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Observed in more than

Observed in more than forty countries around the world, Father’s Day is meant to honor those men who do so much for their families and those they love: Our dads. Not surprisingly, it’s a day that many in the hospitality industry use to celebrate Dad and all he represents, quite a few going so far as to place him on a proverbial pedestal, and deservedly so. Rosen Hotels & Resorts is no exception. For decades, the independently owned and operated premier hotel group has seen fit to shower dads with bountiful amounts of love, not only on Father’s Day, but all weekend long. Actually, all throughout the year. As such, here are just some of the perks dads can look forward to at Rosen Hotels & Resorts. HARRIS ROSEN REMEMBERS HIS FATHER: “My dad was an understated influence in my life,” said Harris Rosen. “He quietly did so much for our family and for so many others. I’ll never forget going to work with him at the Waldorf Astoria and watching in childlike awe as he garnered respect from his peers. It was only when I became a dad to four children that I ‘got it.’ Dads don’t mind being unsung heroes; in fact, we feel it’s our duty. But when our family rewards us with an unexpected surprise, it means the world.” x May 17 – June 6, 2018 x 3 15 11-17 17 17