That is a Tanks game.

That ´s a really nice game. You drive

with tanks around maps.

In the game there are still many game

modes and events as in the picture


It gives more than one tank, it

ungefähr=approximately 501 tanks in the

game. There are different levels from 1

to 10. In the game are many countries,

for example Germany, Russia, (USA)

America and more.

It gives you tube videos about the


That‘s are history plans from a tank.

The E-100 is in reality, as well as some

other tanks from the game. For a few

tanks you have some other skins.

That‘s a game from Wargaming.

Frontline is a game modi.

Do you know Hay Day ?

Hay Day is a free mobile farming game. The best game ever !

You can play Hay Day on your mobile Phone or on your tablate.

The game developeder is supercell. The game is about a farm.

You are a farmer, plant, harvest and sell – fruits, vegetables and flowers.

You must have pigs, cows, chicken, sheeps and horses, feed them.

You must sell the products of the animals. You can visit your farm

neighbours and buy something from them. The goal of the game is to

have a big farm and earn many money.

Hay Day was realeast for iOS on June 21,2012 and android on

November 20,2013.

Hay Day can be your personal-online-farm, come on and play it now on


Luca Merkuda

Do you know the Top 5 sports in Germany?

In this article we tell you something about the 5 sports in Germany.

On the first place is riding a bike. If you want to ride a bike you need a

bike and a helmet. This sport you must do it outside. You need

endurance and legmuscles, When you often ride a bike, then you will be

very fit.

On the second place is gymnastics. If you want to do gymnastics, you

need your body. This sport you can do inside and outside. Many people

do it inside, in a group, in a sports hall. If you do gymnastic, you relaxes

your muscles ad become mobile.

On the third place is swimming. If you want to swim you need water for

example: a pool, a lake, a sea. You can do it inside and outside. Every

muscle will be claim and your joints will be protects.

On the 4th place is a visit to the gym. Many people visit a gym. Gyms are

a grown market in Germany. In Germany are many gyms in every city,

The gym offers many course for Example: yoga, boxing and fitness.If you

go often in the gym to do sport, you will get very fit.

On the 5th place is jogging. You do it outside, alone or in a group.

Many people do it in the morning or after work in the evening. You need

good jogging shoes. If you go jogging regularly, you will be very fit.

Make some sport, and you will be fit.

By: Luca Merkuda

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