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Pegasus Post: May 08, 2018

Pegasus Post: May 08,

TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2018 Locally Owned ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL Contains a perfect combination of three of the best skin oils known to help keep your skin healthy, vibrant & flawless. Contains100% pure blend of Organic Dilo, Organic Argan & Wild Rosehip oils. AMAZING PRICE 50ml only $26.90 MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE Bringing You The Best In Natural Health MARSHALLS HEALTH & NATURAL THERAPY Stop freedom campers Signs may be put up to promote holiday park New outdoor gym Burwood Park’s new $44,000 gym opened CONSULTING - PRESCRIBING - DISPENSING - MANUFACTURING MEDICAL HERBALISTS 110 seaVIeW roaD, NeW BrIGHToN (Just past C.N.B School) pHoNe 388 5757 - KNOWLEDGE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - Page 3 Page 4 FOUNDER: Trudy Burrows formed the New Brighton community fridge concept last year. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Feeding 100 families a day – for free • By Jude Van Houtte THE NEW Brighton community fridge and pantry is now feeding about 80-100 families a day. Founder Trudy Burrows said it had really opened her eyes to “the number of people out there who are struggling.” The fridge on Hawke St opened last June. It takes goods that were destined for landfill from food rescue organisations, fresh produce from gardens, and other produce from the community, then offers it to people in need. Although she is surprised at the popularity, Ms Burrows feels the initiative is a step in the right direction for helping vulnerable people. “Some of the types of people who visit the fridge are young students, 18-19 years of age, who often haven’t eaten for a couple of days, and young families who are left vulnerable after one bill has overthrown their financial balance,” said Ms Burrows. •Turn to page 4 - We are alWaYs HappY To Help! - Bid to prevent boy racers from accessing red zone BOY RACERS doing burnouts in the residential red zone has led to a call for the placement of barriers to be reviewed. The Burwood East Residents’ Association says some closed streets can be accessed by vehicles, due to wide spaces between the barriers and the fences around the vacant land. In the letter to the Coastal- Burwood Community Board, association secretary Gae Johns said Stour Drive, particularly the intersections of Priory Close and Vivian St, are popular areas for burnouts to occur. “We have witnessed a couple of burnt out vehicles and rubbish dumpings as access alongside the barriers is an easy access point for those who wish to ignore them,” Ms Johns wrote. Areas along Stour Drive are also a popular place for residents to dump unwanted household goods, she said. But residents are too far away to take photographs of boy racers, therefore making a complaint to the police is a “fruitless” action without any evidence, Ms Johns said. •Turn to page 3 Have a cup of tea with your MP Poto Williams New Brighton Market Saturday 12th May 10am - 2pm Just arrived, new range of scarves for all occasions If you want to book a specific time contact my Electorate Office on 03 382 0288 before Friday at 3pm Parklands Lotto & Post 60 Queenspark Drive, Parklands Shopping Centre Ph 383 0303 Late Nights: Wednesdays & Saturdays