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SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization (Society of Women Business Owners). The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. Join us for the next edition. Advertise for $65.00 a year. http://sowbomagazine.org/

SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization (Society of Women Business Owners). The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. Join us for the next edition. Advertise for $65.00 a year.


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Getting back to basics

Life Insurance

Trailblazers in Business

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The Barbershop Talk

From A King To My Queens

Taking Care of your -Mind, Body, Nutrition

Stand Up In Yourself

Healthy Eating In 10 Steps

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Vanessa Jackson

The Cheesecake Lady

Transitioning for change

Changing Jobs


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Florence Norville- Cheek, Stephen H. Goldstein, Jeermal Sylvester


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From t he Edit or

Tonya Lat ney,MS, BSN,RN,CWP Edit or -in- Chief

?Connecting With Your More?

I was recently sitting with a young woman on an airplane. For some reason, I looked at her and asked,

?Are you in the military?? She said, ?OMG, how did you know that?? I laughed and said,?You have the

look, and, plus, your backpack was a giveaway.?

We laughed, and she began sharing with me how she recently joined the military and how she loved it.

She stated, ?It?s what I was born to do.? She started sharing how a year ago she was in college, but she

was not happy; she was feeling empty even though she was in school working toward her future. She

said, ?One day, I said to myself, there has to be more than this for me.? That?s when she decided to join

the armed forces. I smiled as she was talking because she had found her ?more.?

Have you ever asked or told yourself ?it has to be more than this for me??

Some of you may not even know what you want to do, but one thing is true: you need to make a change

from what you are doing. The empty feeling will ultimately make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. How

does one start the process of finding that more? It is my belief that you must first get quiet, take time,

and stop the busyness in your life. You need to let your inner being and outer being connect with the

universe. In this process, you have to learn how to hear your inner voice or spirit speak and guide you.

Your inner spirit and the universe must connect. When that connection takes place, you will begin the

changes to find your more. Over time, your more will be revealed to you. Your more may have always

been in you, but because you never looked deep inside it could not be revealed. It is my belief that

everyone?s more lies deep within them.

Your more may be a problem you are here on earth to solve.

So, if you are in search of your more, ask yourself, ?What problem am I here to solve in this world?? Then

get quiet!

Making changes is rarely easy, and you may feel somewhat trapped in your every day life of working,

bills, and life responsibilities.

Have faith and stay focused! Human beings should not feel empty and just exist.

You are right! There is more. Find it! Purpose gives you power to truly live, not just exist.

Tonya Lat ney, MS, BSN, RN, CWP

I would love your comments and/or questions.

E-mail: sowbo12@gmail.com Twitter:@sowbo12

Instagram: sowbo12


Getting Back To Basics

Why A Financial Game Plan Is So Important

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA


ecome overwhelmed if you think about all your needs at

once. Instead, try taking it one step at a time, starting with

the basics:

Build an em ergency fund? No matter where you

are in life, it?s important to set aside 8-10 months of living

expenses. You don?t have to do it all at once, but every

dollar you save today is a dollar you won?t have to borrow

if something unexpected happens.

Prot ect your hom e and fam ily? Most of us have

people who depend on us to keep a roof over their heads

and food on their plates. That?s a big responsibility, but it?s

one life insurance can help you meet? even if something

tragic takes you away. You can start with an affordable

term life plan at first, and then add more coverage as

your needs and budget grow.

Prepare for m ajor expenses like college? As a

parent or grandparent, you naturally want the best for

your loved ones. Now?s the time to start a college or

wedding fund so they won?t have to go into debt to make

their dreams for the future come true.

M any of us are familiar with the expression,

?failing to plan is planning to fail.? As an Agent with New

York Life, I can assure you that? when it comes to

financial goals and objectives? this old adage still rings


In fact, it may be more relevant than ever.

It isn?t always easy for some Americans to make

financial headway. With pensions in decline and interest

rates only just starting to inch up near historic lows, it

usually takes persistence and sound planning in order to

get ahead.

Not sure how to begin? That?s okay? it?s easy to

Get ready for ret irem ent - There are plennty of

ways to set aside money for retirement: 401(k)s, IRAs,

and fixed deferred annuities* just to name a few. But

they all have one thing in common? the sooner you

start, the better off you?ll be in the long run. Try to

increase your contributions over time? perhaps 1% with

each raise? or, if you are age 50 or older, look into some

of the ?catch-up?provisions that may allow you to

contribute even more.

While the economy is starting to grow, it still makes

sense to stay focused on the things that really matter. A

sound financial game plan can help us accomplish many

things? but perhaps the most important is making sure

we never lose sight of them again.

To learn more about the information or topics

discussed, please contact


Agent ,

New York Life Insurance Com pany




In its simplest form, life insurance is a promise

between an insurance company and you, the

policy owner. If you pay a certain amount of

money (premium) to the insurance company, the insurance

company will pay a certain amount of money (death benefit) to

the person (beneficiary) you tell the insurance company to when

the person whose life is being insured dies.

There are many types of life insurance. Term insurance only

provides a death benefit for a limited period of time. By contrast

permanent insurance can provide a death benefit and the

potential to build policy cash value that you can access during

your lifetime using policy loans and withdrawals.




Permanent insurance can also offer the flexibility to

increase or decrease your death benefit as your needs

change, as well as the potential to reduce or skip premium

payments. 2


Let?s examine the amount of life insurance you

may need. If your family relies on your income, it?s critical to

consider having enough life insurance to provide for them

after you pass away. But too often, life insurance is an

overlooked aspect of personal finances.

In fact, according to a study conducted by LIMRA, which

closely follows life insurance trends, less t han half of U.S.

households say t hey have individual life insurance

coverage, and 40% of Am ericans say t hey need m ore

coverage. 3

Recognizing the role life insurance can play in your family

finances is an important first step. A critical second step is

determining how much life insurance you may need.


One widely followed rule of thumb for estimating a

person?s insurance needs is based on income. Some will say

a person needs a life insurance policy that is five times his or

her annual income. Others recommend up to ten times

annual income. But if you are looking for a more accurate

estimate, consider completing a ?DNA test.? A DNA test is a

Detailed Needs Analysis that takes into account a wide range

of financial commitments to help better estimate insurance

needs. The first step is to add up needs and obligations.

a primary wage-earner's death. Source: LIMRA, 2016


Any assets that can be redeemed quickly and for a

predictable price are considered liquid.

Generally, houses and cars are not considered

liquid assets since they may require time to sell.

Also, remember that selling a home or a car may adjust a

family?s current standard of living.


Needs and obligations ? minus liquid assets ?

can help you get a better idea about the amount

of life insurance coverage you may need. While

this exercise is a good start to understanding your insurance

needs, a more detailed review may be necessary to better

assess your situation.

Are you ready to take control of your financial

future? Let?s talk.

Stephen H. Goldstein

Key Advisors

1400 N Providence Rd

Suite 117

Media, PA 19063

P 610-891- 9700

C 267-273- 5273 - F 610-892- 2900



Which funds will need to be available for final expenses,

such as a funeral, final medical bills, and any outstanding

debts, such as credit cards or personal loans? How much to

make available for short-term needs will depend on your

individual situation.


How much will it cost to maintain your family?s standard of

living? How much is spent on necessities like housing, food,

and clothing? Also, consider factoring in expenses such as

travel and entertainment. Answering the question, ?What

would it cost per year to maintain this lifestyle?? is good

place to start.


What additional expenses may arise in the future? What

family consideration will need to be addressed, especially if

there are young children? Will aging parents need some kind

of support? How about college costs? Factoring in potential

new obligations allows for a more accurate picture of

ongoing financial needs. Next, subtract all current assets

available. Fast Fact: 70% of households say they would have

trouble covering everyday living expenses within months of



Featured Story

Vanessa Jackson


The Cheesecake Lady

What motivated you to start your business?

It's funny how The Cheesecake Lady got its start because I

never tasted cheesecake until I was 34 years old. The very

thought of cheese in a cake was reprehensible in my mind

(silly me)! In December, 1999, my employer took the staff

to the Macaroni Grill for a Christmas luncheon. Almost

everyone ordered cheesecake. When they discovered I had

never had it, there was a major production to get me to try

it. I did and it was the best thing I ever tasted. After that, I

found myself driving to the Macaroni Grill after church

every Sunday for cheesecake for my kids and me. Realizing

I could not afford to keep up my habit, I decided to learn

how to make them.

During this time, I was on the Atkins Diet so I decided to

make a low carb version from a recipe off the Equal box.

The results were disappointing. Therefore, I decided toplay

around and try different things. I discovered that the

better the brand named ingredient, the better the

cheesecake. After many taste tests and lots of advice and

criticism from my favorite Aunt Ree (R.I.P.), I knew I finally

nailed it because all she could say was, THAAAAATT

CHEESECAKE...!, over and over again.

Discuss som e inform at ion on how you got st art ed?

My aunt started telling people at our church that

I sell cheesecake. When I told her I did not.

She said you do now.

When did you start your business and where?


My aunt started telling people at our church that I sell

cheesecake. When I told her I did not. She said you do


When did you st art your business and w here?

I started my business at home and was selling cakes

out of the trunk of my car after church. I would make

whole cakes and slice them. It was very messy and

annoyed me so I stopped. A few years later, I came

across the mini pans and a light bulb went off. No more

slicing and beautiful presentation, which meant

everything to me.

Why do you t hink having your ow n business is

im port ant ?

I went to school for business so I had the Associates in

Business when I started The Cheesecake Lady but right

after I received my Bachelors in Business I opened my

first store front. The timing was just right! I have always

liked having my own money and would babysit or type

letters and do other desktop publishing jobs for people

for a couple of dollars while in high school.

You make up your mind to work long hours instead of

hanging out with a friend or you decide to not get paid

for those extra hours and close the store early so you can

go to a family function. You have to make it work

What is t he one w ord t hat sum up you?


My advice to anyone starting a business is put the time

in! Think about what you have and why it is special. If

people are always talking about your gifts and you feel

people can benefit from what you have, go for it! Know

that it is a process ? filled with ups, downs and pitfalls.

Learn from each process and do not give up unless you

really want to. I want to give special thanks to all the

people who have loved our product and us over all these

years and who refuse to let us quit. I am looking forward

to our new ventures and cannot wait toshare it with you

all soon.

We are currently looking for a new storefront but can be

reached by phone at 267.575.3952 or on Facebook

@cheesecakelady.org, on Instagram @philacheesecake.

How do you st ay focused and balanced w it h your

business and everyday life?

When I first started it was hard because I had small

children but it was okay because I was working in the

house so I could be with them. In addition, we really

needed the money at that time. It also taught them the

value of hard work and owning your own business. In

the end, it was a win-win. Now everyone is all grown up

and I have no one to answer to so it is even easier.


SWES Cleaning Co.

Commercial Cleaning With A Unique Touch


Office: 215-995-1478

Women Owned/Minority Owned





From A King to My Queens

Please Pick Up Your Invisible CROWN


Barbershop Talk

Jeerm al Sylvest er

M y black women, you are royalty don't diminish your

womanhood. You are queens. You are princesses that are

becoming queens. You are goddesses. Without you, there

would be no us.

You walk with confidence, strength, style, grace, and most of

all beauty. Nothing or no one compares to the black woman

for you have overcome so much over the years and have

proven your superiority. Society loves to tell you how you

should be and how you should look, however, it doesn't stop

you from doing what you do like only you can do it.

My challenge to you all, young and old is to always wear your

invisible crown. You have gotten a bad wrap because of those

that don't know their worth or who they are. From those that

continue to give in to the pressures of the world and allow

themselves to be mistreated and belittled just to keep up with

the Jones. I know my Nubian queens you haven't always been

treated fairly and I'm sorry but I have to say that none of that

should ever cause you to forget who you are...QUEENS.

all that you do, for all that you have endured for so many

years and for carrying the weight. I salute you and I speak life

into you and over you, as a King, I say "proud, strong and

fearless black woman raise your head and show the world

your crown "it's your time to shine".

My definition of a Queen- means to be amazing and believing

that you are. Having confidence and not allowing anyone to

tell you or treat you differently. Respecting your temple,

embracing your individuality, putting yourself first on your

search to find true happiness.

John Mitchell said, "The finest STEEL has to go through the

HOTTEST FIRE" you all are fine and you all are strong even

though you don't always like to go through it we know that it's

a vital part of the process into making you who and what you

are called to BE....QUEENS. One love!

In a world that is so confused and suffering from an identity

crisis, I ask you, my QUEENS, to remember who your

ancestors were but more importantly who you are. Our young

ladies are badly in need of a real example of what a woman is

and how she should conduct herself from day to day. The

false images they see on TV, in these music videos and those

that are being talked about in the music is not what they need

to see, hear or want to be. That's why the queens of the world

have to be on their post every day no matter what to give

them a clear picture of what a QUEEN is and what a QUEENS

do regardless of what life has thrown their way. You all were

given an imperishable crown and somewhere along the line

life beat you up and beat you down so much that your crown

fell off. I need you to know that you are amazing and you are

uniquely made. I ask that all my strong, powerful and proud

sisters please pick up your crowns and wear it with pride.

There is no man, job or title that can validate your worth only

you can do that. You have so much to offer and contribute to

the world but you have to walk with your head held high in

spite of everything. Show the world your greatness and more

importantly show the world that you are and always will be


Jeerm al Sylvest er

From one KING to all the Queens of the world THANK YOU for


Stand Up



Let?s start this conversation about what I believe is the root of

most of the dysfunction in our community. Sham e, Blam e, Guilt

and Judgm ent . I call them the three sisters and their brother. It is

a lengthy process to understand the depth to which these siblings

impact our day to day life. Understanding begins once the

individual, assisted by a mental health clinician (individual therapy

sessions), starts the journey of self-discovery. It will take several

conversations to completely understand, however, the longest

journey starts with the first step. Let?s get to stepping; during the

sessions, we want to begin to examine our belief system, which is

created/developed/conditioned by our environment and taking

the siblings and talking about them one at a time, we?ll start with

Sham e.

During our developmental years, we are impacted directly and

indirectly by messages that either fosters a healthy sense of self

or damages our sense of self. It is safe to say that no healthy

parents plan or wants to damage their children?s sense of self.

This reality is; however, most parents have no real understanding

of what damages a developing self of sense. Even the most

well-meaning parents can have an unhealthy impact on their

child?s sense of self. Shame: The painful feeling arising from the

consciousness of something dishonorable, disgrace, and/or


"I call them the

thr ee sister s

and their

br other.."

Article Title

-Colena Brown,

License Professional Counselor (LPC)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur

sadipscing elitr, sed diam

It is important to understand that when Shame is

self-inflicted, it is coming from your original orientation,

the conditioning during your developmental years

(someone/something taught you to be ashamed). You get

these definitions of what is dishonorable, a disgrace and

improper from our parent?s environment in their attempt

to teach us right from wrong. Most parents find it

necessary to teach these lessons of right and wrong, good

and bad to their very young children. In most cases, by

any means necessary, believing often time that the lesson

is taught through pain and embarrassment. The limited

understanding most parents have of brain development,

child development and/or personality development,

makes it difficult for them to create that healthy

environment that will nurture a child?s sense of self.

Shame seeps into the environment, undetected and

wreaks havoc. Something as simple as a nickname, a style

of dress, a traditional way of saying or doing most any

ritual that is far out last its benefit. ?In my practice, I have

met several parents who had ?knockdown, drag out

fights,? with their children because the child got to a

certain age and wanted to change his/her name.? My

suggestion has always been to, of course have a

conversation with the child to understand why a name

change was important. In most, if not all cases, it had to

do with some form of self-identity. Which goes back to the

need to understand the methods and techniques of

developing a healthy sense of self in our children.

that increases and encourages parental understanding of

the dangers to their child?s sense of self; in the numerous

ways Shame presents itself in their environment. There is

a large body of information available to support parents in

their efforts to create healthy environments for their

children. My hope is that, this conversation sparks a fire

that heats up and we continue the flame burning; as our

knowledge of brain development, child development

and/or personality development increases, and the result

being a world where Shame is no longer a part of the


.Cont act informat ion:

Colena Brown, LPC

1-888- 686-5010



There are countless ways Shame finds itself in our

communities, this conversation is to begin the talk about

and increase the understanding of the importance of a

healthy environment during our original orientation.

Moving forward, we want to be a part of the movement


Author's Spotlight

Be encouraged and inspired by the thought

provoking writings of these Authors.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

Destiny Tours & Travel


Travel To The Destination You Always Dreamed Of

45 E. City Line Ave. #318

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Office: 215-873-73124 Fax: 856-668-5838

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

Email: destourtrav@cs.com


Ar e Your



Suppor ting


-Darlania Rose

This was a hard subject. I

recognized this in my own life. It?s very

hard to admit. That someone in your

life doesn?t want you to win. They would

rather see you down. busted and

disgusted, broke as a joke.

They love you that way. If the come

up is imminent baby you better watch

your back! So many peoplein our lives

that we think got our backs but, upon

examination we may find that is not

true. Family and our closest friends can

suffer from jealousy, envy and it can

show up in some real ugly ways. We feel

something because our intuition tells

us. What do we do? Brush it off, no not

him/her they love me.

We think we are imagining this.

Maya Angelou said, ?When someone

shows you who they are, believe them!?

We can really be held back from

achieving our goals by the people we

least suspect, those closest to us.

Although it might be hard to accept, the

people you?re the most well acquainted

with might be working against you,

whether they realize it or not.

They act as obstacles, preventing

you from doing the things you love or

pursuing your dream job. They might

say things that make you rethink the

path you want to go down, or make you

feel as if you won?t be good enough to

make it to your goals ? especially if

you?re trying to launch a new career

path for something like online

entrepreneurial efforts. They are slowly

but surely eating away at your

self-confidence. People around me

used to say ?what are you doing now

Darlainaaaaa! Geez make up your

mind!? or they would say ?Tommy you

know you ain?t got no job!? It was

hurtful. Especially when I was serious

about the transition I was making. I am

all the way grown now! I can spot it a

mile away.

However, it?s not always that clear.

Your friends and family will have

different ways of interfering with your

personal satisfaction. Some might be

very straightforward and blunt, telling

you that your goals are unrealistic or

that you?re not good enough to achieve

them. I?m not good enough, you mean

I?m not smart enough to figure this out.

How hurtful can you be?

The most dangerous kind are the

ones who disguise their blocking as an

attempt to help you. They might tell you

to not pursue your dreams in the name

of job security or some other excuse.

My one friend told me I should have

stayed at a job that underpaid me and

the boss was abusive because it was a

?GOOD JOB?! If I would have stayed

there you would not be reading this

now. The many I now coach on a day to

day basis would not be getting that

service either. Those that have heard

me speak would never have heard that

either. I am thankful for my intuition

and the real people who support my


They could try to steer you in

another direction, assuring you it?s the

best path for you. Only you know what?s

best for you. Even if your closest

relationships are acting as obstacles,

you can?t just cut out everyone who?s

important in your life. However, you can

keep your dreams and goals protected

by not sharing them with everyone. The

vision was give to you not them. Guess

what, they don?t have to see it! It?s


If you just started seeing someone

and they wanted you to stop pursuing

your dreams, then perhaps it?s be a

good idea to stop seeing them.

However, how could you cut out your

own parents if they tried to steer you

towards a different career?

You must be able to set a certain boundary in which you

consider their advice if they give it to you, and respectfully

decline it if you don?t agree with it. However, if they began

to insult your career choice or goals, then they would be

crossing the boundary you set.

Once people cross your boundaries, you must make the

decision of whether you should keep them in your life or

distance yourself from them. You should weigh their

positive and negative benefits, and if they?re an overall

drag on your happiness, there?s no reason to keep them

around ? at least not on a continual basis.

Let them know that they?re bringing you down, and you?re

not going to associate with them until they change their

ways. If you find you don?t have the courage to tell them

what they are doing, that?s ok too! Just find ways to make

yourself scarce until you find the courage. Sometimes

silence is best, and actions will speak for themselves. The

alternative can be very detrimental. If you let these people

stick around in your life and tell you how to live it, you?ll

end up unhappy and dissatisfied. I always say you only get

one life to live. This is not dress rehearsal, this is the live

show! Make it the best show ever!!

Darlaina Rose Twitter/FB/IG :Darlaina Rose

Health and Wellness Coach



267-521- 2001

"I am thankful for my intuition and the real people

who support my vision."

Web & Graphic Design


Put Your Products And Services At The

Fingertips Of Your Customers

51% of sm art phone users have discovered a new com pany or

product w hen conduct ing a search on t heir sm art phone.

(Google, 2015)

Call us today - 302-449-9208


First make sure to keep your skills, especially those around

technology up-to- date. Don?t go to that first interview without

refreshing your skill set. Use a functional resume if you can to

help make gaps less noticeable so you can get to the interview

phase. However, after you get to the hiring manager, go ahead

and explain your time away from work. Research out of

Vanderbilt Law School shows that sharing personal information

about your time away increases your chances of being hired.

Employers don?t like surprises or mystery. Finally, when you

re-enter the workforce after a long absence, refresh your

appearance too. Make sure that your clothes still fit (a common

post baby concern), and that your look is current and


Maybe you?ve been steadily employed and your next

transition is from worker to boss. Moving into a management

position can be just as stressful as landing your first job. Along

with a new title and hopefully bigger paycheck comes a whole

new reality. Like it or not, you just became a role model. This

means no dragging in late, skipping out early or complaining

about everything. though it?s unlikely you got promoted if you

were doing a lot of these negative behaviors. Now everyone is

watching and you need to model the kind of attitude and work

habits you want to see in those you supervise.

Karen Sout hall Wat t s

Transit ions ? Changing Jobs

M ost of us have heard all our lives about

change being the only constant in life. Friends and

family nod their heads and intone words of wisdom

about how we need to adapt and adjust and just ?get

on with it.? Yet, all this knowledge and advice doesn?t

make life?s transitions easier,especially in the

workplace. Changing jobs or career paths can be hard.

Here are four typical transitions and some coping


Re-ent ering t he w orkforce. Families grow and

change all the time, and new babies, sick spouses or

ailing parents often mean time out of the traditional

workforce. Leaving the professional realm for months

or even years for care-taking duty can be a gift to your

family and toxic to your career. Time at home creates

the dreaded resume gap? the kiss of death in some

HR circles. What can you do?

As a newly minted boss you will also need to recommit

to learning and listening. The way to help your subordinates

succeed is to be open; remember how much you hated that

boss who would not listen. Try to find a mentor within your

company. If you can?t then commit to reading, watching videos

or participating in professional development workshops every

month. Work at being a good boss, and don?t just settle for the

new title.

If you really want a taste of being in charge it might be

time to move from corporate work to entrepreneurship. This

can be an exciting transition, but it?s filled with unique risks.

Once you?ve decided to take the entrepreneur plunge, and I

highly recommend some coaching and reflection first, then it?s

time to reshape your world. As an entrepreneur you will need


Provide all your own motivation? there?s no boss pushing you

Create all your own structure? the workday, your schedule,

your methods are all up to you

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.


Build a support network? advisory board,

accountability partner, or supportive peers? don?t go it


Those first few months of entrepreneurship can be

tough. Business owners who work from home may find

they gain weight. After all the kitchen is just steps away.

Consider putting your home office in a part of the house

without a view of the refrigerator. Family dynamics may

change and become stressful, especially if you are

expecting family members to work in the business.

Maybe you don?t want to open a business, but

you want to change industry or specialty. Not everyone is

blessed with clear and exact career knowledge by age

eighteen. Sometimes adults, even after years in one field,

decide they want or need to change directions. The

bookkeeper who becomes an artist, the engineer who

goes into teaching, or the X-ray tech who becomes an

artisan bread baker are examples of mid-life career

transitions. These changes can be particularly thrilling as

you finally step out to do what you?ve ?always wanted.?

However, our modern culture still isn?t quite as flexible or

forgiving of adults exploring their talents as some of us

had hoped, so be prepared for some stumbling blocks.

People will sometimes be mystified by you

leaving an established career path for something new.

Remember that comments, well-meaning advice, and

interference is not always motivated by genuine desire to

help, but jealousy. Choose your advisers carefully. Your

resume will need a total overhaul and you should

highlight the kind of work you want to do in the future

and not what you did in the past. Changing fields is a time

when it?s worth it to

consult with a job coach or resume doctor.

Finally, be prepared to start at the bottom, again.

As you change career paths you will once again

be considered a newbie. This might mean you

need to build up your savings, to account for a

lower salary, and toughen your resolve for

working your way up the ladder in a new world.

The one job for a lifetime followed by a gold

watch ceremony and fat retirement package is a

thing of the past. It never really existed for many

parts of society anyway. Career transitions are

the norm. Accepting that you WILL be changing

jobs at some point is the first step to

approaching that change with confidence.

About t he aut hor: In 2005 Karen Southall Watts

drove across the United States alone to begin a

new phase of her life and career on the west

coast. Now residing in Vancouver BC, Karen has

been a business consultant, college instructor,

coach and speaker since 1999, and she

continues to teach Humanities for Bellingham

Technical College. She is the author of

Messenger: The Entrepreneur?s Guide to

Communication, and Ask and Achieve: Questions

in the middle of a womens life.




Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist




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Simmone Anderson

You would be surprised at how something as personal

as crushing a healthy eating goal can empower and

embolden a business owner to crush bigger goals for

their business. Controlling our eating habits is one of

the main issues that people struggle with and by

overcoming it we feel like we can conquer the world.

And we CAN? if we do it SMART:

1. Set SMART Goals

For example, instead of saying, ?I?m going to eat

healthier,? try this:

Specific ? increase fruits and vegetables Measurable ?

1 extra fruit and 2 extra vegetables At t ainable ? before

lunchtime Realistic ? each w eekday Tim e-Bound ? for

the next 30 days Translat ion: ?For the next 30 days, I

will increase my fruit and vegetable intake by one extra

fruit and two extra vegetables each weekday, to be

eaten before lunchtime.?

2. Writ e It Dow n A goal in your head is just a good

idea. A goal on paper is a contract. Write it down, sign

it, and date it. Put it somewhere where you can see it

every day (bathroom mirror, next to car keys, taped to

your laptop monitor)

3. Be Proud, Say It Loud A goal is not a dirty little

secret you get to keep to yourself just in case you don?t

achieve it. Put yourself out there and make it real. Tell

someone you trust and who will support you and hold

you accountable. A goal that you didn?t tell anyone

about is easier to miss than one that you declare out

loud. So say it out loud and be proud.

a lifestyle.

5. Plan For Your Goal What do you need to

accomplish your goal? What preparation do you need

to make to set yourself up for success? Using the

example, you should consider grocery shopping in

advance to help stay on track instead of buying fruits

and vegetables each day because, life happens. If you

?stay ready?, you?ll never have to ?get ready? and you

decrease the chance of falling off before you really get


6. Ident ify The Obst acles You know yourself best so,

again, be realistic. This is no time for pie-in-the-sky

dreams. The letdown of not meeting the goal could be

devastating if you?re not careful. What could possibly

trip you up from missing your goal or making you

abandon it altogether? Using the example, do you take

irregular lunch breaks or no lunch breaks at all? Then

change the time-bound part of your goal to something

achievable like ?before I leave work for the day.? Are

you without an office refrigerator? somebody else?s

why but your very own why. Why do you want to

increase your fruit/veggie intake? HowThen either

bring fruits and veggies that don?t need refrigeration or

purchase cooling packs for your lunch bag.

7. Know YOUR Why Not will it make you feel when

you achieve this goal? Your why will help keep you in

the game so keep it top-of-mind so that you can crush


4. Com m it To Your Goal What day will you start? How

long will you be realistically able to keep it up? Are you

a long term person or do you have a short attention

span? Be real to yourself and your capabilities. Try a

short term goal to see if you can hold yourself

accountable. 30 days is only 4 weeks. If you can hold

your goal for 4 weeks you may have a shot at making it


8. Choose Your Rew ard In Advance Choosing your

reward in advance is an unconscious declaration that you

will meet the goal. You gotta claim it! Make the reward

complementary with the amount of work or effort.

Treating yourself to a trinket from Tiffany?s as a reward

for eating 5 apples and 10 vegetables in one week is a bit

extreme. Do not choose a food-related goal. Treating

yourself to the movies is great. Adding concession food

like hot dogs, popcorn, and soda is undermining. Make

the reward count! Make it something you can brag to

your accountability partner about. Have fun with it. A

nice little reward can help you press toward the next goal

or the next benchmark.

9. Assess Your Goal Regularly Review, Revise, and

Redirect. Review weekly for progress, regress, or issues.

Did you notice positive or negative outcomes? Were

there any physical changes (more runs to the restroom);

emotional changes (more upbeat and positive); mental

changes (more clarity and focus); social changes (more

engaging and friendly)? What held you back or kept you

going? Revise what didn?t work. Using the example,

change fruit varieties if 5 apples was too boring. Mix up

the veggies to include steamed and stir fry if you?re

already sick of raw carrots by week one. Consider

throwing everything in a smoothie for breakfast and

drinking your fruits and veggies at once. Redirect your

efforts from sabotaging behaviors. Using the example,

wake up earlier to pack your lunch bag. Prep your lunch

bag the night before. Take a day to portion your fruits

and veggies into 5 grab and go portions. Think outside

the box and do whatever it takes to hit the goal.

frequently slip up. And remember, one step forward is

better than standing still. So keep pushing.

Bonus Step: Set a New Goal! Don?t stop the momentum.

Keep it going! Before you know it your eating habits will

look dramatically different and you won?t feel like you?ve

tortured yourself in the process. And you never know,

your employees and clients may notice the positive

changes and decide to set a few goals for themselves.

About: Simmone Anderson is a Coach, Strategist, and

Consultant and owner of The North Street Group, a

Personal Financial Risk Management agency. She?s also a

Certified Lifestyle Weight Loss Specialist and Certified

Personal Fitness Chef who caters to busy professionals

and entrepreneurs. Simmone runs two online challenge

communities: the 10 Day Green Smoothie Jump start and

the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge in order to help

people set and crush small goals. Her latest online

community, Healthy Wealthy & Wise, combines her

passions - she truly believes that ?The health of a

business is in direct proportion to the health of the

business owner.? Like and follow Simmone Anderson on

her Facebook page.

10. Progress Not Perfect ion It?s okay to desire to be

perfect during the goal period. But what?s not okay is to

beat yourself up about it or obsess over a mistake. That

counterproductive behavior could hurt you in the long

run. And it just takes the fun out of hitting the goal. This

should be a labor of love. You labor because you love

yourself. Don?t be too hard on yourself if you occasionally

slip up. But don?t be too lenient with yourself if you



It ?s t im e t o t ake flight t o your dream

St eps t o st art ing a journey t o your dream

1. Believe & trust in your dream

2. Visualize your dream

3. Write your dream down

4. Set long term & short term goals with deadline/target dates

5. Connect with like-minded people

6. Start your Business Binder

7. Anticipate the changes that may need to change to reach

your dream



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