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Adventure Sports Activities which can be done near Delhi NCR by The Rurban Village. We provides various sports activities like Zorbing, Zipline Tour, ATV, best Picnic Spots and so on.
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Adventure Sports Activities which can be done near Delhi NCR

You thought that the life of city dwellers in Delhi is tough? For a fact Delhi has numerous options

for Adventure Sports and the city is filled with people ready to give anything in exchange for a

little thrill. The city has some of the most exciting options of adventure sports to offer that you

can try out on a weekend. There are multitudes of adventure camps and weekend getaway

package providers that host Adventure Activities near Delhi.

This blog aims to share with the fun - loving city dwellers of Delhi with options of adventure sports

that they can explore during week offs:

1) Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is one of the most popular adventure sports near Delhi. It requires participants to

usually climb up or down on artificial or natural rock formations. The focus is to reach the pinnacle

of these rock formations through a usually pre-fixed route.

It is a sport that will perfectly test your strength, endurance and agility apart from being both

physically and mentally demanding. Owing to the length of these formations and increased

endurance, Rock Climbing is considered to be a dangerous adventure sport. Hence, it is essential

that Rock Climbing is done under the supervision of certified experts and with proper safety gear.

2) Zorbing:

The next on the list of adventure activities is Zorbing near Delhi. This is one adventure sport that

is sure to be new and exciting for you. It basically involved humans packed inside life – size

transparent orbs to roll them down a sloping or a plain terrain. Riding these orbs on a plain terrain

allows more user control.

This activity can also be done on artificially created platforms such as inflatable or wooden ramps.

As these orbs are buoyant, they can also be ridden on the surfaces of water bodies. However,

proper care should be taken in terms of inflating and sealing the orb. There usually are two kinds

of orbs. While one is harnessed, the other one is non - harnessed. While the harnessed orbs can

carry only one to two riders, the non-harnessed ones can contain up to three riders.

3) Zip – Lining:

The next adventure sports near Delhi that follows is Zip – Line. In this activity, a pulley is

suspended on a cable made of durable metals. The cable is usually mounted across a slope. A

user is propelled by the power of gravity so that he is able to slide down from the one end

of the rope to another.

Zip-lining is becoming increasingly popular amongst adventure sports enthusiasts. It is one of the

most preferred and thrilling activities during vacations or on weekend getaways. If done under

the supervision of certified experts in conjugation with the required safety equipments, this

activity is easy and safe to carry out.

4) Cliff-Jumping:

Cliff Jumping follows on the list of adventure activities near Delhi. It is one another great

opportunity to experience some thrill. It is also probably the least complicated form of adventure

sport to ever exist. This is because it requires minimal gears or equipments. It requires a

participant to jump from dizzying heights onto a base. The base often is a water-body and it is

really thrilling when your body falls into the water after sailing in the mid-air for a couple of


With your personal guide to the much thrilling Adventure Sports near Delhi, you are ready to be

the adventure sports expert in your family. Take family and friends along to enjoy an adventure

sports outing and make the best out of your weekends.

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