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FCN Newsletter - Summer 2018

FCN Newsletter - Summer

Issue No. 3 Summer 2018 Newsletter Shelter from the storm Across the UK, farmers are busily preparing for another challenging harvest and ensuring that good-quality food is available to all. But for most, the journey so far has not been easy… Over the last couple of months, the farming community has been forced to deal with some of the most challenging weather conditions in recent years. The unseasonably miserable March weather – including the ‘beast from the east’ storm – has had a negative impact on crop production. A wide range of crops from wheat and sugar beet to courgettes and leeks have had their plantation delayed or their growth stunted. Livestock farmers are also suffering greatly. Hundreds of sheep and cattle have been killed by the snow. But not only that, the prolonged period of cold and damp weather at the back end of 2017 is having a terrible effect on ewe fertility and lamb survival. This was down to the lack of available nutrients at key times in the tupping and gestation periods. As with everything in agriculture, the bad weather can just be the start of further problems on the farm. The pressure it exerts on some hard pressed farmers can easily add to their financial woes and that can manifest itself, in some cases, in additional physical and mental strain. Even now, the weather still seems very unpredictable, and while the conditions may improve, the wellbeing of many farmers may not. Which is why support services like FCN are vital. Many of FCN’s 400+ volunteers are involved in farming and understand the issues farmers and farming families are currently facing. To find out what FCN has been up to recently, continue reading…

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