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Selwyn Times: May 23, 2018

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6 [Edition Wednesday datE] May 23 2018 30 Latest Christchurch news at HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES The laundry – a multipurpose space Whether it is tucked into the corner of the garage, incorporated into the scullery (more common than you might think) or is a dedicated room conveniently placed in the heart of a busy home, the laundry is used often, but often overlooked as to its functionality. A well thought out laundry can serve a number of needs, such as storing those less used but necessary items, whether tennis racquets or even garden tools, or for washing and bathing pets. The main purpose of the laundry is to house the washing machine and dryer and all things related – ironing board, laundry basket and hampers as well as plenty of bench space. When it comes to the machinery, like other appliances, there are many choices to suit particular needs. For most, washing machines are essential. Dryers not necessarily so, although they do provide a back-up in those extended periods of wet weather. With technology advancing as to energy efficiency and ease of use and convenience, and with brands and specifications to dazzle, the main question for consumers these days is: side by side or stacked separate appliances, or a washer dryer combo? Washer dryer combos are the ultimate in convenience. Put clothes in, push buttons, take the clothes out later, dry and smelling good. Such convenience comes at somewhat of a price, but it may be a price you are willing to pay. Capacity tends to be less than conventional washers, and some models use huge amounts of water in the drying process. Models that don’t use water in the drying process tend to be very expensive. Running costs and performance are generally equivalent to conventional separate appliances and combo machines can be used independently so you have a normal washer, but still have a dryer backup in bad weather or when time is short. The combos’ footprint is smaller so they are great where space is short, especially as they don’t need to be vented externally. There are some clever ideas to make the laundry a multipurpose space. A retractable surface for folding; built-in clothing racks for airing clothes and drying delicates; a deep tub for bathing pets or washing large items such as the bbq plates; plenty of storage space for the overflow items from the kitchen and other things you will probably never use, but want to keep anyway. When designing a house, don’t overlook the laundry. With a bit of thought and research, it can be a very useful space. Many building companies specialise in renovating laundry spaces and will be able to give great advice. AUTUMN is here... so its a great time to start thinking about your new lawn. Give us a call and we can come and give you a free quotation! Zac Swale, Canterbury Lawns Ltd 347 4000 | 0274 56 7777 Your hydroseeding specialists!! Canterbury C T H Timber & Hardware 200 x 50 T&G Retaining wall timber SuPER SPEciaL $ 7 20 LM Plus, FREE delivery to Rolleston Lagoon Pools 03 349 2160 0800 92 72 82 Your Local Timber Merchant We are here NEW ENTRANCE: 167 Manion Road, Rolleston Jason Pester P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 E Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Saturday: 8am-12pm

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday [Edition May 23 datE] 2018 31 7 HOME PROFESSIONALS Fast as, cheap as, sweet as Kiwigas’ owner Malcolm Ryder is proud to offer, “the best prices, and the best service” on gas bottle filling and delivery. “We have a great team of people prepared to go the extra mile,” he says. That is a winning formula. Whether it is an emergency delivery to a rural area, or providing rental outdoor heaters for entertaining, the Kiwigas mission is to provide a honest, good service at a great price. Locally owned and operated, the team at Kiwigas are friendly and efficient. It will be Jody or Malcolm who answer the phone and you won’t be passed around to several operators before talking to the “right person”. They know their stuff. At Kiwigas there are not contracts. That means you are not locked into a long-term commitment with the promise of something cheap up front that actually turns out to be expensive. With Kiwigas, the service and the price speak for themselves and that is what keeps customers coming back. With at least five vehicles on the road delivering 9kg and 45kg gas bottles to residences and businesses, quick delivery is assured. The team are respectful of properties and instructions – particularly important for rural deliveries – and receive lots of praise from customers to confirm that. You can order gas online at www. and have it delivered, usually within 24 hours, or you can get gas bottles filled, from 2.5kg to 45kg at the drive-thru facility at 37 Shands Rd, Hornby. They supply beverage gases, too, and commercial LPG. If you drop into the Shands Rd property, be sure to say hi to Floyd, the white boxer with a heart shaped patch. He’s almost as friendly as Malcolm. “Fast as, cheap as, sweet as” – that’s the goal at Kiwigas. LET’S GET GARDENING INTELLIGRO OFFERS: Expert gardening advice High quality products South-Hort growing mixes VIP rewards Buy in-store and online Handy delivery service CHEAPAS Rent your gas bottles for just $48 per year FASTAS Delivery within 24hrs of placing your order EASYAS A simple account form with no contracts attached to it For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: 261 Manion Rd, Weedons | | Phone 03 347 9415 LPG Drive Thru 37 Shands Road, Hornby @ 0800 166 619 For a free Measure & Quote PH 0800 26 26 20 Bowranda PATIO ROOF ⚫ Achieve your outdoor vision ⚫ A permanent, sheltered outdoor space ⚫ Eliminates 99% of harmful UV light – maintains ambient light ⚫ Options to customise and enclose with outdoor blinds ⚫ Immediately increase the value of your home ⚫ Frame constructed of powder-coated aluminium & stainless steel ⚫ Square profile exhibits aesthetic conformity with NZ residential architecture ⚫ Manufactured to clients custom specifications & dimensions