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New G&S Team Members

JAKI EVANS—Accounts Receivable & Credit Manager

Of all the roles filled by people in a company, in many

respects the job that requires the most intestinal fortitude

may be the A/R manager. That role is now being filled by

Jaki Evans, who comes to us after a long career in credit

collections and accounts receivable. It is Jaki’s responsibility

to examine the credit applications from clients with a steely

eye and weigh the benefit of granting credit terms against

the risk that somebody might take our plants and not pay

us for them according to those terms. The stakes are pretty high. If she says no to the

request, she must face the displeasure of a potential client as well as the sales rep who

is advocating for the sale. If she says yes, and the client doesn’t pay on time, she has to

explain her decision to management and try to negotiate a way for the struggling client

to make good on their obligation.

Jaki came to G&S from Huskey Truss in Nashville. She was looking for a way to relocate

to Jacksonville so she could be closer to family, and the opportunity to come to work

for G&S seemed like an answer to prayer. “This is an incredible team,” she says, “Everyone

is so upbeat and energetic!”

If it wasn’t enough to able to spend more time with her son and other kinsfolk now

that she’s moved, Jaki is also looking forward to enjoying the many attractions that

Jacksonville has to offer—especially the beaches.

TOM AARON—Nursery Manager

We’re still not quite sure why Tom agreed to come work for

us, but we’re glad he did. Tom has an extensive resume in

the horticultural field, from managing multiple landscape

crews in his most recent job with Brightview Landscape

Services to running his own award-winning orchid propagation

business in the early 2000s. Tom brings an arsenal

of large scale nursery best practices and a love of growing

things that inspires all those around him.

But he lives in Neptune Beach, and our nursery is located in Lake City. Why would a guy

with such heavy-duty qualifications sign on for that kind of commute? Tom will tell you

the opportunity to be part of such a great team made the offer to grow with us irresistible.

In his own words: “The leadership at G&S, the culture, and willingness to create

best in class quality standards was key in my decision to join the team.” He will also

describe it, like Jaki, in terms of answering a divine appointment. “I feel like I should

be here,” Tom says. “I feel like working alongside Zack (Kirsch) and the others here will

sharpen me as I sharpen them—like the proverb that says “iron sharpens iron.”

Tom lives on the coast with his wife and 5 kids. He loves to take them out on the water

to go fishing and surfing.


The Trickiest Time of

the Year

Winter in north Florida always

seems to play the same joke before

it finally leaves us for good.

You know what I’m talking about:

the cold weather tapers off, the

balmy breezes start to waft across

the fields in late February and early

March in a sustained fake-out that

lasts for weeks before the sucker

punch of a late winter freeze

comes along.

I’m experienced enough to anticipate

that one final blast before the

first week of April—it’s about as

predictable as the weekly need to

buy diapers for my baby daughter.

But for the plant material we grow,

it comes as a new revelation every


That’s what makes it tricky.

Fortunately, we’ve learned some

tricks through the years to avoid

taking a bath on a lot of cold-damaged

material. This year, we were

doubly prepared, thanks to the

added expertise of our new Nursery

Manager Tom Aaron, whose

bio you can read on the opposite


Hopefully your landscapes weren’t

badly affected by that final cold

snap, or by the general ornery demeanor

of this winter as a whole.

If you were, take heart. We have

operators standing by, ready to

help you any way we can to help

you move forward towards a

beautiful and verdant summer!

On a personal note, my youngest

daughter, Elizabeth just turned 1

on March 1st. That just doesn’t

seem possible to me how fast my

kids are growing up!


Zack Kirsch

General Manager

386 754-0161



Daring to be DULL

Do you have what it takes to

be dull?

Many men live in fear that

others would consider them to

be dull; for a proud minority,

however, dullness is a quality

worn as a badge of honor.

But let’s not confuse dullness

with being idle, grumpy, boring,

or nerdy. Although there

may be some overlap between

being dull and some of

these other adjectives, those

adjectives do not necessarily

apply to all dull men.

We get this information off of

a website dedicated to the

celebration of dull men everywhere

found at www.dullmensclub.com.

The founder

of the

Dull Men’s

Club is

a man



Click, who


Grover Click, founder and assistant

vice president of the DMC

lives in



formerly lived in New York and

began his club within the auspices

of the New York Athletic

Club. It began one day when

he and some buddies were

in the club lounge, perusing

the latest copy of The Winged

Foot, the club’s newsletter.

The Winged Foot is devoted to

news of all the clubs-within-theclub—clubs

for squash, sailing,

skiing, etc. One of the friends happened

to observe, “We don’t do

any of those things.”

“That’s right; we are rather dull,

wouldn’t you say?” said another.

“Let’s start a club-within-the-club

for dull men,” said Click.

It was not long before the Dull

Men’s Club was having weekly

meetings and its own column in

the Winged Foot. Membership

steadily grew until it was capped

at 17—the number of chairs available

in the meeting room. The

logjam of applicants on the waiting

list gave way to additional branches

forming and eventually to the

website being launched.

Nowadays membership in the

DMC is conferred on anyone who

enjoys the website and identifies

as a dull man.

So, is this a club for men only?

Mr. Click addresses the question

of sexism in the DMC as follows:

“It is our committee’s view that

a woman cannot be dull. It is an

impossibility.” He continues, “This

is because women are exciting.

Moreover, women would be offended

if we said they were dull. It

would be politically incorrect to do


Women who find that answer satisfactory

are free to enjoy the club

as a sort of associate member

under the classification of “Women


who appreciate dull men.”

Dull men are nothing if not

industrious. There are a variety

of resources compiled on this

site, such as an exhaustive list

of baggage claims departments

in airports all over the world

with particular attention paid to

whether the carousels move the

baggage in a clockwise or counterclockwise

fashion. Cancun’s

luggage spins counterclockwise,

while Almaty’s airport in Kazakhstan

bags circulate in clockwise


Another section is devoted to

“safe excitement,”

such as riding inside

your car through

the car wash or

popping bubble

wrap bubbles,

and yet another

hosts nominations

for the

“Dull Man of

the Year”


Possessing a healthy dose of

wry humor appears to be the

medicine that makes being dull

a badge of honor as opposed

to a fate worse than death.





Vaccinium Darrowii

This issue, we’re featuring a native

shrub that has so much to

offer: color, resilience and even

delicious fruit!

This long-lived perennial grows

to a height of 2 feet with a widespreading

habit that fits in with

the ethos of using native, undemanting

plants in landscapes.

This shrub is native to central

and west coast Florida from Fort

Myers to Pensacola. It likes acidic,

sandy soil and has low tolerance

to salt. New growth has a

russet tinge, and it bears showy

flowers and fruit in season. It is

a favorite of bees, and birds and

other wildlife enjoy poaching the

berries when they ripen.

10 gal: $10.50!

Prices good through the end of May 2018

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

—Alfred Hitchcock


386 754-0161



Observant consumer Joseph Brungard

is bringing a lawsuit against

the Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., alleging

that the chocolatier is misleading

consumers into thinking they

are getting more chocolate squares

in in their bag than

they are actually

paying for.

The products in

question, individually


squares loosely

packed into a

larger bag, come in

a variety of flavors.

The complaint,

a class action

brought by Mr.

Brungard against

the company and

whoever else is

behind the alleged

deceptive practice,

was filed in October

of 2017.

Brungard and his

lawyers contend

that the number

of squares listed

on the outside of the

bag is frequently not the same

as the number of squares actually

in the bag. When he placed a call

to the company, the customer service

agent on the other end of the

line first put him on hold and then

responded with the information

that the squares are in fact sold by

weight and not by count.

Not satisfied with this

answer, Brungard demanded

to know how

it was that the count

was often one short of

the number of squares

listed on the outer

bag. To this, the customer

service operator

offered to have him

speak to a manager

at a later time. The

manager never called,

and so the suit was


The outcome of the

lawsuite has yet to be


One can’t help but

wonder: could this

lawsuit have been

avoided by a simple

follow-up call from a manager?


Have you heard about our in-stock guarantee on our core material? If you order any

plant on our guaranteed list and we don’t have it ready in inventory, we’ll pay you

$50! Some of the plants included in this $50 Quick-Ship guarantee are:

4” Asiatic Jasmine 4” Big Blue Liriope 4” Mondo Grass 4” Dwarf Mondo Grass

see www.gsnursery.com/ups-shipmnents for more information



1550 SW Bedenbaugh Ln.

Lake City FL 32025


The old woman gazed at the portrait on

her wall and remarked,

“Brother or sister, have I neither; but

that woman’s mother is my mother’s


Who’s portrait is it?



Two winners!



w/ Sheath

One winner!



Architectural term for the feature

pictured here:



Dull Men of

Great Britain

B a l u s t r a d e


Devin Dissel

Tray Davis

Carrie Casey

Send answers to newsletter@gsnursery.com before May 20, 2018. All correct

answers will be entered into a drawing to win a prize!

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