How to clear the Memory in HP Laserjet printer?


This presentation represents the way of clearing the memory of Hp laserjet printer. If you are facing any issues regarding this presentation, just give a call to Hp Printer Helpline Number Canada: 1-855-687-3777 and clarification of your query.
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How to clear the Memory

in HP Laserjet printer

HP laserjet printer takes command from different

programs which includes a word processor, spreadsheet

and from your internet too. There is a memory chip inside

a printer which stores the files from your system, so you

can complete your other work on your computer.

With the time flow, problem occurs where one of your files

is not printing or your printer only printing particular part of

your file. It can be due to low space or no space in the

memory. So it's important to keep the memory clear in a

printer. It is easy to clean, just you have to follow these

easy steps in sequence.

Steps for Clearing memory through HP

laserjet printer Control button:

1. Click on cancel or Reset Button which is on your

printer frequently until the display shows ready.

2. Turn off your printer to clear the memory, if it does not

display ready on display. The power button is located

on the back of your printer.

3. Turn on your printer and your printer will show ready

when your printer will be warmed-up

Steps for Clearing memory for Windows:

1. Click Start and type run in the vacant box in the latest

version of windows.

2. Then type control printers in the box and press enter key on

your keyboard.

3. Now right click on your printer’s icon and open it.

4. A window will pop-up in that you have to click the

printer>cancel all documents and memory of your printer will

be cleared.

Steps for Clearing memory for Mac:

1. Click on your Mac’s Hard drive icon and then click

Applications>>Utilitites>>Printer center. Then the

Printer list box will open.

2. Now click on Printer>>Show Queue.

3. Hold the option key on your keyboard and then hit

on ok and memory of your printer will be cleared.

Follow these instructions properly. If any doubt occurs or

anything is not clear regarding any topic, don’t hesitate

to call us at our toll-free HP Printer Support Canada: 1-

855-687-3777. It’s our duty to satisfy our customer needs

efficiently and effectively. Our first priority is to make our

customers happy with our services.

Thank You!

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