Tips for BIOS Setup Utility Information and Menu Options on HP Desktop


ong>Tipsong> ong>forong> ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> ong>Utilityong> Inong>forong>mation ong>andong> ong>Menuong> ong>Optionsong> on HP Desktop

HP computer consists of a ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> utility ong>forong> changing essential computer settings. There are lots of

differences exists between according to the computer model ong>andong> version. Here, you will find some of

the examples that can help yours ong>forong> ong>BIOSong> setup utility inong>forong>mation ong>andong> menu options. For more details

ong>andong> inong>forong>mation, contact experts at HP Help Number.

1. Find the ong>BIOSong> version:

First of all, you need to turn off your computer ong>andong> wait ong>forong> few seconds.

Now, you have to turn on the computer ong>andong> press the F10 key continuously repeatedly until a

ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> screen opens.

Press the F1 key continuously if nothing happens.

In the ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> utility, go with one of the following optionso

Find the ong>BIOSong> version, on the Main tab.

o Use the down arrow in order to choose the System Inong>forong>mation ong>andong> then press “Enter”

on the file tab.

2. Enter the ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> utility:

Use one of the following sections according to your computer version ong>andong> model to open the ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong>


ong>BIOSong> version 6 or less:

Simply turn off your printer ong>andong> then wait ong>forong> few seconds.

After this, you need to turn on the computer.

Do one of the following, once the first screen displayso

If your computer was built in 2005 or later, then you need to press the key till a ong>BIOSong>

ong>Setupong> utility screen launches.


If your computer manufactured beong>forong>e 2006, you need to press the key till a ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong>

utility screen opens.

ong>BIOSong> version 7 or greater:

The same process, turn off the computer ong>andong> then wait ong>forong> few seconds.

Then, you have to turn on the computer.

Follow one of the steps given below, when the first screen displays



Till the computer setup program opens, you need to press the F10 key continuously.

Press the Esc key continuously till the startup menu opens. After this, you have to press

F10 to open the Computer ong>Setupong> program.

3. Navigate through the ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> ong>Utilityong>

4. Reload the ong>BIOSong> Default Settings

5. ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> menu tabs

6. ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> menu screens

The above-stated steps will help you reach the inong>forong>mation ong>andong> ong>BIOSong> ong>Setupong> utility, each every step all

depends on the model ong>andong> version of the computer. In order to follow the right direction ong>forong> the

procedure ong>andong> to have complete guidance regarding your HP computer, call at HP Tech Support

Number +1-877-645-7494. Here our customer support representatives will guide yours through each

ong>andong> every step with a suitable solution.

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