Ideas For DNP Capstone Project


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1 FNP on interventional radiology

2 Role of PNP in changing or shifting of special needs of children care to

adult care

3 Improving relationship of nurses to inpatient unit

4 Increasing nursing autonomy on staff

5 Improving nursing satisfaction on staff

6 DNP project in pain or palliative medicine

7 Intervention to decrease obesity

8 Review of cervical motion

9 Influence of language and race to patients

10 Incorporating health policy into advocacy of scholarly project


11 Nursing implications on mental health

12 War trauma review

13 Evaluation and implementation of electronic health record

14 Increasing vaccination rates among children in Urban Health

15 Health and wellness program about type 2 diabetes

16 Prostate cancer treatment

17 Guidelines on wound management for patient of orthopedics

18 Gynecologic cancer treatment

19 Anesthesiology medical assessment in surgery centers

20 Behavioral interventions effect: a review

21 Doctors attitudes, belief and knowledge about adult immunizations

22 Drug abuse prevention

23 An evaluation about patients having mild cognitive impairment

24 Evaluation on pediatric primary care

25 Implications of nursing education to chronic disease management

26 Health literacy and hypertension awareness

27 Population density influence on relationship between diabetes and

socioeconomic status

28 Simulation on advanced beginner nurses

29 Faculty evaluation about their transition

30 Guidelines on clinical practice

31 Alcohol management evaluation in community hospital

32 Physical activity perceptions of neck and head cancer survivors

33 Assessment on male partner experiences and needs during labor

34 Comparison and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines

35 Health care transition from defense department to veterans affairs


36 Health and culture issues

37 How to promote a more float experience

38 How to cope with dementia symptoms

39 How to have an efficient operating room

40 How to have a competitive healthcare

41 Aligning theory in enhancing human flourishing among nurses

42 Leadership development, simulation and succession planning for

organizational success

43 How to promote an advance care for homelessness

44 Faculty knowledge related to learning disabilities

45 Orientation program for nurse practitioner about development and


46 How to use effective toolkit among elders

47 Multi-hospital approach in improving safe care delivery

48 Family nurse practitioner: simulation and education

49 Implementation of effective care in primary care setting

50 Leadership development: abilities, skills and business knowledge

51 Implementing sustainability and success

52 Implementation of system-side nursing

53 How to prevent hypothermia in ambulatory surgical setting

54 Chinese nurses checklist for the cardiovascular development

55 Compassion culture among registered nurses

56 Improving the engagement of employee through performance

management system

57 Study on management and diagnosis of pediatric setting

58 How to reduce mortality from septic and sepsis shock

59 Toolkit in enhancing nursing education

60 Patient care improvement

61 Electronic health record system for new employees

62 How to improve informatics practice

63 Transforming system through caring coach program

64 Implementation, development and evaluation of health resource

65 How to transform primary care practice to patient medical home

66 Framework for practice dissemination, institutionalization and


67 Implementation, development and evaluation of mammography


68 Implementation and development of assessment tool for violence


69 Framework for professional nursing in health care

70 Toolkit and educational workshop for menopausal women

71 Program for smoking cessation

72 Nutritional awareness about dietary habits

73 Consequences and prevention about obesity

74 How to prevent meningococcal meningitis

75 Nursing informatics competencies and certification

76 Ovarian cancer education toolkit

77 Transformational leadership style program

78 Evidence based implementation about chronic disease care

79 Nursing peer review about governance model

80 Android application in education PAP testing




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