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How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Sweaty hands, underarm wetness and stains on clothing and beads of sweat on the forehead are all signs of excessive sweating. Sweating is necessary to control the body’s temperature, but in some cases the system overproduces, rises to a high level and occurs at inappropriate times. You can learn how to stop excessive sweating by checking out this pdf.


How To Stop Excessive Sweating Remember that sweating is a normal response to heat and meant to cool down your body. Running a fever is sometimes a trigger for sweat to break out as your body temperature rises and needs something to cool it down. You might suffer from hyperhidrosis because of genetics that caused you to have more than normal sweat glands in the feet, hands and armpits or because of overactive sweat gland nerves. Occasionally, there may be another condition that can be causing excess sweating. Causes and Symptoms of Excessive Sweating Other than simple genetics causes, there may be medical or physical conditions that cause hyperhidrosis. Some can be tested and treated easily and the problem eradicated. Excessive sweating is usually characterized by a sudden onset without reason - such as a hot atmosphere or exercise. You’ll know if you have hyperhidrosis if the palms of your hands and soles of your feet are constantly damp, you suffer from sweating that drenches your clothing, have macerations (soaking) of the skin, discoloration of the skin where you sweat most, or have cracked and scaly skin and foot odor. Some medications may contribute to hyperhidrosis. Psychiatric prescriptions and meds used for high blood pressure problems may contribute to excessive sweating problems. Medications used to treat dry mouth, some supplements and a few antibiotics may also cause the condition. Hyperthyroidism is another condition which may cause excess sweating. This condition causes the body’s chemical system to rev up past normal stages, producing too many thyroid hormones within the body. The result could be excessive sweating. Testing is available for hyperthyroidism and the optional treatments include certain medications, surgery and iodine radiation. The Page 4 of 11

How To Stop Excessive Sweating symptoms of hyperthyroidism vary and excessive sweating may not occur until the condition is extremely manifested. Many women complain about the sudden onset of excessive sweating problems during menopause. The problem is sometimes called hot flashes and they affect over 75% of women during and just before other menopausal symptoms. Scientifically, these hot flashes are likely caused by swings or decreases in a woman’s drop in estrogen levels, when the menstrual period stops. Some women have such severe excess sweating that they drench their clothing. Certain types of cancer such as Non-Hodgkin’s and Hodgkin’s lymphoma may cause sweating. Other cancers sometimes involved in hyperhidrosis include leukemia, bone and liver cancers, carcinoid tumors and mesothelioma. Doctors believe that the body’s reaction to cancer by sweating is caused by the body’s attempt to fight off the invading cancer. The sweating becomes more pronounced as the cancer becomes more advanced. Diabetes, types 1 and 2, are also known causes for hyperhidrosis. Other glucose control disorders such as hypoglycemia (extremely low glucose levels) and gestational diabetes may also contribute to the problem. Sometimes, psychiatric conditions such as stress and anxiety can cause hyperhidrosis. These disorders may cause the body’s temperature to rise, leading to excess sweating. The drugs used to treat psychiatric problems may also lead to overactive sweat glands – plus withdrawal symptoms of stopping the use of alcohol and opiates or other, illegal substances may cause hyperhidrosis. Page 5 of 11

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