly. But who to trust from so many service providers? This question makes

you confuse, Xerox Printer Support Canada Number: 1-855-253-4222 is the right

platform to connect with professionals, who not only provide the best service for

correcting the printer faults but also guide the customers for how to take care of their

printing machine to make maximum usage out of it.


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