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Selwyn Times: May 23, 2018

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8 [Edition Wednesday datE] May 23 2018 32 Latest Christchurch news at HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES A passion for landscaping Now is the best time to consider what needs to be done around the outdoors at your home. Revive Landscaping is just the team to make those considerations a lot easier. Ross Legg owns the business and has 20 years of experience in landscape gardening. Whether you are planning on putting your house on the market soon or in spring, or if you want to create a bit of an oasis for summer, right now is the time to get it going. It will then be well ready when the warmer months arrive. Revive is a passionate team. It offers a range of landscaping services, from a general tidy up to a fully rejuvenated yard, seeded grass and ready lawn, raised garden beds, and the construction of paths, patios, and pergolas. Ross, George, and Lucas also pride themselves on being a small, friendly team. They like to focus on getting the job done right first time, and many satisfied customers attest that they achieve it. They have worked on a huge variety of home garden projects, and enjoy creating a new masterpiece every time. Commercial landscape design projects include No4 Bar in Merivale, and McDonalds Rolleston. Once the landscaping and garden design is complete, maintaining it is often a task made difficult with busy schedules so for a reasonable cost, Ross and the team will establish a maintenance programme that will keep your yard looking its best year round. “We have a real passion for what we do,” Ross says. Christchurch and Rolleston based, the Revive Landscaping team are ready right now to create a new landscape design, or to restore and rejuvenate your tired or overgrown yard with native and exotic plantings, hedges, topiaries, garden sculptures, pathways and more. A call to Ross now will assure your outdoor area is ready for sale, or is picturesque for entertaining or just relaxing, when spring and summer come around. Contact Ross at 027 222 0388 or via the website at Now is the best time to consider what needs to be done around the outdoors at your home. LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION & GARDEN MAINTENANCE Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans YOU can have your gardens, trees, shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their BEST all year round, for a great price. RESIDENTIAL, NEW HOME LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE P: Ross Legg - 027 222 0388 E: Paving, Irrigation, Lawns, Planting, Fences, Pergolas, Water-features, Outdoor fires, Raised Vege beds, Decks, Artificial grass & more... Call Aaron & the team today! Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402 Email: Autumn A great time to plant P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558 - Landscaping plants for all projects - Ornamental & Specimen trees - Canterbury’s largest range of natives - Hedging & Topiaries - Fruit & Nut plants Get great autumn planting advice from our friendly team OPEN 7 DAYS Corner SH1 & Robinsons Rd - 0800 800 352 -

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday May 23 2018 33 Gardening HORNCASTLE ARENA June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM TICKETS ONLINE: Time to get your garlic growing IN THE PAST, May has been regarded as the beginning of winter, especially in cooler parts of the country, however these days temperatures can fluctuate quite dramatically. Daylight hours are shorter, frosts will be occurring in central and southern regions, but regardless of the temperatures, it is time for winter gardening tasks to commence. TASTE: May is the recommended month for planting garlic. It should sprout in three weeks. excellent selection for planting. In the vege patch Harvest vegetables that were planted in mid-to-late summer. This includes artichoke (Jerusalem), beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery, leeks, onions, parsnips, potatoes, silver beet and turnips. For continuity of harvesting, keep planting seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and silverbeet. You can also sow seeds of broad beans, onions, peas, radish and spinach directly into the soil. May is the recommended month for planting garlic. Cloves should be planted 40mm deep and 60mm apart. They should sprout around three to four weeks after planting. In areas of your vege garden where there are no winter vegetables growing, sow green manure crops eg; lupins and mustard. They should be dug into the soil in late winter/early spring and will improve the organic content of your soil. Strawberries May is the traditional month for planting new strawberry plants. Prepare the soil thoroughly; add compost. Create mounds 200mm above soil level to ensure good drainage and early warming of the soil in spring. Plant into the mounds at 150-200mm apart. Flower garden Annuals Add fresh compost to your flower beds before planting out your winter flowering annuals. Varieties to plant include Alyssum, Aquilegia, Calendulas, Cineraria, Cornflowers, Larkspur, Pansies, Primulas, Stock, Violas and Wallflowers. Perennials As most perennials are dormant this time of the year, it’s a good time to divide them where they have become overcrowded or move them to another part of the garden. Garden Centres now have stock of new seasonal perennials so there will be an Fruit trees It’s pruning time for pip and stone fruit trees including; apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. Grapes can also be pruned, however wait until you have harvested your kiwifruit before pruning vines. Roses Amazingly, in warmer areas, some roses are still flowering such as; Icebergs and Graeme Thomas. However, in cooler areas where leaves have fallen, plants can be pruned. Apply a winter spray of a copper compound to help prevent typical rose diseases reappearing in spring. New roses will be in garden centres towards the end of May. Chose new specimens carefully, noting which ones perform best in your area. Ornamental trees and shrubs New stock is beginning to appear in your local plant shops, especially camellias. If you are planning a new garden or adding new ornamental trees or shrubs to an existing one, always allow enough room for individual specimens to grow to maturity. Prepare the site well for plantings, ensuring there is enough drainage so roots do not become waterlogged. Lawns Growth will now be slowing and low-lying lawns will begin to become saturated. Install additional drainage coil where required and before your lawn becomes too wet. Hedges Final tidy up time for your hedges. Do not undertake major trimming as there will be little or no new growth until spring. Keep up to date with landscaping LANDSCAPING IS a wonderful pastime enjoyed by many. It provides a natural beauty and needs no ornaments or other attractive items to help achieve its magnificence. What it does need, however, is a little TLC from you and great ideas to keep the landscape design ever changing and up to date. Landscape design is an art that not only gives you the freedom to express yourself, but also makes your home more beautiful and inviting. There are many methods of landscape design to explore. You can trim your hedges or bushes in a decorative manner. For instance, you may want to cut every other hedge a foot shorter than the next to produce a rolling effect. You could also put a large decorative fountain in the middle of your yard. This is a costly option but, if you can afford it, looks gorgeous. If you are considering landscape design, or have already dabbled in it a bit, you know the importance of working with an experienced landscaper. For information on finding a professional in your area, check out the internet. 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