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1 st issue / APRIL-MAY 2018





A glimpse on Brazilian food! Get to

know (more) about it. page15

AND more recipes! page12-13

Short stories by

the students!

page 25-32

Tips to help in your learning

through memorization! page 24



earning a language goes far beyond its grammar,

and vocabulary. Neither should classes be a monotonous

block of lecture and repetition. It is about putting yourself

into a variety of situations so to comprehend and attain a

different perspective.

This is the very desire of this project: a

magazine, designed and produced by the students and for

them. And yet, we teachers also learn with them(yes, that

is written correctly – we learn too!): learn about how

African cultures have adapted the Hip hop and mixed with

their genres. And still gather more information about aur

own culture… getting to now a bit more of our own

cuisine in this issue.


The purpose

We can also adventure ourselves

into marvelous worlds, created by our dear

pupils inside their short stories; understand

how immeasurable creativeness can be

with the projects of our kids and little


The conclusion is… it takes much

more than simply sitting on a desk to

learn… you have to immerse yourself into

it, dig deep, bite a big chunk and live it!

With this magazine, we hope you, dear

reader, can also dive into this infinite

adventure of learning!


Have you found any mistakes, or something

sounds weird for you? Send us an email at !




Photography Contest

Send to:

Pay attention to the rules!

Do you like taking

pictures? Send us

your best shot on

the theme “Locally,

connected to the

World”. The best

photos will be in

our next issue.

•Only valid for Skill’s students and ex students.

•Cathegories: Kids (5 to 9); Teens (10 to 16); Adults (17


•Photos must be original, sent in good quality megabytes

alongside with title and subtitles with max 20 words.


•Editorial 2

•Interaction 3

•The Playground 4-5

•TP3A Interview 6

•ZEST 2! 7

•PROFILE Keep Up A 8

•Pool: what’s in 2018? 9

•Easter Time! 10

•My Family 11

•Easy Candy 12

•Microwave Desserts 13

•Brazilian food 15

•Dating Online?! 18

•Ping Pong with Thais 19

•Bio: Shawn Mendes 20

•What to do with Global Warming? 21

•African Hip Hop 22

•English Time: Memorization 24

•Story Time 25-29

•Photo stories 30-32

•Game reviews 33-34

•Opinion: How to get along... 35

•FRANÇAIS: Interview 36-37

•Deutch Stunde: Interview 38

•Kuriositäten aus Detschland 39


Very traditional in the USA and

Canada, the Flea Market is a

collective garage sale where people

have the opportunity to sell old

furniture and general objects one

doesn’t use anymore. Gather and

dust your old stuff; talk to your

teacher and come have fun!



KICK OFF 1A - Mondays and Wednesdays 4


Teacher Helena 5


Fernanda says:

1 - Vet or Actress.

2 - Vinhedo, In Canada or in Los Angeles!

3 - Yes, I will.

4 - Yes, I want twins but what God sends will be VERY GOOD.

5 - Yes, 4 dogs: Amora, WI-FI, Snoopy and Dog.

6 - I will stay with my family!

Teacher Vanessa wants to know…

1 - What kind of job you will have?

2 - Where will you live?

3 - Will you get married?

4 - Will you have children?

5 - Will you have a pet?

6 - What will you do for fun?

Laís says:

Estefano says:

1 - I will work in a hospital and take care of my patients. 1 - Create computer games.

2 - I will live in Canada, Germany or The Netherlands 2 - In the USA.

3 - Yes, I will get married. 3 - I think so.

4 - Yes, I will have 5 kids: 3 boys and 2 girls. 4 - Yes, will. I think I will have two kids.

Each one will be born in a different country.

5 - Yes, I will. I have a dog.

5 - Yes. Maybe I will have 3 dogs. 6 - I will play games and participate in competitions.

6 - I will stay with my family or hang out with my friends.

Lucca says:

Lucas says:

1 - I will work with technology. 1 - I want to be a scientist or an astrologer.

2 - In Orlando. 2 - I will live in Canada.

3 - Yes, I will. 3 - Yes, maybe when I finish my studies.

4 - Yes, I will have two kids. 4 - Yes, I will have a girl and a boy.

5 - Yes, I will have a cat and a dog. 5 - Yes, CATS!! A lot of cats!!!

6 - I will go to parks in Orlando. 6 - I will play games with my friends.

Nicole says:

Isabelly says:

1 - I will be a vet. I will have my own clinic. 1 - I will work in a hospital.

2 - I will live in an apartment in Campinas. 2 - I will live in an apartment in São Paulo.

3 - I don’t think about it yet. 3 - I don’t think about it yet.

4 - Yes, I will have two kids: a boy and a girl. 4 - Yes, I will have two children: a boy and a girl.

5 - Yes, I will have a cat. 5 - Yes, I will have a dog.

6 - I will go to the mall on the weekends. 6 - I will go out with my friends.

Natalie says:

Geovanna says:

1 - I will be a scientist. 1 - I will be a doctor. I will have my own office

2 - I will live in England. and work with kids. Maybe, someday, work

3 - No, I won’t. in the sciences, with researches to cure

4 - No, I won’t have kids. diseases.

5 - Yes, I will have pets, I love cats. 2 - In the beginning I will live here,

6 - I will travel. In Vinhedo. But, after 3 or 5 years I will

move to Toronto, Canada.

3 - Yes, I will. I will get married before 30.

4 - Yes, I will have 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl.

5 - Yes, I will have a dog.

6 - I will spend my vacation with trips.

Turning point 3A – Wednesdays

Teacher Vanessa



These are some of the activities our cute, little students

have been doing so far... Let’s check it out!



having fun!

Our EASTER project!

Some pictures of “OUR FAMILY” project!

Our friends:

Caio, César, Lavínia, Lucas, Miguel,

Nicholas, Nicolas, Rafael, Vitor

Teacher Salete

ZEST 2A - Saturdays 7


Hi, my name is


I’m 8 years old.

My favorite object

is BB-8.

Hi, my name is


I’m 8 years old.

My favorite object

is my nerf gun.

Hi, my name is


I’m 8 years old.

My favorite object

is my cell phone.

Hi my name is


I’m 8 years old.

My favorite object

is lol glitter series.

Hi, my name is


I’m 9 years old.

My favorite object

is my cell phone.

St. Patrick’s Day.

Keep Up A – Mondays and Wednesdays

Teacher Idania


What will you do in 2018 ?

“I will have a new pet!”


“I will start a Spanish course .“


“I will travel to Rio de Janeiro

on 29 th of December”


“I will start a preparatory course.”


“I will go to the beach!”


“I will start the 8 th grade.”


Turning Point 3A – Wednesdays

Teacher Marcio


Kick Off 2A: It’s Easter


“Hop, little rabbit

Hop, hop, hop

Hop, little rabbit

Don’t you stop!

Hop, little rabbit

One, two, three

Hop, Little Rabbit

Hop to me!”





Kick Off 2A – Tuesdays and Thrusdays Afternoons

Teacher Salete


Kick Off 3A My Family and I

Hello! I’m Arthur. I’m 10

years old. I live with my

parents. I have one sister:

Júlia. We have many pets.

We have a dog it is small and

funny. My birds are small.

They are lazy. My dog is

brown and black and my birds

are blue and green.

Kick Off 3A – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Teacher Vanessa


Easy Candy Recipe

Cooking Class

Kick Off 3A – Mondays and Wednesdays Mornings

Teacher Paula



Microwave Brigadeiro



By Arthur, Gabriela, Isadora, Lara, Maria Fernanda, Pedro

1 tablespoon margarine

1 can condensed milk

2 Spoons (Soup) - chocolate powder

Method of preparation

Take a bowl, preferably high so the mixture

does not overflow after heating the

brigadeiro in the microwave.

Pour the entire can of condensed milk into

the bowl along with margarine and

chocolate powder.

Mix well until the ingredients are very


Microwave at full power for 7 minutes.

After this process remove the bowl from

the microwave, wait for the chocolate to

cool and with the help of a dessert spoon

remove and shape the chocolate passing in

the granules.

Condensed milk pudding



1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water


4 eggs

1 can of condensed m ilk

1 can of m ilk

P reparation


Put the sugar and water in a refractory, m ix and

microwave in the oven for 8 to 12 minutes.

Carefully spread the caramel in the ring shape,

and let it cool down completely.


Put all the ingredients in the blender and beat

for 3 minutes;

Put in shape and microwave for 6 to 9 minutes

Mug cake


1 egg

2 tablespoons chocolates powder

3 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons of wheat flour

1 tablespoon oil

1 tablespoon (coffee) rasa of baking powder



Mix all ingredients in a

mug and put in the

microwave for a minute,

checking it periodically.

Turning Point 3B – Wednesdays

Teacher Milena



Ready for the best food competition in the world?

I hope you are, because there will be a cooking show of Bianca

and Luisa, the best cooks you've ever seen in your life! But

watch without hunger, because we will leave you with water in

your mouth.

Coming soon to Skill!

Do not miss this opportunity to watch!

Interplus 1A – Mondays and Wednesdays afternoons

Teacher Kátia



By Selma de Brito

Very diverse and admired in

the world, Brazilian food is a

mixture of African, Indigenous

and European cultures.

Brazil has a cuisine so

varied that it is difficult to

define the best. The feijoada,

for example, is so famous that

this African heritage has

already gained worldwide

proportions. There are also

many typical and exclusive

dishes made with herbs, roots

and fruits of the Amazon in

other regions, like in Pará.

Each region, with its rich,

tasty and diverse food, takes

to the world a legacy that

everything is possible when it

comes to modifying a recipe.

That’s right, Brazilians always

change a recipe and it is very

delicious. We need to put the

Brazilian flavor in them.

Brazilian food is a gastronomic

jewel with the presence

of a variety of aroma and

flavors that are impossible to

resist. Among many different

dishes, here are some

highlights of our culture:

Moqueca is a dish from the northeastern state of

Bahia, although there is another popular

version, moqueca capixaba, from Espírito Santo.

This fish stew showcases how the ingredients vary

from one region of Brazil to another. Instead of the

Mediterranean ingredients found in the previous

dish, bacalhau, in moqueca you find coconut milk,

coriander, tomatoes, onions, and dendê, the palm oil that is so typical of the

food of Bahia. The dish can be made with white fish or prawns.

Acarajé is another really popular food from the

Northeast of Brazil, specifically the state of Bahia.

One part of the dish is the fritter made from blackeyed

peas and deep fried in palm oil. The second part

is the filling, typically a spicy mix of shrimp either in

the form of vatapá or dried shrimp.

Acarajé is often served as a form of street food and

can even be found in the street food stalls of outdoor

markets in the southern city of São Paulo.

Quindim is one of the most typical Brazilian

desserts. Made with egg yolks, grated coconut,

butter and sugar, quindim is a very sweet dessert

that is usually served as small circular custards. It

has a gel-like consistency and a deep yellow color

from egg yolks.

Empadões are commonly found in bars and street

food stalls where empadinhas and other small snacks

are served. With a crispy, flaky crust and savory

inside, it is similar to a chicken pot pie.

The empadão is basically a large savory torte that is

filled with chicken and/or a mix of vegetables such as

palm hearts, peas, and corn.

Empadão is often served at family lunches or dinners

on the weekends.

Vatapá is from the northern and northeastern

regions of Brazil. This thick stew-like dish is made

from bread, shrimp, finely ground nuts, coconut

milk, and dendê (palm oil) and herbs. The dish is

often served with white rice or, especially in Bahia,

with the popular dish acarajé.

Skillplus 2A – Mondays and Wednesdays

Teacher Idania




Should or shouldn't I online date: That’s the question!

By Vitória de Alencastro

We are the Liquid

Modernity. Zygmunt Bauman

was a sociologist and

philosopher who wrote a book

examining how society has

moved away from "heavy and

solid" to "light and liquid".

The book tells how the

individualism took place in

our society and how wide the

opportunities are, realizing

that the individual is free and

responsible for oneself. On

the other hand, in the Liquid

Modernity there is no place

for long term plans, the

commitments became weaker

and there are also detachments,

which made things


Besides the Liquid Society,

we live in a time which

enables us to have everything

that we desire in a matter of

small time. What formerly

would have taken years, now

it can be done in days or

hours. We live in the Digital

Age, which explains why

people are tempt to do

everything online, or at least,

try to.

Not differently from

everything else, relationships

are also something that a lot

of people try to find on the

internet. The tools for this are

called Dating Apps. There are

several apps available for

different purposes and kinds

of relation. These apps are

tempting because of what it

Melting Men by Nele Azevedo

sells: for a low price per month

it shall find someone who is

compatible with you. And due

to the fact it’s designed by

relationship experts, we are

persuaded to believe that it

actually works. It’s a sale of


Although, is it possible to

find love through an app?

People have many ways to

show their interest in someone.

Some of them feel more

comfortable expressing their

feelings online. It's easier for

them. So, the Dating App

Fluency 1 – Thursdays

Teacher Marcio

is just another way to allow the

match. Above all, these apps

are also convenient nowadays

because it enables the creation

of a profile. What you are not

in real life, you can create and

be online. We are "liquid".

In sum, we are influenced by

the Digital Age and Liquid

Modernity, where we try to

find someone without leaving

our comfort and know that if it

doesn't work, instead of trying

again, we can just discard and

meet someone new. After all,

what is commitment?


Getting to Know Thais Interview

Students Giscelaini, Janaína, Lívia and Laura from Skillplus 1A

interviewed Thais and asked the following questions:

On the far Left: Thais, Skill’s secretary being interviewed by Skillplus 1A group

1 - What’s your full name? Thais Porto.

2 - Where do you live? In Louveira.

3 - What’s your occupation? Receptionist.

4 - How old are you? 24.

5 - What are your hobbies? Reading and hanging out with friends.

6 - What’s your favorite color? Black.

7 - What’s your favorite food? Pizza.

8 - What’s your favorite animal? Cats.

Skillplus 1A – Saturdays

Teacher Vanessa



By Isabella and Luisa



Shawn Peter Raul Mendes





Famous Songs:


Treat your Better



He likes Ed Sheeran


He doesn’t like fast food

Every day activities:

He sings and listens to music, he goes to different cities

almost every day e performs live on concerts. In his free

time, he plays his guitar, answers his fans and plays soccer.

Opinion: Shawn Mendes is awesome, because he sings very

well and he is an inspiration.


GLOBAL WARMING: what can be done about it?

By Camila Benazzi Junqueira

Global warming is the

process of increasing the

average temperature of the

oceans and the Earth’s

atmosphere caused by massive

emissions of gases that

intensify the greenhouse effect.

It originates from a series of

human activities, especially the

burning of fuels fossils and

changes in land use, such as

deforestation as well as from

several other secondary


The main gases of the

greenhouse effect emitted by

man are carbon dioxide and

methane. These and other gases

act by obstructing the

dissipation of terrestrial heat

into space. The temperature

increase has been occurring

since the middle of the

nineteenth century and should

continue as long as the

emissions remain high. The

question that comes to our

mind is: How can we solve this

problem? In my point of view

we must have political,

individual and collective

actions to solve the global

warming problem. Like for


• Discouraging the consumption

and profitability of fossil

fuels such as mineral and


• Improving the income of

water uptake, distribution and

consumption systems,

including agricultural,

industrial and domestic uses.

• Modifying production and

consumption habits of goods

services and waste disposal for

a sustainable model.

• Giving qualified education

to the population.

• Diversifying tourism

because with the increase in

flights and the use of air

Intermediate 2A - Saturdays

Teacher Marcio

conditioning in hotels, the

tourism sector is considered a

polluting agent faced with

activities that are traditionally

more damaging to the

environment, such as heavy

industry or flight transport.

• Strengthening the

infrastructure of production and

distribution of energy and


• Using , preferably, renewable

and diversified energies.

• The options for reducing

gases on atmosphere and

adapting are greater than they

have been, and many of them

have had their deployment costs

significantly reduced in recent

years, with Governments and

society have made good use of

the opportunities and technological

advances available. We must

keep on this right track.

Otherwise, large scale

difficulties will surely come to

fruition and only tend to grow.


a style geared towards African culture and the

first steps created Hip Hop

by Wellington Andrade

Hip hop has been

popular in Africa since

the early 1980s because

of widespread American

influence. In 1985 the

rhythm arrived in

Senegal. Some of the

early Senegalese

rappers were M.C. Lida,

M.C. Solaar, and

Positive Black Soul,

who mix rap with

Mbalax, a type of pop

music from West Africa.

The first groups in

South Africa were the

Black Noise. They

began as a graffiti and

breakdance team in

Cape Town until 1989.

The apartheid

government of South

Africa tried to ban rap

because of its side in the

fight for freedom of all


The government

became legal hip hop in

1993, which allows for

rap music on radio and

television. There are

also groups in Tanzania

and other countries than

before 1989, although it

is not widely known.

During the 1980s and

early 1990s rap began

with a climb across

Africa. Each region had

a new type of hip hop


The elements of rap

can be found in Kwaito,

based on a new house

music genre that

developed in South

Africa in the 1990s.

African Hip hop

came blending culture

using African dances

and rhythms. With these

factor they created a

loose and very

choreography dance


We have a group called Autentic_Crew that we are going to

present this style in the days:

• 14/04- Teatro Municipal-Vinhedo

• 28/04- São Paulo

Turning Point 2B – Mondays and Wednesdays Evenings

Teacher Marcio



How to memorize new vocabulary!

If you feel like you are not developing

your speaking and reading skills, here you

have some small tips for you to improve your


Firstly, choose some words and

expressions in the same category and write

them down in order to learn how to spell them

correctly, for example:

• in a bad faith

• betray

• get cheated

• fraud

Then, create some sentences so you will be

able to memorize the use of the words and

expressions in a context. Example:

1 In a bad faith

He usually acts in a bad faith.

2 Betray

I trusted him and he betrayed me.

3 Get cheated

He got cheated by a charlatan.

4 Fraud

He had found a fraud on the system.

Finally, come up with some small chat.

Call a friend from your English classes and

let’s get it done!

- Hey, Lu, what happened between you

and your boyfriend?

- Hi, Ana... so, I decided to break up

with him because he keeps on acting in

a bad faith and I cannot put up with

this anymore...

- I’ve Always told you that the guy

was a fraud...

We hope you had enjoyed the tips,

guys! See ya!

Interplus 1B – Mondays and Wednesdays Afternoons

Teacher Katia




Since the beginning of

times, mankind told it’s stories.

From word of mouth to written

books, be it during bed time or

commuting, everyone should

find some time to wander

through immagination. On the

following pages, many stories

told in different ways! Enjoy!



The test

by Elis Fraudeheim Moraes and Alice Unis Krepsky

Once there was a really not confident person, she trusted more

in others than in herself. One day at her school she was really

nervous about a very important test. After two weeks studying hard

she realized that she was prepared for it. For the first time in her

life she felt a little bit confident. When the day of the test arrived

she got very anxious, although after doing it she thought that she

went great! But when she started comparing the answers with her

friends she freaked out, everyone was saying that she was wrong

and that she hadn’t done a good job on the test.

When the test arrived she got really surprised, she was the only

one who got everything right!

Moral: Never trust more in others than in yourself!

The ballerina

by Julia Botelho, Larissa Medina and Luiza Travitzki

Once upon a time, a girl, named Angelina, was born with the

perfect body to be a ballerina. She was so confident of her natural gifts

that she always showed off to other ballerinas and bragged about her

perfect body.

A dance festival competition in which Angelina would take part in

was coming up. She was so convinced of her natural ability, that she

spent her time resting instead of training. When the day of the

competition arrived, Angelina wasn't prepared, but her elevated

confidence ruined her presentation and she fell down, losing the


All the other dancers whose bodies weren’t

perfects like Angelina’s had perfect presentations.

Not understanding what had happened,

Angelina asked what their secret was, and they

all said the same thing: hard work.

The moral of the story is: never be so confident about

your natural skills without hard work.

Summit 2A – Fridays

Teacher Vanessa


Same Start……

...different endings

It is a dark and rainy night. I am

biking when suddenly I see a flash

of light...

By Ageu, Arthur and Gabriel

It is a dark and rainy night. I am biking when suddenly I see

a flash of light.

Sometimes I ask myself – where do we come from?

Where did humankind come from?

Now I see the light.

Nothing scares me anymore.

May I see the Universe?

I’d like to understand the reason behind it all.

Where are we going?

Can this end well?

By Gabriela, João, Giulia, Emilly

It is a dark and rainy night. I am biking when suddenly I see a flash of


I am following the light, arrive at an old house and I enter.

When I enter, I hear a scary voice that makes me afraid:

-May I help you?

-Who are you?

-I am your worst nightmare.

- What do you want?

-Can I have your soul?

I am running to the exit of the house but I don’t

arrive, the voice drags my feet in its

By André, Bia, Tamires

direction. I wake up afraid and sweating. It was a


It is a dark and rainy night. I am biking, when suddenly

I see a flash of light, followed by a great noise. For a few

minutes I am dizzy, but when I look behind me there is a

firework exploding. I do not care, I look forward again, and

see a woman with her car, which looks broken. I ask her:

-Excuse me, may I a help you?

She's says:

-No thanks, I'm fine.

I look at my tire, and my tire is flat. I ask her:

-Eeer... ok, well, can I have a ride?

She declines, get into in her car, and leaves. At that

moment I think I am a murderer, but shortly after I am killed

by the murderer who is loose in the city... And that's how I die.

Turning Point 2A – Mondays and Wednesdays Afternoons

Teacher Helena


The remote control problem

A story by Inês de Barros Monteiro

I almost never watch TV, but sometimes I like to watch some shows like CSI,

Criminal Minds and some movies. Our TV is multifunctional, but I see it more as a

monofunctional one, because it is used almost exclusively to play video games which

means it is never on regular TV mode, which is the HDMI 2 mode.

Yesterday, after an exhausting and

busy day, I was on my bed, ready to

relax and watch a little bit of my

series. I turn on the TV and…

Humpfff… Every time I watch

something, I have to configure the

TV. I search all the buttons of the

remote control, I come and go, try

everything and can’t find the way to

change it to HDMI2.

I call André, who is in the Kitchen, to help me, but, with the headphones that normally every

teenager uses, couldn’t hear me. The way I find to solve the problem is I get up, configure the TV

on the way I’m used to doing with my eyes closed.. Oh my, such laziness!

When André comes in the bedroom, I said he didn’t hear me when I called him to teach me

how to change it with the remote control. Then, in a professorial tone, typical of this generation

who understands everything about technology (I think they knew it from the womb), turns to me

and says:

Mom, I have taught you how to do it several times! It’s very simple! Just press the“source”

button (And Can I see anything without my glasses? I ask myself) that all the options will appear

on the screen for you to choose.

I, looking like a fern, say:

Yes, you have told me, but I can’t get it on my mind! All those buttons!

To which he replied:

Gee, mom, you work with Excel spreadsheet, and can’t operate a simple remote control?

Ok… I admit it! I have a certain unpleasant feeling and incompatibility when it comes to

remote controls!!!

Interplus 1B – Tuesdays and Thrusdays Evenings

Teacher Vanessa


The Cursed Princess

group story by Julia Pintão, Marcelo Sofiatti, Mayara Penteado and Sophia Pereira

Once upon a time, a King, called Archer, from a fragile kingdom

was killed after a knight had put a sword on his chest during a war

between rival kingdoms. His wife, the queen that reigned alone,

called Frieda, was a good woman with a confidence that could fool a

person, also raised her stepdaughter, that was a little girl with an

inclination to evil.

Princess Violet, the little girl with dark eyes and a scary soul,

could also fool a person, but with her appearance, she looked like a

sweet little girl with a white skin and black hair that used to play with

rabbits in fields full of flowers. Violet was not the heir of her

Kingdom, her older brother had the mission of becoming a king when

Queen Frieda dies, and this fact gave her an anger that could kill a

thousand of barbarians in a battle. She grew with the idea of killing

Logan, her brother, and her stepmother, that, in her mind, took her

mother from her when she was just a baby.

With 20 years, the idea was to look for a demon, powerful enough

to concede her wishes and a servant, that worked in the castle and

feared the girl, made everything easier and gave her all the

information about this demon, that no one knew exactly who and how

powerful he was.

Abaddon was his name, the demon of destruction and the angel of

the Abyss. This demon, conceded Violet two of her wishes, the

problem was that she had three wishes, the third one was to become

the queen, but, in the day of the death of her last two relatives she

found herself completely alone and, for a minute, she had a bad

feeling and, by intuition, went to throne room. Getting there, Violet

found Abaddon being crowned by all of the court with an ironic smile

in his lips.

Ten years after this sad event, Violet found out what this demon

did and she couldn’t solve the situation, because she was alone and

had no power to take the crown of his head.

The princess was found dead fifteen years after Abaddon became

the king, she died alone and with depression in a little house in the

middle of the forest, having only the rabbits and the flowers living by

her side.

Interplus 2B – Thursdays Evenings

Teacher Milena



Kick Off 3A – Mondays and

Wednesdays Evenings



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Turning Point 1A– Mondays

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Fortnite is a very cool game, you should play it. In this

game, you will be born in a flying bus. Your goal is to be the

last one to survive in an island with 100 players in a certain

period of time. A storm is closing until it becomes a very

small circle. The remaining players will fight against each

other until the last survivor to win the match!

The good part of the

game is that the matches

have 10 to 30 minutes, so

the fun lasts for a long


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On March 15 at approximately 1 a.m. ET, rap god Drake joined Ninja for a late

night Fortnite stream. The stream gained 635,429 concurrent viewers, far surpassing Dr.

DisRespect’s previous record of 388,000 and Tyler1’s record of just under 380,000 concurrent

viewers. Ninja also reportedly gained more than 90,000 subscribers, which accounts for a total of

at least $250,000 a month in revenue for Ninja.




Price: R$300,00 R$200,00

On installments: 5xR$40,00

This headset has a beautiful design and

many colors for you to choose from, like:

* Neon colors

* Pastel colors

* Normal colors

Julia Pagliarani – Turning Point 2A

It has Bluetooth! Connect it to your cell phone to listen to your music and call your contacts.

It makes calls with an amazing communication system!

It takes beautiful pictures with its glasses. The quality of the photos is incredible, they look


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By Matheus B. Cavassana

It is normal to have

different ideas about a

subject, but not respecting the

opinion of others is a

problem, and it is serious,

because you know you are

different than the other

people, that everybody is

different from each other,

people think differently, are

different in any case and that

you don’t have to fit to get

along with anyone.

Not accepting different

opinions, even trying to listen

to them, is to open doors to

arrogance and stagnation,

because it is disagreement

that we learn and grow. You

have to listen to what the

other person has to say, try to

understand their point of view

and absorb what, from

everything that has been said,

is interesting to you.

There are many times

when discussing a topic we

have come with a

preconceived truth and

commonly someone will

disagree with it. It is plausible

to have difficulty in listening

to something other than what

you think, after all, you grew

up with that idea. The initial

rejection of a new conception

is common, even though we

need to be opened to these


How can we get along

despite having different opinions?

Not accepting different opinions, even trying to listen to

them, is to open doors to arrogance and stagnation

situations because there is no

absolute truth, since we are

unique and able to see the

same point by different


Of course, nobody is

perfect, but accepting

different opinions is the

minimum necessary to live with

others, because no one owns the

truth or is the center of the

world, and no matter how it

hurts our ego, our vanity, we

need to understand this.

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Mots Fléchés - Fruits

Interplus 1B – Tuesdays and Thrusdays Evenings

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Hallo Leute!

Ich heiβe Clô. Ich bin

Deutschlehrerin und

diese sind meine

Schüler von Schritte 2.

Sie sind super! Komm

mit uns Deutsch


Schritte 2


Lehrerin Claudine

Hallo! Mein Name ist Veronica. Ich

bin 24 Jahre alt. Ich lebe in Vinhedo.

Ich bin in São Luis - Maranhão

geboren. Ich lebe mit meinem Vater,

meiner Mutter, meiner Schwester

und meinem Neffe. Ich habe vier

Hunde und drei Katzen. Ich studiere

Gastronomie. Ich habe eine Stelle.

Ich mache eine Ausbildung als


Hey! Mein Name ist Bruna und

ich bin 24 Jahre alt. Ich bin in São

Paulo geboren. Heute wohne ich in

Vinhedo. Meine Ausbildung ist als

Umweltingenieurin, aber ich

arbeite nicht in diesem Bereich.

Ich studiere Deutsch seit 2005 und

ich mag es sehr! Mein Hobby ist

neue Sprachen lernen!!

Hallo! Ich heiße Katia und

ich bin 24 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus

Ponta Grossa, Paraná und ich lebe

in Vinhedo seit Januar 2017. Ich

bin Maschinenbauingenieurin von

Beruf und ich arbeite als

Projektanalystin bei Neo Rodas. Ich

bin Deutschschülerin seit August

2017 und ich liebe Sprachen lernen.

Ausserdem, ist Deutschland die

Heitmat der Mechanik!

Ich heiβe Marlon. Mein

Familienname ist Wagner. Ich

komme aus Santo André, aber ich

wohne in Vinhedo. Ich spreche

Englisch, Portugiesisch und ein

bisschen Deutsch. Ich studiere

Produktionstechnik und ich bin 20

Jahre alt. Ich wollte ein

Deutschkurs belegen, weil ich neue

Dinge lernen und anderes sein


Hallo! Mein Name ist

Marina Francisquini. Ich

bin 16 Jahre alt und komme

aus São Paulo. Im Moment

lebe ich aber in Vinhedo.

Hier gefällt es mir sehr gut.

Ich bin Studentin. Ich werde

in 2019 in Deutschland

leben. Auf Wiedersehen!

Hallo! Mein Name ist

Matheus Ferrareto. Ich bin

20 Jahre alt und komme

aus Vinhedo. Ich habe

immer in Vinhedo

gewohnt. Ich studiere


sen. Ich lerne Deutsh weil

es in meinem Beruf ist sehr

gut ist. Auf Wiedersehen!!!

Hallo! Mein Name ist

Rafael Ferrareto. Ich bin

15 Jahre alt und komme

aus Vinhedo. Ich lebe noch

immer in Vinhedo. Ich

Studiere in Integral.

Ich studiere Deutsch, weil

ich eine andere Sprache

lernen möchte.

Mein Name ist

Vitória, mein Familiename ist

Melle. Ich bin 19 Jahre alt.

Ich bin in Vinhedo geboren

und wohne dort. Ich studiere


Ich spreche

Portugiesisch, Englisch und

ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich

wollte eine neue Sprache

lernen, da kam ich auf

Deutsch und ich mag es sehr.

By Matheus B. Cavassana


1.- Das Deutsches Schienennetz hat

derzeitig rund 38.500 km und ist für

17,6% von dem Güterverkerh

verantwortlich. 33.400 km sind

Bundesschienenwege und sind bei der

Deutsche Bahn (Netzbetreiben)

verwaltet. Rund 60% von den

Schienennetzes sind elektrifiziert und

bis zum Jahr 2025, laut

Bundesregierung, mindestens 70%

sollen elektrifiziert werden. Von

diesem Total, 40% sind aus

erneuerbaren Energie.

Fünf Kuriositäten aus


2.- Adolf Hitler war nicht Deutscher?

Ja, Adolf Hitler wurde am 20. April in

Braunau am Inn, Österreich, geboren. Er

war das vierte von sechs Kindern, die

Alois Hitler und Klara Pölz hatten. Im

Alter von drei Jahren zog er mit seiner

Familie nach Deutschland. Wenige Jahre

später starb sein Vater, Hitler gab die

Schule auf und zog nach Wien, wo er als

Maler und Fabrikarbeiter arbeitete. Zu

Beginn des ersten Weltkrieges trat Hitler

in die Deutsche Armee ein. Ein paar Jahre

später kehrte er nach München zurück und

arbeitete weiter als Offizier der

Bundeswehr und überwachte die Deutsche

Arbeiterpartei. Zwei Jahre später wurde

Hitler zum Hochverräter verurteilt. Hitler

blieb ein Jahr im Gefängnis, wo er sein

erstes Buch mit dem Titel Mein Kampf

schrieb. Nach seiner Entlassung aus dem

Gefängnis wurde Hitler Bundeskanzler.

3.- Kurz vor dem Beginn der christlichen Ära entdeckten die germanischen Völker Bier.

Das Bier verbreitete sich hauptsächlich in Nordeuropa, einer Region deren feuchtes Klima dem Anbau

von Weintrauben nicht förderlich war. 1363 begann in München, Deutschland, das Bier von

Franziskaner Weizen hergestellt werden. Im 15 Jahrhundert war die deutsche Stadt Hamburg die größte

Brauerei der Welt. Herzog Wilhelm IV Von Bayern verfügte in 1516 das Reinheitsgebot, nach dem nur

Gerste, Hopfen, Hefe und Wasser als Zutaten verwendet werden durften.

4.- In Deutschland sind die Sports ein Teil von der National Identität.

Das Land ist auf dem Motorsport einem Weltmeister. Michael Schumacher ist der

bekannteste Pilot in Deutschland. Der anderer beliebteste Sport in Deutschland ist

Fuβball. Es gibt insgesamt über 27.000 Fuβballvereine. Der Deutscher Fuβball-Bund war in Leipzig am

28. Januar 1900 gegründet. Die Deutsche Fuβballnationalmannschaft hat schon viermal die

Weltmeisterschaft gewonnen (1954, 1974, 1990 und 2014). Die Olimpischen Sommerspiele wurden

zweimal in Deutschland geschehen: in 1936 in Berlin und in 1972 in München.

5.- So wie in Deutschland ist das Eisbein auch in Brasilien erfolgreich. Die Übersetzung des Wortes

Eisbein ("kaltes Bein") weist auf seine Stellung in der Geschichte hin. Lange Zeit war es üblich, in den

kalten Monaten Mengen von geräucherten Schweinefleischknien bereitzuhalten, weil die Leute nach

dem Essen nicht mehr in den Schnee gehen wollten. Zum Zeitpunkt der Vorbereitung wird das Knie für

etwa zwei oder drei Stunden gekocht, bis es demontiert ist. Das reichlich vorhandene Fett dieses

Schnitts garantiert Energie, die für das Brennen im harten Winter wichtig ist.

Schritte 4 - Dienstags

Lehrerin Claudine



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