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May 2018 FDR newsletter FINAL

May 2018 FDR newsletter

2nd Quarter 2018 Quarterly Laundry Report HCAHPS Survey — The Basics Unraveling the Mystery of Pay-for-Performance Success The HCAHPS Survey stands for (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). Also known as the CAHPS Hospital Survey, it is the first national, standardized, publicly reported survey of patients’ perspectives of hospital care. While collecting information on patient satisfaction is nothing new, prior to the HCAHPS survey, there was no common standard for collecting data on the patients’ hospital experience. The development of HCAHPS has allowed for accurate comparisons across hospitals throughout the United States. Three areas of focus have shaped the development of HCAHPS: Establish comparable information on the patients’ perspective of their care, affording consumers the ability to make meaningful comparisons of their local and regional health care providers. Public reporting of HCAHPS scores should create incentives for health care providers to improve their standards and quality of care. Increasing the transparency of the quality of care provided should increase the accountability in healthcare providers. The HCAHPS survey asks recently discharged patients about various aspects of their hospital experience, usually 48 hours to 6 weeks after discharge. Hospitals must submit at least 300 surveys for each reporting period (quarterly). The survey questions measure the frequency on several categories: Communication with doctors and nurses Responsiveness of hospital staff to patient needs Pain management Communication about medications Cleanliness of hospitals (patients’ rooms) Quietness of hospital at night Additionally, questions are asked relating to other topics: Discharge information Willingness to recommend Overall hospital rating The HCAHPS is far more than simply a patient satisfaction survey. It must be viewed as a tool representing the patient’s perception of quality care. HCAHPS values are a tool that we can use to measure how often health care personnel do something that is important to their patient. Remember, HCAHPS surveys are not just another “Patient Satisfaction Survey.” All results are in the public domain for all to see including your future potential patients as well as your competitive health care providers. HCAHPS surveys truly bring us into a new era of transparency. At the core of HCAHPS surveys is measuring how well a health care provider takes care of its patients. Patient outcomes are impacted by all aspects of hospital care. It is this concept that makes HCAHPS surveys relevant to the linen and laundry industry. This will be the focus of Part 2 of this series. Sources: 1) “HCAHPS Fact Sheet”. Aug 2013. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD. 2) Studer, Quint. “The HCAHPS Handbook” 2010 Studer group, LLC.

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