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MFA from James Madison

MFA from James Madison University. For nearly two decades Herb lived and taught at Bethany College in West Virginia where he and his wife, Anita, raised three daughters. While in West Virginia, Herb’s artwork evolved into statements about life circumstances, both whimsical and political. His work has been exhibited in 200 shows throughout the United States and abroad. Herb retired from teaching in 2015 to build a house in Virginia and make art full time. Herb Weaver An art educator for over three decades ranging from middle school to the college level, Herb Weaver strives to take art off the pedestal and into the daily lives of the viewer. Initially trained more as an “art generalist” in a liberal arts setting, Weaver later focused on the medium of ceramic sculpture and earned an “The “arrows through the heart” are actually rods extracted from a library cabinet’s card catalog, intended to accentuate Trump’s 4th grade reading level. The chains hanging down from the neck-area are symbolic of “chain migration” to remind us that the current First Lady is a recipient of this policy. And the plastic “umbrella” of “Make America Great Again” that covers the head represents the shield of ignorance under which he and his base mask their true values. On the base are a series of ten quotes extracted from the internet. The black text are Trump’s words that are compared to biblical passages in red text. This oxymoronic juxtaposition of thoughts are intended to signify the hypocrisy of the “Christian Right” who blindly deny the actual teachings of their “Prince of Peace.” Herb Weaver | April 2018 A Great, Great Peace Extinguisher Ceramic and mixed media 117 x 41 x 41 cm | 2015