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Dear valued readers,
Summer is no doubt the most fun and vibrant season of the year, when you can enjoy long vacations to pristine beaches or explore nature’s magnificent beauty. It is also the perfect season for families to spend quality time together, and expand your children's views of the world by taking them to places where they can discover new things.
Travellive invites you to welcome back Mr. Harry Trung, his loving family and their little girl in their amazing 30-day journey in Cat Ba. We have also picked out a list of stunning coastal resorts for you and your family to enjoy this summer.
Summer is also the perfect time for more adventurous travelers to go on long journeys to far-flung corners of the Earth. Join two friends in their incredible cycling trip through Central Asian Tajikistan to conquer a famous moutain range known as “the roof of the world". But perhaps, the height of any mountain or the depth of any abyss is nothing compared to the vast spaces of one’s soul and heart. Follow the journey of travel blogger Huyen Chi to Phuktal, where she touched the heart of Northern India – a mysterious spiritual world hidden deep within the majestic Himalayas.
We wish you a fantastic summer.




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V≠Ín QuËc gia C∏t Bµ

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MÔa hà lµ thÍi Æi”m nh˜ng

Ưa trŒ b≠Ìc vµo k˙ nghÿ dµi,

dp Æ” c∂ gia Æ◊nh cÔng nhau

tÀn h≠Îng nh˜ng chuy’n Æi xa,

kh∏m ph∏ thin nhin... Chu»n

b k¸ cµng cho k˙ nghÿ vÌi s˘

hÁ trÓ cÒa c∏c thi’t b c´ng

ngh÷ vµ chi’c xe phÔ hÓp

vÌi nhu c«u sœ khi’n chuy’n

Æi cÒa bπn vµ ng≠Íi th©n c„

thm nhi“u tr∂i nghi÷m thÛ v.

Travel musthaves

for a family


The arrival of summer marks

the end of a school year and

the kids can finally go on a long

vacation with their families

to enjoy the beach, explore

nature... Good planning

along with the use of

advanced technology as

well as a good family

car guarantee you and

your family the most

enjoyable experience

on the road.



57 > MÌi khai tr≠¨ng trong n®m 2017- 64 >

2018, n®m khu resort, kh∏ch sπn Æ≠Óc

Travellive l˘a ch‰n sau Æ©y lµ gÓi ˝ l˝

t≠Îng cho k˙ nghÿ hà cÒa gia Æ◊nh.

5 new amazing resorts for

your summer travel

Five newly opened hotels and resorts

in 2017-2018 have been picked by

Travellive as ideal destinations for you

and your family to enjoy this summer.



Sau hai hµnh tr◊nh xuyn Vi÷t vµ Æi vng

quanh c∏c n≠Ìc ß´ng Nam É, Æ©y lµ hµnh

tr◊nh dµi ngµy th¯ ba cÒa ˇc khi cÔng bË

mã vµo rıng, ln nÛi, xuËng bi”n.

A 30-day learning trip in Cat

Ba with our little girl

Oc had been with us on two long trips. For

her third journey and to celebrate her 3 rd

birthday, we took Oc to Cat Ba and spend

30 incredible days there.


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TR£N S# C§ ßóC CûA


"MÈt khi c∏i Æãp Æ≠Óc Æ∆t

trn n“n t∂ng cÒa s˘ trao

ÆÊi v“ lÓi ›ch th◊ c„ lœ cÚng

bÌt Æãp ph«n nµo." CuÈc

ÆÍi cÒa ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng

vËn d‹ Æ∑ lµ mÈt "b› mÀt lÌn"

vµ anh chºng dπi mang ra Æ”

ÆÊi trao. Nh≠ng cuÈc trao

ÆÊi nµy lπi mang mÈt ˝ ngh‹a

kh∏c: ÆËi thoπi v“ c∏i Æãp.

I am happy with my


"Once beauty is based on

the exchange of benefits, it

loses its value." The life of

designer Do Manh Cuong

has always been a "mystery",

and he is determined to

continue to keep it hidden

from the eyes of the public. If

there is something he never

shies away from however, it's

dialogue about beauty.

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H∑y cÔng Travellive kh∏m

ph∏ 5 c´ng vin gi∂i tr› h†p

d…n nh†t ch©u É vµ l˘a

ch‰n cho gia Æ◊nh Æi”m

Æ’n th›ch hÓp nh†t.

Kick off summer

with 5 amazing

theme parks in Asia

Here are five of Asia's most

popular theme parks and

let us here at Travellive help

you pick your favorite one

this summer.

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Ng≠Íi ta hay g‰i bang Jammu & Kashmir lµ v≠¨ng mi÷n

ƒn ßÈ. Vµ n¨i gi˜ linh hÂn cÒa vÔng Ɔt †y ch›nh lµ tu

vi÷n cÊ Phuktal, t‰a lπc trn d∑y Himalaya hÔng v‹, Æ›ch

Æ’n cÒa chÛng t´i trong mÈt hµnh tr◊nh kh∏ gian nan.

In Phuktal, touching the heart of

Northern India

Jammu & Kashmir state is often referred to as

the "crown of India". Tucked away in the imposing

Himalayas is the ancient Phuktal monastery, the

spiritual center of these mountains and our destination

on this arduous trip.





Tr«n ßoµn L©m



Tr«n V®n Th≠Îng, Qu˙nh L,

Hµ Ph≠¨ng, Kevin Raison


Graphic Design

Long Le - Hanh Mai



Hotline: 0989 946 240 / 0985 116 750



Head Office

59 ThÓ NhuÈm, Hoµn Ki’m, HN

Tel: 024 3936 8349

Fax: 024 3936 8350


HCMC Office

144 V‚ V®n T«n, P.6, Q.3, TP. HCM

Tel: 028 3930 9641

Fax: 028 3930 9642


Gi†y phäp xu†t b∂n sË: 04/GP-XBßS

In xong nÈp l≠u chi”u th∏ng 05 - 2018

In tπi C´ng ty TNHH MTV In vµ

Th≠¨ng mπi TTXVN

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ThÀt kh„ qun c∂m gi∏c khi

ngÂi trn lπc Ƶ Æi chÀm r∑i

gi˜a sa mπc mnh m´ng vÌi

nh˜ng cÂn c∏t tr∂i dµi Æ’n

v´ tÀn, vµng r˘c d≠Ìi ∏nh

næng chi“u tµ vµ nh˜ng c¨n

gi„ lËc b†t chÓt cuËn theo

Æ∏m bÙi c∏t mÔ mt.

"Wobbling" on camel

back, in the middle

of Sahara desert

It's hard to forget the feeling of

sitting on a slow walking camel

in the middle of an immense

desert, where dunes stretch

to infinity, when golden light

glistens in the afternoon and a

sudden whirlwind rolls over in

dark dust.

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ßæm m◊nh gi˜a lµn n≠Ìc trong xanh mµu ng‰c b›ch

cÒa vnh L®ng C´ hay tr∂i nghi÷m Æm træng n≠Ìc

Nga... H∑y cÔng Travellive l≠Ìt qua danh mÙc nh˜ng

Æi”m Æ’n vµ l˘a ch‰n hµnh tr◊nh ≠a th›ch nhä!

6 must-visit destinations this June

Here is a list of 6 amazing destinations Travellive

has come up with for you!


For online subscription, please visit:


Photographer: Duy nam


Creative Producer: KINCOI

Stylist: NGñC DAO



Photos retouch: TUART



(The list will be upDated and developed each month)

(Danh s∏ch lin tÙc Æ≠Óc cÀp nhÀt vµ khai th∏c thm hµng th∏ng)


CAF–S & BARS (66) 6 Degrees Cafe & Lounge / Church Boutique / Club Opera / Coffee Bike / Cong Cafä (18) / Cora Cafä / Helio Cafä (4) / Highland Coffee (15) /

Foutain Cafä / Gardenista / Joma Bakery Cafä / Lissom Parlour / L’Harmony / Manzi / Moca / Paris Deli (2) / Pu Ku / Runam / Runam Bistro / Tay Tap Bar / The Coffee

Bean & Tea Leaf Vietnam (2) / Vpresso (6) ñ RESTAURANTS (34) Don’s Tay Ho Bistro / Home Restaurant / Ly Club Restaurant / Ngon Villa / MyWay Cafe & Restaurant

(5) / Nha hang ße Nhat (2) / Nha 9NKC / Pho 24 (6) / Quan Ngon (4) / Rooftop / Sawasdee Restaurant / Pho Bien (4) / Thai Village Restaurant / Swing Lounge / Top

Chef Restaurant & Bar / ToViet Cellar / Trong ßong Son Restaurant / Viet Deli ñ SPAS (6) / Hong Ngoc Center / Spa Aquamarine / Thu Cuc Spa (2) / La Casa Spa / Zen

Spa ñ AIRLINES (2) Noi Bai International Airport (Business Lounges) / Turkish Airlines (The Best European Airline-Bussiness Class) CRUISES (4) Emeraude Classic Cruises /

Pelican Luxury & Image / Halong Cruises / Paradise Luxury (2) ñ TRAVEL AGENTS (3) Asian Travelmate / Tourist Information Center (TIC) / Vietnam Tourism Association

ñ OTHERS (24) BMW Showroom / Ford Showrooms (8) / Hong Leong Bank Hanoi Branch / Ipanima Showroom (2) / Lounge of Vinhome Time City & Vinhome Royal

City / Nest AIA / Nshape Fitness (3) / Peugeout Scooteis / Tan My Design / Techcombank Lounge / Times Square / Toong Working Space (2) / Van Tri Golf


CAF– (10) Highland Coffee Parkson Hai Phong (2) / Highland Coffee Parkson / Megastar Hai Phong / Highland Coffee Megastar Bien Hoa / Highland

Coffee Big C, Da Nang / Highland Coffee Indochina, Da Nang / Highland Coffee Megastar Vinh Trung, Da Nang / Runam Bistro, Da Nang ñ RESTAURANT

(2) Pho 24 - Nha Trang / Enjoy - Quang Nam ñ AIRLINES (4) Cam Ranh Airport(Business Lounge) / Can Tho Airport (Business Lounge) / Danang

International Airport (Business Lounge) / Lien Khuong Airport (Business Lounge) ñ CRUISES (7) Aphrodite Cruise (1) / Paraside Luxury (4) / Paradise

Previlege (2) / Paradise Peak (1) / Paradise Cruise / Starlight Cruise / Oriental Sail / Calypso Cruise


CAF– (104) Cafä EON - EON 51 / Ciao Coffee (3) / Cong Cafä (4) / DeciBel Lounge / Gloria Jean’s Coffee (2) / Goody / Highland Coffee (36) / Inbox / Klasik Coffee

Roasters / La Cafeteria de / L’usine (3) / La Fenetre Soleil / La Toronde Cafe / Le Saigonais / MORICO (6) / NYDC (5) / Runam Bistro (3) / Thinker & Dreamer Coffee

/ Terrace Cafä (5) / The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Viet Nam (14) / The / Coffee House(13) / The Workshop Cafe / Fly Cupcake & Goody Ice Cream ñ CLUBS (2) Club

Royale / International Tourist Club ñ RESTAURANTS (34) Bon Bon Restaurant / Di Mai Restaurant / Gao Restaurant / Jaspas restaurant / Khanh Casa / Pho 24 (19) /

sanfulou Restaurant / Shri Restaurant & Lounge / sorae Restaurant / Wrap & Roll Restaurant (2) ñ SPAS (12)Anam QT Spa / Authentic Spa / L’Apothiquaire Spa (3) /

Lotus Spa / Sen Spa / Sian Skincare Laser Clinic / Thann Sanctuary Day Spa / The Spa Saigon Pearl / Tropic Spa / Zennova Spa Cay Diep ñ AIRLINES (2) Tan Son Nhat

International Airport (Business Lounges) / Turkish Airlines (The Best European Airline-Bussiness Class) ñ CONSULATE (1) UK Trade & Investment ñ OTHERS (17) Citimart

/ Ford Showrooms (11) / Fahasha / International SOS Clinics Viet Nam / IpaNima Showroom (2) / Phuong Nam / Fit 24 Fitness / America Eye Center


In cooperation with Vietnam Airlines, Travellive copies are available at business lounges of six international airports in Vietnam, including Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Lien

Khuong, Cam Ranh, Da Nang and Can Tho ñ In cooperation with Turkish Airlines (The Best European Airlines). Every business traveller on flight by Turkish Airlines to

Vietnam is provided with a Travellive publication for free. ñ 180 Travel Agents, (belonging to Vietnam Tourism Association) in Vietnam Issued by National Newspapers

Distribution Company, Fahasa Book Distribution Corporation, Phuong Nam bookshop system, Citimart supermarkets (HCMC)...

300 KhÉch sÑn, resort HÄng ß¡u viåt nam

300 THE LEADING HOTELS AND RESORTS IN VIETNAM ñ Th´ng tin chi ti’t xem tπi (For more details, please follow the link below)


F o r d i g i t a l p u b l i c a t i o n , p l e a s e v i s i t :




S o l B e a c h H o u s e P h u Q u o c




Kh´ng ph∂i ng…u nhin, hà Æ≠Óc xem lµ mÔa du lfich s´i

ÆÈng nh†t, mÔa cÒa nh˜ng ngµy nghÿ dµi, mÔa cÒa ni“m

vui b†t tÀn khi con ng≠Íi hfla m◊nh gi˜a thin nhin rÈng

lÌn. ß©y cÚng lµ thÍi gian cho nh˜ng chuy’n Æi k’t nËi gia

Æ◊nh, mÎ rÈng th’ giÌi quan cho con trŒ bªng c∏ch cÔng

nhau Æ’n c∏c vÔng Ɔt lπ.

Travellive k˙ nµy mÍi bπn Ɖc g∆p lπi gia Æ◊nh Harry Trung

vµ d‚i theo nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m trong 30 ngµy ln rıng

xuËng bi”n cÒa c´ g∏i nh· nhµ h‰; tÀn h≠Îng ly

cocktail s„ng s∏nh ∏nh m∆t trÍi tπi nh˜ng khu nghÿ

d≠Ïng tuy÷t Æãp ven bi”n...

MÔa hà cÚng lµ thÍi gian hoµn h∂o Æ” thæp ln

c∂m h¯ng chinh phÙc cho du kh∏ch yu th›ch

nh˜ng hµnh tr◊nh mπo hi”m. H∑y ÆÂng hµnh

cÔng Æ´i bπn trŒ trong chuy’n Æπp xe kh∏m ph∏

quËc gia Trung É Tajikistan, chinh phÙc mÈt trong

nh˜ng d∑y nÛi cao Æ≠Óc m÷nh danh lµ "n„c nhµ

th’ giÌi". Nh≠ng c„ lœ, chi“u cao cÒa nÛi, chi“u s©u

cÒa nh˜ng v˘c thºm cÚng ph∂i nh≠Íng b≠Ìc cho nh˜ng

chi“u k›ch rÈng lÌn cÒa t©m hÂn vµ ni“m tin. ß„ lµ c∏ch

Æ” travel blogger Huy“n Chi chπm tÌi Phuktal, tr∏i tim cÒa

vÔng Bæc ƒn, th’ giÌi t©m linh huy“n b› nªm s©u trong d∑y


VÌi Travellive trn tay, mÍi bπn cÔng tÀn h≠Îng mÔa hÃ!


Dear valued readers,

Summer is no doubt the most fun and vibrant

season of the year, when you can enjoy long

vacations to pristine beaches or explore

nature's magnificent beauty. It is also the

perfect season for families to spend quality

time together, and expand your children's

views of the world by taking them to places

where they can discover new things.

Travellive invites you to welcome back Mr.

Harry Trung, his loving family and their little

girl in their amazing 30-day journey in Cat Ba.

We have also picked out a list of stunning

coastal resorts for you and your family

to enjoy this summer.

Summer is also the perfect time

for more adventurous travelers

to go on long journeys to farflung

corners of the Earth. Join

two friends in their incredible

cycling trip through Central

Asian Tajikistan to conquer a

famous moutain range known as

"the roof of the world". But perhaps,

the height of any mountain or the depth of any

abyss is nothing compared to the vast spaces

of one's soul and heart. Follow the journey of

travel blogger Huyen Chi to Phuktal, where

she touched the heart of Northern India - a

mysterious spiritual world hidden deep within

the majestic Himalayas.

We wish you a fantastic summer.










T‰a lπc lπi v tr› Ææc Æa g«n c∏c thæng c∂nh nÊi ti’ng vÌi khung c∂nh h˜u t◊nh, Pan Pacific

Hµ NÈi lµ kh´ng gian nghÿ d≠Ïng l˝ t≠Îng dµnh cho bπn hà nµy. VÌi 273 phng kh∏ch

thi’t k’ sang tr‰ng vµ nÈi th†t trang nh∑, Æ©y lµ Æa Æi”m tuy÷t vÍi Æ” ngæm nh◊n vµ tÀn

h≠Îng m‰i vŒ Æãp cÒa thµnh phË ngµn n®m tuÊi. H∑y thi’t Æ∑i c∏c gi∏c quan cÒa bπn mÈt b˜a

ti÷c Æ«y c∂m xÛc vÌi c∏c l˘a ch‰n »m th˘c tinh t’ hay Ææm m◊nh th≠ gi∑n trong kh´ng gian

ƺng c†p cÒa Pan Pacific Hµ NÈi.

(KHÉCH SÑN PAN PACIFIC HÄ NóI *1 Thanh Nin, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 024 3823 8888




ßπi ti÷c bia

tπi Kh∏ch sπn



H∑y tr∂i nghi÷m b˜a ti÷c

sµnh Æi÷u cÔng bπn bÃ

theo phong c∏ch »m th˘c

hoµn toµn kh∏c bi÷t tπi

Renaissance Riverside

Saigon vÌi nhi“u m„n h†p

d…n nh≠ hµu ph´ mai ÆÛt

l, b›t t’t b sËt tiu Æen,

s≠Ín heo BBQ cÔng bia thÒ

c´ng th≠¨ng hi÷u Pasteur

Street g‰i kh´ng giÌi hπn.

Cn g◊ tuy÷t vÍi h¨n khi

bπn vıa th≠Îng th¯c c∏c

m„n ngon, vıa quan s∏t

nhp ch∂y cuÈc sËng bn

ngoµi ´ cˆa k›nh, nh©m nhi

nhi“u loπi th¯c uËng h∂o

hπng vµ th∂ hÂn vµo nh˜ng

b∂n nhπc thÍi th≠Óng do

c∏c ca s‹ tr◊nh bµy tπi kh´ng

gian sang ch∂nh cÒa Rbar.



SAIGON *8 - 15 T´n ߯c

Thæng, Q.1, TP. HCM *Tel:

028 3822 0033 *Website:





Nªm ngay tπi n¨i giao thoa cÒa dng s´ng Hµn th¨ mÈng, bi”n ß´ng vµ

b∏n Æ∂o S¨n Trµ, Danang Golden Bay lµ kh∏ch sπn 5 sao Æ«u tin Î ßµ

NΩng c„ phng nghÿ d≠Ïng vµ c®n hÈ d∏t vµng vÌi nät ki’n trÛc Æ≠Óc l†y

c∂m h¯ng tı s˘ sang tr‰ng cÒa vµng vµ khung c∂nh hÔng v‹ cÒa vnh ßµ

NΩng. Næm gi˜ nhi“u k˚ lÙc tπi Vi÷t Nam nh≠ b” b¨i v´ c˘c d∏t vµng 24K,

cao nh†t vµ lÌn nh†t th’ giÌi, ta nhµ c„ sË phng kh∏ch sπn lÌn nh†t Vi÷t

Nam, kh∏ch sπn Danang Golden Bay c„ 29 t«ng vÌi tÊng cÈng 1.824 phng,

c®n hÈ tiu chu»n 5 sao. Kh´ng gian nghÿ d≠Ïng cao c†p nµy mang lπi nhi“u

dch vÙ cho kh∏ch l≠u trÛ nh≠ spa, city tour vµ khu c´ng vin k˙ quan d∏t

vµng vÌi m´ h◊nh 10 k˙ quan trn th’ giÌi vµ Vi÷t Nam thu nh·.


ßµ NΩng *Tel: 0236 3878 999 *Website:





The Alcove



Summer savings

TP.HCM MÔa hà Æ∑ Æ’n vµ Kh∏ch sπn The Alcove

Library cÚng Æang ∏p dÙng ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ≠u Æ∑i tËt

nh†t trong n®m: Î 3 Æm t›nh ti“n 2 Æm (∏p dÙng

cho k◊ nghÿ c„ ngµy nhÀn phng tı th∏ng 5 Æ’n h’t

th∏ng 7/2018).

The Alcove Library lµ kh∏ch sπn ÆÈc nh†t v´ nh tπi

thµnh phË HÂ Ch› Minh vÌi mÈt th≠ vi÷n lÌn ngay

trong s∂nh kh∏ch sπn, cung c†p c∏c Æ«u s∏ch v®n

h‰c, kinh t’, vµ kh∏ch c„ th” m≠Ón s∏ch mi‘n ph› tπi

kh∏ch sπn. Cho dÔ Æ„ lµ mÈt chuy’n Æi rÍi kh·i nhp

sËng hËi h∂ Î trung t©m Sµi Gn hay Î lπi mÈt thÍi

gian Æ” kh∏m ph∏ tr‰n vãn thµnh phË, du kh∏ch Æ“u

sœ t◊m th†y nh˜ng gi∏ tr ÆÈc Æ∏o nh†t Î Æ©y.

VÌi ≠u Æ∑i Æ∆c bi÷t nµy, Kh∏ch sπn The Alcove

Library sœ mang Æ’n cho kh∏ch hµng nh˜ng tr∂i

nghi÷m sang tr‰ng, gi∏ c∂ ph∂i ch®ng, n¨i bπn c„

th” th≠Îng th¯c trµ chi“u trong khu v≠Ín vµ nh˜ng

m„n ®n Æ≠Óc ch’ bi’n t©m huy’t nh†t trn nhµ hµng


Alcove Queen: USD 75 ++/night

Alcove King: USD 82 ++/night

Alcove Twin: USD 82 ++/night

Alcove Grand: USD 95 ++/night

Alcove Suite: USD 102 ++/night

(Excluded taxes & service charges)

HCMC Summer travel deals are heating up at The

Alcove Library Hotel with the best offer of the year

- Stay 3 nights and get 1 night FREE (applied for direct

booking to stay in May until end of July 2018)

The Alcove Library Hotel is an unrivaled boutique

hotel in Ho Chi Minh City with a unique design of

an extensive library in the lobby, which offers a wide

variety of fiction and non-fiction books for guests

to borrow during the stay. Whether it’s a quick

getaway from hustle bustle of Saigon or staying

awhile to fully explore all that the city has to offer,

visitors will find unbeatable values here.

With fantastic summer offer, we look forward to

offering our distinguished guests affordable luxury

experience at The Alcove Hotel, where you can

enjoy afternoon tea and drinks in our garden or

gourmet dining at Bookmark restaurant.

The Alcove Library Hotel

* 133A Nguyen Dinh Chinh, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

* Tel: +84.28 6256 9966

* Res.:

* W:








Discover a refreshing retreat at Pan Pacific Hanoi amidst the quaint setting

of the city. Tastefully furnished with elegant interiors and thoughtful

amenities, each of the 273 rooms and suites command inspiring views of

West Lake, Truc Bach Lake or the Red River. Treat your senses to a wide selection

of gastronomic delights at our restaurants, or be revitalised by our range of wellness

facilities. The best of Hanoi awaits with the convenience of being minutes away from

key attractions in the city.

(PAN PACIFIC HANOI *1 Thanh Nien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi *Tel: 024 3823 8888 *Email: info. *Website:






Located right at the junction

where the Han River, the East

Sea and Son Tra Peninsula

meet, Danang Golden Bay

is the first 5-star hotel in

Danang that offers both

hotel rooms and residence

apartments with the feature

of gold. The hotel's signature

design is inspired by the

symbol of gold and the

majestic view of Danang.

The Danang Golden Bay

features the world's largest

and highest 24k gold-plated

infinity swimming pool.

With the most number of

rooms in Vietnam, the hotel

provides a total of 29 floors

and 1,824 rooms, all to the

5-star standard. This luxury

resort hotel also offers guests

amazing spa services, city

tours, and visits to the goldplated

park with the miniature

models of 10 wonders of the

world including Vietnam.


HOTEL *01 Le Van Duyet, Son

Tra District, Danang *Tel: 0236

3878 999 *Website: www.


Beer fest at Renaissance Riverside Hotel

Enjoy dinner in style with friends at the Renaissance Riverside Saigon with a variety of

delicious dishes such as grilled oysters, beef steak with black pepper sauce, and BBQ pork

ribs along with an unlimited flow of premium craft beer from Pasteur Street. Diners have

a chance to taste amazing food, enjoy fine drinks, immerse themselves in trendy music at

the stylish Rbar, and admire the beautiful views of Saigon through the glass window.


*Tel: 028 3822 0033 *Website:



Chương trình áp dụng cho những ngày trong tuần

kể từ Chủ Nhật đến Thứ Năm (trừ ngày lễ

và có hiệu lực từ 15/4/2018 - 15/9/2018).

Phòng tiêu chuẩn hướng biển hoặc đồi thông.

02 Phiếu ăn sáng 1 phòng.

Miễn phí bể bơi (7:30 - 22:30)

Miễn phí 2 tiếng sử dụng sân tennis

(7:30 - 18:00. Quý khách vui lòng đặt trước.)

Miễn phí vé vào sân chơi trẻ em.

Miễn phí sử dụng wifi trong phạm vi khách sạn

Miễn phí xe đưa đón ra bãi tắm.

Miễn phí tham quan casino (11:00 - 18:00)

10% Thuế và 5% phí dịch vụ

Đơn đặt phòng phải được thực hiện ít nhất 3

ngày trước khi nhận phòng. Khách sạn sẽ

không hoàn lại tiền khi khách hủy phòng.

Nếu quý khách muốn biết thêm thông tin, vui

lòng liên hệ:

Đào Trường Sơn (0904 343 201)

Trần Thị Thu Huyền (0904 358 424)

Nguyễn Thị Thùy Phương (0989 906 347)








Kh∏ch sπn Saigon Prince mang Æ’n nh˜ng Æ∆c quy“n sang tr‰ng dµnh cho kh∏ch l≠u trÛ Î loπi phng Club ho∆c Club

Suite cao c†p. Nªm t∏ch bi÷t vµ yn t‹nh trn t«ng 9, khu v˘c Club Lounge lu´n c„ nh©n vin sΩn sµng cho c∏c thÒ tÙc

check-in vµ check-out ring. Ngoµi ra, kh∏ch cn Æ≠Óc th≠Îng th¯c b˜a s∏ng ngon mi÷ng mang h≠¨ng v ch©u ¢u, dch

vÙ trµ chi“u sang tr‰ng, b∏nh ng‰t vµ th¯c uËng nhã. Nhªm tËi ≠u h„a s˘ hµi lng, c∏c v kh∏ch Æ∆t phng Club ho∆c Club

Suite cn Æ≠Óc sˆ dÙng phng h‰p ti÷n nghi mÁi ti’ng mÈt ngµy.

(KHÉCH SÑN SAIGON PRINCE *63 Nguy‘n Hu÷, Q.1, TP.HCM *Tel: 028 3822 2999




T‰a lπc bn khu v˘c h b¨i xinh Æãp tπi t«ng tr÷t cÒa kh∏ch sπn

PARKROYAL Saigon, St. Gregory Spa mang Æ’n cho du kh∏ch kh´ng

gian yn t‹nh, khung c∂nh hµi ha gi˜a trÍi vµ n≠Ìc cÔng nh˜ng li÷u ph∏p

ch®m s„c s¯c kh·e tËi ≠u. ß≠Óc thi’t k’ theo phong c∏ch cÒa mÈt khu

nghÿ d≠Ïng hi÷n Æπi, nÈi th†t cÒa St. Gregory Spa Æ≠Óc t´ Æi”m bÎi nh˜ng

gam mµu hµi ha vµ ∏nh s∏ng du m∏t vÌi s∏u phng tr li÷u bao gÂm

phng cho hai ng≠Íi vµ phng massage ch©n. Bπn c„ th” d‘ dµng l˘a ch‰n

cho m◊nh c∏c ph≠¨ng ph∏p tr li÷u dµnh cho da m∆t, toµn th©n vµ dch vÙ

tr‰n g„i cÔng vÌi nh˜ng bµi massage theo y h‰c cÊ truy“n Trung Hoa nÊi

ti’ng Æ≠Óc th˘c hi÷n b·i c∏c k¸ thuÀt vin chuyn nghi÷p.


*309B - 311 Nguy‘n V®n TrÁi, Q. T©n B◊nh, TP. HCM *Tel: 028 3842 1111





Novotel ßµ NΩng Æ≠Óc bi’t Æ’n lµ n¨i sÎ h˜u v tr› l› t≠Îng nh†t thµnh phË

Æ” th≠Îng th¯c L‘ hÈi Ph∏o hoa QuËc t’ ßµ NΩng DIFF 2018. T‰a lπc tπi

t«ng 4 vµ t«ng 29, h b¨i Splash Pool, nhµ hµng The Square vµ nhµ hµng

Premier Lounge sœ Æ≠Óc t©n trang thµnh nh˜ng Æa Æi”m phÙc vÙ mÔa ph∏o

hoa tuy÷t vÍi. Bn cπnh Æ„, phng Oasis Spa, phng h‰p ThÊ S¨n vµ phng

Corner Suite sœ lµ s˘ l˘a ch‰n l˝ t≠Îng dµnh cho nh˜ng kh∏ch hµng mong

muËn th≠Îng th¯c mµn tr◊nh di‘n trong kh´ng gian ring t≠ cÔng gia Æ◊nh

vµ bπn bÃ. C∏c g„i dch vÙ c„ gi∏ chÿ tı 1.000.000 VNß/ng≠Íi.

(KHÉCH SÑN NOVOTEL ßÄ NøNG *36 Bπch ߪng, QuÀn H∂i Ch©u, ßµ NΩng

*Tel: 0941 298 599 *Email: *Website:




Meli∏ Ba Vi Mountain Retreat

A hidden mountain gem


Melia Ba V◊ Mountain Retreat lµ khu resort Æ≠Óc bao b‰c

bÎi V≠Ín quËc gia Ba V◊, c∏ch Hµ NÈi 55 km. N¨i Æ©y Æ≠Óc

thi’t k’ nh≠ nh˜ng ng´i nhµ cÊ sang tr‰ng nªm bi÷t lÀp gi˜a

thin nhin Î ÆÈ cao 600 m so vÌi m˘c n≠Ìc bi”n. V◊ th’

c∂ resort quanh n®m m∏t mŒ vµ ´n ha. N’u bπn muËn

tr∂i qua mÈt k˙ nghÿ dµi Æ” an d≠Ïng vµ thanh l‰c t©m hÂn

th◊ Æ©y ch›nh lµ Æi”m Æ’n phÔ hÓp cho bπn. BÎi Melia Ba V◊

Mountain Retreat Æ≠Óc v› nh≠ "Vin ng‰c qu˝ trong bµn tay

cÒa th«n NÛi".

ßi”m nÊi bÀt cÒa khu resort cn nªm Î lËi thi’t k’ ha hÓp

vÌi thin nhin. MÁi c®n phng vµ bi÷t th˘ lµ s˘ pha trÈn

gi˜a ki’n trÛc Vi÷t x≠a vµ ki’n trÛc thuÈc Æa Ph∏p, nªm l‰t

th·m trong kh´ng gian xanh m∏t cÒa rıng nÛi ph›a Bæc. Bn

cπnh Æ„, d≠Ìi s˘ qu∂n l˝ ch∆t chœ cÒa tÀp Æoµn kh∏ch sπn

quËc t’ Melia Hotels & Resorts, Melia Ba V◊ sœ mang Æ’n

cho bπn nh˜ng dch vÙ tËt nh†t, tı h÷ thËng h b¨i n≠Ìc

n„ng v´ c˘c ÆÈc Æ∏o Æ’n phong v »m th˘c É ¢u phong phÛ.

Ngoµi ra, Æ’n vÌi Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat, bπn cn

Æ≠Óc tham quan c∏c khu ph’ t›ch tı thÍi th˘c d©n Ph∏p nh≠

"Nhµ ßπi t∏", "Trπi g∏i", "S©n ÆÁ tr˘c th®ng" hay tham gia

c∏c hoπt ÆÈng thÛ v ngoµi trÍi nh≠ trekking, Æπp xe vµ chÃo

thuy“n kayak.

Gi∂m gi∏ 15% trong giai Æoπn mÎ b∏n thˆ tÌi 31/5/2018

Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat is a resort located within

beautiful Ba Vi National Park, about 55 km from Hanoi.

The luxurious retreat nestles in a unique secluded area at

an altitude of 600 m above sea level, giving the region a

pleasant tropical climate all year round. If you are looking

for an ideal getaway destination to relax and restore your

overall wellbeing for a day, weekend, or longer, then this

is it. Come to the Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat and enjoy

its reputation as a hidden mountain gem.

The resort features a harmonious design that blends

in perfectly with nature. The rooms and villas are a

fusion of traditional Vietnamese and French colonial

architecture that offer stunning views of the Northern

Delta. Under careful management of the international

hotel group Melia Hotels & Resorts, Melia Ba Vi is

sure to bring you outstanding services from the unique

heated infinity pool to exquisite Eurasian culinary

delights. At the Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat, guests

are also offered free tour to visit the incredible French

ruins in Ba Vi including Colonel's Mansion, Ladies' Camp

and Heliport, or take part in fun outdoor activities from

trekking, to cycling, to kayaking.

15% discount during soft-opening period until May 31, 2018

MeliÉ Ba Vi Mountain Retreat

* Cote 600m, Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

* Tel: 024 3200 9999

* Email:








Novotel Danang Premier Han River has

always been the best venue to experience

the Danang International Fireworks

Festival. Located on the 4th floor and

29 th floor, The Splash pool, The Square

restaurant and Premier Lounge will be

converted into exclusive venues to watch

the fireworks. These 3 locations will be

open to welcome for public. Additionally,

private viewing rooms will be available

in our Oasis Spa room, selected meeting

rooms & Corner suite room. Packages

start from VND 1,000,000/person.







For an exclusive touch of elegance, Saigon Prince Hotel offers several unique

privileges for guests staying in Club Room or Club Suite Room. Set in a private

Club Lounge area at the 9 th floor, dedicated staff stand ready for personalized

check-in and check-out, serving continental breakfast, afternoon tea, evening drinks and

canapes. To make the most of your business or personal requirements, guests will have

access to a private business centre with one hour of meeting room everyday. Enhance

your stay with these unique privileges on your next visit to Saigon Prince Hotel. As a

4-star hotel locating at Nguyen Hue Boulevard - named the gold path right in the heart

of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Prince Hotel delivers the best experience to guests in

terms of location, amenities, services and privileges alike.



HAN RIVER *36 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau

District, Danang *Tel: 0941 298 599 *Email: *Website: www.


(SAIGON PRINCE HOTEL *63 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City *Tel: 028 3822 2999




Located near the beautiful swimming pool on ground floor of

PARKROYAL Saigon, St. Gregory Spa offers guests the journeys to

optimal wellness through gentle therapies in a soothing ambience of

relaxation and rejuvenation. Designed as a modern resort, St. Gregory Spa

interior is wrapped with soft colors and pleasant lights that will offer you a

comfortable feeling. The spa consists of 6 therapy rooms, including rooms

for 2 people and foot massage room. Take your pick from assortment

of revitalizing massages and therapeutic treatments following well-known

traditional Chinese medicine by professional staffs that will undoubtedly

satisfy you. Come to enjoy a treatment at the famous St. Gregory Spa

which also well-known in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.


Van Troi, Tan Binh District, HCMC *Tel: 028 3842 1111 *Email: stgregory.








Ba ¨i m◊nh Æi Æ©u?

ô tuÊi 70, vÌi cuËn s∏ch "Ba ¨i m◊nh Æi

Æ©u?", l«n Æ«u tin Jean-Louis Fournier

vi’t v“ hai cÀu con trai tÀt nguy“n cÒa

m◊nh, cÚng lµ Æ” dµnh t∆ng chÛng. Nh˜ng

Ưa trŒ mæt nh◊n kh´ng r‚, tai Æi’c, ch©n

khoÃo, l≠ng gÔ, x≠¨ng y’u. MÈt Ưa chÿ

bi’t nhæc Æi nhæc lπi mÈt c©u h·i: "Ba ¨i,

m◊nh Æi Æ©u?". MÈt Ưa suËt ngµy ngh‹

m◊nh lµ mÈt ÆÈng c¨ nn c¯ ku "brım,

brım"... SËng trong th’ giÌi †y, ng≠Íi cha

c«n ph∂i lµm th’ nµo? S¯c mπnh lan t·a

cÒa c©u chuy÷n c„ thÀt v´ cÔng c∂m ÆÈng

nµy Æ∑ giÛp t∏c gi∂ giµnh gi∂i Fämina 2008

vµ Ưng v˜ng trn b∂ng x’p hπng bestseller

suËt nhi“u tu«n.

S∏ch b∏n tπi nhµ s∏ch Tiki, gi∏ 34.000 VNß.




TËi th¯ 3, 5, 7 hµng tu«n


Ionah lµ ch˜ vi’t ng≠Óc cÒa Hanoi, mang h¨i thÎ nhp nhµng Æ«y say

m nh≠ng cÚng thu«n khi’t vµ tinh kh´i nh≠ ch›nh Hµ NÈi. Nh˜ng

buÊi di‘n dµi 70 phÛt lµ s˘ k’t hÓp tuy÷t vÍi gi˜a c∏c vÎ xi’c, kch,

nh∂y mÛa,... cÔng ©m nhπc Æi÷n tˆ vµ ©m nhπc d©n gian, ∏nh s∏ng vµ Æ∆c

bi÷t lµ hi÷u ¯ng s©n kh†u 3D hi÷n Æπi.

Gi∏ vä: 510.000 - 950.000 VNß

(NHÄ HÉT STAR GALAXY *87 L∏ng Hπ, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 024 3664

6969 *Website:

KhÎi chi’u 15/6

The Incredibles

Sau thµnh c´ng cÒa ph«n Æ«u ra mæt n®m 2004, ph«n 2 The Incredibles lµ mÈt trong

nh˜ng t∏c ph»m Æi÷n ∂nh Æ≠Óc chÍ Æ„n nh†t trong n®m nay. ß©y lµ c©u chuy÷n xoay

quanh gia Æ◊nh nh· cÒa Helen Parr - Elastigirl vµ Bob Parr - Mr. Incredible. Helen

Parr vÌi kh∂ n®ng uËn dŒo sœ quay trÎ lπi vÌi th´ng Æi÷p: Gi∂i c¯u th’ giÌi kh´ng chÿ

lµ vi÷c cÒa c∏nh nam nhi. Bob Parr tıng nÊi ti’ng vÌi s¯c mπnh siu phµm giÍ Æ©y sœ

ph∂i h‰c c∏ch ch®m s„c con c∏i, bao gÂm c∂ vi÷c h‰c thm c∂ ÆËng k¸ n®ng nÈi trÓ

Æ” vÓ Æi xˆ l˝ kŒ x†u.

CÙm rπp CGV toµn quËc



Tı nay Æ’n 20/5

Tri”n l∑m tranh "Mi“n

hπnh phÛc"

H‰a s‹ ßÁ ThÛy Hªng lµ mÈt ng≠Íi phÙ

n˜ b◊nh th≠Íng, dµnh c∂ cuÈc ÆÍi Æ” ki’m

t◊m, theo ÆuÊi Mi“n hπnh phÛc. Mi“n hπnh

phÛc mµ ch h≠Ìng tÌi giËng nh≠ ≠Ìc v‰ng

b◊nh l∆ng cÒa mÁi c∏ nh©n, muËn Æπt Æ’n

c∂nh giÌi cÒa Ch©n, Thi÷n, M¸...

H‰a s‹ ßÁ ThÛy Hªng yu hi÷n th˘c (theo

c∂ ngh‹a t›ch c˘c l…n tiu c˘c). Hi÷n th˘c

lu´n d©ng trµn c∂m xÛc trong ch, vµ ch

ph∂i tho∏t ra kh·i Æ„ bªng nh˜ng gam mµu

mπnh, t≠¨ng ph∂n, bªng bÛt ph∏p kho∏ng

Æπt, c„ ph«n khÛc chi’t.


ßπo Thµnh, Hµ NÈi)


9 h - 19 h, 16/6 - 6/7/2018

Tri”n l∑m ∂nh b∏o ch› th’

giÌi 2018

L«n Æ«u tin trong suËt 15 n®m, Tri”n l∑m

∂nh B∏o ch› Th’ giÌi Æ∑ tÌi Vi÷t Nam trong

hµnh tr◊nh vng quanh th’ giÌi n®m 2018.

S˘ ki÷n nµy do ßπi s¯ qu∏n Hµ Lan tÊ ch¯c

nhªm Æ∏nh d†u k˚ ni÷m 45 n®m quan h÷

ngoπi giao Vi÷t Nam - Hµ Lan. Tri”n l∑m

sœ tr≠ng bµy nh˜ng b¯c ∂nh Æ≠Óc ch‰n

l‰c tı cuÈc thi ∂nh B∏o ch› Th’ giÌi l«n

th¯ 61. Nh˜ng b¯c ∂nh Æπt gi∂i trong cuÈc

thi Æ∑ Æ≠Óc hÈi ÆÂng gi∏m kh∂o xem xät

k¸ l≠Ïng tı h¨n 73.000 b¯c ∂nh do 4.548

nhi’p ∂nh gia tı 125 quËc gia nÈp d˘ thi.

Tri”n l∑m sœ tÌi th®m h¨n 90 thµnh phË

lÌn trn th’ giÌi vµ thu hÛt kho∂ng h¨n 4

tri÷u kh∏ch tham quan.

Vµo cˆa t˘ do


Y’t Kiu, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 024 3942 6972)




Where We Going,


At the age of 70, Jean-Louis Fournier tells the story of his two disabled sons for

the first time in "Where We Going, Daddy?" and dedicates the book to them.

Both children face extremely debilitating physical and mental challenges with

one constantly asking, "Where we going, Daddy?" while the other thinks he is an engine,

and keeps saying things like, "Brmm brmm..." Imagine living that kind of life, what should

a father do? The immense power of this deeply moving story earned the author the

prestigious French Prix Fämina Award in 2008 and has been included on many bestseller

lists around the world.

Book sold at Tiki bookstore at 34,000 VND.

9 am - 7 pm, June 16 - July 6

World Press Photo Exhibition 2018

For the first time in 15 years, the World Press Photo Exhibition has arrived in

Vietnam on its world wide tour. This event is organized by the Embassy of the

Kingdom of the Netherlands to mark the 45 years of diplomatic relations between

Vietnam and the Netherlands. The exhibition will feature selected photographs

from the 61 st annual World Press Photo contest. The winners were chosen by an

independent jury that reviewed more than 73,000 photographs entered by 4,548

photographers from 125 countries. The exhibition will visit over 90 major cities in

the world and attract over 4 million visitors. Admission is free.

(VIETNAM FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY *42 Yet Kieu, Hoan Kiem District,

Hanoi *Tel: 024 3942 6972)



Every Tuesday, Thursday, and


Ionah Show

"Ionah", which is "Hanoi" written

in reverse, is a fascinating story

told in colors that tells the audience

about a Hanoi that is rich in history.

The 70-minute show is a perfect

combination of choreographed

dancing, enchanting music, and

eye-popping visual, 3D mapping and

lighting effects to depict the journey

of a young girl and her

star-crossed lover.

Ticket price: 510,000 - 950,000 VND


Ha, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi *Tel: 024

3664 6969 *Website: nhahat.stargalaxy.


Now until May 20

Exhibition "Happy


Artist Do Thuy Hang is an ordinary

woman who spends her whole

life searching for her happy zone.

The happy zone that she is looking

for is essentially every individual's

quiet desire to be able to "touch"

the essence of the true, the good,

and the beautiful. Do Thuy Hang

love both the good and the bad

sides of reality. It is the joy and the

pain of reality that give her the rich

emotions she often expresses with

her free brush strokes and strong,

contrasting colors.


*3 Ly Dao Thanh, Hoan Kiem District,



Opens June 15

Incredibles 2

After the huge success of The

Incredibles in 2004, Incredibles 2

resumes to be one of the most

anticipated films of the year. The

story centres around a family with

super powers where Helen Parr is

the Elastigirl and Bob Parr is the Mr.

Incredible. Helen Parr returns with

a strong message that rescuing the

world is no longer a man's job. Bob

Parr now has to stay at home to

take care of their children, and learn

new housework skills, so his wife

can go and fight the bad guys.

Soon showing at CGV cinemas













SΩn sµng chµo Æ„n mÔa hÃ, chµng h∑y ch‰n cho m◊nh nh˜ng m„n

Æ trŒ trung, ƨn gi∂ vµ ti÷n dÙng. Tuy nhin, bÈ trang phÙc cÚng

kh´ng käm ph«n bæt mæt Æ” cho chµng v…n thÀt nÊi bÀt trong mÁi

t†m ∂nh Æ≠Óc l≠u lπi suËt chuy’n Æi.

Pick this youthful and stylish men beach look if you want to stand out and

look good while frolicking in the sea and sand in the summer.

1, PRADA Camp-Collar Printed Woven Shirt ( I 2,

LOCK & CO HATTERS Provence Grosgrain-Trimmed Hemp Trilby Hat

( I 3, VALENTINO Embroidered Canvas Wallet

( I 4, SHINOLA The Runwell 36 mm Stainless

Steel And Leather Watch ( I 5, DOLCE & GABBANA

Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Gabardine Shorts (

I 6, PERSOL Combo Evolution Round-Frame Acetate And Gold-Tone

Sunglasses ( I 7, ORLEBAR BROWN Sutton Canvas

And Leather Espadrilles (









Nh˜ng th˘c ph»m nh≠ hπt ngÚ cËc Æ≠Óc

tinh ch’ tı bÈt y’n mπch h˜u c¨, ngÚ

cËc Æa n®ng, hπt quinoa, s˜a h˜u c¨ Æ≠Óc

lµm tı c∏c loπi hπt... Æang d«n thay th’ nh˜ng

th˘c ph»m nh≠ b∏nh m◊, c¨m gπo hay s˜a b. VÌi

nguÂn gËc h˜u c¨, ch¯a nhi“u vitamin vµ n®ng

l≠Óng ÆÂng thÍi giÛp thanh l‰c c¨ th”, loπi b·

ÆÈc tË, nh˜ng th˘c ph»m nµy h¯a hãn sœ ln ng´i

vµ trÎ thµnh xu h≠Ìng trong phong c∏ch ®n uËng

cÒa ng≠Íi hi÷n Æπi. VÌi 20 n®m xu†t hi÷n trn th

tr≠Íng cÔng h¨n 12.000 s∂n ph»m ch†t l≠Óng ƺng

c†p tı khæp n¨i trn th’ giÌi, Annam Gourmet

Market trÎ thµnh ng≠Íi bπn ÆÂng hµnh th©n thi’t

cÒa cuÈc sËng xanh, sπch cÒa ng≠Íi hi÷n Æπi. H∑y

Æ’n vÌi Annam Gourmet Market Æ” cÔng sËng

xanh-sπch-lµnh mπnh!

(ANNAM GOURMET MARKET *T«ng B2, 11-12 ta

nhµ Saigon Centre, 65 L LÓi, QuÀn 1, TP. HCM *16-18 Hai

Bµ Tr≠ng, QuÀn 1, TP. HCM *41A Th∂o ßi“n, QuÀn 2, TP.

HCM *SB2-2 M¸ Kh∏nh 4, Nguy‘n ߯c C∂nh, ph≠Íng T©n

Phong, QuÀn 7, TP HCM *SË 51 Æ≠Íng Xu©n Di÷u, ph≠Íng

Qu∂ng An, quÀn T©y HÂ, Hµ NÈi)





L˜ hµnh Vi÷t Æang ∏p dÙng ≠u Æ∑i lÌn nhi“u tour du lch

tr‰n g„i, gÂm: Th∏i Lan tı 4.900.000 VNß, Singapore tı

6.900.000 VNß, ßµi Loan tı 8.900.000 VNß, Hµn QuËc tı

9.900.000 VNß, NhÀt B∂n tı 19.900.000 VNß, Ch©u ¢u tı

35.900.000 VNß. C∏c tour Æ“u c„ chu»n dch vÙ 3 - 4 sao,

khÎi hµnh Ænh k˙ hµng tu«n.

(L~ HÄNH VIåT *Hµ NÈi: 94 Tr«n V¸ *Tel: 024 3763 3222 - ßµ

NΩng: 76 Bπch ߪng, H∂i Ch©u - Tel: 0236 6271 919 - TP. HCM:

9 Phan K’ B◊nh, QuÀn 1 *Tel: 028 6295 5333 *Website: www.


Visa du lch M¸ d‘ dµng vÌi NATrust

NATrust c„ nhi“u n®m kinh nghi÷m trong l‹nh v˘c Ænh c≠, du h‰c, Æ∆c bi÷t lµ visa du lch Hoa K˙. "Gia Æ◊nh NATrust" mong muËn

Æ≠Óc s∏nh b≠Ìc cÔng ng≠Íi Vi÷t Æ’n khæp n¨i trn th’ giÌi. Tÿ l÷ h s¨ thµnh c´ng tπi NATrust ln Æ’n 99%. Visa du lch M¸ Æ≠Óc

hoµn thµnh trong thÍi gian ngæn, chi ph› tËt nh†t cho bπn. Chu»n b gi†y tÍ, gi∂i quy’t kh„ kh®n bπn sœ kh´ng c«n bÀn t©m. NATrust

sœ ÆÂng hµnh cho Æ’n khi visa M¸ Æ≠Óc bπn c«m trn tay.

(NATRUST *T«ng 6, Toµ nhµ Perfect, 150Bis L Th HÂng G†m, Q.1, TP.HCM *Tel: 0932 325 325

*Email: *Website:






Thong th∂, th≠ th∏i Æ´i chÛt, nµng xu†t hi÷n Î cuÈc dπo

ch¨i trong trang phÙc ƨn gi∂n, nhã nhµng. Thm mÈt vµi

phÙ ki÷n tπo Æi”m nh†t, nµng lπi sΩn sµng cho mÈt di÷n mπo

hoµn h∂o, t˘ tin trong ngµy hÃ.

A simple, yet elegant outfit with pieces of statement jewlery for

you to shine in and wear to almost any occasion this summer.


1, CULT GAIA Stella rattan and woven raffia tote

( I 2, CHLO– Ruffled printed silk

blouse ( I 3, GUCCI Distressed

boyfriend jeans ( I 4, CHLO– Aviatorstyle

gold-tone sunglasses ( I 5, FRED

LEIGHTON Collection silver-plated, 18-karat gold and

topaz earrings ( I 6, NEOUS

Opus leather mules (









Food such as refined cereal grains from organic oatmeal, to multi-grain cereals, to quinoa, and organic nut milk are slowly

replacing food such as bread, rice, and cow's milk. Organic food which contains all the essential vitamins and provides enough

energy to keep you going while helping to purify the body, remove toxins, has become a promising food trend for a healthier

lifestyle. With a history of 20 years in the market and more than 12,000 high quality food from all over the world, Annam Gourmet

Market has become one of Vietnam's high-end supermarket chains that offers an exclusive shopping experience. Come to Annam

Gourmet Market to start building a green and healthy lifestyle!

(ANNAM GOURMET MARKET *Floor B2, 11-12 Saigon Centre Building, 65 Le Loi, Dist. 1, HCMC

*16-18 Hai Ba Trung, Dist. 1, HCMC *41A Thao Dien, Dist. 2, HCMC *SB2-2 My Khanh 4, Nguyen Duc Canh, Tan Phong, Dist. 7, HCMC

*No. 51 Xuan Dieu Street, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi)


Easy USA

tourist visa

with NATrust

NATrust has many

years of consulting

experience for the

fields of settlement,

studying abroad, and

especially USA tourist

visa application process.

NATrust aims to

take Vietnamese all

over the world with

a success visa rate

of 99%. The USA

tourist visa application

process at NATrust

takes much less time,

and is guaranteed

with a visa at the

end of the process

with an affordable

price. NATrust helps

you prepare all the

necessary paperwork,

solve all of your

problems, and make

sure you are granted

with an USA toursit

visa at the end.

(NATRUST *6 th Floor,

Perfect Building, 150Bis

Le Thi Hong Gam,

District 1, HCMC *Tel:

0932 325 325 *Email:

*Website: www.NATrust.




Lu Hanh Viet is offering attractive tour packages this

summer which include Thailand tours from 4,900,000

VND, Singapore tours from 6,900,000 VND, Taiwan

tours from 8,900,000 VND, Korea tours from 9,900,000

VND, Japan tours from 19,900,000 VND, and Europe

tours from 35,900,000 VND. Services are guaranteed 3-4

star quality. Departures are weekly.

(LU HANH VIET *Hanoi: 94 Tran Vy *Tel: 024 3763 3222 -

Danang: 76 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District *Tel: 0236 6271 919

- Ho Chi Minh City: 9 Phan Ke Binh, District 1 *Tel: 028 6295

5333 - Representative offices in provinces and cities across the

country *Tel: 1800 1109 *Website:










C´ c´ng chÛa bä nh· hºn sœ r†t th›ch thÛ vµ Æi÷u Ƶ trong chi’c v∏y hoa nhã nhµng. Sæc hÂng trn trang phÙc cÔng vÌi nh˜ng

phÙ ki÷n træng tinh t’ Æi kÃm cn mang lπi cho bä con vŒ ngoµi thanh lch vµ sµnh Æi÷u.

Dress your little princess in this beautiful light pink floral dress and accessorize it with white items to make her the star of the party.

1, DAVID CHARLES Pearl & Crystal Bracelet ( I 2, LESY White Rose Hairband (www.lesy.

it/en) I 3, DOLCE & GABBANA Baby Girls Silk Chiffon Dress ( I 4, ARMANI JUNIOR Girls Ivory Handbag

(19 cm) ( I 5, KATZ Girls White Satin Special Occasion Shoes (www.









Cho nh˜ng k˙ nghÿ cÔng gia Æ◊nh, Æıng qun chu»n b cho thµnh

vin nh· tuÊi nh†t. Chæc hºn nh˜ng k˙ nghÿ hà ƫu tin sœ lu´n lµ

nh˜ng k˚ ni÷m thÀt Æ∏ng nhÌ.

For a complete family holiday look, remember to dress your little ones as

well. Their first vacations will always be the most memorable ones.


1, CHIC BY LARANJINHA Baby Boys Dungaree

Outfit ( I 2, BOSS Baby Boys

Ivory Logo Cap ( I 3, ALVIERO

MARTINI Dark Geo Map Bow Tie (www.alvieromartini.

it) I 4, ARMANI BABY Baby Bottle & Dummy Gift Set


White & Navy Blue Baby Shoes (www.childrensalon.

com/armani) I 6, PASITO A PASITO Blue Jittery Teddy

Toy (20cm) (





1 2


VÌi mÈt bÈ Æ ƨn gi∂n, n®ng ÆÈng, bä trai sœ thÀt tho∂i m∏i, chπy nh∂y

vµ kh∏m ph∏ trong suËt buÊi dπo ch¨i. Khi qu∏ m∂i ch¨i, k›nh mæt vµ

mÚ sœ giÛp bä tr∏nh bÌt Æi ∏nh næng ch„i chang cÒa mÔa hÃ.

An easy, casual look with style for your boy to wear this summer that allows

him to be as active as he can be, and be protected from the sun.




1, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Black All Over Logo Cap ( I 2, FENDI Black Text Backpack (32 cm) (www. I 3, MOSCHINO KID-TEEN Boys Cotton Shorts Set ( I 4, BALENCIAGA White Speed Trainers









Isuzu Vi÷t Nam vıa cho ra mæt th tr≠Íng s∂n ph»m xe t∂i Isuzu mÌi. ß©y Æ≠Óc coi lµ

b≠Ìc ti’n khi h∑ng xe t∂i Æ’n tı NhÀt B∂n, lµ mÈt trong c∏c ƨn v Æ«u tin ch›nh th¯c

ra mæt dng xe t∂i Æπt tiu chu»n kh› th∂i Euro 4 theo quy Ænh cÒa Ch›nh phÒ Vi÷t

Nam. Th’ h÷ xe t∂i Isuzu vÌi ÆÈng c¨ mÌi cn Æ≠Óc trang b thm tÔy ch‰n bÈ thi’t b

an toµn bao gÂm: Mobileye - h÷ thËng tr∏nh va chπm vµ camera lÔi, sˆ dÙng c´ng ngh÷

c∂m bi’n th´ng minh th’ h÷ mÌi nh†t. Khi c„ mËi nguy sæp x∂y ra, c∏c t›n hi÷u b∏o ÆÈng

bªng h◊nh ∂nh vµ ©m thanh sœ c∂nh b∏o tµi x’ giÛp kp thÍi xˆ l˝, gi∂m nguy c¨ tai nπn khi

xe l≠u th´ng trn Æ≠Íng. VÌi nh˜ng c∂i ti’n mÌi, gi∏ nim y’t cÒa c∏c dng xe t∂i mÌi chÿ

t®ng 5-12% so vÌi xe Euro 2.

(C§NG TY TNHH § T§ ISUZU VIåT NAM *695 Quang Trung, P.8, Q. G V†p, TP.HCM

*Tel: 028 3895 9203 *Website:




u Æ∑i cÒa Oakwood

cho c®n hÈ dch vÙ

Oakwood Residence Saigon Æang

c„ ch≠¨ng tr◊nh gi∂m gi∏ 10% cho

nh˜ng kh∏ch Æ∆t chÁ tr≠Ìc ngµy

30/6, vÌi thÍi gian l≠u trÛ tËi thi”u

mÈt th∏ng.

Oakwood Residence Saigon, c®n

hÈ dch vÙ Æ«u tin Æ≠Óc Æ«u t≠

bÎi Mapletree Vi÷t Nam, Æ∑ ch›nh

th¯c Æ≠Óc vÀn hµnh tı th∏ng 4

n®m nay. Nªm ngay trung t©m

khu d©n c≠ thnh v≠Óng vÌi cÈng

ÆÂng ng≠Íi n≠Ìc ngoµi Æ´ng ÆÛc,

Oakwood Residence Saigon c„

v tr› Ææc Æa g«n tr≠Íng quËc t’,

b÷nh vi÷n, nhµ hµng, khu th≠¨ng

mπi trung t©m... VÌi 237 phng, tı

c®n hÈ studio Æ’n c®n hÈ ba phng

ngÒ, Æ≠Óc trang b Æ«y ÆÒ nÈi th†t,

Oakwood Residence Saigon phÔ

hÓp vÌi mÙc Æ›ch l≠u trÛ ngæn

hπn vµ dµi hπn, Æ∆c bi÷t dµnh cho

nh„m kh∏ch ho∆c gia Æ◊nh.


SAIGON *1056A Nguy‘n V®n Linh,

T©n Phong, QuÀn 7, TP. HCM *Email:






Theo k’ hoπch, tı ngµy 23/6 - 23/10, h∑ng hµng kh´ng Air New Zealand sœ khai th∏c hai

chuy’n bay thºng hµng tu«n gi˜a Auckland vµ TP. HCM vµo th¯ ba vµ th¯ b∂y bªng loπi m∏y

bay Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Ngoµi thÍi gian bay thºng, hµnh kh∏ch Vi÷t Nam c„ th” sˆ

dÙng dch vÙ nËi chuy’n cÒa Air New Zealand qu∏ c∂nh tπi Singapore. Trong cuÈc b◊nh

ch‰n Gi∂i th≠Îng Hµng kh´ng n®m 2018 cÒa ÆÈc gi∂ TripAdvisor (TripAdvisor Traveller's

Choice Awards), Air New Zealand Æ≠Óc x’p hπng th¯ hai trn phπm vi toµn c«u vµ lµ H∑ng

hµng kh´ng tËt nh†t khu v˘c Nam Th∏i B◊nh D≠¨ng. Hπng gh’ PhÊ th´ng Æ∆c bi÷t cÒa h∑ng

ti’p tÙc Æ≠Óc b◊nh ch‰n lµ Hπng gh’ PhÊ th´ng Æ∆c bi÷t tËt nh†t th’ giÌi.

(AIR NEW ZEALAND - DISCOVER THE WORLD VIETNAM *Tel: 028 6291 2277 *Email: *Website:


Gamuda City

nhÀn gi∂i th≠Îng

FIABCI World Prix

d'Excellent Award

D˘ ∏n Gamuda City cÒa chÒ Æ«u

t≠ Gamuda Land Æ∑ dµnh chi’n

thæng tπi hπng mÙc B∂o tÂn & C∂i

tπo Thin nhin trong khu´n khÊ

l‘ trao gi∂i FIABCI World Prix

d' Excellence 2018. Gi∂i th≠Îng

vinh danh nh˜ng d˘ ∏n b†t ÆÈng

s∂n hµng Æ«u trn th’ giÌi trong

m‰i l‹nh v˘c. Gi∏m ÆËc Æi“u hµnh

Gamuda, ´ng Ngan Chee Meng

chia sŒ: "ChÛng t´i r†t vinh d˘

khi d˘ ∏n Gamuda City nhÀn gi∂i

th≠Îng nµy. ß©y lµ minh ch¯ng

cho nh˜ng nÁ l˘c cÒa chÛng t´i

khi tu©n thÒ c∏c gi∏ tr Æ∑ lµm nn

thµnh c´ng cÒa Gamuda Land tπi

th tr≠Íng Malaysia vµ th’ giÌi. Khi

b∂o tÂn nh˜ng nät Æãp thin nhin

thu«n khi’t, chÛng t´i tπo d˘ng

mÈt qu«n th” trÔ phÛ vµ ph∏t tri”n

cho cÈng ÆÂng".

(GAMUDA CITY *Hotline: 0902

178 088 *Website: www.gamudacity.



Regent Residences Phu Quoc

Ngay khi th´ng tin chÒ Æ«u t≠ BIM Group rÙc rch

mÎ b∏n giai Æoπn 2 nh˜ng c®n bi÷t th˘ siu sang 6 sao

Regent Residences Phu Quoc, giÌi Æ«u t≠ Æ∑ vÈi vµng

Æ∆t chÁ bÎi e ngπi t◊nh trπng ch∏y hµng tıng x∂y ra khi

BIM Group mÎ b∏n giai Æoπn 1.

Regent Residences Phu Quoc lµ hÓp ph«n th¯ 3 cÒa

d˘ ∏n khu ph¯c hÓp du lch Phu Quoc Marina. Phu

Quoc Marina c„ tÊng di÷n t›ch 155 ha tr∂i dµi trn

1 km bÍ bi”n B∑i Tr≠Íng (Long Beach), nÊi ti’ng

lµ n¨i ngæm c∂nh hoµng h´n tuy÷t vÍi Î Æ∂o Ng‰c.

Hai hÓp ph«n tr≠Ìc lµ c®n hÈ vµ bi÷t th˘ nghÿ d≠Ïng

InterContinenal Phu Quoc Long Beach Residences

vµ Phu Quoc Waterfront vÌi c∏c c®n nhµ phË phÔ

hÓp kinh doanh th≠¨ng mπi Æ“u trong t◊nh trπng

"ch∏y hµng".

Regent Residences Phu Quoc sÎ h˜u t«m nh◊n h≠Ìng

bi”n hoµn h∂o, d˘ ∏n nªm s∏t bÍ bi”n bao gÂm 76 c®n

bi÷t th˘ bi”n vµ c∏c c®n sky villas, phng kh∏ch sπn

hπng sang cÔng nhi“u ti÷n ›ch ƺng c†p nh≠: Rooftop

bar, Sky bar, Gym, nhµ hµng Æπt chu»n Michelin Star,

Beach club, Spa...

SÎ h˜u v tr› Ææc Æa, Æi cÔng vÌi uy t›n cÒa chÒ Æ«u

t≠ BIM Group vµ s˘ hi÷n di÷n cÒa th≠¨ng hi÷u qu∂n

l˝ vÀn hµnh 5 sao vËn nÊi ti’ng tinh t’ trong giÌi nghÿ

d≠Ïng xa hoa th’ giÌi, Regent Residences Phu Quoc

nhanh ch„ng thu hÛt t«m mæt cÒa giÌi Æ«u t≠ sµnh s·i

tı khi d˘ ∏n ch≠a mÎ b∏n. V◊ vÀy, chÿ sau 1 th∏ng mÎ

b∏n giai Æoπn 1, 90% c∏c c®n bi÷t th˘ Æ∑ Æ≠Óc Æ∆t c‰c

vµ k˝ hÓp ÆÂng.

§ng Nguy‘n Thµnh DÚng, mÈt nhµ Æ«u t≠ Î Hµ NÈi

cho rªng, b†t ÆÈng s∂n nghÿ d≠Ïng v…n lµ knh Æ«u

t≠ h†p d…n vµ PhÛ QuËc lµ Æi”m Æ’n tri”n v‰ng nh†t

trn cung Æ≠Íng du lch Î Vi÷t Nam. Hi÷n Î PhÛ

QuËc kh´ng c„ nhi“u d˘ ∏n sÎ h˜u nhi“u ≠u th’ nh≠

Regent Residences Phu Quoc c∂ v“ v tr›, th≠¨ng hi÷u

qu∂n l˝, thi’t k’ ÆÈc Æ∏o.

ß∆c bi÷t, ch›nh s∏ch b∏n hµng cÔng vÌi c∏c ch≠¨ng

tr◊nh cho thu linh hoπt lµ mÈt y’u tË quan tr‰ng

giÛp nhµ Æ«u t≠ c„ s˘ Æ∏nh gi∏ ch›nh x∏c v“ hi÷u qu∂

Æ«u t≠ bi÷t th˘ Regent Residences Phu Quoc.

Regent Residences Phu Quoc * Hotline: 0937 971 971 - 0989 999 901









Air New Zealand will operate two direct flights a week between Auckland and Ho

Chi Minh City on Tuesdays and Saturdays, using its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Vietnamese passengers can also travel on non-direct flights with Air New Zealand

and transit in Singapore. Air New Zealand has once again been ranked second among the

world's best airlines, and awarded the Best Airline title in the South Pacific at the 2018

TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards. The airline's Premium Economy Class is once again

voted the Best Premium Economy Class in the world.


HCMC *Website:

New Isuzu

Forward & QKR


Isuzu Vietnam has recently

launched two new Isuzu

truck lines. The Japanese

truck company is making

a step forward as one

of the first companies

to launch the Euro 4

emission standard truck

line. The new generation

Isuzu trucks are equipped

with an optional safety kit

which includes Mobileye

- a smart advanced

driver assistance system

providing warnings for

collision prevention and

mitigation. When the

system senses dangers,

visual and auditory alarms

will alert the driver so

that they can handle the

situations and reduce the


risk of traffic accidents.

With improved features,

prices for the new trucks

have increased 5-12%

compared to the Euro 2.




*695 Quang Trung, Ward

8, Go Vap District, Ho Chi

Minh City *Tel: 028 3895

9203 *Website:


Special promotion

for Oakwood's

serviced apartments

The Oakwood Residence Saigon

is offering a 10% discount for

bookings made before 30 June

2018 with a minimum stay of

one month.

Oakwood Residence Saigon,

the first serviced apartment

invested by Mapletree Vietnam,

was launched in April. Located

right in the center of an

expat community, Oakwood

Residence Saigon is ideally

surrounded by numerous

international schools, hospitals,

restaurants, and shopping

centers. With 237 fully furnished

rooms from studio apartments

to three-bedroom apartments,

the Oakwood Residence Saigon

is a fantastic accommodation

choice for both short and long

term stays, especially for groups

or families.


SAIGON *1056A Nguyen Van Linh,

Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi

Minh City *Email: reservations.


Gamuda City

received FIABCI

World Prix

d'Excellence Award

Gamuda City - Gamuda Land's

urban development in Hanoi -

clinched the World Gold Award

for Environmental at the FIABCI

World Prix d'Excellent Award

2018. "We are truly honoured

to receive this renowned award

for Gamuda City. To receive

this award is a big testament

to our town making principles.

When we work closely with

nature to restore and rejuvenate

the land, we create a better

place for the community to call

home", said Ngan Chee Meng,

CEO of Gamuda Land.

(GAMUDA CITY *Hotline:

0902 178 088 *Website: www.




InterContinental Phu Quoc

Long Beach Resort


InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort t‰a

lπc tπi B∑i Tr≠Íng - PhÛ QuËc, b∑i bi”n hoang s¨ nÊi

ti’ng Æ≠Óc m÷nh danh lµ n¨i ngæm hoµng h´n Æãp

nh†t c∂ n≠Ìc. D˘ ∏n thuÈc Phu Quoc Marina, qu«n

th” nghÿ d≠Ïng sang tr‰ng cÔng tÊ hÓp vui ch¨i gi∂i

tr› thÍi th≠Óng hµng Æ«u tπi PhÛ QuËc.

N’u nh≠ Æa sË c∏c d˘ ∏n khi giÌi thi÷u ra th tr≠Íng

hi÷n nay Æ“u chÿ mÌi bæt Æ«u tri”n khai ph«n m„ng;

quy m´, ch†t l≠Óng chÿ c„ th” h◊nh dung qua h◊nh

∂nh thi’t k’ vµ nhµ m…u th◊ InterContinental Phu

Quoc lπi "ghi Æi”m" tuy÷t ÆËi bÎi vi÷c hoµn thi÷n

x©y d˘ng tr≠Ìc khi ra mæt. ß©y cÚng lµ l«n Æ«u tin,

c∏c kh∏ch hµng c„ c¨ hÈi chim ng≠Ïng tÀn mæt s∂n

ph»m vµ tr∂i nghi÷m tπi ch›nh c®n nhµ th¯ 2 cÒa m◊nh

tr≠Ìc khi ch‰n mua.

Kh´ng chÿ h†p d…n bÎi nh˜ng Æi”m kh∏c bi÷t "Æ«u

tin", InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach

Resort cn Æ≠Óc qu∂n l˝ vÀn hµnh bÎi tÀp Æoµn

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), mang th≠¨ng

hi÷u InterContinental Hotels & Resorts - th≠¨ng hi÷u

kh∏ch sπn quËc t’ hπng sang Æ«u tin trn th’ giÌi.

MÁi c®n hÈ Æ≠Óc cam k’t ch†t l≠Óng hoµn h∂o theo

h÷ thËng tiu chu»n khæt khe do IHG qu∂n l˝ vµ quy

Ænh trn toµn th’ giÌi, mang lπi tr∂i nghi÷m v“ kh´ng

gian sËng cÚng nh≠ k˙ nghÿ th≠Óng l≠u Æ›ch th˘c.

Toµn bÈ nÈi th†t cÒa c®n hÈ vµ villa InterContinental

Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort Æ“u mang h¨i thÎ sang

tr‰ng vµ hi÷n Æπi. Bn cπnh nÈi th†t ti÷n nghi, d˘ ∏n

cn bao gÂm h÷ thËng ti÷n ›ch tuy÷t vÍi kh∏c nh≠

dch vÙ spa ƺng c†p, sky bar sang tr‰ng tπi t«ng 19

cao nh†t PhÛ QuËc, h÷ thËng c∏c nhµ hµng vÌi Æa

dπng c∏c phong c∏ch »m th˘c th’ giÌi; b” b¨i v´ c˘c

c„ t«m nh◊n kho∏ng Æπt ra Æπi d≠¨ng, phng gym vÌi

trang thi’t b hi÷n Æπi nh†t...

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort lµ

d˘ ∏n Æ«u tin trn th’ giÌi cho phäp kh∏ch hµng c∏

nh©n sÎ h˜u c®n hÈ nghÿ d≠Ïng mang th≠¨ng hi÷u









Gi˜a c∏i n„ng b¯c, oi ∂ cÒa mÔa hà Hµ NÈi, b†t c¯ ai cÚng m¨ v“ mÈt ng´i nhµ vÌi

nh˜ng m∂ng xanh Æ«y s¯c sËng vµ kh´ng gian th≠ gi∑n Æ” x„a Æi bao cºng thºng cÒa

c´ng vi÷c hµng ngµy. Sonata Premier Æ≠Óc ki’n tπo cÚng v◊ Æi“u Æ„.

H∑y nhanh tay Æ®ng k˝ tham quan c®n hÈ m…u vµ c∏c ch≠¨ng tr◊nh b∏n hµng Æ” nhÀn nhi“u quµ t∆ng h†p d…n

Th´ng tin lin h÷: Hotline:1800 400 088 - Website:




Nh˜ng b≠Ìc chπy kh·e khoæn trn h÷ thËng thang tÀp th”

thao ngoµi trÍi; phÛt gi©y th≠ gi∑n ngæm nh◊n thµnh phË

hi÷n Æπi trong lµn n≠Ìc cÒa b” b¨i v´ c˘c trµn bÍ; Ææm

m◊nh gi˜a kh´ng gian sang tr‰ng cÒa b” b¨i bËn mÔa. Vµ

chºng c„ l˝ do g◊ Æ” tı chËi nh˜ng giÍ phÛt th≠ gi∑n tπi

khu x´ng h¨i Æ∏ n„ng. Bπn sœ cfln h¯ng khÎi h¨n trong

nh˜ng trÀn b„ng rÊ hay kho∂ng khæc t‹nh l∆ng trong khu

v≠Ín thi“n... ô Æ©y, mÁi tr∂i nghi÷m Æ“u Æem lπi nh˜ng

phÛt gi©y hπnh phÛc tı t©m hÂn vµ th” ch†t, t∏i tπo nguÂn

n®ng l≠Óng c®ng trµn cho c≠ d©n mÁi ngµy.

B≠Ìc qua c∏nh cÊng r◊ rµo hoa c· cÒa Seasons Avenue,

nh˜ng Ân µo kh„i bÙi, c∏i næng gæt cÒa mÔa hà Hµ NÈi

bÁng tan bi’n h’t. Chÿ cfln ti’ng n≠Ìc ch∂y r„c r∏ch,

ti’ng chim h„t, ti’ng gi„ thÊi r◊ rµo qua nh˜ng kœ l∏. MÈt

cuÈc sËng trong veo, c®ng trµn nh˘a sËng Æang n∂y nÎ

tıng ngµy.


Dflng c®n hÈ "nghÿ d≠Ïng 5 sao tπi nhµ" Sonata Premier (S4)

thuÈc d˘ ∏n Seasons Avenue lµ ki÷t t∏c Æ«y t©m huy’t do nhµ

Æ«u t≠ CapitaLand - Hoµng Thµnh ph∏t tri”n.

CapitaLand, mÈt trong nh˜ng tÀp Æoµn b†t ÆÈng s∂n lÌn nh†t

Ch©u É, hi÷n Æ∑ c„ m∆t tπi b∂y tÿnh, thµnh lÌn cÒa c∂ n≠Ìc,

gÂm TP.HCM, Hµ NÈi, H∂i Phflng, Hπ Long, ßµ NΩng,

B◊nh D≠¨ng vµ Nha Trang, Æ«u t≠ trong l‹nh v˘c c®n hÈ

nhµ Î nh≠ d'Edge Thao Dien, D1MENSION, Vista Verde,

The Vista, Mulberry Lane... vµ c®n hÈ dfich vÙ nh≠ Ascott,

Citadines, Somerset...

ß≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ tfla th∏p Æãp nh†t hÈi tÙ

nh˜ng tinh hoa cÒa d˘ ∏n, dflng c®n hÈ

"Nghÿ d≠Ïng 5 sao tπi nhµ" Sonata Premier

(S4) thuÈc d˘ ∏n Seasons Avenue (Khu Æ´ thfi

MÁ Lao, Hµ ß´ng) h¯a hãn Æem Æ’n lµn gi„ t≠¨i m∏t cho

mÔa hà nµy.

60 ti÷n ›ch ÆÈc Æ∏o Æan xen gi˜a c∏c kho∂ng kh´ng gian

xanh theo m´ h◊nh nghÿ d≠Ïng lµ n¨i Æ” bπn tÀn h≠Îng

nh˜ng k˙ nghÿ Æ›ch th˘c ngay tπi chËn an c≠ cÒa m◊nh.

Th∂ hÂn theo "B∂n hfla t†u Sonata", bπn c„ th” t∂n bÈ

trn Æ≠Íng dπo MÔa Thu rÓp b„ng c©y xanh, th≠ gi∑n bn

dflng suËi MÔa Hπ uËn l≠Ón khæp c∏c lËi Æi, læng nghe

ti’ng chim h„t trong khu v≠Ín MÔa Xu©n hay trfl truy÷n

†m cÛng tπi v≠Ín MÔa ß´ng.



The Sonata Premier (S4), the project's most premium tower of the Seasons

Avenue project in Mo Lao Urban Area, and is expected to bring a new breath of fresh

air with premium living to Hanoi's city dwellers this summer.

With 60 different unique facilities set among lush greenery with services on par with

the 5-star standard, the S4 offers a luxurious retreat for residents right in the heart

ofthriving urbanization. Within the "Sonata", you can take a leisurely stroll along the

beautiful tree-lined Autumn Walk, relax by the mellow Spring Stream, listen to the

birds singing in the Spring Garden, or enjoy a cozy chat in the Winter Garden.

Residents of S4 are offered convenient access to a whole range of attractive features

at Seasons Avenue, including a modern outdoor fitness gym, stunning views of

the city from the infinity pool, and a luxurious all-season swimming pool. You can

also enjoy relaxing moments in the hot stone sauna, play basketball, or find a quiet

moment in the meditation garden. Here, every experience promises to bring you the

deepest level of satisfaction, help restore your energy, and ensure you have access to

the highest living standard.

Entering the gate of the Seasons Avenue, all the unbearable noise and heat of Hanoi

summer seems to fade away, save for the murmuring sounds of water, birds singing,

and leaves rustling. A truly heavenly living oasis awaits you.



The Sonata Premier (S4) is the most premium tower of the Seasons Avenue project by

CapitaLand Vietnam and Hoang Thanh JSC.

CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate companies which is now present in Ho

Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ha Long, Danang, Binh Duong, and Nha Trang

providing accommodations in the residential such as d'Edge Thao Dien, D1MENSION,

Vista Verde, The Vista, Mulberry Lane... and serviced residences sectors such as: Ascott,

Citadines, Somerset...





To escape from the scorching heat of the Hanoi summer, vast open green spaces seem like

a dream come true for those who yearn for a place to retreat and leave behind their daily

stress. The Sonata Premier is designed to cater to that exact need.

Quickly register to visit the show-unit and find out more about the sales programs to receive exclusive gifts.

Contact info: Hotline: 1800 400 088 - Website: - Fanpage:





The G listening Sun



MODEL: Ng‰c Ch©u, Tu÷ Khanh - PHOTOGRAPHER: Duy Nam


STYLIST: Ng‰c Dao - MUA: Ng‰c Mi - ACCESSORIES: Goom

FASHION: Rue des chats, Ly Vu Couture, Tochie, Keybee, Cloud 9

LOCATION: Sol Beach House PhÛ QuËc





GiÍ lµ lÛc chÛng ta dµnh cho nhau nh˜ng phÛt gi©y s´i ÆÈng hay kho∂nh khæc m Æ“m cÒa mÔa

hà r˘c rÏ. Bπn h∑y ch‰n nh˜ng bÈ trang phÙc ph„ng kho∏ng, tho∂i m∏i nh†t vµ tÌi nh˜ng n¨i

tuy÷t Æãp nh≠ Sol Beach House PhÛ QuËc - ng´i nhµ nh≠ nËt nhπc trn bi”n dµnh cho nh˜ng

ai muËn c„ nh˜ng giÍ phÛt th≠ th∏i, yn t‹nh Æ” tÀn h≠Îng tr‰n vãn cuÈc sËng. Nh˜ng h◊nh ∂nh cÒa

bÈ s≠u tÀp thÍi trang th∏ng N®m cÒa Travellive Æ≠Óc th˘c hi÷n tπi Sol Beach House PhÛ QuËc cÚng

ch›nh lµ tr∂i nghi÷m ng‰t ngµo sœ Æi vµo k˝ ¯c cÒa mÁi thµnh vin trong gia Æ◊nh.

YOU MAY THINK that you are giving your kids the perfect summer holiday, and that, if not for

them, you might not have this wonderful opportunity to relax. This holiday, bring the most stylish

and comfortable outfits to wear at the beautiful Sol Beach House Phu Quoc - a beachfront home

perfect for those who want to enjoy memorable moments with their family by the sea. These fashion

photos were taken for Travellive's May collection at Sol Beach House Phu Quoc, where sweet and

unforgettable memories will linger in your mind.


Zone 1, Bai Truong Complex,Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam




L“u tr∏nh næng d≠Ìi

b„ng c©y nhi÷t ÆÌi lµ

n¨i tuy÷t vÍi Æ” th≠

gi∑n, nh†m nh∏p ly

n≠Ìc m∏t vµ h≠Îng thÙ

∏nh næng sÌm mai.

Sitting under sunshade

umbrellas is a

cool way to relax, sip

a cold drink, and enjoy

the morning sunshine

with your kids.


ßi”m nh†n trong thi’t k’ cÒa

Sol Beach House PhÛ QuËc lµ

nh˜ng h n≠Ìc nh· Æi”m xuy’t

khi’n c∂nh quan mang vŒ Æãp

xanh m∏t, trong trŒo.

A highlight in the design of

Sol Beach House Phu Quoc

is the small ponds that are

placed around, creating truly

picturesque sceneries.






Kh´ng gian v≠Ín

xanh m∏t vÌi lËi

Æi l∏t Æ∏ th›ch hÓp

cho bä th·a s¯c

vui ÆÔa.

Beautiful tropical

gardens with

cobblestone paths

are amazing

features of the Sol

Beach House Phu

Quoc that offer even

more space for

the children to run




HÂ b¨i tπi Æ©y phÔ

hÓp cho m‰i thµnh

vin trong gia Æ◊nh

vÌi thi’t k’ uËn l≠Ón

m“m mπi vµ m˘c

n≠Ìc c„ nhi“u c†p

ÆÈ kh∏c nhau.

Sol Beach House

Phu Quoc's

swimming pool is

beautifully curved

and covers a large

area. The swimming

pool has different

water levels to meet

the needs of ever

family member.



Zone 1, Bai Truong Complex,Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam




Siu m…u V‚ Hoµng Y’n - Vedette cÒa show di‘n

*Anh ch‰n mÈt m◊nh mÈt chi’u...

Ng≠Íi Æi tin phong c„ c∂m th†y

c´ ÆÈc?

- Kh´ng tham gia tu«n l‘ thÍi trang,

th≠¨ng hi÷u ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng kh´ng

bfi t∏c ÆÈng, chi phËi bÎi b†t k˙ tÊ

ch¯c nµo. T´i c„ nh˜ng s∂n ph»m

hoµn chÿnh mang tn m◊nh tı BST,

sµn di‘n cho Æ’n nh˜ng hi÷u ¯ng

lan t·a. Kh´ng nÛp b„ng, hay ph∂i

c«u cπnh vµo th≠¨ng hi÷u, s©n kh†u

ho∆c c∏i m∏c nµo Æ” Æ≠Óc chÛ ˝. T´i

g‰i Æ„ lµ con Æ≠Íng mÈt m◊nh mÈt

ng˘a Æ” tin phong. T´i hπnh phÛc

trn s˘ c´ ÆÈc †y bÎi trong 10 n®m

qua, ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng Æ∑ tπo ra bao

nhiu trµo l≠u, bao nhiu xu h≠Ìng

tı ch›nh nh˜ng b≠Ìc Æi Æ«y dÚng

c∂m Æ„. H∑y g‰i Æ©y lµ gi∏ trfi Æ≠Óc

tπo nn tı s˘ c´ ÆÈc.

*Nh˜ng ng≠Íi yu th›ch vµ l˘a ch‰n

trang phÙc tı ßMC h‰ muËn Æ≠a ra

tuyn ng´n g◊ v“ b∂n th©n? Nh˜ng

th´ng Æi÷p †y c„ thay ÆÊi theo thÍi


-Kh∏ch hµng cÒa t´i cÚng ch›nh lµ

mÈt ph«n c∏ t›nh cÒa t´i. Ch›nh h‰

Æ∑ lµ mÈt tuyn ng´n v“ c∏i Æãp, nh≠

chfi Di‘m My, Ng´ Thanh V©n, Hµ

Ki“u Anh, Linh Nga, Gi∏ng My, Hµ

T®ng... H‰ ch≠a bao giÍ t˘ ln ti’ng

Æ” khºng Æfinh gi∏ trfi vµ vŒ Æãp. ThÍi

trang cÒa ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng cÚng nh≠

th’, kh´ng Ân µo, ph´ tr≠¨ng nh≠ng

c„ nh˜ng gi∏ trfi ng«m Æ≠Óc khºng

Æfinh theo n®m th∏ng, Æ≠Óc tπo nn

tı c∏ch lµm vi÷c nghim tÛc, tˆ t’ vµ

Æ«y hi”u bi’t bÎi mÈt th≠¨ng hi÷u

muËn tÂn tπi vµ tπo d†u †n lu´n c«n

s˘ Ên Æfinh.

*Tr◊nh di‘n bÈ s≠u tÀp tπi c∏c resort lµ

mÈt xu h≠Ìng, lµ ˝ ÆÂ, hay mÈt s˘ lin

danh th≠¨ng hi÷u?

- T´i kh´ng g‰i Æ„ lµ xu h≠Ìng mµ lµ

s˘ l˘a ch‰n. V◊ n’u lµ xu h≠Ìng, bπn

ph∂i chÿ ra Æ≠Óc c∏ch lµm Æ„ Æang

t∏c ÆÈng Æ’n nhi“u ng≠Íi, nhi“u

nhµ mËt trong mÈt phπm vi nh†t

Æfinh. Trong khi Æ„, tπi Vi÷t Nam,

t›nh Æ’n hi÷n tπi t´i v…n lµ ng≠Íi

tin phong, ch≠a ai c„ th” lµm Æ≠Óc

mÈt show di‘n chÿn chu nh≠ th’.

ThÍi trang lµ kh∏i ni÷m thuÈc v“ c∏i

Æãp. Nh≠ng mÈt khi c∏i Æãp Æ≠Óc

Æ∆t trn n“n t∂ng cÒa s˘ trao ÆÊi v“

lÓi ›ch th◊ c„ lœ cÚng bÌt Æãp ph«n

nµo. Trong nh˜ng show di‘n vıa

qua cÒa t´i, c„ th” th†y r‚ chºng

mÈt th≠¨ng hi÷u hay c∏ nh©n nµo

c„ s¯c chi phËi, ∂nh h≠Îng tr˘c

ti’p. ß„ lµ Æi“u mµ t´i ngh‹ ›t ai bi’t

t˘ chÒ Æ” b∂o v÷ Ưa con tinh th«n

cÒa m◊nh. Cfln ring vi÷c Æ∆t BST

tr◊nh di‘n tπi Laguna L®ng C´ l«n

nµy, t´i cho rªng Æ„ lµ c¨ duyn vµ

s˘ phÔ hÓp.

*N’u lµ ˝ ÆÂ, anh c„ nh˜ng "looks"

nµo l†y c∂m h¯ng tı khu nghÿ vµ

m∂nh Ɔt L®ng C´?

-T´i Æ’n vÌi Laguna L®ng C´, t◊m v“

nh˜ng gi∏ trfi v®n h„a lfich sˆ nguyn

b∂n cÒa m∂nh Ɔt mi“n Trung nn

chæc chæn sœ c„ nh˜ng c∂m h¯ng

nh†t Æfinh tı nh˜ng Æi“u nµy. T´i

kh´ng th” bÀt m› qu∏ nhi“u tr≠Ìc

show di‘n nh≠ng chæc chæn Æ„ lµ

sœ lµ s˘ hfla quy÷n mÈt c∏ch tinh t’,

kh´ng c≠Ïng c«u hay g≠Óng äp gi˜a

nh˜ng gi∏ trfi truy“n thËng vµ vŒ Æãp

cÒa thÍi trang hi÷n Æπi.

T´i Æ∑ Ænh h≠Ìng r†t r‚ h◊nh ∂nh ng≠Íi phÙ n˜ mµ m◊nh h≠Ìng Æ’n:

Xinh Æãp, tµi n®ng, th´ng minh, sæc s∂o... Vµ mÈt trong nh˜ng gi∏ tr

tπo nn h‰ ch›nh lµ thÍi trang.

Th˘c s˘

th®ng hoa v◊ Æ≠Óc

ch‰n h≠Ìng Æi cho

ring m◊nh

Bµi: ßµm VÚ




HOT NHƒT Há 2018

"MÈt khi c∏i Æãp Æ≠Óc Æ∆t

trn n“n t∂ng cÒa s˘ trao

ÆÊi v“ lÓi ›ch th◊ c„ lœ cÚng

bÌt Æãp ph«n nµo." CuÈc

ÆÍi cÒa ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng vËn

d‹ Æ∑ lµ mÈt "b› mÀt lÌn"

vµ anh chºng dπi mang ra

Æ” ÆÊi trao. Nh≠ng cuÈc

trao ÆÊi nµy lπi mang mÈt

˝ ngh‹a kh∏c: ÆËi thoπi v“

c∏i Æãp.

S©n Laguna Golf L®ng C´

n¨i di‘n ra show thÍi trang Xu©n Hà cÒa NTK ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng

*Bi”n hay nÛi? C∏c NTK Æ´i khi l†y c∂m h¯ng tı nh˜ng vÔng Ɔt hay nh˜ng chuy’n Æi,

vÌi anh th◊ sao?

-Nh˜ng tuy÷t t∏c k˙ v‹ cÒa thin nhin th◊ kh´ng nn c„ s˘ l˘a ch‰n nµo c∂ v◊ chÛng

Æ“u Æ∏ng Æ” chim ng≠Ïng, lµ nh˜ng Æi“u giÛp t©m hÂn chÛng ta rÈng mÎ, tho∂i m∏i

vµ d‘ chfiu h¨n. T´i th˘c hi÷n c∏c BST, Æ≠a ra ˝ t≠Îng ph«n lÌn d˘a vµo c∂m xÛc cÒa

m◊nh, c„ th” n∂y sinh tı nh˜ng Æi“u r†t nh· nh≠ng gi∏ trfi trong cuÈc sËng. Cfln vi÷c

quy ≠Ìc, buÈc chÛng vµo mÈt h◊nh th∏i, ˝ ni÷m nµo Æ„ th◊ h¨i kin c≠Ïng, vµ chæc

chæn kh´ng ph∂i lµ l˘a ch‰n cÒa t´i.

* Anh th›ch c∏c k˙ nghÿ vÌi bπn bà hay bn gia Æ◊nh?

-MÈt k˙ nghÿ Æ≠Óc xem lµ l˝ t≠Îng khi c∂m th†y hπnh phÛc vµ b◊nh yn. N’u nh≠ vi÷c

ÆÂng hµnh cÔng nh˜ng ng≠Íi bπn mang lπi nh˜ng ni“m vui b†t tÀn th◊ vÌi gia Æ◊nh,

t´i c∂m nhÀn Æ≠Óc s˘ †m ∏p, yu th≠¨ng vµ nh≠ trÎ v“ vÌi mÈt thÍi thanh xu©n Æ«y

kiu h∑nh, bÎi vÌi gia Æ◊nh chÛng ta lu´n nh· bä (c≠Íi).

Lµm cha lµ c©u chuy÷n mµ t´i lu´n c„ nhi“u t©m t≠ nh†t. MÈt qu∏ tr◊nh t´i t˘ h‰c Æ”

ngµy mÈt t˘ hoµn thi÷n vµ Æπt Æ’n s˘ c©n bªng. Tı mÈt ng≠Íi b∂n n®ng, c∏ t›nh, bÈc

tr˘c trong thÍi trang t´i bÁng trÎ thµnh mÈt ng≠Íi Ƶn ´ng ch›n chæn, m˘c th≠Ìc vµ

c„ ph«n b◊nh l∆ng h¨n. Hai m∂ng ghäp t≠Îng chıng nh≠ ÆËi lÀp nµy Æang tÂn tπi

trong cÔng mÈt con ng≠Íi.

*M‰i ng≠Íi bi’t nhi“u v“ c∏c Nµng th¨ cÒa anh, th’ cfln ai lµ hung th«n tπo ra s¯c äp/∏p

l˘c? Lµm th’ nµo Æ” gi∂i t·a, ho∆c trËn tr∏nh?

-C∏ch lµm show cÒa ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng lπi c„ chÛt kh∏c bi÷t khi c∏c trang phÙc Æ“u

Æ≠Óc b∏n, thÀm ch› mÈt sË "ch∏y hµng" tr≠Ìc khi ln sµn di‘n. Vi÷c Æ∂m b∂o ti’n ÆÈ

cho BST tr◊nh di‘n vµ trang phÙc cho kh∏ch d˘ show lu´n lµ bµi to∏n kh„ cho t´i vµ

-k›p. C„ nh˜ng lÛc, cÀn k“ show di‘n, t´i nh≠ muËn nÊ tung. NhÀn Æ≠Óc s˘ quan

t©m cÒa c´ng chÛng lu´n lµ Æi“u hπnh phÛc. D‹ nhin, chÛng ta c«n sΩn sµng ÆËi

di÷n rªng Æi cÔng nh˜ng lÍi khen lu´n lµ nh˜ng ˝ ki’n kh´ng t›ch c˘c. T´i sœ mıng

n’u Æ„ lµ nh˜ng ˝ ki’n mang t›nh Æ„ng g„p vµ sΩn sµng Æ∏p tr∂ n’u Æ„ lµ nh˜ng chÿ

tr›ch mang t›nh c´ng k›ch c∏ nh©n, phi’n di÷n vµ thi’u hi”u bi’t. Trong tı Æi”n cÒa

t´i kh´ng c„ kh∏i ni÷m hay tı ng˜ nµo mang ˝ ngh‹a trËn tr∏nh. Cµng trËn, cµng

tr∏nh ngh‹a lµ bπn kh´ng ph∂i lµ ng≠Íi b∂n l‹nh. Vµ tË ch†t Æ„ lπi cµng kh´ng th” tÂn

tπi trong mÈt con ng≠Íi mang t›nh tin phong cho ngh÷ thuÀt.


Show Exclusive Xu©n-Hà 2018 cÒa NTK ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng sœ ch›nh th¯c di‘n ra lÛc 17h ngµy 26/5 tπi s©n

gofl cÒa khu nghÿ d≠Ïng ph¯c hÓp ƺng c†p quËc t’ Laguna L®ng C´ - Hu’. D˘ ∏n rÈng 280 häc-ta nµy Æ≠Óc bao b‰c

bÎi bÍ bi”n dµi 3 km tπi Khu Kinh t’ Ch©n M©y vÌi t«m nh◊n h≠Ìng thºng ra Bi”n ß´ng.

ß©y lµ mÈt khu v˘c nÊi ti’ng vÌi b∑i bi”n nguyn s¨, khung c∂nh thin nhin k˙ v‹ vµ nªm ngay trn Con Æ≠Íng Di

s∂n mi“n Trung huy“n thoπi vÌi c∏c di s∂n v®n h„a th’ giÌi Æ≠Óc UNESCO c´ng nhÀn.

Bn cπnh ch†t l≠Óng cÒa nh˜ng BST Æ≠Óc tr◊nh lµng, kh´ng gian tr◊nh di‘n lu´n lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng y’u tË tπo

nn d†u †n ÆÀm nät cÒa ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng trong lµng thÍi trang Vi÷t. Chia sŒ v“ vi÷c l˘a ch‰n Laguna L®ng C´ Æ”

lµm Æi”m Æ’n cho ch∆ng hµnh tr◊nh mÌi, ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng cho bi’t: "Vua Kh∂i ßfinh Æ∑ tıng ch‰n L®ng C´ lµm n¨i

nghÿ d≠Ïng vµ v› von nh≠ chËn bÂng lai tin c∂nh. Trong c∂m nhÀn cÒa t´i Æ©y lµ mÈt vÔng Ɔt hoang d∑, b› »n, k˙

v‹ nh≠ng lπi r†t b◊nh an. N¨i ng≠Íi ta c„ th” qun Æi nh˜ng Ân µo, x´ b cÒa cuÈc sËng Æ” t◊m th†y s˘ tho∂i m∏i,

hπnh phÛc trong t©m hÂn."

Tham gia show di‘n nµy, 50 ng≠Íi m…u vµ kho∂ng 200 kh∏ch VIP sœ Æ≠Óc tr∂i nghi÷m 3 ngµy 2 Æm tπi kh∏ch sπn

Banyan Tree vµ Angsana thuÈc Laguna L®ng C´. ß©y lµ cÈt mËc Æ∏ng nhÌ trong hµnh tr◊nh 5 n®m ph∏t tri”n cÒa khu

nghÿ d≠Ïng ph¯c hÓp Laguna L®ng C´ tπi Vi÷t Nam, cÚng nh≠ Æ∏nh d†u hµnh tr◊nh mÌi cÒa NTK ßÁ Mπnh C≠Íng.

Toµn c∂nh khu nghÿ

d≠Ïng ph¯c hÓp

Laguna L®ng C´ tı

trn cao




* You have always chosen to play your own game.

Do you feel alone being a trendsetter?

My decision is not participating in Fashion

Week so people can see that my brand is not

influenced by any organization. I have created

my own collections, organized my own catwalk

shows, and everything else is simply a halo

effect. I have never felt the need to depend on

any brand, label, or stage to promote myself. I

love being a trendsetter and I am happy with

my solitariness. As you can see, for the past 10

years, the trends I've created that put a deep

impact in the fashion world and I truly embrace

the bold steps that I took. What matters is how

much effort you put into your creativity.



"Once beauty is based on the exchange of benefits, it

loses its value." The life of designer Do Manh Cuong

has always been a "mystery", and he is determined

to continue to keep it hidden from the eyes of the

public. If there is something he never shies away from

however, it's dialogue about beauty.

The inevitable success of being a


* For those who love to dress in your designs,

what kind of statement are they making about

themselves? And do the messages they want to

convey change over time?

My clients represent a huge part of my

personality. From Diem My, Ngo Thanh Van,

Ha Kieu Anh, to Linh Nga, Giang My and

Ha Tang, they themselves are a manifesto

of beauty. They have never spoken about

what it means to be beautiful, and neither

have my designs tried to convey that. I want

to avoid ostentatiousness at all cost. A design

piece is timeless or not, it depends on others'

perception, and of course, my strong personal

work ethics and deep understanding of what it

takes to thrive in this competitive industry and

leave a mark, play an essential role.

* Resorts are becoming a popular show venue for

collections. Is it a trend, an intent, or is it simply

a partnership?

For me, it is more of a personal choice than

a trend. If it's a trend, you have to be able to

find many others who are doing the same

thing, but I'm pretty sure that no one else has

traveled down that path. I'm still the first and

the only fashion designer in Vietnam to have

been able to pull it off.

Fashion is a concept related to beauty, but

once beauty is based on the exchange of

benefits, it loses its value. You can see that in

my recent shows, no brands or organizations

had much impact on my work. Few people are

Do Manh Cuong



Text: Dam Vu

aware of what you have to do in order to

protect your brand reputation. My Spring -

Summer 2018 collectin will be taken place

at the Laguna Lang Co, simply because I've

noticed an opportunity to do something

different this time.

* If it is your intent, did you draw inspiration

from the resort or this particular region?

I came to Laguna Lang Co with an intent to

gain a deeper insight into the history and

cultural values of this central land, so yes,

you will see some of that in my designs, but

I am not able to go into more details before

the show. It will be a subtle blend, totally not

forced, between traditional values and the

beauty of modern fashion.

* Did your inspiration come from the sea or the

mountains? Which one did you choose?

You shouldn't be choosing one or the other.

All natural wonders have their own unique

beauty, and we are lucky to have them. Most

of the designs from my collections are created

based on my feelings and emotions, and my

inspiration can come from the smallest in

life. I never want to associate them with any

particular concept. That is not how I work.

* You rather spend time with your friends or

your family?

A vacation is most ideal when you feel happy

and at peace in the company you are with.

Travelling with friends always brings me the

most fun experiences, while being with my

family there's always a sense of warmth, love,

and sweet memories to reminisce on, and

especially, your family always treats you like

a child no matter how old you are. [laugh].

Being a father has taken me on a special

emotional journey. I am still learning

everyday to become a better person and better

father. From being a bold, impulsive, and

straightforward person in the fashion world,

there's now a sense of maturity, seriousness,

and calm in me that I had never had before.

The two seemingly opposite personalities are

co-existing in the same person.

* People know about your muses, is there any

monster in your closet? Is being creative a

pressure? How do you relax and how do you


Since my collections are always open for sale,

sometimes they are even "sold out" before

they get on the stage. It has always been

a challenge for me and my team to ensure

that we produce enough outfits for both the

models and the after-show sale. It can be

incredibly stressful to the last minute.

I'm happy that I have been able to gain public

attention for my work, but one is never free

from negative feedback, which one must be

ready to face. As long as they are constructive,

I'm willing to take it as a lesson. But if they

are ignorant personal attacks, I would not

have it. The word "escape" doesn't exist in

my vocabulary. The more you try to escape,

the more it reveals that you don't have what it

takes to take on the world, and certainly, you

can't become a trendsetter.

Model Vo Hoang Yen - Vedette of the show

I have a clear idea of the kind of women who I want to be seen in my

designs: the beautiful, talented, smart, and sharp kind. And fashion is a

huge part of their personality.




The romantic Banyan Tree Lang Co at night

The exclusive 2018 Spring - Summer collection by Do Manh Cuong is to be held at 5 pm on

May 26 at the golf course of the world-class integrated resort Laguna Lang Co (Hue), which covers an

area of 280 ha, and is surrounded by a 3 km coastal stretch in Chan May Economic Zone with views of

the East Sea.

Lang Co, famous for its pristine beaches and incredible natural sceneries, is located on the Road of

Heritage Sites in Central Vietnam that links Vietnam's World Heritage Sites together.

Besides creating amazing collections, Do Manh Cuong is very picky when it comes to his show venues,

and, thanks to that, he has enhanced his reputation in the Vietnamese fashion industry. Laguna Lang Co

has been chosen as his show venue this year. "King Khai Dinh used to choose Lang Co for his heavenly

retreat. Undoubtedly, the natural and magnificent beauty of this destination has been well preserved to

this day, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world to find peace, comfort, and

inner happiness here", shared Do Manh Cuong.

For this year's collection, Do Manh Cuong's 50 models and about 200 VIP guests are to be swept away

to the stunning location during the 3-day and 2-night event. This event is a remarkable milestone not

only for the successful career of fashion designer Do Manh Cuong but also for the 5 th anniversary of the

development of Laguna Lang Co.






MÌi khai tr≠¨ng trong n®m 2017 - 2018, phong c∏ch ki’n

trÛc ÆÈc Æ∏o, dch vÙ tËi ≠u vµ Æ∆c bi÷t Æ“u c„ v tr› Ææc

Æa, 5 khu resort, kh∏ch sπn Æ≠Óc Travellive l˘a ch‰n sau

Æ©y lµ gÓi ˝ l˝ t≠Îng cho k˙ nghÿ hà cÒa gia Æ◊nh.

Five newly opened hotels and resorts in 2017 - 2018 which

feature unique architectural styles, outstanding service, and

prime locations, have been picked by Travellive as ideal

destinations for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

Text: Khuyen Pham



Seashells PhÛ QuËc



Vıa ch›nh th¯c khai tr≠¨ng ngµy

5/5/2018, Seashells PhÛ QuËc

Hotel & Spa t‰a lπc tπi trung t©m

thfi tr†n D≠¨ng ß´ng c„ thi’t k’

nÊi bÀt nh≠ mÈt con tµu træng

Æang chu»n bfi ra kh¨i. CÚng ch›nh

s˘ trŒ trung trong lËi thi’t k’,

Seashells Æang lµ Æi”m Æ’n h†p

d…n cho nh˜ng ai yu th›ch s˘ hi÷n

Æπi, ph„ng kho∏ng mµ v…n kh´ng

thi’u Æi s˘ sang tr‰ng vµ ƺng c†p.

Seashells PhÛ QuËc Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng

theo c∏c tiu chu»n quËc t’ khæt

khe nh†t, vÌi 252 phflng vµ suite

Æ“u c„ ban c´ng ring h≠Ìng bi”n,

Æ≠Óc trang bfi nÈi th†t cao c†p.

Seashells Phu Quoc

Lost pieces of the sea

Recently launched on May, 2018, Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa is

nicely nestled in Duong Dong Town, and features a design in the shape of

a white ship ready to take off. The hotel is a young and trendy destination

for those who love modernity that comes with luxury and class. The

Seashells Phu Quoc is designed with international standards with 252

ocean-view rooms and suites and fully-equipped high-end interiors.

ß’n vÌi Seashells, bπn sœ c„ nh˜ng

giÍ phÛt th≠ gi∑n Æ∏ng gi∏ khi

ngæm b◊nh minh r˘c rÏ tı c®n

phflng vÌi khung cˆa rÈng lÌn

h≠Ìng ra bi”n hay ngÂi th≠ th∏i Î

Cocoon Beach Lounge uËng mÈt

ly cocktail nÂng nµn vµ l∆ng nghe

s„ng vÁ. MÔa hà cÒa bπn cÔng

ng≠Íi th©n cÚng v◊ th’ mµ tr∂i

Æ«y nh˜ng k˚ ni÷m Æ∏ng nhÌ. BÎi

Seashells kh´ng chÿ mang Æ’n cho

bπn kh´ng gian †n t≠Óng, vÔng

bi”n Æãp xanh ngæt lÈng gi„. N¨i

Æ©y cfln cung c†p v´ vµn hoπt ÆÈng

thÛ vfi cho gia Æ◊nh bπn nh≠ chÃo

thuy“n kayak hay th∂ m◊nh trn

chi’c phao b¨i khÊng l bÂng b“nh

ngay gi˜a Æπi d≠¨ng.

Seashells Ph@ Quˇc

Hotel & Spa

* 1 V‚ Th S∏u, D≠¨ng ß´ng, PhÛ QuËc

* Tel: 0297 3923 999

* Website:


Come to the Seashells, you can enjoy stunning views of the sun from your

ocean-view room or relax at the Cocoon Beach Lounge with a refreshing

cocktail and listen to sound of the ocean. Spend your summer with your

loved ones and fill it with unforgettable memories. In addition to having

incredible space wth beautiful blue sea, the resort also offers plenty of fun

activities for your family to enjoy such as kayaking or laying on giant floats

in the sea.


Risemount Resort ßµ NΩng


L†y c∂m h¯ng tı vŒ Æãp quy’n rÚ cÒa hfln Æ∂o Santorini cÒa

Hy Lπp vÔng ßfia Trung H∂i, Risemount Resort ßµ NΩng

Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ thµnh resort nÊi bÀt nh†t bn bÍ bi”n M¸ An,

ßµ NΩng. C∂ khu resort khi’n bπn †n t≠Óng ngay tı c∏i nh◊n

Æ«u tin vÌi gam mµu t≠¨i s∏ng trong kh´ng gian tho∏ng

Æ∑ng gi˜a bi”n trÍi lÂng lÈng. K’t hÓp gi˜a nät Æãp cÊ Æi”n vµ

hi÷n Æπi, Risemount Resort l†y t´ng træng lµm t´ng mµu chÒ

Æπo hÓp cÔng t´ng mµu xanh da trÍi lµm Æi”m nh†n cho toµn

bÈ thi’t k’, tπo ra khung c∂nh l∑ng mπn kh„ qun giËng vÌi

nh˜ng ng´i nhµ ÆÈc Æ∏o trn hfln Æ∂o Santorini.

Ngoµi ra, c∏c ki’n trÛc s≠ cfln khäo läo t´ Æi”m cho ban c´ng

mÁi phflng bªng nh˜ng giµn hoa gi†y r˘c rÏ vµ thÀt tinh t’ khi

Æ≠a nh˜ng c©y c‰ trÂng xung quanh khu v˘c h b¨i. T†t c∂

nh˜ng chi ti’t †y Æ∑ mang Æ’n mÈt Risemount Resort v´ cÔng

lπ mæt vµ ÆÀm ch†t ßfia Trung H∂i.

Tı 01/6 - 5/9/2018, Risemount ∏p dÙng ch≠¨ng tr◊nh khuy’n

m∑i h†p d…n. VÌi gi∏ chÿ 4.588.000 VNß++, bπn sœ c„ 2 Æm

nghÿ tπi phflng Superior cho g„i ƨn ho∆c g„i Æ´i, b˜a s∏ng

quËc t’ t˘ ch‰n, mÈt su†t ®n tr≠a ho∆c tËi cho mÈt ng≠Íi/

ngµy. Ngoµi ra, bπn sœ Æ≠Óc t∆ng mÈt voucher 300.000 VNß

cho dfich vÙ spa.


* 120 Nguy‘n V®n Thoπi, ph≠Íng M¸ An, quÀn NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ßµ NΩng

* Tel: 0236 3899 999

* Website:

Risemount Resort Danang

A glimpse of Santorini

Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Greek island

Santorini in the Mediterranean, the Risemount Resort

Danang features a striking design on the beautiful My An

Beach, Danang with bright colors and fresh, open spaces

looking out to the sea. Combining both classic elegance and

modern elements, the 5-star luxury resort is mostly in a white

tone with pops of blue to create an unforgettably romantic

experience, similar to that of the Santorini-style houses.

Each room's balcony is decorated with bougainvillea flowers

in brilliant colors, and the swimming pool surrounded by

palm trees. All of those details bring an incredibly unique

Mediterranean style to the resort.

From 01 June - 05 Sep 2018, Risemount Resort offers

attractive promotions. Price is only VND 4,588,000++ per

package for Single or Double, including: 02 nights stay in

Superior Room, international buffet breakfast, one set menu

lunch or dinner per person per day, one voucher credit VND

300,000 of spa services per person.



L'Alyana Ninh V©n Bay


Khu nghÿ d≠Ïng L'Alyana Ninh V©n Bay sÎ h˜u vfi tr› tuy÷t Æãp

bn vfinh Ninh V©n, d‰c theo bÍ bi”n Nha Trang thanh b◊nh. M∆t

ti“n cÒa khu nghÿ d≠Ïng h≠Ìng ra b∑i bi”n trong xanh Æ∆c tr≠ng

cÒa mi“n Æ∂o, cfln l≠ng t˘a vµo ÆÂi nÛi xanh ngÛt ngµn. TÀn dÙng

tri÷t Æ” vfi tr› Ææc Æfia, c∏c ki’n trÛc s≠ Æ∑ tπo nn b¯c h‰a ÆÂng

qu tuy÷t m¸ khi tπo nn khung c∂nh nÛi ÆÂi, c„ rıng c©y vµ c„

bi”n c∂. L'Alyana Ninh V©n Bay Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ theo phong c∏ch lµng

qu Vi÷t vÌi nh˜ng c®n bi÷t th˘ gÁ lÓp m∏i l∏. MÁi c®n bi÷t th˘ lµ

nh˜ng thin Æ≠Íng nh· t‰a lπc bn s≠Ín ÆÂi thoai tho∂i vµ h≠Ìng

v“ b∑i bi”n yn b◊nh.

N¨i Æ©y Æ≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ n¨i an d≠Ïng l˝ t≠Îng cho h«u h’t c∏c

gia Æ◊nh c„ trŒ nh·. Tπi mÁi c®n bi÷t th˘ Æ“u c„ qu∂n gia phÙc vÙ

ring vµ Æ“u Æ≠Óc trang bfi Æ«y ÆÒ ti÷n nghi cao c†p, qu«y bar sang

tr‰ng vÌi tÒ r≠Óu, m∏y pha cµ ph, bÈ uËng trµ... ¬m th˘c Î Æ©y v´

cÔng Æ∆c sæc, th˘c ƨn t˘ ch‰n hay ti÷c BBQ vÌi nh˜ng s∂n vÀt t≠¨i

ngon tı mi“n bi”n trÔ phÛ. ThÀm ch›, bπn c„ th” dÔng b˜a l∑ng

mπn bn hÂ, ngay tπi bi÷t th≠ bn bi”n hay trong ch›nh kh´ng gian

cÒa nhµ hµng The Pillars.

L'Alyana Ninh V©n Bay

* Th´n T©n Thµnh, X∑ Ninh êch, Huy÷n Ninh Ha, Tÿnh Kh∏nh Ha

* Tel: 0258 3624 964 * Website:

L'Alyana Ninh Van Bay

Graceful Vietnamese style

L'Alyana Ninh Van Bay Resort nestles in a stunning

location on Ninh Van Bay, along the tranquil beach

of Nha Trang. The resort is hidden amid tropical

greenery and encircled by the rocky outcrops and

calm green waters of the bay.

With such a prime location, the resort is designed

to blend in with the breathtaking landscape of the

mountains, the forests, and the sea. Featuring the

style of Vietnamese countryside with wooden villas

and thatched roofs, each villa is a standalone paradise

with its own private terrace and plunge pool.

This is an ideal sanctuary for families with young

children. Each villa has its own butler service, and

is fully equipped with luxury amenities, a luxurious

bar with its own wine cabinet, a coffee maker, and

a tea set. The cuisine on offer is diverse, and you

can choose to enjoy a buffet or BBQ party with the

freshest of seafood. Enjoy a romantic candle-lit

dinner by the pool, or on the beach, or at The Pillars




Boton Blue Hotel & Spa


Khai tr≠¨ng Æ«u th∏ng 5/2018,

Boton Blue Hotel & Spa lµ

kh∏ch sπn mÌi nh†t Î Nha

Trang vÌi vfi tr› tuy÷t Æãp s∏t bn

vfinh bi”n. Kh∏ch sπn Æ≠Óc thi’t

k’ 27 t«ng vµ 3 m∆t ti“n, dÔ Î

b†t c¯ c®n phflng nµo bπn cÚng

c„ th” ngæm nh◊n thµnh phË vµ

vfinh bi”n. ßi“u khi’n kh∏ch sπn

trÎ nn Æ∆c tr≠ng lµ ki’n trÛc

ngoπi th†t kh∏ch sπn, vıa mπnh

mœ, hi÷n Æπi vıa tinh t’, uy”n

chuy”n. ThÀm ch›, vÌi lËi ki’n

trÛc ÆÈc Æ∏o vµ s∏ng tπo, Boton

Blue sœ lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng bi”u

t≠Óng ki’n trÛc mÌi cÒa phË

bi”n Nha Trang.

ß’n vÌi Boton Blue Hotel & Spa,

bπn Æıng qun tr∂i nghi÷m c∏c

m„n ®n Æ∆c tr≠ng Æ’n tı c∏c n“n

»m th˘c Trung Hoa, ch©u ¢u,

Th∏i Lan, Singapore, Malaysia,

NhÀt B∂n vµ Vi÷t Nam. Vµ h∑y

ch◊m Ææm trong ©m nhπc, th≠Îng

th¯c nh˜ng ly cocktail ÆÈc Æ∏o

Æ≠Óc pha ch’ tı mµn tr◊nh di‘n

Æ«y Æi÷u ngh÷ cÒa c∏c chuyn

gia pha ch’ tπi Diamond Sky

Bar trn t«ng th≠Óng ho∆c Blue

Ocean Bar ngay h b¨i t«ng 7.

ß©y ch›nh lµ l˘a ch‰n cho nh˜ng

gia Æ◊nh muËn t◊m s˘ yn b◊nh

vµ sang tr‰ng.

Boton Blue Hotel & Spa

* ßa chÿ: 6 Phπm V®n ßÂng, Ph≠Íng V‹nh

Ha, TP. Nha Trang

* Tel: 0258 383 6868

* Website:

Boton Blue Hotel & Spa

A masterpiece creation

Launched early May, 2018, the Boton Blue Hotel & Spa is a brand new

hotel in Nha Trang that proves to be a perfect retreat for you and your

families this summer given its incredible location next to the bay. The hotel

features a total of 27 floors with both amazing city and ocean views. With

ultramodern, inspirational design and state-of-the-art facilities, the Boton

Blue holds a significant architectural importance in Nha Trang.

Come to the Boton Blue Hotel & Spa to experience authentic cuisines from

Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, America, Europe, and

Japan. Immerse yourselves in the trendy music, enjoy unique cocktails

created by the amazing bartenders at the Diamond Sky Bar on the rooftop

or the Blue Ocean Bar by the pool on the 7 th floor. The hotel is a fantastic

choice for families who are looking for peace and luxury.



VÌi lËi thi’t k’ sang tr‰ng vµ thÍi th≠Óng, Duyn

Hµ Cam Ranh tπo cho du kh∏ch †n t≠Óng Æ∆c

bi÷t ngay tı s∂nh Æ„n. ß„ lµ s˘ k’t hÓp tinh t’

gi˜a nh˜ng chÔm ÆÃn lÈng l…y vµ t´ng mµu gÁ

tr«m †m tı c∏c vÀt li÷u trang tr›. Khu resort vËn

Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ theo phong c∏ch É ß´ng, k’ thıa

vŒ Æãp truy“n thËng vµ ph∏t huy tinh hoa cÒa

ki’n trÛc hi÷n Æπi. ß∆c tr≠ng cÒa phong c∏ch

nµy lµ s˘ gi∂n dfi vµ th©n thi÷n cÔng thin nhin.

H¨n h’t, Duyn Hµ Resort Cam Ranh lµ khu

resort hi’m hoi Æπt chu»n 5 sao trn bÍ bi”n B∑i

Dµi thanh b◊nh, th¨ mÈng.

T◊m Æ’n vÌi Duyn Hµ Cam Ranh, bπn sœ nhÀn

ra mÈt Æi”m chung trong thi’t k’ tÊng th”, Æ„ lµ

nh˜ng b¯c tranh thu«n É ß´ng Æ≠Óc bµi tr› mÈt

c∏ch khäo läo ngay tı s∂nh Æ„n, d‰c hµnh lang

vµ trong tıng phflng Ëc, villa. ßi“u nµy khi’n

cho Duyn Hµ trÎ nn g«n gÚi h¨n vÌi du kh∏ch

Ch©u É, Æ∆c bi÷t h¨n vÌi c∏c vfi kh∏ch Ch©u ¢u.

Vµ h¨n h’t, Duyn Hµ Cam Ranh lµ l˘a ch‰n l˝

t≠Îng cho c∏c gia Æ◊nh c„ trŒ nh·, bÎi lËi thi’t k’

hfla hÓp vÌi thin nhin hÔng v‹ cÒa Vfinh Cam

Ranh cÈng thm nh˜ng dfich v٠ƺng c†p. Gia

Æ◊nh cÒa bπn sœ c„ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m thÛ vfi vÌi

b∑i bi”n trong lµnh, c©y cËi xanh m∏t vµ nh˜ng

h n≠Ìc tuy÷t Æãp tπi khu villa. VÌi ba khu v˘c

ch›nh bao gÂm khu cao t«ng, th†p t«ng vµ bi÷t

th˘, khu nghÿ d≠Ïng Duyn Hµ Cam Ranh

mang lπi cho du kh∏ch nhi“u l˘a ch‰n phong

phÛ vÌi h¨n 500 phflng kh∏ch sπn cÔng 87 c®n

bi÷t th˘ tı mÈt Æ’n bËn phflng ngÒ, Æ∆c bi÷t

th›ch hÓp cho gia Æ◊nh c„ nhi“u trŒ nh·. Kh∏ch

hµng nh› cÚng c„ khu vui ch¨i ring, lÌp h‰c

Duyn Hµ Resort Cam Ranh

H•I THô É ß§NG

thÒ c´ng, trfl ch¨i s∏ng tπo... C∏c bä sœ Æ≠Óc tÀn

h≠Îng mÈt k˙ nghÿ trµn ngÀp Æi“u thÛ vfi. Duyn

Hµ Cam Ranh r‚ rµng lµ khu nghÿ d≠Ïng phÔ

hÓp cho k˙ nghÿ gia Æ◊nh.

DÔ bπn c„ m∂i m vui ÆÔa vÌi s„ng bi”n hay

nªm dµi ph¨i næng c∂ ngµy dµi trn bÍ c∏t træng

phau, Æıng qun dµnh thÍi gian th≠ gi∑n tπi

khu Lagoona Spa cπnh bi”n. CÚng Æıng qun

nh©m nhi t∏ch trµ chi“u hay ly vang Æ· trong

kh´ng gian xa hoa, lÈng l…y cÒa Duyn Hµ Cam

Ranh. N’u muËn tr∂i qua nh˜ng ngµy hà r˘c

rÏ næng vµng, gia Æ◊nh bπn nn nhanh ch©n gi˜

cho m◊nh mÈt chÁ tπi khu resort cao c†p Duyn

Hµ Resort Cam Ranh.

Duy£n HÄ Resort Cam Ranh

* L´ D9B, Khu 3, x∑ C∂m H∂i ß´ng, huy÷n Cam L©m, tÿnh Kh∏nh Ha

* Tel: 0258 3986 888 * Website:



Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh

An Oriental Beauty

With a stylish and luxurious design,

Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh creates

lasting impressions on its guests right at

the entrance. It is a subtle combination of

beautiful chandeliers and earthy wood tone

decorative materials. The resort features an

oriental design that preserves the beauty

of traditions and highlights the essence of

modern architecture. The style is simple and

friendly with nature. Duyen Ha Resort Cam

Ranh is among the most luxurious 5-star

resorts on the peaceful and picturesque Bai

Dai Beach.

The Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh features

a number of authentic oriental arts in the

lobby, along the corridors, and in each room

and villa, to remind Asian travelers of their

roots, and bring a completely different

experience for European visitors.

The Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh is an

ideal choice of accommodation for families

with young children who love to be among

nature and be provided excellent service.

Your family can enjoy from pristine

beaches, to green, beautiful ponds near

the villa. With three main areas including

high-rise, low-rise and villas, Duyen Ha

Resort Cam Ranh features a wide selection

of rooms with over 522 hotel rooms and

along with 87 residential villas of one

to four-bedroom, is perfect for families

with young children. Children have their

own play corner with craft classes to

enjoy a totally fun and interesting holiday

experience. The Duyen Ha Resort Cam

Ranh is clearly one of the most ideal

resorts for a family vacation.

Immerse in the pristine waters, or sunbathe

all day long on the white sandy beach, or

treat yourselves to relaxing moments at the

ocean view Lagoona Spa. You can also enjoy

delicious afternoon teas or have a glass of

red wine in the luxurious space of Duyen Ha

Resort Cam Ranh. The resort is the perfect

place for you and your family to retreat this

summer under the glistening sun. Book

early to reserve a room at the luxurious

Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh.





l£N r\NG,














V\A TRíN 3 TU‡I.

CùNG CON l£N r\NG,





Æ≠Íng ln

Ao ⁄ch

hi”m trÎ

N’u hai hµnh tr◊nh

tr≠Ìc ph∂i di chuy”n

nhi“u Æfia Æi”m, c«n

hµnh l˝ g‰n nhã, th◊

chuy’n ln rıng, xuËng

bi”n l«n nµy chÿ Î mÈt

n¨i cË Æfinh, nh≠ng vÌi

Æi“u ki÷n sËng hoµn

toµn kh∏c nhau.

T´i v…n nhÌ tuÊi th¨ m◊nh vÌi

nh˜ng buÊi tr≠a hà næng chang

chang chπy trn c∏nh ÆÂng,

nh˜ng gËc rπ tr¨ sau mÔa g∆t,

vÌi nh˜ng buÊi chi“u m≠a t«m

t∑ chπy ra ngoµi s©n ch¨i Æ∏ b„ng

vÌi lÚ trŒ cÔng khu, hay Æi c©u c∏

Î c∏nh ÆÂng. Nh˜ng ngµy Æ„ Æ∑

lu´n trÎ thµnh mÈt ph«n k˝ ¯c

m Æ“m vµ Æãp nh†t trong tuÊi

th¨ cÒa t´i. Mong muËn kh∏t

khao Æ„ khi’n t´i mang ˇc vµo

rıng cÔng bË mã, Æ” con Æ≠Óc

th˘c s˘ tr∂i nghi÷m nh˜ng g◊

thuÈc v“ thin nhin.

Th’ lµ ngay tı cuËi th∏ng 2, mÈt

m◊nh t´i Æi Æ’n V≠Ín QuËc gia

C∏t Bµ Æ” kh∂o s∏t m‰i th¯. S˘

nhi÷t t◊nh hÁ trÓ, h≠Ìng d…n vµ

s˘ th©n thi÷n cÒa Ban qu∂n l˝

v≠Ín giÛp t´i c„ thm r†t nhi“u

th´ng tin, s˘ yn t©m vµ Æ∂m b∂o

cho mÈt chuy’n Æi dµi ngµy tr∂i

nghi÷m cho ˇc.

T´i trÎ v“ Hµ NÈi vµ c∂ nhµ lπi

trong t©m trπng h∏o h¯c, hËi h∂

chu»n bfi m‰i th¯ cho chuy’n Æi.

Hai tu«n tr≠Ìc ngµy khÎi hµnh,

chÛng t´i ph∂i chu»n bfi nhi“u

th¯, v◊ chuy’n Æi nµy kh∏c hºn

vÌi hai hµnh tr◊nh tr≠Ìc. N’u

hai hµnh tr◊nh tr≠Ìc Æi sang

nhi“u Æfia Æi”m kh∏c nhau, c«n

di chuy”n nhi“u, c«n hµnh l˝ g‰n

nhã, th◊ chuy’n ln rıng, xuËng

bi”n l«n nµy chÿ Î mÈt n¨i cË

Æfinh, nh≠ng vÌi Æi“u ki÷n sËng

hoµn toµn kh∏c.

C∂ nhµ trang bfi Æ«y ÆÒ c∏c ÆÂ

chuyn bi÷t c«n thi’t tı gÀy leo

nÛi, tÛi nhã, ∏o gi„, gi«y leo nÛi,

ÆÃn pin Æi trong rıng, ÆÃn ÆÈi

Æ«u, thi’t bfi GPS, la bµn, Ëng

nhflm, k›nh hi”n vi... T†t c∂ Æ“u

Æ≠Óc t›nh to∏n k¸: Mang g◊ phÔ

hÓp? ß g◊ cho con ch¨i? ß g◊

giÛp con kh∏m ph∏ th’ giÌi

thin nhin?...



C©u chuy÷n cÒa rıng

Nh˜ng ngµy Æ«u tin trong khu V≠Ín QuËc gia C∏t

Bµ lµ nh˜ng ngµy Æ«y næng, Æ«y tr®ng vµ sao, lµ

ti’ng chim ch„c mÁi buÊi s∏ng trong khæp khu

rıng. MÁi buÊi s∏ng th¯c dÀy, mÎ cˆa ra lµ c∂

mÈt kh´ng kh› m Æ“m, trong lµnh, trµn ngÀp

mÔi s≠¨ng Æm, mÔi cÒa hoa c·. Ph›a nÛi tr≠Ìc m∆t ƪng

xa lµ nh˜ng tia næng †m ∏p cÒa mÈt ngµy mÌi, trn trÍi

lµ nh˜ng Ƶn chim bay qua, kh´ng kh› xung quanh b◊nh

yn, d‘ chfiu, vÌi nh˜ng ti’ng chim r©m ran nhã nhµng

khæp n¨i tı trong khu rıng.

Trekking trong rıng lµ mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m mÌi mŒ ngay c∂

vÌi t´i. H´m Æ«u, t´i cho ˇc Æi tuy’n Æ≠Íng trekking ngæn

vµo rıng. ß©y kh´ng ph∂i lµ tuy’n Æ≠Íng ch›nh mµ chÿ lµ

mÈt Æoπn Æ≠Íng mfln Æi s©u vµo rıng mµ th´i. Chÿ chıng

kho∂ng 600 m tı khu Villa lµ Æ∑ tÌi Æoπn Æ≠Íng nµy nh≠ng

bπn nh≠ th” Æ∑ lπc vµo th’ giÌi cÒa rıng, vÌi mu´n vµn

ti’ng chim ch„c, m‰i loπi ©m thanh cÒa t˘ nhin nÛi rıng.

BuÊi Æ«u vµo rıng toµn nh˜ng Æi“u mÌi mŒ vÌi ˇc, nh˜ng

chÛ ki’n bfl d≠Ìi th∂m l∏ c©y d≠Ìi Ɔt, nh˜ng chÛ mËi Æang

lµm tÊ trong mÈt th©n c©y gÁ mÙc, nh˜ng chÛ b‰ mµu sæc

s∆c sÏ d≠Ìi t∏n l∏ c©y, vµi chÛ chim Æang chπy trn cµnh,

nh˜ng chÛ b≠Ìm tung t®ng bay tı cµnh nµy sang cµnh

kh∏c, ∏nh næng lung linh xuyn qua nh˜ng t∏n l∏.



ˇc Æ≠Óc

bË h≠Ìng

d…n sˆ dÙng

la bµn

BuÊi Æ«u vµo rıng toµn

nh˜ng Æi“u mÌi mŒ vÌi

ˇc, nh˜ng chÛ ki’n bfl

d≠Ìi th∂m l∏ c©y d≠Ìi Ɔt,

nh˜ng chÛ mËi Æang lµm

tÊ trong mÈt th©n c©y gÁ

mÙc, nh˜ng chÛ b‰ mµu

sæc s∆c sÏ d≠Ìi t∏n l∏ c©y,

vµi chÛ chim Æang chπy

trn cµnh, nh˜ng chÛ

b≠Ìm tung t®ng bay tı

cµnh nµy sang cµnh kh∏c.

ˇc r†t th›ch thÛ khi c«m Æ≠Óc mÈt cµnh c©y c„ hoa nh· vµ thÊi cho

nh˜ng c∏nh hoa bay ph†p phÌi trn kh´ng trung. C∂ nhµ lπi b≠Ìc ti’p,

Æi theo lËi mfln vµo rıng, mã vıa Æi vıa h∏t bµi: "Ta Æi rıng h∏i sim

c„ con chim", ˇc cÚng bæt Æ«u h∏t theo mã. T´i vıa Æi vıa bÀt GPS Æ”

Æfinh vfi, Æ∏nh d†u nh˜ng Æi”m c«n thi’t, khi vµo Æ©y lµ s„ng Æi÷n thoπi

m†t, b∂n Æ cÒa Google Map kh´ng c„, mµ gi∂ sˆ c„ bÀt Æ≠Óc b∂n ÆÂ

Google Map cÚng kh´ng ch›nh x∏c n˜a. ô gi˜a rıng thÀt s˘ r†t kh„ x∏c

Æfinh ch›nh x∏c m◊nh Æang Î Æ©u, Æ´i khi cfln c∂m th†y hoang mang, lo

sÓ mÈt chÛt. Nh≠ng khi mang theo GPS vµ Æ∏nh d†u cung Æ≠Íng Æi c»n

thÀn th◊ c∂m gi∏c yn t©m vµ an toµn h¨n r†t nhi“u.

ˇc c˘c k˙ h∏o h¯c vÌi l«n Æi nµy khi Æ≠Óc nh◊n, Æ≠Óc nghe, Æ≠Óc tr∂i

nghi÷m c˘c nhi“u Æi“u mÌi, dÔ kh´ng hºn c∏i g◊ con cÚng hi”u. ˇc c«m

chi’c la bµn tung t®ng Æi d…n Æ≠Íng, Æ«u ÆÈi mÚ giËng ki”u h≠Ìng Æπo

sinh, trn cÊ lµ chi’c Ëng nhflm, trn tay lµ c©y gÀy Æi trekking chuyn



nghi÷p. ˇc Æfli bË Æ” c«m GPS

Garmin, con c«m ch¨i c∂ buÊi

kh´ng ch∏n, rÂi lπi sˆ dÙng Ëng

nhflm nh◊n ng„ nghing Æ©y Æ„.

Th˘c ra th◊ con cÚng ch≠a hi”u

g◊ læm, nh≠ng con th›ch thÛ, vÀy

lµ Æ≠Óc.

C∏c chuy’n Æi trekking

sau, con quen h¨n vµ

Æi Æ≠Óc nh˜ng Æoπn

Æ≠Íng xa h¨n, c„ cung

Æ≠Íng dµi nh≠ vµo Ao

⁄ch, t´i ph∂i chia ra Æ” Æi nh˜ng

Æoπn ngæn, rÂi dµi h¨n. Con Æi

c∂ tuy’n Æ≠Íng gi∏o dÙc, rÂi Æi

ln tÌi Æÿnh M©y B«u. ß≠Íng Æi

vµo Ao ⁄ch r†t Æãp, nn th¨, mÁi

khi ∏nh næng xuyn vµo khu rıng

th◊ c∂nh Æãp nh≠ trong b†t k˙ bÈ

phim nµo bπn c„ th” h◊nh dung

ra. ßoπn Æ≠Íng mÌi vµo Ao ⁄ch

th◊ bªng phºng d‘ Æi h¨n nh≠ng

Æoπn sau Æ„ th◊ ph∂i leo bÀc

thang, leo v∏ch nÛi, leo Æ∏ th◊ v†t

v∂ h¨n r†t nhi“u.

VÌi ng≠Íi lÌn Æi mÈt m◊nh,

kh´ng v≠Ìng g◊, nh≠ng cÚng ph∂i

c«n c„ s¯c vµ tÀp luy÷n mÌi c„ th”

Æi Æ≠Óc. VÌi trŒ con th◊ hoµn toµn

kh∏c. MÈt km Æ” leo nÛi Æ„ bªng

3 km Æi bÈ Æ≠Íng bªng, vıa Æi, bË

mã lu´n ph∂i h∏t, ÆÈng vin Æ”

ˇc Æi ti’p. H«u h’t ˇc c„ th” t˘ Æi

mÈt m◊nh, ho∆c næm tay bË ho∆c

mã Æ” Æi, trı Æoπn nµo v∏ch Æ∏ th◊

c«n bË mã ÆÏ, Æ»y, Òn m´ng th´i.

TrŒ con c„ nh˜ng h´m th◊ r†t hµo

h¯ng, r†t th›ch t˘ gi∏c Æi, nh≠ng

c„ h´m th◊ chºng v◊ l˝ do g◊

kh´ng chfiu Æi, chÿ th›ch b’, ho∆c

th›ch b∏nh... bÃo nhÃo. DÔ so vÌi

n®m ngo∏i, n®m nay ˇc lÌn h¨n,

c¯ng c∏p h¨n r†t nhi“u, ræn r·i vµ

tr≠Îng thµnh h¨n, nh≠ng v…n lµ

mÈt c´ bä b∏nh bÃo ch›nh hi÷u.

ß≠Íng vµo Ao ⁄ch c„ v´ sË chÛ

b≠Ìm Æãp, rÂi nh˜ng c©y n†m,

nh˜ng chÛ ki’n Æ· to ÆÔng. Rıng

lµ mÈt th’ giÌi v´ vµn nh˜ng Æi“u

mÌi mŒ thÛ vfi vÌi ˇc.

Khu villa cÒa V≠Ín QuËc gia C∏t

Bµ nªm Î gi˜a Æ∂o, gi˜a mÈt vÔng

b∏t ng∏t mµu xanh cÒa nÛi rıng.

Tı Æ©y c„ th” Æi bÈ theo nh˜ng

cung Æ≠Íng mfln vµo rıng. ßi

ng≠Óc ln ph›a Bæc lµ v“ x∑ Gia

LuÀn Æ” Æi sang Qu∂ng Ninh, Æi

v“ ph›a T©y th◊ v“ x∑ PhÔ Long c„

rıng ngÀp m∆n, cfln v“ ph›a ß´ng

Nam th◊ Æi v“ thfi tr†n.

BuÊi chi“u khi m∆t trÍi vıa l∆n

sau r∆ng nÛi ph›a xa, trÍi tËi r†t

nhanh. Ti’ng chim, ti’ng khÿ,

ti’ng cÒa nh˜ng loµi c´n trÔng ®n

Æm Î Æ©u xa v‰ng lπi. C∂ nhµ Æi

nhanh Æ” v“ nhµ, ˇc vıa Æi vıa

c«m chi’c ÆÃn pin chi’u ln b«u

trÍi. Trn trÍi lµ nh˜ng v◊ sao l†p

l∏nh cÒa buÊi Æm trong rıng.

C©u chuy÷n cÒa tr®ng, sao vμ

Ëng k›nh thin v®n

M†y Æm Æ«u tin lµ nh˜ng ngµy

tr®ng trfln Æãp Æ’n m m»n. Chÿ

c«n b≠Ìc ra kh·i phflng lµ c∂ mÈt

b«u trÍi Æm trµn ngÀp ∏nh tr®ng

Æãp huy“n ∂o, ngay c∂ Æ’n trong

phflng cÚng toµn mÈt ∏nh s∏ng

cÒa tr®ng dfiu dµng vµ mÍ ∂o. ˇc

th›ch læm.

C∂ nhµ mÎ h’t cˆa ra Æ” ∏nh

tr®ng trµn vµo phflng, chÿ Æ’n

lÛc khi Æi ngÒ mÌi Æ„ng cˆa vµo,

nh≠ng cÚng mÎ h’t t†t c∂ rÃm ra

Æ” cho ∏nh tr®ng trµn vµo. C∂m

t≠Îng d≠Íng nh≠ lµ c„ th” ngÒ

ngoµi trÍi ngµn sao cÚng Æ≠Óc.

Énh tr®ng trµn vµo trn khæp c∂

khu villa trong rıng, xung quanh

chÿ lµ ti’ng cÒa chim ch„c, cÒa

d’, cÒa c´n trÔng r©m ran khæp

n¨i, cfln lπi chÿ lµ ∏nh tr®ng trµn

ngÀp trn nÛi, trn nh˜ng b∑i c·.

C„ h´m nªm trn gi≠Íng nh◊n

ra th†y c∂ nh˜ng ng´i sao Æang

l†p l∏nh. ˇc tr≠Ìc khi ngÒ cfln

ng©m nga h∏t "north star, north

star, are you near or are you far"

(ng´i sao ph≠¨ng Bæc kia, bπn Î

g«n hay Î xa). Trong nh˜ng ng´i

sao Æ„, ng´i sao nµo lµ ˇc, ng´i

sao nµo lµ cÒa bË vµ ng´i sao nµo

lµ cÒa mã.



ˇc th›ch

thÛ vÌi x∏c

mÈt con c´n

trÔng trong

tuy’n Æ≠Íng

gi∏o dÙc

Nh˜ng h´m Æ«u khi Æm tr®ng

s∏ng, c∂ nhµ m m»n ra ngoµi

mang h’t t†t c∂ ÆÂ ngh“ tı k›nh

thin v®n, Ëng nhflm cho Æ’n m∏y

∂nh. ThÀt ra t´i Æ’n giÍ nµy cÚng

mÌi dÔng thˆ Ëng thin v®n, n„

nhi“u th¯ phÙ ki÷n qu∏, læp m∑i,

læp m∑i mµ bi’t bao nhiu lµ phÙ

ki÷n, vıa xem h≠Ìng d…n vıa læp.

Mã ˇc cÚng vµo trÓ giÛp, cfln ˇc

th◊ h’t v∆n c∏i Ëc nµy lπi v∆n con

v›t kh∏c, rÂi c«m c∏c thfi k›nh ln,

læp thˆ vµo. M†t nguyn c∂ ngµy

Æ” læp Ëng thin v®n vµ l“u mµ

læp xong n„ v…n cfln thıa m†y th¯

kh´ng bi’t læp vµo Æ©u!

ˇc c„ Ëng nhflm ring cÒa ˇc,

mÈt chi’c Ëng nhflm bä, nh≠ng

ch†t l≠Óng, cfln bË c„ mÈt chi’c

Ëng nhflm to h¨n. ˇc l«n Æ«u

Æ≠Óc nh◊n Ëng nhflm, th›ch læm,

lin tÙc Æfli Æ≠Óc xem, bË cÚng

h≠Ìng d…n ˇc tıng chÛt Æ” c®n

chÿnh Ëng nhflm nh◊n sao cho

nät. BuÊi Æm khi b«u trÍi trong

trŒo, nh◊n qua Ëng nhflm, b«u trÍi

bÁng hi÷n ln hµng ngµn ng´i sao

r˘c rÏ, to nh· kh∏c nhau. ß„ lµ

mÈt th’ giÌi k˙ di÷u, tuy÷t vÍi bi’t

bao, mÈt th’ giÌi r˘c s∏ng, Î t›t

xa, huy“n b›.

C©u chuy÷n cÒa nh˜ng bπn

c´n trÔng

VÌi ng≠Íi lÌn th›ch Î

nh˜ng n¨i thµnh phË Ân

µo, Æ´ng ÆÛc h¨n, nh≠ng

vÌi trŒ con, rıng c„ v´

vµn nh˜ng th¯ h†p d…n,

nh˜ng th¯ mÌi lπ mµ con kh´ng

th” t◊m Æ≠Óc khi Î nh˜ng thµnh

phË lÌn.

Nh˜ng ngµy Î trong rıng, c„ bi’t

bao nhiu lµ bπn c´n trÔng, bπn

th◊ t◊m Æ’n phflng, bπn th◊ g∆p

Æ≠Óc trn nh˜ng cung Æ≠Íng Æi

vµo trong rıng. Tr≠Ìc khi Æi, t´i

Æ∑ Æi t◊m vµ mua Æ≠Óc mÈt chi’c

hÈp Æ∆c bi÷t. ß„ lµ mÈt chi’c hÈp

bªng nh˘a trong suËt, c„ mÈt

d©y Æeo cÊ, mÈt th†u k›nh lÛp Æ”

ph„ng to, mÈt m∆t vÌi r†t nhi“u

lÁ Æ” tho∏t kh›, cÈng thm c∂ mÈt

chi’c gæp n˜a. ˇc kho∏i ch› v´

cÔng v◊ Æ≠Óc bË mua cho mÈt hÈp

ring Æ˘ng c´n trÔng.

H´m Æ«u c„ mÈt chÛ b‰ ng˘a r†t

to t◊m Æ’n, t´i cho vµo trong hÈp,

c∂ hai bË con say s≠a cÔng nh◊n

chi’c hÈp, quan s∏t chÛ b‰ ng˘a

kh“u kh“u hai chi’c ch©n trong

chi’c hÈp. ß∆c bi÷t khi nh◊n qua

chi’c k›nh lÛp trn chi’c hÈp th◊

lπi nh◊n cµng r‚ h¨n. ˇc c¯ say

s≠a nh◊n chi’c hÈp vµ ngæm chÛ

b‰ ng˘a. H´m sau th◊ chi’c hÈp

c„ thm nh˜ng ng≠Íi bπn mÌi,

mÈt chÛ ch©u ch†u, mÈt chÛ xän

t„c, mÈt bπn b≠¨m b≠Ìm. H´m

kh∏c th◊ mÈt chÛ ong t◊m Æ’n.

Chi’c hÈp bi’n thµnh c∂ mÈt

th’ giÌi c´n trÔng v´ cÔng h†p

d…n vÌi ˇc. C„ th” con ch≠a bi’t

nhi“u ki’n th¯c sinh h‰c, nh≠ng



C∂ nhµ cæm trπi trong mÈt cung Æ≠Íng trekking

ˇc hoµn toµn th›ch thÛ th’ giÌi c´n trÔng nh· xinh Æ„. C∏c bπn T©y mµ ˇc

lµm quen trong thÍi gian Î rıng cÚng r†t th›ch thÛ, ngπc nhin vÌi chi’c hÈp

cÒa ˇc. MÁi tËi, ˇc lπi ra chµo nh˜ng bπn thπch sÔng ho∆c th«m th◊ vÌi bπn:

"Don't be scared, I'm not a lion" (Thπch sÔng ¨i Æıng sÓ, m◊nh kh´ng ph∂i lµ

con s≠ tˆ Æ©u.)

C©u chuy÷n cÒa bi”n...

Bao quanh Æ∂o C∏t Bµ c„ r†t nhi“u Æ∂o nh·. Sau nh˜ng h´m Æi rıng, t´i cho

ˇc Æi v“ thfi tr†n, ra ch¨i Î b∑i C∏t Cfl 3, vÌi b∑i c∏t træng tuy÷t Æãp. C„ h´m

trÍi kh∏ lπnh, c„ h´m trÍi næng tuy÷t Æãp. Nh≠ng dÔ b†t k” thÍi ti’t nh≠ nµo,

ˇc cÚng Æ“u r†t th›ch bi”n.

Kh´ng cfln sÓ bi”n nh≠ n®m tr≠Ìc, c„ h´m trÍi kh∏ lπnh, ˇc v…n c¯ lao xuËng

bi”n, rÂi t˘ ngh‹ ra ÆÒ trfl Æ” ch¨i. ˇc th›ch c«m s·i näm, th›ch nªm xuËng c∏t

tr≠Ín tr≠Ín ra bi”n giËng nh≠ mÈt con rÔa, hay ch¨i trfl x©y l©u Ƶi c∏t ho∆c

ch´n ch©n xuËng c∏t.

Ngoµi khu b∑i tæm ch›nh th¯c, t´i cfln Æi xe m∏y vflng quanh Æ∂o C∏t Bµ vµ

t◊m Æ≠Óc cho ˇc mÈt b∑i bi”n hoang vu chºng c„ tn. N„ nªm Î ph›a x∑ Hi“n

Hµo, g«n vÌi ng∑ ba gi˜a mÈt lËi ven bi”n Æi v“ ph›a thfi tr†n C∏t Bµ, vµ mÈt

Æ≠Íng Æi v“ khu V≠Ín QuËc gia.

C∂ nhµ Æi ra Æ„, mang Æ«y ÆÒ ÆÂ, tr∂i th∂m xuËng, mã nªm Ɖc s∏ch, cfln

t´i vµ ˇc lao ra ngoµi vÌi r†t nhi“u trfl ch¨i. Trfl ÆËt lˆa trπi vÌi nh˜ng cµnh

phi lao kh´ trn c∏t, trfl Æi t◊m nh˜ng vÚng n≠Ìc trn Æ∏ Æ” Æi bæt Ëc, Æi t◊m

nh˜ng con cua Î ven bÍ. N¨i nµy lµ mÈt b∑i bÂi lÌn, s∏ng sÌm khi n≠Ìc bi”n

rÛt Æi Æ” lπi mÈt b∑i n≠Ìc n´ng vÌi nhi“u loµi kh∏c nhau sinh sËng.

Kinh nghi÷m du lch vÌi con trong rıng

ñ Chu»n b Æ«y ÆÒ c∏c loπi thuËc chËng

c´n trÔng vµ dÙng cÙ s¨ c¯u, c∏c loπi

thuËc c¨ b∂n ho∆c c∏c thuËc chÿ Ænh

ring cho con tÔy theo tıng nhµ.

ñ ßi rıng tËt nh†t nn c„ gÀy leo nÛi,

gi«y leo nÛi, ÆÃn pin chuyn dÙng cho

c∂ nhµ Æ” Æ∂m b∂o an toµn vµ tr∂i

nghi÷m tËt nh†t. Con nn c„ gÀy leo

nÛi cÒa ring m◊nh, n„ sœ giÛp con

th®ng bªng tËt h¨n khi Æi cÚng nh≠ khi

leo nÛi. N’u c„ thm nh˜ng thi’t b

kh∏c nh≠ Ëng nhm hay GPS, con sœ c„

Æ≠Óc tr∂i nghi÷m thÛ v h¨n.

ñ MÚ c„ che g∏y, k›nh chËng næng, kem

chËng næng.

ñ Mang b∏nh ho∆c chocolate Æ” ÆÈng

vin con khi con c∂m th†y buÂn ch∏n

ho∆c m÷t m·i.

ñ Lu´n mang theo ÆÒ n≠Ìc cho con.

ñ H≠Ìng d…n con loπi c©y g◊ c„ th”

chπm vµo, loπi nµo chÿ quan s∏t th´i.

C∏c loπi c´n trÔng cÚng vÀy, loπi nµo

con c„ th” cÔng mÈt c∏ch an toµn.

Trong rıng c„ r†t nhi“u loπi n†m, c©y,

hoa lπ, n’u bπn kh´ng bi’t loπi nµo th◊

tËt nh†t kh´ng cho con thˆ, kh´ng cho

vµo mÂm, v◊ r†t c„ th” do b∂n t›nh hi’u

ÆÈng con sœ b· ngay vµo mÂm Æ” thˆ.

ñ Ch¨i cÔng vÌi con, k” chuy÷n vÌi con

nh˜ng ki’n th¯c v“ thin nhin, v“ c©y

cËi, v“ bi”n, v“ tr®ng sao.

ñ H≠Ìng d…n con kh´ng v¯t r∏c Î trong

rıng, kh´ng ÆËt lˆa, kh´ng ch∆t c©y lµm

tÊn hπi rıng.





T´i d…n ˇc t›t ra ngoµi Æ” ch¨i nghfich bÔn. L«n Æ«u ˇc Æ≠Óc

ch¨i nghfich bÔn tho∂i m∏i vµ sung s≠Ìng nh≠ vÀy. Ch¨i ch∏n

d≠Ìi bÔn, hai bË cfln lπi Æi d‰c bÍ bi”n Æ” t◊m nh˜ng chÛ Ëc,

san hÂ, v· sfl bi”n. T´i dπy ˇc lµm bÈ s≠u tÀp ring v“ bi”n, bÈ

s≠u tÀp v“ rıng vµ v“ c´n trÔng.

...Vµ chuy÷n cÒa ˇc

M†y ngµy Æ«u vµo rıng, ˇc cfln træng trŒo, bÙ b…m,

xinh xæn, cfln sÓ con s©u, sÓ con thπch sÔng, sÓ

con ong. Sau mÈt th∏ng Î rıng th◊ ˇc trfln lºn,

Æen nh∏m c∂ ng≠Íi, ch©n tay chæc nfich. Con bæt

Æ«u th›ch khu rıng, th›ch nh˜ng bπn c´n trÔng, vµ

bæt Æ«u quen vÌi t†t c∂ m‰i ng≠Íi Î trong khu V≠Ín QuËc gia

C∏t Bµ rÂi.

Hµnh tr◊nh 30 ngµy trong rıng Î V≠Ín QuËc gia C∏t Bµ l«n

nµy lµ mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m sœ kh„ qun vÌi ˇc, vÌi tuÊi th¨ cÒa

con. T´i bi’t con sœ nhÌ m∑i khu rıng, nhÌ ti’ng ong, ti’ng

ku cÒa c∏c bπn tæc kÃ, nhÌ nh˜ng chÛ thπch sÔng Æi s®n mÂi

vµo buÊi Æm, nhÌ ti’ng g‰i cÒa rıng.

30 ngµy Æ„ sœ lµ mÈt ph«n trong k˝ ¯c tuÊi th¨ con. C∂ nhµ

Æ∑ hoµn thµnh Æ≠Óc h«u h’t c∏c mÙc tiu trong chuy’n Æi,

con th›ch Æi cæm trπi, con t˘ m◊nh Æi trekking trong rıng, con

th›ch leo nÛi, con th›ch ngæm tr®ng, ngæm sao, con bæt Æ«u

th›ch ch¨i Î bi”n. Con tr∂i nghi÷m t†t c∂ nh˜ng g◊ thuÈc v“

th’ giÌi t˘ nhin nµy. Con h‰c Æ≠Óc v´ vµn th¯ mµ kh´ng bi’t

lµ m◊nh "Æang h‰c".

Sau chuy’n Æi, ti’ng Anh cÒa con tËt h¨n r†t nhi“u, v◊ nh˜ng

ngµy Î trong rıng, ˇc g∆p r†t nhi“u bπn t©y. L«n nµo ˇc cÚng

c„ th” t˘ tin chµo h·i, bæt chuy÷n vµ trfl chuy÷n c∂ hµng

ti’ng ÆÂng h vÌi c∏c bπn T©y Æ„, mµ kh´ng c«n hÁ trÓ g◊ cÒa

bË mã.

TrÎ lπi Hµ NÈi sau mÈt th∏ng, bË mã lπi tÀp trung vµo c´ng

vi÷c, vµ k’ hoπch ti’p theo lµ t◊m c´ gi∏o dπy ti’ng Trung cho

ˇc Æ” chu»n bfi cho hµnh tr◊nh M´ng CÊ, Trung QuËc, NhÀt

B∂n vµo cuËi n®m nay - mÈt hµnh tr◊nh dµi ngµy n˜a kh∏m

ph∏ ß´ng Bæc É cÔng bË mã.

Kinh nghi÷m Æi rıng, bi”n,

Æ∂o C∏t Bµ


ñ N’u Æi xe kh∏ch, bπn c„

th” Æi xe Daichi Group

thºng tı phË cÊ Hµ NÈi tÌi

tÀn V≠Ín QuËc gia C∏t Bµ

ho∆c th tr†n vÌi chi ph› chÿ

200.000 VNß/ng≠Íi. N’u Æi

xe ´ t´ c∏ nh©n, bπn c„ th”

Æi thºng tı Hµ NÈi Æ’n H∂i

Phng, rÂi Æi ti’p c«u v≠Ót

bi”n xuyn qua Æ∂o C∏t H∂i

tÌi b’n phµ G„t. Tı b’n phµ

G„t Æi chıng 10 phÛt tÌi phµ

C∏i Vi“ng. Tı phµ C∏i Vi“ng

Æi chıng h¨n 10km n˜a lµ tÌi

V≠Ín QuËc gia. TÊng thÍi

gian Æi lπi chıng 3 ti’ng r≠Ïi

cho Æ’n 4 ti’ng. L≠u ˝ phµ

chπy vµo giÍ chΩn, nn Æi Æ’n

phµ tr≠Ìc giÍ Æ„ Æ” tr∏nh

ph∂i ÆÓi phµ l©u.


ñ C„ r†t nhi“u n¨i Æ” l≠u trÛ

tπi th tr†n C∏t Bµ, vÌi c∏c

m¯c chi ph› phÔ hÓp vÌi tıng

gia Æ◊nh. Nh≠ng Æ” th˘c s˘

tr∂i nghi÷m rıng, bπn nn

ch‰n khu villa trong V≠Ín

QuËc gia C∏t Bµ. Lin h÷

tr≠Ìc vÌi Ban qu∂n l˝ V≠Ín

QuËc gia Æ” Æ∆t phng.


ñ ô th tr†n C∏t Bµ c„ r†t

nhi“u l˘a ch‰n ®n uËng, cn

Î trong khu villa th◊ nhµ ®n

tÀp th” do bn V≠Ín phÙ

tr∏ch lµ l˘a ch‰n thuÀn ti÷n

nh†t. N’u Æi xa h¨n chıng

1,2 km, bπn c„ thm ch‰n l˘a

kh∏c lµ nhµ hµng Î Hoi Farm

Lake hay Î khu Ecologic g«n

ÆÈng Trung Trang.


ñ Nhµ ˇc ch‰n Æi mÈt

th∏ng, tuy nhin lch tr◊nh

hÓp l˝ nh†t cho gia Æ◊nh nn

lµ mÈt tu«n. N’u bπn kh´ng

c„ nhi“u thÍi gian, h∑y sæp

x’p ›t nh†t bËn ho∆c n®m

ngµy v◊ trŒ nh· c«n nghÿ ng¨i,

di chuy”n Î m¯c ÆÈ hÓp l˝.


ñ Chi ph› ti“n phng Î villa

trong V≠Ín kho∂ng tı 400

cho Æ’n mÈt tri÷u tÔy vµo

thÍi Æi”m, ngoµi phng Î villa

c„ th” Î khu nhµ tÀp th” vÌi

m¯c ph› th†p h¨n. Ti“n Æi lπi

lµ 200.000 VNß/mÈt vä cho

mÈt ng≠Íi lÌn Æi xe Daichi

Æ„n thºng tı phË cÊ tÌi

tÀn cÊng V≠Ín QG C∏t Bµ,

n’u trŒ con ngÂi cÔng gh’

th◊ th≠Íng kh´ng t›nh ph›.

Ti“n ®n uËng th´ng th≠Íng

Î V≠Ín QG lµ 50.000

VNß/ng≠Íi mÈt su†t ®n cho

ng≠Íi lÌn tiu chu»n. Î c∏c

qu∏n hµng kh∏c th◊ kho∂ng

100.000 VNß/ng≠Íi lÌn,

cn n’u ®n Î th tr†n th◊ c„

th” cao h¨n Î m¯c 200.000

VNß - 400.000 VNß cho

mÈt gia Æ◊nh 2 ng≠Íi lÌn vµ

mÈt bä. Ngoµi ra ti“n vä

tham quan vµo c∏c n¨i nh≠

Æi ln Æÿnh Ng˘ L©m, Æi Ao

⁄ch hay Æi ÆÈng Trung Trang

lµ 40.000 VNß/vä ng≠Íi lÌn.

N’u nh≠ nhµ bπn c„ 2 ng≠Íi

lÌn vµ mÈt bä, Æi Î V≠Ín

theo lch tr◊nh 4 ngµy 3 Æm

th◊ chi ph› toµn bÈ ≠Ìc chıng

4 tÌi 5 tri÷u.


ñ B†t k˙ thÍi gian nµo trong

n®m cÚng c„ nh˜ng Æi“u

thÛ v cho bä nhµ bπn tr∂i

nghi÷m C∏t Bµ, tuy nhin

mÔa hà th◊ phÔ hÓp h¨n.

Ngoµi mÔa hÃ, C∏t Bµ sœ

lπnh h¨n vµo c∏c mÔa kh∏c,

bπn c«n chu»n b qu«n ∏o

†m phÔ hÓp h¨n cho con.

Nh≠ng hà lµ mÔa cao Æi”m,

c∏c dch vÙ c„ th” b qu∏ t∂i.

Text and photos: Harry Trung Nguyen



Oc had been with

us on two long

trips where we

traveled from the

north to the south

of Vietnam and


l£N r\NG,


around Southeast

Asia. For her third

journey and to

celebrate her 3rd

birthday, we took

Oc to Cat Ba and

spent 30 incredible

days there.


trip in Cat

Ba with our

little girl




With the two prior

journeys that we took,

we visited many different

places, and were constantly

on the go, and thus needed

lightweight luggage.This

time however with only

one destination in mind

and completely different

living conditions, we

wanted to be more than


My childhood was spent

running wild among

the fields of rice plant

stumps after the

harvest season, playing

soccer with the local kids under

heavy afternoon rains, or trying to

catch fish in the rice fields. Those

are the most beautiful memories

that I have of my childhood. There

is nothing more comforting than

hearing the sound of children'

laughing, enjoying vast natural

space along with the sun and rain,

and the sound of the frogs among

bamboo trees near the pond close

to our home. It would be a shame

if our little girl missed out on such

experiences, so we took Oc again

on yet another long trip with us

to help her explore the beautiful

nature around her.

By the end of February, I had

traveled alone to Cat Ba National

Park to do a site check, was

provided helpful information

by the park's enthusiastic

management staff, and assured

that it would be an amazing

learning experience for Oc.

When I returned to Hanoi, my

whole family was excited, and

could not wait to embark on the

trip. We had two weeks to prepare

everything, and since this trip



was a little different from the two

that we took where we visited

many different places and were

constantly on the go and thus

needed lightweight luggage, this

time, with only one destination

in mind and completely different

living conditions, we wanted to be

more than well-prepared.

Our travel items included

climbing sticks, lightweight bags,

wind-proof jackets, trekking

shoes, flashlights, headlamps, a

GPS device, a compass, and a pair

of binoculars, and a magnifying

glass. Everything was prepared

with the sole intention of letting

Oc learn and have fun while

exploring the natural world.

The story of the forest

Our first days in Cat Ba National

Park were blessed with beautiful

weather that allowed us to

enjoy the sun, moon, stars, and

birds singing every morning

throughout the forest. Everyday

we woke up to a stunning scene

of lush forests, and fragrant

flowers, as well as clean, fresh air.

The mountains in front of our

eyes were painted yellow with the

color of the sun, while the sky was

filled with all kinds of birds flying

by. We were simply immersed in

the most pleasant and peaceful

atmosphere imaginable.

Trekking in the forest was a new

experience for the whole family,

even for me. I was not sure if Oc

was ready for it, even though she

had traveled everywhere with us.

She is only 3 years old after all,

and trekking in the forest requires

strength and perseverance.

On our first day, I took Oc for

a short trek into the forest. We

did not go on the main trekking

route, and instead followed a

small trail that led to the forest.

It was about 600 m from where

we stayed, and as soon as we

completed the trail, we found

ourselves lost in an incredible

world of trees, birds, and the

sound of nature.

We sprayed mosquito repellant

on Oc to prevent her from getting

bitten, but mosquitoes and bees

still circled around us. Oc got

to see many new things during

her first day in the forest, from

ants crawling under the brown

carpet of leaves on the ground,

to termites making a nest in a

tree trunk, to colorful bugs which

could be spotted under the leaves,

as well as all kinds of different

birds and butterflies flying from

one branch to another while the

sun was piercing through the

lush forest.

Oc found a small branch with

flowers, and enjoyed blowing the

petals away. The whole family

continued to follow the small

trail into the forest. My wife

suddenly started singing, and Oc

sang along cheerfully with her

mother, while I turned on the

GPS to navigate my way around,

and mark important spots. My

3G connection was weak, and

I was not sure if I could trust

my Google Map since it might

not have been accurate anyway.

It is very difficult to determine

exactly where you are when you

are standing in the middle of the

forest, and easy to panic if you are

lost. I felt much more confident

taking the GPS with me, so that

we knew where we were and

where we were headed.

Oc was excited to see, hear,

and experience so many new

things, although she had yet to

understand everything. I gave

her the compass to carry, along

with the binoculars on her neck,

a trekking stick in her hand, and

a hat to wear. Oc even played with

my Garmin GPS for a while until

she was bored, and moved on to

playing with her binoculars. We

wanted her to get familiar with

the items, even though she had

little knowledge of their purposes.

Oc became used to trekking, and

we went on further routes. One

particularly long trek was to Ao

Ech, where we had to split the

distance into shorter trails. We

completed the Forest Education

Trail, and passed the May Bau

Peak. The trail leading to Ao

Ech is picturesque whenever the

sun pierces through the forest,

creating a breathtaking scene,

the kind that you often only see

in movies. The terrain was flat at

the beginning of the trail, but the

later part was made up of steep

slopes and cliffs that required

more intense climbing and was a

lot more challenging.



Oc got to see many new things during her first day in

the forest, from ants crawling under the brown carpet

of leaves on the ground, to termites making a nest in a

tree trunk, to colorful bugs which can be spotted under

the leaves, as well as all kinds of different birds and

butterflies flying from one branch to another.



Trekking is a task that often requires adults to have strength,

endurance, and some degree of physical conditioning. With

children, it is a different story. One kilometer of climbing

equals a 3 km walk on flat terrain, so we had to sing to Oc

to motivate her. She mostly walked by herself, except for

some parts where she held our hands, or needed to be lifted or held. With

children, each day gives a different experience. On a normal day, she would

get very excited and could walk long distances, but on a different day, she

would refuse to walk by herself, and wanted to be held instead. Oc is older

this year, but still very much a little girl. We encountered countless colorful

butterflies, mushrooms, and huge red ants on our way to Ao Ech. The forest

is such a great world with so many things to explore for Oc.

We stayed at a villa in Cat Ba National Park where we were surrounded

with lush mountains and forests. From here, you can trek along a number

of trails into the forest. To the north is Gia Luan Commune where you

cross over to Quang Ninh, to the west is Phu Long Commune, well-known

for its mangrove forests, and to the southeast is the town.

As soon as the sun sunk behind the far away mountains, everything

became pitch black, and the sound of birds, monkeys, and night insects

echoed from afar. We quickly trekked back to the villa with Oc holding the

flashflight to show us the way. Up in the sky were countless stars lighting

the night forest.

The story of the moon, stars and telescope

We were lucky to experience the moon at its peak during our first nights.

The full moon lit up the sky with its magical light, and its beautiful

presence was felt even when we were inside the room. Oc loved the


We opened all the windows to let the light in, and only closed them when

we went to bed, but still we kept the curtains open. If we had to, we could

have easily slept under this beautiful starry sky. The moonlight spread over

the entire villa and the surrounding forest. We could hear the sound of

birds, crickets, and insects clearly throughout the nights. Sometimes the

glistening stars were spotted from our beds. Oc loved to sing the North Star

song, "North star, north star, are you near or are you far?" before she went

to bed. Her favorite thing to do was to assign the stars, one for her, one for

me and one for her mother.

We brought out our telescope, binoculars, and camera during our first

nights to try to capture the breathtaking beauty of the moon. It was

my first time getting the telescope out, and putting it together was no

Travel with children in the forest

ñ Bring insect repellents, a first

aid kit, some basic medicines

or specific medications for your


ñ Bring a climbing stick, trekking

shoes, and a good flashlight to

ensure the family has the safest

and most enjoyable experience.

The children can have their own

climbing sticks to help them

balance when going long distances

or when climbing though this isn't

necessary. Bring along items such

as GPS, binoculars, and telescope

for a more fun experience.

ñ Wear a hat with a neck flap,

sunglasses, and sunscreen.

ñ Bring some snacks for your

children to eat along the way.

ñ Bring plenty of water for the

whole family.

ñ Tell your children which plant

is safe to touch and which plant

is not. The same goes with the

insects. There are many kinds

of toxic mushrooms, plants, and

flowers in the forest. It is best to

advise your children not to touch

or eat anything while in the forest.

ñ Teach your children about the

natural world, the forest, the sea,

the moon, and the stars.

ñ Remind your children not to

litter in the forest, make a fire, or

damage any plants to protect the


easy task since it came in with

many different parts. It took me

forever to read the instruction

and assemble the telescope. Oc's

mother came to my aid, while

Oc played with different screws,

and lenses. It took me almost a

day to set up the tent and get the

telescope together, yet some parts

still remained unfitted as I had no

idea where to place them.

Oc had her own binoculars, a

small one, which works perfectly

fine, while we had a bigger pair

of binoculars. It was Oc's first

time looking at things through

the binoculars, and she loved it.

I helped her adjust the lenses for

sharper images. At night, when

the sky is clear, is when we used

the binoculars to watch thousands

of bright stars of different sizes. It

was a truly spectacular sight.

The story of the insects

We as adults often prefer the

convenience and comfort that

big cities provide, but to young

children, being in nature with the

opportunity to explore seems to

make them the happiest.

The forest is home to many

different types of insects, and we

encountered many both at the villa

and on our trails. I brought along

a container made of transparent

plastic that has air holes on one

side, all equipped with a neck

strap, a hand lens, and an insect

tweezer. Oc was very happy that

her daddy bought her an insect

container to study live insects.

We caught a big mantis on our

first day in the forest. After placing

it in the container, we observed

the mantis together. We used

both our eyes and the hand lens

to watch the mantis in close up.

Oc could not keep her eyes away

from the mantis. The next day, we

added other insects including a

grasshopper, a longhorn beetle, and

a butterfly to our little container.

We later also found a bee.

The box turned into Oc's own world

of insects, and she was very fond

of it. Despite the little knowledge

she had about insects, she enjoyed

studying them nevertheless. Oc's

friends, the children of other

vacations, who she met in the forest

all wanted to take turns to have a

look at Oc's amazing insect box.

We also found many house lizards

inside the villa, whom Oc loved

saying hello to in the evening, and

sometimes eve whispered to them,

"Do not be scared, I'm not a lion."





Additional information

Get there

ñ You can take a direct Daichi Group bus

from the Old Quarter in Hanoi to Cat Ba

National Park or Cat Ba Town for only

200,000 VND/person. If you want to travel

by car, first drive from Hanoi to Hai Phong,

then continue on to the sea bridge to cross

Cat Hai Island to the Got ferry station. From

here, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Cai

Vieng ferry station. From Cai Vieng, drive

for about 10 km to the Cat Ba National

Park. Total travel time is about 3.5 hours to

4 hours. Please note that the ferry runs on

even hours, so get to the ferry on time to

avoid waiting.


ñ You can find many hotels to stay in Cat

Ba Town for an affordable rate. But to

truly experience the forest, you should

choose to stay at the villa in Cat Ba National

Park. Contact the park management for



ñ There are many dining options in town,

but if you stay at the villa in the park, their

communal cafeteria is the most convenient

option. If you go further for about 1.2

km, you can find a restaurant at Hoi Lake

Farmstay or at the 24rest Ecologic near

Trung Trang Cave.


ñ We chose to spend a whole month here,

but you could spend at least a week. If you

have limited time, arrange at least four or

five days for the children to enjoy the trip.


ñ A villa at the park costs between 400,000

to 1,000,000 VND depending on the season.

In addition to the villa option, you can stay

at their communal house for a lower rate.

It costs 200,000 VND/person for a Daichi

a bus ride from Hanoi to Cat Ba National

Park (if your child can sit on your laps, it is

usually free). A meal at the National Park

costs around 50,000 VND/person, while at

other restaurants in the area, it is around

100,000 VND/person. If you eat in town,

the cost can be higher ranging from 200,000

- 400,000 VND for a family of 2 adults and

1 child. Admission tickets to enter Ngu Lam

Peak, Ao Ech, and Trung Trang Cave cost

40,000 VND/person each. If you are a family

of 2 adults and 1 child, the total cost for a

4-day and 3-night journey is about 4,000,000

- 5,000,000 VND.

When to go

ñ You can visit Cat Ba National Park any

time since there is always something

interesting for you and your family to

explore, but summer time is an ideal time.

Cat Ba is cooler during other seasons, so

warm clothing is essential for the children.

Summer is also the peak season, and

services may be overloaded.

The story of the sea

Cat Ba is an island surrounded

by many other small islands.

After the jungle trip, we took Oc

back to town, and went to the

white sandy Cat Co 3 Beach. We

had both cool breezy days, and

beautiful sunny days. Regardless

of the weather, Oc loved

spending time near the sea.

Oc was bolder than on previous

trips, and was no longer afraid

of the water. On days when

the water was colder, Oc still

headed to the sea, jumped into

it, and played there until she

got tired. Her fun activities

include throwing stones into the

sea, crawling across the sandy

beach like a turtle, building

sand castles, and getting her feet

buried in the sand.

We hired a motorbike to explore

around the island, and ended

up finding a beautiful secluded

beach located in Hien Hao

Commune, close to the junction

where a coastal road takes you

to town and one takes you to the

Cat Ba National Park.

We decided to bring our things

there to camp. While her mother

got her book out to read, Oc and

I did some fun activites together.

We went to find dry branches to

make a fire, catch sea snails on

the rocks, and look for crabs on

the beach. The beach is a large

mudflat, where the tide recedes

early in the morning leaving

many different marine

species stranded on shore. We

also played in the mud. It was

Oc's first time playing in the

mud, and she absolutely loved

it. We later went to find all

different kinds of shells for Oc

to collect. It was important to me

to teach Oc about the worlds of

natural life.

Oc's story

When we first arrived Cat Ba, Oc was

a plump and pale little girl who

was afraid of worms, geckos, and

bees. After a month in the forest,

Oc became a lot tougher, started to

enjoy life in the forest, became familiar with the

insects, and got to know everyone at the park.

Our 30-day trip to Cat Ba National Park was

an unforgettable experience for Oc, and her

childhood memory made special by it. We know

that her memories of the forest, the sound of the

bees, the calls of the tokay geckos, house lizards

at night, and the sound of the forest will live on

until she becomes an adult.

We accomplished most of the goals we had set

before the trip for Oc from camping, to trekking

on her own in the forest, to climbing mountains,

to watching the moon and the stars, and playing

in the sea. Oc got to experience nature in a way

that most city kids nowadays seldom have the

opportunity to. She has learnt so many things

without knowing that she was learning.

Oc also had a chance to practice her English

during the trip as she met kids from many

different countries. Oc was able to greet, talk, and

chat with her new friends without any hesitation.

The whole family returned to Hanoi, and while

we are back at work, we are already planning for

the family's next trip, and looking for a Chinese

tutor for Oc. Our next journey which is likely to

be at the end of the year, will include Mongolia,

China, and Japan - another long trip of Oc to

discover the northeast Asia.









ßæm m◊nh gi˜a lµn n≠Ìc

trong xanh mµu ng‰c cÒa

vnh L®ng C´, ln phË nÛi

ßµ Lπt "s®n" m©y hay tr∂i

nghi÷m Æm træng n≠Ìc

Nga, ngæm "tuy’t r¨i mÔa

hÃ" tπi @c... lµ nh˜ng Æi”m

Æ’n kh´ng th” b· qua

khi bπn ln k’ hoπch du

lch trong th∏ng 6. CÔng

Travellive l≠Ìt qua danh mÙc

nh˜ng Æi”m Æ’n vµ l˘a ch‰n

hµnh tr◊nh ≠a th›ch nhä!


L®ng C´ nªm gi˜a ßµ NΩng vµ Hu’, ph›a nam lµ ÆÃo H∂i V©n,

ph›a bæc lµ ÆÃo PhÛ Gia. CÚng ch›nh nhÍ vfi tr› Ææc Æfia mµ

L®ng C´ sÎ h˜u vŒ Æãp t˘ nhin hi’m c„, Æ≠Óc bao quanh

bÎi nÛi non h˜u t◊nh vµ bÍ bi”n trong xanh tuy÷t Æãp. ß∆c

bi÷t, L®ng C´ lµ mÈt trong sË ›t vfinh bi”n hi’m hoi Î Vi÷t Nam c„ mµu

xanh ng‰c b›ch. N’u c„ dfip Æ’n Æ©y vµo mÔa hÃ, bπn sœ hi”u tπi sao

bi”n L®ng C´ lπi th›ch hÓp cho du lfich nghÿ d≠Ïng Æ’n vÀy. MÔa hà Î

L®ng C´ kh´ng n„ng, kh› hÀu ´n hfla vµ thÍi ti’t lπi v´ cÔng m∏t mŒ.

Tuy nhin, thÍi Æi”m th›ch hÓp nh†t Æ” kh∏m ph∏ vfinh bi”n nµy chÿ

käo dµi tı th∏ng 4 Æ’n th∏ng 7, bÎi thÍi gian sau Æ„ lµ bæt Æ«u mÔa

m≠a b∑o.


- Di chuy”n: Bπn c„ th” xu†t ph∏t tı ßµ NΩng hay tı Hu’ bªng xe kh∏ch ho∆c tµu lˆa, thÀm ch›

bπn c„ th” di chuy”n bªng xe m∏y.

- ¬m th˘c: ß’n L®ng C´, h∑y ®n thˆ b∏nh canh ch∂ cua nÊi ti’ng, bÛn riu cua cµng b„c v· vµ mæm

s L®ng C´... Ngoµi ra, bπn c„ th” Î lπi c∏c lµng chµi ven bi”n, ®n h∂i s∂n t≠¨i sËng.

- M∏ch nh·: H∑y dµnh 3 ngµy cho k˙ nghÿ Î L®ng C´, bπn sœ ÆÒ thÍi gian tham quan nh˜ng Æa danh

l©n cÀn nh≠ ß«m LÀp An, ßÃo H∂i V©n, Rıng quËc gia Bπch M∑, CË Æ´ Hu’ vµ L®ng Kh∂i ßnh.


Nªm Î vÔng Æ´ng bæc Bæc bÈ, Th∏i

Nguyn sÎ h˜u phong c∂nh s¨n

thÒy h˜u t◊nh, non xanh n≠Ìc bi’c,

vÌi nh˜ng ÆÂi chà xanh m≠Ìt khi’n

khung c∂nh n¨i Æ©y cµng thm th¨

mÈng. MÔa thu hoπch chà ΠTh∏i

Nguyn th≠Íng bæt Æ«u vµo th∏ng 5,

th∏ng 6 - thÍi Æi”m tËt nh†t Æ” chÃ

Æ©m chÂi, trÊ bÛp nhi“u nh†t. ß©y

cÚng lµ mÔa Æãp nh†t Æ” th≠Îng

ngoπn c∂nh Æãp cÒa vÔng trung du

nµy. Du kh∏ch sœ c„ c¨ hÈi ngæm

nh˜ng ÆÂi chà sum sÛp nh≠ b∏t

Ûp, Æ©u Æ©u cÚng nhuÈm mÈt mµu

xanh t≠¨i m¨n mÎn trµn Æ«y nh˘a

sËng, tπo nn m´i tr≠Íng sinh th∏i

trong lµnh, m∏t mŒ. H◊nh th∏i sinh

tr≠Îng cÒa ÆÂi chà t˘a nh≠ m

cung cÚng lµ c∂nh quan †n t≠Óng

Æ” du kh∏ch c„ Æ≠Óc nh˜ng t†m

∂nh l≠u ni÷m tuy÷t Æãp.

ß∆c bi÷t, du kh∏ch sœ Æ≠Óc tÀn

mæt ngæm nh◊n Æ´i bµn tay tho®n

thoæt h∏i chà cÒa nh˜ng c´ g∏i b∂n

Æfia, kh∏m ph∏ nh˜ng ph≠¨ng ph∏p

sao chà tı truy“n thËng Æ’n hi÷n

Æπi, vµ thˆ mÈt l«n hfla vµo nhfip

sËng nhÈn nhfip cÔng ng≠Íi d©n

vÔng chÃ.


- Di chuy”n: Bπn c„ th” di chuy”n bªng xe

kh∏ch ho∆c xe m∏y bÎi Th∏i Nguyn kh∏ g«n

s©n bay NÈi Bµi - Hµ NÈi.

- ¬m th˘c: B∏nh ch≠ng BÍ ßÀu, c¨m lam ßnh

H„a, b∏nh co„c m cÒa d©n tÈc Tµy vµ chÃ

Th∏i Nguyn lµ nh˜ng m„n nh†t Ænh ph∂i thˆ.

- M∏ch nh·: H∑y dµnh 3 ngµy cho chuy’n Æi

nµy, bπn cÚng c„ th” l≠u lπi l©u h¨n Æ” kh∏m

ph∏ t◊m hi”u v“ c´ng Æoπn s∂n xu†t chà hay

ch‰n Th∏i Nguyn lµ n¨i nghÿ d≠Ïng cÚng r†t

tuy÷t. Vµ l≠u ˝ rªng Æıng b· qua h NÛi CËc

vÌi vŒ Æãp Æ∑ thµnh huy“n thoπi.

ßÄ LÑT - MùA S°N M¢Y

NÊi ti’ng vÌi m÷nh danh "Thµnh

phË s≠¨ng", mÔa xu©n Î ßµ Lπt

s≠¨ng phÒ træng trÍi. Tuy nhin,

th∏ng 6 vµo hπ, s≠¨ng bæt Æ«u

tan vµ m©y gi®ng khæp nÛi rıng.

Vµo mÔa "s®n" m©y Î ßµ Lπt, bπn

ph∂i dÀy tı 5 giÍ s∏ng v◊ khi næng

ln m©y sœ tan h’t.

Kh› trÍi ßµ Lπt s∏ng sÌm th≠Íng

lπnh nn sœ thÀt th≠ th∏i n’u

Æ≠Óc th∂ hÂn l¨ Æ∑ng theo nh˜ng

Æ∏m m©y vµ chÍ Æ„n nh˜ng tia

næng Æ«u tin trong ngµy. M©y Î

Æ©y th≠Íng m·ng, c„ khi tr∂i dµi

nh≠ t†m lÙa, c„ khi cuÂn cuÈn

x’p lÌp nh≠ nh˜ng ÆÓt s„ng tr´i

gi˜a kh´ng trung. H¨n h’t, "s®n

m©y" sœ tπo cho bπn c∂m gi∏c cao

h¨n m©y, v◊ lÛc nµy m©y luÂn

d≠Ìi c∏c t∏n c©y, c∏c d∑y nÛi vµ

cæt ngang qua nh˜ng ng‰n ÆÂi.

ß’n ßµ Lπt, bπn Æıng qun ghä

lµng CÔ L«n, lµng ߆t Sät, nhµ

thÍ Con Gµ hay ti÷m b∏nh CËi

Xay Gi„ nÊi ti’ng.


- Di chuy”n: M∏y bay, tµu lˆa vµ xe kh∏ch lµ

nh˜ng ph≠¨ng ti÷n c„ th” Æ≠a bπn Æ’n ßµ

Lπt. Bπn d‘ dµng Æ’n phË nÛi ngµn th´ng,

v◊ Æ©y lµ thµnh phË du lch nÊi ti’ng, c∏ch

TP.HCM chÿ 300 km.

- ¬m th˘c: MÈt ly s˜a ÆÀu nµnh n„ng tr≠Ìc

khi xu†t ph∏t lµ l˘a ch‰n tËt nh†t cho chuy’n

Æi s®n m©y cÒa bπn. Bπn cÚng c„ th” ®n b∏nh

≠Ìt lng gµ, b∏nh m◊ x›u mπi hay m„n kem b¨

bäo ngÀy.

- M∏ch nh·: ßµ Lπt kh∏ nh· nn bπn chÿ c«n

dµnh 3 ngµy Æ” tÀn h≠Îng kh´ng kh› trong

lµnh Î Æ©y lµ ÆÒ. Bπn c„ th” ngæm m©y tr´i

l∑ng Æ∑ng trn ÆÂi trµ, Trπi M∏t, h SuËi Vµng,

th∏c Hang C‰p.


"ßm træng" lµ mÈt hi÷n t≠Óng

thin nhin v´ cÔng ÆÈc Æ∏o

Î Nga, bæt Æ«u tı th∏ng 5 Æ’n

gi˜a th∏ng 7. Dfip nµy, du kh∏ch

th≠Íng ÆÊ x´ tÌi x¯ sÎ bπch d≠¨ng

Æ” ngæm nh◊n b«u trÍi Æm k˙

∂o, t≠Îng chıng nh≠ ch≠a h“ tæt

næng. Kho∂ng thÍi gian nµy, m∆t

trÍi th≠Íng l∆n lÛc 11 giÍ r≠Ïi

Æm, ban ngµy käo dµi g«n 19

ti’ng. Saint Petersburg vµ Moscow

lµ hai n¨i mµ bπn c„ th” ch¯ng

ki’n "Æm træng" r‚ nät nh†t v◊ Î

Æ©y c„ ÆÈ cao phÔ hÓp, c∂nh quan

tho∏ng Æ∑ng.

Tπi Saint Peterburg, hi÷n t≠Óng

"Æm træng" bæt Æ«u tı ngµy 11/6

Æ’n 2/7 mÁi n®m. Nh˜ng ngµy

nµy, m‰i ng≠Íi th≠Íng käo nhau

ra qu∂ng tr≠Íng tÙ h‰p ho∆c th¯c

træng Æm Æ” chim ngæm khung

c∂nh huy“n ∂o cÒa thµnh phË,

lÛc b«u trÍi chuy”n sang mµu s˜a

m¨ mÈng, Æ´i khi pha ∏nh hÂng

nhπt, c„ lÛc lπi s∏ng r˘c rÏ nh≠

ban ngµy. MuËn ngæm hi÷n t≠Óng

nµy tπi Moscow, h∑y Æ’n khu

v˘c Qu∂ng tr≠Íng ß· vµ nhµ thÍ

Th∏nh Basil.


- Di chuy”n: Tı Vi÷t Nam c„ Æ≠Íng bay thºng

Æ’n Moscow vµ Saint Petersburg.

- ¬m th˘c: Th≠Îng th¯c b∏nh hπnh phÛc Pelmeni

vµ b∏nh Pirozhki lµ tr∂i nghi÷m Æ∏ng nhÌ.

- M∏ch nh·: Bπn c„ th” dµnh 10 ngµy Æ’n 2

tu«n Æ” kh∏m ph∏ n≠Ìc Nga tuy÷t di÷u, bÎi

n≠Ìc Nga c„ v´ vµn c´ng tr◊nh ki’n trÛc nÊi

ti’ng nh≠ Cung Æi÷n Peterhof, Cung Æi÷n

Catherine, Th∏nh Æ≠Íng ChÛa c¯u th’ hay

Qu∂ng tr≠Íng ß·.



ß⁄N @C NG¿M "TUY⁄T R•I MùA Há"

QuËc gia Î Nam b∏n c«u nµy c„ di÷n t›ch lÌn th¯ 6 trn

th’ giÌi, bÎi th’, kh› hÀu Î @c kh∏ Æa dπng vµ kh∏c bi÷t.

MÔa Æ´ng Î Æ©y th≠Íng bæt Æ«u vµo th∏ng 6, käo dµi h’t

th∏ng 8. N’u Î Vi÷t Nam Æang lµ mÔa hà th◊ Î @c Æang

Æ„n nh˜ng b´ng tuy’t Æ«u tin vµ chu»n bfi cho l‘ hÈi

mÔa Æ´ng.

ß” th≠Îng th¯c "tuy’t r¨i mÔa hÃ" tπi @c vÌi nhi“u

hoπt ÆÈng thÛ vfi, h∑y Æ’n bang Victoria c∏ch thµnh phË

Melbourne kho∂ng mÈt ngµy Æ≠Íng. Trn suËt d‰c

Æ≠Íng Æi, bπn sœ bæt g∆p hµng tr®m cung Æ≠Íng tr≠Ót

tuy’t c„ khung c∂nh tuy÷t Æãp. Bπn cÚng Æıng qun ghä

khu nÛi tuy’t Mount Buller Æ” tr∂i nghi÷m bÈ m´n l≠Ìt

v∏n vµ tr≠Ót tuy’t Æ«y thÛ vfi. Sœ thÀt b†t ngÍ khi mÔa hÃ

cÒa bπn Æ≠Óc phÒ tuy’t træng x„a.

Ngoµi ra, bπn c„ th” tham gia c∏c ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ngh÷

thuÀt ÆÈc Æ∏o nh≠ L‘ hÈi mÔa Æ´ng Alpine, Æm nhπc

Alittle Night Music tπi nhµ h∏t Opera hay ghä tham quan

B∂o tµng Melbourne... Chuy’n Æi cÒa bπn sœ tr‰n vãn

h¨n n’u bπn Æ’n th®m nhµ thÍ Th∏nh Patrick vÌi ki’n

trÛc Gothic nguy nga, lÈng l…y, thu hÛt Æ´ng Æ∂o du

kh∏ch quËc t’.


- Di chuy”n: Tı TP.HCM c„ chuy’n bay thºng Æ’n Melbourne. C∏c chuy’n

bay kh∏c qu∏ c∂nh tπi Singapore vµ Sydney.

- ¬m th˘c: ßıng qun th≠Îng th¯c mÈt ly bia h≠¨ng lÛa mπch th¨m nÂng

cho nh˜ng ngµy Æ´ng nghch mÔa cÒa bπn tπi @c.

- M∏ch nh·: Bπn c„ th” dµnh 1 tu«n cho chuy’n Æi nµy. N’u bπn th›ch mua

sæm th◊ Æ©y cÚng lµ thÍi gian tuy÷t nh†t Æ” bπn mang v“ nh˜ng m„n hµng gi∏

rŒ tπi c∏c con Æ≠Íng nÊi ti’ng nh≠ Chapel Street, Acland Street Î Victoria.


N’u Ireland lµ Æi”m Æ’n c„

sΩn trong k’ hoπch cÒa bπn th◊

mÔa hà lµ thÍi Æi”m tuy÷t nh†t

Æ” bπn ghä th®m quËc gia nµy.

MÔa m≠a Î Ireland th≠Íng käo

dµi vµ s≠¨ng mÔ bao phÒ nhi“u

thµnh phË lÌn nh≠ng Æ’n th∏ng

6 trÍi bæt Æ«u næng vµ kh› hÀu

cÚng d«n †m ln. ThÍi ti’t thÀt

l˝ t≠Îng Æ” bπn th®m thÛ vµ

kh∏m ph∏ c∏c l©u Ƶi cÊ, c∏c

c´ng tr◊nh ki’n trÛc l©u ÆÍi vµ

c∏nh ÆÂng c· xanh m≠Ìt.

Kh´ng mang vŒ Æãp sËng ÆÈng

cÒa thµnh phË c´ng nghi÷p,

quËc gia T©y ¢u nµy ch¯a

Æ˘ng mÈt nät Æãp k˙ b› vµ lπ

lÔng khi’n du kh∏ch quËc t’

muËn kh∏m ph∏. H∑y dµnh

nhi“u ngµy cho chuy’n Æi cÒa

bπn Æ” c„ th” ghä th®m l©u Ƶi

Blarney, l©u Ƶi Ashford, lang

thang c∏c con hŒm, c∏c b∂o

tµng Î thÒ Æ´ Dublin hay thÀm

ch› ngÂi m¨ mÈng bn v∏ch Æ∏

b c´ng anh Moher.


- Di chuy”n: Hi÷n tı Vi÷t Nam ch≠a c„

chuy’n bay thºng Æ’n Ireland, nh≠ng bπn

c„ th” bay Æ’n Anh, rÂi bay tÌi thÒ Æ´


- ¬m th˘c: ¬m th˘c Ireland kh∏ Æ∆c sæc,

bπn nn thˆ b∏nh khoai n≠Ìng Boxty hay

m„n Coddle - khoai t©y h«m nÊi ti’ng cÒa


- M∏ch nh·: Ireland kh´ng nªm trong khËi

Schengen nn bπn ph∂i xin visa ring khi

vµo quËc gia nµy. ß∆c bi÷t, Ireland kh´ng

c„ tµu Æi÷n ng«m nn Æ’n Æ©y, bπn c„ th”

di chuy”n bªng xe lˆa, xe Æi÷n vµ xe bu˝t.

Bπn nn dµnh mÈt tu«n cho chuy’n Æi

Ireland Æ” c∂m nhÀn cuÈc sËng Î n¨i Æ≠Óc

xem lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng "quËc gia c„ ch†t

l≠Óng sËng tËt nh†t th’ giÌi".




From immersing in the lush

green water of Lang Co Bay, to

cloud hunting in the city of Dalat,

to witnessing incredible White

Nights in Russia, to experiencing a

cold summer in Australia, or taking

a leisurely stroll around Ireland on

warm sunny days, those are the

things you should include in your

travel plans this June. Here is a list

of 6 amazing destinations Travellive

has come up with for you!

Text: Bao Khuyen - Photos: Many photographers


Lang Co is a township

situated between

Danang and Hue

with the scenic Hai

Van Pass to the south and Phu

Gia Pass to the north. Thanks

to its unique location, Lang

Co is surrounded by majestic

mountains and crystal clear

water, making it a site of an

incredible natural beauty. Lang

Co Beach is one of the few

gulfs that has jade green water

in Vietnam. The destination

is perfect to visit in summer,

though be prepared to be

blown away by its breathtaking

sceneries. The weather is

temperate, cool, and not too

hot during summer. The most

ideal times to explore Lang Co

is from April through to July,

just before the start of the rainy



- Get there: From Danang or Hue you can

travel by bus, train, or even motorbike.

- Eat: Try the popular "b∏nh canh ch∂

cua" (crab cake soup), "bÛn riu cua cµng

b„c v·" (crab noodle soup), and "mæm

s" (fermented clam sauce) in Lang Co, in

addition to a wide variety of fresh seafoods.

6 must-


- Tip: Spend 3 days for your stay in Lang Co

to visit nearby attractions such as Lap An

Lake, Hai Van Pass, Bach Ma National Park,

Hue Imperial Citadel, and Khai Dinh Tomb.




Located in the northeast

region of Vietnam, Thai

Nguyen provides a charming

landscape of lush tea hills and

picturesque rivers. The tea harvest

season in Thai Nguyen usually

starts in May and June - the best

time for blooming tea buds, and the

most beautiful season for visitors to

enjoy with amazing green carpets

of tea hills and cool breezy weather.

During this season, the incredible

landscapes of Thai Nguyen are

simply picture-perfect.

Visitors can watch local women pick

the tea leaves, discover traditional

and modern methods of tea

production, and experience the daily

life of the locals.


- Get there: You can travel by bus or motorbike

to Thai Nguyen since it is located quite close to

Noi Bai Airport - Hanoi.

- Eat: Bo Dau rice cake, Dinh Hoa bamboo rice,

"b∏nh cooc m" of the ethinic Tay, and aromatic

Thai Nguyen tea are a must-try.

- Tip: Spend at least 3 days in Thai Nguyen to

explore the process of tea production or make

it a retreat holiday. Also visit the nearby beautiful

Nui Coc Lake.


Known as "the city of mist", Dalat is

often covered in mist all year round

with summer being the only exception,

especially in June, when the mist

starts to disappear and the clouds take

over the region's lush mountains.

To go "clound hunting", rising early

is essential to catch a glimpse of the

beautiful white clouds before the sun

goes up.

Dalat in the early morning is chilly,

and is the perfect time for you to relax,

watch the clouds passing by, and wait

for the first sun rays of the day to

appear. The clouds are, if not spread out

like a long piece of white silk, rolled into

layers of waves drifting amid the air.

Dalat is a truly romantic city to visit this

June with your loved one.

When going "cloud hunting" in the

mountains, you can find the chance to

stand above the clouds as they drape

over trees, and mountains and cut

through the hills. When in Dalat, take

the opportunity to visit Cu Lan Village,

Dat Set Village, Chicken Church, and

the popular Windmills Cafä.


- Get there: You can travel by airplane, train, or bus

to Dalat since it is a popular tourist destination only

300km from Ho Chi Minh City.

- Eat: Drink a glass of hot soy milk before going cloud

hunting to keep yourself warm. You should also try

b∏nh ≠Ìt lng gµ (chicken giblet salad), b∏nh mÏ

x›u mπi (meatball sandwich), and delicious avocado


- Tip: Dalat is a small town, so spending 3 days to

enjoy the fresh air is enough. You can watch the

clouds on tea hills, visit Trai Mat, Suoi Vang Lake, and

Tiger's Cave Waterfall.



The "White Nights" is a very unique

natural phenomenon occuring from

May to mid-July in Russia, where

tourists often flock to this far north

country to enjoy the amazingly bright

night sky with seemingly round-theclock

daylight. During this period, the

sun goes down at 11 pm, and daylight

lasts almost 19 hours. St. Petersburg

and Moscow are the two places you

can see the White Nights most clearly.

In St. Peterburg, the White Nights

start from June 11 to July 2 annually.

During those days, people often

gather at the squares or stay up the

whole night to enjoy the enchanting

scene of the city when the sky turns

to a dreamy milky color, or light

pink, or brilliant yellow. Go to the

Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral

in Moscow to have an unforgettable



- Get there: Direct flights are available from

Vietnam to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

- Eat: Try Russian dumplings Pelmeni and stuffed

buns Pirozhki for an amazing culinary experience.

- Tip: You should spend from 10 days to 2

weeks to explore the wonderful country of

Russia since it is rich with famous architectural

works from the Peterhof Palace, to the

Catherine Palace, to the Cathedral of Christ the

Saviour, and the Red Square.


Located in the southern hemisphere,

Australia is the sixth largest country

in the world with a climate very

unique and different to other parts

of the world. Winter here usually

begins in June and lasts through

to August. While it is summer in

Vietnam, Australia is experiencing

colder months, and is preparing for

its winter festivals.

To enjoy colder weather this

summer holiday with lots of fun

activities, visit the state of Victoria

and its capital, Melbourne, where

you can find hundreds of beautiful

snow-covered ski trails. Do not forget

to visit Mount Buller resort town for

an incredible snow boarding and

skiing experience.

You can also take part in unique

arts events from the Alpine Winter

Festival, to the Alittle Night Music

at the Sydney Opera House, or visit

the Melbourne Museum. For history

lovers, do visit the St. Patrick's

Cathedral in Melbourne with

splendid Gothic style architecture

that attracts a large number of

international visitors.


- Get there: Direct flights to Melbourne are

available from Ho Chi Minh City. Most other flights

transit in either Singapore or Sydney.

- Eat: Try delicious Australian beer during your

winter days in Australia. But be warned, it's

typically much stronger than Vietnamese beer.

- Tip: You can spend a week for this trip. If you

like shopping, this is also the best time to bring

home quality items at an affordable price from

popular shopping streets such as Chapel Street

and Auckland Street in Victoria.



If Ireland is a destination listed in

your plan, late summer is the best

time to visit this beautiful country.

The rainy season in Ireland often

lasts for a long time with fog

covering most major cities, but

the weather starts to clear and get

warmer in June, making it the

perfect time for visitors to explore

ancient castles and buildings,

and enjoy lush pastures everywhere

you go.

Despite not having the lively

atmosphere of an industrial nation,

Ireland nevertheless possesses a

mysterious charm that has enticed

international travelers again and

again. Spend an extra few days on

your trip to visit the Blarney Castle

and Ashford Castle, wander

around the alleys, visit museums in

Dublin, or the Cliffs of Moher for

stunning views.


- Get there: Direct flights to Ireland from Vietnam

are not yet available, but you can transit in the UK

before flying to Dublin.

- Eat: Irish cuisine is very unique. You should try

traditional Irish potato pancake Boxty, and Coddle,

an interesting Irish dish that uses up leftovers.

- Tip: Ireland is not part of the Schengen Area, so

you must apply for a separate visa when entering

the country. Ireland does not have subway, but

you can travel by train, tram, and bus. You should

spend at least a week in Ireland to experience "the

country with the best quality living in the world".

Keep in mind though that people drive on the

opposite side of the road, so be sure to look both

ways when crossing streets.





Kick off summer with 5

amazing theme parks in Asia

"C´ng vin gi∂i tr›" c„ lœ lµ cÙm tı Æ≠Óc t◊m ki’m nhi“u nh†t trong mÁi dp hÃ

bÎi Æ„ lµ nh˜ng Æa Æi”m cho c∂ gia Æ◊nh vui ch¨i th·a th›ch, t†t c∂ trong mÈt.

H∑y cÔng Travellive kh∏m ph∏ 5 c´ng vin gi∂i tr› h†p d…n nh†t ch©u É vµ l˘a

ch‰n cho gia Æ◊nh Æi”m Æ’n th›ch hÓp nh†t.

"Theme parks" is probably the most searched phrase in summer given it's the

perfect all in one destination that some of you are looking for to engage in some

classic fun with your family. Here are five of Asia's most popular theme parks and

let us here at Travellive help you pick your favorite one this summer.

Text: Bao Khuyen * Photos: Many authors


univeRsal sTuDios - singapoRe

ß≠Óc x©y d˘ng trn Æ∂o Sentosa, C´ng vin gi∂i tr› Universal

Studios Î Singapore c„ di÷n t›ch ln Æ’n 20 ha. Khu gi∂i tr› Æ≠Óc

thi’t k’ hi÷n Æπi m´ ph·ng h«u h’t c∏c bÈ phim nÊi ti’ng trn th’

giÌi nh≠ C´ng vin k˚ Jura, Ai CÀp huy“n b›, Transformer, ChÛ

mÃo Æi hia... Bn cπnh vi÷c t∏i hi÷n lπi c∏c bÈ phim, n¨i Æ©y cn

cho bπn tr∂i nghi÷m c∂m gi∏c s∂i b≠Ìc trn Con Æ≠Íng danh v‰ng

Î Hollywood vµ kh∏m ph∏ nh˜ng ta nhµ cao t«ng Æ«y †n t≠Óng.

Ngoµi ra, Universal Studios cn lµ n¨i tÊ ch¯c nhi“u show di‘n

hoµnh tr∏ng nh≠ show tr◊nh di‘n nhπc n≠Ìc Wings of Time, show

mÛa rËi m∏y Crane Dance.

Di chuy”n: Xu†t ph∏t tı Vivo City, c„ hai c∏ch Æ” bπn Æ’n Æ∂o Sentosa: Æi bÈ

800 m qua con Æ≠Íng BoarsWalk vµ tr∂ 1 Æ´ la Sing ph› vµo Æ∂o ho∆c Æi tµu

Æi÷n Sentosa Express (kho∂ng 4 Æ´ la Sing/vä) Æ” tÌi tÀn cÊng ch›nh * ¬m

th˘c: Tπi khu vui ch¨i c„ nhµ hµng Trung Hoa, Buggers vµ nhµ hµng KT's Grill *

M∏ch nh·: Bπn c„ th” Æ≠a nh˜ng Ưa trŒ cÒa bπn Æ’n tham quan n´ng trπi Hay

Dairies g«n Æ„. ô Æ©y c„ h¨n 1.000 chÛ d thuÈc nhi“u giËng kh∏c nhau. H∑y

ghä tr≠Ìc 10h30 s∏ng Æ” t◊m hi”u qu∏ tr◊nh væt s˜a.

Located on Sentosa Island, the Universal Studios Singapore covers a huge

area of 20 hectares with seven different themed zones. Each zone is

based on a popular blockbuster movie or a television show from Jurassic

Park, to Ancient Egypt, to Transformers, and Puss in Boots. A replica of

the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and iconic buildings of New York

can also be found at the park. This amazing theme park is also home to

many spectacular shows including the mesmerizing "Wings of Time" and

"Crane Dance" shows.

Get there: From Vivo City, there are two ways for you to get to Sentosa. You

can either take a 800-meter walk on the BoarsWalk Road and pay 1 SGD for

admission or take the Sentosa Express which costs about 4 SGD/ticket that

takes you straight to the main gate * Eat: You can find over 30 places to eat

including Chinese restaurants, Burgers, and the KT's Grill * Tip: Take your kids

to visit the nearby Hay Dairies Goat Farm where there are over 1,000 goats of

different breeds. Try to visit before 10.30 am to learn about the milking process.

legolanD - malaysia

Nªm tπi thµnh phË bi”n mi“n nam Johor Bahru cÒa Malaysia,

C´ng vin Legoland Æ≠Óc xem lµ c´ng vin Æ«u tin cÒa ch©u

É ph∏t tri”n ngh÷ thuÀt x’p lego. ß’n Æ©y, bπn c„ th” t◊m th†y

nhi“u Æa danh du lch nÊi ti’ng nh≠ "Vπn L˝ Tr≠Íng Thµnh",

"T≠Óng Ƶi Merilon", "Th∏nh Æ≠Íng HÂi gi∏o Putra Mosque" vµ

c∂ "Khu phË cÊ HÈi An - Vi÷t Nam". ßi“u b†t ngÍ lµ t†t c∂ Æ“u

Æ≠Óc læp r∏p tı hµng ngµn mi’ng lego.

CÚng giËng nh≠ nhi“u c´ng vin gi∂i tr› kh∏c, Legoland cn c„

khu v˘c tr ch¨i dµnh cho nh˜ng bä ≠a th›ch mπo hi”m nh≠ tµu

l≠Ón trn kh´ng, Æua ´ t´, tr≠Ót n≠Ìc... Ngoµi ra, Î Æ©y cÚng

x©y d˘ng nhi“u m´ h◊nh vui ch¨i Æ” bπn c„ th” ch¨i cÔng con

trŒ nh≠ læp r∏p l©u Ƶi lego vµ vœ tranh.

Di chuy”n: Tı thÒ Æ´ Kuala Lumpur, bπn c„ th” di chuy”n bªng ´ t´ Æ’n

Johor Bahru, thÍi gian Æi kho∂ng 5 ti’ng ÆÂng h * ¬m th˘c: Tπi Æ©y, ngoµi

»m th˘c Malaysia, gia Æ◊nh bπn c„ th” tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c quËc t’ tπi c∏c

nhµ hµng É - ¢u * M∏ch nh·: MÈt khi Æ∑ Æ’n Legoland, bπn nn tranh thÒ

ghä th®m thµnh phË cÒa Hello Kitty (Little Big club & Sanrio Hello Kitty) vµ

c´ng vin Angry Bird Activity Park Î g«n Æ„.

Located in the beautiful southern coastal city of Johor Bahru,

Legoland Malaysia is the first of its kind in Asia. Attraction sites at

the park include the China's Great Wall, Singapore's Merlion Statue,

Malaysia's Putra Mosque, and even Vietnam's Hoi An Ancient Town,

all assembled from tens of thousands of lego pieces.

Like many other amusement parks, Legoland features a special

area for adventurous kids from roller coasters, to motor racing, to

water skiing. Other fun actitivities you can play with your kids include

assembling lego castles and painting.

Get there: From Kuala Lumpur, you can travel by car to Johor Bahru for

about 5 hours * Eat: In addition to Malaysian cuisine, your family can enjoy

international cuisine at many Eurasian restaurants * Tip: Also visit the nearby

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Little Big Club, and Angry Birds Activity Park. 2



Lotte World - Korea

Lotte World lµ thin Æ≠Íng vui ch¨i gi∂i tr› Æ≠Óc chia thµnh 2

khu v˘c: khu v˘c ngoµi trÍi lµ "Magic Island", khu v˘c trong nhµ

lµ "Adventure". Lotte World c„ c∏c tr ch¨i h†p d…n nh≠ Giant

Loop, khi Æ„ ng≠Íi ch¨i lao nhanh trong vng trn 360 ÆÈ vµ b

treo ng≠Óc trn kh´ng trung mÈt c∏ch ÆÈt ngÈt. Bπn c„ th” thˆ

ÆÈ can Æ∂m vÌi tr ch¨i Gyro Drop - r¨i t˘ do Î ÆÈ cao 70 m

vÌi tËc ÆÈ 100 km/h. N’u Æi vÌi c∏c bä, bπn c„ th” ch‰n nh˜ng

tr ch¨i gia Æ◊nh nh≠ Vng quay ng˘a gÁ Camelot hay ngÂi

trn khinh kh› c«u Æ” ngæm nh◊n toµn c∂nh c´ng vin vÌi The

Aeronaut Balloon.

Di chuy”n: ßi tµu Æi÷n ng«m Seoul Æ’n ga Jamsil (tuy’n Seoul Subway sË

2), Lotte World Æ≠Óc nËi tr˘c ti’p vÌi ga * ¬m th˘c: Nhµ hµng BBQ Lotte

World lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng Æa Æi”m ®n uËng h†p d…n Î Æ©y. Ngoµi ra, Lotte

World City Shopping li“n k“ khu vui ch¨i cÚng lµ mÈt l˘a ch‰n hay cho gia

Æ◊nh * M∏ch nh·: MÈt n¨i kh∏c mµ gia Æ◊nh bπn c„ th” ch‰n lµ ThÒy Cung

trong nhµ lÌn nh†t Hµn QuËc - ThÒy Cung Lotte World.

Lotte World is made up of two main sections, the outdoor amusement

park Magic Island, and Adventure, the world's largest indoor theme

park. At Lotte World, many exciting games are available for visitors

of all ages including the Giant Loop, where passengers are constantly

taken for 360 degree spins in a circular rail and hung up in the air

while upside down. Try your luck with the Gyro Drop, where you

experience shocking freefalls from 70 meters reaching the speed

of 100 km/h. If you travel with young children, try more kid-friendly

activities such as the Camelot Carrousel or get on the Aeronaut

Balloon Ride for amazing views of the park from high above.

Get there: Take the Seoul Subway to Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line

2), the Lotte World is directly connected to the station * Eat: BBQ Lotte

World Restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat at the park.

Do visit the nearby Lotte World City Shopping Center for a fun family

shopping experience * Tip: For a different experience, take your family to

Korea's largest indoor aquarium, the Lotte World Aquarium. 3


Ocean Park - Hong Kong

Kh´ng giËng vÌi nhi“u c´ng vin gi∂i tr› kh∏c, Ocean Park Hong

Kong c„ h¨n 17 show di‘n cÒa c∏c loµi ÆÈng vÀt bi”n qu˝ hi’m.

Tπi Æ©y, bπn c„ th” chπm tay vµo s≠ tˆ bi”n, h∂i m∑ vµ chim

c∏nh cÙt Hoµng Æ’ ho∆c t◊m hi”u v“ ÆÍi sËng cÒa "S„i Bæc C˘c"

tπi tri”n l∑m. H¨n th’, gia Æ◊nh bπn cn Æ≠Óc tham quan Æπi thÒy

cung Grand Aquarium, ngæm nh◊n 5.000 c∏ th” bi”n sËng ÆÈng.

Bn cπnh Æ„, c´ng vin v…n c„ nh˜ng tr c∂m gi∏c mπnh nh≠

Hair Raider - tµu l≠Ón siu tËc, xoay 360 ÆÈ vµ r¨i g„c 90 ÆÈ

khi’n bπn c∂m gi∏c nh≠ lao thºng xuËng Æπi d≠¨ng.

Di chuy”n: Lu´n c„ chuy’n xe bu˝t Æ’n thºng c´ng vin tı trung t©m thµnh

phË * ¬m th˘c: C„ r†t nhi“u th¯c ®n nhanh Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ tπi c´ng vin,

bπn c„ th” l˘a ch‰n hotdog, gµ r∏n, m˙ ≥ vµ c∂ nh˜ng m„n n≠Ìng ki”u

HÂng K´ng * M∏ch nh·: Ng≠Íi HÂng K´ng c„ th„i quen ngÒ muÈn nn dÀy

muÈn, v◊ th’ Ocean Park Hong Kong sœ mÎ cˆa lÛc 10 giÍ s∏ng. N’u bπn lµ

ng≠Íi dÀy sÌm, h∑y yn t©m bπn sœ kh´ng ph∂i chen l†n, x’p hµng.

Unlike other theme parks, Ocean Park Hong Kong has 17 shows of

rare marine species. Here, you can come into close contact with sea

lions, walruses, and emperor penguins, or learn about the life of the

Arctic Wolf at the park's exhibition. You can also visit the amazing

Grand Aquarium to see 5,000 marine animals. The park also features

adventurous rides such as the Hair Raiser roller coaster which

rotates 360 degrees and drops at 90 degree angle to give you an

unforgettable experience.

Get there: A direct bus to the park is available from the city center * Eat:

There are many fast food restaurants in the park. You can choose to eat

hotdogs, fried chickens, pastas, and even Hong Kong style grilled dishes *

Tip: Hong Kong people have a habit of sleeping in, so Ocean Park Hong

Kong is only open from 10 am. If you are an early riser, get there early and

it may save you from the incredibly long queues.



Tokyo Disneyland lµ mÈt trong n®m c´ng vin lÌn nh†t

th’ giÌi vÌi tÊng di÷n t›ch h¨n 460.000 m 2 . C´ng vin

nµy c„ 7 khu v˘c Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ theo c∏c chÒ Æ“ ring

bi÷t vÌi h¨n 40 tr gi∂i tr› h†p d…n. Ngay tı cÊng vµo,

Tokyo Disneyland Æ∑ khi’n bπn ph∂i cho∏ng ngÓp vÌi khu

mua sæm World Bazaar rÈng lÌn. Nh≠ng trung t©m cÒa

c´ng vin nµy vÌi l©u Ƶi "Cinderella Castle", nhµ Mickey,

thuy“n cÒa Donald, nhµ trn c©y cÒa Chip vµ Dale mÌi

th˘c s˘ lµ nh˜ng khu v˘c thu hÛt c∏c bä.

Th∏m hi”m vÚ trÙ qua c∏c tr ch¨i trong seri phim

"Chi’n tranh gi˜a c∏c v◊ sao" hay "Buzz Lightyear Astro

Blasters" trong phim "Toy Story" cÚng lµ tr∂i nghi÷m l˝

thÛ. Ngoµi ra, c„ mÈt tr ch¨i mµ gia Æ◊nh bπn kh´ng nn

b· lÏ khi Æ’n Æ©y lµ "Big Thunder Mountain".

Di chuy”n: Tı thÒ Æ´ Tokyo, gia Æ◊nh bπn c„ th” sˆ dÙng xe bu˝t,

taxi, tµu lˆa ho∆c tµu Æi÷n ng«m Æ” di chuy”n Æ’n Tokyo Disneyland

* ¬m th˘c: Nhµ hµng "Restaurant Hokusai" lµ n¨i bπn c„ th” th≠Îng

th¯c c∏c m„n ®n ÆÛng ki”u NhÀt * M∏ch nh·: V◊ du kh∏ch ghä Æ’n Æ©y

r†t Æ´ng nn bπn c«n kin nh…n x’p hµng Æ” tham gia c∏c tr ch¨i.


Tokyo Disneyland - Japan

Tokyo Disneyland is one of the five largest theme parks in the

world with a total area of over 460,000 m 2 . The park features

seven themed areas with over 40 attractions. Right at the main

entrance is the huge World Bazaar shopping area. The Magical

Cinderella Castle, Mickey's House, Donald Duck's Boat, and

Chip In Dale's Treehouse can all be found at the center of the

park, and are the kids' most favorite areas to be sure.

You can also take part in Star Wars or Buzz Lightyear Astro

Blasters from Toy Story games for an exciting experience.

Another fun activity that should not be missed while you are

here is the classic Disney attraction Big Thunder Mountain,

where you go on a wild runaway train ride that allows you to

enjoy amazing views of the Westernland.

Get there: You can travel by bus, taxi, train, or subway to get to

Tokyo Disneyland * Eat: At the Restaurant Hokusai you can find

many authentic Japanese dishes from Chirashi Don (sushin in a

bowl) to Maple Leaf Tempura * Tip: The queues can be extremely

long, so be patient while lining up for the games. Try not to miss any

activities that you want to partake in.



Trong hµnh tr◊nh 21 ngµy Î Ai CÀp,

chÛng t´i dµnh ra ba ngµy Æ” th∏m

hi”m Ëc Æ∂o Siwa. ß” Æ’n Ëc Æ∂o,

h«u nh≠ chÿ c„ mÈt ph≠¨ng ti÷n lµ

xe bu˝t, m†t h¨n 11 ti’ng cho qu∑ng

Æ≠Íng g«n 600 km tı thÒ Æ´ Cairo.

ˇc Æ∂o trn sa mπc r†t giËng nh≠

mÈt hfln Æ∂o gi˜a bi”n kh¨i, t∏ch

bi÷t vÌi cuÈc sËng hi÷n Æπi n¨i Ɔt

li“n. Ngµy x≠a, Æ” b®ng qua sa mπc,

ng≠Íi ta ph∂i Æi thµnh tıng Æoµn,

mang theo thÀt nhi“u l≠¨ng th˘c,

n≠Ìc uËng. C∏c thµnh vin ph∂i mÈt

m˘c nghe theo lÍi "thuy“n tr≠Îng",

v◊ mÈt khi Æ∑ ra sa mπc, b†t tu©n

l÷nh c„ th” d…n Æ’n c∏i ch’t do

nh˜ng sai l«m ngÌ ng»n cÒa b∂n

th©n. ß´i khi, Æoµn l˜ hµnh kh´ng

may g∆p nh˜ng phi’n qu©n, bfi c≠Ìp

b„c ho∆c t÷ h¨n lµ m†t mπng. Cfln

nay th◊ chÿ c«n mua mÈt vä xe bu˝t

lµ Æ’n n¨i.

Siwa gi∏p vÌi Lybia v“ ph›a T©y vµ

ph›a Bæc lµ ßfia Trung H∂i. ß’n

n¨i cÚng lµ lÛc trÍi vıa tÍ mÍ s∏ng.

ChÛng t´i thu mÈt b∏c xe th chÎ

c∂ nh„m v“ kh∏ch sπn, Æ∏nh mÈt

gi†c Æ∑ ÆÍi sau chuy’n xe dµi vµ u”

o∂i. Bæt Æ«u dÀy tı tr≠a, ®n uËng rÂi

lao ngay ra Æ≠Íng vÌi chi’c m∏y ∂nh

tr≠Ìc ng˘c.




Ng≠Íi ta hay g‰i bang Jammu & Kashmir

lµ v≠¨ng mi÷n ƒn ßÈ, mÈt ph«n v◊ Æa th’

nªm Î c˘c Bæc Ɔt n≠Ìc, mÈt ph«n v◊ vŒ

Æãp th«n tin cÒa n¨i nµy. Nˆa ß´ng bang

J&K lµ vÔng nÛi huy“n b› vµ hoang s¨

Ladakh. Vµ n¨i gi˜ linh hÂn cÒa vÔng Ɔt

†y ch›nh lµ tu vi÷n cÊ Phuktal, t‰a lπc trn

d∑y Himalaya hÔng v‹, Æ›ch Æ’n cÒa chÛng

t´i trong mÈt hµnh tr◊nh kh∏ gian nan.

Bµi vµ ∂nh: BÔi Huy“n Chi





Zanskar hoang s¨

T´i Æ’n Zanskar vµ c∂m gi∏c nh≠

Æ≠Óc hfla m◊nh vµo khung c∂nh

hÔng v‹ cÒa nh˜ng d∑y nÛi cao

vµ thung lÚng Suru. Zanskar lµ

mÈt ph«n cÒa Ladakh, Æ≠Óc m÷nh

danh lµ Ti”u T©y Tπng, thuÈc

bang Jammu & Kashmir (J&K),

vÌi ph›a T©y gi∏p Pakistan, ph›a

ß´ng vµ Bæc gi∏p T©y Tπng. J&K

tıng chinh phÙc tr∏i tim mÈt

vfi vua ƒn, khi’n ngµi ≠u ∏i g‰i

n¨i Æ©y lµ "thin Æ≠Íng hπ giÌi".

Qu∂ thÀt, J&K vıa dfiu dµng nh≠

n≠Ìc h xanh thºm, vıa hÔng v‹

nh≠ s´ng b®ng, nÛi tuy’t thuÈc

Himalaya, vıa hoang dπi nh≠

nh˜ng dflng s´ng ch∂y xi’t, vıa

tr«m læng nh≠ nh˜ng tu vi÷n

trn s≠Ín nÛi, vıa l∑ng mπn nh≠

nh˜ng thung lÚng phÒ l∏ vµng.

Tı Leh, thÒ phÒ vÔng Ladakh,

t´i Æ’n Zanskar khi hµnh tr◊nh

Î Bæc ƒn Æ∑ qua h¨n nˆa. Leh

c∏ch Kargil, cˆa ng‚ vµo Zanskar,

chıng 220 km vµ b∂y ti’ng Æi xe.

Sau mÈt Æm ngÒ lπi Kargil, chÛng

t´i Æi thm h¨n m≠Íi hai ti’ng,

trn 240 km Æ≠Íng nÛi hi”m trÎ

mÌi Æ’n Æ≠Óc Padum.

Padum trong

thung lÚng cao

Padum nªm s©u trong vÔng

Zanskar th«n b›, hoang s¨ nh†t

ƒn ßÈ vµ lµ mÈt thfi tr†n nh·, hŒo

l∏nh, nªm g«n ng∑ ba s´ng Doda,

Tsarap vµ Zanskar, trn vÔng

lflng ch∂o cao h¨n m˘c n≠Ìc bi”n

3.600m, bao quanh bÎi c∏c Æÿnh

nÛi bπc Æ«u. Nh˜ng Æÿnh nÛi nh‰n

hoæt, hªn d†u thÍi gian, gi„ vµ

b®ng tuy’t.

Padum Î trung t©m Zanskar, vÌi

d©n sË kho∂ng g«n mÈt ngh◊n

ng≠Íi. Ph«n lÌn vÔng Zanskar

theo Æπo PhÀt, nh≠ng giËng nh≠

Kargil, Padum nªm d≠Ìi s˘ qu∂n

l˝ cÒa ng≠Íi HÂi gi∏o dflng Sunni.

ô Æ©y, PhÀt gi∏o vµ HÂi gi∏o cÔng

song song tÂn tπi.

Tn thfi tr†n Padum Æ≠Óc Æ∆t theo

Padmasambhava - Lin Hoa Sinh

(sinh ra tı hoa sen), mÈt trong

hai vfi cao t®ng Æ∑ truy“n PhÀt gi∏o

ƒn ßÈ sang T©y Tπng. PhÀt gi∏o

ƒn ßÈ khi Æ’n T©y Tπng Æ∑ giao

thoa vÌi Æπo Bön l©u ÆÍi cÒa ng≠Íi

Tπng, tπo nn PhÀt gi∏o T©y Tπng

r†t ring bi÷t, mang mµu sæc phäp

thuÀt, th«n linh h¨n. PhÀt gi∏o T©y

Tπng sau Æ„ Æ∑ theo ch©n nh˜ng

ng≠Íi Tπng di c≠ trÎ lπi Ladakh.

PhÀt gi∏o Ladakh v◊ th’ mang

∂nh h≠Îng r†t lÌn cÒa T©y Tπng,

vµ c„ hai dflng ch›nh lµ Drugpa

(HÂng Mπo Gi∏o - ph∏i MÚ Æ·) vµ

Gelugpa (Hoµng Mπo Gi∏o - ph∏i

MÚ Vµng). VÔng Zanskar cÚng

kh´ng ph∂i ngoπi l÷.

ChÛng t´i Î lπi Padum vµi ngµy Æ”

th®m thÛ v´ sË lµng mπc, tu vi÷n,

tÀn h≠Îng kh´ng kh› trong trŒo

thanh b◊nh cÒa Zanskar, rÂi ln

Æ≠Íng trekking vµo Phuktal. Bao

nhiu m÷t m·i sau nh˜ng ch∆ng

Æ≠Íng dµi Æ“u bay bi’n h’t khi

Æ≠Óc th∂nh th¨i ngÂi trn bÀu cˆa

mÈt tu vi÷n cÊ ngh◊n n®m, cheo

leo trn v∏ch nÛi. Tr≠Ìc m∆t lµ

kho∂ng kh´ng rÈng lÌn. Bn d≠Ìi,

mÈt dflng n≠Ìc uËn l≠Ón, len gi˜a

vµi m∏i nhµ vµ nh˜ng v≠Ín c©y.

Ph›a xa in b„ng r∆ng Zanskar chÀp

chÔng tuy’t træng. T†t c∂ Æ“u t‹nh

l∆ng, chÿ c„ ti’ng gi„ r›t qua khe

cˆa lµm bªng gÁ, ti’ng d∂i cÍ lÀt

phÀt gi˜a s©n vµ ti’ng l∏ va vµo

nhau lao xao. T´i yu vµ tr©n tr‰ng

gi©y phÛt nµy bi’t m†y.

Tı Padum Æi Phuktal

Ngµy h´m sau, chÛng t´i rÍi

Padum tı chπng vπng Æ” Æi

Phuktal. Phuktal lµ mÈt tu vi÷n cÊ

cÒa ph∏i Gelugpa, Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng

tı th’ kÿ th¯ 12 bªng vÀt li÷u th´

s¨, chÒ y’u lµ bÔn vµ gÁ. Phuktal

c„ mÈt vfi th’ Æ∆c bi÷t, th∂ m◊nh tı

mÈt hang ÆÈng t˘ nhin, lˆng l¨

b∏m vµo hŒm nÛi bn trn s´ng

Tsarap. Tu vi÷n ngµy nay lµ n¨i c≠

ngÙ cÒa t∏m m≠¨i vfi s≠ nh≠ng lπi

bi÷t lÀp vÌi th’ giÌi bn ngoµi.

Tı Padum, l∏i xe Kunga Æ≠a

chÛng t´i v≠Ót qu∑ng Æ≠Íng h¨n

hai ti’ng r≠Ïi Æ’n lµng Anmu c∏ch

Padum 30 km.

J&K vıa dfiu dµng nh≠ n≠Ìc h xanh thºm, vıa hÔng v‹ nh≠ s´ng b®ng, nÛi tuy’t thuÈc

Himalaya, vıa hoang dπi nh≠ nh˜ng dflng s´ng ch∂y xi’t, vıa tr«m læng nh≠ nh˜ng tu

vi÷n trn s≠Ín nÛi, vıa l∑ng mπn nh≠ nh˜ng thung lÚng phÒ l∏ vµng.



C«u treo

th¯ nh†t

bæc qua





ß≠Íng ng≠Óc dflng s´ng Tsarap, len l·i gi˜a

hŒm nÛi hãp, mÈt bn lµ nÛi cao, mÈt bn lµ

s´ng s©u cuÂn cuÈn. S∏ng sÌm lπnh, phong c∂nh

nÛi s´ng trong veo vµ Æãp Æ’n k◊ lπ.

ß≠Íng ng≠Óc dflng s´ng Tsarap, len l·i gi˜a

hŒm nÛi hãp, mÈt bn lµ nÛi cao, mÈt bn lµ

s´ng s©u cuÂn cuÈn. S∏ng sÌm lπnh, phong

c∂nh nÛi s´ng trong veo vµ Æãp Æ’n k◊ lπ. ß©y

Æ„, kh„i bay ln tı nh˜ng ng´i nhµ nh·, long

lanh d≠Ìi lµn næng sÌm. Tıng Ƶn chim se

sŒ lÛc ÆÀu, lÛc bay trn nh˜ng kho∂ng ÆÂng

Æ∑ g∆t. T†t c∂ Æãp nh≠ mÈt bµi th¨.

Duy chÿ c„ con Æ≠Íng xe chÛng t´i Æang

chπy lµ gÀp gh“nh Æ∏ s·i. Nhi“u Æoπn, Æ≠Íng

thæt lπi, xe bÀt t≠ng t≠ng, b∏nh tr≠Ín ra s∏t

bÍ Æ∏ dËc. Næng xin xin trn s≠Ín nÛi, xe

nghing nghing trn mi÷ng v˘c. Nh◊n th†y

sÓ. Sau m†y l«n th„t tim, chÛng t´i cÚng

dıng lπi ng´i lµng nh· Anmu. Tı Æ©y Æi bÈ

h¨n 12 km Æ≠Íng mfln n˜a sœ Æ’n Phuktal.

ChÛng t´i rÍi Anmu lÛc h¨n 9 giÍ s∏ng

h´m sau. ßoπn trek Æ«u tin thoai tho∂i

nhã nhµng, kh´ng qu∏ ln, cÚng kh´ng qu∏

xuËng. S¯c t´i thuÈc loπi trung b◊nh, nh≠ng

Î ÆÈ cao 4.000 m, t´i mÌi bi’t m◊nh cfln y’u

h¨n m‰i khi v…n ∂o t≠Îng.

Sau hµnh tr◊nh hai ti’ng r≠Ïi tı Anmu,

chÛng t´i Æ’n lµng Cha vµ dıng lπi nghÿ

tr≠a. Lµng Cha cfln c∏ch Phuktal kho∂ng

7 km n˜a vµ Î Æ©y chÿ c„ vµi hÈ gia Æ◊nh.

Nh˜ng ng´i nhµ træng, khung cˆa n©u ƨn

s¨ nh≠ng xinh xæn. ßi kh·i lµng Cha, mÈt

con dËc cao Æang ÆÓi sΩn, ÆÛng lÛc m∆t trÍi

Æang nªm trn Æÿnh Æ«u. ChÛng t´i nh›ch

Æ≠Óc vµi b≠Ìc lπi dıng, cË ÆÈng vin nhau

ln ti’p.

Sau Æoπn dËc, Æ≠Íng mfln thoai tho∂i Æi

xuËng. Vµi tr®m mät bn d≠Ìi, s´ng Tsarap

v…n m∂i mi’t ch∂y v“ Padum. Lµng Purney

cÔng vÌi lµng Cha lµ hai n¨i hi’m hoi c„

ng≠Íi Î trn Æ≠Íng tÌi Phuktal.

Bæt Æ«u tı Æ©y, phong c∂nh ngµy cµng Æãp

Æ’n siu th˘c. Sau mÁi khÛc quµnh, khung

c∂nh hÔng v‹ mÎ ra tr≠Ìc mæt cµng rÈng lÌn

h¨n, cho∏ng ngÓp h¨n. ߯ng trn cao, t´i

l∆ng ngæm s´ng Tsarap oªn m◊nh gi˜a hai

hŒm nÛi hãp. S´ng sao mµ trong, mµ xanh.

NÛi sao mµ cao, mµ rÈng. M∆t trÍi chi“u

chπm d«n vµo Æÿnh nÛi, tan thµnh tia, lµm

n≠Ìc long lanh, lµm hÂng m∆t Æ∏.

Vµo ÆÛng kho∂nh khæc †y, t´i chÓt hi”u tπi

sao Æπo Bӧn nguyn thÒy cÒa ng≠Íi Tπng lπi

tin rªng vπn vÀt, tı nÛi, c©y, s´ng, hÂ, Æ“u

mang linh hÂn. M‰i th¯ xung quanh t´i Æ“u

v´ cÔng nguyn s¨ vµ sËng ÆÈng. ChÛng g«n

gÚi Æ’n m¯c t´i c∂m th†y chÿ c«n Æ≠a tay ra,

t´i sœ thÀt s˘ Æ≠Óc chπm vµo h¨i thÎ k◊ di÷u

cÒa thin nhin.

T´i sœ v…n ng©y ng≠Íi ra mµ chim

ng≠Ïng n’u nh≠ næng chi“u Æang nhπt

d«n kh´ng nhæc t´i ph∂i nhanh ch©n, r∂o

b≠Ìc. Qu∑ng Æ≠Íng cfln lπi hãp h¨n, c„ vµi

Æoπn Æ∏ sπt xuËng s∏t mäp Æ≠Íng, h¨i kh„

Æi mÈt chÛt. ThÀt may cho chÛng t´i, h´m

Æ„ trÍi kh´ng m≠a.

Chπm Æ’n Phuktal

Sau ba ti’ng tı khi rÍi lµng Cha, chÛng t´i

tÌi nhµ nghÿ nªm d≠Ìi ch©n tu vi÷n. N¨i Æ©y

hoµn toµn c∏ch bi÷t, kh´ng s„ng Æi÷n thoπi,

kh´ng internet. Vµo mÔa hÃ, du kh∏ch c„

th” Æi bÈ, cfln lıa ho∆c ng˘a th hµng trn

nh˜ng con Æ≠Íng mfln ven nÛi. N’u Æi vµo

mÔa Æ´ng, thÍi ti’t khæc nghi÷t sœ Àp xuËng

Zanskar, m‰i nhu y’u ph»m chÿ Æ≠Óc chuy”n

Æ’n trn m∆t s´ng Tsarap Æ∑ Æ„ng b®ng.

Phuktal Æ©y rÂi !

Sau bao th∏ng ngµy mong chÍ, t´i cÚng Æ’n

Æ≠Óc Æ©y. Phuktal lu´n nªm trong sË nh˜ng

ng´i cÊ t˘ hŒo l∏nh, huy“n b› nh†t. Gi˜a

vÔng nÛi hoang d∑, tr∂i qua bao th’ kÿ ÆËi

m∆t vÌi thin nhin khËc li÷t, Phuktal Æ≠Óc

che chÎ bÎi hang Æ∏ t˘ nhin trn v∏ch nÛi,

v…n Ưng Æ„, cÊ k›nh vµ Æi“m nhin.


ñ Bπn c„ th” xin visa ƒn ßÈ

tπi ßπi s¯ qu∏n Î Hµ NÈi ho∆c

lµm e-visa tπi website cÒa ßπi

s¯ qu∏n theo Æ≠Íng d…n: www.


ñ Tı Vi÷t Nam c„ nhi“u chuy’n

bay Æi New Delhi, thÒ Æ´ cÒa

ƒn ßÈ. Tı Æ©y, bπn Æ∆t chuy’n

bay cÒa c∏c h∑ng nÈi Æa ƒn ßÈ

Æ’n Srinagar ho∆c Leh, lµ hai

thµnh phË lÌn cÒa bang Jammu &

Kashmir. Tı hai thµnh phË lÌn nµy

c„ r†t nhi“u h∑ng tour cung c†p

dch vÙ kh∏ch sπn, xe kÃm tµi x’,

Æ≠a bπn Æ’n lµng Anmu (Æi qua



ñ ß” Æ’n tu vi÷n Phuktal, bπn ph∂i

chinh phÙc cung Æ≠Íng Leh - Kargil

- Padum - Phuktal ho∆c Srinagar

- Kargil - Padum - Phuktal. Toµn

tuy’n nµy dµi kho∂ng 500 km

Æ≠Íng nÛi. Lµng Anmu lµ lµng cuËi

cÔng mµ xe ´ t´ c„ th” Æ’n. Sau

Æ„ Æi Æ≠Íng trek dµi chıng 12 km

sœ Æ’n Phuktal (Æoπn nµy dµi tı 24

- 25 km c∂ Æi l…n v“). Tπi Padum,

bπn c„ th” t◊m porter kim d…n

Æ≠Íng, Æi xe cÔng bπn Æ’n Anmu

rÂi d…n bπn Æ’n Phuktal.


ñ C∏c thµnh phË lÌn cÒa vÔng

Ladakh Æ“u c„ nhi“u nhµ nghÿ vµ

kh∏ch sπn, c„ n≠Ìc n„ng lπnh. C∏c

c´ng ty tour sœ cho bπn danh s∏ch

Æ” l˘a ch‰n, ch†t l≠Óng tÿ l÷ thuÀn

vÌi gi∏ ti“n cÒa tıng tour. Ring

nhµ nghÿ Î Phuktal do c∏ch bi÷t

v“ Æa l˝ vµ thi’u ph≠¨ng ti÷n lin

lπc, nn kh´ng th” Æ∆t tr≠Ìc. Gi∏

phng 1000 INR (kho∂ng 15 USD

/ng≠Íi /Æm). N’u Æ’n n¨i th†y

kh´ng cn phng, bπn c„ th” ln

xin ngÒ nhÍ Î tu vi÷n. Hai lµng g«n

tu vi÷n c„ th” t◊m Æ≠Óc chÁ ngÒ lµ

lµng Cha vµ Purney.



Phuktal lµ linh hÂn cÒa thung lÚng

Lungnak (Tsarap). C∏c s≠ giÛp bµ

con tÊ ch¯c c«u phÛc, c≠Ìi h·i,

ma chay vµ mÎ tr≠Íng dπy h‰c c∏c

m´n c®n b∂n kÃm gi∏o l› cho trŒ

con tı lÌp 1 Æ’n lÌp 8. B÷nh x∏

cÒa tu vi÷n v…n cfln l≠u truy“n c∏c

b› quy’t y h‰c truy“n thËng cÒa

ng≠Íi Tπng, giÛp ch˜a b÷nh cho

d©n lµng l©n cÀn. ChÛng t´i Æ’n

ÆÛng dfip c∏c s≠ Æi væng, chÿ cfln

vµi vfi Î lπi chÔa. V◊ th’ quang c∂nh

Æ∑ yn æng nay cµng l∆ng lœ.

Phuktal, h¨n b†t k◊ Æ©u, lµ n¨i Æ”

»n c≠, thi“n Æfinh. Tn Phuktal Æ’n

tı hai tı "Phuk" ngh‹a lµ "hang"

vµ "tal" - "nghÿ ng¨i", ho∆c "thar"

- "gi∂i tho∏t". DÔ xa x´i, kh∏ch l˜

hµnh v…n kh´ng qu∂n Æ≠Íng x∏

hi”m trÎ Æ” Æ≠Óc mÈt l«n chπm tay

Æ’n n¨i nµy. C„ lœ v◊ Î Æ©y, chÿ c„

m◊nh vµ thin nhin, ta c„ th” Æ”

qun h’t muÈn phi“n.

ßm h´m Æ„, chÛng t´i ngÒ lπi

nhµ tr‰ d≠Ìi ch©n tu vi÷n. Nhµ tr‰

chÿ c„ bËn phflng r†t ƨn s¨. Tı

bn ngoµi, kh´ng c„ c∏ch g◊ lin

lπc Æ≠Óc Æ” Æ∆t phflng. May qu∏,

khi chÛng t´i Æ’n n¨i, v…n cfln

hai phflng trËng, chen chÛc mÈt

chÛt cÚng ÆÒ cho m≠Íi ng≠Íi. C„

Æi“u c∏c s≠ Æi væng h’t, s∏ng h´m

sau sœ kh´ng c„ Æ ®n s∏ng cÒa

tu vi÷n. ß’m Æi Æ’m lπi, ÆËng m◊

t´m Æem theo v…n kh´ng ÆÒ cho c∂

s∏ng vµ tr≠a mai. M◊ t´m cÒa qu∏n

tr‰ th◊ qu∏ hπn tı h¨n nˆa n®m. ô

n¨i heo hÛt th’ nµy, thÀt kh„ t◊m

ÆÂ ®n tˆ t’.

H´m sau, trÍi cfln tÍ mÍ s∏ng,

chÛng t´i nhµo dÀy vµ ln Æ≠Íng

ngay. Tuy bi’t sœ m÷t h¨n, chÛng

t´i v…n quy’t ch‰n Æ≠Íng v“ qua

lµng Purney, dµi h¨n Æ≠Íng h´m

tr≠Ìc qua lµng Cha mÈt chÛt. C©y

c«u treo Æ«u tin bæc qua s´ng

Tsarap c∏ch Phuktal chÿ vµi b≠Ìc

ch©n. M∆t trÍi v…n ch≠a ln, b„ng

nÛi t›m ngæt ÆÊ xuËng dflng n≠Ìc

lπnh lÔng, cuÈn ch∂y.

ChÛng t´i d«n l†y lπi kh› th’ khi

Æ’n g«n lµng Purney, c∏ch Phuktal

ba ti’ng. ß≠Íng s∏ng nay rÈng

h¨n, nh≠ng kh´ng thoai tho∂i nh≠

h´m qua mµ Æi ln rÂi lπi xuËng

kh´ng ngıng. Purney hi÷n ln thÀt

Æãp, vÌi nh˜ng ng´i nhµ træng nh·

l∆ng lœ näp m◊nh trong næng sÌm

cfln Æang chnh ch’ch.

Purney nªm Î ng∑ ba s´ng. Ngay

d≠Ìi kia, con s´ng Kargyag xanh

ÆÙc, ch∂y tı Shingo La, hfla vµo

dflng ch∂y trong veo cÒa s´ng

Tsarap l†y nguÂn tı Baralacha La.

S´ng Tsarap sau Æ„ ch∂y ti’p v“

ph›a Padum Î h≠Ìng T©y Bæc Æ’n

khi g∆p thung lÚng ch›nh Zanskar,

mµ ng≠Íi Æfia ph≠¨ng hay g‰i lµ

Jung-khor. T´i nh≠ bfi th´i min

bÎi hai dflng n≠Ìc †y. ChÛng c„ g◊

Æ„ thÀt b› »n vµ k◊ di÷u.

Thm hai ti’ng n˜a tı Purney,

chÛng t´i Æ’n c©y c«u treo th¯ hai,

cfln dµi vµ chnh vnh h¨n c©y c«u

tr≠Ìc. LÛc Æ„ Æ∑ qu∏ tr≠a, Æ≠Íng

v“ cfln kh∏ xa. Mæt t´i nhfla Æi v◊

næng, v◊ gi„, v◊ bÙi. T´i v…n l«m lÚi

nh›ch tıng b≠Ìc ch©n. Ngay lÛc †y,

t´i nhÌ lπi nh˜ng ng≠Íi t´i Æ∑ g∆p

trn Æ≠Íng, nhÌ nÙ c≠Íi hi“n hÀu

cÒa nh˜ng bµ l∑o Ưng tr≠Ìc hin

ng´i nhµ træng vÌi khung cˆa n©u,

∏nh mæt dfiu dµng cÒa nh˜ng bµ

mã bÂng con, vŒ m∆t ng©y th¨ cÒa

nh˜ng Ưa trŒ sinh ra gi˜a ÆÂi nÛi

hoang vu, lÌn ln nh≠ c· dπi.

T´i cÚng nhÌ lπi nh˜ng kho∂nh

khæc h n≠Ìc xanh hi÷n sau mÈt

khÛc quanh, hay khi m∆t trÍi ln

lµm c∂ kh´ng gian s∏ng bıng s˘

sËng, khi hai dflng n≠Ìc s´ng kh∏c

mµu hfla vµo nhau thµnh mÈt.

Vµ t´i bi’t v◊ sao t´i lπi Î Æ©y. MÁi

chuy’n Æi khi’n t´i th†y m◊nh

hπnh phÛc Æ’n hai l«n. MÈt l«n

khi t´i r∂o b≠Ìc trn con Æ≠Íng

dµi, khi nh˜ng h◊nh ∂nh Æãp Æong

Æ«y mæt vµ nh˜ng c∂m xÛc Æãp

Æong Æ«y tim. Vµ l«n cfln lπi lµ khi

t´i trÎ v“, Æ»y cˆa vµo nhµ, n¨i

nh˜ng ng≠Íi t´i yu th≠¨ng Æang

chÍ Æ„n.


ñ VÔng Zanskar nªm Î ÆÈ cao trn 4.000 m. V◊

vÀy, bπn c«n chu»n b k¸ v“ v†n Æ“ s¯c kh·e,

Æ∆c bi÷t nn tham kh∂o b∏c s‹ Æ” Æ≠Óc h≠Ìng

d…n v“ thuËc chËng sËc ÆÈ cao.


ñ Th®m h ƴi Lang Tso, Stat Tso, s´ng b®ng

Drang-Drung, tu vi÷n Rangdum trn Æ≠Íng tı

Kargil Æi Padum

ñ Th®m lµng vµ tu vi÷n quanh Padum, t◊m hi”u

cuÈc sËng ng≠Íi vÔng Zanskar: lµng Sani, tu vi÷n

Karsha, tu vi÷n Dzongkul

ñ ßi trekking vµo Phuktal vµ c∂m nhÀn vŒ Æãp

cÒa s´ng nÛi hÔng v‹


Ng≠Íi Zanskar chÒ y’u theo Æπo PhÀt vµ nhi“u

ng≠Íi ®n chay tr≠Íng. V◊ th’ tht c∏ Î Æ©y r†t

khan hi’m. Bπn nn chu»n b ÆÂ ®n kh´ tı nhµ

Æ” b˜a ®n Æ≠Óc Æa dπng.


Ngoµi ÆÂ Æπc c∏ nh©n nh≠ nh˜ng chuy’n Æi

th´ng th≠Íng, Æ’n vÔng Zanskar vµ Æi trekking

Phuktal bπn c«n mang thm mÈt sË vÀt dÙng:

ñ TÛi ngÒ phng khi ch®n kh´ng ÆÒ †m

ñ Giµy trek loπi tËt

ñ Chai n≠Ìc gi˜ nhi÷t Æ” pha trµ, ´m Æi ngÒ

ñ Éo heattech vµ qu«n ∏o tho∂i m∏i, m∆c Æ≠Óc

nhi“u lÌp

ñ Kem d≠Ïng »m cho da vµ m´i, thuËc chËng

sËc ÆÈ cao


ñ TÊng cÈng 1.300 USD cho chuy’n Æi dµi 17

ngµy, Æ∑ bao gÂm vä m∏y bay vµ ph› visa.



Sau bao th∏ng ngµy mong chÍ, t´i cÚng Æ’n Æ≠Óc Æ©y. Phuktal lu´n nªm

trong sË nh˜ng ng´i cÊ t˘ hŒo l∏nh, huy“n b› nh†t.



a deserted

area near




Jammu & Kashmir state is often referred to as the "crown of India" due to its geographical location

and its majestic beauty. The Eastern half of J&K state is home to the wild and enigmatic mountains

of Ladakh. Tucked away in the imposing Himalayas is the ancient Phuktal monastery, the spiritual

center of these mountains and our destination on this arduous trip.

Text and photos: Huyen Chi Bui

t o u c h i n g

t h e h e a r t

o f N o r t h e r n

I n d i a



J&K encompasses the gentle beauty of its deep blue lake, it is as

stunning as its glaciers and snowy Himalayas, it is wild as the

roaring river, as quiet as the monastery of the slopes, and just

as romantic as the valleys concealed in golden leaves.



Into the wild in Zanskar

Upon arrival in Zanskar, I felt

immersed in its picturesque

landscape of high

mountains and the powerful

Suru valley. Zanskar is

part of Ladakh, or little

Tibet, and it belongs to Jammu &

Kashmir (J&K); the western part of

the state reaches Pakistan and the

eastern and northern parts border

Tibet. J&K once captured the heart

of an Indian king, who dubbed

the land "paradise on Earth". J&K

encompasses the gentle beauty of its

deep blue lake, it is as stunning as

its glaciers and snowy Himalayas,

it is wild as the roaring river, as

quiet as the monastery of the slopes,

and just as romantic as the valleys

concealed in golden leaves.

Departing from Leh, capital of the

Ladakh region, half of my journey

had already passed when I arrived in

Zanskar. Leh is about 220 km and a

seven-hour ride from Kargil, gateway

to Zanskar. After staying the night

in Kargil, we made another twelvehour

trip on a 240 km mountain

road arriving in Padum.

Up to the high valley,


Padum lies deep within the pristine

Zanskar region of India and is a

small, secluded town located near

the confluence of the Doda Fork,

Tsarap and Zanskar rivers, in the

basin 3,600 m above sea level,

surrounded by mountain peaks

where time has left them scarred

with ice and wind.

Padum is located in the heart of

Zanskar, with a population near

1,000 people. The inhabitants are

primarily Buddhists; however, similar

to Kargil, Padum is also under the

control of Sunni Muslims. Here,

Buddhism and Islam exist in parallel.





ñ You can apply for Indian visa at the

embassy in Hanoi or make an e-visa

at the embassy's website at www.


ñ From Vietnam there are many flights to

New Delhi, the capital of India. From here,

you can fly Indian domestic carriers to

Srinagar or Leh, two major cities of Jammu

& Kashmir. From these two major cities,

there are a number of tour operators

providing hotel services and driver

assistance, bringing you to Anmu village

(passing through Padum).


ñ Ladakh's major cities have many

guesthouses and hotels, with hot and

cold water. The tour companies will

give you the list to choose from, the

quality is proportional to the price of

each tour. Private accommodation in

Phuktal is geographically isolated and lacks

communication facilities, so reservations

can not be made. Room rates INR 1000

(about 15 USD per person per night). If

there is no room upon arrival, you can go

to monastery and ask for a place to sleep.

The two nearest villages to the monastery

are Cha and Purney villages.


The town of Padum is named

after Padmasambhava, the

Lotus-Born, one of two monks

who spread Indian Buddhism to

Tibet. Through its introduction

to Tibet, Indian Buddhism has

become interwoven with the ancient Bӧn

religion of the Tibetan people, forming

a distinct Tibetan Buddhism that

encompasses a magical flair and divine

spirituality. Tibetan Buddhism followed

the Tibetan immigrants back to Ladakh.

Taking its influence from Tibet, the

Buddhism of Ladakh follows two main

branches, the Drugpa and the Gelugpa.

The Zanskar region is no exception.

We stayed in Padum a few days to visit

nearby villages and monasteries, to enjoy

the pure and peaceful atmosphere of

Zanskar before starting our trekking

journey to Phuktal. The fatigue from

our long trip melted away at the sight of

the thousand year old monastery door,

veiled on the cliff. In front of me now

is a vast space. Below, a stream of water

winds between rooftops and gardens. Far

away, the shadow of Zanskar casts upon

white snow. All was quiet, except for the

whistling of the wind through wooden

chinks in the door; in the courtyard

the flag flew overhead as the leaves

fell against each other. How I love and

appreciate this moment.

From Padum to Phuktal

The next day, we left Padum early in

the morning for Phuktal, an ancient

Buddhist shrine associated with the

Gelugpa. Built in the 12 th century

from mud and wood, Phuktal has a

special position, dropping itself from

a natural cavern and looming over the

canyon above the Tsarap River. Today

the monastery remains isolated to the

outside world but is still home to

eighty monks.

From Padum, our driver named Kunga

drove us over two and a half hours to

Anmu village situated about 30 km away.

It is at this moment that I begin to understand why the Tibetans of

the BӦn religion believe the mountains, trees, and rivers all carry

souls. The world around me appears as primitive yet lively.

Upstream of the Tsarap River, the

road sits narrowly between slender

canyons. On one side is a high

mountain, on the other rests a deep

river. In the early morning, the river

is translucent and elegant. From a

distance, smoke arises from small

houses, glittering in the early sun

while sparrows fly over harvested

fields. All as in a poem.

In reality, we are moving along on

a rocky road. The road tightens,

winds, the car is thumping against

the rocks, wheels sliding along the

rock-strewn slope. The very look

of the road is enough to strike fear

in us. Finally we have reached the

small village of Amnu. Phuktal is

just a 12km walk away.

When 9 am rolls around we depart

from Amnu. The first trek appears

easy, it's not too steep nor too deep.

My strength is average, but at the

altitude of 4,000 m above sea

level, I realize that I am weaker

than I thought.

After a two and a half hour hike from

Anmu, we arrive at Cha village where

we rest for lunch. From Cha village

to Phuktal is another 7 km and there

are few households here. All of the

white houses here are very simple

but idyllic. Out of Cha village, a steep

slope was waiting for us just as the

sun was on the top of our heads. We

move a few steps to stop and try to

encourage each other to continue.

After the ramp, the trail gently

descends. A few hundred meters

below us the Tsarap River is flowing

to Padum. Purney village and Cha

village are the two rarer inhabited

places on the way to Phuktal.

From here, the landscape becomes

surreal, the dreamlike landscape

opens up to us and each turn

provokes scenery more dazzling than

the last. From the top, I gaze upon

the Tsarap River flowing between two

straight canyons. How can that river

be so crystalline, and the mountains

so breathtakingly vast? The sunset,

dipping into the mountain peak,

melts into rays and bathes the rocks

in rose, sending the water below into

a serene shimmer.

It is at this moment that I begin to

understand why the Tibetans of the

Bӧn religion believe the mountains,

trees, and rivers all carry souls.



After months of

waiting, I have

finally made

it. Phuktal is

amongst the most

secluded and

mysterious of

ancient shrines.

The world around me appears

as primitive yet lively. It is so

close that I feel that by merely

lifting my hand, I will truly be

connected to the miraculous

breath of nature.

I will still be out to see if the afternoon

sun is fading, do not remind me to

hurry, I'm watching my step. The

ledges are narrow, some of the rocks

are near the edge of the road; our

movements are slight as the terrain is

difficult. Fortunately for us, it was not

raining that day.


Touching Phuktal

Three hours after leaving the Cha

village, we came to the lodge at the

foot of the monastery. This place

is the quintessence of isolation: no

phone signals, no internet. In the

summer, visitors can walk or travel by

donkeys or horse drawn carts over the

mountain trails. However, in winter,

extreme weather will blanket Zanskar

and the Tsarap River will freeze over.

We've arrived at Phuktal!

After months of waiting, I have finally

made it. Phuktal is amongst the most

secluded and mysterious of ancient

shrines. In the midst of the wilderness,

seasoned by centuries of fierce

weather, Phuktal has been shielded by

the natural cave in the cliff, standing

defiant, ancient and calm.

Phuktal is the soul of the Lungnak

valley (Tsarap). The monks here


assist the people by organizing

prayer, weddings, funerals and open

schools teaching basic subjects and

religious lessons to children from

grades 1 to grade 8. To this day, the

monastery's clinic hands down the

traditional medical knowledge of

the Tibetan people; they also help to

heal the neighboring villagers. The

monks were away when we reached

the monastery, only a few stayed in

the temple. The tranquility of this

landscaped is dwarfed by the silence

of the temple.

Phuktal, more than anywhere, is

a place to disappear and meditate.

Phuktal comes from the words "Phuk"

meaning "cave" and "tal" - "rest", or

"thar" - "liberate". It's far off distance

does not dissuade travelers seeking

absolute isolation. Travelers may find

that being alone with nature will melt

away the concerns of life.

That night, we slept at the inn on the

foot of the monastery. The inn was

simple with only four rooms; there

was no way to book rooms in advance.

Luck was on our side as there were

two little rooms available. It was only

a tiny bit crowded for ten people. As

the monks were away, we couldn't

have breakfast at the monastery

the following morning. The instant

noodles we packed were not nearly

enough for both lunch and breakfast.

The instant noodles offered by the inn

had expired 6 months ago. Finding a

proper meal proved more difficult in

this land of isolation.

We left immediately the next

morning. Although we knew that

this route would tire our bodies, we

still chose to take the road passing by


ñ To go to Phuktal Monastery,

you have to conquer Leh - Kargil -

Padum - Phuktal or Srinagar - Kargil

- Padum - Phuktal. The entire route

is about 500 km of mountain roads.

Anmu village is the last village

where cars have access. Then

take the long trek about 12 km to

Phuktal (this section is between 24-

25 km for return trip). At Padum,

you can find a porter- guide who

can take you by car to Anmu and

take you to Phuktal.

Health note

ñ The Zanskar region is located at

altitudes above 4,000 m. Therefore,

you should be well prepared

for health problem, especially

consult your doctor for advice on



ñ Zanskar people are mainly

Buddhist and vegetarian. Fish here

is very scarce. You should prepare

dry food from home to make the

meal varied.

Not to be missed

experiences in Zanskar

ñ Visit Lang Tso Twin Lake,

Stat Tso, Drang-Drung Glacier,

Rangdum Monastery on the way

from Kargil to Padum

ñ Visiting villages and monasteries

around Padum, exploring Zanskar

people's life: Sani Village, Karsha

Monastery, Dzongkul Monastery

ñ Trekking into Phuktal and feeling

the majestic beauty of the river

Additional preparation

ñ In addition to common personal

belongings, for trips to Zanskar

area and trekking Phuktal you

need to bring some other items:

ñ Sleeping bags when the bed is

not warm enough

ñ Good trekking shoes

ñ Thermos bottle to keep water

hot longer for making tea or

carrying to bed

ñ Heattech clothing and

comfortable clothes, multi-layer

ñ Moisturizing cream for skin

and lips

ñ Altitude sickness medicine

Reference fees

ñ A total of 1,300 USD for a

17-day trip, including airfare and

visa fees

Purney village, a little bit longer than

the path through Cha village. The first

suspension bridge across the Tsarap

River is just steps away from Phuktal.

The sun has yet to rise, the shadows of

the mountain are still sleeping on the

frigid flowing water.

Our energy streams back into us as

we near the Purney village, three

hours from Phuktal. The road is wider

this morning, but it is not the gentle

road of yesterday as it is a continuous

up and down. Purney shows up

beautifully, with small white houses

quietly nestled in the early sun.

Purney is located at the confluence

of rivers. Down below, the muddy

Kargyag River, flowing from Shingo

La, merges into the clear stream of

the Tsarap River from Baralacha La.

The Tsarap River then flows towards

Padum to the northwest until it

meets the main Zanskar valley, which

is called Jung-khor by locals. The

convergence of these two streams

mesmerizes me with their mystery

and wonder.

Two more hours from Purney, we

reached the second suspension

bridge. This one is longer and rickety

than the one before. It was too late,

the road back was now far away. My

sight is dimmed by the sun, dried and

clouded by the wind and the dust. I try

to continue my steps. At that moment,

I recalled the people I met on the

streets, remembering the gentle

smiles of the old women standing

on the porch of the white house

with brown frame, the gentle eyes of

mothers holding children, innocent

faces of the children born in the wild

hills, grown like weeds.

I also recall the moments when the

green lake revealed itself behind

the turn, the moment the sun rose

to bring the world to life, when two

streams of different colors merged

into one.

I know why I am here. Every trip

makes me happy twice. First when

I journey on the long way, when

beautiful images fill my eyes and

moving emotions fill my heart. And

the other is when I return, push

open the door of the house where the

people I love welcome me back.



"VùNG ߃T CƒM" ß¡Y M• õC

TÌi Dushanbe - thÒ Æ´ cÒa Tajikistan, vi÷c

Æ«u tin lµ chÛng t´i lao tÌi OVIR (V®n

phflng qu∂n l˝ VISA) Æ” xin gi†y phäp. Kh∏

hÂi hÈp, bÎi c∏ch Ɔy mÈt tu«n, chÛng t´i

Æ≠Óc tin cao nguyn Pamir Æ„ng cˆa, c†m

kh∏ch du lfich v◊ l› do nÛi lÎ. CuËi cÔng

m‰i chuy÷n di‘n ra su´n sŒ khi qua ngµy

h´m sau, chÛng t´i Æ∑ c„ trong tay t†m gi†y

"mµu nhi÷m" vµ c„ th” ln Æ≠Íng.

Trong khi Æ≠Íng Î Uzbekistan ph«n lÌn

phºng phiu, d‘ Æi, Tajikistan thˆ th∏ch

chÛng t´i ngay tı nh˜ng ngµy Æ«u vÌi

nh˜ng con dËc vıa cao, vıa dµi. CÚng

nh˜ng ngµy nµy, chÛng t´i Æ∑ c∏n mËc

10.000 km, mÈt con sË Æ«y t›nh bi”u

t≠Óng, khi’n chÛng t´i bÂi hÂi nhÌ lπi ngµy

khÎi hµnh tı Paris c∏ch Æ©y 9 th∏ng. Tı

nh˜ng vflng quay ban Æ«u Æ«y bÏ ngÏ, giÍ

Æ©y chÛng t´i Æ∑ trÎ thµnh nh˜ng chi’n

binh dπn dµy s≠¨ng gi„!

Hµng ngµy chÛng t´i tÿnh dÀy tı tÍ mÍ

s∏ng, lÛc kh› trÍi v…n cfln m∏t mŒ vµ xe cÈ

mÌi l∏c Æ∏c trn Æ≠Íng. M‰i ng≠Íi Æ“u v…y

tay vui vŒ chµo chÛng t´i. MÈt l«n, c„ chi’c

xe c‰c cπch chÎ Æ«y d≠a dıng lπi, anh l∏i xe

nh∂y xuËng, t∆ng chÛng t´i mÈt qu∂ to rÂi

lπi hÌn hÎ ln Æ≠Íng.

Nh˜ng ngµy Æ«u, chÛng t´i Æπp d‰c

bÍ s´ng Panj, bin giÌi t˘ nhin vÌi

Afganistan. Tı r†t l©u, chÛng t´i m¨ ≠Ìc

Æ≠Óc tÌi th®m vÔng Ɔt mµ vŒ Æãp vµ lflng

hi’u kh∏ch cÒa ng≠Íi d©n Æ∑ trÎ thµnh

huy“n thoπi nµy. GiÍ Æ©y, c∏ch "vÔng

Ɔt c†m Æ«y m¨ ≠Ìc" chÿ mÈt con

s´ng, chÛng t´i cÚng th†y n´n nao

kh„ t∂.

CuÈc sËng tr´ng thÀt thanh

b◊nh, chºng ai c„ th” ngÍ

rªng Æ„ lπi lµ mÈt trong

nh˜ng Ɔt n≠Ìc hi”m nguy

nh†t th’ giÌi.

Bµi vµ ∂nh: B◊nh Nguyn


VÌi nh˜ng Æÿnh nÛi cao trn 7.000 m tÀp trung Î ph›a Æ´ng Tajikistan, cao nguyn Pamir

Æ≠Óc xem lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng "n„c nhµ cÒa th’ giÌi" vµ tıng c„ v tr› quan tr‰ng trn con

Æ≠Íng t¨ lÙa x≠a kia. Kh∏m ph∏ cao nguyn Pamir theo Æ≠Íng cao tËc M41 chnh vnh

trn ÆÈ cao h¨n 4.000 m - con Æ≠Íng cao th¯ hai th’ giÌi - lµ mÈt thˆ th∏ch Æ«y kh„ kh®n,

vµ v◊ th’, Æ«y h†p d…n vÌi d©n Æπp xe Æ≠Íng tr≠Íng.


MÁi s∏ng, chÛng t´i th¯c

dÀy trong khung c∂nh

th«n tin, lflng trµn ngÀp

bi’t ¨n cuÈc sËng!


C„ h´m, chÛng t´i d˘ng trπi Î n¨i

Æãp nh≠ trong mÈt c´ng vin b∂o tÂn

quËc gia. Nh˜ng ng‰n nÛi sıng s˜ng

bao quanh chÛng t´i Æ«y che chÎ. TrÍi

n„ng khi’n m∆t Ɔt n¯t nŒ, kh´ cong

nh≠ng ph›a d≠Ìi lµ mÈt con suËi reo

vui. H¨i v†t v∂ mÈt chÛt nh≠ng chÛng

t´i cÚng leo xuËng Æ’n n¨i, th∂ m◊nh

trong dflng n≠Ìc m∏t, gÈt h’t v†t v∂

m÷t nh‰c cÒa mÈt ngµy bÙi Æ≠Íng.

C„ h´m, chÛng t´i d˘ng l“u s∏t bÍ

s´ng Panj. ô bn kia s´ng, tıng nh„m

phÙ n˜ Afghan v∏y ∏o xÛng x›nh, c≠Íi

n„i rÊn r∂ng xuËng s´ng gi∆t qu«n ∏o.

ß©u Æ„ lµ nh˜ng ng≠Íi ch®n cıu trn

Æ≠Íng lÔa cıu v“, lµm bÙi bay mÔ trÍi.

Thÿnh tho∂ng, mÈt vµi chµng trai Æ«u

qu†n kh®n, ∏o kho∏c bay trong gi„,

ph„ng nh≠ bay trn nh˜ng chi’c m´t´

Cross gi¨ tay v…y chÛng t´i. CuÈc sËng

Î Æ©y thÀt thanh b◊nh, chºng ai c„ th”

ngÍ rªng Æ„ lπi lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng Ɔt

n≠Ìc hi”m nguy nh†t th’ giÌi.



LÛc chÛng t´i tı bÍ s´ng chπy qua

nh˜ng ng´i lµng nh·, nh˜ng Ưa trŒ

nhem nhuËc, ch©n vµ Æ«u tr«n, m∆t

ch∏y næng nh≠ng Æ´i mæt c¯ t≠¨i r„i,

lu´n hfl reo, Ưng x’p hµng Æ” vÁ vµo

tay chÛng t´i - nh˜ng kŒ l˜ hµnh k◊

dfi, lu´n m h´i m k nh‘ nhπi trn

nh˜ng con ng˘a sæt ch†t Æ«y ÆÂ. C„

lœ, Æ„ lµ mÈt ni“m vui lÌn trong ngµy

cho lÚ trŒ Î nh˜ng vÔng hŒo l∏nh †y.

ChÛng lµm t´i nhÌ Æ’n nh˜ng Ưa trŒ

cÒa Thπch Lam, mong chÍ giÍ tµu qua

mÁi tËi mang theo th¯ ∏nh s∏ng c„ th”

khi’n cho cuÈc sËng ÆÏ chÛt buÂn tŒ.


Ngµy nµo, chÛng t´i cÚng mua tı

chÛng mÈt hai x´ m¨. Nh˜ng qu∂

m¨ vµng ruÈm, ch›n c©y ng‰t lı giÛp

chÛng t´i chËng lπi c∏i n„ng khæc

nghi÷t vµ ÆÂ ®n thi’u thËn. ß’n giÍ,

nh˜ng qu∂ m¨ ng‰t ngµo †y v…n khi’n

chÛng t´i nh· d∑i. Kh´ng chÿ c„ nh˜ng

Ưa trŒ, ngµy nµo chÛng t´i cÚng c„

nh˜ng cuÈc g∆p gÏ thÛ vfi. Chÿ c«n

dıng lπi mÈt chÛt lµ Æ∏m thanh nin

Æang v©y quanh qu∂ b„ng trn c∏nh

ÆÂng xanh r◊ sœ h hÎi rÒ chÛng t´i

ch¨i cÔng. Chÿ c«n chÛng t´i cæm l“u

Î g«n khu d©n c≠ lµ m‰i ng≠Íi sœ lÚ

l≠Ót Æ’n th®m, rÒ chÛng t´i v“ nhµ,

t∆ng ÆÂ ®n. Lflng hi’u kh∏ch v´ t≠ cÒa

ng≠Íi d©n Æfia ph≠¨ng lu´n lµm chÛng

t´i ngπc nhin vµ c∂m ÆÈng trn hµnh

tr◊nh thin l˝.

ß≠Íng cao tËc M41, trÙc Æ≠Íng mµ

chÛng t´i di chuy”n, lµ mÈt trÙc giao

th≠¨ng ch›nh Î Trung É. ßi“u nµy

khi’n chÛng t´i c„ ph«n e ngπi. Nh≠ng

ho∏ ra, chÿ c„ c∏i tn lµ "cao tËc" th´i,

cfln Æ≠Íng kh∏ hãp vµ x†u, Ê gµ Ê voi

lÊn nhÊn, giao th´ng cÚng kh∏ th≠a

thÌt, chÒ y’u lµ xe t∂i chÎ hµng, Æi

thµnh tıng Æoµn dµi.

Tı ÆÈ cao 3.000 m, Æm bæt Æ«u m∏t

rÂi lµnh lπnh, chÛng t´i kh´ng cfln

chfiu c∂nh Ɔt cæm l“u n„ng nh≠ hun,

thÀm ch› cho tÌi s∏ng h´m sau n˜a.

ß≠Íng tı Æ©y cÚng ngµy cµng v†t v∂

h¨n, nh†t lµ khi chÛng t´i ln cao h¨n

4.000 m, n¨i kh´ng kh› lo∑ng khi’n

chÛng t´i ph∂i tËn s¯c g†p Æ´i, g†p ba

b◊nh th≠Íng. Trong khi dËc cao th◊ v…n

c¯ cao, Æ≠Íng x†u th◊ c¯ ti’p tÙc x†u!

ß’n Æ©y, ngay c∂ nh˜ng chi’n binh l∑o

luy÷n cÚng chÿ cæm cÛi Æπp ch¯ kh´ng

cfln s¯c chuy÷n trfl, c≠Íi ÆÔa n˜a. Th¯c

®n cÚng ngµy cµng hi’m hoi h¨n, hoa

qu∂ kh´ng cfln, c¨m cÚng n†u m∑i

kh´ng ch›n. ChÛng t´i quanh qu»n vÌi

b∏nh m◊ ch†m s˜a Æ∆c cho b˜a s∏ng,

ngÚ cËc vµ ÆÂ hÈp cho b˜a tr≠a vµ tËi.

ß” bÔ lπi, chÛng t´i Æπp xe hµng ngµy

gi˜a mÈt khung c∂nh thin nhin

hÔng v‹, Æãp Æ’n nghãt thÎ. MÁi

chi“u, chÛng t´i dıng ch©n Î mÈt

Æi”m Æãp h¨n h´m tr≠Ìc, nµo s´ng

xanh hi“n hfla, nµo nÛi ngÚ sæc vÌi

nh˜ng tπo h◊nh k◊ thÛ. MÁi s∏ng,

chÛng t´i th¯c dÀy trong khung c∂nh

th«n tin, lflng trµn ngÀp bi’t ¨n cuÈc

sËng. C∂m gi∏c Æ≠Óc hfla m◊nh vÌi

thin nhin, t˘ do, t˘ tπi vin m∑n thÀt

kh„ t∂. Nh˜ng ngµy nh≠ th’, chÛng

t´i kh´ng g∆p mÈt ai, chÿ th†y v’t xe

Æπp hªn trn c· t˘ lÛc nµo.



ChÛng t´i quy’t Æfinh Æi Æ≠Íng vflng Æ”

tÌi th®m Bulunkul, mÈt ng´i lµng hi’m

hoi trn cao nguyn Pamir. TrÍi xanh,

nÛi Æ·, c∏t vµng, khung c∂nh kh´ng

ngıng khi’n chÛng t´i Æi tı ngπc

nhin nµy tÌi thÛ vfi kh∏c. Tuy nhin,

ng´i lµng lπi lµ mÈt nÁi th†t v‰ng khi

h«u nh≠ t†t c∂ nh˜ng ng≠Íi chÛng t´i

g∆p Æ“u trong t◊nh trπng say xÿn, ngay

c∂ lÚ trŒ con tr´ng cÚng buÂn tŒ. B·

qua lÍi chÃo käo cÒa bµ chÒ homestay,

chÛng t´i quy’t Æfinh Æi ti’p Æ” cæm l“u

gi˜a thin nhin, ngay c∂ khi ph∂i ÆÊ

thm vµi l›t m h´i, tiu thm vµi ngµn

calories tr≠Ìc khi t◊m Æ≠Óc Æi”m ≠ng ˝,

v…n phÔ hÓp vÌi chÛng t´i h¨n.

MÁi buÊi

s∏ng lu´n

h¯a hãn

nh˜ng Æi“u

tuy÷t vÍi


TÌi Murgab, m÷t rÚ r≠Ói nh≠ng Æ«y

t˘ hµo, chÛng t´i g‚ cˆa Pamir Hotel

- Æi”m dıng ch©n cÒa d©n Æπp xe, n¨i

gi≠Íng m, Æ÷m †m, nhµ tæm c„ n≠Ìc

n„ng vµ mÈt nhµ b’p th˘c s˘ Æang

chÍ chÛng t´i. ô Æ©y, chÛng t´i c„

hai ngµy nghÿ ng¨i th∂nh th¨i, bu´n

chuy÷n quanh nh˜ng lon bia m∏t

lπnh, chu»n bfi cho ch∆ng Æ≠Íng cuËi

cÚng kh´ng käm ph«n gian kh„: Æÿnh

ÆÃo Akbaital, cao nh†t cao nguyn

Pamir vÌi ÆÈ cao 4.655 m, v…n cfln

c∏ch chÛng t´i h¨n mÈt ngµy Æ≠Íng.

Ln Æÿnh xong rÂi th◊ cÚng ph∂i

xuËng, vµ Æ≠Íng xuËng kh´ng käm

ph«n kh„ kh®n. ThÀm ch› nguy hi”m

h¨n v◊ Æ≠Íng qu∏ x†u, Æ«y Æ∏ d®m,

nhi“u Æoπn lπi l≠Ón s„ng nh≠ m∏i t´n

khi’n c∂ xe, c∂ ng≠Íi lu´n rung b«n

bÀt. ß’n cuËi ngµy, chÛng t´i Æ“u Æi

ch©n h◊nh ch˜ b∏t, m◊nh m»y »m,

Æau nhı nh≠ng v…n x„t xa cho nh˜ng

con thi’t m∑ cÒa m◊nh h¨n.

ß∆t ch©n Æ’n h Karakul nÊi ti’ng,

mÎ ra tr≠Ìc mæt lµ b¯c tranh thin

nhin vÌi n≠Ìc xanh ngæt, trÍi xanh

ngæt, ph›a sau lµ nh˜ng ng‰n nÛi

phÒ tuy’t træng to∏t, m©y træng bÂng

b“nh. ChÛng t´i ®n tr≠a tπi mÈt ng´i

nhµ trong lµng rÂi Æ≠Óc mÍi nghÿ tr≠a

- Æi“u mµ d‹ nhin chÛng t´i kh´ng tı

chËi. Ng´i nhµ Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Trung

É lu´n c„ mÈt c®n phflng rÈng, vÌi

Æ«y th∂m Æ· r˘c rÏ vµ nh˜ng gËi ngÂi

xung quanh phflng. Lflng t´i chÔng

lπi khi t◊m th†y Î Æ©y nh˜ng ÆÂ trang

tr› cÒa Lin X´ cÚ, r†t thfinh hµnh Î

Vi÷t Nam c∏ch Æ©y h¨n 30 n®m, khi

t´i cfln bä t›.

Tajikistan vµ cao nguyn Pamir,

kh´ng hÊ danh con Æ≠Íng Æ’n "n„c

nhµ th’ giÌi", Æ∑ thˆ th∏ch chÛng t´i

cho tÌi phÛt ch„t. Nh˜ng km cuËi

cÔng, con dËc cuËi cÔng tr≠Ìc khi tÌi

BçnH ngUy£n

RÍi b· c´ng vi÷c vµ cuÈc sËng

Ên Ænh Î ph∏p, B◊nh Nguyn

vµ chÂng Rasom alessio (quËc

tch ≥) Æ∑ cÔng nhau th˘c hi÷n

chuy’n hµnh tr◊nh vng quanh

th’ giÌi tı paris v“ Hµ NÈi

bªng xe Æπp. L†y bi÷t danh

"rollingpotatoes", B◊nh Nguyn

vµ Rasom alessio th˘c hi÷n

chuy’n kh∏m ph∏ dµi bæt Æ«u tı

paris, tr∂i qua 18 n≠Ìc. Hai "cÒ

khoai t©y l®n" nµy x∏c Ænh c∏ch

Æi cÒa m◊nh lµ tr∂i nghi÷m nh˜ng

cung Æ≠Íng thˆ th∏ch ch¯ kh´ng

ch‰n cung ƨn gi∂n. C„ th”

theo d‚i nh˜ng hµnh tr◊nh cÒa h‰

trn trang:

bin giÌi Kyrgyzstan c„ lœ lµ nh˜ng

giÍ phÛt kh„ kh®n nh†t, v†t v∂ nh†t.

Vıa th«m nguy“n rÒa gi„ ng≠Óc

chi“u, nh˜ng con dËc d˘ng ghÀp

gh“nh, chÛng t´i vıa nghi’n r®ng gfl

l≠ng, l«m lÚi cÛi Æ«u vµ cæm cÛi Æπp,

thÀm ch› h◊ hÙc Æ»y xe, giµnh giÀt

tıng mät Æ≠Íng.

Nh≠ng c„ Æi rÂi sœ c„ tÌi, sau h¨n ba

tu«n rong ruÊi, chÛng t´i cÚng ph∂i

chia tay Tajikistan. Tr≠Ìc khi b≠Ìc

sang Kyrgyzstan vÌi nh˜ng cuÈc

phiu l≠u mÌi, chÛng t´i cË ph„ng

t«m mæt, thu lπi trong t©m tr› mÈt l«n

n˜a, nh˜ng h◊nh ∂nh cuËi cÔng v“

n¨i mµ thin nhin vµ con ng≠Íi Æ∑

Æ” lπi trong lflng t´i nh˜ng k˚ ni÷m

kh´ng th” phai mÍ.


ñ Tajikistan kh´ng yu c«u du kh∏ch mang quËc tch Vi÷t

Nam xin visa tr≠Ìc khi bay. Visa sœ Æ≠Óc c†p tπi s©n bay quËc

t’ Dushanbe. Du kh∏ch c„ th” xin visa Æi÷n tˆ vµ Æ≠Óc nhÀp

c∂nh t†t c∂ c∏c cˆa kh»u.

ñ ThÍi gian l≠u trÛ: 45 ngµy. HÈ chi’u cn hπn tËi thi”u 6

th∏ng k” tı ngµy nhÀp c∂nh vµo Tajikistan. ß∂m b∂o hÈ chi’u

cn ›t nh†t 2 trang Æ” trËng vµ ch≠a Æ„ng d†u th th˘c.

ñ N’u hµnh tr◊nh cÒa bπn Æ’n Tajikistan ph∂i qu∏ c∂nh Î mÈt

quËc gia kh∏c, nn ki”m tra xem c„ c«n xin visa qu∏ c∂nh

hay kh´ng.


ñ ß” tÌi Dushanbe tı Vi÷t Nam, bπn c„ th” l†y chuy’n bay

cÒa Turkish Airlines, qu∏ c∂nh tπi Istanbul, Æ©y cÚng lµ dp hay

Æ” kh∏m ph∏ thÒ Æ´ cÒa ThÊ Nh‹ K˙.


ñ N’u kh´ng muËn lin h÷ mÈt Æπi l˝ du lch Æa ph≠¨ng Æ”

thu x’p mÈt chuy’n Æi vÌi xe Jeep, bπn c„ th” t˘ Æi m´t´ Æ”

kh∏m ph∏ cao nguyn Pamir.

ñ N’u bπn lµ mÈt ph≠Ót thÒ dπn dµy kinh nghi÷m, bπn c„ th”

thˆ s¯c vÌi xe bu˝t Æa ph≠¨ng ho∆c bæt xe d‰c Æ≠Íng. Xin

n„i tr≠Ìc, giao th´ng Î Æ©y kh∏ th≠a thÌt, c„ lœ bπn sœ ph∂i

chÍ l©u tr≠Ìc khi t◊m Æ≠Óc xe.

ñ H·ng phanh, nÊ lËp lu´n lµ v†n Æ“ th≠Íng g∆p. N’u

may mæn g∆p ai Æ„, m‰i ng≠Íi sΩn sµng dıng xe lπi Æ” giÛp

ÆÏ nhau.


ñ ô Khorog, bπn c„ th” t◊m xe tÌi Eschekershim vÌi phin

chÓ nÊi ti’ng mÁi ngµy th¯ b∂y. ß©y lµ n¨i duy nh†t bπn c„

th” Æ∆t ch©n ln Ɔt Afganistan vÌi visa Tajikistan.

ñ Tπi Khorog vµo th∏ng 7 c„ l‘ Bam-i Dunya, mÈt l‘ hÈi v“

ngh÷ thuÀt truy“n thËng cÒa vÔng cao nguyn Pamir.

ñ ß’n mÁi thµnh phË, h∑y b· chÛt thÍi gian Æi th®m chÓ, bπn

sœ c∂m nhÀn nhi“u h¨n "hÂn" Tajikistan qua nh˜ng khu chÓ

s∆c sÏ Æ«y m«u sæc, mÔi v, ©m thanh.

ñ HÂ Bulunkul vµ Kara Kul lµ nh˜ng n¨i c„ phong c∂nh Æãp

nh†t trn cung Æ≠Íng nµy.

ñ Nh˜ng cˆa hµng Æ≠Óc mÎ trn nh˜ng chi’c xe bu˝t h·ng Î

lµng Yamg lu´n lµ Æi”m dıng ch©n quen thuÈc cÒa du kh∏ch.


ñ Kh´ng c„ kh∏ch sπn, nhµ nghÿ Î ngoπi ´ c∏c th tr†n lÌn nh≠

Murghab vµ Khorog. L˘a ch‰n cho du kh∏ch Æi trn tuy’n

Æ≠Íng Pamir chπy qua Tajikistan lµ Î lπi nhµ ng≠Íi d©n Æa

ph≠¨ng theo ki”u homestay, ho∆c cæm trπi ven Æ≠Íng giËng

chÛng t´i.


ñ ¬m th˘c Trung É kh´ng phong phÛ læm. Bπn nn thˆ m„n

plov - c¨m trÈn rau cÒ vµ tht cıu, kurutov - b∏nh m◊ vÌi

hµnh t©y, cµ chua vµ samsa - mÈt loπi b∏nh gËi nh©n tht cıu.

Text and photos: Binh Nguyen



With mountains over 7,000 m situated in eastern Tajikistan, the Pamir Mountains

are referred to as "the roof of the world" and were once considered a strategic

trade route on the Silk Road. The historic Pamir Highway, officially called

M41 and located at an altitude of over 4,000 m - the world's second highest

international highway - is an excellent challenge for adventure cyclists.


Every morning we woke up to

a magical setting, and were

overjoyed with a profound

gratitude for life.





As soon as we arrived in Dushanbe,

the capital of Tajikistan, we headed

to the OVIR (Migration Police)

office to apply for our visa permit.

Just a week before we left, we

were told the Pamirs had been

closed to tourists due to rockfalls.

Fortunately, the problem had been

managed, and we received our visas

the next day before hitting the road.

Most of the roads we cycled

on in Uzbekistan were flat

and easy to travel, but the ones

in Tajikistan had many slopes

that were not only high but also

long. Despite the challenge, we

reached our milestone of 10,000

km, a remarkable figure that

reminded us that we had only

departed Paris nine months ago.

From inexperienced beginner

cyclists, we have now become

seasoned warriors.

We woke up early in the morning

when the air was still breezy and

only a few vehicles could be spotted

on the streets. Everyone was

exceptionally warm toward us. One

day, we were given a huge melon by

a driver from a melon pickup truck

before he happily drove away.

During our first days, we cycled

along the scenic Panj River that

borders Afghanistan, a country

we had long wanted to visit where

the beauty of the land and the

hospitality of the people have

became legendary. The feeling is

hard to describe when we were

just a river away from the "dreamy

forbidden land".

We chose an incredibly beautiful

location to camp with majestic

mountains surrounding us. The hot

climate caused the ground to crack,

but below it ran a mellow stream.

It was difficult for us to get down,

but in the end we managed to bathe

ourselves in the cool water, and

washed away all the sweat and hard

work of the day.

On another day, we set up a tent

right next to the Panj River.

On the other side of the

river, a group of Afghan women

dressed in long skirts were seen

laughing and washing their clothes,

while local shepherds made their

way back home with their cattles,

taking the dust up in the air. We

also spotted young men with their

heads wrapped and jackets flying

in the wind on Cross motorcycles

raised their hands to wave at us.

Life there seems peaceful, but no

doubt Afghanistan is one of the

most dangerous place in the world.




From the river, we headed toward

the villages to experience the

locals' daily life. Small kids with

bare feet and sunburnt faces but

sparkling eyes stood cheering us

on and clapped their little hands

for us sweat-drenched travelers

on two wheels. Seeing us must

Clockwise from this picture:

Alessio, Binh Nguyen's husband;

Riding donkey, a familiar animal

in the highland's life; Tajikistan

smile; The nomad opens the tent

welcomes travelers

have been a particular delight for

children in those remote areas.

They reminded me of the children

in the Vietnamese writer Thach

Lam's story, who waited daily for

the train to pass as some sort of joy

that made their lives less dull.

Every day we bought two buckets

of apricots from the local children.

The sweetness of the golden

apricots enabled us to resist the

terrible heat and cope with the

lack of food. Even now, thinking

of them makes my mouth water.

Besides meeting the kids, we had

interesting encounters everyday.

We were sometimes invited to play

soccer with the young men in the

green fields. When we camped

near the villages, people would

either pay us a visit, invite us to

their home, or give us food. The

incredible hospitality of the locals

took us by surprise and deeply

touched us.

The M41 highway, where we cycled

was once a major trading route

in Central Asia. It turns out that,

despite being called a "highway",

the road is quite narrow and in

bad condition with many potholes.

Traffic is sparse with mainly cargo

trucks traveling this road.

At an altitude of 3,000 m, the

nights became colder, and the

ground cooler, a stark contrast to

our previous days' experiencing

heated campgrounds that lasted

through the night. It also became

more difficult for us to continue

our climb when we reached the

altitude of 4,000 m, where the

lack of oxygen required us to

double our strength. There were

steep slopes one after another and

the condition of the road remained

challenging. At this point, even

experienced cyclists had to try

their hardest to push on the pedals

while everyone simply went quiet.

Food became increasingly sparse

with no fruits were available and

cooking dishes became difficult.

We mainly had bread with

condensed milk for breakfast,

along with cereals and canned

foods for lunch and dinner.


In return, we were rewarded

with the most magnificent and

breathtakingly beautiful scenes.

Every stop was more beautiful

than the previous with gentle

rivers and majestic mountains

twisting in exotic shapes all

about. Every morning we woke

up to a magical setting, and

were overjoyed with a profound

gratitude for life. It felt incredible

to be in harmony with nature and

we were awash with a deep sense

of inner peace. We went on and

hardly met anyone along our trail.

All that was left behind was our

bike tracks.



We decided to take a detour to

visit Bulunkul, a remote village

in the Pamirs. We were taken by

surprise with the stunning scenery

of blue sky, red mountains, and

golden sand. However, the village

was a disappointment. Almost

everyone we met was in a state

of drunkeness, and the children

seemed bored. We turned down

the offer to stay at one of the

locals' homestays, and decided

to camp among nature instead,

even if we had to sweat a few liters

more and burned a few thousand

more calories before finding a

good spot.

We made it to Murgab totally

exhausted but full of pride. We

found a place to stay at the Pamir

Hotel, a godsend for tired cyclists

who wanted nothing more than

a soft bed, hot bath, and a real

kitchen. We spent two days here

to rest, relax, and drink a few cold

beers before heading for our final

leg of the journey - conquering

the Ak-Baital Pass, the highest

point of the M41 highway at 4,655

m height which was more than a

day away.

After getting to the top, we came

back down and the trail was just

as challenging as the way up, if

not more dangerous with bumpy

ground and winding paths. At the

end of our journey, we all walked

around with limp legs and our

bikes were absolutely worn out.

When we arrived at the Karakul

Lake what opened before our eyes

was amazing scenery with blue

water, clear sky, and white clouds

against the backdrop of snowcovered

mountains. We had lunch

at a local's house in the village



efore being offered a place to rest, and

we simply could not refuse. The house

was in the typical style of Central Asia

which features a large room with bright

red carpets and sofa pillows scattered

around the room. I even found precious

pieces of decoration from the Soviet

Union in their house, which were very

commonly used in Vietnam over 30

years ago when I was still a child.

The country of Tajikistan and the

Pamir Mountains are no doubt "the

roof of the world", and we were

challenged to the last minute. The last

distances and the last slopes before

we reached the Kyrgyzstan border

We grinded our teeth,

lowered our heads to

concentrate on the pedaling,

and had to push our own

bikes at some points.

BInH ngUyen

Having left Vietnam to settle in

france, Binh Nguyen joined

his friend Rasom alessio of

Italian nationality to travel

around the world from paris

to Hanoi on a bicycle. Taking

the nickname "rollingpotatoes",

Binh Nguyen and Rasom

alessio made their long journey

from paris to 18 countries. The

"rollingpotatoes" are adventure

cyclists who often seek the most

challengeing trails. You can

see pictures from their past trips


were probably our most challenging

moments. We had to go down in the

oppositie direction of the wind, and

overcome steep slopes. We grinded our

teeth, lowered our heads to concentrate

on the pedaling, and had to push our

own bikes at some points.

After spending over three weeks in

Tajikistan, we finally said our goodbyes.

Before heading to Kyrgyzstan for a

totally new adventure, we looked back

for one last time, trying to take in as

much of the incredible views of nature

and the hospitality of the locals, so that

this unforgettale experience would be

forever engraved in our hearts.


ñ Vietnamese nationals are not required to

apply for a visa before arrival. The visa is

issued at the Dushanbe International Airport.

Travelers can apply for an e-visa to enter all


ñ Duration of stay: 45 days. Your passport

must be valid for at least 6 months from the

date of entry into Tajikistan. Make sure your

passport has at least 2 clear pages for the

visa stamp.

ñ If your trip to Tajikistan requires no transit

in another country, check whether you

might need a transit visa.


ñ To get to Dushanbe from Vietnam, you

can fly with Turkish Airlines, transit in

Istanbul. Take the opportunity to explore

the beautiful capital of Turkey.


ñ If you do not want to contact a local travel

agent to arrange a jeep, you can hire a

motorbike to explore the Pamir Mountains.

ñ If you are a seasoned traveler, try local

buses or catch the bus along the way. Please

be advised that the local traffic is sparse and

you might have to wait for a long period

of time.

ñ Brake issue and tire blowouts are common

problems. If you are lucky enough to meet

someone, they are always ready to help.

However, it's better to always be prepared

for such events

NoT To Be MISSed exPeRIeNCeS

ñ From Khorog, you can catch a bus to

the Ishkashim Border Market which is

open every Saturday - the only place in

Afghanistan that allows you to enter with a

Tajikistan visa.

ñ Visit Khorog in July, you can enjoy Bam-i

Dunya, a traditional arts festival of the


ñ When in every city, take some time to visit

the local markets to experience a true feel

of Tajikistan through different colors, tastes,

and sounds.

ñ Bulunkul and Karakul lakes have the most

beautiful views along the highway.

ñ The souvenir shops set up in broken buses

in Yamg Village are popular stops for visitors.


ñ There are no hotels or motels in the

suburbs of Murghab and Khorog. The only

option for travelers on the Pamir highway

is to stay at a local's home, or camp along

the road.


ñ Central Asian cuisine is not particularly

diverse. You should definitely try Plov (rice

is simmered in a rich stew of meat and

vegetables) and Kurutob (flat bread served

in a warm yogurt based sauce topped with

onions, tomatoes, and fesh herbs).








ThÀt kh„ qun c∂m gi∏c khi ngÂi trn lπc Ƶ Æi

chÀm r∑i gi˜a sa mπc mnh m´ng vÌi nh˜ng cÂn

c∏t tr∂i dµi Æ’n v´ tÀn, vµng r˘c d≠Ìi ∏nh næng

chi“u tµ vµ nh˜ng c¨n gi„ lËc b†t chÓt cuËn theo

Æ∏m bÙi c∏t mÔ mt. Ngay c∂ c∂m gi∏c »m cÒa

ph«n c¨ th” ti’p xÛc tr˘c ti’p vÌi yn lπc Ƶ trong

suËt hai ti’ng ÆÂng h Æi vµo th’ giÌi hoang vu Î

Morocco cÚng thÀt kh„ qun. N„ giËng nh≠ bπn

Æang ngÂi trn yn xe Æπp vµ Æπp xe qua mÈt con

Æ≠Íng toµn Ê gµ, Ê voi. MuËn c„ b¯c h◊nh Æãp, bπn

nn nh∂y xuËng Ɔt, chu gi„ c∏t t∏p vµo m∆t, chπy

bÈ ÆuÊi theo Æoµn lπc Ƶ. Bªng c∏ch Æ„, bπn sœ c„

∂nh Æãp.

QuËc anh - Ng≠Íi Æam m dch chuy”n

- k” lπi kho∂nh khæc khi anh chÙp b¯c ∂nh

trn sa mπc Sahara.

It's hard to forget the feeling of sitting on a slow

walking camel in the middle of an immense desert,

where dunes stretch to infinity, when golden light

glistens in the afternoon and a sudden whirlwind rolls

over in dark dust. Even the feeling of dull lasting pain

from a two-hour camel ride in Morocco is difficult to

forget. It's like sitting on a bicycle saddle and riding

that bike through a pot-poled path. Taking pictures via

camel is also no easy task due to the wobbly position.

If you desire desert pictures with the walking camel

corps, you should jump to the ground, sustain blasts of

sandy wind whipping your face and run after the corps

to take photos.

Travel blogger Quoc Anh telling the story

behind the stunning photo of the Sahara he


Anh Giµ





Bµi: Qu˙nh L Ånh: Qu˙nh L, Yamini Cuki

Ngoπi trı B∂o tµng Cung Æi÷n QuËc gia, khi ln lch tr◊nh th®m thÛ ßµi Loan, t´i kh´ng

h“ c„ ˝ Ænh dµnh chÛt ≠u tin nµo cho mÈt b∂o tµng kh∏c. Nh≠ng k’ hoπch chuy’n Æi

cÒa t´i Æ∑ hoµn toµn thay ÆÊi khi lang thang trong kho b∏u v≠¨ng gi∂ †y...

ßæm say

vÌi nh˜ng

x ¯ ßµi



"Louvre" cÒa ßµi Loan

GiËng nh≠ mÈt Ưa trŒ

lu´n hµo h¯ng trong c∏c

trfl ch¨i ki’m t◊m kho

b∏u th†t lπc, t´i vËn lµ

ng≠Íi dµnh s˘ m Ææm

Æ∆c bi÷t cho c∏c b∂o

tµng. Trong m‰i chuy’n Æi cÒa

m◊nh, b∂o tµng lu´n lµ nh˜ng

Æ›ch Æ’n Æ«u tin t´i nhæm Æ’n.

Hµnh tr◊nh Æ’n ßµi Loan vıa

qua lµ hµnh tr◊nh Æ«u tin t´i d˘

t›nh kh´ng Æ∆t vfi tr› ≠u tin cho

c∏c b∂o tµng bÎi trong suy ngh‹

chÒ quan cÒa t´i th◊ ßµi Loan lµ

mÈt l∑nh thÊ cfln non trŒ nn sœ

kh„ c„ Æ≠Óc thµnh t˘u Æ∏ng k”

trong l‹nh v˘c b∂o tµng. Vµ th˘c

t’ cho th†y t´i Æ∑ l«m l…n Æ’n

Æ∏ng tr∏ch th’ nµo.

Ban Æ«u, t´i chÿ l˘a ch‰n B∂o

tµng Cung Æi÷n QuËc gia ßµi

Bæc bÎi v◊ trong m‰i cuÈc b◊nh

ch‰n, b∂o tµng nµy lu´n nªm

trong Top 10 b∂o tµng nÊi ti’ng

nh†t th’ giÌi. Tı khu phË Æi bÈ

Ximending (T©y M´n ß◊nh), t´i

Æi bÈ tÌi b’n xe bu˝t Tai Taipei

Station Zhan chÿ m†t 10 phÛt.

Chuy’n xe 304 chπy thºng tÌi

cÊng ch›nh b∂o tµng. B∂o tµng lµ

toµ nhµ lÌn ki”u cung Æi÷n Æ≠Óc

x©y d˘ng theo lËi s©n v≠Ín truy“n

thËng Trung QuËc nn kh´ng

m†y g©y †n t≠Óng vÌi t´i.

Nh≠ng Cho∏ng ngÓp - Hµo h¯ng -

Nghe m∏u reo trong huy’t qu∂n, Æ„

lµ c∂m nhÀn th˘c s˘ cÒa t´i khi

b≠Ìc vµo nh˜ng gian tr≠ng bµy

cÒa B∂o tµng. Nh◊n tr≠Ìc, nh◊n

sau, quay ph∂i, quay tr∏i, Æ©u Æ©u

cÚng lµ b∂o vÀt. ß©y qu∂ thÀt lµ

kho b∏u v´ gi∏ cÒa v®n h„a Trung

QuËc, bao gÂm c∏c hi÷n vÀt Æa

dπng vµ tinh t’, c∏c tπo t∏c ngh÷

thuÀt Æÿnh cao nh≠ c∏c b¯c th≠

hoπ cÊ, s∏ch cÊ, ng‰c b›ch, ÆÂng

ÆÛc, s¯... tr∂i dµi 8.000 n®m qua

nhi“u tri“u Æπi lfich sˆ.

C∏c hi÷n vÀt thuÈc

dng gËm ÆÍi nhµ

TËng Æ≠Óc tr≠ng

bµy tπi b∂o tµng

Cung Æi÷n QuËc gia

ßµi Loan

B∂o tµng chia thµnh nhi“u kh´ng

gian tri”n l∑m, c∏c b∂o vÀt Æ≠Óc

bË tr› theo thÍi gian tı v®n ho∏

Trung Hoa thÍi Æ Æ∏ mÌi (giai

Æoπn 4.500 - 2.700 TCN) Æ’n th’

k˚ 20. ô Æ©y, t´i Æ≠Óc tÀn mæt

ngæm nh◊n nh˜ng tπo t∏c ÆÂ ÆÂng

qu˝ hi’m Æ∑ ln mµu Æen b„ng,

nh˜ng vin ng‰c b›ch Trung

QuËc r˘c rÏ sæc mµu vµ to∂ s∏ng

l„ng l∏nh dÔ Æ∑ c„ hµng ngh◊n

n®m tuÊi, nh˜ng di s∂n th≠ ph∏p

tı tri“u T«n, nh˜ng ÆÂ gËm s¯

tuy÷t Æãp vµ nh˜ng cuËn s∏ch qu˝

hi’m tı tri“u TËng hay th≠Îng

th¯c bÛt ph∏p tuy÷t h∂o cÒa vfi vua

Cµn Long nhµ Thanh nÊi ti’ng tµi

hoa... Th´ng qua vi÷c kh∏m ph∏

nh˜ng b∂o vÀt nµy, du kh∏ch c„

Æ≠Óc mÈt c¨ hÈi Æ” chπm khœ vµo

nh˜ng gi∏ trfi s©u rÈng cÒa n“n

v®n ho∏, tri’t h‰c vµ phong tÙc

phong phÛ cÒa Trung QuËc.

Ti’c rªng, du kh∏ch kh´ng th”

ngæm tr‰n vãn g«n 700.000 hi÷n

vÀt mµ B∂o tµng Cung Æi÷n QuËc

gia ßµi Bæc Æang sÎ h˜u n’u chÿ

tÌi th®m mÈt l«n. Do sË l≠Óng

qu∏ nhi“u, c∏c hi÷n vÀt tri”n l∑m

tπi b∂o tµng Æ≠Óc lu©n chuy”n ba

th∏ng mÈt l«n. Vµ t´i cÚng kh´ng

Æ≠Óc nh◊n th†y hai m„n Æ nÊi

ti’ng nh†t trong bÈ s≠u tÀp lµ

ThÒy ng‰c bπch th∏i (c©y c∂i th∂o

bªng ng‰c) vµ mi’ng thfit kho tµu

tπc tı khËi Æ∏ thπch anh



ñ ß≠Íng Zhi Shan, quÀn S¸ L©m, ßµi Bæc

ñ GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 8h30 - 18h30 hµng ngµy;

8h30 - 21h00 th¯ s∏u vµ th¯ b∂y

ñ Gi∏ vä: 350 TWD. Mi‘n ph› cho trŒ em tı

5 - 12 tuÊi

ñ Ph≠¨ng ti÷n Æi lπi: xe bu˝t 304 chπy thºng tÌi

b∂o tµng

ñ Website:



B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt QuËc gia

ƒn t≠Óng tı B∂o tµng Cung Æi÷n QuËc gia Æ∑ khi’n hµnh tr◊nh du ngoπn

ßµi Loan cÒa t´i chuy”n h≠Ìng vÌi lfich tr◊nh tÌi c∏c b∂o tµng Æ≠Óc Æ≠a

ln hµng Æ«u. B· lÏ B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt ßµi Bæc v◊ b∂o tµng nµy Æ„ng cˆa

Æ’n mÔa hà n®m 2018, t´i tÌi ßµi Trung Æ” kh∏m ph∏ B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt

QuËc gia.

ß≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng b∂o tµng ngh÷ thuÀt hi÷n Æπi nh†t Î

ch©u É, B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt QuËc gia ßµi Loan trong c∂m nhÀn cÒa t´i lµ

mÈt kh´ng gian c˘c k˙ thÛ vfi, v®n minh, trang nh∑ vµ th›ch hÓp cho c∏c

gia Æ◊nh.

Tfla nhµ ch›nh Æ∑ ph∏ vÏ quan ni÷m truy“n thËng v“ mÈt ng´i nhµ bªng

c∏ch sˆ dÙng hµnh lang trong suËt k’t nËi b∂o tµng vµ khu v˘c c´ng vin

ph›a tr≠Ìc toµ nhµ, tπo ra mÈt s˘ chuy”n ti’p kh´ng gian vµ truy“n th´ng

giao thoa l…n nhau. Kh´ng giËng B∂o tµng Cung Æi÷n QuËc gia ngÀp trµn

c∏c b∏u vÀt cÊ, B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt QuËc gia chÿ dµnh kh´ng gian t«ng ba

lµm khu v˘c tri”n l∑m v‹nh vi‘n. C∏c hi÷n vÀt tr≠ng bµy tπi Æ©y cÚng chÿ

tÀp trung vµo c∏c t∏c ph»m ngh÷ thuÀt ßµi Loan tı th’ k˚ 18 Æ’n nay.

Trong khi Æ„, t«ng 1 vµ t«ng 2 cÒa b∂o tµng Æ≠Óc dµnh cho c∏c tri”n l∑m

tπm thÍi, tÀp trung vµo c∏c t∏c ph»m ngh÷ thuÀt ph≠¨ng T©y, tranh vœ

Trung QuËc, Æiu khæc, ho∆c c∏c bÈ s≠u tÀp ngh÷ thuÀt c„ gi∏ trfi. Ngoµi

ra, c„ th” nhÀn th†y r‚ s˘ ≠u ∏i Æ∆c bi÷t mµ b∂o tµng muËn dµnh cho

trŒ em, khuy’n kh›ch trŒ em t◊m hi”u ngh÷ thuÀt vµ Æ’n th®m b∂o tµng

th´ng qua khu v˘c Picture Book Area Î t«ng h«m vµ Family Room Î t«ng

2. ß©y th˘c s˘ lµ nh˜ng kh´ng gian c„ s¯c h†p d…n mπnh mœ vÌi trŒ em.

Tuy vÀy, ÆËi vÌi t´i, ph«n cuËn hÛt nh†t cÒa b∂o tµng nµy lµ khu v≠Ín

xanh nªm ph›a tr≠Ìc lËi vµo ch›nh cÒa toµ nhµ. C´ng vin nµy cÚng lµ

mÈt kh´ng gian tri”n l∑m cÒa b∂o tµng vÌi 45 t∏c ph»m Æiu khæc vµ khu

rıng Æ∏ gÂm 50 vin Æ∏ Æ≠Óc chπm khæc

th≠ ph∏p cÒa c∏c h‰c gi∂ nÊi ti’ng ng≠Íi

ßµi Loan. RÈng tÌi 102.000 m 2 , c´ng vin

Æ≠Óc trÂng nhi“u c©y vÌi nh˜ng th∂m c·

m“m xanh m∏t khi’n du kh∏ch kh´ng

c≠Ïng nÊi ≠Ìc muËn Æ≠Óc nªm dµi trn c·,

nhæm mæt tÀn h≠Îng s˘ vuËt ve cÒa lµn gi„

nhã, læng nghe ti’ng c≠Íi gifln tan cÒa lÚ

trŒ Æang chπy ch¨i xung quanh. MÈt ngµy

qua Æi Æãp Æ’n th’ lµ cÔng.




ñ ß≠Íng Wuquan West,

quÀn T©y, ßµi Trung

ñ GiÍ mÎ cˆa: th¯ hai Æ„ng

cˆa; th¯ ba Æ’n th¯ s∏u: 9h

- 17h; th¯ b∂y, chÒ nhÀt: 9h

- 18h

ñ Gi∏ vä: Mi‘n ph›

ñ Ph≠¨ng ti÷n Æi lπi: xe bu˝t sË

51, 5 vµ 75

ñ Website:

B∂o tµng QuËc gia v“ Khoa h‰c

T˘ nhin

Chºng c„ g◊ ph∂i ngπc nhin

khi B∂o tµng QuËc gia v“ Khoa

h‰c T˘ nhin ßµi Loan thu

hÛt tÌi ba tri÷u kh∏ch du lfich

mÁi n®m. ßi“u Æ∏ng ngπc

nhin Î Æ©y lµ quy m´ rÈng

lÌn, sË l≠Óng hi÷n vÀt phong phÛ, Æa

dπng vµ c∏ch tr≠ng bµy qu∏ hoµn m¸

mµ b∂o tµng Æem lπi cho du kh∏ch.

Nªm Î thµnh phË ßµi Trung, B∂o

tµng QuËc gia v“ Khoa h‰c T˘ nhin

ßµi Loan c„ di÷n t›ch rÈng ln Æ’n

89.000 m 2 , gÂm h¨n 30 khu v˘c

tri”n l∑m th≠Íng tr˘c vÌi chÒ Æ“ Æa

dπng giÛp du kh∏ch kh∏m ph∏ khoa

h‰c vµ t˘ nhin th´ng qua c∏c hi÷n

vÀt cÊ, tri”n l∑m t≠¨ng t∏c, khoa h‰c

v“ ng≠Íi m∏y vµ tranh lÀp th”.

ThÛ thÀt, t´i ch≠a tıng b≠Ìc vµo tri”n

l∑m nµo c„ c∏ch tr≠ng bµy sËng ÆÈng,

t›nh t≠¨ng t∏c cao vµ Æ∏p ¯ng yu c«u

v“ th»m m¸ tuy÷t vÍi Æ’n th’. Nµy

nhä, kh´ng chÿ c„ c¨ hÈi quan s∏t

nh˜ng h„a thπch khÒng long, c∏c m´

h◊nh khÒng long c„ th” cˆ ÆÈng cfln

cho t´i bi’t chÛng chuy”n ÆÈng nh≠

th’ nµo. Nh˜ng b¯c ∂nh, m´ h◊nh vµ

c∏c tri”n l∑m cho th†y s˘ ti’n ho∏ cÒa

con ng≠Íi, c∏c loµi chim vµ nhi“u loµi

ÆÈng vÀt kh∏c, cho th†y c∏ch chÛng

bay, chπy, Æi hay tr≠Ín, bfl.

ô Æ©y, t´i Æ≠Óc t◊m hi”u v“ 4 ph∏t

minh v‹ Æπi nh†t cÒa ng≠Íi Trung

QuËc lµ lµm gi†y, ch’ tπo thuËc sÛng,

in †n, lµm ra la bµn, nghin c¯u v®n

t˘ cÊ vi’t trn mai rÔa, ngæm nh◊n

m∏y d÷t thÒ c´ng Æ≠Óc ch’ t∏c h’t

s¯c tinh vi, kh∏m ph∏ h÷ thËng huy÷t

Æπo trn c¨ th” ng≠Íi vµ nh˜ng ki’n

th¯c y h‰c nÊi danh lµ b∏c Æπi tinh

th©m cÒa ng≠Íi Trung QuËc, quan

s∏t h¨n 100 loµi th∂o d≠Óc kh∏c nhau

cÚng nh≠ c„ th” t◊m hi”u v“ th’ giÌi

th«n linh cÒa ng≠Íi Trung QuËc...




ñ SË 1, Æ≠Íng Guanqian,

quÀn Bæc, ßµi Trung

ñ GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 9h - 17h th¯

ba Æ’n chÒ nhÀt, th¯ hai

Æ„ng cˆa

ñ Gi∏ vä: 100 TWD/ng≠Íi

lÌn, 70 TWD/trŒ em

ñ Ph≠¨ng ti÷n Æi lπi: xe bu˝t

sË 51, 18, 159

ñ Website: http://www.

Du kh∏ch cÚng c„ th” t◊m hi”u v“ ÆÍi

sËng cÒa ng≠Íi b∂n Æfia ßµi Loan cÊ

vÌi c∏ch th¯c trÂng tr‰t vµ Æ∏nh bæt,

chim ng≠Ïng bÈ s≠u tÀp Æ∏ qu˝ vµ

kho∏ng s∂n h’t s¯c phong phÛ cÒa

b∂o tµng, t◊m hi”u v“ rıng m≠a nhi÷t

ÆÌi vÌi h¨n 800 loµi th˘c vÀt... C„ th”

n„i, dÔ chÿ b· s„t mÈt g„c nh· cÒa

b∂o tµng th◊ Æ„ cÚng lµ s˘ hËi ti’c

dµnh cho bπn.

MÈt ph«n kh´ng th” b· qua khi nh◊n

nhÀn v“ thµnh t˘u cÒa B∂o tµng QuËc

gia v“ Khoa h‰c T˘ nhin lµ c∏ch th¯c

tr≠ng bµy cÒa b∂o tµng Æ∑ Æ≠Óc n©ng

ln t«m ngh÷ thuÀt. Tı c∏ch thi’t k’

c∏c khu v˘c tr≠ng bµy, bË tr› hi÷n vÀt,

tÀn dÙng di÷n t›ch, sˆ dÙng ∏nh s∏ng

vµ mµu sæc..., ph≠¨ng di÷n nµo cÚng

th” hi÷n t›nh th»m m¸ vµ n®ng l˘c

t≠¨ng t∏c cao, Æ∏ng Æ” ng≠Ïng mÈ.

T†t c∂ nh˜ng y’u tË Æ„ khi’n B∂o

tµng QuËc gia v“ Khoa h‰c T˘ nhin

kh´ng chÿ lµ mÈt trung t©m gi∏o dÙc

quan tr‰ng cÒa quËc gia, c„ n®ng l˘c

k›ch th›ch Æam m nghin c¯u h‰c

h·i Î c∂ ng≠Íi lÌn vµ trŒ em; ÆÂng

thÍi, Æ©y cÚng lµ trung t©m gi∂i tr›, lµ

Æi”m Æ’n hoµn h∂o cho ng≠Íi d©n vµ

du kh∏ch.

Thuy“n Æ∏nh c∏ cÊ cÒa ng≠Íi d©n

b∂n Æa ßµi Loan


∂o tµng kh´ng th” kh´ng

Æi Î ßµi loan


ß≠Óc thµnh lÀp vµo n®m 1908, Æ©y lµ b∂o

tµng l©u ÆÍi nh†t cÒa ßµi Loan. B∂o tµng QuËc

gia ßµi Loan c„ nÈi dung nh†n mπnh vµo gi∏o

dÙc vµ nghin c¯u, Æ∆c bi÷t chÛ tr‰ng v“ v®n

h„a cÒa ng≠Íi ßµi Loan b∂n Æa vµ ng≠Íi gËc

H∏n. Tπi Æ©y, du kh∏ch c„ dp chim ng≠Ïng

bÈ s≠u tÀp nh©n chÒng h‰c ÆÂ sÈ nh†t quËc

Æ∂o nµy, t◊m hi”u v“ nh˜ng chÒ Æ“ Æa dπng

nh≠ tµi nguyn ÆÈng th˘c vÀt bÀc cao, c∏c loπi

t∂o hay s˘ Æa dπng sinh h‰c, nh≠ng di chÿ kh∂o

cÊ v®n h„a ti“n sˆ Vin S¨n...

Bn cπnh Æ„, ki’n trÛc cÒa ta nhµ b∂o tµng

mang phong c∏ch Doric Hy Lπp vÌi nh˜ng cÈt

trÙ tπi cÊng vµo vµ m∏i vm Æ∆c tr≠ng cÚng lµ

mÈt di s∂n v®n h„a c„ gi∏ tr lÌn.

Du kh∏ch c„ th” Æ’n B∂o tµng QuËc gia ßµi

Loan bªng c∏ch Æ„n tµu Æi÷n ng«m vµ xuËng

tπi ga B÷nh vi÷n ßπi h‰c QuËc gia ßµi Loan.

ßa chÿ: ß≠Íng Xiangyang, quÀn Zhongzheng,

ßµi Bæc

GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 9h30 - 17h th¯ ba Æ’n chÒ nhÀt,

Æ„ng cˆa th¯ hai

Gi∏ vä: 30 TWD. Gi∂m 50% cho trŒ tı 6 - 12

tuÊi, sinh vin ho∆c nh„m tı 20 ng≠Íi trÎ ln.

Mi‘n ph› cho trŒ d≠Ìi 6 tuÊi, ng≠Íi lÌn tı 65

tuÊi trÎ ln vµo c∏c ngµy trong tu«n, ng≠Íi

khuy’t tÀt.



Trong 30 n®m qua, B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt ßµi Bæc

g©y Æ≠Óc †n t≠Óng s©u sæc bÎi t›nh s∏ng tπo vµ

nhi“u thˆ nghi÷m mÌi mŒ. Tπi Æ©y, du kh∏ch

c„ th” th≠Îng th¯c nh˜ng t∏c ph»m ngh÷ thuÀt

truy“n thËng ßµi Loan cπnh nh˜ng t∏c ph»m

thˆ nghi÷m mÌi mŒ nh≠ phim vµ ngh÷ thuÀt

sæp Æ∆t, chim ng≠Ïng t∏c ph»m tiu bi”u

cÒa ngh÷ s‹ ßµi Loan vµ quËc t’ tı th’ k˚ 19

Æ’n nay. B∂o tµng cÚng kh´ng ngıng thay ÆÊi

kh´ng gian tr≠ng bµy theo nhi“u ph≠¨ng ∏n

thˆ nghi÷m mÌi mŒ Æ” Æem lπi hi÷u ¯ng tËt


Tπi b∂o tµng, du kh∏ch cÚng c„ th” tham gia

di‘n Ƶn Art Talk v“ nh˜ng ngh÷ s‹ vµ tr≠Íng

ph∏i ngh÷ thuÀt Æang Æ≠Óc tr≠ng bµy ho∆c h‰c

v“ nh˜ng k¸ thuÀt mÌi mŒ cÒa c∏c ngh÷ s‹ tπi

x≠Îng ngh÷ thuÀt.

Du kh∏ch c„ th” Æ’n b∂o tµng bªng xe bu˝t

(xuËng tπi trπm B∂o tµng M¸ thuÀt ßµi Bæc)

ho∆c tµu Æi÷n ng«m (xuËng tπi gia Yuan Shan).

ßa chÿ: ß≠Íng Zhongshan, quÀn Zhongshan,

ßµi Bæc

GiÍ mÎ cˆa: B∂o tµng hi÷n Æang Æ„ng cˆa. D˘

ki’n mÎ cˆa trÎ lπi vµo mÔa hà 2018.

Gi∏ vä: 30 TWD. Gi∂m 50% cho sinh vin (k”

c∂ sinh vin n≠Ìc ngoµi), qu©n nh©n, c∂nh s∏t

vµ t◊nh nguy÷n vin trong l‹nh v˘c v®n ho∏

gi∏o dÙc.



Tπp ch› Forbes tıng Æ∏nh gi∏ v“ b∂o tµng K˙

M¸: Æ©y lµ "mÈt trong nh˜ng s≠u tÀp ngh÷

thuÀt Æ∏ng kinh ngπc nh†t". VÌi nh˜ng ai th›ch

t◊m hi”u v“ b∂o tµng hay nghin c¯u v®n h„a

m¸ thuÀt, ngh÷ thuÀt ph≠¨ng T©y th◊ b∂o tµng

K˙ M¸ ch›nh lµ Æi”m dıng ch©n thÀt s˘ l˝

t≠Îng gi˜a ch©u É mµ kh´ng c«n ph∂i m†t qu∏

nhi“u chi ph› Æ” Æ’n ch©u ¢u xa x´i.

Nªm trong khu´n vin c´ng vin Metropolitan

ßµi Nam, b∂o tµng K˙ M¸ lµ mÈt ta nhµ

tr∏ng l÷ mang phong c∏ch ki’n trÛc Hy Lπp

cÊ, bao gÂm bËn phng tr≠ng bµy v“ tranh,

c∏c t∏c ph»m ngh÷ thuÀt Æiu khæc ch©u ¢u,

nhπc cÙ, vÚ kh› vµ lch sˆ t˘ nhin. ß∆c bi÷t,

b∂o tµng nµy nÊi ti’ng vÌi bÈ s≠u tÀp Ƶn

violin v◊ Æ©y lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng s≠u tÀp Æ«y

ÆÒ nh†t th’ giÌi.

ßa chÿ: ß≠Íng Wenhua, quÀn Rende, ßµi


GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 9h30 - 17h30 c∏c ngµy trong

tu«n, Æ„ng cˆa th¯ t≠ hµng tu«n

Gi∏ vä: 200 TWD




B∂o tµng Sinh vÀt vµ ThÒy sinh QuËc gia hay

cn g‰i lµ Vi÷n H∂i d≠¨ng h‰c B◊nh ß´ng Æ≠Óc

thµnh lÀp vµo n®m 1991, lµ b∂o tµng sinh h‰c

bi”n Æ«u tin vµ lÌn nh†t Î ßµi Loan. Nªm Î

c˘c Nam cÒa ßµi Loan, b∂o tµng rÈng tÌi 97ha

vµ ta nhµ ch›nh rÈng 36 ha khi’n m‰i du

kh∏ch tÌi Æ©y Æ“u c∂m th†y cho∏ng ngÓp.

B∂o tµng bao gÂm ba tri”n l∑m ch›nh: V≠¨ng

quËc san h´, khu H∂i d≠¨ng h‰c ßµi Loan

vµ khu H∂i d≠¨ng h‰c th’ giÌi. Tπi Æ©y, du

kh∏ch sœ Æ≠Óc kh∏m ph∏ m´i tr≠Íng sinh th∏i

t˘ nhin cÒa c∏c vÔng bi”n trn l∑nh thÊ ßµi

Loan, h÷ sinh vÀt Î nh˜ng h ch¯a n≠Ìc lÌn,

l≠u v˘c c∏c con s´ng, th≠Îng th¯c mµu sæc r˘c

rÏ cÒa nh˜ng r∆ng san h´ d≠Ìi lng bi”n giËng

h÷t nh≠ c∏c thÓ l∆n chuyn nghi÷p nhÍ Æ≠Íng

h«m d≠Ìi lng bi”n dµi 84 m; mÎ rÈng t«m

nh◊n vµ nhÀn th¯c v“ h÷ sinh th∏i bi”n Î c∏c

vÔng bi”n nhi÷t ÆÌi nhi“u vÔng trn Tr∏i ߆t.

Tı thµnh phË Cao HÔng vµ trung t©m huy÷n

B◊nh ß´ng, du kh∏ch c„ th” tÌi th®m b∂o tµng

bªng xe bu˝t ho∆c tµu lˆa, tµu siu tËc.

ßa chÿ: ß≠Íng Houwan, Checheng, huy÷n

B◊nh ß´ng

GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 9h - 17h vµo mÔa Æ´ng ; 9h - 18h

vµo mÔa hÃ

Gi∏ vä: 450 TWD, mi‘n ph› cho trŒ d≠Ìi 6

tuÊi. H‰c sinh, sinh vin vµ trŒ trn 6 tuÊi:

250 TWD




ß©y lµ b∂o tµng Æ≠Óc thµnh lÀp Æ” t≠Îng

ni÷m nh˜ng ng≠Íi Æ∑ ch’t trong bi’n cË ngµy

28/2/1947 d…n tÌi cuÈc th∂m s∏t khi’n hµng

chÙc ngh◊n ng≠Íi thi÷t mπng. ß©y lµ mÈt d†u

mËc Æen tËi trong lch sˆ ßµi Loan vµ Æ’n nay

v…n ch≠a Æ≠Óc lµm s∏ng t·. Sˆ dÙng ph≠¨ng

ph∏p t≠¨ng t˘ nh≠ trong B∂o tµng Do Th∏i

Berlin, B∂o tµng T≠Îng ni÷m QuËc gia 228

cÚng Æ≠a h◊nh ∂nh cÒa nπn nh©n vµ sˆ dÙng

trÙc thÍi gian Æ” m´ t∂ nh˜ng g◊ Æ∑ x∂y ra vµo

thÍi Æi”m Æ„.

Ta nhµ b∂o tµng nµy tr≠Ìc Æ©y lµ ßµi ph∏t

thanh ßµi Bæc, lµ n¨i QuËc D©n ß∂ng sˆ dÙng

cho c∏c mÙc Æ›ch tuyn truy“n vµ xˆ l˝ s˘ ki÷n

vµo thÍi Æi”m di‘n ra bi’n cË.

ßa chÿ: Æ≠Íng Nanhai, quÀn Zhongzheng,

ßµi Bæc

GiÍ mÎ cˆa: 10h - 17h th¯ ba Æ’n chÒ nhÀt,

Æ„ng cˆa vµo th¯ hai

Gi∏ vä: 20 TWD

Text: Quynh Le - Photos: Quynh Le, Yamini Cuki


E xplore Taiwan's

In addition to the National Palace Museum, Taiwan offers other amazing museums for

visitors to enjoy, many of which are considered national treasures, and left me in awe

during my recent trip to this beautiful country.


National Palace Museum

ñ Zhi Shan Road, Shilin District,

Taipei City, Taiwan

ñ Opening hours: 8.30am - 6.30pm

daily & 8.30am - 9.00pm on

Fridays and Saturdays

ñ Ticket price: 350 TWD. Free for

children aged 5 to 12 years old

ñ Transportation: Bus 304 runs

directly to the museum

ñ Website:

The "Louvre" of Taiwan

I have always had an interesting

fascination with museums.

Everywhere I travel, museums are

usually the firsts on my list of places

to visit. My recent trip to Taiwan was

one of the few trips with exception

since Taiwan is a very young country,

and I thought its museums were not

worth visiting. It turned out that I

could not have been more wrong.

Initially, I only intended to visit the

National Palace Museum in Taipei

as it is always ranked among the top

10 most famous museums to visit in

the world.

As soon as I

entered the gate

however, I was

completely in

awe. Everywhere

you look is

a priceless

Chinese antique

or artifact that


the finest


and imperial taste

encompassing 8,000 years

of China's historical and artistic


The museum offers a number

of display rooms and galleries

exhibiting works of calligraphy,

renowned paintings, bronze

relics, porcelains, jade artifacts,

curios, tapestries, rare books, and

documents that date back thousands

of years from the Neolithic age

(4,500 - 2,700 BC) through to

the 20 th century. These priceless

treasures give visitors a glimpse

into China's rich history, culture,

philosophy, and customs.

Unfortunately, visitors can not

admire all of the nearly 700,000

artifacts that the Taipei National

Palace Museum currently possesses

if they only visit the museum once.

Due to the excessive amount, the

artifacts exhibited at the museum

are rotated once every three

months. I did not have the chance

to view the museum's two most

prized items, the Jadeite Cabbage

- a piece of jadeite intricately

carved into the shape of a Chinese

cabbage, and the Meat-shaped Stone

- a piece of jasper that resembles a

hunk of pork belly.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Leaving the Taipei National Palace Museum, I decided to add

other museums across Taiwan to my must-visit list. The Taipei

Fine Arts Museum is closed to the public until the summer of

2018, so I headed to Taichung to explore the National Museum

of Fine Arts. Considered one of the finest modern art museums

in Asia, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts provides a

playful and interesting learning space for kids.

The main building breaks the traditional scheme of architecture by

using a transparent corridor that connects the museum and outdoor

nature scenes to create a spatial transition and communicate a mutual

awareness. Unlike the Taipei National Palace Museum, which houses

a permanent collection of artifacts, the National Museum of Fine

Arts features only one permanent exhibition on its third floor, which

consists of mostly Taiwanese artifacts from the 18 th century to the

present day.

The lower floors of the museum regularly hold exhibitions featuring

Western artworks, Chinese brush paintings, sculptures, and its own

collection of valuable pieces of art. The National Museum of Fine Arts

also provides a number of kids-friendly zones to encourage children

to explore art and visit the museum's Picture Book Area and Family

Room, both of which are often filled with children of all ages.

My favorite part of the museum is the green park that surrounds the

main entrance. The park contains 45 sculptures, and a stone tablet

forest with 50 calligraphic tablets engraved onto stone by renowned

Taiwanese scholars. The whole area measures 102,000 square meters

with vast grassy areas where visitors often like to sit to enjoy the gentle

breezes, and listen to the children laughing.

National Taiwan Museum

of Fine Arts

ñ Wuquan West Road, West

District, Taichung City, Taiwan

ñ Opening hours: Monday closed;

Tuesday to Friday: 9am - 5pm;

Saturday, Sunday: 9am - 6pm

ñ Ticket price: Free

ñ Transportation: Buses number 51,

5 and 75

ñ Website:




National Museum of

Natural Sciences

It comes as no surprise that

the National Museum of

Natural Science attracts three

million visitors each year

since it is one of the most

frequently visited museums

in Taiwan. With an area of 22

acres, the museum is a large

complex of six seperate venues,

which offer all from exhibitions to

learning facilities for adults and

children of all ages.

Located in Taichung, the National

Museum of Natural Science

covers a vast area of 89,000

square meters, including over 30

permanent exhibition areas where

diverse subjects are explored,

encouring visitors to have a

deeper understanding of nature

and science through interactive

exhibits, robotics, and cubism.

The National Museum of Natural

Sciences offers one of the most

lively and highly interactive

exhibits that I have ever been to. In

the Dinosaur Gallery, you will find

more than 50 different kinds of

fossils and replicas as well as four

life-size and life-like animatroic

dinosaurs. The Human Culture

Hall offers an insightful look into

the evolution of humans, birds,

and other animals.

At the museum is where I learned

about China's four greatest

inventions from paper making, to

gunpowder making, to printing,

and compass making, as well as

where I read ancient writings

on the turtle shell, studied a

sophisticated textile weaving

machine, explored the system of

acupuncture points on the body,

and other forms of traditional

medical knowledge which China

has been known for, as well as

admire over 100 different herbs

and discover the Chinese spiritual

life. Visitors can also learn about

the life of ancient Taiwanese

with their traditional cultivation

and fishing methods, explore the

museum's collection of precious

gems and minerals, and discover

a rainforest with over 800 species

of plants. Try to learn as much as

posible while you are here and you

will not regret it.

The National Museum of Natural

Science has one of the finest

state-of-the-art facilities around the

world, as can be seen in the design

of the exhibits, and clever use of

space, light and color to create an

aestheticly pleasing and highly

interactive space for its visitors.

The National Museum of Natural

Sciences plays the roll of not only

an important educational center

on a national scale, but also is

able to arouse both adults' and

children's interests in science.

The museum is also a fantastic

recreation venue perfect for both

locals and visitors alike.

National Museum of Natural


ñ No. 1, Guanqian Road, North District,

Taichung, Taiwan

ñ Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Tuesday to Sunday,

Monday closed

ñ Ticket price: 100 TWD/adult and 70 TWD/child

ñ Transportation: Buses number 51, 18, 159

ñ Website:

must-visit museums in



Established in 1908, the museum is the oldest

in Taiwan. The National Taiwan Museum

places a strong emphasis on education and

research, particularly on the culture of ancient

Taiwanese and the Han Chinese. At the

museum, visitors can admire Taiwan's largest

anthropology collection and learn about diverse

subjects such as zoology, botany, anthropology

and earth sciences. The museum's design,

which feature vaulted ceiling and finely carved

pillars at the entrance, resembles magnificent

European-style cathedrals.

Visitors can get to the National Taiwan

Museum by metro, and it is accessible within

walking distance just northwest of the National

Taiwan University Hospital Station.

Address: Xiangyang Road, Zhongzheng District,

Taipei City, Taiwan

Opening hours: 9.30am - 5pm from Tuesdays

to Sundays, closed on Mondays

Ticket price: 30 TWD. A 50% discount is

offered for children aged 6 - 12 years, students

or groups of 20 people or more. Free for

children under 6 years of age, adults 65 years

of age or older on weekdays, and people with




Over the past 30 years, the Taipei Fine Arts

Museum has been recognized for its creativity

and innovation in the field of research. Here,

visitors can enjoy traditional Taiwanese

artworks, and other forms of art such as films

and installation arts, and admire the works of

Taiwanese and international artists from the

19 th century to the present day. The museum

regularly hosts different exhibits in the most

innovative ways for maximum impact.

At the museum, visitors can also join the Art

Talk forum for discussions on artists and art

schools currently featured at the museum, or

learn new art techniques at the art studio.

Visitors can reach the museum by bus (get off

at the Taipei Art Museum) or metro (get off at

Yuan Shan).

Address: Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan District,

Taipei City, Taiwan

Opening Hours: The museum is currently

closed. It is expected to reopen in the summer

of 2018.

Ticket price: 30 TWD. A 50% discount is

offered for students (including foreign students),

military personnel, police officers, and

volunteers in the field of culture and education.



Considered by Forbes Magazine as "one of

the most surprising art collections", Chimei

Museum is a must-visit spot for those who

are interested in the studies of fine arts and

Western Art. The Chimei Museum is an ideal

stopover in Asia without having to travel all the

way to distant Europe.

Located within the Tainan Metropolitan

Park, the Chimei Museum is a magnificent

Greek-style building featuring four galleries

that include paintings, European sculptures,

musical instruments, arms, and natural history.

The museum also houses one of the largest

collections of violins in the world.

_ _ _

Address: Wenhua Road, Rende District,

Tainan, Taiwan

Opening hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm weekdays,

closed every Wednesday

Ticket price: 200 TWD




The National Museum of Marine Biology and

Aquarium was established in 1991, and is

the first and largest marine biology museum

in Taiwan. Located on the southern tip of

Taiwan, the museum covers an area of 97

hectares with the main building spanning over

an area of 36 hectares, aweing visitors with its

incredible size.

The museum consists of three main exhibitions:

Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom, and Waters

of the World. Visitors can explore all from

the water systems of Taiwan, to the aquatic

animals native to Taiwan indigenous to rivers

as well as the open sea, to different coral reef

habitats. The musem also houses an 81 m

underwater moving track, giving visitors an

insightful look into the marine biology in many

parts of the globe.

From the city of Kaohsiung and the center

of Pingtung County, visitors can get to the

museum by bus, metro, or bullet train.

_ _ _ _

Address: Houwan Road, Checheng Township,

Pingtung County, Taiwan

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm in winter; 9am

- 6pm in summer

Ticket price: 450 TWD. Free for children under

6 years old. Students and children over 6 years

of age: 250 TWD



The museum was established to remember

the victims of the February 28 Incident of

1947, which resulted in the death of tens

of thousands people. This is a dark period

in Taiwan's history, and lots of evidence has

not yet been clarified. Using the same display

method as the Berlin Jewish Museum, the

National 228 Memorial Museum includes

images of victims arranged in a timeline to

describe what happened during the period.

The museum building was formerly the

Taipei Radio Station, which the KMT used for

propaganda and handling events at the time of

the incident.

_ _ _ _

Address: Nanhai Road, Zhongzheng District,

Taipei City, Taiwan

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm Tuesday to

Sunday, closed on Monday

Ticket price: 20 TWD





H∑y th¯c dÀy sÌm dπo mÈt vng phË cÊ Æ” quan s∏t c∏ch ng≠Íi Hµ NÈi chµo buÊi s∏ng!

ߨn gi∂n lµ lµm hµi lng dπ dµy bªng Æ ®n s∏ng. VÌi th˘c ƨn h†p d…n, Æa dπng nh≠: phÎ

b, phÎ gµ, bÛn m‰c, bÛn Ëc, b∏nh cuËn, x´i xäo, b∏nh m˙ pate, ch∏o s≠Ín, tr¯ng vt lÈn..., bπn

chÿ c«n ch‰n l†y mÈt qu∏n nh·, ngÂi vµo mÈt bÈ bµn gh’ nh˘a trn vÿa hà vµ ®n no c®ng nh≠

t†t c∂ nh˜ng ng≠Íi xung quanh.

Dπo qua Hµng B´ng, Hµng Gai, Hµng ßµo..., r†t d‘ nhÀn bi’t nh˜ng qu∏n ®n tn tuÊi c„ b›

quy’t ch’ bi’n chu»n ngon, ÆÈc Æ∏o vÌi hµng dµi kh∏ch ch†p nhÀn x’p hµng chÍ tÌi l≠Ót.

Ng≠Íi Hµ NÈi nghi÷n nh†t m„n phÎ. PhÎ bfl, phÎ gµ, phÎ sËt vang Æ“u Æi qua nÂi n≠Ìc

dÔng h«m bªng x≠¨ng vµ th¨m mÔi th∂o mÈc. B∏t phÎ vÌi nh˜ng l∏t thfit th¨m ngon Æi”m

thm m†y c‰ng hµnh hoa xanh n‚n n„ng hÊi mµ chÿ c«n væt mÈt mi’ng chanh, thm

t≠¨ng Ìt, d†m t·i... th◊ dÔ kh„ t›nh th’ nµo bπn cÚng ph∂i th≠Îng th¯c vÌi t†t c∂ s˘ hµi lflng.

M„n b∏nh cuËn sœ ph∂i ÆÓi h¨i l©u mÈt chÛt. Ai th›ch ®n th◊ ph∂i ÆÓi, c´ chÒ qu∏n sœ tr∏ng b∏nh trn nÂi

h†p nghi ngÛt kh„i, ph’t mÏ, ræc hµnh kh´, cuËn lπi vÌi thfit, t´m...

Cfln n’u qu∏ vÈi vµo buÊi s∏ng, bπn c„ th” l˘a ch‰n cho m◊nh b∏nh m◊ pat, thfit tr¯ng r∏n, x´i ÆÁ xanh,

x´i khÛc rŒ mµ ngon.

BuÊi sÌm Hµ NÈi nh≠ vÀy Æ„, thoang tho∂ng mÔi th¨m cÒa nÂi n≠Ìc h«m phÎ, bÛn riu... bµn gh’ nh˘a

xanh Æ· nh≠ mÍi bπn ngÂi xuËng vµ g‰i cho m◊nh m„n ®n yu th›ch.




Good morning


Text and photos: Ngoc Tran



Rise early and take a walk around the Old Quarter to see how

Hanoians greet the morning!

Hanoians love to fill their stomachs with a good traditional breakfast. Choose from a

variety of delicious breakfast options from rice noodle filled soups, to different types of

vermicelli noodles, to sticky rice, to p©tä with bread as well as rib porridges and balut.

All you have to do is pick a street stall, sit down on the plastic stool on the sidewalk,

and enjoy your favorite breakfast.


You can find a number of popular food stalls on Hang Bong, Hang Gai, and Hang Dao where

their longstanding reputation attracts long queues of customers every morning.

Hanoi's staple dish is the famous 'phÎ' with options ranging from beef to chicken, to beef stew noodle

soups, all using a fragrant semi-clear broth made from pork or chicken bones and a number of spices. A

bowl of 'phÎ' never looks more tempting than with thin cuts of beef or chicken and green onions fresh and

aromatic in the morning air. Squeeze in a bit of lime juice, add chili sauce and garlic vinegar to your soup

to get the finest flavor and enjoy your 'phÎ' in all of its glory.

'B∏nh cuËn' or rolled-rice noodle is another favorite dish of Hanoians that takes some time to make, but it

is totally worth the wait when the lady steams the rice batter, rolls them into sheets with cooked seasoned

ground pork, adds dried onions, and brings it to your table. It's simple, but incredibly satisfying.

If you are too busy in the morning, try the cheap and delicious p©tä with breads, sticky rice with fried eggs,

mungbean sticky rice, or 'x´i khÛc' (stuffed sticky rice) for a quick breakfast on the go.

Hanoi in the morning is probably at its most mesmerizing with different smells of food inviting you to sit

down and order some of the most amazing breakfast dishes while the rest of the world still slowly wakes.

It's a rare glimpse of a calmer, simpler, more tranquil Hanoi.




Bµi: Ng‰c Anh

Nh˜ng "b∂o bËi" nn c„ trong chuy’n du lch gia Æ◊nh


MÔa hà lµ thÍi Æi”m nh˜ng Ưa trŒ b≠Ìc vµo k˙ nghÿ dµi, dp Æ” c∂ gia Æ◊nh cÔng nhau

tÀn h≠Îng nh˜ng chuy’n Æi xa, kh∏m ph∏ thin nhin, c∏c n“n v®n h„a vµ chia sŒ nh˜ng

kho∂nh khæc Æ∏ng nhÌ. Cµng ngµy cµng c„ nhi“u gia Æ◊nh ch‰n di chuy”n bªng ´t´ vÌi

nh˜ng chuy’n Æi c„ qu∑ng Æ≠Íng kh´ng qu∏ xa. Chu»n b k¸ cµng cho k˙ nghÿ vÌi s˘ hÁ

trÓ cÒa c∏c thi’t b c´ng ngh÷ vµ chi’c xe phÔ hÓp vÌi nhu c«u sœ khi’n chuy’n Æi cÒa bπn

vµ ng≠Íi th©n c„ thm nhi“u tr∂i nghi÷m thÛ v.

The arrival of summer marks the end of a school year and the kids can finally go on a

long vacation with their families to enjoy the beach, explore nature, and learn about

different cultures, as well as share memorable moments. Traveling by car has become

a popular choice among families on journeys that are not too far. Good planning along

with the use of advanced technology as well as a good family car guarantee you and

your family the most enjoyable experience on the road.


Ln k’ hoπch cho mÈt chuy’n du lch gia Æ◊nh (Æ´i khi c„

c∂ ng≠Íi giµ vµ trŒ nh·) ph¯c tπp h¨n nhi“u so vÌi nh˜ng

chuy’n Æi cÔng bπn bÃ, Æ´i l¯a. H∑y bao qu∏t chuy’n

Æi cÒa bπn vÌi ¯ng dÙng Triplt. Kh´ng ph∂i ai cÚng bi’t

rªng, TripIt lµ ¯ng dÙng Æ∑ tıng Æ≠Óc trao gi∂i "¯ng dÙng

du lch tËt nh†t trn Æi÷n thoπi" trong khu´n khÊ gi∂i

th≠Îng Webby. Danh ti’ng Æ„ ÆÒ Æ” bπn c©n nhæc trang

b ¯ng dÙng nµy cho thi’t b di ÆÈng ngay b©y giÍ. TripIt

cung c†p cho bπn nh˜ng th´ng tin c¨ b∂n v“ n¨i bπn sæp

Æ’n. Bn cπnh Æ„ lµ nh˜ng th´ng tin v“ c∏c chuy’n bay,

kh∏ch sπn... giÛp bπn ln k’ hoπch tÊ ch¯c vµ sæp x’p cho

chuy’n Æi cÒa m◊nh mÈt c∏ch tËt nh†t. NhÍ Æ„, bπn c„

th” ti’t ki÷m Æ≠Óc r†t nhi“u thÍi gian Æ” tÀn h≠Îng k˙

nghÿ cÒa m◊nh hoµn h∂o.

`ng dÙng hÁ trÓ trn h÷ Æi“u hµnh IOS, Android,

Windows Phone.


Planning for a family trip that sometimes includes the elderly

and young children is much more problematic than traveling

with friends or your loved one. Be sure to download the

free Triplt app for added convenience. An interesting fact

for you to know is that TripIt won the Best Travel Mobile

App at the Webby Awards. If that alone does not make you

want to install this app on your mobile devices right away,

I don't know what will. TripIt is a complete, hassle-free way

to combine all your travel confirmations, flight bookings, and

hotel bookings in one place to help you better organize and

arrange your trips, allowing you to save time and energy and

simply enjoy perfect holiday.

Available on your iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.





ß©y th˘c s˘ lµ chuyn gia Æ≠Íng phË - "Street Smart" - vÌi hµng loπt c∂i ti’n trong thi’t k’ nÈi ngoπi th†t,

camera lÔi, t›nh n®ng t˘ ÆÈng tæt/khÎi ÆÈng ÆÈng c¨ khi dıng ÆÃn Æ·, h÷ thËng k’t nËi th´ng minh SYNC3 vµ

nhi“u trang b an toµn, th´ng minh kh∏c. VÌi SYNC 3, ng≠Íi l∏i c„ th” dÔng kh»u l÷nh g‰i vµ n„i chuy÷n Æi÷n

thoπi, Æi“u khi”n c∏c ti÷n nghi gi∂i tr› kh∏c trong khi v…n gi˜ tay trn v´ l®ng vµ tÀp trung Æi“u khi”n xe.

Khoang hµnh l˝ ph›a sau thi’t k’ rÈng r∑i vÌi dung t›ch 348 l›t lµ n¨i l˝ t≠Îng Æ” sæp x’p c∏c Æ Æπc d∑ ngoπi cho

gia Æ◊nh, thÀm ch› c„ th” mÎ ra mÈt kh´ng gian ln tÌi 1.145 l›t khi hµng gh’ sau Æ≠Óc gÀp xuËng.

Ford EcoSport 2018 c„ 8 c„ gi∏ b∏n lŒ tı 545.000.000 VNß (Æ∑ bao gÂm 10%VAT).

2018 Ford EcoSport Compact SUV

The 2018 EcoSport features a slew of improvements in its interior and exterior design, rear camera, auto startup

function, smart SYNC3 system, and other outstanding safety features. With the SYNC 3, drivers can use voice commands

to answer calls and talk on the phone, and access control over entertainment functions while still keeping their hands on

the steering wheel and focusing on driving.

The spacious rear compartment with a capacity of 348 liters is perfect for carrying family picnic items, and can even

expanded to a space of up to 1,145 liters when the rear seats are folded down.

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is priced at around 545,000,000 VND (included 10%VAT).



N’u kh´ng muËn lµm th†t lπc ÆËng hµnh l˝ cÂng k“nh cÒa

c∂ gia Æ◊nh khi Æi du lch, h∑y sæm ngay bÈ theo d‚i hµnh l˝

Trakdot Luggage Tracker. S∂n ph»m nµy c„ mÈt chip GSM

bn trong Æ” cÀp nhÀt cho bπn v“ v tr› cÒa hµnh l˝. Khi

hµnh l˝ Î c∏ch bπn kho∂ng 9 mät, Trakdot sœ gˆi mÈt c∂nh

b∏o Æ’n Æi÷n thoπi ho∆c m∏y t›nh b∂ng cÒa bπn. S∂n ph»m

hÁ trÓ trn h÷ Æi“u hµnh IOS vµ Android.

S∂n ph»m Æ≠Óc b∏n trn Amazon vÌi gi∏ kho∂ng

900.000 VNß.


VÌi nh˜ng ng≠Íi yu th›ch Æi du lch vµ l∆n bi”n ngæm san

h´ th◊ m∆t nπ l∆n Seaview 180 SV2 lµ c«n thi’t. M∆t nπ nµy

cung c†p t«m nh◊n rÈng, c„ gæn camera hµnh tr◊nh vµ hai

buÂng thÎ ring bi÷t Æ” gi∂m mÍ do h¨i n≠Ìc vµ Æ” bπn

thÎ d‘ dµng h¨n d≠Ìi Æ∏y Æπi d≠¨ng.

Th†u k›nh lÌn Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ Æ” cung c†p t«m nh◊n 180 ÆÈ

v“ c∂nh bi”n Î ph›a tr≠Ìc vµ buÂng thÎ th´ng gi„ tËt Æ≠Óc

t∏ch ra kh·i mæt Æ” gi˜ cho kh´ng c„ h¨i n≠Ìc phÒ ln

che t«m nh◊n.

MÈt mi’ng silicon b“n tπo thµnh mÈt lÌp k›n n≠Ìc xung

quanh khu´n m∆t cÒa bπn, vµ n’u c„ n≠Ìc tr´i qua c∏c lÌp

b∂o v÷, n„ sœ t˘ ÆÈng tho∏t ra th´ng qua mÈt c«n van khi

bπn n©ng Æ«u ra kh·i n≠Ìc. Ngoµi ra, m∆t nπ l∆n Seaview

180 SV2 cn c„ mÈt m∏y ∂nh hµnh tr◊nh gæn kÃm giÛp bπn

quay lπi nh˜ng video k˙ thÛ d≠Ìi n≠Ìc.

S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 2.000.000 VNß.

Seaview 180 SV2 Snorkling Mask

For those who love to snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the

ocean, the Seaview 180 SV2 snorkling mask is a must-buy.

The full face snorkling mask sports a wide field of vision, an

action camera mount, and two separate breathing chambers to

reduce fogging and let you breathe easier.

The particularly large lens is designed to provide a 180-degree

view of the ocean, and the mask features a separate breathing

chamber with twice the ventilation of most other full-face

designed masks to maximize fresh air flow and reduce fogging.

A durable silicone insert forms a watertight seal around

your face, and if any water does slip past the defenses, it

automatically drains out via the one-way chin valve when you

lift the head out of the water. The Seaview 180 SV2 mask also

sports a removable mount for action cameras on the side to

help you take incredible underwater videos.

The snorkling mask is priced at around

2,000,000 VND.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

To prevent your luggage from getting lost when you travel,

get a Trakdot Luggage Tracker to give you that much needed

peace of mind. The tracker is equipped with an internal GSM

chip to emit signals when your luggage is near you. When

your luggage is 9 meters away from you, Trakdot warns you

by sending a notification to your phone or tablet. Available on

iOS and Android.

The tracker can be purchased on Amazon at about

900,000 VND.



ß©y cÚng lµ mÈt l˘a ch‰n hoµn h∂o kh∏c cho c∏c chuy’n Æi

cÒa gia Æ◊nh nhÍ ≠u th’ thÔng xe lÌn, khoang ngÂi rÈng r∑i.

M…u xe nµy t≠¨ng t˘ phin b∂n 2500HD, chÿ kh∏c lµ xe

Æ≠Óc læp 6 b∏nh lËp. Xe Æ≠Óc m÷nh danh "con qu∏i vÀt"

khi sÎ h˜u khËi ÆÈng c¨ t®ng ∏p Diesel Duramax 6.6L V8

s∂n sinh ra 445 m∑ l˘c, m´men xoæn c˘c Æπi 1000 ft-Ib

giÛp xe c„ s¯c käo Æ’n 20.000 pound.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country c„ gi∏

kho∂ng 2 t˚ ÆÂng.



This is another great alternative for family trips thanks to its

large rear compartment and spacious seating.

This model is similar to the 2500HD, except that the car is

equipped with 6 tires. The 3500HD is dubbed the "monster"

with a Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo-Diesel that produces an

earthshaking 1000 Ib-ft of torque and 445 horsepower,

enabling a maximum towing capacity of 20,000 pounds.

The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country

is priced at around 2 billion VND.




G«n Æ©y, Camping (L“u trπi) vµ Glamping (L“u trπi sang

tr‰ng) Æang lµ xu h≠Ìng du lch mÌi - du lch "d∑ chi’n",

g«n gÚi vÌi thin nhin nh≠ng kh´ng käm ph«n ti÷n nghi,

sang tr‰ng. ßËi vÌi chuy’n Æi gia Æ◊nh theo h◊nh th¯c nµy,

th¯ kh´ng th” thi’u ch›nh lµ L“u trπi cÏ lÌn Bell Tent 5m,

c„ di÷n t›ch 25 m 2 .

L“u Bell Tent Æ≠Óc s∂n xu†t bªng v∂i canvas ho∆c canvas

oxfort c„ kh∂ n®ng chËng tia UV, chËng n≠Ìc vµ chËng

ch∏y r†t tËt. L“u Bell Tent kh∏c c∏c loπi l“u du lch th´ng

th≠Íng Î chÁ c„ m∏i cao (3 m) nn tπo ra kh´ng gian

bn trong l“u r†t rÈng r∑i, tho∏ng m∏t. MÈt Æi”m h†p d…n

kh∏c cÒa l“u Bell Tent lµ ng≠Íi sˆ dÙng c„ th” tho∂i m∏i

s∏ng tπo trong vi÷c trang tr› nÈi ngoπi th†t cho l“u Æ” tπo

ra kh´ng gian l≠u trÛ Æ«y c∂m h¯ng vµ phÔ hÓp vÌi nhu

c«u cÒa m◊nh.

S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 10.000.000 VNß.

Bell Tent

Camping and Glamping (glamor camping) are the two hotest

travel trends where one experiences being close to nature

yet with added convenience and luxurious services. For

families to fully enjoy this experience, you will need a 5 m

wide Bell Tent that can cover an area of 25 m 2 .

Bell tents are usualy made of canvas or oxfort canvas with

UV resistance, water resistant and fire resistance. Unlike

normal tents, the bell tents feature a high roof (3 m) to

create a larger space inside the tent for a roomy feel. With

bell tents, users can decorate both the interior and exterior

of the tent to make a fun living space for the whole family.

The tent is priced at around 10,000,000 VND.




Tho∏t kh·i kh´ng kh› ngÈt ngπt vµ Æ´ng ÆÛc

cÒa thµnh phË, bπn sœ Æ≠Óc dp ha m◊nh vµo

thin nhin tπi Æ∂o ng‰c PhÛ QuËc vÌi ch≠¨ng

tr◊nh "Leisure Escape Promotion" Æang Æ≠Óc

∏p dÙng tπi Novotel Phu Quoc Resort. G„i ≠u

Æ∑i 3 ngµy 2 Æm c„ gi∏ 4.664.000 VNß++/

phng Superior; 5.464.000 VNß++/phng

Deluxe/Suite; 15.246.000 VNß++/bi÷t th˘ 3

gi≠Íng ngÒ vµ 22.028.000 VNß++/bi÷t th˘ 4

gi≠Íng ngÒ hπng deluxe. Gi∏ bao gÂm: mi‘n ph›

sˆ dÙng dch vÙ F&B tr gi∏ 500.000 VNß cho

kh∏ch l≠u trÛ tπi phng Superior/Suite/Deluxe,

dch vÙ F&B tr gi∏ 1.000.000 VNß cho kh∏ch

l≠u trÛ tπi bi÷t th˘ 3/4 phng ngÒ, mÈt tour

Nam ß∂o c„ ®n tr≠a, mi‘n ph› mÈt b˜a tr≠a/

tËi vµ c∏c dch vÙ ti÷n ›ch tπi resort... Lin h÷

bÈ phÀn Æ∆t phng theo sË: 0297 626 4912

ho∆c email:

Hµng loπt ≠u Æ∑i, khuy’n mπi

h†p h…n tı c∏c nhµ hµng,

kh∏ch sπn, resort, th≠¨ng hi÷u

thÍi trang, h∑ng hµng kh´ng,

c´ng ty l˜ hµnh uy t›n trong

vµ ngoµi n≠Ìc.


N’u c„ k’ hoπch cho k˙ nghÿ

hà cÔng gia Æ◊nh tπi HÈi An, bπn

nn Æ≠a Palm Garden Resort

vµo danh s∏ch. Khu nghÿ Æang

c„ nhi“u ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ≠u Æ∑i,

gi∂m gi∏ 35% nh©n dp chµo hÃ

(tı 2/5 - 30/6). Theo Æ„, chÿ vÌi

2.990.000 VNß++, bπn sœ c„

mÈt Æm nghÿ tπi phng Deluxe

Garden View dµnh cho hai ng≠Íi

vµ b˜a s∏ng buffet t˘ ch‰n tπi

resort. Chi ti’t lin h÷ theo sË:

0235 3927 927 ho∆c website:


Th∏ng 5 nµy, Æ’n vÌi Kh∏ch

sπn Equatorial Sµi Gn, bπn sœ

Æ≠Óc th≠Îng th¯c nhi“u m„n ®n

Malaysia truy“n thËng vµ quËc

t’ do ch›nh tay b’p tr≠Îng cÒa

Equatorial chu»n b. Ch≠¨ng

tr◊nh di‘n ra vµo buÊi tËi c∏c

ngµy 18, 19, 25 vµ 26/5 vÌi gi∏

738.000 VNß++/kh∏ch, 369.000

VNß++/trŒ em (d≠Ìi 12 tuÊi).

Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng lin

h÷ theo sË: 028 3839 7777, m∏y

lŒ 8000 ho∆c email: dine@hcm.


Tı nay Æ’n 30/6, h∑y cÔng bπn

bà th≠Îng th¯c nh˜ng m„n ®n

ngon tπi nhµ hµng Oven D'or,

Kh∏ch sπn Sheraton Hanoi vÌi

ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ≠u Æ∑i "®n mi‘n ph›

cho ng≠Íi Æi cÔng". MÈt ng≠Íi

bπn Æi cÔng sœ Æ≠Óc dÔng buffet

mi‘n ph›. Buffet tr≠a c„ gi∏

620.000 VNß++/su†t vµ buffet

tËi lµ 1.100.000 VNß++/su†t.

ß” Æ∆t bµn, g‰i theo sË: 024

3719 9000 ho∆c truy cÀp www. Æ” bi’t

thm chi ti’t.



Ti’p nËi thµnh c´ng tı nh˜ng

n®m tr≠Ìc, n®m nay Hoµng Y’n

Buffet Premier ti’p tÙc tÊ ch¯c

L‘ hÈi »m th˘c Hµn - NhÀt Æ”

chi“u lng c∏c t›n ÆÂ cÒa hai

n“n »m th˘c nµy. Theo Æ„, tı

nay Æ’n 20/5, bπn sœ c„ c¨ hÈi

th≠Îng th¯c c∏c m„n ®n Æ∆c

tr≠ng NhÀt - Hµn cÔng nhi“u

hoπt ÆÈng vµ ≠u Æ∑i h†p d…n vÌi

m¯c vä kh´ng ÆÊi. Bn cπnh

c∏c m„n ®n NhÀt Æ∆c tr≠ng nh≠

sushi, sashimi, udon, ramen,

soba, dorayaki..., th˘c kh∏ch

cn Æ≠Óc th≠Îng th¯c c∏c m„n

nh≠ c∏ n≠Ìng sËt teriyaki, c∏ sËt

miso ho∆c m„n c∏ thu n≠Ìng

ki”u NhÀt. Ngoµi ra, khi Æi

nh„m bËn ng≠Íi vµo th¯ b∂y vµ

chÒ nhÀt, bπn sœ Æ≠Óc t∆ng mÈt

voucher cho l«n sˆ dÙng sau

vÌi gi∏ kh´ng ÆÊi. Chi ti’t lin

h÷ hotline: 0934 086 638 ho∆c

website: http://premierbuffet.


ß’n Lounge 83 cÒa Kh∏ch sπn

Movenpick Hµ NÈi, bπn kh´ng

nn b· qua th≠Îng th¯c ly r≠Óu

th¨m vµ nh†m nh∏p chÛt ÆÂ ®n

nhã trong th˘c ƨn "H≠¨ng v

Vi÷t th©n quen". Nh˜ng m„n

®n Vi÷t lu´n Æ≠Óc bi’t Æ’n vÌi

h≠¨ng v h†p d…n mµ thanh nhã

vµ tËt cho s¯c kh·e. "H≠¨ng v

Vi÷t th©n quen" gÂm c∏c m„n gµ

n≠Ìng cuËn l∏ n’p, ch∂ m˘c Hπ

Long dÔng kÃm t≠¨ng Ìt ng‰t,

nem cuËn c∏ hÂi vÌi sËt chua

ng‰t vµ nhi“u m„n kh∏c. Th˘c

ƨn Æ∆c bi÷t nµy Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ

tı nay Æ’n 20/6. Th´ng tin chi

ti’t, lin h÷ theo sË: 024 3822

2800, m∏y lŒ 6101.


Th≠¨ng hi÷u loa hµng Æ«u NhÀt

B∂n BMB Æ∑ tÊ ch¯c s˘ ki÷n tr∂i

nghi÷m s∂n ph»m mÌi BMB -

Karaoke Home Series dµnh cho

gia Æ◊nh tπi TP. HCM thu hÛt s˘

tham gia cÒa nhi“u kh∏ch hµng.

Loa c„ thi’t k’ ƨn gi∂n nh≠ng

sang tr‰ng, tinh t’, phÔ hÓp vÌi

phng kh∏ch cÒa gia Æ◊nh. BMB

Æ≠Óc sˆ dÙng ch†t li÷u gÁ Æ∆c

tr≠ng lµm Æi”m nh†n nÊi bÀt cho

toµn bÈ s∂n ph»m. Kh´ng chÿ

Æ≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ cao trong thi’t

k’, dµn BMB karaoke home

cn g©y †n t≠Óng vÌi ng≠Íi

dÔng bÎi ch†t l≠Óng ©m thanh

tuy÷t h∂o. S∂n ph»m Æ≠Óc t›ch

hÓp c´ng ngh÷ ©m thanh HD

Audio tin ti’n v◊ th’ cho ch†t

©m chi ti’t vµ trong trŒo h¨n,

r†t l˝ t≠Îng Æ” nghe nh˜ng th”

loπi nhπc nhã, tr˜ t◊nh, d©n ca,

bolero... Gi∏ b∏n lŒ BMB Home:

Combo 1 - Basic: 22.900.000

VNß; Combo 2 - Advanced:

31.900.000 VNß; Combo 3 -

Premium: 40.900.000 VNß.


Ng©n hµng Shinhan ch›nh th¯c

phËi hÓp cÔng V› MoMo tri”n

khai dch vÙ chuy”n ti“n ki“u

hËi qua v› Æi÷n tˆ MoMo. VÌi

dch vÙ nµy, ng≠Íi Vi÷t Æang lµm

vi÷c vµ h‰c tÀp tπi Hµn QuËc c„

th” chuy”n ti“n tı Ng©n hµng

Shinhan tπi Hµn QuËc vµo ¯ng

dÙng V› MoMo cÒa ng≠Íi nhÀn

(Æ®ng k˝ bªng sË Æi÷n thoπi di

ÆÈng) tπi Vi÷t Nam. ß∆c bi÷t,

dch vÙ nµy hoµn toµn mi‘n ph›

giao dch tı nay Æ’n h’t ngµy

31/8. Ti“n trong v› MoMo c„

th” Æ≠Óc rÛt v“ tµi kho∂n ng©n

hµng Æang lin k’t vÌi v› cÒa

ng≠Íi nhÀn ti“n ho∆c sˆ dÙng

ngay Æ” thanh to∏n hµng tr®m

dch vÙ nh≠ thanh to∏n h„a ƨn,

mua vä m∏y bay, vä tµu, vä xe,

vä xem phim, mua b∂o hi”m,

Æ„ng thanh to∏n tr∂ g„p, mua

sæm online, thanh to∏n tπi h¨n

4.000 Æi”m ch†p nhÀn thanh

to∏n (cˆa hµng ®n uËng, vui ch¨i,

mua sæm...) cÒa MoMo.


Chµo mıng s˘ ki÷n cuÈc thi

ph∏o hoa quËc t’ hµng n®m,

Danang Golden Bay vÌi chuÁi

s˘ ki÷n "Beer Pool Party", mÈt

trong nh˜ng Æi”m xem ph∏o

hoa Æãp nh†t tπi ßµ NΩng, h¯a

hãn bÔng nÊ vÌi kh´ng gian ti÷c

s´i ÆÈng, trŒ trung. ß©y cÚng

lµ n¨i duy nh†t tπi thµnh phË

ßµ NΩng cho bπn mÈt s˘ tr∂i

nghi÷m hoµn toµn kh∏c bi÷t khi

c„ th” "vıa b¨i, vıa ngæm ph∏o

hoa". Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh "Beer Pool

Party" di‘n ra tı 16h - 23h c∏c

ngµy 26/5; 2, 9 vµ 30/6 vÌi gi∏

vä 299.000 VNß/ng≠Íi (kÃm

mÈt bia vµ ÆÂ ®n nhã). Chi ti’t

lin h÷ theo sË: 0236 3878

999 ho∆c tπi website: www.


Tı nay Æ’n h’t mÔa hà 2018, th˘c kh∏ch dÔng b˜a tr≠a ho∆c tËi t˘ ch‰n tπi nhµ hµng Cafä Promenade trong

kh∏ch sπn Hµ NÈi Daewoo sœ c„ c¨ hÈi tr∂i nghi÷m mÈt trong nh˜ng b” b¨i trµn bÍ †n t≠Óng nh†t Hµ NÈi.

ß∆c bi÷t, bπn nn dµnh thÍi gian tr∂i nghi÷m ti÷c BBQ buffet cuËi tu«n vÌi Æa dπng c∏c m„n ®n cao c†p tı bi”n

nh≠ t´m hÔm, s Æi÷p, bπch tuÈc, ghã, hµu... Ti÷c buffet c„ gi∏ 590.000 VNß++/ng≠Íi lÌn vµ 290.000 VNß++/

trŒ em (Æ∑ bao gÂm n≠Ìc ng‰t, bia, n≠Ìc tr∏i c©y, r≠Óu vang kh´ng giÌi hπn). Chi ti’t lin h÷: 024 3831 5000

ho∆c tham kh∂o tπi website:




Palm Garden

If you are planning for a family

summer holiday in Hoi An, be

sure to include Palm Garden

Resort in your list. The resort is

offering a special 35% discount for

summer stays (from May 2 to June

30). At only 2,990,000 VND++,

you can enjoy one night stay in

the Deluxe Garden View room

for 2 people and a complimentary

breakfast buffet at the resort.

For more information, contact:

0235 3927 927 or website: www.

Novotel Phu Quoc


Escape the hustle and buslte of

the city to immerse yourself

in nature at Phu Quoc Island

with the amazing "Leisure

Escape Promotion" offered by

Novotel Phu Quoc Resort. The

special package which includes

a 3-day and 2-night stay is

priced at 4,664,000 VND++

for Superior Rooms, 5,464,000

VND++ for Deluxe Rooms and

Suites, 15,246,000 VND++ for

3-bedroom villas, and 22,028,000

VND++ for 4-bedroom deluxe

villas. The price includes food

& beverage services valued at

500,000 VND for guests staying

in Superior/Suite/Deluxe rooms,

food & beverage services valued at

1,000,000 VND for guests staying

in 3- or 4-bedroom villas, a South

Island tour including lunch, one

complimentary lunch or dinner,

and other services at the resort.

Contact reservations at: 0297 626

4912 or email: H9770@accor.



Come to the Equatorial Hotel

Saigon this May, diners will have

a chance to enjoy exquisite

traditional Malaysian as well as

international cuisine prepared

by the amazing head chef of

Equatorial. The event is held in the

evening of 18, 19, 25, and 26 May

for 738,000 VND++ per adult and

369,000 VND++ per child (under

12 years). For more information,

contact 028 3839 7777, 8000 ext

or email dine@hcm.equatorial.


Hanoi Daewoo

From now until the end of

summer of 2018, lunch and

dinner buffet diners at the Cafä

Promenade in Hanoi Daewoo

Hotel can enjoy one of the most

impressive swimming pools with a

spillway in Hanoi. Guests are also

recommended to try the weekend

BBQ buffet, which includes

exquisite seafood dishes made

from lobsters, scallops, octopuses,

crabs, and oysters at 590,000

VND++ per adult and 290,000

VND++ per child (with unlimited

water, beer, fruit juice, and wine).

For more information, contact

024 3831 5000 or visit www.

Lounge 83

Come to Lounge 83 at Hanoi

Movenpick Hotel to enjoy

delicious wine and savor

incredible food from their

"Familiar Vietnamese taste" menu.

Traditional Vietnamese cooking

has always been known for its

fine taste with the use of fresh

ingredients to make one of the

healthiest cuisines in the world.

The special menu includes grilled

chicken with pandan leaves, Ha

Long squid cake with sweet chili

sauce, salmon fresh rolls with

sweet and sour sauce, and many

other amazing dishes. This menu

is available from now until June

20. For more information, contact

024 3822 2800, extension 6101.

BMB Vietnam

The leading Japanese speaker

brand BMB recently launched

an event to introduce the new

BMB - Karaoke Home Series in

Ho Chi Minh City. The speaker

features a simple design but with

a luxurious and delicate feel,

making it the ideal speaker for

home entertainment. The use of

wood for its exterior design is an

outstanding feature of the BMB.

In addition to a sleek design, the

sound quality is also impressive.

The BMB is integrated with

advanced HD Audio technology

to give better sound quality, and

is perfect for acoustic, folk, and

bolero music. The retail price

for the BMB Home: Combo 1 -

Basic: 22,900,000 VND, Combo

2 - Advanced: 31,900,000 VND,

Combo 3 - Premium: 40,900,000


MoMo Wallet

The Shinhan Bank has partnered

with Vietnamese Mobile Wallet

MoMo to launch the remittance

transfer service via MoMo

e-wallet, allowing Vietnamese

who are studying and working in

Korea to transfer money from

their Shinhan Bank in Korea to the

recipient's MoMo Wallet account

(registered by mobile number) in

Vietnam. The service offers free

transactions for users from now

to August 31. Money received

through the MoMo account can be

cashed at the bank the recipient

had registered for the account or

used to make thousands of online

payments such as bill payments,

airfare, train tickets, movie tickets,

insurance, pay installments,

and online shopping at over

4000 MoMo payment points

(restaurants, shopping centers...).

Danang Golden Bay

To celebrate Danang's annual

International Fireworks Festival,

the Danang Golden Bay is offering

"Beer Pool Party" events for

guests to enjoy the spectacular

fireworks shows. The events

promise to provide a vibrant and

exciting atmosphere for party

goers. This is the only place in

Danang where you can watch the

fireworks while taking a dip in

the pool. The "Beer Pool Party"

events take place from 4 pm to 11

pm on May 26, June 2, 9, and 30

at a price of 299,000 VND/person

(including one beer and snacks).

For more information, call 0236

3878 999 or visit our website at

Hoang Yen Buffet Premier

The Korean-Japanese Cuisine Festival is

once again held at the Hoang Yen Buffet

Premier to please culinary fans of these

cuisines. From now until May 20, you

can enjoy amazing Japanese and Korean

dishes as well as interesting activities

and attractive offers at the festival.

In addition to typical Japanese dishes

such as sushi, sashimi, udon, ramen,

soba, and dorayaki, diners also get the

chance to enjoy teriyaki grilled fish, fish

stewed with miso sauce, and Japanesestyle

grilled fish. Groups of 4 people

who visit on Saturday and Sunday will

receive a voucher for the next visit at

the same price. Contact hotline 0934

086 638 or visit http://premierbuffet.

An array of promotions and

special offers by restaurants,

hotels, resorts, fashion

brands, airlines and tourist

agencies in Vietnam and

other countries.

Oven D'or Restaurant

From now until June 30, enjoy delicious food with your family and friends at the Oven D'or Restaurant,

Sheraton Hanoi Hotel with the special "free meal for one" promotion. A friend who accompanies you

will get a free buffet. The lunch buffet is priced at 620,000 VND++ per meal and the dinner buffet at

1,100,000VND++ per meal. For bookings, call 024 3719 9000 or visit for more




Suzuki GSX-R150

GSX-150R lµ m…u sportbike cÏ nh· cÒa

Suzuki c„ ki”u d∏ng th” thao, d‘ l∏i, ÆÈng c¨

mπnh mœ, t›nh n®ng hi÷n Æπi vµ m¯c gi∏ d‘

ch†p nhÀn trong ph©n khÛc. Xät theo d∂i s∂n

ph»m, GSX-R150 giËng nh≠ mÈt b≠Ìc khÎi

Æ«u cho nh˜ng ng≠Íi trŒ mÌi ch¨i xe m´t´,

tr≠Ìc khi d†n th©n s©u h¨n vµo thÛ ch¨i nµy.

GSX-R150 mang thi’t k’ c„ t›nh kh› ÆÈng

h‰c cao, ph«n Æ«u ÆÃn vuËt ng≠Óc v“ ph›a

sau. T≠ th’ ng≠Íi l∏i gÀp v“ ph›a tr≠Ìc vıa

ph∂i, ÆÒ tπo c∂m gi∏c th” thao nh˜ng cÚng

d‘ chu n’u th≠Íng xuyn Æi phË. ßi”m Æ∏ng

chÛ ˝ nh†t cÒa phin b∂n Æ∆c bi÷t GSX-R150

Special Edition nªm Î bÈ tem xe mÌi Æ«y t›nh

th” thao.

Xe c„ b∏n tπi c∏c Æπi l˝ Suzuki, vÌi gi∏ b∏n lŒ

Æ“ xu†t gÂm VAT lµ 76.900.000 VNß. Chi

ti’t lin h÷ hotline: 1900 6950.

Nh˜ng th´ng tin cÀp nhÀt v“

Æ≠Íng bay mÌi mÎ, ch≠¨ng tr◊nh

v®n ho∏, ch›nh s∏ch ngµnh du

lch, x’p hπng & gi∂i th≠Îng du

lch trong vµ ngoµi n≠Ìc...


Vıa qua, tπi Paris, HÈi ÆÂng t≠

v†n Mπng l≠Ìi C´ng vin ßa

ch†t Toµn c«u thuÈc TÊ ch¯c

Gi∏o dÙc, Khoa h‰c vµ V®n h„a

Lin Hi÷p QuËc (UNESCO)

Æ∑ ch›nh th¯c c´ng nhÀn C´ng

vin Æa ch†t Non N≠Ìc Cao

Bªng lµ C´ng vin ßa ch†t

Toµn c«u. C´ng vin ßa ch†t

Toµn c«u Non N≠Ìc Cao Bªng

lµ mÈt mi“n Ɔt hi’m c„, n¨i

c„ th” t◊m hi”u lch sˆ trn 500

tri÷u n®m cÒa tr∏i Ɔt qua c∏c

d†u t›ch cn lπi Î Æ©y. C∏c h„a

thπch, tr«m t›ch bi”n, Æ∏ nÛi

lˆa, kho∏ng s∂n..., Æ∆c bi÷t lµ

c∏c c∂nh quan Æ∏ v´i, lµ nh˜ng

minh ch¯ng tuy÷t vÍi cho s˘

ti’n h„a vµ thay ÆÊi cÒa tr∏i Ɔt.

ß©y lµ c´ng vin Æa ch†t toµn

c«u th¯ hai cÒa Vi÷t Nam, sau

Cao nguyn Æ∏ ßÂng V®n (tÿnh

Hµ Giang) Æ≠Óc UNESCO c´ng

nhÀn tı n®m 2010.


V≠Ót qua c∏c khu nghÿ d≠Ïng

nÊi ti’ng kh∏c trong khu v˘c,

Aman Spa thuÈc khu nghÿ d≠Ïng

Amanoi Æ∑ giµnh chi’n thæng

xu†t sæc Æ” trÎ thµnh "Resort

Spa cÒa n®m" khu v˘c ch©u ∏ vµ

ch©u ßπi D≠¨ng vÌi gi∂i th≠Îng

World Spa & Wellness 2018.

Gi∂i th≠Îng Æ≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ qua

mÈt quy tr◊nh gæt gao bÎi c∏c cË

v†n chuyn m´n ÆÈc lÀp, cÔng

vÌi mÈt gi∏m kh∂o Æ≠Óc cˆ tÌi

tıng khu nghÿ d≠Ïng nhªm Æ≠a ra

nh˜ng k’t qu∂ ch›nh x∏c vµ c´ng

t©m nh†t.

BRG ßÄ Nøng Golf


BRG ßµ NΩng Golf Resort vıa

ch›nh th¯c khai tr≠¨ng s©n golf

phong c∏ch bÍ kà Æ≠Óc thi’t k’

bÎi Nicklaus Design, nhµ thi’t k’

s©n golf hµng Æ«u th’ giÌi. K’t

hÓp hoµn h∂o cÔng s©n 18 hË

sΩn c„ cÒa Greg Norman, s©n

golf mÌi cÒa Nicklaus Design sœ

Æem Æ’n mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m hoµn

toµn kh∏c lπ vÌi bÍ kà gÁ chπy

d‰c theo c∏c Tee, Fairway vµ

Green. S©n golf thi’t k’ bÍ kà gÁ

ch≠a tıng xu†t hi÷n tπi ch©u É sœ

ha hÓp cÔng b∑i c∏t træng d‰c

theo bÍ bi”n ßµ NΩng sœ Æem

Æ’n cho c∏c tay golf nh˜ng tr∂i

nghi÷m ch¨i v´ cÔng ÆÈc Æ∏o.

Air Seoul

MÌi Æ©y, h∑ng hµng kh´ng gi∏ rŒ

Air Seoul cÒa Hµn QuËc th´ng

b∏o sœ mÎ mÈt Æ≠Íng bay mÌi

tÌi thµnh phË ßµ NΩng vµo th∏ng

5/2018. ß≠Íng bay mÌi c„ mÙc

Æ›ch mÎ rÈng c∏c dch vÙ cÒa

h∑ng trong khu v˘c ch©u ∏ - Th∏i

B◊nh D≠¨ng. Ng≠Íi ph∏t ng´n

cÒa Air Seoul cho bi’t: Chuy’n

bay Æ«u tin sœ Æ≠Óc th˘c hi÷n

vµo ngµy 18/5, sˆ dÙng m∏y bay

A321 vÌi 195 chÁ ngÂi.

Huawei Nova 3e

Nh„m Kinh doanh & Tiu dÔng

Huawei ch›nh th¯c giÌi thi÷u

Huawei Nova 3e Æ’n th tr≠Íng

Vi÷t Nam. ThuÈc dng Nova

dµnh cho ng≠Íi trŒ n®ng ÆÈng,

quan t©m cÀp nhÀt xu h≠Ìng mÌi,

Huawei Nova 3e lµ s˘ k’t hÓp

gi˜a thi’t k’ sang tr‰ng vµ hi÷u

n®ng mπnh mœ, mang lπi gi∏ tr

v≠Ót trÈi cho ng≠Íi dÔng.

Smartphone ph©n khÛc t«m

trung hi÷n c„ hai phin b∂n

mµu: xanh (Klein Blue) vµ Æen

(Midnight Black), Æ≠Óc trang b

h÷ Æi“u hµnh Android 8.0; mµn

h◊nh trµn vi“n 2.0 t˚ l÷ 19:9 vÌi

thi’t k’ Notch Screen; camera

tr≠Ìc 16MP vµ camera käp sau

16MP+2MP Æ≠Óc t›ch hÓp thuÀt

to∏n lµm Æãp t˘ nhin, cho h◊nh

chÙp sËng ÆÈng vµ ch©n th˘c.

ß∆c bi÷t, Huawei Nova 3e hÁ

trÓ sπc nhanh 9V/2A, gi∂m 30%

thÍi gian sπc, cÔng h÷ thËng b∂o

v÷ l≠Ìi 15 lÌp. Thi’t b c„ bÈ nhÌ

4GB + 64GB, cho phäp ng≠Íi

dÔng tho∂i m∏i ch¨i tr ch¨i,

nghe nhπc, xem video mµ kh´ng

ph∂i lo læng v“ dung l≠Óng.

Crescent Mall

S˘ ki÷n Ngµy hÈi Du lch tπi

Crescent Mall mÌi Æ©y Æ∑ mang

Æ’n nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m mÌi mŒ,

tuy÷t vÍi dµnh cho t›n ÆÂ "x

dch". Tπi Æ©y, du kh∏ch Æ≠Óc

trang b Æ«y ÆÒ hµnh trang cho

chuy’n du lch sæp tÌi cÒa m◊nh,

Æ≠Óc Ææm ch◊m trong thin

Æ≠Íng mua sæm ≠u Æ∑i cÒa mu´n

vµn vÀt dÙng Æ’n tı c∏c th≠¨ng

hi÷u uy t›n hµng Æ«u nh≠ Samsonite,

Travel Zone, Coleman...

Ngoµi ra, du kh∏ch cÚng c„ c¨

hÈi ti’p cÀn nh˜ng tour du lch,

vä m∏y bay, phng kh∏ch sπn cao

c†p vÌi m¯c gi∏ tËt.

Bamboo Airways

BÈ nhÀn di÷n th≠¨ng hi÷u cÒa

H∑ng hµng kh´ng Bamboo

Airways l†y h◊nh ∂nh c©y tre c∏ch

Æi÷u lµm chÒ Æπo, k’t hÓp vÌi

logo m´ t∂ ph«n Æu´i m∏y bay

mang mµu xanh d≠¨ng cÒa bi”n

vµ b«u trÍi. BÈ nhÀn di÷n th≠¨ng

hi÷u Bamboo Airways do c´ng

ty thi’t k’ th≠¨ng hi÷u hµng Æ«u

NhÀt B∂n LIFT Strategic Design

thi’t k’. ß©y cÚng lµ ƨn v tıng

thi’t k’ nhi“u th≠¨ng hi÷u hµng

kh´ng nÊi ti’ng trn th’ giÌi nh≠

China Airlines, Philippines Airlines,

Oasic HongKong... Theo

d˘ ki’n, Æ” Æ∏p ¯ng vi÷c c†t c∏nh

vµo cuËi n®m nay, H∑ng Bamboo

Airways sœ thu 10 m∏y bay.

D˘ ki’n, 24 tµu bay A321 NEO

do Bamboo Airways Æ∆t mua sœ

Æ≠Óc nhÀn tı n®m 2021.

Alba Wellness Resort

Ch›nh th¯c khai tr≠¨ng vµo trung

tu«n th∏ng 4, Alba Wellness Resort

lµ khu nghÿ d≠Ïng Æ«u tin

tπi Hu’ Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ t›ch hÓp Æa

ti÷n ›ch. N¨i Æ©y giÛp du kh∏ch

t◊m hi”u v®n h„a b∂n Æa, nghÿ

ng¨i vµ phÙc hÂi s¯c kh·e gi˜a

thin nhin nguyn s¨, lµm Æãp

vµ trŒ h„a c¨ th” bªng c∏c hoπt

ÆÈng tæm Onsen, thi“n, yoga, spa

tr li÷u. ß≠Óc bao quanh bÎi rıng

c©y, h n≠Ìc vµ nh˜ng con Æ≠Íng

rÓp b„ng tre, Alba Wellness

Resort c„ 56 phng kh∏ch sπn

vµ phng bungalows nªm Î hai

khu ring bi÷t: Alba Inn vµ Alba

Village. VÌi trang trπi h˜u c¨

Alba rÈng 1,7 ha, Alba Wellness

Resort mang Æ’n cho bπn c¨ hÈi

Æ≠Óc tÀn mæt nh◊n th†y ng≠Íi

n´ng d©n trÂng c©y theo ph≠¨ng

ph∏p h˜u c¨ vµ Æ≠Óc n’m qu∂

ch›n ngay tπi trang trπi. Th´ng tin

thm tπi:


Vıa qua, ßπi s¯ Ph∏p tπi Vi÷t Nam Bertrand Lortholary vµ Hi÷u tr≠Îng ßπi h‰c Ki’n trÛc Hµ NÈi L Qu©n Æ∑ khai

tr≠¨ng chi nh∏nh mÌi cÒa Vi÷n Ph∏p tπi Hµ NÈi: L'Espace Hµ ß´ng. Thµnh qu∂ hÓp t∏c gi˜a Vi÷n Ph∏p tπi Vi÷t Nam vµ

ÆËi t∏c Æπi h‰c trong n≠Ìc lµ mÈt bi”u t≠Óng mπnh mœ cho c∏c hoπt ÆÈng k˚ ni÷m 45 n®m thi’t lÀp quan h÷ ngoπi giao

gi˜a Vi÷t Nam vµ Ph∏p. Kh´ng chÿ ƨn thu«n lµ mÈt Trung t©m Ph∏p ng˜, L'Espace Hµ ß´ng cn lµ n¨i giao l≠u g∆p gÏ,

qu∂ng b∏ v®n h„a vµ s∏ng tπo ngh÷ thuÀt.




Cao Bang

The Advisory Council of the

Global Network of Geoparks of

the United Nations Educational,

Scientific and Cultural

Organization (UNESCO) has

recently recognized the Cao

Bang Geopark in Vietnam as

the World Natural Heritage or

Global Geopark. The Cao Bang

Global Geopark is a rare area

where the Earth's history of

500 million years can be traced

through fossils, sediments,

volcanic rocks, and minerals.

The limestone landscapes are

excellent evidences of the

evolution and change of the

Earth. This is Vietnam's second

global geopark with the first

being Dong Van Karst Plateau

(Ha Giang Province) which was

recognized by UNESCO in 2010.

BRG Danang Golf Resort

The BRG Danang Golf Resort

has opened a new stunning

course in classic sand dune style

designed by the world’s leading

golf course architects Nicklaus

Design. Perfectly harmonizing

with the existing Greg Norman's

18-hole course, the new

Nicklaus course promises to

bring a completely different golf

experience for golfers due to

the wooden bulkheads that line

many of the Tees, Fairways, and

Greens. This new feature is the

first ever in Asia, and will blend

with Danang's smooth white

sand beaches to offer players a

unique golf experience.

Air Seoul

South Korea's low cost carrier

Air Seoul is launching a new

route to Vietnam’s Danang

in May. The new route aims

to expand its services in the

Asia-Pacific region. Air Seoul

spokesman said the first flight

will be taking off on May 18,

using the A321 aircraft with 195



The French Ambassador to

Vietnam Bertrand Lortholary

and President of the Hanoi

University of Architecture Le

Quan have recently opened

a new branch of the French

Cultural Center L’Espace in

Ha Dong. The cooperation

between the French Cultural

Center in Vietnam and the

domestic university partner is

a powerful symbol for the 45th

anniversary of the establishment

of diplomatic relations between

Vietnam and France. The

L'Espace Ha Dong welcomed 80

students for its course and will

become a new French language

center at many universities and

educational facilities in Hanoi.

Huawei Nova 3e

The Huawei Consumer Business

Group has introduced the new

Huawei Nova 3e in Vietnam.

With the Nova catering

especially to trendy young

consumers, the Huawei Nova 3e

features an elegant design along

with powerful performance and

outstanding value.This stylish

mid-range smartphone comes

in two color choices: Klein Blue

and Midnight Black. The Huawie

Nove 3e runs Android 8.0,

features a display 2.0 with 19:9

aspect ratio with Notch Design,

and is equipped with 16MP front

camera and 16MP + 2MP dual

camera setup with integrated

natural beauty algorithm for vivid

and true to details shots. The

Huawei Nova 3e supports 9V/2A

high voltage fast charging, which

reduces charging time by 30%,

coupled with a 15-layer security

net protection system. The

device also features 4GB RAM

and 64GB internal memory,

allowing users to play games,

listen to music, and watch videos

without worrying about memory

or storage limitations.

Suzuki GSX-R150

The GSX-150R is a small sport

bike model that is easy to drive

and is equipped with a powerful

engine, modern features, and

has an acceptable price. Among

bikes in the same range, the

GSX-R150 is ideal for young

motorcycle beginners with

less experience in the game.

The GSX-R150 features a high

aerodynamic design with a headturning

back lamp. The rider’s

forward position is just right

to create a sporty feel, but also

pleasant enough to drive on the

streets. A major hightlight of the

GSX-R150 Special Edition is its

unique sporty paint scheme.

Available for sale at Suzuki

dealers at a suggested retail

price of 76,900,000 VND

including VAT. For more details,

contact hotline 1900 6950.

Crescent Mall

The recent Travel Fair at

the Crescent Mall offered

unique and exciting shopping

experiences for travelers. At

the fair, visitors were able to

purchase numerous travel items

for their upcoming trips, and

immerse in a shopping paradise

that sold items from prestigious

brands such as Samsonite, Travel

Zone, and Coleman. In addition,

visitors also had access to a

number of tours, airfare, and

luxurious hotel rooms for an

affordable price.

Bamboo Airways

The Bamboo Airways’ brand

identity recognizes the stylized

bamboo as their main theme,

incorporating a logo depicting

the tail of the aircraft and using

blue as the color of the sea and

the sky. This brand identity is

designed by leading Japanese

brand design company LIFT

Strategic Design, who designed

a number of well-known airlines

around the world such as China

Airlines, Philippines Airlines, and

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines. The

airline is set to begin operations

later this year with 10 aircrafts

on lease before receiving 24 of

their own A321 NEO aircrafts

in 2021.

Alba Wellness Resort

The Alba Wellness Resort which was

launched in mid-April, is the first resort

in Hue featuring an outstanding multifunctional

facility. The 5-star resort offers

guests the chance to learn more about the

local culture, retreat, relax among nature,

and rejuvenate the body by taking part in

holistic Onsen bath rituals, meditation,

yoga, and spa therapy. Surrounded by lush

forests, natural hot springs and bamboolined

paths, the Alba Wellness Resort

features 56 hotel rooms and bungalows

in two separate areas: Alba Inn and Alba

Village. With an area covering 1.7 hectare,

guests staying at the Alba Wellness can

visit the resort's organic farm to learn

about organic agriculture and taste freshly

picked fruits at the farm. For more

information, visit:

Updated information about new

flight routes, culture programs,

tourism policies, ranking &

awards... in Vietnam and other



Overcoming other famous resorts in the region, Amanoi's Aman Spa was named the "Spa of the Year" in

Asia and Australasia at the 2018 World Spa & Wellness Award. The award winners are announced after a

thorough review process by independent advisors and a judge who was assigned to visit each resort in order

to produce the most accurate and honest results.







Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng lin h÷: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

Ho∆c truy cÀp website:

Æ” c„ thm th´ng tin qu∂ng c∏o

For further information, please contact: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

*Or visit

for advertising information


(Telephone Code: 024)




(29 Tr«n PhÛ, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 3843 0245)


(28 th , Lotte Center, 54 Li‘u Giai

*Tel: 3831 5110)


(7 L∏ng Hπ, ßËng ßa *Tel: 3850



(43 - 45 ßi÷n Bin PhÒ,

Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3734 3836/49)


(41- 43 Tr«n PhÛ, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 3848 9168)


(63 - 65 Hoµng Di÷u, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 3823 5092)















(Floor 14, HCO Building,

44B L˝ Th≠Íng Ki÷t, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3822 2460)



(Unit 801, East Wing, Lotte

Center Hanoi - 54 Lieu Giai

*Tel: 3946 0404 *Website: www.


(30 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 7303 3030 *Website: www.


(Unit 15.02, 15th Floor, Corner

Stone Building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh

*Tel: 3936 1600 *Website: www.


(200 Nguy‘n S¨n, BÂ ß“, Long

Bin *Tel: 3873 0314 *Website:



(70-72 Bµ Tri÷u, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel:

3828 0702 *Websitel:


(1 st Floor, 16 Hµm Long, Hoµn

Ki’m *Tel: 3944 6000 )




(39 Dinh Tien Hoang Str., Hoan

Kiem, Hanoi *Tel: 3926 3370

*Fax: (84-4) 3926 3367)

(113C, Bui Vien Str., Dist. 1, Ho

Chi Minh City *Tel: (84-8) 38 38

66 78 *Fax: (84-8) 38 38 66 76

(45-47 Le Loi Str., Hue *Tel: (84-

54)393 44 55/ 393 44 56 *Fax:

(84-54) 393 44 57)



( Tel: 04 3257 5757 Website:


(T«ng 5, ta ATS, 252 Hoµng

QuËc Vi÷t *Tel: 3833 3333




(6B L∏ng Hπ, Ba ß◊nh *Tel: 3831

3333 *Website:



(5 Tı Hoa, Qu∂ng An, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 6270 8888 *Website:


Nªm trong khu phË Ph∏p cÊ yn

t‹nh, La Casa Hotel vÌi ÆÈi ngÚ

nh©n vin th©n thi÷n vµ nhi÷t t◊nh

sœ khi’n bπn c„ c∂m gi∏c th©n thi’t

vµ †m cÛng nh≠ Î nhµ. 84 phng

nghÿ, 4 c®n hÈ vÌi thi’t k’ vµ ti÷n

nghi hi÷n Æπi cÔng vÌi h÷ thËng nhµ

hµng, qu∏n bar, phng gym, b” b¨i

vµ spa sœ mang Æ’n cho bπn nh˜ng

tr∂i nghi÷m Æ∏ng nhÌ.

Located in the old tranquil French

Quarter, La Casa Hotel with the

friendly and enthusiasm will make

you feel like being home. 84

rooms, 4 apartments with modern

design and amenities, and our system

of restaurants, bar, gym, pool

and spa will bring you memorable


(17 Pham Dinh Ho St., Hai Ba

Trung Dist., Hanoi * Tel: 6656

0560 * Email:,



(54 Li‘u Giai, Ba ß◊nh *Tel: 3333

6016 *Website: www.lottecenter.


(1 Thanh Nin, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 3823 8888 *Website:


(K5 Nghi Tµm, 11 Xu©n Di÷u, T©y

HÂ *Tel: 3719 9000 *Website:



(7 Xu©n Di÷u Street, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 3722 4165 *Website: www.


(75 Phπm HÂng Th∏i

*Tel: 3927 5920)


(22 T´ng ß∂n, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3826 8801 *Hotline: 3927

4641/ 0904 885 414)


(32 Qu∂ng Kh∏nh, T©y HÂ,

*Tel: 3718 6317)


(16 lane, 27 Xu©n Di÷u, T©y HÂ,

*Tel: 3719 2828)


(64B Qu∏n S¯, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3942 9168)


(199A Nghi Tµm, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 3719 3170 *Website:


(34 Ch©u Long, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 04 3939 2222 *Website:




(59 V®n Mi’u, ßËng ßa

*Tel: 3747 0338 *website: http://


9 Nguy‘n Khæc C«n, Hoµn Ki’m,

Tel: 090 4943 432 *Website:


(No 10, Tong Duy Tan Str, Hoan

Kiem District, Ha Noi *Tel: (+84)

4.3221 2222 *Website: www.


(28 Tang Bat Ho Str - Hai Ba

Trung Dist - Hanoi - Vietnam

*Mail: *Tel:+84

3633 0206 *hotline: 0904 150

383 *

PHô 24

(31 Hµng Khay, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3938 1812 *Website:


(10 Nguy‘n Bi”u, *Tel: 3734 2288




(57 BÔi Th Xu©n, Hai Bµ Tr≠ng

*Tel: 3944 0204)


26 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo, Hoµn Ki’m

District *Tel: (+84-4) 3933 6133

*Fax: (+84-4) 3933 6135 *Email:


(66 Hµng BÂ, Hoµn Ki’m * Tel: 04

3266 8888)


(64 Nguy‘n Du, Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ

NÈi *Tel: 3941 3338 *Website:


(48 Nguy‘n Th ßnh, Trung Ha,

C«u Gi†y *Tel: 3221 6599 *26C

Tr«n H≠ng ßπo, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel:

3392 5999 * 76a Mai Hæc ß’, hai

Bµ Tr≠ng, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3826

3399 *Website:



(2 Hµng Bµi, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3934 1494)


(6 Nhµ ThÍ, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3938 0444)


(45 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem

*Tel: 6270 0408 Website: www.


(23A Trµng Thi, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3828 8820)


(59A L˝ Th∏i TÊ, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3934 0888)


(38 Bµ Tri÷u, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3934 5368)


(18 ßi÷n Bin PhÒ, Ba ß◊nh,

*Tel: 37476245 *Website:www.



(28 Thanh Nin, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 3715 4240 *Website:


(Floor 19, Pacific Place

Building - 83B L˝ Th≠Íng Ki÷t,

Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3946 1901)



(250 Bµ Tri÷u, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3978 5407 *Website:



(71 Hµng B´ng, Hoµn Ki’m

*Hotline: 0932 391 888)


(42 Hµng TrËng, Hoµn

Ki’m *Tel: 3928 6116 *Website:


(44 L Ng‰c H©n, Hai Bµ Tr≠ng

*Tel: 2220 6788 *Website:


(Add: 68 Nguy‘n Du - Hµ NÈi

*Hotline: 0868 038 080 *Email:


(51 Xu©n Di÷u, Q. T©y HÂ *Tel:

04 3718 6281 *T«ng 4 IPH Shopping

Center 241 Xu©n ThÒy, Q.

C«u Gi†y *Tel: 04 3788 6688 *25

L˝ Th≠Íng Ki÷t, Q. Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 04 3828 8888 *T«ng 6 th∏p

C Vincom Center 191 Bµ Tri÷u,

Q. Hai Bµ Tr≠ng *Tel: 04 3974

9191 *T«ng 3 ta A Th®ng Long

Number One sË 1 ßπi LÈ Th®ng

Long, Q. Nam Tı Lim *Tel:

04 7306 6655 *T«ng 6 Vincom

Center 54A Nguy‘n Ch› Thanh,

Q. ßËng ßa *Tel: 04 7307 8889

*T«ng 7 Vincom Center 2B Phπm

Ng‰c Thπch, Q. ßËng ßa *Tel: 04

7307 9898)


(T«ng 5 TTTM H G≠¨m Plaza,

Tr«n PhÛ, Hµ ß´ng *Tel: 04 7305

5858 *T«ng 2 Berriver Long Bin,

390 Nguy‘n V®n Cı, quÀn Long Bin

*Tel: 04 7302 6696)


(164 Tı Hoa, Qu∂ng An, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 3719 9889 *Website:



(17 Ng´ Quy“n, Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ

NÈi *Tel: 3521 1118 *Website:


23 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3824 3524 *Website: http://



(27 Xu©n Di÷u, T©y HÂ

*Tel: 6270 0479 *Website:


(23 Hµng TrËng, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3928 8678 *website: www.


(43 V®n Mi’u, ßËng ßa *Tel:

3733 6101 *Website: www.


(73 Trµng Thi, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3933 4000 *Website:


(27 Nhµ ThÍ, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3928 8733)


(61 Hµng Gai, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3938 1154 *Website:


(13 Hµng Gai, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3938 1905 *Website:




(SË 2, Phπm HÔng, M‘ Tr◊, Tı Lim,

Hµ NÈi *Tel: 6287 0604 *Website:



(19 Ng∏ch 158/193 Ng‰c Hµ, ßÈi

C†n, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 3846





(36 L˝ Th≠Íng Ki÷t, Hµng Bµi, Hoµn

Ki’m, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 3825 9936




Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ NÈi)



(ChÔa MÈt CÈt, ßÈi C†n, Ba ß◊nh,

Hµ NÈi)



(Thanh Nin, TrÛc Bπch, Ba ß◊nh,

Hµ NÈi)

CON ßòNG GˇM S` - HA-


(HÂng Hµ, †p Thπnh Vinh, PhÛc X∏,

Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi)



(Nguy‘n V®n Huyn Street, C«u

Gi†y *Tel: 3756 2193 *Website:



(1 Trµng Ti“n, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3825 2853 *Website: http://



(6 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c, Ba ß◊nh

*Tel: 3733 2131 *Website: http://



(Add: SË 27 CÊ Linh, Long Bin,

Hµ NÈi *http://aeonmall-long-bien.


(191 Bµ Tri÷u, Hai Bµ Tr≠ng

*Tel: 3974 9999 *Website: http://


(24 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, Hoµn Ki’m,

Hµ NÈi)



Hµ NÈi Tower - 49 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng,

Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3934 2999



(22 - 32 L Th∏i TÊ, Hoµn Ki’m

*Tel: 3825 2054 *Website: http://







Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng lin h÷: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

Ho∆c truy cÀp website:

Æ” c„ thm th´ng tin qu∂ng c∏o

For further information, please contact: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

*Or visit

for advertising information


(Telephone Code: 028)




(107 Nguy‘n Du, District 1

*Tel: 38225757)


(4 L Du»n, District 1

*Tel: 3520 4610)


(93 Pasteur, District 1

*Tel: 3829 7667)


(2 Ng´ ߯c K’, District 1

*Tel: 382 99023)


(261 ßi÷n Bin PhÒ, District 3

*Tel: 3933 3510)


(40 Bµ Huy÷n Thanh Quan,

District 3 *Tel: 3930 3936)















(27 Nguy‘n Th Minh Khai, District

3 *Tel: 3520 6800)


(40-5 Phπm Vi’t Ch∏nh,

Ward 19, B◊nh Thπnh District

*Tel: 3518 0045)


(Floor 8 , Saigon Centre - 65 L

LÓi, District 1 *Tel: 3822 5173)


(77 Tr«n QuËc Th∂o, District 3

*Tel: 3932 7637)



(34 L Du»n, District 1*Tel: 3824

2878 *Website: https://www.


(Room 8, Petro Vietnam Building,

1- 5 L Du»n, District 1

*Tel: 3827 3888 *Website:


(Floor 8, AB Tower- 76A L Lai,

District 1 *Tel: 3936 0360 *Website:



(130 Nguyen Cong Tru, District

1*Tel: 3838 9944 *



(45 L Th∏nh T´n, District 1

*Tel: 3827 9279 *Website: http://



(27-29 BÔi Vi÷n, P. Phπm NgÚ

L∑o, Dist. 1 *Tel: 3838 9988

*Email: hieu. *Website:


TAXI 27/7

(162 ß≠Íng Tu÷ T‹nh, Ward 17, 11

District *Tel: 3962 0620 *Website:




(19 - 23 C´ng Tr≠Íng Lam S¨n,

District 1 *Tel: 3823 4999 *Website:


(3C Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho

Chi Minh, Vietnam *Tel: (+84) 8

6263 6688) *Website:



(59-61 Pasteur, QuÀn 1, TPHCM

*Tel: 3822 5678)



(17 T´n ߯c Thæng, QuÀn 1,

TPHCM *Tel: 3827 1717)


(76 L Lai, District 1*Tel: 3822

8888 *Website: http://www.saigon.


(117 L Th∏nh T´n, Q1*Tel: 3829

5368 *Fax: 3829 3415 *Email: *Website:



(242 Tran Binh Trong st., Dist.5,

HCMC *Tel: 3839 7777 *Email: *www.


(309B-311 Nguyen Van Troi Str,

Tan Binh Dist, HCMC *Tel: 3842



(133A- 133B Nguy‘n ß◊nh Ch›nh,

Q.PhÛ NhuÀn, HCMC *Tel: 6256

9966 *Hotline: 0938 979 000




(8-15 T´n ߯c Thæng, Q.1,TP.HCM

*Tel: 3822 0033 *Website: www.


*18 An D≠¨ng V≠¨ng, Q 5, Tp.

HCM, Vietnam *Tel: 3833 6688

*Fax: 3833 6888 *Email: services@ *Website:






(238 Pasteur, District.3 *Tel: 3820

7157 - 0909 478 698*Website:


(252 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, Dist.3

*Tel: 3932 2666 *Website: www.


(197 ß“ Th∏m, Phπm NgÚ

L∑o, Dist.1 *Tel: 3837 1894



(26 Tr≠¨ng ßnh, Dist.3

* Tel: 3930 8421)



(193 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 7, Dist.3

*Tel: 3939 3888 *Website: www.



(216/4 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7,

Dist.3 *Tel: 3932 2889 *Website:


(311 Nguy‘n V®n TrÁi, T©n B◊nh

District, HCMC *Tel: 08 3842 1111


PHô 24

(20B Nguy‘n Th Minh Kha, District

1*Tel: 3910 1038 *Website:


(160 Pasteur, District 1 *Tel: 3827

7131 *Fax: 3827 7127 *Email:


138 Nam K˙ KhÎi Ngh‹a , QuÀn 1,

T.p HÂ Ch› Minh *Tel: 38 279 666

/ 38 257 179 *Email: ngon138@ *Website:


(Floor 1, 73 Mπc Th B≠Îi,

District 1 *Tel: 3824 5671)


(1 st Floor, Norfolk Mansion, 17-19-

21 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, Dist. 1 *Tel: 3823

2221 *Website: www.shangpalace.


(Add: 200A Ly Tu Trong Street,

District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

*Tel: 028 6284 1188 *Hotline: 0124

668 7354 *Facebook: Sushi Tei



TÀp hÓp h¨n 300 m„n ®n Æ∆c tr≠ng

cÒa 5 n“n »m th˘c nÊi ti’ng Ch©u É

lµ Hµn QuËc, NhÀt B∂n, Trung Hoa,

Th∏i Lan vµ Vi÷t Nam d≠Ìi cÔng

mÈt m∏i nhµ.

Home to more than 300 signature

dishes of 5 renowned Asian culinary

cultures: Korea, Japan, China, Thailand

and Vietnam.

(Saigon Garden, 99 Nguy‘n Hu÷,

Q.1,TP.HCM *Tel: 08 3821 3821,




(T«ng 26, AB Tower, 76A L Lai, Q.1,

TP.HCM *Tel: 0938 822 838 *Website:


(Floor 1, Palace Hotel Saigon,

56 - 66 Nguy‘n Hu÷, 1 District

*Tel: 3829 2860 *Website: http://


(152 L Lai, District 1 *Tel: 3925

9838 *Website:


(Add: 190 - 192 De Tham Street,

District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

*Tel: 3920 3047 *Hotline: 0124 668

7354 *Website:

*Facebook: Magnolia

Kitchen & Cafe)


(28 L LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3823 3954



(97 S≠¨ng Nguy÷t Énh, District 1

*Tel: 3925 0388)



(26-28 ß´ng Du, Dist.1

*Tel: 3825 1250 *Website: http://


(Tang 3, 202 Hoang Van Thu,

Q.Phu Nhuan, TP.HCM *Tel: 3847

9964 *3847 9295)


(74 Nguyen ß◊nh Chieu, P Da Kao,

Q1, Tp HCM *Tel: 2207 0809

*Hotline: 0968 060 268 *Website:


(72 Trµn Quang Kh∂i, P.T©n ßnh,

Dist.1 *Tel: 3910 5575 *Website:


(T«ng L3 Shopping Mall, Vincom

ßÂng KhÎi, 72 L Th∏nh T´n &

45A L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, P. B’n Nghä

Q.1 *Tel: 08 7307 9899 *T«ng 3,

Vincom Mega Mall, 159 Xa LÈ Hµ

NÈi, P. Th∂o ßi“n, Q.2 *Tel: 08

7303 9888)



(39 L Du»n, District 1

*Tel: 3827 2926 *Website: http://


(1 & 7 Floor, Ta nhµ 229 ßÂng

KhÎi, B’n Nghä Ward, Dist.1 *Tel:

3821 0055 *Website: http://www.


(2C Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, Dist.1

*Tel: 3914 3183 *Website: www.


(Floor 1, Sµi Gn Center Building -

37 T´n ߯c Thæng, District 1

*Tel: 3911 0000 *Website: http://


(69 BÔi Th Xu©n, NgÚ L∑o Ward,

District 1*Tel: 3829 7245 *Website:



(50 - 52 Mπc Th B≠Îi, Dist.1

*Tel: 3822 7962 *Website: http://


(9 ß´ng Du, Dist.1

*Tel: 3822 2394 *Website: http://


(47 T´n Th†t Thi÷p, Dist.1

*Tel: 3821 3614 *Website: www.


(1 Nguy‘n V®n Tr∏ng, District 1

*Tel: 3925 1495)


(Tel 0909 66 22 31 *www.Hoang-


(90 L LÓi, District 1

*Tel: 3822 3277 *Website: http://


(132 L Th∏nh T´n, District 1

*Tel: 3829 3847 *Website:


(81 & 107 ßÂng KhÎi, District1

*Tel: 3822 2856 *3829 1146




(98 Mπc Th B≠Îi, Dist.1

*Tel: 3823 4634 *Website: www.


(91 L Th∏nh T´n, Dist.1

*Tel: 3823 8356 *Website: http://


(97A Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, Dist.1

*Tel: 3823 3181 *Website: http://


(114 L LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3821 7493




(28 V‚ V®n T«n, District 3)


(7 C´ng Tr≠Íng Lam S¨n, District 1.)



(157/1 Dong Khoi, District 1)


(97A Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, District 1)


(65 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, District 1)



(34 L Du»n, District 1

*Tel: 3822 5500)


(35Bis, 45 L Th∏nh T´n, District 1

*Tel: 3827 7636)


(65 L LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3829 4888 )


(171 ßÂng KhÎi & 116 Nguy‘n

Hu÷, District 1*Tel: 3936 9999



(72 L Th∏nh T´n & 45A L˝ T˘

Tr‰ng, District 1*Website:



(16 - 18 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, 1 District

& 41A Th∂o ßi“n, 2 District *Tel:

3822 9332 & 3744 2630 *Website:


(L LÓi, District 1 *Tel: 3822 5699)









Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng lin h÷: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

Ho∆c truy cÀp website:

Æ” c„ thm th´ng tin qu∂ng c∏o

For further information, please contact: Sales Department

*Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157.

*Or visit

for advertising information

SAPA (Telephone Code: 0214)



(010, M≠Íng Hoa, Sapa, Lµo Cai

*Tel: 3787 999 *Website: http://


(Sapa District, Lao Cai Province,

Vietnam *Tel: +84 20 38 71 522

*Fax: +84 20 38 71 539 *Email:




(23 C«u M©y, Sapa, Lµo Cai

*Tel: 3871 556)


(31 C«u M©y, Sapa, Lµo Cai

*Tel: 3871 064)


(51 Fansipan, Sapa, Lµo Cai

*Tel: 3871 438)















39 Xu©n Vin, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel:

3871 019)



(31 Xu©n Vin, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel:

3872 606 *Website:


(68 Fansipan, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel:

6523 172 *Website:


(Telephone Code: 0225)




(C∏t C 1, C∏t Bµ *Tel: 3688 686



(Zone 3, ß S¨n *Tel: 3864 888




(Zone 2, ß S¨n *Tel: 3861 330




(111-113-115 L Lai, M∏y Chai,

Ng´ Quy“n *Tel: 375 9679

*Fax: 375 9680 *Website: www.


(178 T´n ߯c Thæng, L Ch©n

*Tel: 3622 608 *Website: http://



(204 Quang Trung, Phπm HÂng

Th∏i, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3831 777)


(Group 19, Block 4, C∏t Bµ *Tel:

3887 151 *Website: http://www.


(3 Phπm B∏ Tr˘c, HÂng Bµng

*Tel: 3733 833)


ߤ S•N

(SË 1 Hang D¨i H∂i Phng

*Tel: 3864 864)


(221 Lπch Tray, ßÊng QuËc

B◊nh, Ng´ Quy“n *Tel: 3833 833




(11 Hoµng Di÷u, HÂng Bµng *Tel:

3822 034 *Website: http://www.


(69 ßi÷n Bin PhÒ, HÂng Bµng

*Tel: 3823 392 *Website: www.


(5 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng *Tel: 3810 865




(Quang Trung, HÂng Bµng)


(23 Minh Khai, HÂng Bµng *Tel:

3746 858 *Website: http://www.


(1/20A L HÂng Phong, Ng´

Quy“n *Tel: 3852 459 *Website:


(Telephone Code: 0229)



(ßinh ßi“n, ß´ng Thµnh, Ninh

B◊nh *Tel: 3889 979 *Website:



(Telephone Code: 0203)



(Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay

*Tel: 0888 762 266 *Website:


(Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay

*Tel: 0986 567 545 *Website:



(Island Tu«n Ch©u, Qu∂ng Ninh

*Tel: 3842 999 *Website: http://

Legend Halong



(No. 12 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay

Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh

Province *Tel: (+84)-33-3636555






(T«ng 3 Vincom Plaza Hπ Long, P.

Bπch ߪng, TP. Hπ Long *Tel: 033

3841 166)


¢U C•

(Hanoi Sales Office: 47

Phan Chu Trinh, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel:

3933 4545 *Website: http://www.


(Head Office: Townhouse B14,

Tuan Chau Marina, Halong *Tel:

6281 888 *Hanoi Office: 20 th Floor,

VIT tower, 519 Kim Ma street, Ba

Dinh district, Hanoi *Tel: 04 2220

8686 *Website:


(Hanoi Sales Office: 32/16A

L˝ Nam ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04.

3926 4009 *Website: http://www.


Hanoi Sales Office: 32/16A

L˝ Nam ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04.

3926 4009 *Website: http://www.


(Hanoi Sales Office: 81C L˝ Nam

ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04. 3747

8006 *Website:


(Hanoi Sales Office: Unit 201, Hanoi

Tower - 49 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan

Kiem, Hanoi *Tel: 0906 099 606




(Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay *Tel:

3815 088)


(Hoµng Gia Park, Hπ Long)



(Tel: 3675 757)


(Tel: 3849 155 *38222 266)



(Hπ Long Road, B∑i Ch∏y *Tel: 3844

749 *Website: http://vietcombank.


(Bπch ߪng Ward, Hn Gai

*Tel: 3823 680 *Website: http://bidv.


(Telephone Code: 0235)



(1 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hoi An

City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

*Tel: +84 510 391 4555 *Fax: +84

510 391 4515 *Email: hoian@


(Group 6, Block T©n Thnh,

C»m An Ward *Tel: 3939 111




(12 - 14 Huy“n Tr©n C´ng ChÛa,

C»m Ch©u, HÈi An *Tel: 3666

886 *Website: www.pearlriverhoian.



(SË 1 PhË Cˆa ßπi, Thµnh phË HÈi

An, Tÿnh Qu∂ng Nam, Vi÷t Nam

*Tel: 392 7011 *Fax: 392 7019


*Website: www.


(330 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3923 770




(Lπc Long Qu©n, Cˆa ßπi Beach

*Tel: 3927 927 *Website: http://



(Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3937 777

*Website: http://www.



(Thanh Nin Road, Cˆa ßπi

*Tel: 3927 550 *Website: http://


(ƒp 1, ßi÷n D≠¨ng, ßi÷n Bµn *Tel:

3940 000 *Website: http://www.


(39 ßµo Duy Tı, C»m PhÊ, HÈi An

*Tel: 05103 950 777)



(Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3927 040

*Website: http://www.victoriahotels.




(10 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo

*Tel: 3910 911 *Website: http://



(236 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3919 199



(112 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street,

Quang Nam, Da Nang

*Tel: 3926 668 *Website:


(Down the alley next to 60 L LÓi

*Tel: 3862 037 *Website: http://


(Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3927 252





(101 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3923 922



(110 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c *Tel:

3862 212 *Website: http://www.



(193 L˝ Th∏i TÊ, C»m Ch©u

*Tel: 3919 919)


(410 Cˆa ßπi & 60 Nguy‘n Duy

Hi÷u *Tel: 3914 914 *3929 292




(4 Hoµng Di÷u *Tel: 3861 340





(26 Phan Boi Chau)



(7 Nguy‘n Hu÷ *Tel: 3852 945)


(7 Nguy‘n Hu÷ *Tel: 3911 382)



(149 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3861 535)



(62 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo *Tel: 3910 59)


(65 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3861 996)


(C»m Kim *Tel: 3934 282)


(23 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c

*Tel: 3911 872 *Website: http://


(Telephone Code: 0236)



(Corner of Vo Nguyen Giap

Street & Duong Dinh Nghe Str,

Son Tra Dist, Da Nang *Tel: 3

959 555 *Fax: 3 959 555 *Web: *Email:



(Bai Dai Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon

City, Vietnam *Tel: +84 (0) 56

3840 132 *




(20 Dong Da Street, ßµ NΩng

*Tel: 3828 828 *Website:


(Tr≠Íng Sa, Khu M¸, NgÚ Hµnh

S¨n *Tel: 3967 999 *Website:



(B∑i Bæc, S¨n Trµ *Tel: 3938 888



(252 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son

Tra Dist *Tel: 3778 888 *Website:






(V‚ Nguyn Gi∏p, M©n Th∏i *Tel:

3919 777 *Website:


(99 V‚ Nguyn Gi∏p, quÀn

NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ßµ NΩng *Tel:

391 9999 *Fax: 391 9998




(V‚ Nguyn Gi∏p Street, NgÚ

Hµnh S¨n *Tel: 395 8888 *Website:



(Lot A1, Zone of the Villas of

Green Island, Ha C≠Íng Bæc, H∂i

Ch©u *Tel: 379 7777 *Website:



(36 Bπch ߪng, H∂i Ch©u *Tel:

3929 999 *Website: http://www.


(V‚ Nguyn Gæp, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n,

ßµ NΩng *Tel: 0511 3847 333

















(21 Tr≠Íng Sa, Ha H∂i, ßµ NΩng

*Tel: 3961 777 *Website: http://




(Domestic Arrival Hall, ßµ NΩng

Airport *Tel: 3614 783 *Website:



(37/1 ßi÷n Bin PhÒ, H∂i Ch©u

*Tel: 3719 258)



(8 - 10 Tr«n Qu˝ C∏p *Tel: 3582

428 *Website: http://truclamvien.



(Vinpearl Luxury ßµ NΩng -

Tr≠Íng Sa, Ha H∂i, NgÚ Hµnh

S¨n *Tel: 3968 888 *Website:



(244 - 248 Nguy‘n V®n Linh

*Tel: 3650 118 *Website: http://




(No2, 2/9 Street, B◊nh Hin, H∂i

Ch©u *Tel: 3470 114 *Website:


(24 Tr«n PhÛ, Thπch Thang, H∂i

Ch©u *Tel: 3822 390 *Website:



(176 Tr«n PhÛ, Ph≠Ìc Ninh, H∂i

Ch©u *Tel: 3897 798)


(Telephone Code: 0234)



(ThuÀn An Town, PhÛ Vang

*Tel: 3983 333 *Website: http://


(12 Nguy‘n V®n Cı, TP. Hu’

*Tel: 3839 998 *Website: www.


(105A HÔng V≠¨ng,TP Hu’

*Tel: 393 6666 - Fax: 393 6555


*Website: www.indochinepalace.




(5 L LÓi, TP Hu’ *Tel: 383 7475




(49 L LÓi, Hu’ *Tel: ( 3823390



(8 HÔng V≠¨ng, PhÛ HÈi *Tel:

3882 222 *Website: http://www.


(Zone 1, PhÛ LÈc *Tel: 3681 688




(3 Nguy‘n Sinh Sæc, V‹ Dπ

*Tel: 3897 202 *Website: http://


(7/28 L Th∏nh T´n & 50 PhÛ

MÈng, Kim Long *Tel: 3522 243

& 3510 644 *Website: http://www.


(5 L LÓi, TP. Hu’

*Tel: 054 3837 475)



(Tel: 357 5757)


(Tel: 3898 989)



(51 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, V‹nh Ninh

*Tel: 3883 666 *Website: http://


(78 HÔng V≠¨ng *Tel: 3811 900

Website: http://www.vietcombank.



(Hµ Kh, H≠¨ng Long)


(Telephone Code: 0258)



(Ninh V©n Bay, Ninh Ha *Tel:

384 7333 *Website:



(6 Pham Van Dong, Vinh Hoa

*Tel: 3836 868 *Website: www.



(Northern Peninsula Cam Ranh,

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam

*Tel: (+84) 583989898 *Website:





(Add: Hon Tam Island, Vinh

Nguyen, Nha Trang)


(Add: SË 2 Tr«n Quang Kh∂i, LÈc

Th‰, Nha Trang



(32-34 Tran Phu Street, Nha

Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province,

Vietnam *Telephone: 3737 222




(12 - 14 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3820 999




(Tel:+84 58 3524 268 *Email:



(Lot No 29 Tr«n PhÛ Park *Tel:

352 1948 *Website: http://www.



(34 Nguy‘n Thi÷n ThuÀt, T©n LÀp

*Tel: 3526 197 *Website: http://




(90A HÔng V≠¨ng, LÈc Th‰

*Tel: 3524 351)



(*Tel: 381 8181)


(46 L Th∏nh T´n, LÈc Th‰

*Tel: 3810 810)



(45 - 47 ThËng Nh†t *Tel: 3822

034 *Website:


(4 Hoµng Hoa Th∏m

*Tel: 3822 759 *Website: http://


(Telephone Code: 0252)



(Mui Ne Beach, KM10, *Ham Tien

Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan

Province, Vietnam *Tel: 374 1888

*Fax: 374 1555 *Email: muine@


(Khu phË 5, PhÛ H∂i, Phan Thi’t,

B◊nh ThuÀn *Tel: 3828 288, Fax:

3828 111 *Email: reservation@ *Website:


(Km8, Nguy‘n ß◊nh Chi”u, PhÛ Hµi,

Phan Thi’t *Tel: 062. 3 812 799



(Su´› N≠Ìc, MÚi Nä *Tel: 3836 888

*Website: www.bluebaymuineresort.




(Km 9, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet, Binh

Thuan, Vietnam *Tel: +84 62 3813

000 *Fax: +84 62 3813 007 *Email:



(Km 17, Æ≠Íng 719, x∑ Ti’n Thµnh,

Phan Thi’t, B◊nh ThuÀn *Tel: 62

3846 768 *Web: www.sonataresort.




(Khu PhË 5, PhÛ Hµi, Phan Thi’t,

B◊nh ThuÀn *Tel: 0 62 371 9111 /

062 371 9123 *Fax: 062 371 9333

*Email: reservation@thecliffresort., *website: www.thecliffresort.


(57A Nguy‘n ß◊nh Chi”u *Tel:

3847 589 *Website: http://www.




(Ke Ga, Tan Thanh, Ham Thuan

Nam, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

*Tel: (84.62) 3683 115

/ 3683 117 / 3683 279 *Fax:

(84.62) 3683 114 *Hotline: (84)

974 496 660 *Website: www. *Facebook: Rock

Water Bay Resort *Email: info@



(Km 11, Hµm Ti’n *Tel: 3847 507



(34 Nguy‘n Hu÷ *Tel: 6253 213)



(1A Nguy‘n T†t Thµnh, B◊nh H≠ng

*Tel: 3835 440 *Website: http://


(Telephone Code: 0263)




(L Lai Street, Ward 5 *Tel: 3555

888 *Website:



(HÂ Tuy“n L©m, Khu phË 4,

ßµ Lπt, Vi÷t Nam *Tel: 84-633 -

800 999 *Email:dalat@binhanvillage.

com *Website:www.binhanvillage.




(Tuy“n L©m Lake, Zone VII.2 *Tel:

3831 515 *Website: http://www.


(10 H TÔng MÀu, Ph≠Íng 3, Tp.

ßµ lπt *Tel: 063 368 3979 *Fax:

063 383 5868 *Email: info@ *Website:


(Zone 7&8, Khu du lch HÂ Tuy“n

L©m, ph≠Íng 3, ßµ Lπt)


(35 Cao B∏ Qu∏t, ph≠Íng 7,

Thung LÚng T◊nh Yu, ßµ Lπt *Tel:

06 3356 5279 *Website: www. *E-mail:



(Ph©n khu ch¯c n®ng 7.9, KDL hÂ

Tuy“n L©m, Ph≠Íng 3 *Tel: 063

3883 838 / Website:



(12 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3825 444)


(Telephone Code: 0274)


(21/4 Trung Str, Vinh Phu W, Thuan

An Dist, Binh Duong Province,

Vietnam *Tel: (+84) 650 378 5555

*Fax: (+84) 650 378 5000 *Email: *Hotline: (+84)

908 998 550)


(555B *Tel: 0650 367 8888 *Fax:

0650 367 8880 *Email: info@ *email: sales@ / reservation@



(230 ßπi lÈ B◊nh D≠¨ng, Hi÷p

Thµnh, ThÒ D«u MÈt *Tel: 0650

222 1333, *Fax: 0650 222 1342


/ /


(Telephone Code: 0254)



(H Trµm, Ph≠Ìc ThuÀn, Xuyn

MÈc *Tel: 378 1525 *Website:



(44A Road, Ph≠Ìc H∂i, ߆t ß·

*Tel: 367 8888 *Website: http://


(Tÿnh lÈ 44A, Th tr†n Long H∂i,

Long ßi“n *Tel: 366 2222 *Email:,



(Ph≠Ìc ThuÀn, Xuyn MÈc, Bµ Ra,

VÚng Tµu *Tel: 064 3781 631,





(Tel: +84 64 3831 222 *Email:



(12 Hoµng Hoa Th∏m *Tel: 3563 656)


(50 Nam K˙ KhÎi Ngh‹a

*Tel: 3851 851)



(92 Hπ Long Street, Ward 2

*Tel: 3521 012)


(6 Hoµng Hoa Th∏m *Tel: 3856

959 )


(Telephone Code: 0297)




(Tr«n H≠ng ßπo, D≠¨ng ß´ng,

PhÛ QuËc *Tel: 077 3982 988




(Duong Bao Hamlet, Duong To

Commune, Phu Quoc *Tel: 077

626 0999 *Email: H9770@accor.

com *Website: www.novotelphuquoc.



(B∑i Dµi, Gµnh D«u, PhÛ QuËc

*Tel: 077 3519 999 *Fax: 077

3847 771 *Email:

*Website: www.



(Cˆa L†p, D≠¨ng T¨, PhÛ QuËc *Tel:

077 399 0011 *Fax: 077 399 9911






(No 6 Bach Dang Str, Duong Dong

*Tel: (+84) 77 3 994 181 *Website:



ßIÕM ß⁄N TRONG VÄ NGOÄI NõC T\ 15/05 - 15/06/2018

Do not miss chances to join these amazing events taking place from May15 th to

June15 th , 2018 in Vietnam and other countries.

June 1 - 2, Malaysia

Gawai Dayak Festival,


Ng≠Íi ÆÂng bªng vÔng Sarawak tÊ ch¯c

l‘ hÈi Gawai Æ” mıng mÔa mµng thæng

lÓi. Ha m◊nh vµo s˘ ki÷n ÆÈc Æ∏o nµy,

du kh∏ch c„ dp ch¯ng ki’n nh˜ng nghi

l‘ truy“n thËng, nh˜ng bµi ca, ti’ng h∏t,

nh˜ng Æi÷u nh∂y mÛa vui nhÈn. ß∆c bi÷t

lµ Æi÷u mÛa Ngajat Lesong, trong Æ„ mÈt

vÚ c´ng sœ ch¯ng t· s¯c mπnh vµ k¸ x∂o

cÒa m◊nh bªng c∏ch n©ng chi’c cËi gi∑

gπo bªng hµm r®ng cÒa m◊nh. Ngoµi ra,

truy“n thËng qua Æm trong rıng cÚng lµ

mÈt trong nh˜ng nät ÆÈc Æ∏o cÒa Gawai.

This annual festival takes place in Sarawak

to mark the end of a successful rice harvest

season. Visitors to the event can enjoy

traditional rituals, singing, and fun dancing.

During the Ngajat Lesong dance, a dancer

is to demonstrate his power and skills

by lifting the rice mortar with his teeth.

Sleeping overnight in the forest is an unique

feature of the festival.

April 29 - June 30, Vietnam

International Fireworks

Festival, Danang

L‘ hÈi ph∏o hoa quËc t’ ßµ NΩng

2018 quy tÙ 8 ÆÈi thi thuÈc hµng nh˜ng

c≠Íng quËc v“ ph∏o hoa cÒa c∏c ch©u

lÙc. Du kh∏ch sœ m∑n nh∑n vÌi nh˜ng

mµn tr◊nh di‘n cÒa sæc mµu, cÒa ∏nh

s∏ng, cÒa ©m thanh trn bËi c∂nh lung

linh cÒa s´ng Hµn. Bn l“ c∏c Æm thi

ph∏o hoa cn c„ nhi“u ch≠¨ng tr◊nh

ÆÈc Æ∏o nh≠: L‘ di‘u hµnh xe hoa ngh÷

thuÀt, carnival Æ≠Íng phË, l‘ hÈi »m

th˘c, cuÈc thi flashmod...

The Danang International Fireworks

Festival 2018 gathers eight world-class

teams from across the globe for the

annual competition. Visitors can enjoy

spectacular performances of colors, lights,

and sounds against the beautiful backdrop

of the Han River. A number of events will

also be held during the festival including

the flower carriage parade, a street

carnival, a food festival, ...

May 28, USA

Lantern Floating

Festival, Hawaii

ß©y lµ nghi l‘ PhÀt gi∏o truy“n thËng

Æ≠Óc tÊ ch¯c tπi b∑i bi”n Ala Moana.

Tπi Æ©y, nh˜ng ng≠Íi tham gia vi’t lÍi

c«u nguy÷n vµ th∂ ÆÃn lÂng ra bi”n Æ”

t´n vinh nh˜ng binh l›nh Æ∑ hi sinh trong

chi’n tranh ho∆c nh˜ng ng≠Íi Æ∑ thi÷t

mπng do c∏c tai h‰a th∂m khËc. ß©y

cÚng lµ dp t≠Îng nhÌ nh˜ng ng≠Íi th©n

yu Æ∑ qua ÆÍi. BuÊi l‘ mang th´ng Æi÷p

h≠Ìng tÌi th’ giÌi ha b◊nh trong khung

c∂nh †m ∏p.

Originally a traditional Buddhist ceremony

held at Ala Moana Beach. Here,

participants write prayers on candelit

paper lanterns and release them to sea

to honor those who have lost their lives in

war or to catastrophic disasters, as well

as loved ones who have passed away. The

ceremony prays for a future of peace and

harmony for the world as dusk descends.

June 9 - 11, Italy

Genzano Infiorata Flower


TÊ ch¯c Æ«u tin vµo n®m 1778, l‘ hÈi

hoa truy“n thËng Infiorata Genzano Æ∑ trÎ

thµnh mÈt s˘ ki÷n t´n gi∏o, lch sˆ, d©n gian

nÊi ti’ng nh†t n≠Ìc ≥. M‰i ng≠Íi tı khæp n¨i

ÆÊ v“ con Æ≠Íng Via Belardi d…n Æ’n nhµ

thÍ Santa Maria della Cima Æ” chim ng≠Ïng

nh˜ng th∂m hoa tuy÷t Æãp, Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ nh≠

c∏c t∏c ph»m ngh÷ thuÀt. Vµo ngµy cuËi cÔng,

h‰c sinh Æa ph≠¨ng Æ≠Óc phäp chπy trµn ln

th∂m hoa Æ” x„a tan chÛng nh≠ mÈt nghi

th¯c ch†m d¯t l‘ hÈi.

Firstly held in 1778, the Genzano Infiorata Flower

Festival and the celebration of the Eucharist have

become the most famous religious, historical,

and folklore-based event in Italy. People from

everywhere flock to the Via Belardi Road that

leads to the Church of Santa Maria della Cima

to admire amazing flower beds designed as

art works. On the last day of the festival, local

students are allowed to run over the flower beds

to clear them as a ritual to end the festival.





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