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Developing Healthy Habits - January 2018

Developing Healthy Habits - January

VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 · JANUARY 2018 “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.” ~ Robert Frost 2018 – YOUR YEAR OF RADIANT HEALTH by Mark J. Kaylor What is New Year’s without New Year’s resolutions? We usually make up a list of things we want to do or stop doing; followed, of course, by how much weight we want to lose. What about taking a different path this year, one more impactful, longer lasting, deeper and more profound? How about walking a path of radiant health in 2018? IN THIS ISSUE Probiotics vs. Prebiotics — What You Need to Know US ON 4 It appears to me that far too many of us are merely surviving, rather than thriving. In my over 40 years of helping folks on their healing path, I have observed that the vast majority of us are settling; operating at sub-optimal levels. Evidence of this is seen in our dependency on caffeine to get us started in the morning, chronic outof-control stress levels, inadequate sleep and our self-medication with drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and, the biggest culprit, food. So often it seems we strive for “average” when it comes to our health rather than “better than average” or even “radiant” health. What A Mess The reality of our “health mess” is becoming clearer and clearer. The path we are currently walking isn’t working, and is a far cry from enhancing our health and vitality. It’s certainly not supporting what I believe to be our birthright, that of radiant health. Here are just a few stats to make this point: • One in two Americans has a chronic disease, while one in four of us have more than one. • 30% of children have a chronic disease; this has doubled over the last few decades • 100 million Americans are prediabetic or diabetic • 40% of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our life • Obesity numbers are simply frightening, including 40% of adults Even in life expectancy we don’t fare well. Over the last few years, we have seen life expectancy level off. Some even suggesting that the recent generation will be the first not to live longer than the previous generation. With ~20% of 45- to 64-year olds and ~42% of 65 and over taking five or more drugs, we are clearly falling short. The Good News While this is a depressing beginning for a New Year health newsletter, there is good news. There is a dif- Continued On Page 2