LODGERS Magazine Issue 1


LODGERS Magazine Issue 1



Issue 01






Full STEM ahead…

A one page feature about the school’s new

science, technology, engineering and

mathematics extension program with STEM

educator George Spiridis.


Ashwin’s quest to become Australia’s #1

Chess player!




Great art at BLPS


Are we keeping

up with the new



Why do our


Miss Thomas?

Learning for Life| © Berwick Lodge Primary School



Henry Grossek

Assistant Principal

Sandra McCrum

Assistant Principal

Angela Maskery



Welcome to the first issue of LODGERS magazine!

School Council President

Brian Gardiner

Business Manager

Jodie Norton

Office Team

Julie Begley

Susan Wookey


Rob Kelly

(Digital Technologies Teacher)

Special thanks to:

Claire from Prep

Ryan from Prep

Tvisha from Prep

Chris from Prep

Jeb from Grade 4

Misha from Grade 4

Ashwin from Grade 6

Alice from Grade 6

Brianna from Grade 6

Lowan from Grade 6

Puneet from Grade 6

Miss Christine Thomas

and George Spiridis.

Front Cover Photo:

Joshua V

Back Cover Photo:

Lowan from 6P

Brainna from 6M

Ryan from Prep

Tvisha from Prep

Visit our social media pages

@berwicklodgeps or visit our

school website at


Telephone: 03 9707 1766

Today is Teacher Appreciation

Day. It is rather appropriate

timing as it coincides with the

release of this magazine and our

very own teacher appreciation

page at the back of this issue.

(Obviously I am biased, but I do

believe we have the best

teachers in the whole wide

world at Berwick Lodge Primary

School.) Over the next few

issues, we will be highlighting

many of our great Berwick

Lodge teachers and lots of our

students, too.

While this magazine is primarily

designed to showcase the many

exciting things we do at Berwick

Lodge Primary School, it also

provides us with a forum to

showcase our student’s fantastic

work. Our LODGERS produce

amazing work everyday and this

magazine gives us the

opportunity to share their work

with you. (Just have a look at

the brilliant artwork our

LODGERS are producing on our

Eye of the Beholder artwork

feature page!)

We have lots of great content

for you to read and look at in

this issue of LODGERS! We have

a one-page feature about our

STEM extension learning class,

an interview with our vice

school captain Ashwin as he

endeavorers to become

Australia’s number one chess

champion and we have a great

funny photos page that is

definitely worth a look, too.

We hope you enjoy flicking

through the page of our first

issue. Please let us know what

you think (and let us know what

you would like to see in future

issues) as we very much value

your feedback. You can contact

us directly or via social media


Until next time, keep learning

for life!

Rob Kelly

LODGERS Spotlight

What have our LODGERS been enjoying and

learning about this term?

Claire from Prep says…

“I have learnt lots of things at school, but I liked making the

Anzac Day wreaths most of all with my buddy.”

Faith from Grade 3 says…

“I have learnt how to make more friends by playing with new

people. I have also learnt how to do my times tables!”

Ethan from Grade 3

“I have learnt about robotics. It is fun as I have learnt how to

build and create circuits and programs.”



Grade 6


“Stem has been a really enjoyable part of my learning this year. I

am enjoying being part of RoboCup, too!”



Grade 6


“I have learnt

about the


of Anzac Day.

In Maths, I

have learnt

about square roots.”

Alice from Grade 6 says…

“This term, I have enjoyed learning about our government! I have

also enjoyed learning about Sir Henry Parkes.”





Around the world in 80


The senior school students held

their very own World Expo day

on Wednesday, 9 May 2018.


scene to talk to the students

about their inquiry learning


Lowan from 6P has been

working on a project about

America. “I chose America as a

country to learn about because

my Dad is American. I have

learnt about the currency,

different sports and the

different foods they eat.”

The students spent weeks

learning about many different

countries of the world. Some

students produced posters while

other students produced digital

media presentations (such as

Powerpoint and Scratch

projects) and some even

created their own interactive


Holly R from 6M has been

working on a project about

Russia. “I learnt that a typical

Russian drink is ‘baked milk’.”

Abbey from Grade 5W said, “In

Spain, basketball is a popular


The expo provides the students

with an opportunity to display

and present their work to the

school community.

Taran from Grade 5C said, “We

are doing the expo so we can

learn about different counties

in our world. I am learning

about Austria. They play icehockey

and the currency is


The expo ran from 2.00pm to

3.20pm and was held in the

Grade 5 and 6 classrooms. For

80 minutes, the rooms were

packed with interested

students, parents and teachers

wanting to visit the expo from

across the school.

Alex from Grade 6C spent time

learning about Denmark. “I

learnt that in Denmark they

speak a language called Danish.

In Denmark, the people enjoy

playing soccer and handball.”

As an inquiry learning unit, the

World Expo gave our LODGERS

an open-ended opportunity to

explore and learn.

Tevin from Grade 6M said, “I

didn’t know that Lego was

created in Denmark until I

started learning about their


Alisha from Grade 6P said, “I

am learning about Mexico. I

learnt that they eat tacos

(which actually means 'small

snack'), nachos and burritos.”

Sophia from Grade 5K said, “I

am learning about Belgium. Did

you know that they actually

created French Fries! I didn’t!

In Belgium they speak French,

German and Dutch.”

Lauchie from Grade 5W said, “I

am learning about Austria! Did

you know they created the


Well done to everyone involved!

For more photos and videos of

the World Expo, check out the

Grade 5 and 6 classroom blogs

on the school website.


Every Tuesday morning at Berwick Lodge

Primary School, a select group of students from

Grade 4, 5 and 6 participate in a weekly STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

extension learning class with the school’s resident

STEM educator George Spiridis, the school’s Leading

ICT Teacher Michele Tan and the School’s Digital

Technologies Teacher Rob Kelly.

Every week, the students come to the

lessons bursting with enthusiasm, excitement and a

willing attitude to learn. Part of the success of the

STEM program has been the influx of girls wanting to

learn about STEM. Berwick Lodge prides itself on

offering safe, inclusive learnings spaces for all

students, but it has been particularly interesting to

observe more and more girls wanting to participate in

the program. Misha from Grade 4 is one of those

students. She enjoys learning new concepts and

coding strategies to further her understanding of how

the world works around her.

“I like to learn new and interesting

things and I really enjoy STEM. I am very curious

about it. It is like learning a new language…”

The students started in Term 1 by learning

how to use a Picaxe micro-controller (which uses the

programming language BASIC). This was used a

stepping stone to Arduino (another programmable

micro-controller which uses C/C++ programming

language). The Arduino is used to physically control

lights, motors and sensors to perform various

functions. As Misha rightly postulates learning to

program is like learning a new language. Few other

primary school students in Australia are learning to

use such complex hardware and software, but the

students at Berwick Lodge are diving in the deep end.

It’s universally agreed that in the next

few decades employability will depend heavily on

STEM related skills. Therefore, teaching STEM skills

to students at an early age can have a positive

impact on their future employability. As Jeb from

Grade 4 explains…

“It’s easier to soak in new information

when you’re young. The more you know when

you’re younger, the more you can understand in

the future. STEM is in nearly everything we do and

the more we know about it the better…”

Beyond these STEM extension learning

classes, the rest of the tеасhеrѕ at Berwick Lodge are

treating thе adoption оf STEM as раrt оf their weekly

lesson рlаnnіng as standard. Tеасhеrѕ wоrkіng

tоgеthеr hаvе tremendous роtеntіаl tо reform

еduсаtіоn and improve student engagement. From 3D

printing and micro-controllers to Lego robotics and

Scratch, a world of engaging STEM activities await

those wanting to engage their students.

STEM educator George Spiridis (with over

26 years of experience in education and a lifetime of

experience in engineering) said…

“The students have the opportunity to

experience the disciplines of science, technology,

engineering and mathematics through STEM. We

hope they will gain some level of knowledge and

skill to help them understand the interactions and

interconnectivity of these STEM disciplines. We

hope they are then able to apply the knowledge

and skills they have learnt to further studies. The

confirmation of the success of this STEM program

came in the form of a comment made to me by one

of our students from her astounded uncle (a

university lecturer) who was amazed that his niece

- in primary school - was understanding universitystandard

STEM related projects.”


Our very own STEM

educator George

Spiridis takes a break

between lessons…

Chess is a game of strategy and

logic. It has been played and

enjoyed by millions of people

around the world for centuries,

but there are few people in the

21st Century that play the ancient

game as well as Berwick Lodge’s

very own vice school captain


Ashwin has participated in dozens

of chess competitions around

Victoria and Australia and has won

numerous medals and trophies to

prove it. Ashwin started playing

Chess in 2016 and hasn’t looked

back since…

“I stared to play chess after

watching my brother and mum

play. I become interested in it

and I picked it up fast. My mum

saw talent in me and encouraged

me to play more and more. After

attending chess coaching sessions,

I was ready to play in


Ashwin’s brother attended the

tournaments with him and


observed his

game strategy.

As Ashwin


mistakes on

the board, his brother was able to

assist him and coach him after

the game.

“After lots of tournaments, I

realised the game was helping me

in my daily life. I could solve

problems faster - and in more

creative ways than I could


It was while playing a game at

Hampton Park Primary School in

2016 that Ashwin learnt

something about himself that he

had never realised before…

“I was losing to people who had

just started playing the game,

and I was playing terribly. It was

painful. I got frustrated and angry

with myself. After the

tournament finished, I said I was

going to quit chess forever! My

mum became troubled since she

knew I had a great future in the

game and she tried to persuade

me to keep playing. Luckily, she

did! Mum helped me realise that

it's not about winning or loosing

the game, it’s about winning or

learning the game.”

Ashwin is currently playing chess

at tournaments at the Australian

Junior Chess Championships, the

Victorian youth championships,

the upcoming state

championships and he is playing

at the national finals in October,

2018, too. He also plays at the

Melbourne Chess Club and at inter

school chess tournaments.

According to the website Tornelo,

Ashwin is listed as one of the top

30 best chess players in Australia.

Eye Of The Beholder


From Berwick Lodge to Bunjil Place…


A recent trip to Bunjil Place taught our LODGERS about

reducing waste, protecting the environment and the

importance of sustainability!

On a recent visit to Bunjil Place,

some of our LODGERS had the

opportunity of visiting Joneses’ Tiny

house. The house was erected in the

foyer of the new Bunjil complex in

Narre Warren.

Our LODGERS learnt about the

process of recycling, reducing waste,

sustainability and solar energy. The

exhibition provided the students with

the opportunity to ask questions and

explore ways to look after the

environment when they are at school

and at home.

to the impact it has on the


Brianna from Grade 6 said, “I liked

seeing the TESLAR battery because I

hadn't seen one before.”

A BIG thank you to the parent helpers

who came along - and a special thank

you to Mrs McCrum for organising the


Peter from Grade 6 said, “I enjoyed

learning about how to correctly treat

the environment. I was surprised to

learn that the size of a house matters



Berwick Lodge’s new PA teacher!

She’s the new face of Performing Arts at Berwick

Lodge Primary School! Here is a few reasons why

our LODGERS love Miss Thomas…

“Miss Thomas is very friendly

and nice.”

- Chris from Prep

“Miss Thomas is so nice! She

spends time running the ZANCE

committee for us!”

- Puneet from Grade 6

“Miss Thomas is fun does lots

of cool stuff with us.”

- Yaneth from Prep

“I like Miss Thomas because

she makes all the activities


- Oliver from Grade 2

“I like the way Miss Thomas

helps us sing.”

- Isabella From Prep

“She is beautiful and really


- Kyah from Grade 4

“She always does a good job

when she’s teaching us.”

- Amelia from Grade 4

“She is an amazing teacher

and I love what she does in our

drama lessons!”

- Hayden from Grade 5

Berwick Lodge Primary School

Website: www.berwicklodgeps.vic.edu.au

Address: 139-145 Mansfield St, Berwick VIC 3806

Phone: (03) 9707 1766

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