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Providing NHS and Private Dental Care in the <strong>City</strong><br />

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Page 6 | 09 - 22 May 2018<br />


News <strong>Matters</strong><br />


‘Appalling tide’ must be turned<br />

THE Mayor of London launched a scathing<br />

attack on government ministers as fingers<br />

were pointed in the wake of the Bank Holiday<br />

weekend shootings.<br />

Sadiq Kahn accused Theresa May’s cabinet of<br />

failing to protect the public, citing budget cuts<br />

to the Metropolitan Police as a defining factor<br />

in the rising levels of gun and knife-associated<br />

violence in the Capital.<br />

“Overstretched and under-resourced” is<br />

how Mr Khan described the force as he urged<br />

under-resourced: Met Police’s Cressida Dick<br />

Artizan Street Library<br />

1 Artizan St, E1 7AF<br />

Barbican Library<br />

Level 2, Barbican Centre, Silk St, EC2Y 8DS<br />

Bishopsgate Institute Library<br />

230 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4QH<br />

<strong>City</strong> of London Information Centre<br />

St. Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8BX<br />

Coppa Club<br />

4 St. Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8AY<br />

East India Arms<br />

67 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 4BR<br />

El Vino Wine Merchant<br />

6 Martin Lane, Cannon St, EC4R 0DP<br />

Fuller’s - The Counting House<br />

50 Cornhill, EC3V 3PD<br />

Fuller’s - The Old Bank of England<br />

194 Fleet St, EC4A 2LT<br />

Jeeves Dry Cleaners<br />

131 Fleet St, EC4A 2BH<br />

J Rogers & Sons - Shoe Repair<br />

28 Liverpool St, EC2M 7PD<br />

Guildhall Library<br />

Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH<br />

Leadenhall Market<br />

Gracechurch St, EC3V 1LT<br />

Merchant House<br />

13 Well Court, EC4M 9DN<br />

8 Bride Court, EC4Y 8DU<br />

Nincom Soup<br />

Old Street Station, EC1Y 1BE<br />

You’ll be able to pick up your<br />

copy every fortnight from one<br />

of the above collection points.<br />

government to review its policy and ensure Met<br />

commissioner Cressida Dick is fully equipped<br />

to ensure safety.<br />

“Keeping Londoners safe is my top priority<br />

– I remain in constant contact with the<br />

Metropolitan Police and am reassured that they<br />

are doing everything they can to bring those<br />

responsible to justice and to keep us all safe.<br />

“However, the police service in London, like<br />

the rest of the country, is overstretched and<br />

under-resourced.<br />

“Violent crime has been rising across the<br />

country since 2014 and the government is<br />

failing in their basic duty to keep people<br />

safe – imposing cuts of £1billion on the Met<br />

Police which risk sending police numbers to<br />

historically low levels.”<br />

Killings<br />

Mr Khan said his “heart goes out” to the<br />

victims of the chilling weekend chaos, and<br />

vowed to “work ceaselessly” to rid London of<br />

the “appalling tide of violent killings”.<br />

“The Home Office’s own evidence shows you<br />

cannot keep cutting without consequences,<br />

and violent crime devastates communities and<br />

ruins lives,” he added.<br />

“As Mayor I’m doing all I can to compensate<br />

for the failure of ministers.”<br />

<strong>City</strong> Hall is pledging a further £110million to<br />

the Met in a bid to boost the number of officers<br />

out on the streets, while a £45m cash pot has<br />

been made available to finance programmes<br />

tackling the causes of violent crime, as well as<br />

projects designed to steer people away from<br />

www.citymatters.london<br />

Pod Good Food<br />

75 King William St, EC4N 7BE<br />

Protestant Truth Society Inc - Book Shop<br />

184 Fleet St, EC4A 2HJ<br />

Rome Coffee Cart<br />

3 Fleet Place, EC4M 7RD<br />

Scott’s Shoe Repair & Dry Cleaners<br />

<strong>City</strong> Thameslink Holborn Concourse, EC4M 7RA<br />

65 Ludgate Hill, EC4M 7JH<br />

Old Street Station, EC1Y 1BE<br />

Shoe Lane Library<br />

Little Hill House, Little New St, EC4A 3JR<br />

Spitalfields Market E1<br />

Brushfield St, Spitalfields, E1 6AA<br />

Sweetings Restaurant<br />

39 Queen Victoria St, EC4N 4SF<br />

Temple Brew House<br />

46 Essex St, WC2R 3JF<br />

The Franklin Building<br />

124 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DP<br />

The M Bar<br />

48-51 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LT<br />

The Natural Kitchen<br />

15-17 New St Square, Fetter Lane, EC4A 3AP<br />

176 Aldersgate St, EC1A 4HR<br />

The New Black<br />

10 Philpot Lane, EC3M 8AA<br />

The Rising Sun<br />

38 Cloth Fair, EC1A 7JQ<br />

Waterstones<br />

1-3 Whittington Ave, EC3V 1PJ<br />

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese<br />

145 Fleet St, EC4A 2BU<br />

verbal attack: Sadiq<br />

Khan (left) has gone<br />

on the offensive<br />

after four<br />

people were<br />

shot in the<br />

Capital<br />

Innovation in<br />

our policing<br />

needed now<br />

more than ever<br />

WELCOME to the first edition of a new regular<br />

column from the <strong>City</strong> of London Police,<br />

bringing updates and insight into the latest<br />

policing news from the dedicated force for the<br />

Square Mile.<br />

You may be aware that <strong>City</strong> of London Police<br />

is the national lead force for fraud, home to<br />

Action Fraud, and responsible for investigating<br />

some of the country’s most complex cases.<br />

We also play a key role in warning businesses<br />

about how to protect themselves from cyber<br />

attacks.<br />

But we are also a busy London police force<br />

and what the past 12 months has shown is that<br />

we work seamlessly with the Metropolitan<br />

Police and British Transport Police to protect<br />

the Capital – not only in relation to terrorism,<br />

but also for other crime types.<br />

Admirably<br />

For example, we work with the Met on an<br />

operation to tackle moped-enabled crime and<br />

associated phone snatches, as well as violent and<br />

gang-related knife crime across London.<br />

Everyone within the <strong>City</strong> of London<br />

Police continues to respond admirably to the<br />

challenges ahead, ensuring we continue to<br />

deliver an excellent policing service for everyone<br />

in the <strong>City</strong>.<br />

Last week we launched Cyber Griffin, an<br />

exciting new threat-briefing service helping<br />

<strong>City</strong> businesses become more secure against<br />

cyber crime.<br />

As cyber crime increases and more online<br />

culture of violence: four<br />

gun-related incidents<br />

were reported on a<br />

chilling weekend<br />

antisocial and damaging behaviour. “I refuse<br />

to accept that nothing can be done to stem the<br />

appalling tide of violent killings we are seeing<br />

on our streets and, together with the police,<br />

community groups, victims and their families<br />

and Londoners, will continue to work ceaselessly<br />

to tackle violent crime, ” said Mr Khan.<br />


Commissioner Ian Dyson<br />

QPM of the <strong>City</strong> of London<br />

Police introduces the first<br />

in a series of regular guest<br />

columns from the men<br />

and women behind the<br />

Square Mile’s force<br />

attacks are launched on UK businesses than ever<br />

before, our cyber crime unit felt a communitybased<br />

approach to tackling the problem was<br />

needed.<br />

The initiative is targeted at businesses within<br />

the <strong>City</strong>, from those with very little knowledge<br />

of cyber-enabled crime threats, all the way up<br />

to individuals who hold IT security and risk<br />

roles.<br />

As criminals working in the cyberspace<br />

become more sophisticated, it’s important we<br />

all have at least basic skills to combat those that<br />

seek to do us harm.<br />

Fascinating<br />

Here at the <strong>City</strong> of London Police, we have<br />

a history of trying new things – we were the<br />

first force to introduce automatic number<br />

plate recognition in the UK in the 1990s, and<br />

innovative police tactic Project Servator was<br />

first tested in the Square Mile.<br />

In that spirit, we’ve now launched a podcast,<br />

Off the Cuff – a series of radio-style interviews<br />

with <strong>City</strong> officers to shed some light on what<br />

goes on behind the scenes at a busy, modern<br />

police force.<br />

Our latest episode features an in-depth<br />

interview with myself, discussing what it<br />

means to me to be police commissioner for a<br />

place as unique and fascinating as the <strong>City</strong> of<br />

London.<br />

Visit our website cityoflondon.police.uk for<br />

more about Cyber Griffin, Off the Cuff, and the<br />

<strong>City</strong> of London Police.

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WICKED<br />

Book by<br />


Music and Lyrics by<br />


9-19 May 2018<br />



CITYMATTERS.LONDON 09 - 22 May 2018 | Page 21<br />

Wellness <strong>Matters</strong><br />

lido is probably looking a lot more appealing now<br />

HOW TO START EXERCISING MORE... AND STICK WITH IT that the weather is warming up, and swimming is<br />

a great low-impact workout that won’t put stress<br />

on your bones, joints and muscles – perfect for<br />

walking the plank: a top<br />

those who are just starting out or recovering<br />

way to tone up that can be<br />

completed anywhere<br />

from an injury.<br />

Get a move on<br />

SUMMER is just around the corner, and<br />

it’s never too late to start thinking about an<br />

exercise plan to help shed the excesses of a long<br />

cold winter, improve your fitness levels, and<br />

get yourself looking and feeling great for the<br />

warmer weather.<br />

Everybody knows that a little exercise can<br />

help you feel lighter on the scales, but an<br />

equally important benefit is the extra endorphins<br />

your body produces every time you break a sweat.<br />

Endorphins are your body’s response to pain or<br />

extreme exertion. These chemicals act as natural<br />

painkillers, and can have dramatic effect on<br />

your mood, sleep patterns and stress levels. The<br />

NHS recommends adults aged between<br />

19 and 64 should be doing two types of<br />

physical activity – aerobic and musclestrengthening.<br />

The weekly guidelines<br />

suggest:<br />

•150 minutes of moderate aerobic<br />

activity like brisk walking or cycling<br />

(that’s 30 mins x 5 days per week); or<br />

•75 minutes of vigorous aerobic<br />

activity such as running; plus<br />

•Two strength sessions<br />

working all major muscle<br />

groups – legs, hips, chest,<br />

shoulders, arms, back, abs.<br />

It’s a big commitment and the one thing we’re<br />

never short on is excuses. Too busy, too tired,<br />

too unmotivated. Maybe you don’t have a gym<br />

membership: it’s too expensive or inconvenient.<br />

Perhaps you do have a membership but you find<br />

it too intimidating to set foot in the door.<br />

But for every excuse for skipping your workout,<br />

there is about 10 more reasons you should stick<br />

with it. Here are my tips on how to make it part of<br />

your everyday routine and achieving a healthier,<br />

fitter you.<br />

Excuse: “I don’t have time to exercise”<br />

Get yourself a good pair of trainers and hit the<br />

pavement. Get off the bus several stops early and<br />

get a brisk walk in before and after work. Climb<br />

the stairs instead of the escalators on the Tube<br />

and hoof it up to the office rather than relying on<br />

the lift.<br />

Hire a Boris Bike and use the <strong>City</strong>’s dedicated<br />

network of cycle pathways to travel between<br />

meetings. It’s five minutes here and there but<br />

it will add up to your 30 minutes of moderate<br />

exercise before you know it.<br />

Excuse: “I don’t like gyms”<br />

A gym isn’t the only place to work up a sweat,<br />

particularly now that the sun is (intermittently)<br />

shining.<br />

Local councils have been trying to tackle<br />

our couch potato lifestyle by installing<br />

outdoor gyms in parks across London.<br />

The equipment has been designed<br />

to provide low-impact training in an<br />

intuitive, easy way with various machines<br />

to target the lower body, upper body and<br />

core, as well as cardio and weight-based<br />

strength exercises.<br />

They’re also completely free to<br />

use. If your park doesn’t have an<br />

outdoor gym, a bench is perfect for<br />

bodyweight exercises like push-ups,<br />

tricep dips and step-ups. Your local<br />

Excuse: “I can’t get motivated”<br />

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding<br />

the motivation to make exercise part of your<br />

daily routine.<br />

Some people swear by a morning workout so<br />

they don’t spend the day talking themselves out of<br />

it, others say they prefer exercise in the afternoon<br />

or evening to shake off the stresses of the day.<br />

As we humans are creatures of habit, it does<br />

help if you can schedule your exercise for roughly<br />

the same time each day to make it part of your<br />

routine. It’s no secret that exercise goes hand in<br />

hand with a balanced diet, so keep your food<br />

choices in mind when starting any new fitness<br />

plan.<br />

Processed foods that are high in sugar and<br />

saturated fats make us feel sluggish so avoid them<br />

where possible and stick to light, high-protein<br />

meals like fish or chicken and salad to keep your<br />

energy levels up throughout the day. Make sure<br />

you’re drinking enough water to replenish any<br />

hydration lost through the extra activity.<br />

Start by setting yourself goals that are<br />

measurable and achievable. It’s all very well to<br />

say that you want to ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight’, but<br />

targets are more effective if they are specific.<br />

Sign up for a five-kilometre fun run or set a<br />

target of completing three workouts per week;<br />

you will find it a lot easier to get out of bed that<br />

hour early each morning if you have something<br />

to work towards.<br />

As you start hitting those targets and gaining<br />

confidence, exercise will become something to<br />

look forward to, rather than a chore.<br />

Ashleigh Wienand (inset) is the clinical<br />

director and lead physiotherapist of<br />

Ultra Sport Clinic.<br />


LICENSING ACT 2003<br />

Notice of Application to Vary a Premises Licence<br />


Take notice that JD Wetherspoon plc has made an<br />

application under Section 34 of the Licensing Act<br />

2003 to vary a premises licence for Liberty Bounds,<br />

15 Trinity Square, London, EC3N 4AA. The proposed<br />

variation is to vary the layout of the premises in<br />

accordance with the plans supplied by the<br />

applicant such variation to have effect upon<br />

completion of works as notified to the Licensing<br />

Authority in writing. Permitted hours and licensable<br />

activities to remain as existing. The postal address<br />

of the relevant licensing authority is set out below<br />

and a record of the application may be inspected<br />

there during normal office hours or at<br />

www.cityoflondon.gov.uk at any time. A person who<br />

wishes to make representations regarding this<br />

application must give notice in writing to the <strong>City</strong> of<br />

London Licensing Authority, Markets and Consumer<br />

Protection, PO Box 270, Guildhall, London EC2P<br />

2EJ. Written representations must be received no<br />

later than 24th May 2018.<br />

It is an offence, under section 158 of the Licensing<br />

Act 2003, to knowingly or recklessly to make a false<br />

statement in connection with an application which,<br />

upon conviction, carries a maximum fine of £5,000.<br />

Dated 26th April 2018<br />

Notice under section 5 of the Allhallows Staining Church Act 2010 of intention to<br />

remove human remains at Allhallows Staining Churchyard, located on the corner of<br />

Mark Lane and Dunster Court in the <strong>City</strong> of London, London EC3 (the “Churchyard”)<br />

Section 17 Licensing Act 2003<br />

Licensing Act 2003 Application for a new<br />

Premises Licence<br />

Notice is hereby given that Nate Brown has applied to the <strong>City</strong> of<br />

London on 03/05/2018 to vary the premises licence in respect of<br />

Merchant House 8 Bride Court, London. EC4Y 8DU<br />

The proposed variation is to include 11:00 - 23:00 Saturdays in<br />

licensed hours<br />

A record of this application is held by the <strong>City</strong> of London and can be<br />

viewed by members of the public online by visiting www.cityoflondon.<br />

gov.uk or by appointment at the offices of <strong>City</strong> of London licensing<br />

authority, Walbrook Wharf, 78-83 Upper Thames Street, London EC4R<br />

3TD.<br />

Any person wishing to make a representation in relation to this<br />

application must give notice in writing to the licensing authority at<br />

the address shown above, giving in detail the grounds of objection by<br />

01/06/2018.<br />

The licensing authority must receive representations by the date<br />

given above. The licensing authority will have regard to any such<br />

representation when considering the application.<br />

It is an offence, under section 158 of the Licensing Act 2003, to<br />

knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in or in connection with<br />

an application for premises licence and the maximum fine on being<br />

convicted of such an offence is £5000.<br />

1. Notice is hereby given that, not less than two months after the date of the first publication of<br />

this notice, Museum of London Archaeology intends to exhume remains of persons interred at<br />

the Churchyard.<br />

2. A plan of the Churchyard, together with particulars of the deceased persons whose remains<br />

are proposed to be removed, is deposited at Museum of London Archaeology, Mortimer Wheeler<br />

House, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London N1 7ED (Tel 020 7410 2200) and may be inspected free<br />

of charge between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, for six weeks<br />

from the date of this notice.<br />

3. Subject to paragraph 5 below, Museum of London Archaeology proposes to arrange for all<br />

remains to be removed and reinterred or cremated in accordance with the following conditions<br />

proposed by the Secretary of State:<br />

a. the removal of the remains to be effected with due care and attention to decency;<br />

b. the ground in which the remains are interred to be screened from the public gaze while the<br />

work of removal is in progress;<br />

c. a suitable disinfectant solution to be freely sprinkled over the coffins and soil, if necessary;<br />

d. the removal to be to the satisfaction of the environmental health officer for the district in which<br />

the remains are at present interred and in accordance with any additional conditions he or<br />

she may impose; and<br />

e. the remains and any articles apparently buried with the deceased to be placed in fresh shells<br />

or such other containers as meet the requirements of the said officer.<br />

4. Subject to paragraph 5 below, the remains will be removed and reinterred or cremated at <strong>City</strong><br />

of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Aldersbrook Rd, Manor Park, London E12 5DQ, and in<br />

any intervening period will be kept safely, privately and decently.<br />

5. Any personal representative or relative of any deceased person interred at the Churchyard,<br />

has the right to give notice in writing to The Clothworkers’ Company of Clothworkers’ Hall,<br />

Dunster Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AH (marked for the attention of the Director of<br />

Finance, Property & Investments) by Tuesday 10 July 2018 of their intention to make their own<br />

arrangements for the removal and reinterment (in any churchyard, burial ground or cemetery in<br />

which interments may legally take place) of such remains or the cremation of for the removal and<br />

cremation of such remains. Any person who elects to proceed with such arrangements will be<br />

required to provide a certificate to The Clothworkers’ Company pursuant to section 5(4) of the<br />

Allhallows Staining Church Act 2010.<br />

6. The Clothworkers’ Company will meet any reasonable expenses incurred in connection with<br />

such removal and reinterment or cremation, subject to section 5(6) of the Allhallows Staining<br />

Church Act 2010.<br />

Dated this 9th day of May 2018<br />

For and on behalf of The Clothworkers’ Company

Page 24 | 09 - 22 May 2018<br />


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