What are the Non-Printing Issues in Xerox Printer?


This presentation teaches you the way of resolving non-printing issues via Xerox Printer Support Canada. If you are facing any issues regarding this representation, just give a call to Xerox Printer Technical Support Canada: 1-855-687-3777.
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What are the Non-Printing

Issues in Xerox Printer

Are you having a Xerox printer and also facing some problems

with your printer? So you are at right place. This blog is for you

only. I am going to tell you about the problems that occur and

results in non-printing issues and also get the solution for it. You

are using Xerox printer for so long but now it gives problems in

printing and have not contacted to Xerox Printer Tech Support

Canada yet. So, here we are providing you the reasons and

solutions for it. These are some issues like printer prints blank

papers, drying or empty ink cartridge, not connected properly,

etc that results in not printing.

To cure your Xerox Printer problem, follow

these Guidelines:

1. Check the connectivity between your computer and


2. Check the drivers are according to your system or


3. Check whether the drivers of the printer are updated

or not. If drivers are not updated make them up-todate.

If by following the above guidelines, your issue is not fixed,

then you have to uninstall all the outdated drivers of the

printer and reinstall the latest drivers according to your

system. Sometimes it resolves the issue. But if you get the

offline Printer message, then you have to reset the network

connection. Reconnect it to the computer to resolve nonprinting

issues and start printing.

Here are the Instructions from Xerox Printer Tech Support

Canada you have to do step-by-step:-

1. Update the firmware in your wireless device

2. Broadcast or transmit the Service Set Identifier


3. Set security to WPA-PSK

4. Set frequency to 1, 6 or 11 channel

5. In the end, you have to switch off all the devices

and reconnect it after 30 seconds.

During the whole process, if you are getting any problem

contact Xerox Printer Support Canada: 1-855-687-3777.

After the complete whole process, try to print the data. It

will definitely work perfectly and your issue of not

printing the data will be resolved. Now your Xerox

printer will work smoothly and you will not get Non-

Printing issues again.

Thank You!

Any Query?

Call @ 1-855-687-3777

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