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Selwyn Times: May 09, 2018

22 Wednesday

22 Wednesday May 9 2018 Latest Christchurch news at •From page 21 SCHOOLS SELWYN TIMES Proud supporters of Rugby & Netball in Selwyn MOMENTUM: Lincoln’s Jaden Verryt stopped in his tracks by Ohoka’s Connor McKinnon, while Pete Donaldson (below) is tackled by Joe Moody. Sevens star shows off gold medal at West Melton All Black Sevens’ Sam Dickson visited the West Melton Rugby Club on Friday night with his Commonwealth Games gold medal. Dickson – who now lives in Mt Maunganui – stopped by his boyhood club to talk to the junior players. He began playing at West Melton as a five-year-old in the midget grade for West Melton. Dickson captained the premier side and led the Ellesmere and Canterbury Country rep teams before concentrating solely on sevens. PHOTO: SHARLENE WISEMAN ATTACK AUTUMN! 12 months interest free & payment holiday, conditons apply, see in store. STORE OPENING HOURS: Fosters, Blenheim Road Store - Mon - Fri 8am til 5.30pm, Sat 9.30am til 3pm Rangiora & Northwood Stores - 7 DAYS - Mon - Fri 8am til 5.30pm, Sat 9.30am til 3pm, Sun 10am til 3pm BGA45 Battery Blower Kit BGA56 Battery Blower Kit BGA85 Battery Blower Kit BG50 Blower Voltage: 18V Weight: 2kg Air Flow Rate: 400m3/h Included is the intergrated battery and charger! Voltage: 36V Weight: 3.3kg Air Flow Rate: 600m3/h Battery kit comes with battery and charger! Voltage: 36V Weight: 3.2kg Air Flow Rate: 845m3/h Battery kit comes with battery and charger! 27.2cc 3.6kg Airflow 700m3/h BUY NOW @ $295 Incl GST + get an extra AK20 battery worth $135 BUY NOW @ $445 Incl GST BUY NOW @ $925 Incl GST BUY NOW @ $325 Incl GST SH56 Blower Vac RE88 Waterblaster RE129 Waterblaster 770 Turbo Vac 27.2cc 5.3kg Airflow 710m3/h Easy start model 230V 1.65kW 5.8lt/min 8.9kg 1445psi Hose length is 6m 230V 2.3kW 7lt/min 1958 PSI Hose length: 9m Engine: Honda 5.5HP OHC Catch Bag: 222 Litres Accessory hose available Weight: 45kg 5 height settings Save $150 BUY NOW @ $395 Incl GST BUY NOW @ $295 Incl GST All pricing includes GST. Images may vary from in store product. Offers valid until 31st May 2018 or while stocks last. 12 months interest free and no payments avalable, see in store for details. Save $200 BUY NOW @ $795 Incl GST Save $70 BUY NOW @ $2370 Incl GST STIHL SHOP Northwood - 554 Main North Road, Belfast, Christchurch - Ph: 03-974-2469 STIHL SHOP Rangiora - Corner Lineside and Station Road, Rangiora - Ph: 03-313-3398 STIHL SHOP Fosters - 559 Blenheim Road, Sockburn, Christchurch - Ph: 03-343-6339 LOVE YOUR LAND

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday May 9 2018 23 Gardening COLOUR: Shirley and peony poppies look striking with bright fluffy petals. Popular poppies • By Henri Ham POPPIES ARE always one of the most popular seedlings we sell. And it’s not hard to see why. They’re very pretty, they grow easily, and they make good cut flowers. Some of the varieties available are Shirley, Anzac and peony. A lot of gardeners are fans of peony poppies. Their many fluffy layers of petals look striking – they’re a great alternative if you don’t get enough frosts to grow true peonies. Shirley poppies are also lovely and have a very delicate look to them. But my favourite variety of poppy would be Anzac – particularly planted en masse. They are a very special sight to see in a garden. Other popular varieties are oriental and Iceland. When you’ve got your poppy plants look around the garden for a sunny, well-drained spot. Somewhere near the house is good if you get any wind as it will provide protection. Once you’re ready to plant, simply dig a small hole and plant each seedling around 30cm apart. SPECIAL SIGHT: Anzac poppies look spectacular when planted en masse. Next give them a water to help them get established. After that they shouldn’t require too much watering. If you do water them be careful not to overhead water as the pressure of the water might squash them. Your poppies will start to put on their pretty display of Urban Section Urban Section flowers in around six to eight weeks. Remember to remove the flower heads when they die (deadhead) to prolong their flowering. For the love of coriander CORIANDER IS a love it or hate it type of plant. In fact, I can’t really think of any other herb or vegetable that divides people as much. And it can also be quite a tricky herb to grow as it loves to bolt (head to seed), which probably doesn’t help its reputation with its detractors. But as someone who falls into the love coriander camp, I think it’s a plant every kitchen or vegetable garden should have. So here are my top tips for successful coriander growing. Firstly, plant it now. While you can grow coriander for most of the year, now during autumn and winter when the weather is cooler, is the perfect time to plant – especially if you find it difficult to grow. The steady, cool weather will prevent it from bolting. Coriander will grow well in a pot or in the garden. But if you do plant in a pot make sure it’s a deep one and pour in some good quality potting mix. If you’re growing in the garden, at this time of the year I recommend looking for somewhere with full sun. Coriander doesn’t like damp or humid conditions. Next ensure the soil is aerated and free-draining by digging over the soil and even dig in some potting mix or compost if required. Next, mound up the soil and plant a seedling on top – this will help ensure the soil is free-draining. Give it a water and then regularly water it in the morning. This will allow the water to dry off during the day and prevent disease. Canterbury C Decking T H Retaining Decking Timber Wall Timber & Hardware Landscaping Retaining Wall Timber Timber Trellis Landscaping Timber Residential Trellis Fencing Poles Residential and Piles Fencing H3 Poles and and We are H4 Piles here Timber Dressed H3 and H4 Timber Timber Dressed Timber Visit us via our new entrance on Manion Rd HOURS Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 8am -12pm Your Local Timber Merchant Your Local Timber Merchant Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch Jason Pester 1304 Main 03 3477465 South Road, Christchurch 03 3477032 P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 Your Local Timber Merchant Jason Pester 167 Manion Road, Rolleston P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 HOURS Mon Fri: HOURS 7am 5pm Saturday: Mon - Fri: 8am- 7am - 12pm 5pm Saturday: 8am- 12pm Weedons Ross Rd Weedons Weedons Ross Ross Rd Rd to Rolleston to Rolleston We are here We are here Berketts Rd Berketts Berketts Rd Rd Trents Rd Trents Trents Rd Rd Main South Rd / SH1 Main South Rd // SH1