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​Exciting News and Notes

Roosevelt Park Summer Program

As the school year comes to a

close, Kids on the Ball is gearing

up for our 12th summer in the

north end of Burlington. Jake

and a host of amazing volunteers

will be at the park Monday and

Wednesday from 8-9:30 am and Monday/Wednesday/Friday

from 4:30-6pm.

This free program offers tennis coaching, racquets, snacks

and drinks for each session. Approximately 250 kids a week

will join us for the fun, lessons and food!

Want to volunteer or donate to the program? Please contact

Shona at: shona@kidsontheball.com

"We're changing lives, one ball at a time. Bringing

kids together to learn from each other and support

each other is my passion. I'm humbled by this

opportunity and the incredible support we have


Jake Agna

Kids on the Ball Domestic Update

Springfield, MA

Kids on the Ball has expanded our programing to

Springfield, MA. In February, Jake and a few volunteers

made their way to 8 of the over 40 Springfield Elementary

Public Schools to bring KOTB to over 670 children. It was

an overwhelming success and KOTB is headed back this

month to train at another 4 schools.

Over the next year we hope to have covered all of the

elementary schools in the district, and will maintain

training four times over the course of the school year.

Here is what Cenaya Sylvia, 5th Grade, Glickman

Elementary School had to say.

"When the professional tennis players came, I thought they were very organized. Which is

a good thing. We had drills, expectations, and rules. When playing tennis Jake and his

team gave us challenges that we had to build upon in order to do the next challenge. I have

a competitive spirit, so this gave me another chance to bring that out. This experience has

changed how I see tennis. Thank you Kids on the Ball!"

Marrero, LA

In March we also expanded to the Lincoln School for the Arts in Marrero, LA, spending a

week teaching and working with over 450 students! It was a heartfelt week with a staff

that could not have been more supportive and thankful for our training. On our last day,

we were surprised with an all school assembly complete with gifts and hundreds of personal

thank you notes from the children! Thank you to our friend Max Begue of New Orleans

Youth Tennis for the introduction to this amazing school.

From the homeroom class of Ms. Hayes:

"We appreciate all your love and effort you have showed over the past few days. We love

you dearly and have a blessed LIFE! We also thank you for putting this whole thing

together. The whole 7th grade class thought playing tennis was fun. We love you."

KOTB feels incredibly fortunate to bring tennis to other areas of need in the United States!

Plans for the next year include replicating KOTB in additional cities around the country.

Education, training and support will be provided to interested state, municipal and civic

organizations partnering with us.

Save the Date

King of the Court with Jake Agna

August 25th, 2018

Burlington Tennis Club

Kids on the Ball Cuba Update

KOTB just returned from another

trip to Havana, Cuba with a group

of 10 people.

There were many highlights to the

trip. Hitting with the Jr. National

Tennis Team and the local

elementary children is always a


Orlando Garrido, 87, former

world ranked Cuban tennis player

and ornithologist joined us for an ocean side dinner. Garrido invited us to his home where he

shared tennis memorabilia and his passion for birds with a fellow birdwatcher on the trip!

We also visited a local elementary school where a group of children performed for the group.

Great meals, walking tours and rooftop views rounded out the adventure!

Trips to Cuba will resume in the fall of 2018. Interested or have questions?

Please contact Shona at: shona@kidsontheball.com.​

Cuban National Tennis Center Before Resurfacing

Unveiling of the new courts with the Tennis Channel

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