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NP Design & Photography is the home of the GRAND EXPERIENCE! Owner and Master Photographer, Nate Peterson, is the Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN) Senior Photographer of the year 3-years in a row! Located in New Richmond, WI, just 40 minutes East of the Twin Cities, NPDP is the premiere place to get not only the best Senior Portraits, but have your story told in a custom designed album to last generations. Tell Your Story. Your Life. Your Senior Year! http://www.npdpseniors.com http://www.npdesignphotography.com








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You’re nearing the finish line. You are going to be a Senior

in High School! This part of your life will be something you’ll

never forget. You will refer back to this time for the rest of

your llife with fond memories and life lessons.

This is also a time that should be celebrated and

commemorated. That’s where we come in.

NP Design & Photography specializes in telling your story

through award winning Senior Portraits and creating

finished art pieces that you and your family can enjoy

for generations to come.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shine.

We look forward to meeting you!



Your Story.

Your Life.

Your senior year.

It’s your turn! You’ve been waiting for this moment. Your Senior

Portraits! But ever think about WHY it is that you need to have your

Senior Portraits taken? This is a monumental time in your life. The

end of your childhood and your entrance into adulthood. What

better time to capture the story of who you have become over

the years, and commemorate that into portraits you can look

back years later to remember who you were before converting to

your adult self.

Imagine 20-30 years from now, being able to pull out an album

of storytelling photos that you can share with your own children

to show them who you were during your high school days. How

will you inspire them? How would you be inspired if your parent or

grandparent was able to share their story in photos to that detail?

How would you be inspired by that? This is so much more than

just taking pictures. This is your legacy. This is why we believe in

what we do and why we believe you need to have your Senior

Portraits captured.








Congratulations on being a senior parent! This will

be one of the most exciting times of your child’s life

and I am so honored you are considering NP Design

& Photography to help document such an important

time. I hope you find the informaiton given here to be

helpful and educational to understand the process of

the NPDP Senior Portrait Experience!

As you probably do, I remember my senior pictures,

and they were nothing like what they are today. Not

only are we going to create some great portraits

capturing your child’s looks and personalities, but we’re

going to tell their complete story.

We will put together an heirloom album that will last

generations, so they can ultimately look back on these

days with their children and grandchildren! Imagine

how great that would be to be able to look at your

parent’s high school story. This is what inspires me to

create everytime I pick up the camera. I cannot wait

to get to know your Senior and commemorate this part

of their life.


Nate Peterson, M.Photog, CPP


NP Design & Photography wants to know who you are

and what makes you a unique individual. We want

to know your passions. It might be playing, writing, or

singing music, kayaking, fashion design, riding horses,

sports, drama, or stargazing. Maybe you don’t have any

specific activites you participate in, but you have a style

all your own. Whatever they are, your passions will help us

design the perfect experience to tell your story. We start

with a questionnaire and a pre-consultation meeting

to discuss your favorite things to do, your hobbies,

your dreams, and your goals after graduation. Most

importantly, tell us how you envision your senior session.

All of this information assists NPDP in designing a custom

senior portrait experience for you, and producing

images both you and your family will love. I want you

to realize we are not a volume studio photographer. In

fact, we limit the number of clients each year to make

sure each Senior gets impeccable attention to detail.

You are NOT a name and a number... you are the

reason we do what we do. We value all of our clients

and strive to make your experience as memorable as

your senior portraits themselves.


Who Do You

Play For?

“Who do you play for?” A famous

quote by legendary hockey coach,

Herb Brooks, defines what it is to be a

team athlete. Who is it that YOU play

for? How long have you been playing?

How much time, sweat and tears have

you spent in dedicating yourself to

this sport? Don’t you think we need

to commemorate all this effort into

something that will last beyond the

seasons of the game? You are in

peak physical shape right now.

It’s time to show off a bit, because

that may not last forever once you

move into the daily life of adulthood.

NP Design & Photography was born

into the sports photography world.

You could say it is our specialty of

specialties. That’s not to say that Nate

is an athlete himself. In fact, he’s just


a professional fan. But that’s why

he’s good at this. He lives vicariously

through you, observing not only your

form, techniques and habits, but

those of the professional athletes.

His mission is to make you look like

we pulled your images from the

pages of Sports Illustrated or ESPN

the Magazine. The NPDP Edgy Sports

lighting is a signature look that every

athlete wants to put in their collection

of Senior images. Make them

remember just who you were on the

team. Leave your legacy. Let your

passion and dedication to the sport

show through your fierce expressions

and action poses.

Of course we’re not just limited to

the studio. NPDP will travel to your

court, your field, your rink, locker room,

etc. to capture the environment as

you see it and as you will remember

it. Those fields may be upgraded or

moved on, but you will have them

forever captured to help bring you

back to these glory days of being a

high school athlete and playing for

your team.

“Your experience at NPDP is something

you will never forget. It is all

about YOU from the first sit down

with Nate determining what you are

going to do, to the end where you are

more than a client... You are a part

of the NPDP family.”

Mackenzie - Osceola







By: Jenna Lundell

As a Hair and Makeup artist, there

is a common series of questions I

ask everyone while prepping them

for their senior shoot. “What do you

typically wear on a daily basis?”

followed by other questions outlining

what your hair and makeup routine

looks like? As a stylist, I’m here to do

you up, get you glam, and make

you look great. But it’s also my job to

help you feel your best, too! It’s easy

to stick with a style when planning

out your wardrobe for shoot day, but

it can be a little trickier to decide

what makeup look or hairstyle you

want to have in your senior photos.

After all, not many of us get to have

a professional hair and makeup artist

in our bathrooms each morning!

There is such a fine balance

between looking and feeling like

you, and looking too made up, so

pinpointing what your style is can

really help it be smooth sailing all

throughout your session!

Hair: Think about how you wear your

hair on a daily basis. Do you give

yourself beachy waves everyday?

Do you rock an easy, air dried look?

Or even better, do you sport a

messy bun on the daily (because

#seniorslide)? How you wear your hair

on an everyday should be reflected

in your photos, and there are tons

of ways we can customize your hair

to fit you! If you have any sort of

natural texture in your hair, we can

tame/enhance it without completely

changing your look, and if you have

straight hair that needs a little oomph

we can easily add some body an

volume with a hot tool. I especially

love pinning back a few pieces half

up/ half down, especially if you’re

someone who hates having their hair

down or in their face, but want to still

look super polished for photos. In

the end, no one should feel like they

got a hair makeover the day of their

shoot, it should look like you! Don’t

be afraid to move your hair around,

too! There might be some hairspray

in there, but get your hands in it and

move it like you would normally. Tuck

it behind your ear, flip your part, pull

it forward, or flick it off your shoulder.

Your hair is your best accessory, work it!

Makeup: Here is where we get into

a little color theory and coordination.

By looking at your wardrobe choices,

we can usually determine what look

will fit right in with the themes of your

shoot day. Wearing a flannel and

jeans? You probably want to go more

classic and natural with beiges and

browns. A fluffy tulle skirt and some

bright heels? You can totally go more

fun and flirty with a pop of pink on

the lips or a blinding highlight on your

cheekbone. Going for a creative,

eclectic feel during your shoot? An

artsy and inventive look with brighter

colors that contrast your eyes can

really play up your fun surroundings

and style! And for more serious,

moody, or sophisticated gals, I love

a bold winged liner or sharp contour

to give you an angular and chic

feel. Many seniors like to have a few

different outfits with different moods,

some casual, formal, sporty, or

artistic, so just go with a makeup look

that feels the most like you.

In the end we want you to look and

feel amazing, so enhancing your

natural beauty by combining your

personal style with a professional’s

expertise, you end up with amazing,

personalized photos that are totally

true to you. This is why we include

complimentary hair & makeup styling

in the Grand Senior Experience!

Jenna has been

on the NPDP

Hair & Makeup

Stylist team for

over three years.


By: Joe Pueschner

Guys outfits are often thought of as less complicated

but don’t let that discourage you from

being creative! When you look at the mannequins

in the department stores, you’ll often see

layered clothing items, so don’t be afraid to

layer items. Different textures look really nice

on camera. V-Neck tees or turtlenecks with

dress pants and blazers can keep things dressy

but relaxed. Alternately, sleek blacks, grays

and white (monochromatic looks) are casual

but presentable. Make sure your shoes are

clean and your clothes are wrinkle free. These

are YOUR memories after all.

On the topic of shoes, get creative. Wear

those high tops with that suit! Or those dressier

shoes with dark jeans.

Most importantly, wear what you’re

comfortable in. The camera can tell

when you don’t feel your absolute

best so wear what YOU feel you look

your best in and work with what you

have! New clothes aren’t always the

answer. Sometimes just trying different

clothing combos in your closet will

do the trick. If you are going to go

shopping, try to buy clothes that are a

bit more fitted (especially shirts). Most

guys are all about comfort, so they

tend to go for the larger sizes. Do your

best to judge what fits your body, but

ultimately what matters is what makes

YOU feel confident!

It’s all about the details. Ties, pocket

squares, colored socks, belts, tie clips,

watches, etc. are sharp compliments

to any outfit. You can mix and match

accessories to compliment your outfits

without doing a full change during the

session. Lastly, it’s a good idea to try

on outfits in the mirror at home and

make sure it’s how you like and then

go rock it in front of the lens!

Joe is a class

of 2016 NPDP

Senior Model

that has gone on

to become a professional


while attending

UW Madison.


Why go pro? That is the million

dollar question. The crux of feeling

great is looking great and that’s

what a professional photographer’s

job is: to make sure you feel

comfortable and look fabulous!

The art of photography is more

accessible to the masses than it

has ever been, but there is still a

distinct separation between the

professional photographer and the

photography hobbyist, in both the

quality of the images as well as in

the overall experience.

When it comes to important

milestones in your life, such as your

Senior portraits, it’s best to leave

it up to the pros. A professional

photographer not only knows his/her

equipment inside and out, but also

knows the importance of posing,

wardrobe, proper lighting, and

getting a client’s personality to shine

for the session.

With countless hours of training

and experience, a professional

photographer creates timeless

images that you will be proud of

today, and in 30 years.

By choosing NPDP for your senior

portraits, you can be assured that:

1. You will look your best in each

image because we know how to light

and pose all body types.

2. Your images will be professionally

retouched (no strange skin tones, or

overly whitened eyes & teeth) using

professional grade digital darkroom



3. Your images will be printed on

archival paper using the highest

quality inks. We have hand selected

the labs that we work with due to their

quality and standards.

4. We will effectively communicate

with each other to ensure that your

senior portraits will reflect you! NPDP

thrives on client communication

and wants you to be a part of the

planning process.

5. Your images will be anything but

ordinary or average. Just like you.



Over the years, Nate Peterson,

Master Photographer and Certified

Professional Photographer has won

numerous awards.

But this past

year, NP Design & Photography was

awarded one of the Top 100 Studios

in the Country!

Nate and Teresa

were invited to the Elite Mastermind

Group gathering in Omaha, NE, with

the leaders of the photographic


Nate also was invited to

speak to a room of 800 attendees

at the Professional Photographers

Association National convention,

ImagingUSA in Nashville, TN. in

January, 2018.

Continuing education, giving back

and staying involved in the industry is

a key part to the success of NPDP.

• Bring a mix of solid colors and small prints

• Layers give great options for different

looks with ease

• Choose clothes that fit well and are


• Think accessories: hats, shoes, sports

gear, sunglasses, musical instruments,

jackets, books

• Keep clothing wrinkle free

• Well groomed and clean fingernails

and toenails

• Avoid small, busy patterns, small stripes,

and logos

• Get a good night’s sleep and have a

nutricious breakfast before your session

• Don’t forget to shave

• Get hair cut 5-7 days before

your session

• Neutral nail polish will match

various outfits

• Stay hydrated the week leading

up to your session.

• Bring a positive attitude. You get

out of it, what you put into it!




The Mission:

In the years of specialing in senior portraiture, we’ve found what we believe to

be best for our clients. Our goal is to tell your story. What better way to tell a story

than in a book? But not just any book... a beautifully crafted, uniquely layed out,

high quality bound album with a minimum of 24 of your favorite images, that will

become a treasured family heirloom for years to come. Upgrade your album to our

Signature Design and receive nearly double the images and a custom layout!

Imagine 25 or so years from now, when your own child looks through your album

and realizes how cool, you, their parent, was at this time in your life. This is why we

start your experience at the Grand Experience.

The Grand Experience is an all-inclusive approach to Senior Portraits in which you

start with a 3 hour in-studio and on-location photography session, complimentary

hair & make-up, and a basic album for one price, a grand. We generally can get

3-5 “chapters” of your life captured, depending on how much travel is involved. We

don’t count your changes or locations. Whatever can be done in the time frame is

fair game. Extra time can be purchased for extended locations.


Although a few spend less and some spend much, much more, over the years we

have found that our most satisfied Senior Portrait clients spend between $1500 -

$3000 on their portrait order that often includes the Ultimate Senior Album, Readyto-hang

Wall Art, Mounted Gift Prints for relatives and friends, Wallets to share and

Social Media Images!

Payment Options:

Not only do we accept cash, check and your favorite credit cards, we also offer

interest-free payment plans that can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

payments over a period of up to three months.


So, it’s your Senior year. You want this

year to be big. Epic. These will be the

“glory days” you look back at in 20

years and think, Remember when...

You need to make this awesome and

your Senior pictures are going to document

everything unique about YOU.

The NPDP Senior Album tells the story

of you. Who you are now. How do

you want to be remembered in high

school? Every page says something important

about you. Twenty pages telling

your story; the chapters of your Senior

year bound into the ultimate keepsake.

We believe in the importance of

the Senior Album so thoroughly, we

include it with every session. There are

different sizes to choose from, a nearly-unlimited

number of pages and

your album will be fully customized;

it will reflect your interests, your style,

and most importanly, YOU!

Of course we have all the other items

you and your family will need. Readyto-hang

wall art, collages, mounted

gift prints, wallets and more. We’ll

guide you through the options at your

order appointment.

“We believe in the

importance of the

Senior Album so

thoroughly, we

include it with

every session.”

“There are no words to convey the

sheer admiration we have for NPDP!

The talent and service are unparalleled

and we are forever grateful for

the experience! We tell everyone

that they are ‘missing out’ by not

going to NPDP and we mean it! You

guys are simply THE BEST!”

Elise - New Richmond



The majority of senior sessions occur between the Spring and Fall between your

Junior and Senior years. You will need to be mindful of your school’s yearbook

deadline. We only photograph 100 Seniors per year, so don’t wait to book your

pre-consult meeting as early as possible.


Our senior sessions all take place both in-studio and at multiple locations. They

last at least three hours. Your session outfits, locations and styles will be determined

by the plan designed in the pre-consult meeting. Be prepared for a fun

day that’s all about you.


Sit back and relax. We’ll be hard at work editing your images and making them

perfect! Approximately two weeks after your session, we will meet again at our

studio for your order appointment. At this time, you will choose what images you

want in your album, on your walls and select any other heirloom quality products

we offer.


Approximately two weeks after your order appointment you will be invited back

to the studio to proof your album digitally before we order it. If there is framing

involved, we will have your images ready for frame selection in the same visit. A

few weeks after that meeting your order is complete and ready for pickup!


“Out entire session was perfect and

worth the investment! The album

takes our breath away! Exceptional

quality and attention to detail! Don’t

go anywhere else! What NPDP

offers is unique to this area and you

won’t find a better experience!”

Kate - Hudson








CALL 715.246.7510 TODAY.



• The weather is warm, but not HOT.

No sweat stains or runny makeup.

• Get the session date you want.

Because everyone waits for the last

minute, you get the best times and

dates for your session if you book early.

• Your schedule is pretty open. If you

wait until August and September,

you’ve got fall sports practices, school

orientation and a ton of other things

going on.

• You set the trends. Want to be the

first to be photographed in your new

jerseys or at a special location?

• Get your stuff early to show off to

family and friends. Right around early

August, NPDP gets really busy with

portrait orders and it may take 4-6

weeks to receive your portraits. Book

early and you can cut that time in half!


CALL 715.246.7510


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