Volume 2.8 Auburn Adventist Academy May 2018

Senioritis: Know the Signs

Arien Cabanilla

Stage 4 of Senioritis: Losing touch with reality (PC: Maggie Mammone)

Every day, countless students

succumb to the epidemic known as

senioritis. Here’s what you need to


What is it?

Senioritis is a

disease that results

from excessive exposure

to academics.

It primarily targets

the brain, targeting

victims’ motivation,

work ethic, and

general ability to do

their work. Common

symptoms include procrastination,

cramming before a deadline, and

mental exhaustion.

Senior Edition

I’ve had [senioritis]

since the beginning

of the year, but it

really smacked me


- Jordan Hauge

When does it manifest?

Despite the name, senioritis infects

people of all ages, but research

suggests that symptoms are at their

strongest during senior year of high

school. Jordan Hauge,

a senior at Auburn

Adventist Academy,

had this to say: “I’ve

had [senioritis] since

the beginning of the

year, but it really

smacked me mid-January.

Since you have

the end in sight, you

accidentally find yourself not caring.”

Where does it occur?

Though typically native to the academic

arena, (continued on page 3)


Table of Contents

Senioritis: Know the Signs pg. 1&3

Senior Memories pg. 2

Students Stepping up pg. 3

Wise Words pg. 3&4

Class Sports Log pg. 4

Thank You Sponors! pg. 4

Senior Glo-ups pg. 5

Then vs Now pg. 6

Senior Wills pg. 7

Class History Highlights pg. 7

Thank you Mrs. K! pg. 8

Four Year Seniors pg. 8

Wednesday Wisdom

“We’re here for a good

time, not a long time.”

- Maria Hall #Classof2018

The ASB Squib

McKenna Butler

All Year Points

1. Seniors - 745

2. Juniors - 600

3. Sophomores - 475

4. Freshmen - 350

2018-2019 ASB Officers

President - Lauren R.

Social VP - Abigail T.

Spiritual VP - Magnifique N.

Activities Coordinator - Almonds S.

Merch Perch Coordinator - Grace T.

Music Coordinator - Marko M.

Graphic Artist - Hannah K.

Photographer - Ivy L.

Secretary - Joseph N.

Computer Specialist - Shannon M.

Sergeant-at-Arms - Benjamin H.

“What’s Your Favorite Memory of Auburn?”

Just messing

around with friends

- Hayden Watson

Underhill got

slammed into the


- Yvonne Lake

The people

- Kaycee Clough

Mission Trips

- Kontessa Kletke

Almost making

state the last two

years in basketball

- Makensie Fowler

The Philippines

Mission trip

- Bradley Hammond

Home vespers

with the Underhills

- Arien Cabanilla

Giving Sandvik


- Carson Fletcher


(Senioritis continued from pg. 1)

cases of senioritis have also been

found in the workplace and other

areas of organization. Not even the

comfort of one’s own home is safe.

How can I stop it?

Chances are that, by the time you

read this, you’ve either already developed

senioritis or have caught it from

an infected host. When asked how

to cure it, Katrina Krause, the world’s

2018th leading scientist in the field of

senioritology, responded, “Cure? What


What can I do if I already have it?

While it’s true that senioritis takes

an inescapable hold of a victim long

before diagnosis, research and development

has been pushed to discover

treatment for symptoms. A popular

remedy is learning how to budget

one’s time, to pace oneself so as to

meet deadlines in succession. However,

this option has met scrutiny from

many students, as time is not a luxury

that can be easily afforded.

Senioritis claims students and their

grades everyday. If you or a loved one

don’t wish to become a statistic, do

your part and know the signs.

Students Stepping up for a Higher Purpose

Bradley Hammond

Leadership pins from four years at Auburn (PC: Bradley Hammond)

It’s always good to start participating

in leadership at a young

age, especially if your future

requires you to be a leader. That’s

why getting involved in leadership,

specifically class leadership, can

be really helpful. Another perk of

being an officer is that it can help

you get scholarships for college.

Senior, Andrew

Armstrong, has

been in a leadership

position since

sophomore year. He

was a class officer

sophomore year,

ASB vice president junior year,

I feel more prepared

for life after high


- Andrew Armstrong

and is currently the vice president

of the senior class. When asked

how his experience helped him, he

said, “I feel more prepared for life

after high school.”

Another senior, Jed Coon, has

been a class officer since freshman

year. He said, “It helps me understand

what it takes to become

a good leader, and has put me in

a position where I have the opportunity

to lead and make important

decisions with my fellow officers.”

Current ASB officer Marko Miller

also said that, “It helps me become

a better person by learning how

to listen to people

and compromise for

people’s needs.”

All three students


running for a leadership


because you could really learn

something about yourself. It also

helps you in your future endeavors

and it will help you if you try

to join campus ministries, ASB,

NHS, boys and girls club and class

officer positions as an upperclassman.


Word to the Wise

from the Wisest

Sophia Lorge

Over the past four years, the

Class of 2018 has experienced,

learned, and witnessed many

things. We seniors are excited to

use the knowledge we have gained

to put our best foot forward in college

and beyond. However, before

we leave, here are a few tips &

tricks from us to you.

Joann Lee - “Keep a clear mind

and stay focused.”

Brianna Pharo - “Always remember

who you are.”

Willy An - “Take advice from

people who have been in your


Madlyn Ellis - “Make the most of

trips, because it doesn’t matter

where you go, it just matters

who you are with.”

Derek Slavens - “Make friends

with students from every grade

and play sports!”

Genesis Barahona - “Get involved

in clubs and teams.”

Mrs. Kobberstad - “Don’t slack

off your senior year!!”

Gabe Estrada- “Honestly bro,

fight through.”

Miranda Moudy - “Try new

things in high school & don’t get

caught up in drama.”

(continued on page 4)

(Wise Words continued from pg. 3)

Kaycee Clough - “Choose your

friends wisely.”

Thank You Sponsors!

Amber Pettey-Torres

Yvonne Lake - “Boys are yucky.”

Charlie Zhang - “Practice dating

in high school.”

Sara Oksanen - “Don’t let people’s

opinion of you define who

you are.”

Lindsay Duramsmith - “Keep

up on your work and try not to


Class of 2018

Sports Log

Carson Fletcher

The graduating class of 2018

has been successful in sports individually

and as a class. Following

is a list of all awards that were won

in athletics by seniors:


• Cross country second team:

Bradley Hammond

• Men’s soccer second team:

Derek Slavens


• Cross country league MVP:

Miranda Moudy

• Cross country first team: Mickey


• Cross country second team:

Matthew Gorton

• Men’s soccer second team:

Carson Fletcher


• Cross country first team: Mickey

Demma, Miranda Moudy

• Men’s basketball first team:

Derek Slavens

As a class:

• Won swim meet in 2017 and


• Won “Getting to Know You” in


• Won the year-long class competition

in 2018

We want to thank all of you for the

dedication and personal time that you

have poured into our class. The love

and affection you’ve shown each and

every one of us has helped us grow as

people and as a class. Thank you for

supporting and leading us through our

highschool journey, as you have truly

improved our whole class’s experience.

We wanted to express our personal

gratitude, so some seniors have their

own quotes to share with you:

“I’ve loved the uplifting quotes everyday

from Coach Adams.” -Sienna Hubin

“Coach Adams shows me that I’m valued

everytime I talk to him, especially

walking down the halls and giving [me]

a high five.” - Madi Ellis

“Mrs. Clemens goes way out of her way

to help me, and she does it whenever I

need it.” - Andrew Armstrong

“Each of the sponsors are so great, and

they have all gone above and beyond for

me without asking. I can’t thank them

enough for all that they have done.”

- Amber Pettey-Torres

“All the sponsors, especially [Coach

Adams], have kind of been learning

with us and they have been doing such

a good job at bringing the class together

and planning good activities.” - Makensie


“I appreciate the sponsors because they

genuinely care about us and want us to

succeed.” - Marion Siahaan


Class of 2018’s beloved sponsors

“I’d love to thank Mrs. Clemens and

Hyde for always having the students

best intentions in mind and for always

being willing to help, [and] I’d like to

thank Coach Adams for being such a

fun class sponsor and always having fun

things planned.” - Carson Fletcher

“I appreciate everything [all the sponsors]

do. I can really tell that [they] care

about our class. I appreciate that [they]

all put [their] best efforts to make sure

we have the best senior year! Thank you

so much.” - Genesis Barahona

“ I appreciate Mrs.Clemens because of

her careful cultivation of Charlie, [and]

because I visited her before I even came

to this school. She was the first friend

that I had in this country.” - Charlie


“Coach Adams is really willing to listen

to what we want as a class, and I appreciate

Mrs. Hyde and Mrs. Clemens for

keeping it all together behind the scenes

and running all the finances and such.”

- Kaycee Clough

“I appreciate Coach Adams for being

enthusiastic about being our sponsor

and for visibly enjoying it. Also, I appreciate

Mrs. Hyde and Mrs. Clemens

because even though they have their

own full time jobs, they’re always in

the office and they take time for our

class and help keep everything in order.”

- Emily Carlton

Senior Glo-ups


Then vs Now

Sienna Hubin

As the 2017-2018 school year

is coming to a close, it’s fun to look

back on things and see how much

has changed since August. Things

like the front of the school receiving

a complete makeover, or the

formation of Auburn’s first Womens’

Soccer team. For us seniors,

Auburn has changed a lot since

our Freshman year.

Freshman year began with Mr.

Decker, the principal at that time,

completing an ice bucket challenge

with the help of a loader’s bucket

filled with ice and water. During

the 2014-15 school year, we had

teachers who are no longer at

Auburn. We took PE from Coach

V, English from Mrs. Decker, math

from Ms. Weikum and Mr. Ludwig,

Bible from Pastor Jeff, swimming

and lifeguarding from Mrs. Coon,

computer literacy from Mr. McKey,

and geography from Mr. Spano.

Many of us spent free time in the

Campus Ministries room (now the

Growth and Development office)

playing pool and listening to John

Mayer CD’s on repeat. Every

school day between fourth and

fifth period, Auburn had all-school

ten minute worship groups. They

were really cool because we were

able to meet people from other

classes and bond

with the teacher

that led the group.

That year, the boys’

varsity basketball

team went to state

and Auburn held an

exciting pep rally to

send them off. For

the first time in Auburn history, the

Falcon boys took the title for 2B

district champions and finished by

competing in the 2B state hardwood

classic tournament. Chapels

were held on Fridays, banquet

took place at the Temple Theater

and was red carpet themed. Wind

ensemble and orchestra went to

I remember that the

ceiling in Mrs. Kobberstad’s

room was

covered in quotes...

- Miranda Moudy

The Ad Building when the Class of 2018 were freshmen (PC: Sienna Hubin)

California, Sylvan went to Colorado

for long tours. After school,

detentions were held for students

who had attendance, academic,

or behavioral infringements. On

Fridays, we had 25 minute classes

to fit chapel in.

“I remember that the ceiling in Mrs.

Kobberstad’s room was covered in

quotes and one of the walls of her

room was a huge chalkboard.” -

Miranda Moudy

Our sophomore year came

with a new principal, Mr. Soule’.

During the 2015-

16 school year, we

spent free periods in

the student center

(now Mr. Sandvik’s

classroom), banquet

was held at the

Arctic Club Hotel

and the theme was

the roaring twenties. Detentions

were held during lunch time, wind

ensemble and orchestra went to

Canada and Sylvan went to Alaska

for long tours, Bible was taught

by Pastor Karyle, and there was

an A/B schedule on fridays where

we’d take half of our classes one

Friday and the other half the next.


Junior year was the year that

lots of trees were cut down all

over campus, much to the dismay

of many students. Banquet took

place at the Attic and was masquerade-murder-mystery


wind ensemble and orchestra went

to Florida while Sylvan went to

California for long tour. That year, a

bell choir was started by Mrs. Williams,

this newspaper was revived,

and the old daycare center was

renovated into what we now call

the Art Building.

This year has come with many

new changes in staff members,

including Principal Fackenthall.

As we graduate, we look forward

to being able to see how Auburn

continues to make changes, and

we pray that they will all be for the


The Ad Building now (PC: AAA Facebook)

Senior Wills

We will:

Emily Carlton - My forgetfulness to... I forgot

Brianna Pharo - My room to Rosie Aten

Andrew Armstrong - Julio my locker and parking space

Morgan Bruder - My cello position to Caleb 1 or 2

Sooji Kim - My locker to Gloria Oh

Gabe Estrada - Albert a piece of gum

Yvonne Lake - My room to Sophia Garvey

Maria Hall - My position as class mascot to Quinton Price

Carson Fletcher - My NBA basketball skills to Anders Jeronimo

Spencer DeCamp - My locker to Quinton Price

Amber PT - My locker to Chelsea Rachal, and my room to Rosie Aten

Matthew Gorton - My couch to Shannon Miller

Sara Oksanen - My locker and everything in it to Nelly Herrera

Andy Kang - My basketball to Nick

Charlie Zhang - My club to Ivy Lu (CLC)

Marion Siahaan - My locker and everything in it to Gloria Kang

Jed Coon - My knowledge of IT to Quinton

Kaycee Clough - My locker to Kaayla Butler

Trudy Nguyen - My A&P and Civics books to Gabby, and my locker to Ivy

Derek Slavens - My Cristiano Ronaldo level soccer skills to Samuel

Sophia Lorge - My senioritis to every junior

Nate Price - The Emoji Movie plush to Benjamin Hoffmann

Lindsay Duramsmith - My dorm room to Olivia Baker

Raena Bahnsen - The piccolo to Grace Cho

Elianna Strachan - My locker and all the knic-knacks in it to Allana

Jordan Hauge - My Triceratops notebook, and my locker to Rheta

Hayden Watson - My parking space to Antonio Erb

Mickey Demma - My spot on the Cross Country team to Ben Hoffmann

Miranda Moudy - My broken locker to Ali Walter

Sienna Hubin & Madlyn Ellis - We will our talents as mallet players to our

fellow percussionist Nick Gratias

Madlyn Ellis - My current parking spot to Lindsey Reed

Makensie Fowler - My job with Coach Adams to Rocio

Katrina Krause - My shred of sanity to Gabby Jung

Katriona Wallenfelz - My locker to Ivy

Sydnee Young - My 1 cm^3 of the Dower Chapel floor to Ivy

Dasha Barrett - My Stephanie Case my hidden dragon lair

McKenna Butler - My swim meet wins to Ellie Kimura

Joann Lee - My amazing violin skills to ELLIE KIMURA

LeAnn Trussell - My locker to Adam Taylor

Kontessa Kletke - My job to Adela

Genesis Barahona - My locker to Adriana Barahona

Arien Cabanilla - My low notes to Heidi, Sally, and Stephanie

Simon W - My TV to junior Jerry Zuo

Bradley Hammond - My #3 parking space to Quinton Price

Class History


Andrew Armstrong

Sienna in a swim cap for the second time

(PC: Gina Hubin)

Freshman Year

• We had 10 minute worship periods

everyday after 4th

• Maria was elected class mascot

• Computer lit was lit

• We climbed Mt. Rainier for class


• We played pool in the Campus

Ministries room

Sophomore Year

• Pastor Karyle taught us Bible

• Growth and Development began

• Makensie brought a bird into the

student center, and Hayden tried

to catch it

• We broke the student center

• Tristen, Josh, Pastor Karyle,

Jed, Morgan, and Nadia ate hot


Junior Year

• We won swim meet

• We read PSAT memes

• We made documentaries in US


• Sienna sat inside a swim cap

• Jed was computer specialist

Senior Year

• We won G2KY, Swim Meet, and

the ASB All Year Competition

• We were cheated out of Spirit


• Sienna sat in a swim cap (again)

• Hayden dunked Mr. Fackenthall

• We are going to Disneyland


We Appreciate You Mrs Kobberstad!

The entire Media Literacy class

wants to thank Mrs. Kobberstad

for growing with us in class this

year and for always staying patient

with us when we have fallen short!

Tribute to the Four Year Seniors

Madlyn Ellis

Looking back, four years seems

like a long time. So many things

and people have come into and

out of our lives, but the 28 of us

have remained united. Through

the ups and downs we’ve all stuck

together. Through all three principals

and the endless staff and

policy changes, we’ve been there

for each other. The school has

Each of us have been impacted by

you and we are all better writers

and students because of you. Most

of us have had you teach us English

for the past three years, and

we have all learned so much.

Your caring and humorous

personality make class incredible

and something to look forward to.

To spend 28 years at one school,

especially Auburn, shows unbelievable

commitment and resolve.

You take a special interest in each

of the students that comes through

your door, which shows in everything

you do. Everytime a student

approaches you for help, you do

everything in your power to help

them succeed. Even when you

changed on the inside and outside

and so have we. We are smarter,

wiser, and, hopefully, better people

than when we began. “You get to

experience the changes of Auburn.

Thinking about freshman year

versus senior year, how different it

is and how much has changed; it’s

kind of interesting,” says Makensie


Four Year Seniors at Fort Flagler (PC: Gina Hubin)


were sick, you came to school with

a good attitude and lots of energy.

Our trips to Starbucks and to

look at printers were super fun

and brought us closer to you and

each other. While some people

may think that a class on how to

write a newspaper sounds boring,

we are all happy we took this class

with you. Thank you for always

encouraging us and pushing us

to do better. Thank you so much

for allowing our imagination and

creativity to be shown in this year’s

newspaper, none of this would’ve

been possible without you. Thank

you so much!

Willy An

Andrew Armstrong

Raena Bahnsen

Genesis Barahona

Morgan Bruder

McKenna Butler

Arien Cabanilla

Jed Coon

Spencer DeCamp

Mickey Demma

Madlyn Ellis

Gabe Estrada

Carson Fletcher

Maria Hall

Bradley Hammond

Jordan Hauge

Makensie Fowler

Sienna Hubin

Joann Lee

Miranda Moudy

Nate Price

Marion Siahaan

Derek Slavens

LeAnn Trussell

Sarahi Villegas-Perez

Hayden Watson

Kevin Yang

Carol Sheng

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