SOWBO Magazine 1st edition

SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization (Society of Women Business Owners). The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. Join us for the next edition. Advertise for $65.00 a year. http://sowbomagazine.org/

SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization (Society of Women Business Owners). The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. Join us for the next edition. Advertise for $65.00 a year.


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Editors Corner<br />

Tonya?s Talk<br />

Financial Facts<br />

Getting back to basics<br />

Life Insurance<br />

Trailblazers in Business<br />

Featured Story<br />

The Barbershop Talk<br />

From A King To My Queens<br />

Taking Care of your -Mind, Body, Nutrition<br />

Stand Up In Yourself<br />

Healthy Eating In 10 Steps<br />

Author?s Spotlight<br />


Vanessa Jackson<br />

The Cheesecake Lady<br />

Transitioning for change<br />

Changing Jobs<br />

Events/Conferences<br />

Edit or-in- Chief Tonya D. Lat ney<br />

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Photographer Cover- John Berry<br />

Cont ribut ing Writ ers<br />

Vanessa Jackson, Colena Brown, Karen Southhall -Watts, Simmone Anderson,<br />

Florence Norville- Cheek, Stephen H. Goldstein, Jeermal Sylvester<br />


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From t he Edit or<br />

Tonya Lat ney,MS, BSN,RN,CWP Edit or -in- Chief<br />

?Connecting With Your More?<br />

I was recently sitting with a young woman on an airplane. For some reason, I looked at her and asked,<br />

?Are you in the military?? She said, ?OMG, how did you know that?? I laughed and said,?You have the<br />

look, and, plus, your backpack was a giveaway.?<br />

We laughed, and she began sharing with me how she recently joined the military and how she loved it.<br />

She stated, ?It?s what I was born to do.? She started sharing how a year ago she was in college, but she<br />

was not happy; she was feeling empty even though she was in school working toward her future. She<br />

said, ?One day, I said to myself, there has to be more than this for me.? That?s when she decided to join<br />

the armed forces. I smiled as she was talking because she had found her ?more.?<br />

Have you ever asked or told yourself ?it has to be more than this for me??<br />

Some of you may not even know what you want to do, but one thing is true: you need to make a change<br />

from what you are doing. The empty feeling will ultimately make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. How<br />

does one start the process of finding that more? It is my belief that you must first get quiet, take time,<br />

and stop the busyness in your life. You need to let your inner being and outer being connect with the<br />

universe. In this process, you have to learn how to hear your inner voice or spirit speak and guide you.<br />

Your inner spirit and the universe must connect. When that connection takes place, you will begin the<br />

changes to find your more. Over time, your more will be revealed to you. Your more may have always<br />

been in you, but because you never looked deep inside it could not be revealed. It is my belief that<br />

everyone?s more lies deep within them.<br />

Your more may be a problem you are here on earth to solve.<br />

So, if you are in search of your more, ask yourself, ?What problem am I here to solve in this world?? Then<br />

get quiet!<br />

Making changes is rarely easy, and you may feel somewhat trapped in your every day life of working,<br />

bills, and life responsibilities.<br />

Have faith and stay focused! Human beings should not feel empty and just exist.<br />

You are right! There is more. Find it! Purpose gives you power to truly live, not just exist.<br />

Tonya Lat ney, MS, BSN, RN, CWP<br />

I would love your comments and/or questions.<br />

E-mail: sowbo12@gmail.com Twitter:@sowbo12<br />

Instagram: sowbo12<br />


Getting Back To Basics<br />

Why A Financial Game Plan Is So Important<br />

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA<br />


ecome overwhelmed if you think about all your needs at<br />

once. Instead, try taking it one step at a time, starting with<br />

the basics:<br />

Build an em ergency fund? No matter where you<br />

are in life, it?s important to set aside 8-10 months of living<br />

expenses. You don?t have to do it all at once, but every<br />

dollar you save today is a dollar you won?t have to borrow<br />

if something unexpected happens.<br />

Prot ect your hom e and fam ily? Most of us have<br />

people who depend on us to keep a roof over their heads<br />

and food on their plates. That?s a big responsibility, but it?s<br />

one life insurance can help you meet? even if something<br />

tragic takes you away. You can start with an affordable<br />

term life plan at first, and then add more coverage as<br />

your needs and budget grow.<br />

Prepare for m ajor expenses like college? As a<br />

parent or grandparent, you naturally want the best for<br />

your loved ones. Now?s the time to start a college or<br />

wedding fund so they won?t have to go into debt to make<br />

their dreams for the future come true.<br />

M any of us are familiar with the expression,<br />

?failing to plan is planning to fail.? As an Agent with New<br />

York Life, I can assure you that? when it comes to<br />

financial goals and objectives? this old adage still rings<br />

true.<br />

In fact, it may be more relevant than ever.<br />

It isn?t always easy for some Americans to make<br />

financial headway. With pensions in decline and interest<br />

rates only just starting to inch up near historic lows, it<br />

usually takes persistence and sound planning in order to<br />

get ahead.<br />

Not sure how to begin? That?s okay? it?s easy to<br />

Get ready for ret irem ent - There are plennty of<br />

ways to set aside money for retirement: 401(k)s, IRAs,<br />

and fixed deferred annuities* just to name a few. But<br />

they all have one thing in common? the sooner you<br />

start, the better off you?ll be in the long run. Try to<br />

increase your contributions over time? perhaps 1% with<br />

each raise? or, if you are age 50 or older, look into some<br />

of the ?catch-up?provisions that may allow you to<br />

contribute even more.<br />

While the economy is starting to grow, it still makes<br />

sense to stay focused on the things that really matter. A<br />

sound financial game plan can help us accomplish many<br />

things? but perhaps the most important is making sure<br />

we never lose sight of them again.<br />

To learn more about the information or topics<br />

discussed, please contact<br />


Agent ,<br />

New York Life Insurance Com pany<br />

610-660-7696<br />



In its simplest form, life insurance is a promise<br />

between an insurance company and you, the<br />

policy owner. If you pay a certain amount of<br />

money (premium) to the insurance company, the insurance<br />

company will pay a certain amount of money (death benefit) to<br />

the person (beneficiary) you tell the insurance company to when<br />

the person whose life is being insured dies.<br />

There are many types of life insurance. Term insurance only<br />

provides a death benefit for a limited period of time. By contrast<br />

permanent insurance can provide a death benefit and the<br />

potential to build policy cash value that you can access during<br />

your lifetime using policy loans and withdrawals.<br />



i<br />

Permanent insurance can also offer the flexibility to<br />

increase or decrease your death benefit as your needs<br />

change, as well as the potential to reduce or skip premium<br />

payments. 2<br />


Let?s examine the amount of life insurance you<br />

may need. If your family relies on your income, it?s critical to<br />

consider having enough life insurance to provide for them<br />

after you pass away. But too often, life insurance is an<br />

overlooked aspect of personal finances.<br />

In fact, according to a study conducted by LIMRA, which<br />

closely follows life insurance trends, less t han half of U.S.<br />

households say t hey have individual life insurance<br />

coverage, and 40% of Am ericans say t hey need m ore<br />

coverage. 3<br />

Recognizing the role life insurance can play in your family<br />

finances is an important first step. A critical second step is<br />

determining how much life insurance you may need.<br />


One widely followed rule of thumb for estimating a<br />

person?s insurance needs is based on income. Some will say<br />

a person needs a life insurance policy that is five times his or<br />

her annual income. Others recommend up to ten times<br />

annual income. But if you are looking for a more accurate<br />

estimate, consider completing a ?DNA test.? A DNA test is a<br />

Detailed Needs Analysis that takes into account a wide range<br />

of financial commitments to help better estimate insurance<br />

needs. The first step is to add up needs and obligations.<br />

a primary wage-earner&#39;s death. Source: LIMRA, 2016<br />


Any assets that can be redeemed quickly and for a<br />

predictable price are considered liquid.<br />

Generally, houses and cars are not considered<br />

liquid assets since they may require time to sell.<br />

Also, remember that selling a home or a car may adjust a<br />

family?s current standard of living.<br />


Needs and obligations ? minus liquid assets ?<br />

can help you get a better idea about the amount<br />

of life insurance coverage you may need. While<br />

this exercise is a good start to understanding your insurance<br />

needs, a more detailed review may be necessary to better<br />

assess your situation.<br />

Are you ready to take control of your financial<br />

future? Let?s talk.<br />

Stephen H. Goldstein<br />

Key Advisors<br />

1400 N Providence Rd<br />

Suite 117<br />

Media, PA 19063<br />

P 610-891- 9700<br />

C 267-273- 5273 - F 610-892- 2900<br />

Goldstein_Stephen@nlgroupmail.com<br />


Which funds will need to be available for final expenses,<br />

such as a funeral, final medical bills, and any outstanding<br />

debts, such as credit cards or personal loans? How much to<br />

make available for short-term needs will depend on your<br />

individual situation.<br />


How much will it cost to maintain your family?s standard of<br />

living? How much is spent on necessities like housing, food,<br />

and clothing? Also, consider factoring in expenses such as<br />

travel and entertainment. Answering the question, ?What<br />

would it cost per year to maintain this lifestyle?? is good<br />

place to start.<br />


What additional expenses may arise in the future? What<br />

family consideration will need to be addressed, especially if<br />

there are young children? Will aging parents need some kind<br />

of support? How about college costs? Factoring in potential<br />

new obligations allows for a more accurate picture of<br />

ongoing financial needs. Next, subtract all current assets<br />

available. Fast Fact: 70% of households say they would have<br />

trouble covering everyday living expenses within months of<br />



Featured Story<br />

Vanessa Jackson<br />

Owner<br />

The Cheesecake Lady<br />

What motivated you to start your business?<br />

It's funny how The Cheesecake Lady got its start because I<br />

never tasted cheesecake until I was 34 years old. The very<br />

thought of cheese in a cake was reprehensible in my mind<br />

(silly me)! In December, 1999, my employer took the staff<br />

to the Macaroni Grill for a Christmas luncheon. Almost<br />

everyone ordered cheesecake. When they discovered I had<br />

never had it, there was a major production to get me to try<br />

it. I did and it was the best thing I ever tasted. After that, I<br />

found myself driving to the Macaroni Grill after church<br />

every Sunday for cheesecake for my kids and me. Realizing<br />

I could not afford to keep up my habit, I decided to learn<br />

how to make them.<br />

During this time, I was on the Atkins Diet so I decided to<br />

make a low carb version from a recipe off the Equal box.<br />

The results were disappointing. Therefore, I decided toplay<br />

around and try different things. I discovered that the<br />

better the brand named ingredient, the better the<br />

cheesecake. After many taste tests and lots of advice and<br />

criticism from my favorite Aunt Ree (R.I.P.), I knew I finally<br />

nailed it because all she could say was, THAAAAATT<br />

CHEESECAKE...!, over and over again.<br />

Discuss som e inform at ion on how you got st art ed?<br />

My aunt started telling people at our church that<br />

I sell cheesecake. When I told her I did not.<br />

She said you do now.<br />

When did you start your business and where?<br />


My aunt started telling people at our church that I sell<br />

cheesecake. When I told her I did not. She said you do<br />

now.<br />

When did you st art your business and w here?<br />

I started my business at home and was selling cakes<br />

out of the trunk of my car after church. I would make<br />

whole cakes and slice them. It was very messy and<br />

annoyed me so I stopped. A few years later, I came<br />

across the mini pans and a light bulb went off. No more<br />

slicing and beautiful presentation, which meant<br />

everything to me.<br />

Why do you t hink having your ow n business is<br />

im port ant ?<br />

I went to school for business so I had the Associates in<br />

Business when I started The Cheesecake Lady but right<br />

after I received my Bachelors in Business I opened my<br />

first store front. The timing was just right! I have always<br />

liked having my own money and would babysit or type<br />

letters and do other desktop publishing jobs for people<br />

for a couple of dollars while in high school.<br />

You make up your mind to work long hours instead of<br />

hanging out with a friend or you decide to not get paid<br />

for those extra hours and close the store early so you can<br />

go to a family function. You have to make it work<br />

What is t he one w ord t hat sum up you?<br />

Determined.<br />

My advice to anyone starting a business is put the time<br />

in! Think about what you have and why it is special. If<br />

people are always talking about your gifts and you feel<br />

people can benefit from what you have, go for it! Know<br />

that it is a process ? filled with ups, downs and pitfalls.<br />

Learn from each process and do not give up unless you<br />

really want to. I want to give special thanks to all the<br />

people who have loved our product and us over all these<br />

years and who refuse to let us quit. I am looking forward<br />

to our new ventures and cannot wait toshare it with you<br />

all soon.<br />

We are currently looking for a new storefront but can be<br />

reached by phone at 267.575.3952 or on Facebook<br />

@cheesecakelady.org, on Instagram @philacheesecake.<br />

How do you st ay focused and balanced w it h your<br />

business and everyday life?<br />

When I first started it was hard because I had small<br />

children but it was okay because I was working in the<br />

house so I could be with them. In addition, we really<br />

needed the money at that time. It also taught them the<br />

value of hard work and owning your own business. In<br />

the end, it was a win-win. Now everyone is all grown up<br />

and I have no one to answer to so it is even easier.<br />


SWES Cleaning Co.<br />

Commercial Cleaning With A Unique Touch<br />


Office: 215-995-1478<br />

Women Owned/Minority Owned<br />

swescleaningco@outlook.com<br />

www.swescleaning.com<br />



From A King to My Queens<br />

Please Pick Up Your Invisible CROWN<br />


Barbershop Talk<br />

Jeerm al Sylvest er<br />

M y black women, you are royalty don't diminish your<br />

womanhood. You are queens. You are princesses that are<br />

becoming queens. You are goddesses. Without you, there<br />

would be no us.<br />

You walk with confidence, strength, style, grace, and most of<br />

all beauty. Nothing or no one compares to the black woman<br />

for you have overcome so much over the years and have<br />

proven your superiority. Society loves to tell you how you<br />

should be and how you should look, however, it doesn't stop<br />

you from doing what you do like only you can do it.<br />

My challenge to you all, young and old is to always wear your<br />

invisible crown. You have gotten a bad wrap because of those<br />

that don't know their worth or who they are. From those that<br />

continue to give in to the pressures of the world and allow<br />

themselves to be mistreated and belittled just to keep up with<br />

the Jones. I know my Nubian queens you haven't always been<br />

treated fairly and I'm sorry but I have to say that none of that<br />

should ever cause you to forget who you are...QUEENS.<br />

all that you do, for all that you have endured for so many<br />

years and for carrying the weight. I salute you and I speak life<br />

into you and over you, as a King, I say "proud, strong and<br />

fearless black woman raise your head and show the world<br />

your crown "it's your time to shine".<br />

My definition of a Queen- means to be amazing and believing<br />

that you are. Having confidence and not allowing anyone to<br />

tell you or treat you differently. Respecting your temple,<br />

embracing your individuality, putting yourself first on your<br />

search to find true happiness.<br />

John Mitchell said, "The finest STEEL has to go through the<br />

HOTTEST FIRE" you all are fine and you all are strong even<br />

though you don't always like to go through it we know that it's<br />

a vital part of the process into making you who and what you<br />

are called to BE....QUEENS. One love!<br />

In a world that is so confused and suffering from an identity<br />

crisis, I ask you, my QUEENS, to remember who your<br />

ancestors were but more importantly who you are. Our young<br />

ladies are badly in need of a real example of what a woman is<br />

and how she should conduct herself from day to day. The<br />

false images they see on TV, in these music videos and those<br />

that are being talked about in the music is not what they need<br />

to see, hear or want to be. That's why the queens of the world<br />

have to be on their post every day no matter what to give<br />

them a clear picture of what a QUEEN is and what a QUEENS<br />

do regardless of what life has thrown their way. You all were<br />

given an imperishable crown and somewhere along the line<br />

life beat you up and beat you down so much that your crown<br />

fell off. I need you to know that you are amazing and you are<br />

uniquely made. I ask that all my strong, powerful and proud<br />

sisters please pick up your crowns and wear it with pride.<br />

There is no man, job or title that can validate your worth only<br />

you can do that. You have so much to offer and contribute to<br />

the world but you have to walk with your head held high in<br />

spite of everything. Show the world your greatness and more<br />

importantly show the world that you are and always will be<br />

QUEENS.<br />

Jeerm al Sylvest er<br />

From one KING to all the Queens of the world THANK YOU for<br />


Stand Up<br />

In<br />

Yourself!<br />

Let?s start this conversation about what I believe is the root of<br />

most of the dysfunction in our community. Sham e, Blam e, Guilt<br />

and Judgm ent . I call them the three sisters and their brother. It is<br />

a lengthy process to understand the depth to which these siblings<br />

impact our day to day life. Understanding begins once the<br />

individual, assisted by a mental health clinician (individual therapy<br />

sessions), starts the journey of self-discovery. It will take several<br />

conversations to completely understand, however, the longest<br />

journey starts with the first step. Let?s get to stepping; during the<br />

sessions, we want to begin to examine our belief system, which is<br />

created/developed/conditioned by our environment and taking<br />

the siblings and talking about them one at a time, we?ll start with<br />

Sham e.<br />

During our developmental years, we are impacted directly and<br />

indirectly by messages that either fosters a healthy sense of self<br />

or damages our sense of self. It is safe to say that no healthy<br />

parents plan or wants to damage their children?s sense of self.<br />

This reality is; however, most parents have no real understanding<br />

of what damages a developing self of sense. Even the most<br />

well-meaning parents can have an unhealthy impact on their<br />

child?s sense of self. Shame: The painful feeling arising from the<br />

consciousness of something dishonorable, disgrace, and/or<br />


"I call them the<br />

thr ee sister s<br />

and their<br />

br other.."<br />

Article Title<br />

-Colena Brown,<br />

License Professional Counselor (LPC)<br />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur<br />

sadipscing elitr, sed diam<br />

It is important to understand that when Shame is<br />

self-inflicted, it is coming from your original orientation,<br />

the conditioning during your developmental years<br />

(someone/something taught you to be ashamed). You get<br />

these definitions of what is dishonorable, a disgrace and<br />

improper from our parent?s environment in their attempt<br />

to teach us right from wrong. Most parents find it<br />

necessary to teach these lessons of right and wrong, good<br />

and bad to their very young children. In most cases, by<br />

any means necessary, believing often time that the lesson<br />

is taught through pain and embarrassment. The limited<br />

understanding most parents have of brain development,<br />

child development and/or personality development,<br />

makes it difficult for them to create that healthy<br />

environment that will nurture a child?s sense of self.<br />

Shame seeps into the environment, undetected and<br />

wreaks havoc. Something as simple as a nickname, a style<br />

of dress, a traditional way of saying or doing most any<br />

ritual that is far out last its benefit. ?In my practice, I have<br />

met several parents who had ?knockdown, drag out<br />

fights,? with their children because the child got to a<br />

certain age and wanted to change his/her name.? My<br />

suggestion has always been to, of course have a<br />

conversation with the child to understand why a name<br />

change was important. In most, if not all cases, it had to<br />

do with some form of self-identity. Which goes back to the<br />

need to understand the methods and techniques of<br />

developing a healthy sense of self in our children.<br />

that increases and encourages parental understanding of<br />

the dangers to their child?s sense of self; in the numerous<br />

ways Shame presents itself in their environment. There is<br />

a large body of information available to support parents in<br />

their efforts to create healthy environments for their<br />

children. My hope is that, this conversation sparks a fire<br />

that heats up and we continue the flame burning; as our<br />

knowledge of brain development, child development<br />

and/or personality development increases, and the result<br />

being a world where Shame is no longer a part of the<br />

conversation..<br />

.Cont act informat ion:<br />

Colena Brown, LPC<br />

1-888- 686-5010<br />

www.rwmservices.com<br />

colenamarie@rwmservices.com<br />

There are countless ways Shame finds itself in our<br />

communities, this conversation is to begin the talk about<br />

and increase the understanding of the importance of a<br />

healthy environment during our original orientation.<br />

Moving forward, we want to be a part of the movement<br />


Author's Spotlight<br />

Be encouraged and inspired by the thought<br />

provoking writings of these Authors.<br />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.<br />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.<br />

Destiny Tours & Travel<br />


Travel To The Destination You Always Dreamed Of<br />

45 E. City Line Ave. #318<br />

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004<br />

Office: 215-873-73124 Fax: 856-668-5838<br />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.<br />

Email: destourtrav@cs.com<br />


Ar e Your<br />

Closest<br />

Relationships<br />

Suppor ting<br />

You?<br />

-Darlania Rose<br />

This was a hard subject. I<br />

recognized this in my own life. It?s very<br />

hard to admit. That someone in your<br />

life doesn?t want you to win. They would<br />

rather see you down. busted and<br />

disgusted, broke as a joke.<br />

They love you that way. If the come<br />

up is imminent baby you better watch<br />

your back! So many peoplein our lives<br />

that we think got our backs but, upon<br />

examination we may find that is not<br />

true. Family and our closest friends can<br />

suffer from jealousy, envy and it can<br />

show up in some real ugly ways. We feel<br />

something because our intuition tells<br />

us. What do we do? Brush it off, no not<br />

him/her they love me.<br />

We think we are imagining this.<br />

Maya Angelou said, ?When someone<br />

shows you who they are, believe them!?<br />

We can really be held back from<br />

achieving our goals by the people we<br />

least suspect, those closest to us.<br />

Although it might be hard to accept, the<br />

people you?re the most well acquainted<br />

with might be working against you,<br />

whether they realize it or not.<br />

They act as obstacles, preventing<br />

you from doing the things you love or<br />

pursuing your dream job. They might<br />

say things that make you rethink the<br />

path you want to go down, or make you<br />

feel as if you won?t be good enough to<br />

make it to your goals ? especially if<br />

you?re trying to launch a new career<br />

path for something like online<br />

entrepreneurial efforts. They are slowly<br />

but surely eating away at your<br />

self-confidence. People around me<br />

used to say ?what are you doing now<br />

Darlainaaaaa! Geez make up your<br />

mind!? or they would say ?Tommy you<br />

know you ain?t got no job!? It was<br />

hurtful. Especially when I was serious<br />

about the transition I was making. I am<br />

all the way grown now! I can spot it a<br />

mile away.<br />

However, it?s not always that clear.<br />

Your friends and family will have<br />

different ways of interfering with your<br />

personal satisfaction. Some might be<br />

very straightforward and blunt, telling<br />

you that your goals are unrealistic or<br />

that you?re not good enough to achieve<br />

them. I?m not good enough, you mean<br />

I?m not smart enough to figure this out.<br />

How hurtful can you be?<br />

The most dangerous kind are the<br />

ones who disguise their blocking as an<br />

attempt to help you. They might tell you<br />

to not pursue your dreams in the name<br />

of job security or some other excuse.<br />

My one friend told me I should have<br />

stayed at a job that underpaid me and<br />

the boss was abusive because it was a<br />

?GOOD JOB?! If I would have stayed<br />

there you would not be reading this<br />

now. The many I now coach on a day to<br />

day basis would not be getting that<br />

service either. Those that have heard<br />

me speak would never have heard that<br />

either. I am thankful for my intuition<br />

and the real people who support my<br />

vision.<br />

They could try to steer you in<br />

another direction, assuring you it?s the<br />

best path for you. Only you know what?s<br />

best for you. Even if your closest<br />

relationships are acting as obstacles,<br />

you can?t just cut out everyone who?s<br />

important in your life. However, you can<br />

keep your dreams and goals protected<br />

by not sharing them with everyone. The<br />

vision was give to you not them. Guess<br />

what, they don?t have to see it! It?s<br />

yours!<br />

If you just started seeing someone<br />

and they wanted you to stop pursuing<br />

your dreams, then perhaps it?s be a<br />

good idea to stop seeing them.<br />

However, how could you cut out your<br />

own parents if they tried to steer you<br />

towards a different career?

You must be able to set a certain boundary in which you<br />

consider their advice if they give it to you, and respectfully<br />

decline it if you don?t agree with it. However, if they began<br />

to insult your career choice or goals, then they would be<br />

crossing the boundary you set.<br />

Once people cross your boundaries, you must make the<br />

decision of whether you should keep them in your life or<br />

distance yourself from them. You should weigh their<br />

positive and negative benefits, and if they?re an overall<br />

drag on your happiness, there?s no reason to keep them<br />

around ? at least not on a continual basis.<br />

Let them know that they?re bringing you down, and you?re<br />

not going to associate with them until they change their<br />

ways. If you find you don?t have the courage to tell them<br />

what they are doing, that?s ok too! Just find ways to make<br />

yourself scarce until you find the courage. Sometimes<br />

silence is best, and actions will speak for themselves. The<br />

alternative can be very detrimental. If you let these people<br />

stick around in your life and tell you how to live it, you?ll<br />

end up unhappy and dissatisfied. I always say you only get<br />

one life to live. This is not dress rehearsal, this is the live<br />

show! Make it the best show ever!!<br />

Darlaina Rose Twitter/FB/IG :Darlaina Rose<br />

Health and Wellness Coach<br />

www.DarlainaRose.com<br />

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267-521- 2001<br />

"I am thankful for my intuition and the real people<br />

who support my vision."

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Put Your Products And Services At The<br />

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First make sure to keep your skills, especially those around<br />

technology up-to- date. Don?t go to that first interview without<br />

refreshing your skill set. Use a functional resume if you can to<br />

help make gaps less noticeable so you can get to the interview<br />

phase. However, after you get to the hiring manager, go ahead<br />

and explain your time away from work. Research out of<br />

Vanderbilt Law School shows that sharing personal information<br />

about your time away increases your chances of being hired.<br />

Employers don?t like surprises or mystery. Finally, when you<br />

re-enter the workforce after a long absence, refresh your<br />

appearance too. Make sure that your clothes still fit (a common<br />

post baby concern), and that your look is current and<br />

professional.<br />

Maybe you?ve been steadily employed and your next<br />

transition is from worker to boss. Moving into a management<br />

position can be just as stressful as landing your first job. Along<br />

with a new title and hopefully bigger paycheck comes a whole<br />

new reality. Like it or not, you just became a role model. This<br />

means no dragging in late, skipping out early or complaining<br />

about everything. though it?s unlikely you got promoted if you<br />

were doing a lot of these negative behaviors. Now everyone is<br />

watching and you need to model the kind of attitude and work<br />

habits you want to see in those you supervise.<br />

Karen Sout hall Wat t s<br />

Transit ions ? Changing Jobs<br />

M ost of us have heard all our lives about<br />

change being the only constant in life. Friends and<br />

family nod their heads and intone words of wisdom<br />

about how we need to adapt and adjust and just ?get<br />

on with it.? Yet, all this knowledge and advice doesn?t<br />

make life?s transitions easier,especially in the<br />

workplace. Changing jobs or career paths can be hard.<br />

Here are four typical transitions and some coping<br />

strategies.<br />

Re-ent ering t he w orkforce. Families grow and<br />

change all the time, and new babies, sick spouses or<br />

ailing parents often mean time out of the traditional<br />

workforce. Leaving the professional realm for months<br />

or even years for care-taking duty can be a gift to your<br />

family and toxic to your career. Time at home creates<br />

the dreaded resume gap? the kiss of death in some<br />

HR circles. What can you do?<br />

As a newly minted boss you will also need to recommit<br />

to learning and listening. The way to help your subordinates<br />

succeed is to be open; remember how much you hated that<br />

boss who would not listen. Try to find a mentor within your<br />

company. If you can?t then commit to reading, watching videos<br />

or participating in professional development workshops every<br />

month. Work at being a good boss, and don?t just settle for the<br />

new title.<br />

If you really want a taste of being in charge it might be<br />

time to move from corporate work to entrepreneurship. This<br />

can be an exciting transition, but it?s filled with unique risks.<br />

Once you?ve decided to take the entrepreneur plunge, and I<br />

highly recommend some coaching and reflection first, then it?s<br />

time to reshape your world. As an entrepreneur you will need<br />

to:<br />

Provide all your own motivation? there?s no boss pushing you<br />

Create all your own structure? the workday, your schedule,<br />

your methods are all up to you<br />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.<br />


Build a support network? advisory board,<br />

accountability partner, or supportive peers? don?t go it<br />

alone<br />

Those first few months of entrepreneurship can be<br />

tough. Business owners who work from home may find<br />

they gain weight. After all the kitchen is just steps away.<br />

Consider putting your home office in a part of the house<br />

without a view of the refrigerator. Family dynamics may<br />

change and become stressful, especially if you are<br />

expecting family members to work in the business.<br />

Maybe you don?t want to open a business, but<br />

you want to change industry or specialty. Not everyone is<br />

blessed with clear and exact career knowledge by age<br />

eighteen. Sometimes adults, even after years in one field,<br />

decide they want or need to change directions. The<br />

bookkeeper who becomes an artist, the engineer who<br />

goes into teaching, or the X-ray tech who becomes an<br />

artisan bread baker are examples of mid-life career<br />

transitions. These changes can be particularly thrilling as<br />

you finally step out to do what you?ve ?always wanted.?<br />

However, our modern culture still isn?t quite as flexible or<br />

forgiving of adults exploring their talents as some of us<br />

had hoped, so be prepared for some stumbling blocks.<br />

People will sometimes be mystified by you<br />

leaving an established career path for something new.<br />

Remember that comments, well-meaning advice, and<br />

interference is not always motivated by genuine desire to<br />

help, but jealousy. Choose your advisers carefully. Your<br />

resume will need a total overhaul and you should<br />

highlight the kind of work you want to do in the future<br />

and not what you did in the past. Changing fields is a time<br />

when it?s worth it to<br />

consult with a job coach or resume doctor.<br />

Finally, be prepared to start at the bottom, again.<br />

As you change career paths you will once again<br />

be considered a newbie. This might mean you<br />

need to build up your savings, to account for a<br />

lower salary, and toughen your resolve for<br />

working your way up the ladder in a new world.<br />

The one job for a lifetime followed by a gold<br />

watch ceremony and fat retirement package is a<br />

thing of the past. It never really existed for many<br />

parts of society anyway. Career transitions are<br />

the norm. Accepting that you WILL be changing<br />

jobs at some point is the first step to<br />

approaching that change with confidence.<br />

About t he aut hor: In 2005 Karen Southall Watts<br />

drove across the United States alone to begin a<br />

new phase of her life and career on the west<br />

coast. Now residing in Vancouver BC, Karen has<br />

been a business consultant, college instructor,<br />

coach and speaker since 1999, and she<br />

continues to teach Humanities for Bellingham<br />

Technical College. She is the author of<br />

Messenger: The Entrepreneur?s Guide to<br />

Communication, and Ask and Achieve: Questions<br />

in the middle of a womens life.<br />




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Simmone Anderson<br />

You would be surprised at how something as personal<br />

as crushing a healthy eating goal can empower and<br />

embolden a business owner to crush bigger goals for<br />

their business. Controlling our eating habits is one of<br />

the main issues that people struggle with and by<br />

overcoming it we feel like we can conquer the world.<br />

And we CAN? if we do it SMART:<br />

1. Set SMART Goals<br />

For example, instead of saying, ?I?m going to eat<br />

healthier,? try this:<br />

Specific ? increase fruits and vegetables Measurable ?<br />

1 extra fruit and 2 extra vegetables At t ainable ? before<br />

lunchtime Realistic ? each w eekday Tim e-Bound ? for<br />

the next 30 days Translat ion: ?For the next 30 days, I<br />

will increase my fruit and vegetable intake by one extra<br />

fruit and two extra vegetables each weekday, to be<br />

eaten before lunchtime.?<br />

2. Writ e It Dow n A goal in your head is just a good<br />

idea. A goal on paper is a contract. Write it down, sign<br />

it, and date it. Put it somewhere where you can see it<br />

every day (bathroom mirror, next to car keys, taped to<br />

your laptop monitor)<br />

3. Be Proud, Say It Loud A goal is not a dirty little<br />

secret you get to keep to yourself just in case you don?t<br />

achieve it. Put yourself out there and make it real. Tell<br />

someone you trust and who will support you and hold<br />

you accountable. A goal that you didn?t tell anyone<br />

about is easier to miss than one that you declare out<br />

loud. So say it out loud and be proud.<br />

a lifestyle.<br />

5. Plan For Your Goal What do you need to<br />

accomplish your goal? What preparation do you need<br />

to make to set yourself up for success? Using the<br />

example, you should consider grocery shopping in<br />

advance to help stay on track instead of buying fruits<br />

and vegetables each day because, life happens. If you<br />

?stay ready?, you?ll never have to ?get ready? and you<br />

decrease the chance of falling off before you really get<br />

started.<br />

6. Ident ify The Obst acles You know yourself best so,<br />

again, be realistic. This is no time for pie-in-the-sky<br />

dreams. The letdown of not meeting the goal could be<br />

devastating if you?re not careful. What could possibly<br />

trip you up from missing your goal or making you<br />

abandon it altogether? Using the example, do you take<br />

irregular lunch breaks or no lunch breaks at all? Then<br />

change the time-bound part of your goal to something<br />

achievable like ?before I leave work for the day.? Are<br />

you without an office refrigerator? somebody else?s<br />

why but your very own why. Why do you want to<br />

increase your fruit/veggie intake? HowThen either<br />

bring fruits and veggies that don?t need refrigeration or<br />

purchase cooling packs for your lunch bag.<br />

7. Know YOUR Why Not will it make you feel when<br />

you achieve this goal? Your why will help keep you in<br />

the game so keep it top-of-mind so that you can crush<br />

it.<br />

4. Com m it To Your Goal What day will you start? How<br />

long will you be realistically able to keep it up? Are you<br />

a long term person or do you have a short attention<br />

span? Be real to yourself and your capabilities. Try a<br />

short term goal to see if you can hold yourself<br />

accountable. 30 days is only 4 weeks. If you can hold<br />

your goal for 4 weeks you may have a shot at making it<br />


8. Choose Your Rew ard In Advance Choosing your<br />

reward in advance is an unconscious declaration that you<br />

will meet the goal. You gotta claim it! Make the reward<br />

complementary with the amount of work or effort.<br />

Treating yourself to a trinket from Tiffany?s as a reward<br />

for eating 5 apples and 10 vegetables in one week is a bit<br />

extreme. Do not choose a food-related goal. Treating<br />

yourself to the movies is great. Adding concession food<br />

like hot dogs, popcorn, and soda is undermining. Make<br />

the reward count! Make it something you can brag to<br />

your accountability partner about. Have fun with it. A<br />

nice little reward can help you press toward the next goal<br />

or the next benchmark.<br />

9. Assess Your Goal Regularly Review, Revise, and<br />

Redirect. Review weekly for progress, regress, or issues.<br />

Did you notice positive or negative outcomes? Were<br />

there any physical changes (more runs to the restroom);<br />

emotional changes (more upbeat and positive); mental<br />

changes (more clarity and focus); social changes (more<br />

engaging and friendly)? What held you back or kept you<br />

going? Revise what didn?t work. Using the example,<br />

change fruit varieties if 5 apples was too boring. Mix up<br />

the veggies to include steamed and stir fry if you?re<br />

already sick of raw carrots by week one. Consider<br />

throwing everything in a smoothie for breakfast and<br />

drinking your fruits and veggies at once. Redirect your<br />

efforts from sabotaging behaviors. Using the example,<br />

wake up earlier to pack your lunch bag. Prep your lunch<br />

bag the night before. Take a day to portion your fruits<br />

and veggies into 5 grab and go portions. Think outside<br />

the box and do whatever it takes to hit the goal.<br />

frequently slip up. And remember, one step forward is<br />

better than standing still. So keep pushing.<br />

Bonus Step: Set a New Goal! Don?t stop the momentum.<br />

Keep it going! Before you know it your eating habits will<br />

look dramatically different and you won?t feel like you?ve<br />

tortured yourself in the process. And you never know,<br />

your employees and clients may notice the positive<br />

changes and decide to set a few goals for themselves.<br />

About: Simmone Anderson is a Coach, Strategist, and<br />

Consultant and owner of The North Street Group, a<br />

Personal Financial Risk Management agency. She?s also a<br />

Certified Lifestyle Weight Loss Specialist and Certified<br />

Personal Fitness Chef who caters to busy professionals<br />

and entrepreneurs. Simmone runs two online challenge<br />

communities: the 10 Day Green Smoothie Jump start and<br />

the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge in order to help<br />

people set and crush small goals. Her latest online<br />

community, Healthy Wealthy & Wise, combines her<br />

passions - she truly believes that ?The health of a<br />

business is in direct proportion to the health of the<br />

business owner.? Like and follow Simmone Anderson on<br />

her Facebook page.<br />

10. Progress Not Perfect ion It?s okay to desire to be<br />

perfect during the goal period. But what?s not okay is to<br />

beat yourself up about it or obsess over a mistake. That<br />

counterproductive behavior could hurt you in the long<br />

run. And it just takes the fun out of hitting the goal. This<br />

should be a labor of love. You labor because you love<br />

yourself. Don?t be too hard on yourself if you occasionally<br />

slip up. But don?t be too lenient with yourself if you<br />



It ?s t im e t o t ake flight t o your dream<br />

St eps t o st art ing a journey t o your dream<br />

1. Believe & trust in your dream<br />

2. Visualize your dream<br />

3. Write your dream down<br />

4. Set long term & short term goals with deadline/target dates<br />

5. Connect with like-minded people<br />

6. Start your Business Binder<br />

7. Anticipate the changes that may need to change to reach<br />

your dream<br />



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self care is everything<br />


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