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Selwyn Times: May 16, 2018

Selwyn Times: May 16,

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2018 Locally Owned GET CONNECTED WITH Scorch Broadband Tug of war Rolleston College students go into battle Page 9 Page 23 Tough win for Lincoln Lincoln Combined take down Shirley Boys’ High FRIENDS: Kirwee resident Melissa Evans with her chicken Boomadeer with her two-year-old dog Mia. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER To keep a kunekune pig could cost $1000 • By Georgia O’Connor- Harding “CRAZY COUNCIL rules.” That’s the verdict from a Kirwee resident who has discovered she needs to pay $1000 to the district council for a resource consent to have a kunekune pig on her property. Melissa Evans has been left questioning why the cost to have a pig on her 3000 sq m property is so high. She said while she can understand how it could be an issue if she was considering buying a noisy animal such as a rooster or looking at breeding, but she was purely buying her a pig as a pet. “If you have a strict rule in your guidelines about what you are not allowed to have, then how come if I pay $1000 you are suddenly allowed to have it. It just seems a bit unfair,” Miss Evans said. She said she has found the rules a “little frustrating” as she will be unable to afford to the pig. On top of forking out $1000, she has to gain written permission from her direct neighbours. The rules are a result of the council’s District Plan, which excludes donkeys, pigs, roosters or peacocks as a domestic animal. This is due to their potential to generate adverse effects on nearby property owners or in an urban setting, a district council spokesman said. •Turn to page 6 0800 726 724 Joint review to address speed limits • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding A REVIEW of Selwyn’s speed limit bylaw and speed limits outside schools will be combined to prevent confusing the public. Concerns have been raised the district council looks as though it is over consulting on speed limitrelated issues. A report seeking approval to review to the draft Speed Limits Bylaw 2018 was presented at the district council’s public meeting on Wednesday. It comes as the district council is planning to review all schools in the first half of this year – with it expected to be completed by the end of June. The district council had to partially re-open its speed limit review to look at school roads, after submissions were lost last year when the council’s email system failed. It is also consulting on speed limits as its District Plan gets under way and as part of the Long Term Plan 2018-2028. At the meeting, district councillor Craig Watson said while he had no concerns over the draft speed bylaw he raised concerns over the timing of the reviews. •Turn to page 4 Need water? From consent to the pump We can help you with water wells residential irrigation lifestyle 03 324 2571