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The Region's Largest Weekly Distribution Happy Mother's Day from... The Town Common PRST STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEWBURYPORT, MA PERMIT NO. 51 ____________ LARGEST DISTRIBUTION ACROSS THE NORTH SHORE OF MA & COASTAL NH May 9 - 15, 2018 Vol. 14, No. 28 FREE Popular Tennis Club Sold to Avid Players Rowley Family Dental Walks By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– From left, Daryl Colden, Kristin Tallman, Laura Goldberg and Gary Gastman. NEWBURYPORT — At 6 a.m. at least once a week you can find two doctors, Daryl Colden and Gary Gastman racing around a tennis Dr. Katherine St. Peter with some of her favorite books Photo by Stewart Lytle Continued on page 3 REGIONAL – Not all five-yearolds enter kindergarten on an equal footing when it comes to reading. Some five-year-olds are better readers because they have been to pre-school where they are introduced to, and some even master, the sights and sounds of letters. Others come from households where reading is a priority. Most enter kindergarten not even knowing “the ABC song,” said one kindergarten teacher. Dr. Katherine St. Peter, a speech and language pathologist, who has spent her career teaching in early childhood education, thinks she may have discovered a way to level The Town Common Courtesy Photo Rowley Family Dental Emploees and Family Once again, the staff at Rowley Family Dental Center have put together a team to participate in the North Shore Cancer Walk, taking place at Salem Willow on Sunday, June 24th. The 10K walk has been an annual event for two decades, bringing together a community focused on raising funds for the fight against cancer. Proceeds from the 2018 walk will be used for a new surgical robot that will bring advanced technology for prostrate cancer surgery, as well as benefit oncology services at North Shore Medical Center and the Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center. If you would like to support the team with a donation, please contact www.crowdrise. com/rowley-family-dental-center. Leveling the Playing Field in Literacy By Stewart Lytle, Reporter You'll "flip" over the digital edition at Don’t let joint pain bring you to your knees. Learn about MAKO Total Knee, Partial Knee and Hip Replacements at one of our FREE seminars, May 21 st or June 5 th . Register TODAY at or call 978-463-1475. court trying to beat one another at the indoor racquet club on Low Street. Their friendship, their love for tennis and being regulars at the club led Jonathan Woodman, one of the club owners, to approach them three years ago about buying the 45-old club. It was announced last week that Colden, chief of surgery at Anna Jaques Hospital, Gastman, a psychologist, and their wives, Kristin Tallman and Laura Goldberg, would finalize the purchase of the club later this month. Colden is an ear, nose, throat and allergy physician. His wife, Tallman, is an optometrist. Goldberg, who is married to Gastman, is also a psychologist. “Tennis is important to us,” Colden said. “This club is such an important institution for me, my family and friends.” He and Gastman, who have been friends for five years, said they have benefited greatly from playing tennis. Being busy with their medical ––––––––––––––––– the literacy playing field and send every child to first grade a much stronger reader. Research has shown that if a child is a strong reader, he or she will more likely excel at other subjects, such as math, science, humanities and art. The strong reader will also develop a love for reading, St. Peter said. The method St. Peter, a Rowley resident, utilizes and is expanding on is called Dialogic Read Aloud. “The consistent use of dialogic reading strategies may be just the intervention needed to empower the adults in the lives of young children to enhance emergent literacy,” POSTAL CUSTOMER St. Peter wrote in her doctoral dissertation at Leslie University. Dialogic reading is reading aloud put on steroids. Instead of a teacher or parent reading a book to a student, dialogic reading is intensely interactive with the adult often changing places with the child, asking the student to think about the story, predict how the story will end and even rewrite it. The U.S. Department of Education defines it as: “Dialogic Reading is an interactive shared picture book reading practice designed to enhance young children’s language Continued on page 3 AJH_MAKO_5.04x2_05.09.18.indd 1 5/2/18 10:51 AM

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