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Be where you want to be.<br />

Corum’s property knowhow gets you there.<br />

Contact Corum West End today.<br />

Contact us on<br />

0141 357 1888<br />

Visit our website<br />

corumproperty.co.uk<br />

Corum West End<br />

82 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9UT the best sellers

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Contents<br />

6 Fashion pages<br />

fashion upgrade<br />

14 West End Live<br />

with Greg Kane<br />

16 All change at Monty’s<br />

Restaurant & Bar<br />

18 Sweet Liberty<br />

20 WIN! A cut & colour<br />

at Kennedy + Co and<br />

WIN! A meal for two at<br />

One Devonshire Gardens<br />

21 WIN! Tickets to the<br />

BBC good food show<br />

22 WIN! A Boozy Brunch<br />

for six at Bar Soba and<br />

WIN! A Style makeover<br />

at RRI Great Western Rd<br />

23 WIN! Tickets to<br />

The Country Living<br />

Christmas Fair<br />

25 Decadent Sundays<br />

at Gleneagles<br />

27 Restaurant Review<br />

Elena’s Bar & Restaurant<br />

29 Bar Review Dram!<br />

30 Doggy days out<br />

34 Top Things<br />

37 Mum’s Notebook<br />

38 Designs on you<br />

43 Accountancy Matters<br />

with Murrison & Wilson<br />

44 Writer’s Reveal meets<br />

Malachy Tallack<br />

49 Health Matters<br />

52 Local charity<br />

CommonWheel<br />

54 Interiors article:<br />

Energy efficiency<br />

59 Settle in style<br />

61 The Wee<br />

Kitchen Shop<br />

62 Moody hues<br />

66 Legal Matters with<br />

Mitchells Roberton

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contributors<br />

Suzanne Martin<br />

Editor<br />

Gregor Reid<br />

Photographer<br />

Tracy Mukherjee<br />

Writer<br />

Liberty Vittert<br />

Writer<br />

David McPhee<br />

Writer<br />

Loraine Patrick<br />

Writer<br />

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Shake<br />

things up<br />

this Christmas<br />

at Crieff Hydro<br />

Join us for a<br />

famously warm<br />

welcome, family<br />

traditions, twinkling<br />

trees and fantastic<br />

Scottish ceilidhs.<br />

Our Christmas and New Year<br />

breaks include:<br />

• Three nights’ accommodation in Crieff Hydro<br />

• All your meals<br />

• Action packed entertainment programme<br />

• FREE childcare for 2 – 12 year olds<br />

• FREE access to leisure pool, gym and cinema<br />

• Special events including welcome drinks<br />

reception and Hogmanay party in our<br />

Melville Hall<br />

Christmas<br />

Package<br />

Only £499<br />

per person<br />

for three nights<br />

New Year<br />

Package<br />

Only £799<br />

per person<br />

for three nights<br />

Self-catering<br />

breaks<br />

From £60<br />

per person,<br />

per night<br />

Book now crieffhydro.com/festive | 01764 655 555<br />

Terms: Based on two adults sharing standard double accommodation, arriving on 24 or 30 December 2017 for three nights.<br />

Subject to availability, full terms on request.

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Images Gregor Reid<br />

Stylist jacki clark<br />


8 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />


TROUSERS, Fictional Character<br />

Jewellery, LIquorice Tree<br />

Shoes, Daniel FOOTWEar<br />

opposite page<br />

dress, boutique noir<br />

Jewellery, pink poodle

www.westendermagazine.com | 9

10 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Jacket, Jewellery, & Bag, jasmine. shoes, daniel footwear<br />

opposite page - skirt & jacket, fictional character<br />

shoes, daniel FOOTWEAR. top, jasmine<br />

jewellery, liquorice tree

www.westendermagazine.com | 11

12 | www.westendermagazine.com

dress, boutique noir. necklace & bag, liquorice tree. shoes, charles clinkard<br />

model eilidh alexander @ Coloursagency.com MUA terri craig, terricraig.co.uk<br />

stylist jacki clark, jackiclark-stylist.co.uk location swG3, swg3.tv<br />

photography gregor reid, gregorreidphotography.com<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 13

14 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

LIVE<br />

October<br />

Late Night Tuff Guy<br />

Saturday 7th October 9pm<br />

SWG3, swg3.tv<br />

It’s gonna be a beautiful night.<br />

Cam Bianchetti is one of Australia’s<br />

most enduring dance music artists.<br />

An influencer during house and<br />

techno’s formative years of the early<br />

‘90s in both Australia and Europe as<br />

DJ HMC, he now dominates the global<br />

disco and house edits scene as Late<br />

Nite Tuff Guy. This seminal figure in<br />

Australian dance music brings his<br />

Prince tribute night to Glasgow’s<br />

home of dance, SWG3. LNTG’s USP is<br />

how he interprets 'old' music in a way<br />

that younger people can understand.<br />

There could be none more fitting to<br />

curate a night of Prince dance floor<br />

fillers. A talented musician in his<br />

own right, Cam Bianchetti is also a<br />

true Prince fan.<br />

Choice Track: Late Night Tuff Guy<br />

‘Do I Believe In God’<br />

Suzi Quatro, David Essex,<br />

The Osmonds and Hot Chocolate<br />

Friday 13th October 6.30pm<br />

SSE Hydro, thessehydro.com<br />

Your extended family, there's always<br />

two distinct sides to it. Mine's no<br />

different. On the one side there are<br />

my older cousins who, in the 70s,<br />

listened to Roxy Music, Bowie, Joni<br />

Mitchel, Van Morrison … on the other<br />

side of my family they listened<br />

to David Essex, The Osmonds, The<br />

‘Rollers, Showaddywaddy. One side<br />

lived through in the capital, the<br />

other much closer to the East End of<br />

Glasgow. One side’s house parties<br />

were the most fun. You could hear<br />

Devilgate Drive or Hold Me Close as<br />

soon as you pressed the buzzer and<br />

opened the door to their ever pungent<br />

close, with welcoming screams<br />

echoing from the landing above. But<br />

whilst through in Edinburgh they<br />

were quietly sipping a single malt<br />

appreciating the virtuosity on the<br />

album Avalon, back through in the<br />

East End of Glasgow we were staying<br />

up late and having way more fun than<br />

we should have been.<br />

This gig is going to be the fun party<br />

and is probably the best one to go to<br />

this month. I encourage you to do so.<br />

Choice track: David Essex ‘Rock On’<br />

Baywaves<br />

Tuesday 24th October 7.30pm<br />

The Hug & Pint, thehugandpint.com<br />

Baywaves are a four piece Gen. Z<br />

band from Madrid in Spain, they<br />

describe their sound as 'hipnopop:<br />

catchy pop with a dreamy, moody<br />

skin.' I hear a lot of Brian Wilson<br />

in what they do. This type of music<br />

stands or falls on it’s nuances and<br />

the loose summery feel these guys<br />

seem to conjure must be influenced<br />

by the climate they live in. Another<br />

reference to their sound is the<br />

celebrated US singer/songwriter<br />

Josh Rouse. Interestingly he moved<br />

to Spain half way through his career<br />

and has a similar sound.<br />

Members of Baywaves have also<br />

formed the 'Suave' collective in<br />

Madrid. Consisting of bands who<br />

don't necessarily share a common<br />

genre but do share views on what<br />

having a band is. You can feel there’s<br />

a scene bubbling here and bands will<br />

start to break out soon, it’s exciting.<br />

Choice Track: Baywaves ‘Gliss’

www.westendermagazine.com | 15<br />

by Greg Kane<br />

November<br />

Harry Styles<br />

Thursday 2nd November 6.30pm<br />

SEC Armadillo, sec.co.uk<br />

My brother and I recently toured with<br />

Matt Goss (of 80’s pop band Bros fame).<br />

It was quite a surreal experience.<br />

His gig was 30% singing and 70%<br />

him cathartically pouring his heart<br />

out to an adoring audience during<br />

excruciatingly over egged song intros.<br />

I be-friended Matt back in the 80s, he<br />

was a pleasant enough geezer if a wee<br />

bit hazy. But he was a proper pop star.<br />

All the stories about him were mostly<br />

PR fabricated and fashioned to hook<br />

the tabloids. What a horrible existence<br />

that must have been.<br />

Will history repeat itself with<br />

our Harry Styles? I hope not, but<br />

unfortunately I fear for him that it<br />

won’t be about his singing (Harry is<br />

a good singer), or his dancing (the<br />

grooves on his new record are pretty<br />

much nailed), or his song writing<br />

(his album has some great songs on<br />

it too), it’ll be about adulation, the<br />

Directioners’ obsessiveness and his<br />

hair! I’m starting to feel sorry for him<br />

already. He’s made a decent album and<br />

you should go have a listen to it. Good<br />

luck to you Harry.<br />

Choice track: Harry Styles ‘Carolina’<br />

Blondie<br />

Tuesday 14th November 6.30pm<br />

SSE Hydro, thessehydro.com<br />

All the band members of Blondie came<br />

across well in a recent documentary on<br />

BBC4 Blondie’s New York – The Making<br />

Of Parallel Lines. Even the usually<br />

insufferable Clem Burke (drummer) was<br />

sufficiently humble for you to stay<br />

engaged when he appeared on screen<br />

(couldn't have been easy for him). But<br />

what I really hadn’t appreciated was<br />

how skilful a lyricist Debbie Harry<br />

was. The 25 million people who bought<br />

their album Parallel Lines obviously<br />

did. Hanging On The Telephone, One<br />

Way Or Another, Picture This, Sunday<br />

Girl and Heart Of Glass, all on the one<br />

album? With their attitude and highly<br />

stylised imagery they kind of invented<br />

the genre Pop/Punk and are a reminder<br />

of that punk/chic of 80s New York cool.<br />

A bit older, a lot wiser and with all<br />

those great songs in their vault to pull<br />

out live, they are still a force.<br />

Choice Track: Blondie ‘Heart Of Glass’<br />

And So I Watch You From Afar<br />

Saturday 25th November 7pm<br />

Òran Mór, oran-mor.co.uk<br />

Northern Irish Instrumental Maths<br />

Metal anyone? My partner lectures<br />

in music. Many of the young’ns she’s<br />

confronted with love to play her their<br />

favourite Maths Metal tracks. She<br />

comes home usually quite perplexed<br />

reaching for the Pinot whilst playing<br />

me some of these songs and asking me<br />

my take on it. As a musician listening<br />

to this music I can totally respect the<br />

skill and ability required to pull it<br />

off. I find myself watching them live<br />

waiting and wanting for one of them to<br />

make a mistake as the music looks so<br />

bloody difficult to execute, but they<br />

never do and that takes chops. It’s<br />

brilliant live, mesmerising at times.<br />

Scotland’s own Mogwai have carved out<br />

a very successful career for themselves<br />

playing this type of instrumental<br />

music so there’s no reason why And<br />

So I Watch You From Afar shouldn’t do<br />

likewise.<br />

Choice track: And So I Watch You From<br />

Afar ‘A Slow Unfolding Of Wings’

16 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

a whole different Monty’s<br />

If you haven’t visited the brand new Monty’s<br />

Bar & Restaurant on Radnor Street yet,<br />

wow you’re in for a treat.<br />

Life long friends, Ryan Dexter and Ross<br />

Beattie, worked together in Ryan’s family’s<br />

City Centre restaurants and are passionate<br />

foodies and Westenders. ‘Ross and I have<br />

lived and socialised in the West End of<br />

Glasgow for years,’ says Ryan, ‘so it’s always<br />

been our goal to open up a restaurant/bar on<br />

what we consider to be our home turf – the<br />

Finnieston area is a real melting pot of people<br />

and communities which is really electric.<br />

Obviously the Hydro has a huge influence on<br />

the desirability of the area to dine in but we’re<br />

also really enjoying having regulars who are<br />

locals in the area and have been for years.’<br />

The recent full-on refurbishment has exposed<br />

brick, highlighted ornate cornicing and seen<br />

the installation of a brand new mezzanine<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

level (panic not, the world map is still there<br />

from its Montgomery’s days!). The restaurant<br />

is warm and welcoming for breakfast or<br />

brunch after walking the pooch in Kelvingrove<br />

Park (they allow well-behaved four legged<br />

friends until 6pm) and yet cosy and intimate<br />

for evening dining with a maximum of 70<br />

covers. The mezzanine can also be booked<br />

separately for parties of up to 30.<br />

In season Scottish produce is the mainstay<br />

of Monty’s menu, with Venison Loin with<br />

creamed savoy cabbage and bacon, featuring<br />

alongside dishes of Shetland mussels or<br />

Cumbrae oysters. Ross and Ryan’s food<br />

influences are global however, as shown by<br />

their transformation of Cullen Skink into a<br />

risotto and dishes such as Mutton dopiaza<br />

and Tunisian lamb in filo pastry. ‘I would say<br />

we are all really passionate about food and<br />

drinks from all over the world however we’re<br />

very lucky to have such fantastic produce

Westender www.westendermagazine.com Magazine Promotion | 17<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

within Scotland,’ explains Ross. ‘In our<br />

opinion the best fish and meat comes from<br />

Scotland so why go elsewhere. Our menu has<br />

a focus on producing predominately Scottish<br />

dishes with influences from our own personal<br />

food journeys across the years.’<br />

The young entrepreneurs grounding in the<br />

restaurant business held them in great stead<br />

when the Radnor Street unit came on the<br />

market. ‘We’ve been very fortunate to have<br />

build up a good network of people from the<br />

industry over the years so when plans were<br />

first in fruition for Monty’s we made sure to<br />

secure a good team early on,’ says Ryan.<br />

‘We just want people to leave Monty’s having<br />

had a great experience!’ concludes Ross.<br />

‘Whether you’ve come for Sunday brunch,<br />

your Saturday night out or just for a coffee or<br />

glass of wine in the Copper Bar our aim is to<br />

make sure everyone leaves happy. Our goal<br />

is make Monty’s a firm favourite within the<br />

Finnieston area.’<br />

With the two owners working front of house,<br />

and sous chef Bradley and Head Chef Stuart<br />

looking after the honest and creative kitchen,<br />

Ross and Ryan have the right recipe for what<br />

a foodie Finnieston wants.<br />

SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount off<br />

Monty’s a la carte food menu when<br />

booking in October/November 2017.<br />

Just quote Westender Magazine<br />

when booking online or by phone.<br />

Monty’s Bar & Restaurant<br />

9 - 11 Radnor Street G3 7UA<br />

0141 357 1666<br />


18 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Guilty Pleasures from Westender’s American in Glasgow<br />

Hide from the weather<br />

with this fast and easy<br />

comfort recipe!<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

www.westendermagazine.com | 19<br />

skillet pumpkin s'mores<br />

by Liberty Vittert<br />

When I think of s’mores, I think of sitting<br />

around the campfire curled up in a flannel<br />

blanket all cozy and warm from a long day<br />

on the water. When I think of pumpkin,<br />

I think of sitting around a fireplace curled<br />

up in a flannel blanket all cozy and warm<br />

from a long day playing in the leaves. Stick<br />

em’ together and you have just the most<br />

perfect combination that has ever been<br />

created for a chilly fall day. It doesn’t hurt<br />

that the whole process takes about ten<br />

minutes (fall is busy as you know!). Crunchy<br />

biscuits, gooey chocolate, spicy pumpkin, and<br />

those sweet mellows with a hint of smoke,<br />

man o’ man, sign me up!<br />

K<br />

Shopping List<br />

16 Graham Crackers<br />

1 can of pumpkin<br />

100g unsalted butter<br />

120mL whole milk<br />

2 tsp cinnamon<br />

1/2 tsp nutmeg<br />

½ tsp allspice<br />

½ tsp ground cloves<br />

½ tsp ground ginger<br />

20 large marshmallows<br />

200g chocolate (milk or<br />

dark – your choice)<br />

L<br />

Method<br />

1. Preheat oven to 180C.<br />

2. Stirring gently, melt the pumpkin,<br />

butter, whole milk, and all the spices<br />

over a low heat until smooth. Remove<br />

from the heat and add four crushed<br />

Graham Crackers.<br />

3. Line the bottom of a large skillet with<br />

the remaining twelve Graham Crackers.<br />

Pour the pumpkin mixture on top of<br />

this.<br />

4. Break up the chocolate and sprinkle<br />

over the top of the mixture. Lastly place<br />

the marshmallows on top.<br />

5. Put in the oven for about four minutes<br />

until the marshmallows are soft. Lastly<br />

pop it under the grill for one minute to<br />

colour lightly. Watch it closely!<br />

6. Snuggle under your fleecy blanket<br />

next to a roaring fire with rain pouring<br />

down the windows, and enjoy. Bliss.<br />

papyrus<br />


OFFER<br />

Mini Saucepan<br />

RRP £8.50<br />

£5 *<br />

*Exclusive offer for<br />

WESTENDER readers<br />

at Papyrus,<br />

374 Byres Road

20 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

Win! Cut & Colour<br />

with Carmen<br />

K<br />

ennedy + Co Hairdressing are<br />

delighted to introduce Carmen to<br />

their West End team.<br />

Trained – Vidal Sassoon Academy and<br />

worked in various Sassoon salons including<br />

Glasgow, Covent Garden and Edinburgh.<br />

Favourite Service – Hard to say as I’m<br />

passionate about all hair types. Balayage as<br />

it’s so individual and creative with each head<br />

being like a different painting, design cutting<br />

and the challenge of curly hair.<br />

Favourite Product – Without doubt Olaplex<br />

- the patented technology prevents damage<br />

and relinks broken bonds providing real<br />

structural repair ... what’s not to like?<br />

Top Tip – Invest in your hair and use<br />

professional brands such as Kérastase<br />

– I promise, you will notice the difference.<br />

WIN! A Bespoke Consultation, Cut and<br />

Colour at Kennedy + Co Hairdressing<br />

with Carmen worth £120. Go to<br />

westendermagazine.com by the<br />

30th November 2017 to enter.<br />

Kennedy + Co Hairdressing<br />

436 Dumbarton Road, West End<br />

0141 339 1555<br />

Book online 24/7 @ kennedyhair.co.uk<br />

Bistro dining at<br />

One Devonshire<br />

Chateaubriand is a very special cut of<br />

meat and a highlight of the One<br />

Devonshire Garden bistro menu. The<br />

dish for two is served to table along with two<br />

sides, two sauces and a bottle of Hotel du Vin<br />

Chardonnay or Merlot – and all for only £59<br />

per couple*.<br />

The bistro also features a very reasonable<br />

two course Prix Fixe menu* at £21.95, or<br />

£26.95pp for three courses. With a selection<br />

of three starters, mains and desserts – which<br />

tasty option to plump for will be the only<br />

hardship. From starters of confit duck leg,<br />

chicken and pistachio roulade, broad beans,<br />

Parma ham chicory and baby herb salad<br />

with a citrus dressing, to mains of Gilthead<br />

sea bream with lightly curried lentils and<br />

coriander oil, guests are delighted with the<br />

seasonal and local Scottish produce on offer.<br />

With desserts of dark chocolate delice, salted<br />

caramel sauce, banana and peanut butter ice<br />

cream, or a selection of three cheeses for the<br />

renowned George Mewes, the small menu<br />

packs a massive punch for local suppliers.<br />

*Only available at specific times – please check when<br />

booking.<br />

WIN! One Devonshire is offering two<br />

couples a three course dinner with<br />

a bottle of Hotel du Vin Merlot or<br />

Chardonnay, followed by tea, coffee<br />

a n d p e t i t f o u r s . C l i c k o n c o m p e t i t i o n s<br />

at westendermagazine.com by the<br />

30th November 2017 to enter.<br />

Bistro du Vin<br />

One Devonshire Gardens, G12 0UX<br />

0141 378 0385<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 21<br />

BBC good food SHOW returns<br />

Explore the finest local flavours this<br />

October as the BBC Good Food Show<br />

returns to Glasgow’s SEC Centre.<br />

Our Scotland show will once again play host<br />

to an impressive line-up of your cooking<br />

heroes including Tom Kitchin, the Hairy<br />

Bikers, Tom Kerridge and more. Why not<br />

pose a question to the stars as you pick up<br />

top culinary tips and discover the secrets<br />

of cooking success. Taste your way around<br />

the city’s culinary scene at the Pop-Up<br />

Restaurants, plus taste and shop from<br />

Scottish specialities from local and artisan<br />

producers.<br />

Pick up the latest cook books and get them<br />

signed by the authors themselves in book<br />

signing sessions – you might even get the<br />

chance to snap a selfie!<br />

New for 2017<br />

• Nadiya Hussain joins the line-up for the<br />

first time<br />

• ‘Eat Like A Local’ sessions with local<br />

chefs<br />

WIN! Westender Magazine<br />

has 5 pairs of tickets* to the<br />

BBC Good Food Show taking<br />

place at the SECC, Glasgow<br />

this October! For your chance<br />

to win click on competitions<br />

at westendermagazine.com by<br />

Wednesday 11th October 2017.<br />

*Ts&Cs Tickets valid for general admission to<br />

the BBC Good Food Show at Glasgow SEC<br />

Centre on any day except Saturday, subject to<br />

availability. Excludes BBC Good Food’s Feast<br />

events. Complimentary tickets do not include<br />

Big Kitchen, but tickets can be purchased on the<br />

day for £3, subject to availability. Details correct<br />

at time of print. Not all celebrities appear on all<br />


22 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

Bar Soba launch<br />

Boozy Brunch<br />

Looking for Pan Asian street food with<br />

cocktails to celebrate the weekend?<br />

With two courses and four cocktails,<br />

beers, or Prosecco coming in at only £25pp<br />

– Bar Soba have you and your mates covered!<br />

Start with a Sharing Platter of Chicken and<br />

Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings, Bang Bang<br />

Chicken Wings, Tiger Prawn Tempura<br />

and Crackers – all served with their own<br />

homemade dipping sauces. Your mates are<br />

going to thank you for your indepth knowledge<br />

of West End brunch deals – especially<br />

when they see the four cocktails: including<br />

Drumstick Caipirovska and Strawberry Sail<br />

Daiquiri, or four glasses of Prosecco or<br />

bottled beers, that come with it. When they<br />

also see the Bar Soba main course faves of<br />

Pad Thai Chicken Noodles and Chicken Katsu<br />

Curry (to name but two) that accompany your<br />

Boozy Brunch deal, a legend has been born.<br />

Bar Soba’s newly refurbished Byres Road pad<br />

looks amazing with it’s jaw dropping geisha<br />

graffiti – book you and your besties in now!<br />

WIN! Bar Soba is giving away a<br />

Boozy Brunch for six people.<br />

Go to westendermagazine.com by<br />

the 30th November 2017 to enter.<br />

*offer has no cash value and cannot be refunded or<br />

exchanged. Strictly over 18s. Management reserve<br />

the right to refuse entry or withdraw offer. Valid<br />

only at Byres Road location*<br />

Bar Soba<br />

116 – 122 Byres Road G12 8TB<br />

0141 357 5482<br />

barsoba.co.uk/brunch<br />

RRI<br />

G<br />

by John Parker<br />

reat news! Our Artist Directors Suzie<br />

McGill from our Uddingston salon<br />

and Dylan Brittain from our George<br />

Square salon, are finalists for the second year<br />

running at the British Hairdressing Awards<br />

to keep their title of Scottish Hairdresser<br />

of the Year and are also finalists for the<br />

Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour<br />

Technician of the Year category too! The<br />

winners will be announced on the 27th<br />

November 2017 at the Grosvenor House<br />

Hotel in London – we are all rooting for you<br />

Suzie and Dylan!<br />

Meanwhile, Daisy completes her 3 months<br />

in our academy on the 23rd of September<br />

and will be back in salon offering 20 free<br />

haircuts from the 25th September until<br />

17th November. If you want to be in with<br />

the chance of receiving a free haircut,<br />

apply by giving the salon a call and quote<br />

‘Westender Daisy’ upon booking, please<br />

note this offer is for new customers only.<br />

follow – Rainbow Room GWR<br />

Rainbow Room International<br />

607 Great Western Road G12 8HX<br />

0141 337 3370<br />

rainbowroominternational.com<br />

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are offering one lucky reader a hair<br />

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salon. For your chance to win go to<br />

westendermagazine.com and click<br />

on competitions by the 30th Nov’17.

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The Country Living Magazine Christmas<br />

Fair is back at the SECC, Glasgow from<br />

the 23-26 November 2017. This annual<br />

celebration of all things festive is a must for<br />

anyone who enjoys a great day’s shopping.<br />

We have 8 pairs of tickets for this fabulously<br />

festive show to be won. If you don’t win<br />

you can purchase tickets saving 10%<br />

on the Advance Ticket price by visiting<br />

countrylivingfair.com and enter the code<br />

LIVING10.<br />

Over 300 of the UK’s finest craftsmen and<br />

women will gather to offer unique gifts,<br />

decorations, crafts, food and inspired interior<br />

ideas, to help bring that magical Christmas<br />

sparkle to every home. There’s also three<br />

informative theatres where experts will<br />

offer invaluable advice and entertaining<br />

demonstrations.<br />

• The Country Living Kitchen will delight and<br />

inspire as top Scottish chefs demonstrate<br />

preparing tempting seasonal dishes, using<br />

delicious, fresh ingredients. Visitors can pick<br />

up professional tips.<br />

• The Country Living Corner where experts<br />

will offer advice on how to make the most<br />

of your home over the festive period, with a<br />

series of talks and demonstrations.<br />

• Over in The Country Living Crafting<br />

Workshops there will be a varied daily handson<br />

programme where visitors will have the<br />

chance to create something special to take<br />

home.<br />

• The Drunken Duck Champagne Bar<br />

– The perfect day out wouldn’t be complete<br />

without a relaxing glass of fizz.<br />

For further information or to book tickets visit<br />

countrylivingfair.com/ticket-prices, or call<br />

0844 581 1385.<br />

WIN! We have 8 pairs of tickets for<br />

this fabulously festive show to be won.<br />

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£100<br />

£395 £44.95 £28.95 £33.95<br />

Winter Wonders

Westender www.westendermagazine.com Magazine Promotion | 25<br />

Gleneagles’ Birnam Brunch<br />

Could Gleneagles newest restaurant,<br />

the Birnam Brasserie, be hosting<br />

Scotland’s most indulgent Sunday<br />

brunch? The new brasserie is inspired by the<br />

grand Parisian cafés of the early twentieth<br />

century and offers elegant, yet relaxed,<br />

family dining for long lazy Sunday brunches.<br />

The no-holds-barred access to Gleneagles’<br />

banquet takes place on the first Sunday of<br />

every month.<br />

Being Gleneagles the spread showcases the<br />

very best of the seasonal Scottish produce<br />

to be found on Gleneagles’ doorstep. Brunch<br />

guests can tuck into an array of fresh shellfish<br />

and crustaceans alongside a wide range of the<br />

best charcuterie and cheeses Scotland and<br />

the continent has to offer. After the cold bar<br />

has been indulged in guests are free to order<br />

as many dishes from the main menu as they<br />

wish – all washed down with a choice of drinks<br />

from the Bellini, Mimosa, and Bloody Mary<br />

station. Indulgence was mentioned remember!<br />

If room can be found the ice-cream cart and<br />

the pancake and waffle station will win the<br />

family vote, while a specially-curated list of<br />

French wines and a smorgasbord of delicious<br />

French-inspired desserts complete the feast.<br />

Shall I sign us all up now? See you there.<br />

The Birnam brunch experience, served<br />

on the first Sunday of the month from<br />

12.30pm – 3.30pm, is £37 for adults;<br />

£20 for children aged 5 – 12, and free<br />

for under-5s. The drinks package is an<br />

additional £25 per head.<br />

Gleneagles Hotel<br />

Auchterarder, Perthshire PH3 1NF<br />

0800 389 3737<br />


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ELENA’S<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Reviewed by David McPhee<br />

You know that feeling you get when<br />

you’re on holiday in a hot country?<br />

You’re sitting outside late in the evening,<br />

the warm air soothing your soul by the<br />

second, a cold beer at your hip, waiting for<br />

your meal to arrive and you think: ‘Why can’t<br />

it be like this back home?’ Elena’s is a little bit<br />

like that.<br />

Somehow they’ve managed to export<br />

the thing you’d consider to be the least<br />

transportable. How they got it through British<br />

customs is anyone’s guess.<br />

On the night in question I was with a few<br />

friends enjoying a couple of Finnieston<br />

libations when the subject of food came up –<br />

but it was 9:15pm, who would still be serving<br />

food at such an ungodly hour?<br />

‘Not a problem’ came the answer from our<br />

amiable innkeeper at Elena’s. Not only were<br />

we welcome, they didn’t even rush around<br />

trying to squeeze everything in before the<br />

kitchen closed, it just stayed open a little<br />

later. Here you get the sense that nothing is<br />

worth getting worked up over, and getting<br />

worked up makes no sense.<br />

On this particular evening we were in a<br />

sharing kind of mood, which is handy<br />

because Elena’s serve ‘raciones’, small<br />

dishes which are a bit bigger than tapas and<br />

perfect for group dining.<br />

The Tortilla española is as dense and<br />

satisfying as anything you’ll experience in the<br />

Cantabrian region from which these dishes<br />

derive. While the Patatas bravas (fried potato)<br />

comes with a delicious accompanying spicy<br />

sauce it’s the Galician style octopus you<br />

won’t be able to take your tentacles off. The<br />

dish is cooked just right so it’s crunchy on the<br />

outside and soft on the inside.<br />

The main course of Chuletas de cordero<br />

a la parrilla or grilled lamb cutlets are truly<br />

sublime and a favourite of the house, they<br />

melt in the mouth and are seasoned perfectly.<br />

The Tempranillo we ordered was so damn<br />

good, we ordered another bottle. It worked<br />

with everything, including the level of<br />

conversation at my table<br />

A dessert of Crema Catalana was a fitting<br />

end to the great meal and a wonderful<br />

Spanish take on the French classic crème<br />

brulee. The consistency and flavour are so<br />

moreish it will have you dancing back up<br />

Old Dumbarton Road sometime soon for a<br />

second sitting.<br />

Any successful establishment needs a<br />

person who exemplifies what that place<br />

rightly stands for. Elena Xavier has brought<br />

the food from her Spanish region to our<br />

fair city for you to sample, and sample you<br />

should.<br />

Like Elena herself, this restaurant is full<br />

of passion, brimming with flavour and, on<br />

occasion, just the right amount of ‘loco’.<br />

Elena’s Spanish Bar & Restaurant<br />

90 Old Dumbarton Road G3 8PZ<br />

0141 237 4730<br />


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Shearer Candles 388 Byres Road | Glasgow G12 8AR<br />

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DRAM!<br />

Reviewed by<br />

Emily Donoho<br />

At first I called it ‘the pub formerly<br />

known as the Uisge.’ The Uisge<br />

Beatha a much loved West End<br />

institution on Woodlands Road welcomed<br />

university clubs, traditional music sessions,<br />

locals and students. With its Victorian<br />

portraits, taxidermy and dark wooden décor,<br />

its atmosphere struck the right balance,<br />

somewhere between an old man’s beer<br />

drinking establishment and a lively studentfriendly<br />

pub. To our dismay it closed in 2010<br />

for expansion, refurbishment and rebranding.<br />

It reopened as DRAM!, a name we all thought<br />

was pretty naff. But if it was still a good pub<br />

we could live with the name.<br />

The pub retained its essential character, the<br />

antique furniture and the taxidermy on the<br />

walls. But it was bigger with an expanded<br />

kitchen and the main bar divided into three<br />

sections with plenty of tables and booths. It<br />

also kept its annex ‘the Wee Dram,’ where<br />

they host open mikes, stand-up comics,<br />

sessions, and other events. Even on a busy<br />

Friday night the pub doesn’t feel rammed.<br />

When the Uisge changed into the Dram we<br />

bemoaned its transformation into yet another<br />

trendy gastropub. Change might be hard to<br />

swallow but the Dram’s menu isn’t. The food<br />

is basic Scottish pub fare with an American<br />

BBQ twist. Haggis sits next to slow-smoked<br />

chicken wings, and you can choose between<br />

fish and chips, a steak and ale pie, or nachos.<br />

Or really push the fusion boat out and have<br />

haggis on your nachos. Their lunch ciabattas<br />

are excellent, made with fresh bread, and the<br />

one I had contained homemade hummus and<br />

roasted peppers.<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 29<br />

But at its heart it’s still a whisky bar. The<br />

Dram has about 66 whiskies. All the standard<br />

malts you’d expect at any Scottish pub,<br />

like the ten year Laphroiag, Glenmorangie,<br />

etcetera. But they also have rarer ones<br />

like Scapa from Orkney, or Edradour from<br />

Pitlochry. The collection is smaller than the<br />

Pot Still or the Oran Mor but it’s big enough<br />

to have some variety and great whisky.<br />

It serves two rotating cask ales. Sometimes<br />

their choices are eccentric like a blackberry<br />

wheat beer, but at least it changes every<br />

week. If the cask ale is too bizarre they have<br />

a large number of beers on tap including<br />

Tennants, Belhaven, Stella Artois, Peroni,<br />

Joker IPA, rotating beers from Brewdog, and<br />

a larger selection of bottled craft beers and<br />

ciders.<br />

The Dram is one of those pubs that has<br />

something for everyone, whether it’s a pub<br />

meal, a dram, or a pint. You can watch sport<br />

on TV or live comedy, listen to traditional<br />

music and even bring your dog. The bar staff<br />

are people who like their jobs and take the<br />

time to get to know the regulars. There are<br />

small touches that give patrons a warm fuzzy<br />

feeling, like the collection of phone chargers<br />

behind the bar you can use if you need one.<br />

I think the West End has gotten over the<br />

name change and it remains a popular<br />

establishment for students and locals alike.<br />

DRAM!<br />

232-246 Woodlands Road G3 6ND<br />

0141 332 1622<br />

dramglasgow.co.uk<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

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Doggy Days Out<br />

What’s to be done? Shorter days, longer nights and our<br />

four legged friends looking mournful as we, yet again,<br />

leave them inside. But it doesn’t have to be that way as<br />

the woof-friendly West End is tailtastically filled with dog<br />

friendly establishments. A stretch of the legs, a browse round the<br />

shops and a gargantuan array of bow wow brasseries; lead on my<br />

canine companion! By Tracy Mukherjee<br />

Lucy is a rescue dog who came into our<br />

lives five years ago. She had severe<br />

separation anxiety and would be really<br />

upset whenever we would leave her at home<br />

for even the shortest of time. Our West End<br />

ways were going to have to change. No more<br />

lovely meals out or afternoon wanders around<br />

our favourite eateries and boutiques. Well<br />

we could – except we would spend our time<br />

thinking of you-know-who back home.<br />

Fast forward 5 years and one Nannycam<br />

later (really) and Lucy is more than happy to<br />

have a two hour snooze alone at home. As it<br />

happens we now have the separation anxiety<br />

– hence the Nannycam. I know. But what’s<br />

so fantastic about where we live is it doesn’t<br />

need to be. Glasgow and, in particular the<br />

West End, is one of the most dog friendly<br />

places around. So here are Lucy’s favourite<br />

doggy days out. Eh, we go too…

www.westendermagazine.com | 31<br />

The Kelvin Walkway<br />

Before you do anything of a morning, make<br />

your way down to Cottonrake, Great Western<br />

Road and grab your first cup of coffee and<br />

simply delicious pain au chocolat to set you<br />

on your way. The staff are more than happy to<br />

let your four legged friend sit in and although<br />

it can be a squeeze at times, no one seems<br />

to mind. Why not try Cottonrake’s sourdough<br />

with honey? Divine.<br />

And off to the Kelvin we go. If you are a<br />

dog owner in the West End, you KNOW this<br />

walkway. Or do you? The history on our<br />

doorstep is incredible. Entering through the<br />

Kirklee Gate, you find yourself on Half Penny<br />

Bridge, with Half Penny House just beyond.<br />

Take a detour up to Queen Margaret Road,<br />

beyond Queen Margaret Bridge and visit<br />

Greek Thomson’s Sixty Steps overlooking<br />

the original remains of Queen Margaret<br />

Bridge. Retrace your steps and observe the<br />

herons and egrets as they fish on the weir<br />

underneath the bridge. Beyond, on your way<br />

downstream, is North Woodside Flint Mill.<br />

The mill originally opened in 1765 as a grain<br />

mill and was even used for grinding gun<br />

powder during the Napoleonic wars.<br />

On the side wall of the walkway beside<br />

the mill look out for the mysterious stone<br />

carvings. Heading down towards Kelvingrove<br />

the bridges over the Kelvin have such a<br />

vibrant history and are well worth a closer<br />

look than we tend to give them. As you reach<br />

the park following the underpass at Gibson<br />

Street, you might notice a stone cairn circle.<br />

The An Clachan memorial remembers a<br />

popular exhibit of a highland village, designed<br />

and on show during the 1911 Scottish<br />

National Exhibition.<br />

With so much history to take in, it’s time<br />

for ‘a little something’ as Pooh might say.<br />

A favourite doggy spot for elevens’ is Sonny<br />

and Vito’s, Park Road. A quite delightful deli,<br />

the guys in here will very much welcome you<br />

and doggy. Serving breakfast from 9-12, there<br />

is a great choice of waffles, breakfast staples<br />

such as poached eggs with organic bread<br />

and Ramsay’s crispy bacon. For something<br />

a little more substantial, Sonny and Vito’s<br />

soups, sandwiches and salads are to die<br />

for. With Union Roast coffee and too many<br />

tempting pastries to avoid, it’s a great spot to<br />

while away the remainder of the morning with<br />

Fido happily snoring at your feet.<br />

The Clyde Canal<br />

Our choice for an afternoon amble is the<br />

Clyde Canal running through Maryhill.<br />

We all know this artery of our industrial<br />

heritage is there, but have you ever visited<br />

it? Interspersed with housing estates and<br />

main roads you may well have seen the blue<br />

signage guiding you to the canal. Follow it<br />

and not only do you get a pleasant walk with<br />

the dog, there’s lots to learn. And it’s a great<br />

little meander of an afternoon.<br />

You can join the towpath off the canal just<br />

beyond Kelvindale station on Cleveden<br />

Road. Heading city bound there’s a whole<br />

host of examples of the canal’s history.<br />

On joining the canal you’ll see the bridge<br />

keepers cottages built for the canal workers.<br />

A little further on the vast Kelvin aqueduct<br />

transverses the river 400ft across and 70ft<br />

high. Before long you will reach Maryhill<br />

locks and basin which is a really pretty spot<br />

to stop and enjoy the view. Behind you rise<br />

the Collina Street flats, home to Still Game’s<br />

Jack and Victor. Continue along the length<br />

of the canal and view the Mackintosh Ruchill<br />

Church, designed by Rennie Mackintosh in<br />

1899. What’s so lovely about this walk is the<br />

care Scottish Canals have taken to keep you<br />

well informed with numerous information<br />

boards dotting the way. Look out for the<br />

board by East Park noting Roy Rodgers and<br />

Triggers visit to Maryhill in 1954!<br />

Beyond the Bilsland Drive aqueduct you can<br />

rejoin Maryhill Road and look forward to that<br />

well deserved lunch. A favourite spot and<br />

super dog friendly venue is The Strathmore,<br />

Maryhill Road. Renovated in 2015, this<br />

gorgeous pub/restaurant doesn’t confine<br />

you and your hairy pal to the bar. Instead,<br />

go inside and enter the quite stunning<br />

conservatory, elevated and totally glass<br />

fronted. Lucy quite happily sits watching<br />

through the window for any squirrel or fox<br />

action. There is also a lovely outside elevated<br />

decked area with sparkling fairy lights<br />

overhead. Staff always ensure that dogs have<br />

their water, while you can look forward to<br />

some top notch grub, including the

32 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

glasveggie burger and some truly authentic<br />

curries of the week. It’s a little hidden gem<br />

– but that just makes the canal walk more<br />

enticing.<br />

Time for a little look around the shops.<br />

Making our way down onto Queen Margaret<br />

Drive, the incense haven known as Opal<br />

Moon and gift sanctuary of Ae Fond Kiss<br />

are more than happy to have well behaved<br />

doggies (and their owners) browse their<br />

wares. Further down on Byres Road,<br />

a top choice of Lucy’s (okay, I may have<br />

something to do with it) is S&S Argento.<br />

Again there is no problem taking the well<br />

behaved pooch about town inside for an ogle<br />

at the exquisite jewellery and bags on display.<br />

‘A nap? Anyone?’ say Lucy’s eyes. Well if you<br />

insist…<br />

Finnieston Fest<br />

A night on the town need not be a dog free<br />

one. Head down to Finnieston and you’ll often<br />

find more dogs out on the tiles than students.<br />

A stroll around Kelvingrove Galleries, lit in all<br />

its rosy red glory, then it’s off to The Duchess<br />

of Argyle, Argyle Street. This restaurant has<br />

some of the most delicious Mexican food<br />

in the city. No stodge and tex mex staples<br />

for these guys; it’s all about quality, fresh<br />

ingredients and authenticity. Not to mention<br />

the world’s only Tapatio frozen margarita<br />

machine. And doggy gets well watered too.<br />

A popular choice for a great meal, without<br />

having to leave your buddy behind.<br />

How can we end a great doggy day out?<br />

With some super smooth drinks, that’s how.<br />

Whether it be the vast array of craft gins<br />

available in The Finnieston, or simply the best<br />

cocktails in town in uber stylish Kelvingrove<br />

Café. A night cap is most certainly well<br />

deserved.<br />

The only thing bothering Lucy as she snoozes<br />

under the table? Why is she wearing heels,<br />

when her feet are almost always wellington<br />

shaped?<br />

For more detailed information on the<br />

above walking routes visit –<br />

scotcities.com/westend/kelvinwalkway<br />


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1 bedroom riverside apartment<br />

READY TO MOVE IN - £134,950 *<br />


Call 0141 342 4495 or visit gh2o.co.uk<br />

* Subject to availability.

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Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

by Tracy Mukherjee<br />

Autumn: cascades of golden leaves fall, the<br />

air smells of bonfires, toffee apples and our<br />

favourite scarf and glove combo has a first<br />

outing. As the first frost covers our landscape<br />

with an array of glistening crystals, let’s embrace<br />

the darkening days and see what tricks and<br />

treats are amid the autumn embers.<br />

Top for Art Then And Now<br />

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of<br />

'The Vigorous Imagination: New Scottish Art'.<br />

This memorable art exhibition was originally<br />

presented in 1987 at the Scottish National<br />

Gallery of Modern Art. It’s no exaggeration to<br />

say the body of work presented was seminal,<br />

showcasing vibrant new ideas and styles. Since<br />

then, many of the artists such as New Glasgow<br />

Boys Peter Howson and Steven Campbell,<br />

sculptor David Mach and painters Mario Rossi<br />

and Gwen Hardie, to name but a few, have<br />

become renowned within the art world. To<br />

celebrate this classic exhibition, 'The Vigorous<br />

Imagination, Then and Now: 30 years on' revisits<br />

those groundbreaking works and explores<br />

the artists’ journeys since then. With original<br />

pieces, archive material and new works, it’s a<br />

rare opportunity to observe how Scottish and<br />

International art has been influenced by those<br />

innovative artists and that pivotal exhibition.<br />

The Vigorous Imagination, Then and Now:<br />

30 years on, Thurs Oct 26th – Fri Oct 27th<br />

Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Blythswood St. G2 4EL<br />

Top for A Fine Coffee<br />

If, like me, you are incapable of the spoken<br />

word before your first sip of java, you will be<br />

delighted to hear that super smooth coffee spot<br />

Paper Cup now has its own roastery in Belmont<br />

Lane. Opened in August 2017, Paper Cup fine<br />

roasts their own delicious varieties of beans<br />

from all over the world. With a little café on-site<br />

serving cake and, well, coffee, it’s a nice little<br />

corner of the West End that you might never<br />

have visited. Just behind Great Western Road,<br />

away from the hustle and bustle of the A82,<br />

browse the time away inhaling the rich aromas of<br />

Kenyan and Ethiopian beans (I’m informed that<br />

it is African coffee season). The roastery also<br />

stocks everything you might need to enjoy that<br />

authentic Paper Cup Coffee experience at home.<br />

Filters, coffee guides, even training sessions<br />

are available to sharpen up those barista skills.<br />

With recent floristry events on site and plans<br />

for pop up art galleries running up to Christmas,<br />

the Paper Cup roastery is the very definition of a<br />

'one stop shop'.<br />

12 Belmont Lane, G12 8EN<br />

w: papercupcoffeecompany.bigcartel.com<br />

e: info@papercupcoffee.co.uk<br />

Top for All Things Puppet<br />

Puppets + kids = happy mums and dad. Bringing<br />

something a little special to puppetry is Ella<br />

Mackay of Nudge Puppets. Based in the<br />

Hidden Lane, Ella makes her own puppets and<br />

produces shows for young and old alike. With<br />

an impressive resume from Glasgow School of<br />

Art and The Curious School of Puppetry, this<br />

talented young puppeteer brings her own style<br />

and talent to the genre. Ella’s newest venture is<br />

Watch, Learn, Create, Play, and is an opportunity<br />

for children to be involved in theatre and be<br />

hands on with the puppets. The session is<br />

suitable for small groups of between three and<br />

ten children from 4-8 years old. Ella is happy<br />

to discuss dates, times, even off site venues if<br />

space is appropriate. With shape shifting fairies,<br />

demonstration of different puppetry styles<br />

and fun by the bucket load, Nudge Puppets will<br />

transfer your children to a magical world… if only<br />

for an hour or two.<br />

w: ellamackay.co.uk/kids<br />

e: nudgepuppets@gmail.com

www.westendermagazine.com | 35<br />

Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

Top for Fusion Music<br />

Prepare for a real treat for the senses this<br />

November as Indian violinist Jyotsna Srikanth<br />

presents her contemporary blend of indo-jazz<br />

with her band Bangalore Dreams. For one night<br />

only, Jyotsna will be appearing at Cottiers<br />

theatre. Having trained in both Carnatic and<br />

European classical violin, she has played<br />

with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at<br />

Wembley Stadium and has recorded on some<br />

250 Bollywood soundtracks. Srikanth is<br />

influenced by jazz as well as rock; there is even<br />

some beatboxing elements blended through<br />

her music. Watching NS Manjunath (drums)<br />

perform Carnatic beatboxing is something you<br />

won’t forget for a very, VERY long time. This isn’t<br />

a normal evening of music. It’s a spellbinding,<br />

unique experience.<br />

Jyotsna Srikanth and Bangalore Dreams<br />

Cottiers Theatre, Hyndland St G11 5PU<br />

Thurs 9th Nov 7.30pm w: cottiers.com<br />

Top for Theatre<br />

Make a note in your diary for Wed the 22nd of<br />

November and support Shake with Laughter.<br />

This benefit night at The Stand Comedy Club,<br />

is in support of Parkinson’s UK. Parkinson’s<br />

affects 127,000 people in the UK with someone<br />

being newly diagnosed every hour. Although<br />

often thought of as a disease of old age, in<br />

fact many younger people can be affected too.<br />

Although PD is a progressive illness, it can be<br />

well managed with the right drug treatments<br />

and continuing research to find a cure is vital.<br />

That’s why benefits of this kind as a fund raising<br />

event are so important. Shake with Laughter is a<br />

hilarious night of stand up with comedians Mark<br />

Nelson, Joe Heenan and your host, Rob Deering<br />

already confirmed. So why not have a good night<br />

out and do your bit to further PD research? After<br />

all, laughter is the best medicine.<br />

Shake with Laughter, Wed 22nd of November<br />

The Stand, Woodlands Road G3 6NG<br />

w: thestand.co.uk<br />

For more information on Parkinson’s Disease<br />

visit – parkinsons.org.uk<br />

Top for A Perfect Girly Day<br />

I know boys love pizza JUST as much as girls.<br />

But pizza AND prosecco as a heaven sent<br />

duo? Now that’s a full on girlie utopia! Who<br />

could be so kind, so giving as to put these 2<br />

giants of Saturday-nights-in under one roof in<br />

one celebratory event, namely the Pizza and<br />

Prosecco Festival? None other than the god<br />

fathers of gastronomic pop up events SWG3.<br />

This event was initially scheduled for one day<br />

only on 4th Nov. So popular was it amongst<br />

the great and good that it sold out within 4<br />

hrs; as such a further event has been added.<br />

The festival, on Saturday 18th Nov runs from<br />

2pm-10pm. With live music all day, there will<br />

be 20 different kinds of prosecco to try. With<br />

your ticket you are also entitled to a half glass<br />

of prosecco which you can sip as you peruse the<br />

local pop up pizza traders, or go for a snuggle<br />

under the blanket beside the outdoor heaters<br />

and join in some sing-a-long pop? Come to<br />

mention it, the possibility of some Kylie karaoke?<br />

Hubby may well beat me to the ticket queue…<br />

Pizza and Prosecco Festival, SWG3<br />

Saturday 18th November (tickets<br />

available at time of writing)<br />

w: fatsoma.com/pizza-prosecco-festival

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(S222) PV - Westender Ad - Autumn Campaign 17 - AW.pdf 1 23/08/2017 15:00<br />

explore<br />

+44 (0)1700 811075<br />

info@portavadie.com<br />

portavadie.com<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

Autumn is your time to reflect<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

5 Star Ground floor<br />

Luxury Apartments ..................from £289 per night<br />

sleeps up to 4<br />

Lodge rooms.................................from £119 per night<br />

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All rates include access to Leisure Experience and Full Scottish Breakfast served in the Marina Restaurant and Bar. All rates are subject<br />

to availability and may vary. Self-catering only rates are available on Cottages and Couples Retreat. 2 night minimum stay applies on all<br />

Luxury Apartments, Cottages and the Couples Retreat.

www.westendermagazine.com | 37<br />

Endmum’s<br />

West<br />

notebook<br />

by Michele Gordon thelanguagehub.co.uk<br />

‘M<br />

“ um, Leon and I have decided on a<br />

Halloween costume. Can we buy it<br />

today?’<br />

This was Ruby last week when talking about<br />

Halloween this year. If I’m honest, I’m not<br />

that bothered about Halloween. It is not<br />

something that is traditionally celebrated in<br />

Germany, it just didn’t exist when I was a<br />

child. However, like many other things from<br />

the US, it has found its way into the German<br />

calendar too in recent years, after all, it is an<br />

opportunity to party. And Ruby and Leon like<br />

a good party!<br />

They have both decided they will dress up<br />

as Thing 1 and Thing 2. ‘Are there costumes<br />

for this? Where will we get them? How much<br />

will they cost?’ ‘On ebay, mum, of course, I<br />

checked already, and they are quite cheap.’<br />

‘Really?’ Gosh, when did this happen? My<br />

fault I guess, my kids know that I love saving<br />

time by ordering things online. So, as a<br />

result, we now already have two Thing 1 and<br />

2 t-shirts plus one pair of read leggings for<br />

Ruby and one pair of red jeans for Leon. They<br />

will dye their hair blue and will look just great<br />

I am assured. German planning at its best,<br />

I dare say! Now we just need to organise a<br />

round of guising, prepare some jokes and off<br />

we go. But go where exactly?<br />

This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday, a<br />

bit unfortunate as it is our busiest day of the<br />

week. So, after school, once we’ve been to<br />

German class, finished swimming and picked<br />

up Ruby from guides. Hmm, you see our<br />

dilemma. But I am certain, Ruby and Leon will<br />

want to go out guising. I am convinced it is<br />

part of their secret annual sweets calculation.<br />

I am not surprised as guising in our<br />

neighbourhood can be a lucrative opportunity<br />

to collect loads. I am amazed every year how<br />

many people in so many streets in Kelvindale<br />

put a lot of effort into Halloween, it’s great.<br />

The kids love it, and I am pleased to say,<br />

they actually have to put some work into<br />

receiving their treats too. So,we will probably<br />

skip guides and go guising straight after<br />

swimming, sorted. However, it doesn’t end<br />

there, Ruby always likes to make the most of<br />

having a new costume, wearing it only for one<br />

day really doesn’t make sense.<br />

Sadly, there don’t seem too many child<br />

friendly events on throughout the West End<br />

this year. Usually, the Children’s Wood at<br />

North Kelvinside Meadow put on a Halloween<br />

night in the woods which is great if the<br />

weather holds up (thechildrenswood.co.uk).<br />

Or choose the Goulish Glasgow bus tour<br />

for children. It says in their description that<br />

‘Ghoulish Glasgow is all about Glasgow<br />

and its history but the tales it tells about<br />

the city and its buildings are focused on<br />

the ghoulish, gory and downright horrible<br />

from its past.’ The tour runs several times<br />

a day, not only on Halloween by the way<br />

(citysightseeingglasgow.co.uk).<br />

If you don’t want to depend on the weather<br />

too much you may want to try one of the<br />

Halloween events at the Scottish Mask<br />

and Puppet Theatre. They will be running<br />

four Halloween events over the 28th, 29th<br />

and 31st of October. There will be a puppet<br />

making workshop and three shows with<br />

Alex the magician (maskandpuppet.co.uk).<br />

No doubt, we will be attending at least one<br />

of them.<br />

Now we only need to buy some pumpkins<br />

for carving, make some yummy soup and<br />

buy some treats for kids coming to our door.<br />

Happy Halloween everyone!

38 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Iolla’s Stefan Hunter and Brian McGuire<br />

designs on you<br />

Loraine Patrick meets the entrepreneurs behind<br />

West End design businesses Iolla, bluebellgray<br />

and Paulin Watches, to discover what it takes to<br />

launch a successful design business in Glasgow.

What do lampshades, glasses and<br />

watches have in common? This is<br />

not a riddle – they are all designed<br />

here in the West End by companies taking<br />

a fresh approach to their industries. First<br />

up a visit to spectacles showroom with a<br />

difference.<br />

Iolla is aiming to revolutionise the eyewear<br />

market. Gaelic for ‘sight’ or ‘to see’ every pair<br />

of glasses regardless of prescription costs<br />

£65. No hidden extras. Company founders<br />

Stefan Hunter and Brian McGuire set out to<br />

simplify the way we buy glasses and haven’t<br />

looked back.<br />

Growth has been extraordinary confirms<br />

marketing associate Kirsty Humpherson,<br />

‘I have been with the company since start up<br />

and year on year we have seen 100 percent<br />

growth. We recently opened our own optical<br />

workshop so as well as designing glasses<br />

in-house, now lenses are glazed and finished<br />

here in Glasgow too.’<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 39<br />

flat and fixed price,’ Kirsty emphasises. ‘We<br />

like to keep it nice and simple and within the<br />

reach of everyone.’<br />

With 36 styles to choose from, glasses can<br />

be bought online or from the Argyle street<br />

showroom. Interestingly for a product that<br />

is mainly sold by being tried on, 20 percent<br />

of business comes from online sales. ‘Every<br />

few months we bring out a new style and<br />

we listen to what our customers want. Our<br />

customers are very engaged and tend to see<br />

a new pair of glasses as an accessory rather<br />

than a necessity,’ Kirsty adds.<br />

The company has big plans to expand and<br />

by early next year they hope to have their<br />

second Scottish showroom open. Watch this<br />

space!<br />

Brought together by a university placement,<br />

optician Brian and business school graduate<br />

Stefan saw a gap in the market for customers<br />

to buy glasses out-with what can often be a<br />

high pressure sales environment. ‘Ours is a

40 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />




Ruthven Mews, 57 Ruthven Lane<br />

Glasgow | G12 9BG<br />

hello@bnassociates.co.uk<br />

0141 334 1318<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 41<br />

Next we move on to Park Circus where the<br />

bluebellgray showroom provides a vibrant<br />

splash of colour in an otherwise austere and<br />

grand building. The brainchild of Fort William<br />

designer Fi Gray, bluebellgray’s hand painted<br />

prints are in demand around the world.<br />

‘We are all about spreading happiness<br />

and colour,’ says Marketing Co-ordinator<br />

Lara Black. ‘Fi has a very clear style with<br />

oversized blooms and painterly abstracts<br />

being her signature. We are sold all over the<br />

world, from upmarket department stores like<br />

Bloomingdales in the US to customers as far<br />

afield as Australia and Hawaii.’<br />

Every piece from cushion cover to wall<br />

panel is designed at the Park Circus HQ.<br />

‘Fi paints and our designers scan using<br />

printing techniques which make sure<br />

every brush stroke and colour is captured<br />

true to life.<br />

John Lewis is one of the companies<br />

biggest stockists. ‘We are best known for<br />

our bedding with our fabrics and cushions<br />

coming a close second,’ but Lara adds, ‘most<br />

business is done online and by phone, with<br />

daily visitors to the showroom particularly for<br />

our curtain making service.’<br />

A former Glasgow School of Art student Fi<br />

made a handful of cushions after graduating<br />

and showed them at a trade fair. Business<br />

snowballed from there and now bluebellgray<br />

employs thirteen staff. Lara says, ‘Fi is<br />

passionate about creating jobs here. ‘She fell<br />

in love with Glasgow after studying here and<br />

the vibe of the city sets it apart, there really is<br />

nowhere better to be when the sun shines!’

42 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

This sense of creative community<br />

encouraged the Paulin sisters to set up their<br />

concept store on Great Western Road. Shop,<br />

watch workshop and creative space all rolled<br />

into one, it gives the siblings the opportunity<br />

to meet the customers who buy their iconic<br />

timepieces.<br />

‘We definitely do more business in store<br />

rather than online,’ confirms youngest sister<br />

Eleanor. ‘It’s so friendly here.’ The shop also<br />

gives westenders an opportunity to see our<br />

watches if they haven’t come across them<br />

before.‘<br />

With five models on offer currently, Paulin<br />

watches are intended to last a lifetime.<br />

Designed by the sisters it takes about eight<br />

months from drawing board to finished<br />

product and this year the team have created<br />

their own numerical font, inspired by art deco<br />

typefaces. The distinctive geometric style has<br />

cleverly spaced gaps allowing the eye to fill<br />

in the blanks. ‘We wanted to keep the range<br />

simple but have something unique and I think<br />

we have achieved that,’ Eleanor says.<br />

Creativity really does run in this family,<br />

with the girls citing their great grandfather,<br />

sculptor George Henry Paulin, as their<br />

inspiration. ‘He worked across both World<br />

Wars,’ Eleanor says. ‘And you can still<br />

see his work today in both the Botanics<br />

and Kelvingrove Park. We followed in his<br />

footsteps and all studied at the same art<br />

school.’<br />

Like Paulin, Iolla and bluebellgray there are<br />

dozens of design led creative companies<br />

in this part of the city, doing innovative and<br />

exciting things. So what keeps them here?<br />

The answer from our three case studies is<br />

that the West End has a real sense of close<br />

knit community. For the Paulin sisters its like<br />

a happy family. ‘There is no sibling rivalry<br />

here,’ Eleanor concludes. ‘It’s a real team<br />

effort. My middle sister Elizabeth works<br />

remotely and my eldest sister Charlotte<br />

has just started a family so if she wants to<br />

take a day off I am around to help look after<br />

the baby.’<br />

iolla.com<br />

bluebellgray.com<br />


Westender www.westendermagazine.com Magazine Promotion | 43<br />

Accountancy<br />

Matters<br />

by Bruce Wilson & Simon Murrison<br />

‘21% of small business directors are<br />

over retirement age’<br />

For many business owners running a<br />

business long after retirement age is a<br />

choice. For others a necessity as they<br />

failed to hit the pause button and establish an<br />

exit strategy and plan for a secure financial<br />

future.<br />

Succession planning and tax planning work<br />

hand in hand. The key to preserving your<br />

personal wealth and dealing with inheritance<br />

tax and capital gains tax is good tax<br />

planning.<br />

Only a tax expert fully understands the<br />

complexities of protecting assets,<br />

changing business ownership or dissolving<br />

company assets. A solid exit plan is<br />

structured in tax efficient ways for the<br />

owner and the buyer.<br />

Succession planning involves establishing<br />

clear business objectives, preparing<br />

accounts, organising paperwork and making<br />

your business more tax efficient and more<br />

profitable. Above all, ready for a strong<br />

valuation.<br />

If you have any Succession Planning<br />

questions, like the ones below, then call<br />

Bruce Wilson now on 0141 290 0262.<br />

• What is the true value of my business?<br />

• How do I stabilise my business for a<br />

takeover?<br />

• How do I manage Capital Gains Tax and<br />

Inheritance Tax?<br />

• How do I attract potential buyers?<br />

Murrison & Wilson, CA is a full service<br />

accountancy firm specialising in<br />

business and tax planning for private<br />

individuals, the self-employed and<br />

small to medium sized businesses.<br />

Offering a free consultation, fixed<br />

and competitive fees, why not get<br />

in touch on 0141 290 0262.<br />

Working towards your future, today, has<br />

a number of financial and emotional<br />

advantages for you and your business.<br />

Talking to an expert who is impartial and asks<br />

tough questions opens up a frank and honest<br />

discussion about your future and that of your<br />

business.<br />

Murrison & Wilson Chartered Accountants<br />

10 Newton Terrace G3 7PJ<br />

0141 290 0262<br />

info@muwca.co.uk<br />


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Writer’s Reveal<br />

meets Malachy Tallack<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 45<br />

route through America’s Midwest. Starting<br />

in North Dakota just as major oil protests<br />

were ending, the pair travelled south through<br />

the Great Plains, South Dakota,Nebraska<br />

and Kansas. Their route then took them<br />

across country to Kentucky through the<br />

Appalachians and Mississippi before finishing<br />

up in Louisiana.<br />

A whirlwind of a journey covering some 5000<br />

miles and 17 states certainly got the creative<br />

juices flowing. ‘It was such an intense<br />

experience to do in such a short period of<br />

time with someone who was a complete<br />

stranger,’ Malachy explains. ‘I went with<br />

the intention of writing travel essays and I<br />

came back with notebooks full of all kinds of<br />

thoughts and observations.’<br />

So what has actually come from the<br />

experience are ideas for his next two books.<br />

One is a novel based on a former utopian<br />

community he visited and the other is a non<br />

fiction book which came out of conversations<br />

and ideas thrown up by the trip. ‘I went<br />

thinking I was going to write one thing and<br />

it now turns out that I am probably going<br />

to write two completely different books but<br />

that’s how it goes.’<br />

All but two of the states Malachy visited were<br />

Republican. ‘It was a deliberate attempt to<br />

understand the unfamiliar,’ he says. ‘There<br />

seems to be many reasons why people have<br />

gone in Trump’s direction and there’s little<br />

surprise about what is happening. Most<br />

Americans just don’t feel the shock we did on<br />

Trump getting elected.’<br />

Earlier this year Malachy Tallack was one<br />

of a handful of Scottish authors picked<br />

to take part in a journey across<br />

America for a project aimed at offering<br />

new perspectives on our political times.<br />

‘Outriders’ saw five writers undertake five<br />

extraordinary journeys each accompanied<br />

by a local writer from the area they would<br />

explore.<br />

Malachy teamed up with Boston novelist<br />

Jennifer Haigh and planned a three week<br />

Malachy was taken aback by the poverty<br />

he saw in West Virginia. ‘There is absolute<br />

desperation in parts of the Appalachians<br />

on a scale we just don’t see here. There are<br />

communities with nothing. Their land has<br />

been ravaged by the coal industry and it is a<br />

desperate place.’<br />

Outriders explored the idea that in shifting<br />

times writers contribute immeasurably to<br />

understanding the world and the ten writers<br />

involved in the project took part in lively<br />

discussion at this year’s Edinburgh Book<br />

Festival. Malachy believes there are different<br />

roles that writers fill in times like these. ‘There<br />

are writers who do activism very well,’ he

46 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

says. ‘But we seem to have this deep division<br />

and people are not hearing the voices on the<br />

other side. In the US, liberals are not listening<br />

to conservative voices and vice versa, so<br />

activists are only speaking to people who<br />

agree with them. What’s missing from a lot<br />

of the debate is empathy and understanding<br />

and that hopefully is what writers can try and<br />

put back into the conversation.’<br />

The land and its relationship with its people<br />

has long been a fascination for Malachy with<br />

his first two books looking at the idea of<br />

‘place’. In his first work Sixty Degrees North,<br />

he visited each of the countries on the circle<br />

of latitude that is 60 degrees north starting<br />

and ending in Shetland where he grew up,<br />

exploring the personal relationships that<br />

people have with their place as well as his<br />

own relationship with Shetland.<br />

His second book The Un-Discovered Islands<br />

explores two dozen mythical and imagined<br />

islands – places that may not exist but people<br />

have believed in and had stories about.<br />

Beautifully illustrated in full colour it is part<br />

travelogue part folklore.<br />

So where does a writer who is fascinated by<br />

so many places call home? Malachy is clear<br />

it’s not Glasgow where he has lived for the<br />

last four years. ‘I think Glasgow rather than<br />

feeling like one complete place feels like a<br />

city with numerous communities within it.<br />

I think if you spoke to most Shetlanders and<br />

asked them where home was they would<br />

say Shetland. I suspect rural places have a<br />

stronger hold on people.’<br />

Coming out next year and set in the familiar<br />

territory of home is Malachy’s first novel.<br />

Called The Valley At The Centre Of The<br />

World, it is partly about the idea of centrality.<br />

‘I am trying to turn around that notion that<br />

Shetland is often written off as a remote<br />

place in the middle of nowhere and I wanted<br />

to write about this valley as being an absolute<br />

centre of everything. I want readers to care<br />

about people who don’t normally get much<br />

attention’<br />

Writing full-time feels like the right thing<br />

for Malachy to be doing. ‘I have been very<br />

lucky since the first book came out that I am<br />

able to work full-time on writing. I couldn’t<br />

have written the first book until I had been<br />

through an awful lot of life experiences. I was<br />

resistant to the idea of writing about myself<br />

at first until other people pointed out I needed<br />

to be there – I think sometimes the writer is<br />

the last person to know what they are actually<br />

trying to do!’<br />

malachytallack.com<br />

Out now:<br />

60 Degrees North – Around The World In<br />

Search of Home<br />

The Un-Discovered Islands<br />

Competition!<br />

We have two copies<br />

of The Un-Discovered<br />

Islands, to give away. Go to<br />

westendermagazine.com and<br />

click on competitions by the<br />

30th of November 2017.<br />

The Un-<br />

Discovered Islands<br />

£5<br />

OFF<br />

*<br />

RRP £14.99<br />

*Exclusive offer for WESTENDER readers<br />

at Waterstones 351-355 Byres Road<br />

branch only, by 30th November 2017.

www.westendermagazine.com | 47<br />

0141 959 5772<br />

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www.westendermagazine.com | 49<br />

Health Matters<br />

GP Dr. Pamela Leggate, of Glasgow West Medical Practice,<br />

discusses lycra, sweat and rescue dogs – the benefits of<br />

exercise are legion and not always what you’d think. Read<br />

on for a mental workout that’ll have you reaching for your<br />

nearest exercise App.<br />

Those of you who have read my column<br />

before will know how important a good<br />

diet and regular exercise are to overall<br />

health and wellbeing. So here are a few<br />

reasons why everyone should try to get a bit<br />

fitter.<br />

1. You will feel better! Exercise has been<br />

shown to boost natural endorphins and<br />

improve mood. It is an effective treatment for<br />

anxiety and depression.<br />

2. You will sleep better. Exercise improves<br />

sleep quality as long as you don’t do anything<br />

too strenuous, too close to bed time.<br />

3. You will look good. Even if you don’t lose<br />

weight, you will tone up. Also fitness fashions<br />

have improved over the years and are much<br />

more flattering and forgiving than the fluorescent<br />

Lycra outfits of the 80s. Rainbow leg<br />

warmers are no longer necessary.<br />

4. If you twist your ankle, it is a ‘sporting<br />

injury’ rather than embarrassing evidence<br />

that you tripped over your own feet (libations<br />

involved, or not).<br />

5. You might lose a bit of weight (though<br />

to achieve this you really do need to do the<br />

healthy diet bit too).<br />

6. Your heart and lungs will perform better<br />

– so instead of puffing and panting after<br />

walking up a hill, you will stroll elegantly while<br />

chatting on your phone.

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7. You reduce the risks of high blood pressure<br />

and can improve your cholesterol level,<br />

thereby reducing your risk of heart attacks<br />

and strokes.<br />

8. You will reduce the risk of developing Type<br />

2 Diabetes. In fact there is some evidence<br />

that if you are diabetic you can reverse the<br />

effects of the condition by losing weight and<br />

exercising.<br />

9. Exercise will help keep your bones,<br />

muscles and joints healthy. Arthritis pain is<br />

reduced by regular exercise and low back<br />

pain responds better to exercise than to<br />

medication.<br />

10. Cancer risk will be reduced. Breast and<br />

bowel cancer are around 25% less likely in<br />

people who are active.<br />

So what should we be doing about it? The<br />

World Health Organisation recommends<br />

adults should do 150 minutes per week of<br />

moderate intensity exercise, which sounds<br />

like a lot! However, there are lots of ways to fit<br />

exercise into your day to day routine without<br />

having to go near a gym.<br />

1. The best type of exercise is something you<br />

can do regularly without too much preparation<br />

or effort. So maybe walking to work?<br />

Walking briskly is an ideal form of exercise<br />

for most people. For best results, you should<br />

aim to get your heart rate up and be slightly<br />

sweaty.<br />

2. Do something you actually enjoy and it<br />

won’t feel like exercise. Gardening, swimming,<br />

dancing, housework, badminton… all<br />

count as moderate activity.<br />

3. Listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook<br />

while walking or jogging. That way you can<br />

take your mind off exercise while educating or<br />

entertaining yourself. Multitasking or what?!<br />

4. If you want to build up your fitness<br />

there are lots of Couch to 5K programmes<br />

designed for people who do very little<br />

exercise. They allow you to build up gradually<br />

and safely. Look up nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/<br />

Pages/couch-to-5k. You get free weekly<br />

podcasts, support and inspirational stories<br />

from others who have been there.<br />

5. Parkrun! You know I love parkrun and<br />

you will find me in the park most Saturday<br />

mornings at 9.30. But it’s not just for runners.<br />

Parkrun is becoming more inclusive and trying<br />

to encourage walkers to start off walking<br />

the course and build up gradually (or not if<br />

you just want to walk!). You burn just as many<br />

calories walking 5k as running it. You will get<br />

a lot of support and encouragement from<br />

the volunteers and might make some new<br />

friends. Bring your dog! parkrun.org.uk<br />

6. Get a dog. So if you haven’t got one to<br />

bring to parkrun, you could invest in a puppy<br />

or a rescue dog (dogstrust.org.uk). Although<br />

not a commitment to enter into lightly, a dog<br />

will give you motivation and company during<br />

those dark wintery nights (also known as<br />

summer in Scotland).<br />

7. Join a gym? I think this is my least favourite<br />

option, but it does suit a lot of people. The<br />

Glasgow Club gives you access to all council<br />

run gyms in Glasgow. You can pay as you<br />

go or pay a monthly fee. You get access to<br />

classes, gym programmes and weights. If<br />

you commit to an exercise class, you are<br />

more likely to be motivated to keep going.<br />

glasgowclub.org<br />

8. Enter an event. I was going to say race<br />

but for most of us the aim is to take part,<br />

not to win! Entering a 5 or 10k run gives you<br />

something to aim for as well as a free T-shirt<br />

and usually a medal. Some events even allow<br />

you to bring your dog. dogjog.co.uk<br />

9. Get a fitness tracker. Trying for 10,000<br />

steps per day seems hard at first but it’s<br />

amazing how it builds up with a walk at<br />

lunchtime, an evening stroll or a shopping<br />

expedition.<br />

So, no excuses. Get out there and do<br />


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Come and try us out for free with a friend.<br />

Simply email glasgow@sweatunion.com<br />

to arrange your free visit.<br />

Skypark, 54 Finnieston Square,<br />

Glasgow G3 8EP.<br />

Terms and conditions apply.<br />

danceSing_Westender advert_July 17_Layout Offer 1 valid 13/07/2017 until Thursday 17:5830th Page November 2 2017.<br />

• D A N C I N G • S I N G I N G • K E E P I N G<br />

F I T •<br />

Classes run during Term Time<br />

First Class is a FREE TASTER<br />

Wednesday<br />

10.30am - 12pm<br />

The Western Baths Club<br />

Glasgow G12 8BZ<br />

Membership NOT required<br />

Call Natalie on 07712 862823<br />

www.dance-sing.uk<br />

F u n & F r i e n d s h i p • H e a l t h & W e l l b e i n g

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CommonWheel<br />

a charity creating a meaningful cycle<br />

by Floraidh Clement<br />

From the outside, CommonWheel<br />

resembles any other bike workshop.<br />

There’s wall-to-wall frames of all colours<br />

and sizes, a friendly team of engineers and<br />

a strong sense that everyone in the building<br />

is hard at work. But what sets this workshop<br />

apart is its social mission, striving ‘to enrich<br />

the lives of those suffering from mental illness<br />

through providing meaningful activities’.<br />

Launched in 2001 (and receiving charitable<br />

status in 2003) CommonWheel’s vision<br />

is clear: for people with mental illness in<br />

Glasgow to be able to live a meaningful<br />

and satisfying life and contribute to society.<br />

While the charity began with a specific focus<br />

on bike recycling as occupational therapy,<br />

CommonWheel has since expanded to<br />

include a wider range of activities.<br />

The music projects supports individuals<br />

in singing, playing and composing music,<br />

while the visual arts project Carnival Club<br />

gives individuals the opportunity to design<br />

and produce large scale art pieces to be<br />

displayed in parades around the city.

www.westendermagazine.com | 53<br />

Since 1997 marked the development of the<br />

concept of bicycle recycling as occupational<br />

therapy, twenty years on seemed a fitting<br />

time to catch up with CommonWheel to<br />

discuss the impact of the charity in North<br />

West Glasgow and beyond.<br />

Speaking from their Maryhill workshop,<br />

Project Manager Emma Razi is optimistic<br />

concerning how each of the activities can<br />

positively impact individuals in more ways<br />

than one. While the three activities currently<br />

offered by CommonWheel are very different,<br />

each one aligns with the goals of the charity.<br />

She says, ‘The idea behind each activity is<br />

the same: to reduce isolation felt by people<br />

with mental illness, to improve skills and to<br />

improve overall mental wellbeing. For some<br />

that might lead to employment, education,<br />

and training, but for others, that might just<br />

be a case of staying well and staying out of<br />

hospital.’<br />

Clients are referred to these courses by<br />

mental health support workers or other<br />

agencies, such as the Scottish Association<br />

for Mental Health (SAMH). CommonWheel<br />

also collaborate with local hospitals and care<br />

homes, and currently work with around 300<br />

individuals who are in-patients or residents in<br />

care homes per year.<br />

Yet no matter where these individuals are<br />

referred from, the CommonWheel team are<br />

keen to stress the positive impact of running<br />

these courses in an environment which<br />

mimics the workplace. While each course<br />

retains similar elements to employment,<br />

volunteer mechanics demonstrate clear<br />

empathy towards clients and understand<br />

their unique situations. The Build Your Own<br />

Bike workshop is one such course, where<br />

attendees spend ten weeks learning how to<br />

rebuilding an old bike into one they can keep.<br />

Emma highlights, ‘You don’t need to<br />

know anything about bikes, but clients<br />

are expected to come on time and follow<br />

instructions, and to be directed through a<br />

syllabus of tasks to be completed per week.<br />

In that sense, it’s a little bit like employment;<br />

it’s structured, but it’s also super supportive.<br />

If somebody comes in and just isn’t into it<br />

that day, they can go home, or come back<br />

next week. If somebody comes along and<br />

struggles, they will get lots of support.’<br />

For some clients, their attendance on the<br />

Build Your Own Bike course has brought<br />

about meaningful change in both their lives<br />

and for the charity itself. Not only do they<br />

keep the charity going, but they sincerely<br />

benefit from the experience.<br />

‘It gives me something constructive to do,<br />

it gives me peace…and it makes me feel<br />

better,’ one client beams.<br />

Another agrees, praising the sense of routine<br />

the workshop has given him, ‘I come here<br />

three times a week, every week, and it gives<br />

me a bit of structure. I’ve always ridden a bike<br />

so this is great for me!’<br />

With glowing testimonies like these, the<br />

future of CommonWheel looks bright. After<br />

receiving the Evening Times’ Glasgow<br />

Community Champion Award in 2015, the<br />

team are keen to continue their impactful<br />

work in local communities and championing<br />

the wellbeing of those struggling with mental<br />

health.<br />

Emma explains, ‘There are one in four<br />

people in the UK experiencing mental health<br />

problems. Some say that it’s even worse in<br />

this city due to the Glasgow Effect, so we<br />

have no shortage of people who would want<br />

to come and use this service. We want to<br />

reach as many of those people as we can.’<br />

There are several ways in supporting<br />

CommonWheel to achieve that goal (so<br />

long as you give them a ring, first – these<br />

engineers could be busy at work). Members<br />

of the public are encouraged to donate an<br />

unused bike, which can be used for the Build<br />

Your Own Bike courses. They can also bring<br />

in their own bikes for servicing, as well as<br />

buying newly re-serviced bikes from the<br />

workshop.<br />

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways<br />

to help this innovative charity maintain their<br />

progressive cycle.<br />

commonwheel.org.uk<br />


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Homes & Interiors<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

© The Glasgow Shutter Company<br />

Powering<br />

our homes<br />

efficiently<br />

With the imminent onset of our Scottish winter,<br />

Susan Robertson looks for some of the best ways<br />

to keep warm, for less.

www.westendermagazine.com | 55<br />

Quick Tips<br />

1. Switch off lights in empty rooms<br />

2. Use low energy light bulbs<br />

3. Use daylight – keep windows and<br />

skylights clean and clear<br />

4. Turn off electrical appliances<br />

– don’t leave them on standby<br />

5. Wash clothes at a lower temperature<br />

6. Set the heating thermostat at 18 degrees<br />

(costs rise by 8% for every degree increase)<br />

7. Keep radiators clear – don't block with<br />

furniture<br />

8. Draught-proof doors and windows<br />

9. Install loft insulation (ideally 200mm,<br />

if less than 100mm, top it up)<br />

10. Install double or secondary glazing.<br />

This is the time to be thinking about how we prepare<br />

our homes to give us the best protection from the<br />

elements, but also to be considering how we can<br />

play our part in looking after our environment,<br />

and making the most efficient use of the resources<br />

we have.<br />

There are some great resources online for the<br />

best ways to do this and organisations like Home<br />

Energy Scotland can talk you through options and<br />

suggestions. They will do a free Home Energy Check<br />

over the phone to give you a good starting point for<br />

where savings and efficiencies can be made, and will<br />

also be able to advise you on reputable suppliers and<br />

any available loans or financial incentives available<br />

to you. If you have a business, there are also excellent<br />

resources available to help you save money and reduce<br />

waste. Resource Efficient Scotland, part of Zero Waste<br />

Scotland, offers interest-free loans to small businesses<br />

to allow investment in this area.<br />

In general, for our homes, there are two main factors<br />

to consider – your energy systems themselves, and<br />

the fabric of your home to make most efficient use of<br />

them.<br />

Firstly – consider your energy system. Is your boiler in<br />

need of a service, or does it need upgraded? If changes<br />

are needed, could you consider a different approach?<br />

There are really accessible renewable energy sources<br />

now, is it worth considering some solar panels, do you<br />

have plenty outside space for a small turbine? Keep an<br />

open mind and make sure you make use of the expert<br />

advice available – if you’re considering an investment<br />

of any size, you may be able to make further savings<br />

in the long run if you look at contributing to your own<br />

energy needs.<br />

Depending on the type of home you are blessed with,<br />

there will be different ways to reduce energy wastage<br />

and keep warm for less. There are some key big areas<br />

to think of first. If you’re in a house, consider the roof<br />

in the first instance as heat is often lost through this<br />

route. It’s important that you have really good loft<br />

insulation as a starting point. You can also consider<br />

further insulation into walls and floors depending on<br />

the construction of your home.<br />

Another culprit for heat loss is the windows. If they<br />

can be upgraded to quality double or triple glazing,<br />

this will make a massive difference. If you have<br />

traditional sash and case types, or your building is<br />

listed, you can make big improvements by getting<br />

an expert to maintain these for you. Aging putty<br />

and wood can be repaired, glazed sections replaced<br />

and experts can provide full draught-proofing for<br />

traditional windows.<br />

You can also consider adding secondary glazing inside<br />

the windows. This can be practically invisible but a<br />

great idea for traditional windows or dealing with<br />

condensation issues. The other possible option here<br />

is to consider having shutters installed, these can be<br />

elegant, and also practical in traditional buildings.<br />

But even if you’re not in the market for big changes

56 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

or investment in these areas, there are still some easy<br />

ways to make meaningful improvements.<br />

Think about thick, heavy curtains at draughty<br />

windows. It’s also an option over front doors too.<br />

In older buildings, you might not have, or want to<br />

change your front door but you can add draughtexcluding<br />

products to the letter box and along the<br />

bottom of the door, and I like a big heavy curtain you<br />

can pull over anyway once you’ve locked up for the<br />

night and you’re snuggling in.<br />

Think about your lighting, and change to the newest<br />

and most efficient types of energy-saving bulbs.<br />

They’re a bit pricier in the first instance, but worth it<br />

longer term.<br />

Generally being a bit more conscious in your activities<br />

makes a difference too. I’ve just had to get up to go<br />

and turn off the kitchen light and the TV that was on<br />

standby in the other room as my conscience is nudged<br />

by writing this. We do often have some bad habits<br />

that have developed over the years and these can be<br />

easily changed with just a bit of thought. If we all do<br />

this, not only can we save money and reduce waste,<br />

but we can contribute to thoughtfully improving the<br />

environment in our beautiful city.<br />

Organisations and resources<br />

energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/<br />

home-energy-scotland<br />

greenerscotland.org/home-energy/<br />

using-your-home-energy-well<br />

ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/energy<br />

-guides<br />

carbontrust.com/home<br />

resourceefficientscotland.com<br />

West End Suppliers<br />

B.Smith Plumbing & Heating, Gas boiler services:<br />

bsmithplumbing.com, 0141 301 1180<br />

Eco Home Installer, Heating & Renewables:<br />

ecohomeinstaller.co.uk, 0141 374 2567<br />

The Glasgow Shutter Company, Wooden shutter<br />

installation: glasgowshutters.co.uk, 0141 357 2104<br />

The Radiator Gallery, Radiators:<br />

radiatorgalleryglasgow.co.uk, 0141 337 3345<br />

West End Services, Sash Windows experts:<br />

wesglasgow.co.uk, 0141 341 2034<br />

© Timorous Beasties

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Reseal Service | Professional Tile Installation | Waterproof Bathrooms<br />

The no.1 Tile Installation and Restoration<br />

Specialist in Central Scotland<br />

We are a fully insured, reliable family run business with over<br />

40 years combined experience. We use the best and most up to date<br />

products and materials and pride ourselves on our attention to detail<br />

and excellent customer reviews.<br />


Our Reseal Service can restore your tiles by carefully<br />

removing all of your existing grout and sealant using<br />

non-abrasive chemicals and high precision diamond<br />

technology. Specialist chemicals are used to wash<br />

your tiles to remove soap scum, body fat, mould and<br />

mildew. Antimicrobial grouts and sealants are then<br />

professionally applied<br />

Our Reseal service includes;<br />

// Sealant Applications<br />

// Bonded Bath & Shower Seals<br />

// Chemical Sealants<br />

// Re-grouting<br />

// Two-part Sealants<br />

// Waterproof Tanking Systems<br />


£150<br />


& FITTED<br />

Bonded Bath and Shower<br />

Seals – Our unique and<br />

most popular product.<br />

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Homes & Interiors<br />

Settle in style<br />

This is the time of year for some quality time at home<br />

snuggling in by the fire. Whether you’re catching up<br />

on your favourite box set, escaping into a good book,<br />

or just enjoying some family time, there are plenty<br />

of options around the West End to bring some cosy<br />

touches to your home.<br />

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Bronte Cushion,<br />

£45,<br />

The Store Interiors<br />

Nordic Style Footstool,<br />

£198,<br />

Nancy Smillie<br />

LSA Whisky Decanter,<br />

£85, Spirito<br />

Hugo Turquiose Armchair,<br />

£365, Nancy Smillie<br />

Glass Bubble Lamp with Shade,<br />

£129, The Store Interiors<br />

Nancy Smillie, 53 Cresswell Street, 0141 334 4240, nancysmillieshop.com<br />

Spirito, 317-319 Crow Road, 0141 337 3307, spiritogifts.com<br />

The Store Interiors, 26 Munro Place, 0141 950 1333, thestoreinteriors.co.uk

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// 12,000 copies per edition<br />

For more info or to advertise<br />

email: suzanne@westendermagazine.com<br />

for a media flyer, or call: 07905 897238<br />

westendermagazine.com<br />


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Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Wee Kitchen Shop<br />

Beautiful Custom Made Contemporary & Traditional Kitchens<br />

On a visit to Broomhill to visit her<br />

cousin, June and husband Lindsay<br />

from Barrhead noticed a lovely wee<br />

kitchen shop on Crow Road. Their dated<br />

kitchen – with feature collapsing ceiling –<br />

spurred the couple on to talk to owner, Greg.<br />

‘We immediately felt Greg had the skills and<br />

experience to manage the complexity of the<br />

project but also shared our love of the quirky<br />

charm of our old kitchen, originally a scullery,’<br />

says June. ‘Our anxieties had led us to delay<br />

renovation far too long: the lathe and plaster<br />

ceiling was sagging and crumbling in places,<br />

we also needed new wiring, windows and<br />

one wall internally insulated before the fit out<br />

could even begin.<br />

‘A major worry now we are retired was our<br />

tight budget, as until the work began we<br />

couldn’t be sure how much the essential<br />

repairs would actually cost. Greg’s detailed<br />

estimates and readiness to adjust the<br />

finishing details helped us move confidently<br />

from one stage to the next. Greg’s<br />

background in cabinet making was a key<br />

attraction as we knew he would bring both<br />

creativity and precision to the final design.<br />

‘Within our small space we gained modern<br />

functionality yet retained a traditional feel,<br />

and the customising used every millimetre<br />

effectively. The wooden shelves and top<br />

drawers bring warmth and link to the original<br />

doors, the waste and recycling is hidden, the<br />

deep drawers are a delight and we love the<br />

housing for the fridge freezer!<br />

‘Since the kitchen was completed we have<br />

really enjoyed preparing meals together. We<br />

each have a workspace due to the re-sited<br />

fridge, cooker and microwave and the bigger,<br />

more balanced worktop areas. We have also<br />

re-discovered the pleasure of eating there<br />

with the garden views around us.’<br />

30% off Silestone, Corian & Granite<br />

worktops ordered before the 30th<br />

Nov’ 2017. Please call ahead for a<br />

FREE consultation appointment at<br />

The Wee Kitchen Shop premises.<br />

The WEE Kitchen Shop<br />

304 Crow Road, Broomhill G11 7HS<br />

0141 334 4747<br />

www.theweekitchenshop.co.uk<br />


62 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

Changing seasons always have their<br />

palettes attached, the light, the colours<br />

and the weather all play a part in setting<br />

the mood. Susan Robertson explores<br />

how we can harness these elements<br />

and identify how to bring the best bits<br />

into our homes.<br />

Moody<br />

Hues<br />

© Farrow && Ball<br />

Autumn and winter both serve up very different<br />

moods. Autumn has the warmth of oranges and<br />

umbers with a hint of crispness, leading into winter<br />

with its blues and icy whites and solid dark greys.<br />

Even envisioning these colour palettes, with all their<br />

vibrant differences, you can see them together in a<br />

room, very confidently working together in a shared<br />

space. My colour mood preference for this season<br />

transition is solid darkest blue/grey with highlighting<br />

strokes of vibrant orange and maple red. Bold and<br />

cosy. Elegant and uncompromising.

www.westendermagazine.com | 63<br />

The stories of colour always inspire me and I love the<br />

way we can create new moods in our lives so differently<br />

with little more than a lick of paint. You can make such<br />

a big impact with just a few quids’ worth of paint, it’s<br />

all in the selection of the colour.<br />

I currently live surrounded by crisp white and light<br />

wood. I like it, it’s a change for a while, but we’re not<br />

bedding in. My inclination at this time of the year<br />

however is still to get cosy, go dark, shut the curtains,<br />

put the fire on.<br />

I chatted with Laonie of 1272 Decorating to get some<br />

expert input into the colour conversation. I love her<br />

take on it all – particularly talking about applying<br />

colour in small spaces. I’ve always had really boldly<br />

decorated small rooms everywhere I’ve stayed, just for<br />

fun really, and because I think, if you get the lighting<br />

right – it’s the way to go.<br />

Leonie told me, 'When it comes to small spaces, there's<br />

the temptation to use light tones to give the illusion of<br />

the space being larger. White is often too stark, so an<br />

off-white will feel gentle and warmer. However, unless<br />

there are other features in the room it may feel bland.<br />

Instead, to give the space a wow factor – embrace the<br />

dark side! I have a very small vestibule with little<br />

natural light, but I decided to go really dark, "Farrow<br />

& Ball Downpipe" dark, and the end result is that it is a<br />

space that makes an impression.'<br />

I think this is a great approach and can work well in<br />

this current season. The deep, dark colours are great<br />

backdrops to add some bright warm touches and gear<br />

up for fairy lights at Christmas.<br />

Another key consideration is to think about the<br />

practical usage of each room and match that to the<br />

colour and mood. Leonie told us, 'Depending on the<br />

size of the home, some dining rooms are often only<br />

utilised in the evening. It's important to remember<br />

this when choosing the wall colour, as it will generally<br />

only be seen in unnatural light. Electric bulbs tend<br />

to give off a yellowish light, so this will affect colours,<br />

particularly blues and greys.”<br />

This is a great tip to bear in mind when picking mood<br />

colours in this season.<br />

Leonie adds, 'if you have a lot of artwork to be hung,<br />

choose a colour that is going to complement the pieces,<br />

acting more as a canvas rather than another feature.<br />

© 1272 Decorating<br />

Study the colours within the artwork and choose a tone<br />

that will enhance the paintings. In a room with less<br />

artwork that requires another feature, then choosing a<br />

colour from one of the paintings and creating an accent<br />

wall gives an alternative point of interest”<br />

One thing I always forget about with colour is the<br />

room direction. Sometimes our home can feel like<br />

we’re in various different worlds because of where it’s<br />

situated. We have blinding sunrises in one bedroom in<br />

the morning while another is cosy and dark, and the<br />

vibrant sunsets in the evening knock into our relaxing<br />

time in the living room.<br />

Laonie highlighted this for us. She said, 'if your room<br />

is North facing, these rooms give off cool light so it's<br />

a good idea to avoid cold greys, and instead choose<br />

neutrals with yellow tones. Similar to small spaces, an<br />

attitude could be adopted to embrace the fact that the<br />

room is never going to look bright, and instead choose<br />

dark tones to create a warm and sophisticated space.'<br />

So there’s easy impact to be made in creating a mood<br />

for the season in your home but it’s important to make<br />

a considered choice of colour, and if you’re unsure<br />

there are experts on hand to help.<br />

With thanks to Laonie Robertson of 1272 Decorating,<br />

1272@email.com, 0845 233 1272 / 07919 254667

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Magazine Promotion<br />

Legal Matters<br />

Words from Donald Reid, chairman at Mitchells Roberton:<br />

Sam Goldwyn, one of the founders of MGM Studios, allegedly said:<br />

‘a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on’. Apparently he<br />

didn’t say it (but he liked that people thought he had). What is true is<br />

that people often find themselves in contractual disputes for similar<br />

reasons. Even with a written contract, when a disagreement arises it can<br />

be unclear what the terms actually mean. Luckily Scots Law has some of<br />

the very cleverest people working on the problem (and I don’t mean me).<br />

Dodgy builders, parking tickets, and very clever people<br />

We spend our days immersed in<br />

contracts without ever thinking about<br />

it. From buying a bus ticket or cup<br />

of coffee, to turning up for a day’s work,<br />

to speaking on our mobile phone, we are<br />

forming new contracts and playing our<br />

parts in existing ones. Given the volume of<br />

contracts in existence, the percentage that<br />

go wrong is tiny. Even when there is a ‘breach<br />

of contract’, it is often resolved between<br />

the parties quickly and easily through swift<br />

discussion and agreement.<br />

Not everything can be resolved that way<br />

however and the Scottish Law Commission<br />

– a body of some of the best and brightest<br />

legal minds – has been consulting on the<br />

available remedies for breaches of contract<br />

in Scots Law. To look at a common dispute,<br />

such as whether a tradesman has carried out<br />

their work properly, the SLC wants our law to<br />

focus ‘on performing the contract as agreed<br />

... keeping the parties working together for<br />

solutions ... rather than ending up in court’.<br />

one in England where a QC refused to pay<br />

£85 for over-sleeping in a motorway service<br />

station (but won).<br />

That said, regardless how many very clever<br />

people consider this area of law, two people<br />

can always disagree over what a contract<br />

means (or if there is a contract at all) and<br />

there will be lawyers available to give advice.<br />

Experts are saying, however, that soon<br />

computers will be programmed to give this<br />

advice instead (provided the person loading<br />

up the computer’s software<br />

clicks ‘to accept terms’<br />

of course...).<br />

If Joel can help please<br />

contact him by phoning<br />

0141 552 3422, or email<br />

jmc@mitchells-roberton.co.uk.<br />

The SLC is also currently considering penalty<br />

charges and looking at how contracts are<br />

formed. Both those issues came up when the<br />

immensely intelligent judges on the Supreme<br />

Court considered high parking charges, such<br />

as where parking is free for a certain period<br />

but a large fixed charge is sent through the<br />

post if you overstay. Since then, there was<br />

a recent case in Dundee where the court<br />

said someone needed to pay £24,500 for<br />

repeatedly parking in a private car park and<br />

Mitchells Roberton Solicitors<br />

& Estate Agents<br />

George House<br />

36 North Hanover Street G1 2AD<br />

0141 552 3422<br />

www.mitchells-roberton.co.uk<br />


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