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Page 2 May 23 - 29, 2018 How to Submit Letters to the Editor Marc Maravalli, B.S., R.Ph. Publisher/Editor, The Town Common Letters to the Editor provide a useful way of communicating concerns, issues, or suggestions to all members of the community. The Town Common encourages all citizens to submit letters concerning issues of interest and concern to the local community. Letters selected for publication may be edited for length and clarity. Some letters may serve as a catalyst for other articles or coverage, and community leaders and agencies will be offered an opportunity to respond to letters concerning their areas of responsibility. All letters must be signed and include a daytime telephone number. Letters may be submitted to: The Editor c/o The Town Common Wethersfield St. Rowley, MA 01969 or preferably via e-mail to: The Town Common deadline is 5pm Wednesday (except when a federal holiday necessitates an earlier deadline). The Town Common serves the communities of the Upper North Shore of Mass. & Coastal New Hampshire and welcomes your participation. Send your Organization or Group Notices, Birth or Engagement Announcements, Photos, Articles and Letters to the Editor, by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail to: 77 Wethersfield St., Rowley, MA 01969 Phone: 978-948-8696 Fax: 978-948-2564 E-mail: The Town Common Marc Maravalli, Publisher / Editor Graphic Design Services Advertising Opportunities Event and Announcement Submissions Wethersfield Street Rowley, MA 01969-113 Phone: (98) 948-8696 Fax: (98) 948-2564 The Town Common is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions, but reprint opportunities do exist for prompt notification of such errors. Advertisers should notify The Town Common of any errors in ads on the first day of issuance. No credits &/or refunds are offered or implied. All material and content cannot be duplicated without written consent of the publisher. The right is reserved to reject, omit, or edit any copy offered for publication. Copyright 2004-2018 The Town Common © - All Rights Reserved In loving memory of Liz Ichizawa, Reporter (1956 - 2005) Letters To The Editor Rowley Un-Appropriation Procedure Dear Editor, Community Announcements Community Connections Business Spotlight Rowley citizens’ investigation concerning spending practices in the town presented last week at town meeting for fiscal year 2019 prompted this opinion For letter. Rowley Citizens for Governmental Transparency Real Estate • Sale utilizing M.G.L. c. 231, § 59H seeking to get signatures For Sale or support addressing governmental financial accountability has been successful, the Facebook site receives Sports numerous • visits Sports every day. • This Sports petition site promotes transparency through public media. Transparency has been difficult by this town given the recent attempts to gather records of the selectmen and water Pets, boards regarding Animals, their budget, Plus spending and personnel problems that were “resolved” in their executive sessions. Rowley citizens thought last year’s selectmen’s promotions of a school renovation project, Prospect Health Hill road & renovations, Fitness school budgets, public safety building project and many other inflated projects WOULD NOT BE REPEATED AGAIN THIS YEAR! Yet again, and with finance committee blessings, were repeated. Only this time, public vote last Tuesday put the public’s mandate to the officials back to them. Let’s see if they got the hint! The current dilemma has progressed to the point of boil over since 2015. That year, the town suffered from the after effects of the 1670 witchcraft era. A group of misinformed citizens, led by a selectmen and the town moderator and current water board members Manning & Emery, marched against two water board members at the September 27, 2015 recall rally held on a Sunday night in our library. Why? That water board held an executive session meeting without the “blessing” of the selectmen to investigate department spending IPSWICH - Kidstrong is among other legal issues. offering several Bootcamp What followed was the cleansing of the water board which then Programs and week-long relinquished control of our water department from the previous camps for Summer 2018. water board fighting a losing battle to keep water rates down to Some Kidstrong Bootcamps the selectmen who have yet to show their efforts supporting fiscal are therapeutic and draw on responsibility, thrifty spending or respect of public money. At the Kidstrong LLC’s owner Amy 2016 town meeting, the air conditioning water treatment plant Wheadon’s 18 years of experience project article was pushed, prodded, sold and propagandized for the as a Pediatric Occupational 450k+ dollar project. Also, not a surprise, chapter 41, section 69b Therapist, while other Bootcamp was “corrected” by town’s directive to eradicate the townspeople’s classes are recreational and choice in 2003 and place financial authority with the selectmen. The draw on Amy’s knowledge as a same authority that created the “wasteful spending practices” that we Certified Personal Trainer and all suffer today! Youth Exercise Specialist. The misappropriated funds of 2016 were corrected at this Kidstrong 2018 Summer past meeting by refunding funding that should have gone to rate Camp is holding seven unique reduction. week-long camps starting on Now comes the school budget, the selectmen recommended June 25th. Popular camps include recently cutting people and tapping enterprise funds to pick up the shortages. Confusion rose in public confidence when they supported override at town meeting with no tapping into funds as planned. The Town Common Continued from page 1 What were the voters to think at the pols? They ditched it by an cupola. Most certainly, a building overwhelming 2:1 margin. Thus the voter mandate is in and the town that the community of Rowley meeting followers are scratching their heads! and Rowley Grange could be You see where this is going! Do you see where this should go? God proud of. help the people of Rowley to gather strength to send message “we’re mad as hell and won’t take this anymore”! Tim Toomey Former Chair Water Board Kidstrong LLC Announces New Programs for Summer 2018 Grange Hall The North Shore’s Largest Independent Community Newspaper New Dining Room Full Bar Italian Deli & Marketplace Take out Grab & Go Party Trays 978-465-2225 257 Low St . Newburyport Kidstrong LLC Offers New Summer Programs for All Kids Focusing on Building Strength, Skills and Confidence Five years have passed and during that time the heating system and septic system had to be replaced. Rowley Grange has decided it is time to move forward with Rocco’s BaRBeRshop Friendly & Experienced Staff & Family Atmosphere “Come in for a haircut and let us be your barber!” (978)948-2555 New Dining Room OLD FASHIONED Full Bar BARBERSHOP Italian EXPERIENCE! Deli & Across Marketplace from Agawam Diner at Take TD Bank out Plaza Grab & Go Party Trays See us on The Town Common Courtesy Photo Brain Games – The Great Escape, which has an escape room that will be fun and challenge critical thinking skills and Strong Kids 1 – Sports Fit Bootcamp focuses on athletic conditioning to get kids ready for fall sports. Registration is going on now and can be completed on the Kidstrong website www. All Kidstrong’s programs are run by a licensed occupational therapists, many of whom are also certified personal trainers. Kidstrong LLC, Bootcamp and and all Bootcamp Names are Copy Right 2015 restoration of the hall, just as the architect suggested, and needs to raise at least $250,000. As of May 1st, Rowley Grange is researching grants, planning fundraising activities, and accepting donations for this restoration project. Donations may be sent to Rowley Grange, P.O. Box 49, Rowley, MA 01969 HELP WANTED: Experienced Barber Wanted Please Call

May 23 - 29, 2018 Page 3 Continued from page 1 year, the number jumped to 1,223. In 2016, the office helped 1,384 people. And in 2017, the office handled 1,421 applicants. Jones said this year has seen an even bigger jump so far. In February last year, 121 people came in for passport help. This year, the number hit 175. He speculated that the jump was the result of school trips overseas, including one high school senior trip to Costa Rica. Jones said the office saw a spike in applicants when the U.S. started requiring visitors to Canada to carry a passport. There was another spike just before the fee went up from $25 to $35, he said. Jones or one of the tow other passport agents, Kathleen Sullivan and city assessor Jill Brennan, help process first-time applicants. If you are applying for a first passport, bring your birth certificate, proof of identity and a passport photo. If the application is for a child, both parents need to be present, Jones said. The clerk’s office will also help those who need to renew an application. They hand out the Continued from page 1 larger community. “We are taking it to the people. I don’t see anyone else doing it,” he said. There are other historical tours of Newburyport and surrounding towns. One popular tour is conducted by Ghlee Woodworth, who created the Clipper City Heritage self-guided tours and gives a lively tour of local cemeteries. At each presentation Hendrickson, a Newburyport resident and author of Nautical Newburyport: A History of Captains, Clipper Ships and the Coast Guard, is giving away copies of his book at his presentations. He calls the give-away “A Book in a Bottle.” “When I make a public presentation at a library, school or senior center, I give away about a half-dozen books,” he wrote in a recent blog. “Those who accept the book agree to pass it along after they finish reading it.” Recipients pass the book along to another reader, after inscribing their name on a blank page in the back of the book. The list of names in each book, Hendrickson wrote, identifies where the book has been. In that way a book could travel to “distant shores,” just like the proverbial messages in a bottle did years ago, he said. Messages pushed into the tops Time to Renew Your Passport? government form that must be filled out, discuss the fees and where to mail the renewal. If needed, they also will shoot the correctly sized photo. Selfies and Glamour Shots do not work. So what happens if your passport is expiring and you have a trip to Europe planned for June? North Shore travelers are lucky. Just up the road is the National Passport Center in Portsmouth, NH. That office at 207 International Drive in Portsmouth accepts applications from U.S. citizens who have urgent travel needs. Applicants who are scheduled to travel within 14 days and do not require a visa or within 28 days if a travel visa is required can get help at the Portsmouth processing center. You can schedule an appointment by calling 877-487-2778 or for TDD/TTY, call 888-874-7793. Applicants who cannot personally visit the passport agency in Portsmouth can submit the application through a qualified passport expediting service. The National Passport Center accepts appointments weekdays Book in a Bottle of bottles and set adrift to be found by others has long had a romance to it. The practice traces its origins to 310 B.C., when a Greek philosopher tossed his writings in bottles into the Mediterranean Sea, hope to share his thoughts to other civilizations. In the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth I created the official position of Uncorker of Ocean Bottles. She thought some bottles might contain secrets from British spies or fleets and decreed that anyone else opening the bottles could face the death penalty. Novelists and playwrights have used the messages in a bottle as plot devices. Hendrickson, a former reporter with the Newburyport Daily News, is currently working on another book, entitled New England Coast Guard Stories: Remarkable Patriots. He has also written a 25-part history of the city. Groups interested in scheduling one of Hendrickson’s illustrated presentations can contact him at The Custom House is also worth a visit. Designed by Robert Mills, the architect of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Treasury Building in D.C., the Custom House was built in 1835 to handle the city’s foreign trade and tax collection of imported goods on the waterfront. Its vaulted ceilings from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If your travel dates are even more urgent, you can choose emergency same-day service, 24-hour service, two to three business days, four to five business days, six to 10 business days and 11 to 14 business days. Fees are based on how quickly you need to get a passport. Applying for an expedited renewal of your passport is much easier than trying to get a new passport fast. Passport rules stipulate that applicants must appear in person before an authorized agent who can witness the signing of the application. Applications for renewals can be sent by mail or handled by an expediter. For more information, visit the National Passport Center on line or check out www.cityofnewburyport. com/city-clerk/pages/passports. Or stop in weekdays and talk with Richard Jones, Kathleen Sullivan or Jill Brennan. The office is open every morning from 8:30 to 12:30, except Fridays when it closes at 11:30 a.m. It is also open in the afternoons from 2:30 to 3:30, except Fridays when it is closed, but Thursdays it is open from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sea View Retreat -Since 1954 An extended Care Community Come in for a visit and compare! (978)-948-2552 •Private & Semi-Private Rooms with Baths and Beautiful Views • Medicare/ Medicaid certified • Social Services-Speech, Physical, Occupational, & Massage Therapies • Full Activity Program • and much more... MANSION DRIVE • ROWLEY, MA • JUST OFF ROUTE 1A BROWN’S The Town Seabrook Comm Lobster Pound “A New England Favorite Since 1950” Open Every Day from Apr 1st - Nov 15th Open Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays Nov 15th - Apr 1st Boiled Lobster * Steamed Clams Fried & Baked Seafood * Sandwiches Route 286, Seabrook Beach, NH 603-474-3331 Call Ahead Take Out and cantilevered staircases are grand examples of Mills’ style. The building has had a colorful history of its own. As Newburyport’s shipping businesses declined, the Custom House became a site for manufacturing heels on women’s shoes and a Summer 2018 Programs & storage area for submarine parts. The Newburyport Town Maritime Camp Registration Common is Happening Now! Society was created in 1968 to manage the maritime museum Sign Up on our Website Today! by protecting, preserving, and communicating the maritime heritage of the Merrimack Valley 978-356-0315 . 75 Turnpike Road, # 3C . Ipswich and its role in American history. The Return Of A Legend North Of Boston PIKE MARINE 80 Main Street Essex, MA 978-768-7161 BEST Prices, BEST 127 State Road Rt. 3A Sagamore Beach, MA Service 508-888-8158 From 18’ to 25’ 219CC Greg Szumowski is your Advertising Consultant South Of Boston POWERED BY 77 Wethersfield St. Rowley, MA 01969 Telephone: 978-948-8696 Fax: 978-948-2564

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