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July 2012


RECENTLY, A PARENT shared concerns about

her child no longer wanting to wear a bike helmet.

It is no longer “cool” to wear that helmet!

This attitude normally begins around the age of

10 or 11, and only escalates from there. How

often have we heard that argument from our

kids that “none of the other kids have to.” Below

you will find some information and suggestions

regarding this topic. At the end of the day, the

responsibility falls to you, the parent, to enforce

the bike helmet wearing rules within the family.

Personally, I have seen several bike accidents

with kids and I have seen the damage that can

be caused to the head and, tragically, to the life

of a young child. These accidents do not have

to be at high speeds to cause trauma. In fact,

two of the worst child bike accidents I’ve seen

both occurred in a 25mph zone. This does not

include my own bike accident where I flew over

the handlebars when the bike stopped abruptly.

No, I was not wearing a helmet.

As we talk about bike safety, please remind

your kids that riding down the hill from the

MBCC pool to the beach should be done carefully.

The natural reaction for a kid is to get up

as much speed coming down the hill as they can.

At the end of the MBCC driveway, there is a

road which is a completely blind intersection for



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the approaching drivers operating a vehicle. The

kids need to be under control so they can properly

navigate that crossing over to the beach.

Here is some information and

suggestions about helmets:

Helmets are important for kids’ safety and

to prevent brain injuries if there is a collision.

About 20 states have laws that kids under the

age of 16 or 18 must wear helmets. Please go to

the following website for some great facts compiled

by LAB:


There is an exercise called the "egg drop"

that can be done in the classroom or at home

to show how fragile the head is, and how it is

protected by a helmet.

Many teen and pre-teen kids don't like bike

helmets, but do like multi-use helmets which

can also be used for other sports, especially

because they can put cool stickers on those


Parent education is key - including data on

why helmets are important for kids to wear.

Parents must lead by example! Do your research!

Promotional programs (especially led by

kids) promoting helmets as cool and safe. To

affect middle school and high school students,

the program is best to be led by the kids with

support from adults.

If you have further questions or need more

information you may contact:

Deb Hubsmith, Director

Safe Routes to School National Partnership

(415) 454-7430

Tim Krueger,

Village Administrator/Police Chief

244-3048 ext. 111

Get up to $ 500 OFF

of your LeafGuard Gutter

through July 31 st

Call 608-498-4483 or 1-800-822-0762

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Pam Rhodes, Hilary Sumnicht



Madison, Milwaukee

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Dear Residents of Maple Bluff,

Summer is one of the fullest seasons of the year and with July comes the peak of many

of our summer activities and commitments. This month means it’s time for one of

Madison’s great summer traditions, the All-City Swim Meet. If you’ve cheering on a

swimmer at the meet we would love to hear from you.

This past spring, my husband and I decided that this year we would try our hand

at our very own vegetable garden. Unfortunately, the garden didn’t fare so well in our

yard! I’ve heard from many of you that your gardens are thriving and we’d love to hear

about it! Share your pictures, tips, tricks and summer recipes here in the newsletter.

Remember, this newsletter is for you! If there is something you’d like to see in the

pages here each month, or if you have a special neighbor you would love to see us

highlight, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You,

Holly Rutchik

Content Coordinator

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Attention pet owners! Have your furry friends had the chance to

brush their whiskers in the newsletter and leave their paw print? We

are welcoming photos of your dogs, cats, turtles, goats, birds, horses

or other pet friends who make their home in the subdivision – sweet,

adorable, silly, zany photos encouraged!

Please e-mail a photo of your pet to Include your pet’s name,

breed and subdivision. Does your pet have a quirky trait or a favorite activity? Describe

your pet to us and we’ll feature your pet in an upcoming newsletter.

Thanks for your continued support. July 2012 3

The Village of Maple

Bluff Community Corner

Garden Volunteers Needed!

Springtime in Maple Bluff and

the public gardens come alive,

creating beautiful spaces for

everyone to enjoy as they walk or

drive through the neighborhood.

These public triangles, as well

as the Beach Park gardens,

are maintained by resident

volunteers. The Village provides

a budget for planting each one.

However, the Lakewood entrance

and the border around the gazebo

at Johnson Park are currently

without caretakers and it shows.

These areas need to be weeded,

deadheaded, and mulched in

order to look their best. A design

is being drawn up for the empty

area south of Lakewood Blvd.

and help will be needed for

installing plants sometime this

summer. If you would be willing

to help revitalize the entrance

please contact Bruce Morrow

at We

would all appreciate your help.

Redline Watersports

Ticket 2 Ride

Redline’s weekly wake events

Wednesdays through August 8th.

Our boat, our driver, our coach.

Beginners to advanced skill levels.

$10 donation requested for the

Clean Lake Festival.

Redline Watersports

Women’s Boat Driving Clinic

Learn to captain your boat

confidently and support the

fight against blood cancers.

$35 donation suggested for

the Leukemia and Lymphoma

Society. July date TBA. Contact

18 Oxford Place, Madison, Wisconsin 53704

244-3048 •

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466 N Sherman Ave, Madison

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Planned Maintenance Agreement

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2012 2012

4 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:


1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14




13 14 15 16 17 18

12 13 14 15 16 17

16 17 18 19 20 21




20 Notes 21 22 23 from 24 25 the Department 19 20 21 22 23 24 of Public 23 24 Works

25 26 27 28




27 28 29

26 27 28 29 30 31





AS OF THIS WRITING June is shaping up to be the city’s efforts. This will likely be late June MAPLE BLUFF

a very dry month. We are making the rounds and/or early July. We will send out e-mails and

MAY 2012 JUNE 2012 JULY 2012

when possible to water the young trees that post on the web site dates for this work.


have recently been planted. However, if I Another project that could happen in June

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

could ask of everyone to identify young trees or early July is the rehabilitation of the meter

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

# or shrubs on your property and along the vault # for Fuller’s Woods water supply. This is #

14 15 16 17 18 19

11 12 13 14 15 16

16 17 18 19 20 21



street terrace and give them a generous soak- located #


at the intersection of Sherman Ave. #

21 22 23 24 25 26

18 19 20 21 22 23

23 24 25 26 27 28



ing of water it would be greatly appreciated. and #


Fuller Drive (south). The intersection #

28 29 30 31

25 26 27 28 29 30

30 31




Of course, this is a mute point if we get some and stretch of Fuller Dr. up to Paget will be

timely rainfalls.

closed for the work. Here again we will pro- RECYCLING SCHEDULE

The dryness AUGUST of sub 2012 soils was painfully ap-

S parent M while T the Wcrew was T removing F S and replacing

the split 1rail fence 2 at 3 Beach 4 Park.

5There 6 wasn’t 7 a trace 8 of 9moisture 10 as 11 we dug


13 14 15 16 17 18

# the holes 24” deep for the posts. While we

20 21 22 23 24 25

# continued with the install of the new fence

27 28 29 30 31

# we also brought the water wheel to the park

in an attempt to keep the grass from going

dormant as the Fest on the Fourth is nearing.


S It Mis likely T that Wby the Ttime this F newsletter S is

in your hands some of the 1projects 2 I’ll mention 3

4have 5started 6or have 7 taken 8 place. 9 The first 10 item

# to make 12 mention 13 14of is water 15 main 16 flushing. 17


Our 19 supplier, 20 Madison, 21 22 will be 23 flushing 24 the


north 26side mid-late 27 28June. 29The village 30 will fol-


low up with our own flushing to complement

vide e-mail notification SEPTEMBER 2012 and web site posting

when S Ma schedule T is Wdetermined. T F S

There will be street maintenance work 1 on

Lakewood 2 3 Blvd 4 similar 5 to 6 what 7 has taken 8

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

place # the last couple of years. The contractor

17 18 19 20 21 22

will # remove the surface and prepare the sub-

24 25 26 27 28 29

surface # prior to paving. We are looking for

this # maintenance work to provide a suitable

driving surface for the next 7-9 years when


at S that Mpoint Tthe village W may T be in F a position S

to take on a Capital Improvement Project 1 for

utilities 2 3and streets. 4 5 6 7 8

9Additional 10 street 11 maintenance 12 13 areas 14 will 15 in-


clude a 17 surface 18 sealer 19with 20slag for 21 the 22 900-


1300 blocks 24 of 25 Farwell 26 Dr. 27and also 28 Warner 29


Dr. Access 31

# to these streets will not be allowed


during S the M work, T but Wwill be Topen Fto vehicle S

traffic once 1 the materials 2 3 have 4 been 5“rolled”. 6

A 7reminder, 8 there 9 is 10 a village 11 ordinance

12 13


prohibiting 15 placing 16 debris 17 for 18 collection 19 20 of


any kind 22 in the 23 streets. 24It is to 25 be placed 26 27 on


the terrace 29

# of the 30 corner 31 of your driveway

apron and away from any other obstruction

that would prevent collection.


Also, we DO NOT collect grass. Additional


information is available in the phone directory.

1 2 3 4 5

Please call me with your questions and

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

concerns. # Have a great summer!

14 15 16 17 18 19


21 22 23 24 25 26

Tom # Schroeder, Public Works Director

244-3048 # ext. 28 12029

30 31



Friendliness WAUNAKEE, permeates

WI 53597

the (608) air in 251-7878 this retirement

community. The prairie

Regular Trash Collection Date

setting of Madison’s east side

*Regular Recycle Date

may have something to do

with it, but it’s also about who

lives here and the principles

of our founding. Kindness and

respect are as built-in here as

any of the wonderful amenities.

You’ll feel immediately

welcomed and valued. Call

for a closer look.

Collection Date Change from Regular Day

Life on the rise.


both open and

closely knit.

Your new collection day will be WEDNESDAY for Trash & Recycling.

Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge • 5565 Tancho Drive, Madison, WI 53718 • 608-230-4000 • July 2012 5

Recreation Programs and Community

Events from the Department of Recreation

The Village’s Canoe & Kayak sharing program

has been moved to the beach for the summer

months. The program is available for FREE

to all residents. The Village owns 2 canoes, 2

paddleboards, 1 tandem kayak and 4 single

kayaks. To participate in this program, please

contact Curt Erickson for more information.

Now that summer is in full swing, there

are a lot of great summer programs for

your children to take part in. Several of the

trips this summer are not full. If you haven’t

signed up for one these great adventures,

please do so. A list of the trips is below.

July 12 7:15am – 8:30pm

Six Flags Great America Fee: $75.00

Participants will meet at the Village Center and

will head to Gurnee, IL. Participants will have access

to all the amusement rides and the water

Bridges Restaurant

Open for Lunch

Year Round

Crazy Cup Challenge

Two Person Shotgun

August 5th, 2012





Call 608-244-1822 ext.1 to sign up


Monday - Thursday

Early Bird Until 11:00am

18 HOLE WITH CART $29.99

CALL 608.244.1822 ext. 4


park. If participants will be using the water park,

please have your child pack a swimsuit and

towel. Program participants will need to bring

money for lunch and dinner. Some rides have a

minimal height requirement to ride on them.

July 18 8:00am – 6:00pm

Brewers vs. Cardinals Fee: $65.00

Participants will meet at the Village Center

and travel to Miller Park to watch the World

Series Champion Cardinals vs. Milwaukee

Brewers. Participants will receive a tailgate

lunch prior to entering the stadium. Seats

are located in sections 220-221. Maple Bluff

was given 18 tickets, so please sign up fast.

July 26 8:15am – 5:45pm

Noah’s Ark Water Park Fee: $65.00

The Big Kahuna, Black Anaconda, The Plunge,

Scorpions Tail and many more awesome

water thrills are waiting for you on this field

trip. Participants will have lunch provided by

Noah’s Ark with an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

All participants must wear/bring a swimsuit,

towel, flip-flops or sandals, sunscreen and

extra money to get a locker or concessions.

July 30 6:45pm – 9:30pm

Madison Mallards Fee: $35.00

Participants will meet at the Village Center

and we will drive to Warner Park for the

Mallards game. Chaperones may be needed

to drive and attend the game. Chaperone

tickets will be paid by the Village.

August 7 11:00am – 9:00pm

Green Bay Packers Experience

Fee: $45.00

Participants will get to watch the Packers

gear up for the upcoming season. Participants

will have the opportunity to watch a training

camp practice, Hall of Fame, Pro

Shop and receive a Stadium tour.

Curt Erickson -CPRP

Village of Maple Bluff

Recreation Director


Home Care

All is not the same.

Serving the Greater Madison

& Dane County Area


Homemaking Services

Meals • Transportation

Companionship • Laundry

Groceries • Light Housekeeping

Personal Care Services

Bathing • Incontinenece Care

Toileting • Feeding • Mobility

Transferring & Positioning

Skilled Care*

RN • Physical Therapist

Occupational & Speech Therapist

Home Modification

Meals on Wheels (M-F)

6 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:

Live Life. Live Well.

Police Department

By: Anne Murphy, Sgt.


I HOPE EVERYONE has been able to enjoy the

summer thus far. We have made it through the

majority of the local events, Walk for Courage,

Madison Marathon, Village Garage Sale, and

Rhythm & Booms have all come and gone. I

want to thank you all for your patience.

4th of July is here and the Fireworks concerns

must be addressed. By Wisconsin State

Statute it is illegal to discharge anything that

explodes and/or leaves the ground. It is not

illegal to purchase or possess fireworks, but it

is illegal to discharge. Even sparklers, that are

legal, can reach a temperature of 2000 degrees

F. We are very fortunate to be close enough

to Warner Park to view the fireworks that are

professionally displayed, as well as our own

Village Fireworks displays. Officers will cite

for fireworks violations.

With the balmy summer nights come

some other issues as well. Some law enforcement

instructors like to teach their students

Make Your Own Memories

The freedom to live without the worries of everyday life. Freedom to

pursue your passions. Stay. Go. Do as you please. We’ll take care of the

details to make sure that you’re free to make new memories. And our

assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and long term care services

provide the full continuum of care should the need arise.

Getting more information about senior living options is easy. Call (608)

663-8600 to request an information packet or to schedule a personal

tour. This isn’t a place to retire – it’s a place to live. Welcome home.

No entry fee means you can use your hard earned money for you!

MADISON: 618-719 Jupiter Drive

Independent Living • Assisted Living • Memory Care •

Rehabilitation • Long-term Skilled Nursing Care

Sales office now open Saturday 10 am – 2 pm!

Find us on Facebook

“night time is crime time”. While this does

not always hold true, it certainly seems to

for what we have termed “car shopping”. I

am learning that residents are not always reporting

entry into their vehicles to the police

department. Even if nothing was taken, it is

important for the police department to have

knowledge of these activities. We track crime

trends of facts and try to schedule officers to

maximize deterrence.

So many times we are presented by the

media with the “burglar” all dressed in black

prowling in the night. The more common

trend is actually daytime burglaries. People

go to doors with a pretense and if no one

comes to the door, may try to make entry

right then and there. So if you see suspicious

activities call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency

number 255-2345 and an officer will be radio

dispatched to respond. **By calling the

Village Center you create a substantial delay









in response time.**

To the author of the poison pen letters,

please consider this an invitation to discuss

your communications.

Anne Murphy, Sgt.

Maple Bluff Police Dept.

18 Oxford Pl., Madison, WI 53704

244-1430 ext 112

Boost Immunity, Calm Nerves & Ease Pain

Call to book your massage today!


2114 North Sherman Avenue

Massage East


Maple Bluff Resident Spotlight

Melissa Droessler and

AMI Montessori School

MELISSA DROESSLER AND her husband, Chet Droessler live with

their son, Roman in the Upper Bluff. They have lived in the neighborhood

for almost two years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. They

feel fortunate to have such kind and wonderful neighbors!

Melissa Droessler of Maple Bluff and Carrie Marlette of Madison

began the process of creating Isthmus Montessori Academy almost a

year ago. Montessori has grown exponentially in all major cities in the

United States and around the world. Melissa believes it is now time for

Madison to be able to provide the same for its children and families.

“We are Madison’s only AMI Montessori school serving children

and families from the age of 14 months or steady walkers to the age of

12,” said Melissa. “After three years, IMA will offer an AMI Montessori

Junior High Program and a Montessori High School Program by

2022! It will be the first Montessori High School in Madison and only

the second in the state!”

Isthmus Montessori Academy

255 N. Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53704

(608) 661-8200

M-F 8am-3pm with Before School Care from 7:30-

8:00am and After School Care from 3:00-5:30pm.

The school is looking for people interested in

fundraising and creating fabulous events for the

neighborhood so that they can begin building IMA’s

scholarship fund and building fund from the start!

If you have any special talents, fundraising

ideas, or if you would like to join us for a

workday at the school, please email Melissa at

Melissa and Carrie founded this non-profit organization

in the beginning of this year with the hopes of

creating an educational environment that responds to

the individual needs of each child while fostering community

involvement and collaboration. Melissa and

Carrie saw the need for an authentic AMI Montessori

school in Madison and they are passionate about making

it happen. Not to mention, Melissa saw a need for

a neighborhood school for her son, Roman!

Isthmus Montessori Academy (IMA) will begin its

inaugural school year on September 4th of this year.

Their vision is to help all children of the Madison area reach their

highest and unique potential. They seek to reflect and inspire the

true diversity of Madison’s urban setting and to encourage a society

of compassionate, responsible, and productive leaders. Their mission

is to provide an aid to life through a holistic AMI Montessori

Education; helping children achieve their greatest success, develop

independence, and live with genuine kindness to others and the


IMA is partnering with Drumlin Community Farms to provide

organic and natural snacks as well as CSA packages for families.

All families who sign up for a CSA through Drumlin Community

Farms will have their CSA box delivered to the school during the

growing season. As the school grows and the need for space increase,

their farmer, Sandy, has agreed to help in planning the school garden.

The older students will then run the garden as a business, proving

the snacks for the school and selling goods to help raise funds

for the school.

The school is also partnering with Harmony Art and the Green

Bag Lady to provide families with 3 organic cotton bags for spare

8 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:

clothes, library books, and lunch. It is a priority of their learning

community to foster resourcefulness and sustainability.

IMA is working with a Madison permaculturist to create a natural

playground for the children, complete with riverbed and water

wall. They are always looking for volunteers to help with the labor

in creating the playground.

The children love creating art, music, and being active. As often

as possible they like to connect the children with Madison artists,

musicians, or people who have special outdoor talents such as kayaking

or cross country skiing. They have also had specialists come to

the school to work with interested children, such as Archaeologist

PhD candidate Emily Epstein allowing the children to help classify

the specimens found at her dig site in Oregon’s high desert.

“It is important that children connect with people in their

community as a part of the learning process,” said Melissa. “It is

an experience to watch a YouTube video of an artist create work

with textiles. It is an unforgettable experience to work alongside

a Madison artist like Bird Ross creating thoughtful and complicated


Melissa and Carrie have 23 years teaching experience, in both

public and private, traditional and Montessori schools. Their inspiration

has and will always be their incredible passion for working

and learning with families and children of all ages.

Melissa has a special message to share with her neighbors:

Collaboration is imperative to the success of the school and in

turn, for the success of the children. IMA is excited about meeting

the families of Maple Bluff and working with them to continue to

make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

New School

Opening this Fall

In Your Neighborhood! July 2012 9

Join us for our Summer Open Houses

255 N. Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53704 (608) 661-8200

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 th , 5:30pm

SUNDAY, JULY 29 th , 3pm

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 th , 10am




walkers - 3



3 - 6

Lower Elementary


6 - 9




9 - 12

Learn More About Our School | 661-8200

The 10 th Annual

Bocce Beach

Bash Raised

$25K for Parks!

THANKS TO MANY, this year’s Bocce Beach

Bash set a record for funds and fun. Our

Silent Auction divas, Bonnie Stewart and

Michelle Pressentin, solicited and coordinated

over $20K in donations—which over 300

residents who donated and bid helped to raise.

Special thanks to the rest of the hard-working

Parks Committee, the volunteer bartenders,

Village staff, and the Martine and Pedro’s family

for making this Bocce the best organized ever.

And, of course, big congratulations to

this year’s tourney champions, Teri Gehin

and Eric Hausmann, for winning 7 matches

to claim the 2012 title, have their names

emblazoned on the traveling trophy—and

drink free at next year’s Bocce Beach Bash.

So start planning now. Next year’s Bocce

Beach Bash will be on Friday, June 7th, 2013.

With your help, we’ll set another record.

A Reminder from

Maple Bluff Country Club

THE POOL IS OPEN at Maple Bluff Country Club! Our pool facility has a

heated baby pool, diving well and a lap lane. All Village Residents are welcome

to use the pool during the following days/ times:

Every Sunday 10:00am – 1:00pm

Every Tuesday 6:00pm – 9:00pm

All residents are required to check in at the pool desk. Please remember that

the pool is available to you and your family living at your home, including

kids up to 21 years of age, or those in college up to 23 years

of age. Unfortunately, due to the high volume at the pool,

residents cannot bring guests to the pool. We ask that all residents

abide by this rule. We want you to enjoy the pool and

other amenities at the club this summer, so please stop over

to cool off!

Don’t forget about the other amenities for village residents:

We invite you to play tennis on Fridays from 12:00pm –

3:00pm through Labor Day. Please call the tennis shop to arrange

court times at 249-5101.

We invite you to golf up to three (3) times per year with three

(3) guests each time for the cost of the guest fees and cart fees.

Please call the golf shop to arrange tee times at 249-2000.

We invite you to dine at the club up to three (3) times per year.

All village residents receive a 4 digit member and all charges will

be billed to your number and mailed monthly. If you have not

received a member number, please contact Roberta at the club.

For Roberta and/or dining reservations, please call 249-2144.

If you are interested in learning more about club membership

or would like a club tour, please contact Jennifer in the main

office at 249-2144.

Have a wonderful summer!

Maple Bluff Country Club

10 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:




306 Kensington Dr

275 Kensington Dr

925 Magdeline Dr

825 Farwell Dr (Lake)

37 Cambridge Rd (Lake)


146 Kensington Dr

50 Cambridge Rd

301 Farwell Dr (Lake)

16 Fuller Ct (Lake)

49 Cambridge Rd (Lake)


417 Kensington Dr

42 Fuller Ct

33 Harbort Dr (Lake)

731 Farwell Dr (Lake)





























6048 July 2012 11















White = Sprinkman Real Estate Listings

DOM = Days on Market















All statistics have been gathered from the SCWMLS and may not include homes sold by builders or without a Realtor.




Now offering lake home showings by boat!

Call Trey Sprinkman at 608.354.4000

to schedule a private lake living tour today!
















Why Are There So Many Lake Homes

For Sale In Maple Bluff?

Most of the people selling are doing so because after

many wonderful years of living on the lake with their

families, the kids are grown and are moving out. There are

also those who simply want to retire to warmer climates

or a downtown condo. They’re ready to switch gears and

find a home that better suits their new lifestyle. Facing

your own life transition? Ready to make your own family

memories on the lake? Maybe it’s time to consider a

home move. It certainly is a great time to buy a house

on the lake!

To see all the lake homes listed by Sprinkman Real Estate, visit:

EVENT calendar



Wisconsin Chamber

Orchestra’s Concerts

on the Square

@Capitol Square

Held on the State Capitol lawn

for six consecutive Wednesdays,

Concerts on the Square is one

of Madison’s largest outdoor

concerts. Concertgoers come

early and pack the Capitol

lawn, turning it into a sea of

blankets. Balloons and picnic

baskets line the square as

the aroma of many different

cuisines from vendors fills the

air. A Kids’ Area offers special

activities each week. Whether

you enjoy a romantic dinner, a

bottle of wine, a warm summer

night or an evening sunset,

join us for one of Madison’s

finest outdoor celebrations.

Time: 7pm


2012 Russian

Festival Concert

@Middleton High School

Performing Arts Center

As part of the 34th annual

BDAA convention Russian

and East-European folk music

will be performed on authentic

Russian folk instruments,

balalaikas and domras. Local

and international artists will

be featured including; soloists,

small ensembles, vocals, dancers,

and a 100-member balalaika

orchestra conducted by Madison’s

own Victor Gorodinsky.

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: $20


Stand Up For Kids –

Second City Improv

@Majestic Theater

Come on out for a night of

hilarious satire and cutting-edge

improvisation! In addition to the

show, the ticket price, the event

also includes a silent auction, a

decadent dessert buffet and an

after-party dance extravaganza

hosted by DJ Nick Nice. Silent

auction items will be listed on

the Dane County CASA website

two weeks before the event.

Time: 7pm: Doors open,

8:30pm: Performance

Cost: $25

JULY 14 & 15, SAT. & SUN.

Art Fair Off the Square

@Monona Terrace Community

and Convention Center

140 Wisconsin artisans show

and sell on the esplanade of the

Monona Terrace Community

Center. Live music, refreshments

and children’s entertainment.

Held in conjunction with

Art Fair on the Square.

Time: Sat.: 9am-6pm,

Sun.: 10am-5pm

JULY 18-22, WED.-SUN.

Dane County Fair

@Alliant Energy Center

Enjoy fabulous fair food, an

interactive children’s petting

zoo, carnival rides along with

great entertainment. This

annual Dane County event

has something for everyone!

Cost: 12 and over: $8 daily,

$20 season, 6-11: $3 daily, $6

season, 5 and under: FREE


Parking is FREE


Olbrich’s Blooming


@Olbrich Botanical Gardens

& Bolz Conservatory

Experience the magnificence

of free-flying butterflies while

strolling through the tropical Bolz

Conservatory. Live butterflies

emerge from chrysalises daily in

the Conservatory, including lowflyers

like the playful yellow and

black striped zebras and bright

orange julias. More than a dozen

species of butterflies, native to

both Wisconsin and the more

tropical areas of the southern

United States can be seen at

various times during the exhibit.

Time: 10am-4pm daily

Cost: 13 and up: $5, 3-12:

$3, 2 and under: FREE

JULY 20-22, FRI.-SUN.

Maxwell Street Days

@Downtown Madison

– State Street

For 33 years, Maxwell Street Days

has provided bargains, culinary

delights and music for more than

30,000 annual attendees. Enjoy

great bargains on clothing, jewelry,

gifts, artwork, sporting goods,

books and more, plus fabulous

food from nearly a hundred State

Street and Capitol Square vendors.

Time: Fri.&Sat.: 8am-

6pm, Sun.: 10am-5pm


Paddle & Portage Canoe Race

@James Madison Park

A canoe race that begins at

James Madison Park with a 1.5

mile paddle on Lake Mendota,

followed by a 1 mile portage

over the central isthmus, and

a final 1.5 mile paddle across

Lake Monona. At Olin Park, the

post-race celebration is open to

everyone, with live music, food,

ice-cold beer and beverages,

and of course, the Paddle &

Portage Awards Ceremony.

Time: 9am-1:30pm


Rock ‘n Roar Benefit

@Henry Vilas Park

Zoological Society

Help bring back an old tradition

and get your groove on at our

Rock ‘n’ Roar Benefit Dance. Put

your dancing shoes on and join

us under the Main Tent for food,

drink and more. Our live music

will keep you rockin’ all night

long. All of our exhibits will be

open so enjoy a stroll around the

Zoo grounds while the sun sets.

Time: 8pm-Midnight

Cost: $50 (includes 2 drink tickets)


WJJO Band Camp

@Alliant Energy Center

Band Camp returns to Willow

Island with a great line-up of

bands! This year will bring Korn,

Taproot, Ghosts of Augusts,

Slaves on Dope, The Veer

Union, Red Line Chemistry

and more to rock your world.

Time: 11am

Cost: $42 in advance,

$55 day of show

12 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:

Meet Our Members

By: Kristopher Loy, Assistant Chief

The Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department

Captain Daniel Albrecht has

been a proud volunteer of

the Maple Bluff Fire Rescue

Department since 1976. He

graduated from Madison East

High School in 1968. Dan

then served in the U.S. Air

Force for four years with an

additional 20 years with the

Wisconsin Army National

Guard. He started his firefighting

career in 1974 with the

Fitchburg Fire Department for

2 years before joining Maple

Bluff. He was actively involved

in the startup of our Blooming Grove, Burke and Maple Bluff

Ambulance District and was an EMT with our service for many years.

Dan and his wife Mary created all the maps for our EMS district.

He is a certified Fire Fighter 1 & 2, Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)

Technician, and Driver/Operator for fire apparatus. Dan has been

involved with Southern Wisconsin Northern Illinois Fire Rescue

Association’s annual Monroe Fire School for over 30 years. He was

a certified instructor with Southwest Technical College and teaches

Locally Owned and On Your Way

Diesel Fuel • Propane

Fresh Bakery Daily

Pizza • Hot Sandwiches

This months Special:

Fresh, Made Daily

Personal Pan Pizza $2.99


“The STaTion”

1010 N. Sherman Ave Across from the “Esquire Club”

basic breathing apparatus classes for the Fire School.

Dan and Mary have been residents of Maple Bluff since 1992.

Dan worked for many years at Meriter Hospital’s Emergency Room

as a LPN and HAZMAT instructor until his retirement in 2009.

Since Dan’s retirement, he has had more time to devote to the Fire

Department. He has been instrumental in the creation of the Maple

Bluff Fire Auxiliary program. If you would like to contact Captain

Albrecht, call 608-249-7535 or e-mail


If you would like to become a firefighter, EMT, or auxiliary member

of the Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department, please visit our website for information.

Fest on the Fourth

Selling food and beverages on July 4th is our department’s largest

fundraising event of the year. Without the continued support of all

Village residents, successful events like this would not be possible. The

Maple Bluff Fire Department would like to specifically thank Fest on

the Fourth volunteer organizers Jennifer Kuehn and Kate Zbierski for

all of their hard work in organizing this year’s festivities.

Kristopher I. Loy, Assistant Chief

Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Dept.

Fur & Leather Experts Since 1924

Hundreds of used furs and leathers

from under $100

Expert leather cleaning, repairs, and restoration

Secure climate controlled Cold Fur Storage

Professional fur cleaning, repairs, and alterations

(608) 255-5191 •

1191 N Sherman Ave - Madison, WI 53704

In the Northgate Shopping Center

Authentic Italian and Pizza

Café La Bellitalia Bellitalia Restorante Restorante & Pizzeria

– Dine in or Delivery –

1026 N Sherman Ave., Madison • (608) 243-1200 July 2012 13

Paint the Town Blue

Support us in celebrating the promise of a safe and secure future for every child in Dane

County and attend Paint the Town Blue on August 16, 2012.

Paint the Town Blue has become a signature event for Center for Families and has helped

to raise funds and awareness of child abuse prevention. This year there will be silent auction

of local art, and a hors d’oeurve buffet. A short presentation will feature the “Good People

Awards” which will be given by Center for Families to community members who have shown

outstanding dedication to making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Thursday August 16, 2012


Boardman & Clark

Law Firm overlooking

the Capitol

NEIGHBORHOOD classifieds

NEW! Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop NEW! NEW! Brown Jordan® Park-

Boxspring & Mattress King Set, Ultra way Replacement Suncloth® Cush-

Premium Luxury Firm, Aleneva, mint conions for Action Lounge Chair(s) or Chaise.

dition set $500. 608-630-9073.

Complete set of cushions for two lounge

chairs or one chaise. Color: Canvas. Purchased

directly from Brown Jordan for

$1,960 ($980.00 each set). Asking $995/

both sets. 608-827-0094.


condo on the quiet end of Sanibel Island,

FL. Walk right out the lanai to the heated

pool, shuffleboard, tennis, bicycles and the

beach! Easy for families, perfect for couples.

Call 608-444-8426 or www.flipkey.



$75,000 Immaculate 1st floor, 2-bdrm,2bath,

1133 sq.ft, heated underground

parking and lovely deck with pine trees for

privacy. Contact Lori 608-239-6781.

NEW! Wisconsin Dells Condo For

Sale. 2 bedroom/2bath Wilderness on

the Lake(WOL) Condo. Great investment

and WOL handles all rentals and maintenance.

Owner can use condo and have

access to all waterparks.

call 608-215-7778.


Cherry Lyndon® Shaker/Craftsman

Tapered Leg Occasional Tables. Size:

20”x28”x22” Purchased from Woodworks.

Retail: $499.00/each. Asking:

$549/pair. 608-827-0094.

NEW! SOLOFLEX exercise system:

includes: attachments for full body wt.

training, full range of wt. bands w/extra

sets. $225. 608-827-6150.

Tickets are $35.00 and can be purchased through

our website at

Or by sending a check to:

Center for Families with the memo

Paint the Town Blue 2012

Center for Families

2120 Fordem Ave., Madison, WI 53704

NEW! NEW! Norwalk® Sectional with

Chaise, 2 Chairs and Ottoman. Top

quality, hand-made furniture. Kiln dried

solid maple frame. 8-way hand tied steel

springs. High density compression-free

foam. Scotchgard charcoal gray microfiber.

4 matching pillows. Retail: $6,999.

Asking: $4,495. 608-827-0094.

GUITAR FOR SALE: Ibanez Pro Series

hot pink metallic with Floyd Rose locking

nuts; mint condition with hard shell

case. Hamer (USA made), teal color, with

hard shell case. $450, slightly negotiable.

Contact Virginia: 257-3223. Photos

available via email.

SOFA: Robert Allen Tapestry Design.

82”L, 33”D, 35” back H. Arms 25”H. Seat

19”H. Body of kilndried hardwood. Multicolored.

Smoke/pet free environment. Excellent.

$450. Call Georgia: 278-4222.

Cherry Curio Cabinet: Beveled glass

front, mirrored back & floor. 4 glass

shelves w/plate groove. 72”H, 17 3/4”W,

10 1/2”D. Crown molding. Excellent.

$165. Georgia 278-4222.

Precor Elliptical Fitness Cross-trainer

SmartRate-Instant display of your actual

heart rate. Electronic readout-Monitors

calories burned and strides taken.Cross-

Ramp technology- The cross-trainer ramp

angle is fully adjustable from 13-30 degrees.$1500

email or call.


Beachfront Villa on Sandy Beach,

Rincon, PR: Magnificent ocean views,

spacious 3 bedrms, 2 baths, fully

equipped kitchen, dining, living, rooftop

terrace & lots of outside living spaces.


or 608-235-1662.

Scottsdale Vacation Rental: Beautiful

Scottsdale home. Go to

for photos

and full details.

Sharper Image Massage Chair: Taupe

leather $750 or best offer. 833-6771 Ann



MODEL 560: Quiet, smooth, 3 position

infinite lift system. Infrequent use, clean,

taupe fabric. Capacity 375 lbs. Online full

price $1,300. Paid more at local medical

store. $500 delivered within 30 miles of

Cherrywood. GAIL: 608-576-7863.

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano: Ebony,

bought new in 2007; low mileage!

$8,000. 608-298-7675.

Vacation in the US Virgin Islands! Visit

the beautiful island of St. John and stay

in our new 2 bedroom/2 bath condo overlooking

the ocean! More at www.vrbo.

com/328461 or 334-6708.

1976 Corvette Stingray with 59,400

miles Orange with a clear coat finish and

brown leather interior. Runs great! New

radiator, alternator, belts and hoses. New

battery etc. 608-575-1220

Prince Edward Island North Atlantic

Ocean-front home looks at surf and

Canada’s largest parabolic dunes. Beautifully

outfitted to sleep 5. Swim, fish,

golf, bike---or eat lobster and attend Celtic

concerts. Available September starting at

$1200/week. Margo: 233-0215.

Residents: This is your free

classified section. Your item will

be listed for sale not only in your

neighborhood publication, but also

in other area newsletters - creating

more exposure on your item!

Go to and click

“submit classifieds.” All ads must be

personal items and not business related.

For free listings, classifieds must be 40

words or less. To remove or change your

classified listing, please email directly

the content coordinator as noted in your

newsletter. You will receive an email

of confirmation and your request will

be taken care of promptly. Thank you!

14 The Village of Maple Bluff Newsletter Submit Content at:



Is the wait too long to see your dermatologist? Now you

have a choice— a new clinic in Middleton with board

certified dermatologists and available appointments for

adults and children. Isn’t that the way it should be?

• Open house - July 11 from 5-7pm

• Schedule appointments - 608.417.8550

Meet our dermatologists at

YOUTH classifieds

NEW! Tennis Racquet Stringing: In need of having their tennis racquet restrung?

I will string your racquet for $10 (you provide string) or for $13 with string I have

purchased (Gosen OG Sheep 16). Contact Harrison at or at


Looking for a full or part-time babysitter this summer? I am a Maple Bluff

resident. I just graduated from college and have years of babysitting and nanny

experience in the Maple Bluff neighborhood. Please contact Hilary at: hlgehin@ or call 608-576-2481if you are interested or have any questions.

Please see the

I drive a Ford Explorer, have a safe driving record and would like to help you

with your driving needs. Please call or TEXT at least one day in advance @ 608-

698-5433. hard copy of your

Responsible, fun-loving 14 year old available to baby or pet sit. Please call

or TEXT 608-695-1174.

Responsible newsletter 12 year old sports enthusiast will for make a the great mother's helper

or pet sitter. Call or TEXT 608-695-8316.

Interested in learning French this summer? I, Anna January, a recent Butler U

MADISON Youth Classifieds


grad (Art History/French) will be available for language lessons from Mid-May till 1 late August. I have experience working with children in an educational setting,

WISCONSIN’S 6/20/2012 1:43:47 PM

and am flexible to do one on one tutoring or working with groups. Contact me at or 608-338-9150. section

I am happy to answer questions, provide

resume or schedule an interview.

11 year old would be able to * be a mother's helper * pet-sit * and lawn care

call (608)280-1836 if interested.





Wisconsin Bride

Magazine Best of

2009, 2010, 2011



Calling All Kids & Teens!

This is where you can showcase your services to the neighborhood. Your

neighbors need things done around the house and you need a little extra

money. Just have your parents help you go to

and, under “submit classifieds,” type in what you want to do and what

neighborhood you’re in. The next month you could be in business for yourself!

Bulletin Board

Village Wide Garage Sale Re-Cap

Thank you to all village residents who participated in the

June 16 garage sales, to those who did not participate but

patiently tolerated the increased traffic, and to the Maple

Bluff police department for their hard work in keeping

traffic and parking problems to a minimum. Approximately

40 homes participated in the sales. There was $275 left

over from registration fees after paying for ads, maps

and signs. That money has been donated to Camp Ya-

Gotta-Wanna. Thanks again for a successful event.

Nancy Kopp July 2012 15

Our Friendly Staff Await You

Baristas making

it your way

Baking fresh everyday

Making your favorites

for breakfast and lunch

608.663.5500 •

611 North Sherman Ave. in Lakewood Plaza • Open 6am weekdays, 7am weekends

100% odor-free

Pure and gentle.

No toxic chemicals.

No hazardous waste

100% Environmentally


The Greener Cleaner

that really delivers.

Free pick-up. Free delivery.

Best Cleaners.

Now in your neighborhood!


5712 Raymond Rd.

6713 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave

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