Top 5 Ever Biology Capstone Project Ideas 2018


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Top 5 Ever Biology Capstone Project

Ideas 2018

Biology is a great subject to write about and it offers almost an unlimited

number of interesting topics and project ideas. Specifically, the internet offers a

great deal of ​biology capstone project ideas​, some of which you can modify a

bit, add your own twist, then use as a basis for writing your own paper.

Today, we are going to present 5 interesting project ideas, some of the best ones

you can use in 2018:

1. Stem cell research

Anything having to do with stem cell research is a collection of some of

the best biology capstone project ideas available to you. In your writing, you

could address topics such as how far we’ve come with the stem cell research in

the current times, what it allows us to do, what illnesses does it cure, and so

forth. What do we still need to discover and are there any teams of researchers

who are already working on it in the present day?

2. The quality and length of our lives

This is an area that’s a bit intertwined with ​capstone project ideas

psychology​, but you can always examine it from a biological perspective. In the

last decades of our research, have we been able to increase the quality of our

lives, or perhaps even prolong them? What are the medical breakthroughs that

allow us to live longer? What illnesses have we cured that used to result in an

untimely death of the afflicted individual merely a century ago?

3. What are the genetic predispositions that make someone more prone to

an illness?

One of the best ​bsn capstone project ideas probably has something to do

with genetics (a subcategory of biology) and how they make someone more

prone to specific types of illnesses more than others. For example, certain

genetics make women more prone to developing breast cancer. This could be a

fantastic topic for in-depth research.

4. Evolution, altruism, and Darwinism

The reason behind why we’ve evolved so much as a species is that

evolution favors those who’ve adapted the most to the environment and the

circumstances surrounding us. A very good biology capstone project idea is to

research the effect of altruism – can an altruistic society be achieved and what

conditions need to be met in order for it to prosper?

5. Is it right to view autism as a disorder?

Autism is something that goes hand in hand with ​capstone project ideas

psychology​, but it’s also interesting to examine from the perspective of biology.

So we know that autistic individuals have a different brain structure than a

neurotypical person. But what are the reasons behind these differences? And –

from a scientific point of view – is it right to label autism as a disorder, or could

the case of neurodiversity be argued here?


The list of interesting biology capstone project ideas is practically

infinite, but the topics that we’ve listed are certainly among the most interesting

to discuss from a scientific point of view. Whenever you need more inspiration,

countless other ideas are just a Google search away.

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