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AUG/SEP 2017

‘hello’<br />

2 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

to making it my own<br />

Looking to make your next move?<br />

Contact Corum West End today. We will make it happen.<br />

Contact us on<br />

0141 357 1888<br />

Visit our website<br />

corumproperty.co.uk<br />

Corum West End<br />

82 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9UT the best sellers

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Contents<br />

6 Fashion pages<br />

up on the roof<br />

14 West End Live<br />

with Greg Kane<br />

16 WIN! Two nights at<br />

Crieff Hydro<br />

18 Keys to the city<br />

22 Top Things<br />

24 Meet local artisan<br />

Claire Henry<br />

29 Afternoon tea<br />

at Gleneagles<br />

31 Restaurant Review<br />

Chelsea Market<br />

32 Sweet Liberty<br />

34 WIN! A style<br />

makeover at Rainbow<br />

Room International<br />

35 Pub Review<br />

The Doublet<br />

37 Mum’s Notebook<br />

38 Young men at work<br />

45 Accountancy Matters<br />

with Murrison & Wilson<br />

46 Writer’s Reveal meets<br />

Charles McGarry<br />

50 Enable Glasgow<br />

celebrates 60 years<br />

52 Interiors article:<br />

Signature pieces<br />

57 Hoping for an<br />

Indian summer<br />

59 Legal Matters with<br />

Mitchells Roberton<br />

61 Shades of summer<br />

66 The Wee<br />

Kitchen Shop

4 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

contributors<br />

Suzanne Martin<br />

Editor<br />

Gregor Reid<br />

Photographer<br />

Terri Craig<br />

Hair & Make Up<br />

Jennifer McIlroy<br />

Writer<br />

David McPhee<br />

Writer<br />

Nicola Maule<br />

Writer<br />

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the publisher.

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1 and 2 bedroom riverside apartments<br />

READY TO MOVE IN from £124,950 *<br />

Call 0141 342 4495 or visit gh2o.co.uk<br />

* Subject to availability.

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Une<br />

very<br />

stylish<br />

Fille<br />

Images Gregor Reid Stylist jacki clark

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Dress, jasmine. SHoes, Daniel footwear. Bag, charles clinkard. glasses, iolla

8 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

8 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

coat, pink poodle<br />

dress, boutique noir<br />

shoes, daniel footwear<br />

necklace, liquorice tree<br />

bag, charles clinkard

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10 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Bralette, silks. trousers, boutique noir<br />

shoes, daniel footwear. necklace & ring, liquorice tree<br />

opposite page – shirt, glorious. skirt, jasmine. glasses, iolla<br />

bag, watch & ring, liquorice tree. necklace, cassiopeia

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12 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

dress, boutique noir. shoes, daniel footwear. bag, liquorice tree. glasses, iolla<br />

opposite page – trousers & top, hayley rebecca muir<br />

shoes, charles clinkard. bag, pink poodle. necklace, liquorice tree

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www.westendermagazine.com | 13<br />

model rosalind @ Superior model management<br />

Hair & make-up terri craig, terricraig.co.uk<br />

stylist jacki clark, jackiclark-stylist.co.uk<br />

photographer gregor reid, gregorreidphotography.com<br />

location The merchants house merchantshouse.org.uk

14 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

LIVE<br />

August<br />

Brian Wilson<br />

Thursday 3rd August 6.30pm<br />

KG Bandstand, tickets-scotland.com<br />

After seeing a shockingly bad<br />

performance from The Beach Boys<br />

playing (actually miming) live at<br />

the US State Capitol celebrations<br />

on the 4th of July this year, I think<br />

your safer going to see Brian Wilson<br />

if you're after a faithful and more<br />

authentic recreation of all those<br />

great Beach Boys records. Unlike<br />

the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson has<br />

hung on to his hipster credentials<br />

throughout his career and is still<br />

regarded by many of his peers to<br />

be a musical genius. And who can<br />

argue with Wilson having written<br />

and produced over 24 hit singles,<br />

60 albums and sold in excess of 100<br />

million records over 50+ years.<br />

The 2015 biopic 'Love and Mercy:<br />

The Life, Love and Genius Of Brian<br />

Wilson' starring John Cusack<br />

accurately conveyed the essential<br />

truth of Wilson’s career.<br />

Hopefully the Glasgow weather will<br />

be kind as this music needs sunshine<br />

not rain. Fingers crossed.<br />

Choice Track: Brian Wilson<br />

‘Good Vibrations’<br />

Ladysmith Black Mambazo<br />

Sunday 6th August 6.30pm<br />

KG Bandstand, tickets-scotland.com<br />

Ladysmith Black Mambazo is a ten<br />

piece South African male choral<br />

group that sings in the vocal styles<br />

of isicathamiya and mbube (the<br />

traditional music of the Zulu people).<br />

They rose to worldwide prominence as<br />

a result of singing with Paul Simon<br />

on his 1986 album Graceland and<br />

have won multiple awards including<br />

four Grammy’s. I’ve just spent the<br />

last hour listening to their most<br />

recent 2017 album World Music and<br />

I’m now soothed to the point that all<br />

my worries and stresses seem like<br />

distant memories now.<br />

Go see them live and experience the<br />

ultimate natural destresser.<br />

Choice track: Ladysmith Black<br />

Mambazo ‘Lomhlaba Kawunoni<br />

(The Earth Never Gets Fat)’<br />

Too Many Zooz<br />

Thursday 17th August 7pm<br />

Òran Mór, oran-mor.co.uk<br />

Too Many Zooz are an instrumental<br />

trio from New York City, New York<br />

comprising of Leo Pellegrino on<br />

Baritone Sax, Matt Doe on trumpet<br />

and David 'King of Sludge' Parks<br />

on drums. They all met in 2013 at<br />

The Manhattan School Of Music and<br />

earned their stripes busking in<br />

the subways of Manhattan. In 2014<br />

a passer-by filmed one of their<br />

performances and said video went<br />

viral on Youtube. This resulted in<br />

many opportunities for the group<br />

including performing live with<br />

Beyonce at the CMA’s in 2016. As<br />

a piano player I often find myself<br />

reaching for music that has no<br />

harmony, just melody and groove.<br />

It’s nice just not to hear harmony<br />

sometimes and Too Many Zooz are<br />

perfect for this.<br />

It does have a carnival feel to it<br />

so be prepared for lots of dancing<br />

and screaming throughout their<br />

performance on the night.<br />

Choice Track: Too Many Zooz<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 15<br />

by Greg Kane<br />

September<br />

The Wynntown Marshals<br />

Saturday 2nd September 7.30pm<br />

The Hug & Pint, thehugandpint.com<br />

The Wynntown Marshals are the best<br />

Americana band NOT from North<br />

America. The Edinburgh based<br />

five piece are celebrating their<br />

10th anniversary this year with a<br />

compilation album release and a<br />

handful of gigs. I’ve always really<br />

liked lead singer Keith Benzie’s voice,<br />

it’s somewhere between Mark Oliver<br />

Everett and a young Springsteen.<br />

The guitar parts and sounds, multipart<br />

vocal harmonies and quality of<br />

songs have all been a constant for<br />

the last ten years too which their<br />

new album The End Of The Golden Age<br />

joyously reaffirms.<br />

Choice track: The Wynntown Marshals<br />

‘There Was A Time’<br />

John Legend<br />

Friday 8th September 6.30pm<br />

SSE Hydro, thessehydro.com<br />

Engelbert Humperdinck, that’s not his<br />

real name.<br />

Elvis Costello, that’s not his real<br />

name either.<br />

Joe Strummer, that’s not his real name?<br />

You know where I'm going with this.<br />

John Legend is not his real name. But<br />

what’s in a name? Everything if you're<br />

a pop star.<br />

Springfield, Ohio born Rodger<br />

Stephens has gone with the kid-on<br />

name of John Legend and in doing so<br />

has become a globally successful soul<br />

singer/songwriter. Now approaching<br />

his 40s he’s achieved much in this time<br />

releasing five albums, awarded ten<br />

Grammy’s and a Golden Globe. His all<br />

round likeable, bankable, sensitively<br />

sensible approach to soul has served<br />

him well since he graduated with a<br />

degree in English Lit. and then started<br />

out on his music career.<br />

I’ve come to like him a lot since my<br />

brother first played me his hit song<br />

Ordinary People almost 13 years<br />

ago. He’s on a European arena tour<br />

throughout Sept/Oct promoting his<br />

latest album Darkness And Light.<br />

Choice Track: John Legend<br />

‘Ordinary People’<br />

Robin Williamson<br />

Saturday 9th September 7.30pm<br />

Milngavie Folk Club<br />

tickets.jmsconcerts.co.uk<br />

An old troubadour friend of mine<br />

used to enthral me with stories of his<br />

exploits on the road. These stories<br />

culminated with him writing his<br />

wonderfully playful song Muckle Dour;<br />

Muckle and Dour are Scots words.<br />

muckle: noun – a large amount.<br />

dour: adjective – relentlessly severe,<br />

or gloomy in manner or appearance.<br />

Robin Williamson is probably the<br />

most accurate example of the subject<br />

matter of my old friend’s song, stern<br />

and gloomy but a real joy to behold.<br />

From being a founder member of The<br />

Incredible String Band in the 60s, he<br />

has also written spy novels, been a<br />

celebrated proponent of the British<br />

Bardic Tradition, a project manager<br />

for Scottish Wildlife Trust and a<br />

recording artist on revered record<br />

label ECM (who’s mantra is 'make the<br />

most beautiful sound next to silence').<br />

He’s out promoting his latest album<br />

Love Will Remain. I’m going.<br />

Choice track: Robin Williamson<br />

‘Fair Miles Never Wasted’

16 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

A Crieff Christmas<br />

All the festivities, all the excitement and<br />

all without lifting a finger. Well… you’ll<br />

still need to be on your best behaviour<br />

if you want a visit from the big man in red,<br />

but Crieff Hydro’s elves will take care of<br />

absolutely everything else.<br />

For lots of families, going to Crieff Hydro<br />

is an even bigger Christmas tradition than<br />

watching Home Alone. In fact, around 70% of<br />

their Christmas guests come back every year<br />

for one of their festive getaways, and so far,<br />

not one of them has forgotten Kevin.<br />

With trees twinkling from floor to ceiling,<br />

decorations throughout the hotel, and the<br />

crisp Perthshire countryside outside, it’s a<br />

real winter wonderland.<br />

What’ll be the family’s highlight this year?<br />

We’d put a bet on it being the fantastic<br />

ceilidhs, or the scrumptious Christmas lunch.<br />

Or maybe just the fact that there won’t be a<br />

single moment of boredom with their actionpacked<br />

entertainment programme filled with<br />

unforgettable activities.<br />

And it’s not just a hotel experience you can<br />

enjoy. If you’d like to round up the whole<br />

family but haven’t go the room their ‘home<br />

from home’ self-catering lodges, cottages<br />

and apartments are the perfect base.<br />

You can still have the at home experience<br />

with all the added extras of a festive hotel<br />

experience: including the famously warm<br />

welcome, twinkling trees and action-packed<br />

entertainment programme.<br />

So, bring the family away for some<br />

countryside escapism this Christmas or New<br />

Year and the Crieff Hydro team will be sure to<br />

make it a magically memorable one.<br />

WIN! A two-night stay in one of<br />

Crieff Hydro’s self-catering lodges<br />

this winter. You and five other people<br />

can cosy up by the fire, and you can<br />

even bring the dog! The trip can be<br />

booked any time between November<br />

2017 and January 2018 (excluding<br />

23rd Dec – 8th Jan). Ts&Cs apply.<br />

Visit crieffhydro.com/westender to<br />

enter and follow the instructions on<br />

the page. Good luck!

www.westendermagazine.com | 17<br />

Shake<br />

things up<br />

this Christmas<br />

at Crieff Hydro<br />

Join us for a<br />

famously warm<br />

welcome, family<br />

traditions, twinkling<br />

trees and fantastic<br />

Scottish ceilidhs.<br />

Our Christmas and New Year<br />

breaks include:<br />

• Three nights’ accommodation in Crieff Hydro<br />

• All your meals<br />

• Action packed entertainment programme<br />

• FREE childcare for 2 – 12 year olds<br />

• FREE access to leisure pool, gym and cinema<br />

• Special events including welcome drinks<br />

reception and Hogmanay party in our<br />

Melville Hall<br />

Christmas<br />

Package<br />

Only £499<br />

per person for<br />

three nights<br />

New Year<br />

Package<br />

Only £799<br />

per person for<br />

three nights<br />

Self-catering<br />

breaks<br />

From £60<br />

per person,<br />

per night<br />

Book<br />

before<br />

30th September<br />

save 10%<br />

Book now crieffhydro.com/festive | 01764 655 555<br />

Terms: Based on two adults sharing standard double accommodation, arriving on 24 or 30 December 2017 for three nights.<br />

Subject to availability, full terms on request.

18 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Image I Kelvingrove Bandstand © Andrew Lee<br />

keys to the city<br />

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Not<br />

true this September finds Tracy Mukherjee as Glasgow,<br />

once again, invites you to take a peek behind those<br />

curtains in the annual Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival.<br />

Ilove nothing more than walking around<br />

the West End. My home now of 17 years<br />

and, coming from a little village in North<br />

Lanarkshire, the sheer scale and architecture<br />

of the buildings has always mesmerised me.<br />

And that’s before you take a step inside.<br />

So what a gift it is that Glasgow throws the<br />

doors of these historical buildings open<br />

for one week from 11th – 17th September.<br />

The festival, ‘a celebration of Glasgow’s<br />

architecture, culture and heritage’, is brought<br />

to you by the Glasgow Building Preservation<br />

Trust, who have been raising funds to<br />

organise and coordinate the event since the<br />

city of culture celebrations in 1990.<br />

With 116 venues to visit Glasgow-wide, how<br />

do you choose? Form an orderly line, dear<br />

friends and follow me, as we take a tour of<br />

our own little treasures here in the wonderful<br />

West End.

www.westendermagazine.com | 19<br />

Buchanan Bridge Club<br />

We start a tour of our glorious heritage, past<br />

and present at the pristinely perfect Buchanan<br />

Bridge Club, Clairmont Gardens,Park District.<br />

This A-listed Victorian townhouse was formerly<br />

owned by the founder of Calmac, David<br />

Hutcheson. The townhouse retains a huge<br />

amount of original features and one can imagine<br />

that Hutcheson wanted to reflect the affluence<br />

his success had bestowed upon him as his fleet<br />

of steamers expanded. In 1960 the Buchanan<br />

Bridge Club bought the property. The club take<br />

pride in this stunning villa and on the Doors<br />

Open Days will be delighted to give you a tour of<br />

their club. There will also be the chance to take<br />

some sample bridge lessons into the bargain!<br />

Open Sat & Sun 10-4pm, tours on request.<br />

Sample lessons 2pm Sat & Sun.<br />

Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha<br />

With its glorious golden domes and stunning<br />

pink sandstone facade, it’s difficult to miss<br />

the new Central Gurdwara on Berkeley Street.<br />

On the boundary between Charing Cross<br />

and Finnieston and on the site of the old Eye<br />

Infirmary, phase one of the new Gurdwara was<br />

completed in 2016. The size of this huge building<br />

is second only to the enormous generosity<br />

of the Glasgow Sikh community. Everyone is<br />

welcome to the Gurdwara, regardless of colour,<br />

creed or religion. And who would miss out on<br />

a delicious meal from the kitchen, free to all<br />

visitors throughout the year. In keeping with the<br />

Sikh belief of ‘share and consume together’, one<br />

of the missions of the Central Gurdwara is to<br />

help those in need and to provide space for the<br />

community to gather.<br />

Open Thurs-Sat 10-4pm tours on request.<br />

Kelvingrove Bandstand<br />

A wander through Finnieston sees us arrive at<br />

our next stop. Following its restoration in 2013,<br />

the Kelvingrove Bandstand is now a vibrant<br />

outdoor music venue once again. This summer<br />

it’s played host to the likes of Texas, The Shires<br />

and Niles Rodgers and Chic. Come along and<br />

find out about the restoration and history of this<br />

unique music venue. On Saturday, take a seat in<br />

the amphitheatre, relax in the shadow of the art<br />

galleries and mark National Chamber Music Day<br />

with live chamber music, courtesy of Enterprise<br />

Music Scotland. This really has become an<br />

eclectic outdoor venue.<br />

Open Sat 10-4pm, tours 11am and 3.30pm<br />

must be booked. Chamber music 2-3pm.<br />

The Hidden House<br />

Take a wander down a normal tenement close<br />

in West End Park St, Woodlands and enter<br />

the back court... into another era. Once only<br />

surrounded by fields of kale, the Woodlands<br />

cottage is now completely hidden from public<br />

view. The oldest house in the area, dating from<br />

1800, this was once the studio of Thomas<br />

Annan, a celebrated photographer. Take tours<br />

throughout the festival and experience the area’s<br />

last remaining dwelling house. The West End<br />

never ceases to amaze. Who knew that behind<br />

the vast tenements inhabiting Woodlands there<br />

stood a little cottage, predating its sandstone<br />

neighbours? Tours Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun.<br />

Arlington Baths Club<br />

Around the corner from West End Park Street to<br />

Arlington Street, Charing Cross where we can<br />

‘dip’ into the hidden gem that is Arlington Baths<br />

Club. Founded in 1870, the Baths Club is the<br />

oldest Victorian baths still surviving – worldwide.<br />

It was designed initially by John Burnett but over<br />

the years has had many sympathetic additions<br />

by various architects. Still, the baths maintain<br />

the original Victorian splendour and remains the<br />

only private members club of its type in Europe.<br />

Why not take a tour during the festival and<br />

marvel at those brave enough to use the trapeze<br />

equipment over the pool?<br />

Tours Sat and Sun 9am-4pm.<br />

Mackintosh Queens Cross Church<br />

Time to jump in a cab if your little legs won’t<br />

quite manage it, as we travel to our final<br />

venue. And what a venue to finish on. Here on<br />

Maryhill Road, one can never have overlooked<br />

the stunning Mackintosh Queens Cross<br />

Church whilst sitting at the traffic lights. This<br />

is the only church in the world to have been<br />

designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It was<br />

commissioned in 1896 by the Free Church of<br />

Scotland and unlike many of the churches of<br />

the era, whose designs were cold and austere,<br />

the Queen’s Cross Church wholly reflects the<br />

warmth and charm of the Mackintosh movement.<br />

The external and internal architecture, as well as<br />

the stained glass windows and decorative motifs<br />

of the woodwork, leave you in no doubt of which<br />

great designer we are to thank for this perfect<br />

little treasure in Maryhill.<br />

Open Sat 10am -2pm, Sun 10am-4pm.

20 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Image I Arlington Baths. © Gregor Reid<br />

A few select picks of the historic buildings<br />

that simply litter the streets of Glasgow; is<br />

it any wonder that the theme of this year’s<br />

festival is history, heritage and archaeology?<br />

A plethora of which, I am sure you will agree,<br />

abounds here in the west.<br />

The Festival also has an incredible<br />

programme of 50 heritage walks and tours<br />

as well as 33 talks and events throughout the<br />

week. Check out the website for some unique<br />

days out including artist Toby Paterson’s tour<br />

of locations influential to the skateboarding<br />

community in Kelvingrove and beyond.<br />

For full details of all venues,<br />

heritage walks and events visit –<br />

glasgowdoorsopendaysfestival.com<br />

or follow the event on Facebook –<br />

GlasgowDoorsOpenDays.<br />

Doors Open Days is coordinated nationally<br />

by the Scottish Civic Trust and runs<br />

throughout Scotland every September as<br />

part of European Heritage Days.<br />

For more information visit doorsopendays.<br />

org.uk, or scottishcivictrust.org.uk.<br />

Join local historians for walks around our<br />

local districts, Hyndland and Maryhill. Or<br />

for something a little more exotic and if you<br />

are willing to travel (yes, there is life beyond<br />

the boundary of Anniesland Cross), why not<br />

enjoy the Clydebank Synchronised Swimming<br />

Team’s demonstration at Drumchapel Pool?<br />

A leisurely walk, a reminder of our history,<br />

visually stunning architecture and reflections<br />

of our Glasgwegian culture. Now that’s a<br />

good day out.<br />

Image I Macintosh Queens Cross Church

www.westendermagazine.com | 21<br />

The Merchants House<br />


A Wedding Venue with<br />

Character and History<br />

Complimentary venue hire if pre - booked<br />

prior to 29 December 2017<br />

(valid until August 2019)<br />

To arrange a tour or for more information,<br />

please call 0141 221 8272 quoting ref WEST<br />

7 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BA • events@merchantshouse.org.uk<br />


22 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

by Tracy Mukherjee<br />

The lazy hazy days of summer. Given we have<br />

enjoyed the balmy heights of 17 degrees at<br />

times, one would be forgiven for looking for<br />

respite through the cooling breezes of Autumn.<br />

However, the West End is FAR from done with<br />

summer festivities. With a thali of delectable<br />

delights ahead, welcome to our Indian summer!<br />

Top for Back to School<br />

Pick Me Ups<br />

There is simply NOTHING worse than mid<br />

August for the Scottish child. The weather<br />

picks up after seven weeks of dreich skies and<br />

before they know it, it’s that nauseating night<br />

before school starts. Fear not, dear parents!<br />

The promise of a trip to Jurassic Kingdom<br />

at Glasgow Botanic Gardens will put a smile<br />

on those quivering lips at the school gates.<br />

Running from 26th August – 10th September,<br />

this is a cracking outdoor experience for all the<br />

family. There will be 30 installations of life size<br />

dinosaurs spread throughout the park for young<br />

and old alike to enjoy. The dinosaurs are fitted<br />

with animatronic features meaning not only are<br />

they life size, they move and roar too! There is<br />

also an excavation area for the kids to have a go<br />

at digging up dinosaur bones. With street food<br />

available around the park, this really is a fun and<br />

educational day out. The Botanics reached their<br />

200 year birthday but these gardens are but<br />

mere striplings compared to their new residents!<br />

Jurassic Kingdom, Glasgow Botanic Gardens,<br />

26th Aug – 10th Sept, 10am-6pm. Tickets can be<br />

bought on the door but buying online can save<br />

pounds, especially if you are going as a family.<br />

jurassickingdom.uk/glasgow<br />

Top for Summer Art<br />

You know an art gallery knows what it’s doing<br />

when you are regularly stopped in the street by<br />

the beauty and skill exhibited by the paintings<br />

in a window. For me, such is the power of The<br />

Thistle Gallery, Park Road. Describing itself<br />

as a 'neighbourhood gallery', this is a Scottish<br />

contemporary art studio. Having new exhibitions<br />

every few months, The Thistle Gallery presents<br />

'Summer Breeze'. Evoking every inch of the<br />

title, the exhibitions includes stunning beach<br />

scene Water’s Edge by Innes Michie, through to<br />

the wonderfully textured We Plough the Fields<br />

by Sandra Moffat. Along with the remarkable<br />

array of pastels, oils and acrylics, the gallery<br />

prides itself in showcasing a full array of art<br />

mediums. Sculpture, textiles, jewellery and<br />

some truly exquisite ceramics are available to<br />

buy. Take a wander through this special little<br />

gallery and let the summer breeze whisk you to<br />

faraway beaches, without ever having to leave<br />

Woodlands.<br />

The Thistle Gallery, 56 Park Road, G4 9JF.<br />

Summer Breeze exhibiting until Sept 3rd.<br />

thistle-gallery.com<br />

Top for Chuckles with Chums<br />

Lawn Bowls. Wholly confined to our more senior<br />

residents and with a very strict 'whites only'<br />

dress code, right? WRONG! For the past few<br />

summers The Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls Centre<br />

has been hosting Barefoot Bowls. With no dress<br />

code, special footwear or the need to bring your<br />

own equipment, these free sessions are available<br />

seven days a week. And with the centre being<br />

open until 9pm each evening, you and your<br />

BFFs can enjoy some fresh air, exercise and a<br />

bit of a giggle to boot. The bowling equipment<br />

is provided by the centre and there is staff<br />

available to give you pointers on getting started.<br />

Boys against girls, mum, dad against the kids?<br />

Dinner is on the losers!<br />

Barefoot Bowls, Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls<br />

and Tennis Centre, Kelvin Way, G3 8TA<br />

glasgowlife.org.uk/sport/our-facilites/Barefoot-<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 23<br />

Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

Top for Belly Laughs<br />

A subway trip, hour train ride, a battle through<br />

annoying street artists juggling fire (shocker –<br />

they’ll catch it), to arrive for a 40 minute comedy<br />

routine at the Edinburgh Fringe. If only those fine<br />

custodians of mirth could display their goods<br />

here in the west. What’s that you say? They are!<br />

Those fine fellows at The Stand, Woodlands<br />

have managed to convince their Fringe attending<br />

colleagues that, as we all knew, we are a much<br />

better laugh in the west. As such throughout<br />

August, Billy Kirkwood, Bruce Morton and a host<br />

of regulars will welcome our visitors from the<br />

east to give us a little fringe comedy antipasti, if<br />

you will. Prepare to be entertained!<br />

Pick of the Fringe, The Stand, Woodlands Road<br />

thestand.co.uk/whats-on/Glasgow<br />

Top for Theatre<br />

The summer is drawing to a close and we all<br />

have those memories of a trip to the seaside in<br />

our younger years. We might even have been<br />

treated to a '99' ice-cream or a Fab ice-lolly.<br />

Those memories of a bygone era are beautifully<br />

brought to the Oran Mor stage in Butterfly Kiss<br />

by Dave Anderson. The show is a time travelling<br />

musical, touchingly depicting the memories<br />

of a youth long gone. It’s funny, poignant and<br />

perfectly paints a lyrical canvas of 1960, when<br />

rock and roll and a first 'butterfly kiss' was<br />

all that mattered. With some charming songs<br />

too, Butterfly Kiss is the perfect way to wave<br />

goodbye to the summer.<br />

Butterfly Kiss, Oran Mor, Byres Road<br />

24th Aug – 3rd Sept<br />

oran-mor.co.uk/whats-on/event/butterfly-kissdave-anderson<br />

Top for a Life on the<br />

Ocean Waves<br />

So as September draws out, what better way<br />

to take advantage of what little sunshine is left<br />

than a walk down to the Clyde. From 22nd – 24th<br />

September Glasgow is hosting the Clydebuilt<br />

Festival, a celebration of all things boaty. With an<br />

opening ceremony including live entertainment,<br />

the festival has three main components: shore<br />

based, on the water and after dark.<br />

On the shore, there will be crafts workshops,<br />

music and film as well as fabulous food to keep<br />

you warm. On the water, there is an exciting<br />

Castle to Crane race. The rowers have the<br />

unenviable task of a 13 mile race from Dumbarton<br />

Castle to the Finnieston Crane. One not to<br />

miss. There is also the opportunity to take to<br />

the high seas yourself for some experience<br />

sessions of sailing. Saving the best till last,<br />

Friday night’s after dark entertainment will be<br />

aboard the magnificent Tall Ship for dinner and<br />

live entertainment. On Saturday get your dancing<br />

shoes on for the Clydebuilt Ceilidh!<br />

The festival is set to be a real feast for the eyes<br />

with, allegedly 'the biggest fleet of rowing boats<br />

in Scotland since the Battle of Largs in 1263'!<br />

With longboats, galleys and skiffs, the River<br />

Clyde will once again be a busy transportation<br />

route, just as it was for so many years. Even if it’s<br />

just for a weekend, that makes me smile.<br />

Clydebuilt Festival, Riverside Museum<br />

22nd – 24th September<br />


24 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

artisan<br />

Claire<br />

Henry<br />

WORDS<br />


Quality studio pottery is undergoing<br />

a renaissance. For the last few years<br />

plates, mugs, bowls and all things<br />

small batch and handmade are globally<br />

trending as the accessory of the moment.<br />

Stylized images in trendy magazines, artfully<br />

arranged shelves and window displays give<br />

ceramics prominence as must have objects<br />

of cool.<br />

It’s a welcome resurgence for Glasgow<br />

based potter Claire Henry, ‘Since January<br />

this year it’s been full on with commissions<br />

which is great, restaurants and shops are<br />

asking for bespoke, custom made pieces<br />

and collections,’ she tells me. Where once<br />

ceramics would predominantly be sold<br />

through the gallery space, local shops are<br />

looking at pottery as an obvious addition to<br />

other items in store.<br />

Chris Gallen, owner of Gray’s Deli in<br />

Broomhill who introduced a range of<br />

homeware by Claire in July of this year says,<br />

‘Customers are always asking me where they<br />

can buy locally made homeware and we’ve<br />

been fans of Claire’s work for a long time.<br />

It was the perfect fit when she agreed for us<br />

to stock her range of ceramics.’<br />

It makes sense, in an uncertain and fast,<br />

technology based world people seek the<br />

security of tradition, the old in the new.<br />

That need to ground themselves and engage<br />

with authenticity by looking backwards<br />

and often inwards offers a counterbalance.<br />

The hand-crafted ceramic is a route to the<br />

simple and essential, consumers continue<br />

to demand to know the baker who bakes<br />

our bread, the farmer whose cows offer us<br />

milk, the local garden and gardener from<br />

where our salad leaves are freshly grown<br />

and picked.<br />

By extension there is a desire to hold the cup<br />

made by the hand of the skilled potter, to eat

www.westendermagazine.com | 25<br />

Image © Will Sumner and Dori Czegledi<br />

our food from something offering a direct link<br />

to craftmanship, where time and effort can<br />

be measured, recorded and appreciated in<br />

making us feel, perhaps momentarily, unique<br />

ourselves.<br />

This aspirational connection has not stopped<br />

at purchase, there is a massive trend and<br />

escalation in popularity of people wanting<br />

to experiment with the craft and produce<br />

their own take home pottery piece. Clare<br />

says, ‘Demand is high for my evening<br />

classes, selling out well in advance. I think<br />

programmes such as the BBC’s Great Pottery<br />

Throw Down has played a part in fuelling this<br />

desire to try working with clay.’<br />

That soothing image of the meditative<br />

potter with quietly focussed attention at the<br />

wheel, alone in their studio has always been<br />

seductive in offering an antidote to busy<br />

lives but is not to be confused with the ease<br />

of making nor the reality of working in the<br />

profession – there is a skill and knowledge<br />

base that rests at the heart of all quality<br />

producers. ‘It takes 2 - 3 weeks for me to<br />

complete the firing cycle, a process that<br />

has taught me not to procrastinate. There<br />

is no room for doing everything at the last<br />

minute it’s not something that can be rushed.<br />

By coming along to my workshops attendees<br />

learn to quickly appreciate the skill and<br />

difficulty required,’ she tells me.

26 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

© Claire Henry<br />

© Claire Henry<br />

Born in Canada, Claire studied ceramics at<br />

the Emily Carr University of Art and Design,<br />

Vancouver gaining an essential grounding<br />

and training before an exchange programme<br />

in London and an artist residency in Hungary<br />

offered a wealth of opportunity to learn firsthand,<br />

‘Tried and tested techniques, tricks<br />

that offer efficiency and consistency,’ she<br />

says. All this, before moving to Scotland –<br />

her grandparent’s country of birth.<br />

For over ten years she has been working<br />

with clay, creating wheel thrown and hand<br />

built vessels, incorporating traditional<br />

ceramic design with contemporary surface<br />

decoration. There is an acknowledged<br />

influence of pop culture and Dada, the early<br />

20th century art movement, particularly in the<br />

application and positioning of non-related<br />

cut up and collaged images, telling me that,<br />

‘There is satisfaction for me in placing two<br />

images that don’t naturally fit together but<br />

somehow work.’<br />

Ironically, authenticity and handmade has<br />

become a great marketing tool – we only have<br />

to look at Instagram – our ‘daily feed’ invites<br />

us explicitly to connect with artisans via a<br />

platform of curated images. Claire adds, ‘It<br />

has also been great for me not only in driving<br />

sales but in connecting with potters all over<br />

the world, there is a community that are<br />

online and accessible, I was looking for that<br />

when I moved here.’<br />

Competition is massive when attempting<br />

to penetrate the world with something<br />

unique, so for businesses nowadays it’s a<br />

growing necessity to be using these means<br />

of exposure. Yet, the power of Instagram<br />

and social media as a whole is such that we<br />

can all be influencers and artists, anyone –<br />

even the unskilled potter can learn the art<br />

of curating a wonderful theme of perfect<br />

pictures.<br />

We learn to market ourselves with a version<br />

that is distorted and packaged but when we<br />

hold something physical and tangible there<br />

is no escape, the experience is there. Social<br />

media as a tool is driving customers to the<br />

specialisation that the ceramicist offers but it<br />

lightly veils the quality of the pieces.<br />

Finding talented artisans like Claire among<br />

the many is not often easy, yet functionality,<br />

quality and skill of the maker wins outright<br />

in keeping this trend alive. History speaks<br />

for itself, one thing we know that survives<br />

far beyond our limited lifespan is pottery<br />

– significant and key to understanding the<br />

worlds of ages past, trade, of people, how<br />

they lived, the food they ate. Objects of<br />

fashion they may be but the skilled potter<br />

is an ancient profession of enormous<br />

importance – vive l’artisan!<br />

Claire Henry ceramics are available to buy<br />

at Gray’s Deli and include dining plates,<br />

espresso and coffee cups as well as gin<br />

and tonic tumblers.<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 27

28 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />



£300 OFF<br />

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afternoon tea at Gleneagles<br />

When you hear the name ‘Gleneagles’<br />

which phrases spring to mind?<br />

Highland hospitality, luxurious<br />

surrounds and exquisite scenery spring to<br />

mine. With the newly refurbished Glendevon<br />

Room playing host to Gleneagles famous<br />

Afternoon Teas, an elegant interior of<br />

exquisite silverware and china alongside<br />

luxurious furnishings set the scene.<br />

Now. Let’s talk about the food. It’s why<br />

we’re here. The talented Gleneagles’ pastry<br />

chefs create the cakes, bakes and breads<br />

fresh each day. From finger sandwiches<br />

of cucumber, minted cream cheese on<br />

a caraway seed bread to poached trout,<br />

pickled fennel and orange on soda bread;<br />

from warm scones served with Scottish<br />

preserves and clotted cream to an array of<br />

French fancies – all washed down with a fine<br />

selection of Newby of London Teas hand<br />

picked by Gleneagles’ Sommeliers.<br />

With additional options of Veuve Clicquot<br />

Rosé Champagne Afternoon Teas, as<br />

well as vegetarian and gluten free menus,<br />

Gleneagles has everything including travel<br />

covered. Journey from Queen Street to<br />

Geneagles Train Station and the concierge<br />

will arrange complimentary transfers (please<br />

book ahead). Or why not drive an hour and<br />

combine with a Spa Day? Rude not to, really.<br />

Gleneagles Signature Afternoon Tea,<br />

Gleneagles Vegetarian Afternoon<br />

Tea, Gleneagles Gluten Free<br />

Afternoon Tea, all £40 per person.<br />

Gleneagles Rosé Champagne<br />

Afternoon Tea £57.50 per person.<br />

Gleneagles Hotel<br />

Auchterarder, Perthshire PH3 1NF<br />

0800 389 3737<br />


30 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

T U B E W A T C H<br />

D E S I G N E D I N A M S T E R D A M<br />

1 8 9 G B P<br />

T U B E C L O C K<br />

D E S I G N E D I N A M S T E R D A M<br />

8 0 G B P<br />

T U B E A U D I O<br />

D E S I G N E D I N A M S T E R D A M<br />

8 0 G B P<br />

C O N T E M P O R A R Y<br />

L I F E S T Y L E S T O R E<br />

H Y N D L A N D S T R E E T G L A S G O W 0 1 4 1 3 5 7 0 2 6 8

www.westendermagazine.com | 31<br />

@<br />

Chelsea<br />

Market<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Reviewed by<br />

David McPhee<br />

Chelsea? That’s a bit upmarket, innit?<br />

Well, truth be told, in Glasgow<br />

that’s a very definite yes and no. But<br />

we’re talking New York here, not London. The<br />

gentrification of Finnieston has brought trade,<br />

acclaim and acceptance to an area that was,<br />

ten years ago, just a place with a few good<br />

pubs. Things are just dandy in Finnieston<br />

right now and Chelsea Market is certainly a<br />

clear indicator of where it’s likely to head.<br />

The Times calling the area ‘the hippest place<br />

in Britain’ has both been a boon and a curse.<br />

The benefit being that people now flock to<br />

the area and the payola now flows like Roman<br />

wine. The downside is that you get places<br />

named Chelsea Market.<br />

Now, don’t misunderstand me, it’s a bloody<br />

lovely venue. The food is excellent, the<br />

service received was top notch, the drink<br />

choices are well thought through. The<br />

problem with the name is that it deflects from<br />

a stunning menu that boasts a wood pigeon<br />

(wood pigeon!) starter or crispy shortrib with<br />

pink grapefruit and pomegranate with honey<br />

and hoisin dressing.<br />

The wonderful main courses, such as the<br />

melt in the mouth Lanarkshire lamb shoulder<br />

really does show the best our country has to<br />

offer. Yet, the Scottish focus in their menu –<br />

Peterhead hake, red deer – belies the New<br />

York food hall premise on which they’ve hung<br />

their hat.<br />

I get the idea that fresh produce is paramount<br />

here, much like I imagine it is in the venue<br />

with a New York zip code. The oysters arrived<br />

cold, expertly seasoned and as fresh as<br />

you’d want them. I’d assumed that perhaps<br />

this, paired with a cocktail menu to rival<br />

Manhattan would be the shtick here, yet I<br />

received no indication from staff that that was<br />

the case, so I didn’t order any.<br />

Maybe you don’t care about a misplaced<br />

concept. Perhaps you believe that being<br />

close to an idea is enough. But in a place like<br />

Finnieston where the concept really needs to<br />

ring true this just doesn’t quite hit its intended<br />

mark. Basically, what they’ve decided to do<br />

here is appropriate the name of a place in<br />

the same way culturally insensitive festival<br />

goers don Native American headdress – they<br />

haven’t meant any harm, but they haven’t<br />

entirely thought it through either.<br />

Chelsea market is a bit hip – they’ve thought,<br />

Finnieston is pretty hip right now – they’ve<br />

thought. And they’ve fallen into the time<br />

honoured trap of assuming they can add two<br />

plus two and equal five, and you’ll just accept<br />

it. Don’t accept it. Go enjoy the food. Enjoy<br />

the wine. But, in the same way I want to ask<br />

Sharleen Spiteri: why Texas? Ask why.<br />

Chelsea Market<br />

1146 Argyle Street G3 8TF<br />

0141 339 6909<br />


32 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Guilty Pleasures from Westender’s American in Glasgow<br />

Plump, fresh and in<br />

season, you could even<br />

try picking your own!<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

www.westendermagazine.com | 33<br />

strawberry cream pies<br />

by Liberty Vittert<br />

Summer is waning (I don’t put pants on until Sept<br />

15th so the goosebumps on my legs are a very<br />

good barometer of this). But what that actually<br />

means is that the ripest strawberries around<br />

are here, now, and ready for the eatin’. These<br />

pies are the greatest things you can possibly do<br />

to strawberries. The no-bake aspect is for the<br />

southern states in the US where you don’t want to<br />

turn your oven on caus’ it’s just too darn hot. We<br />

don’t exactly have this problem in Scotland, but<br />

that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste like heaven; the<br />

creamy custard, bursting fresh strawberries, and<br />

crunch of those vanilla cookies is just the ticket<br />

for a sweet end to a beautiful summer. Make one<br />

big cahuna or a bunch of individuals like I did.<br />

K<br />

Shopping List<br />

30 vanilla wafers +2<br />

for decor (or similar<br />

vanilla cookies)<br />

100g melted butter<br />

600g sliced fresh<br />

strawberries<br />

60g caster sugar<br />

2 tsp corn flour<br />

For the custard:<br />

480 mL single cream<br />

50g caster sugar<br />

1 egg + 2 egg yolks<br />

2 tsp corn flour<br />

1 tsp vanilla bean<br />

50g white chocolate<br />

L<br />

Method<br />

1. Crush the cookies in a bag and then<br />

mix with the melted butter. Press the<br />

mixture flat into a pie pan (or 8 small<br />

tart pans, or soufflé cups). Chill for at<br />

least 30 minutes.<br />

2. For the custard, in a medium<br />

saucepan, heat the cream until hot to the<br />

touch. In a mixing bowl, whisk the sugar<br />

and eggs, adding in the cornflour. Add a<br />

bit of hot cream to the egg mixture, beat<br />

and then put everything into the sauce<br />

pan, whisking constantly until very<br />

thickened. Remove from heat, add the<br />

vanilla, cool.<br />

3. Place half the strawberries in a<br />

medium bowl and mash with the 60g of<br />

caster sugar. Place over a low-medium<br />

heat. Add the 2 tsp corn flour and heat<br />

for about 4 more minutes. Remove from<br />

the heat and allow to cool.<br />

4. Place a layer of custard in the pie<br />

pan (or 8 small pans), then the mashed<br />

strawberry mixture, finally add the<br />

other half of the custard and the sliced<br />

strawberries on top. Refrigerate for at<br />

least one hour<br />

5. Sprinkle crushed cookies, melted<br />

white chocolate, and/or powdered sugar<br />

on top!<br />

papyrus<br />


OFFER<br />

Mixing Bowl<br />

RRP £12.10<br />

15%<br />

off *<br />

*Exclusive offer for<br />

WESTENDER readers<br />

at Papyrus,<br />

374 Byres Road

34 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

RRI<br />

by John Parker<br />

On Friday 7th July – Sunday 9th July<br />

some of our team headed down to<br />

TRSNMT Festival where they hosted<br />

a pop-up salon backstage, providing haircuts<br />

to the artists at the new Glasgow festival.<br />

Our Rainbow Room International team have<br />

previously styled hair backstage at many<br />

high profile events including the MOBOs, the<br />

Scottish BAFTAs, The Scottish Style Awards<br />

and also T in the Park, where we were<br />

resident hairdressers to the stars for eleven<br />

years. For our team to be the hairdressers at<br />

the first ever TRNSMT festival was a fantastic<br />

opportunity, the team thoroughly enjoyed<br />

providing haircuts and styling for the stars<br />

and it was a huge success.<br />

On the Friday, our team styled the hair<br />

of drummer Jamie Kennan from the La<br />

Fontaines, as well as the drummer from band<br />

Belle and Sebastian, Richard Colburn. On<br />

Saturday, our team styled the hair of all the<br />

band members from Fickle Friends and also<br />

a band member from Circawaves. The team<br />

also met with band members from The Kooks<br />

and George Ezra. From clean cuts to messy<br />

effortless looks, our team loved doing the<br />

artists hair, making them look fresh and ready<br />

to hit the TRNSMT stage.<br />

follow – Rainbow Room GWR<br />

WIN! Rainbow Room International<br />

are offering one lucky reader a hair<br />

makeover in their Great Western Rd<br />

salon. For your chance to win go to<br />

westendermagazine.com and click<br />

on competitions by the 30th Sept’17.<br />



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@<br />

The<br />

Doublet<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 35<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Reviewed by<br />

David McPhee<br />

When I first arrived in Glasgow thirteen<br />

years ago I found myself rather<br />

intrigued by The Doublet. Sitting<br />

quaintly on the corner where Park Road<br />

swings round to meet Woodside Road and<br />

with a timber frontage, it looked for all the<br />

world like a little West Coast bolthole had<br />

been lifted and lain within the then student<br />

Mecca of the West End.<br />

Yet there was also that red neon sign. It<br />

hummed and beckoned; it instinctively<br />

caught the eye as you turned the corner onto<br />

Woodlands Road. This sign would come to<br />

exemplify exactly what The Doublet would<br />

become for me: a little bit traditional, a little<br />

bit radical, always enticing.<br />

The downstairs bar is indeed the archetype<br />

of that West of Scotland pub we all think<br />

of with it’s dark wood rafters, wooden<br />

chairs and lived in feel. It’s one of the most<br />

welcoming places in the West End when it<br />

comes to decor, but you’ll also get it from<br />

each member of staff.<br />

Where in many places you get the feeling<br />

of being an imposition to the jaded student<br />

ecking out employment until their undergrad<br />

is over, in The Doublet they choose their staff<br />

like they choose their beer: wisely.<br />

When you look at the drink options you can<br />

tell that they’ve really thought about this,<br />

and, out of respect, so should you. For the<br />

beer drinker there’s Williams Bros, a rotating<br />

Kelburn choice or the incomparable Riegler<br />

lager. In the gin corner there’s the delectable<br />

Rock Rose or Edinburgh Gin. While in<br />

whisky...don’t even get me started, there<br />

genuinely isn’t enough room on this page.<br />

For me, it’s the upstairs bar that really makes<br />

this pub more enticing than anywhere else<br />

in Glasgow. To the casual observer it may<br />

appear just like a room above a bar with a<br />

little bit of tartan carpet and some old-style<br />

copper top tables and a jukebox - nothing<br />

particularly special in that, our philistinian<br />

friend might say.<br />

Yet there is the incomparable feeling of<br />

having shut the world out up there. When it’s<br />

at full tilt there really is nowhere better to be.<br />

Hunched over a table, the people at the next<br />

table are almost touching you – a ghastly<br />

proposition to those who don’t know what life<br />

should really be about.<br />

The Doublet is not retro, it’s not hipster, it’s<br />

not really trying to be anything, and that’s<br />

what makes it cool – it doesn’t really care<br />

what you think. It’s simply a small piece of<br />

the best things we think about Scotland<br />

– it wants to welcome you, it wants you to<br />

have a roaring laugh or political debate with<br />

your friends, it doesn’t care if you turn to a<br />

complete stranger and ask ‘is that your pint<br />

or mine?’<br />

The Doublet<br />

74 Park Road G4 9JF<br />

0141 334 1982<br />


36 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Helping Hands<br />

First Aid<br />

When it comes to first aid, let us give you a Helping Hand<br />

helpinghandsfirstaid.co.uk<br />



2 HOUR CLASS<br />

£20<br />

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73%<br />

of people look for<br />

a nice smile in their<br />

ideal partner<br />


COUNT.<br />

Make yours unforgettable in just 15 minutes.<br />

Professional polish - clean, sparkling teeth for just £30.<br />

www.visageglasgow.co.uk/firstimpressions • CALL US ON 0141 222 6580<br />

Untitled-2 1 19/04/2017 12:48

www.westendermagazine.com | 37<br />

Endmum’s<br />

West<br />

notebook<br />

by Michele Gordon thelanguagehub.co.uk<br />

‘M<br />

um, which secondary school will I go<br />

to?’ Ruby has been asking for the<br />

past 12 months although she only<br />

heads into Primary 7 this year. It is certainly<br />

one of the more dreaded questions in our<br />

house. But there’s still time before we need to<br />

think about this, isn’t there?<br />

Technically yes, but we recently found<br />

out that we will need to register Ruby for<br />

secondary school in October this year. This<br />

seems like…tomorrow! How did this happen?<br />

One minute you become a parent and the<br />

next minute your baby is on the verge of<br />

becoming a teenager.<br />

Making the jump from primary to secondary<br />

school can be a daunting time. I remember<br />

my first day at secondary school, the building<br />

seemed massive and it felt as if there were<br />

thousands of people rushing around. Then<br />

there were all those new subjects to get<br />

your head round, the fact that I now had lots<br />

of different teachers and, of course, new<br />

classmates to try and make friends with.<br />

And as a parent? There is the pressing<br />

question of which school to chose. Glasgow<br />

City Council operates 37 secondary schools<br />

of which 9 are in the west. Children usually<br />

attend the school within their catchment area<br />

but often parents choose to opt for placing<br />

requests at other schools. Ruby’s school<br />

year is no different. Some of her class mates<br />

will be going to Cleveden Secondary, some<br />

are hoping to be accepted at Hyndland<br />

or Hillhead Secondary whilst others are<br />

considering Notre Dame High School<br />

because of its single-sex education. A few<br />

have already chosen private education at<br />

Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow Academy or<br />

The High School of Glasgow; some prefer<br />

Jordanhill as it operates as an independent<br />

school. But how do you know which school<br />

will be best for your child?<br />

I suppose you look at your child’s academic<br />

interests as some schools focus more on<br />

particular aspects of the curriculum than<br />

others. So if your child is serious about<br />

dancing for example, you would perhaps<br />

choose Knightswood Secondary as it is also<br />

home to The Dance School of Scotland. If<br />

your child started at Gaelic primary school<br />

they are most likely to continue with Gaelic<br />

Secondary education. Unfortunately, there<br />

is no sports school in the West End, you<br />

would have to go all the way to Bellahouston<br />

Academy for this.<br />

Sadly, there also does not seem to be any<br />

secondary school near us that focuses on<br />

modern languages. This would be something<br />

Ruby would really enjoy. I guess at the end<br />

of the day there is no such thing as a perfect<br />

school; everyone has different priorities and<br />

preferences with regard to education. You<br />

will probably most likely rely on impressions,<br />

recommendations and experiences from<br />

others or the schools’ open days. And of<br />

course, even if you found the perfect school,<br />

your child might not get a place due to<br />

oversubscription. This seems to be an issue<br />

in the West End from what I have heard so far.<br />

Personally, I would like Ruby and Leon to<br />

attend a school which is not too far from<br />

home so they can meet friends outwith<br />

school hours. I also think it helps if children<br />

have a few friends or at least familiar faces<br />

from primary school going to the same<br />

secondary school. Other than that, no<br />

decision has been made yet. After all, we still<br />

have a few months…

38 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Alec Farmer, founder of Trakke and<br />

former Glasgow School of Art student,<br />

has gone from selling backpacks<br />

made of material recycled from skips to<br />

creating a bespoke range of last a lifetime<br />

bags ‘for the modern day adventurer.’<br />

What started as a small scale venture, initially<br />

selling his products at the Barras has turned<br />

into an international enterprise with his Trakke<br />

bag concept gaining a cult following and<br />

selling all over the world.<br />

‘I started the business with £400’ Alec<br />

explains over coffee at Trakke HQ in<br />

Finnieston, ‘As a student I couldn’t get any<br />

more broke so I was in a good position to<br />

start up. Some people quit their job and have<br />

a year to make a business happen but I didn’t<br />

have that pressure.’<br />

Now Alec works with a team six creating<br />

the bags in-house and selling mainly<br />

through Trakke’s contemporary website.<br />

‘We have grown slowly and organically –<br />

we didn’t appear overnight and take the<br />

world by storm. We have been building<br />

and refining our craft for the last seven<br />

years. I am not from a business background<br />

so it has been a huge learning curve.<br />

We work a bit like a car factory and are<br />

constantly tweaking our designs bringing<br />

out new colours and updates and listening to<br />

customer feedback.’

www.westendermagazine.com | 39<br />

young<br />

Men<br />

at<br />

Work<br />

Image © With Love Project<br />

Man bags, beard trims and some<br />

of the best coffee on Byres Road.<br />

Loraine Patrick meets the men<br />

behind three successful West End<br />

companies and finds out what makes them,<br />

and their businesses, tick.<br />

Trakke is Norwegian for follow. ‘This<br />

company is about people moving in the same<br />

direction,’ Alec explains. ‘Almost everything<br />

is done in Finnieston and we source all<br />

the materials we can from the UK – from<br />

the waxed cotton of our bag fabric to our<br />

incredibly strong stainless steel buckles.<br />

Most of the team started here straight from<br />

college so we don’t have a lot of industry<br />

experience but that allows us to look at<br />

things with fresh eyes and do things in a very<br />

modern way.’<br />

The company are expanding onto the high<br />

street, aiming to grow but not become huge<br />

scale. ‘We don’t want to be the next North<br />

Face.’ Alec acknowledges, ‘I think there is<br />

a sweet spot where we can do what we do<br />

very well and support the local economy but<br />

not be a big high street enterprise. At the<br />

minute we are in a handful of shops, from<br />

independent bike shops to luxury department<br />

stores, where staff know our product and<br />

have the knowledge and passion to sell it.’<br />

Continuing to build on the buzz and<br />

excitement of the brand is the big goal. Alec<br />

sums up ‘We choose our retailers for different<br />

reasons, Fortnum and Mason’s in London<br />

started off as a collaboration and we advise<br />

our overseas customers to visit when they are<br />

in the UK for a unique shopping experience.<br />

I would love to have our own stores and<br />

expand into clothing as well.’

40 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

danceSing_Westender advert_July 17_Layout 1 13/07/2017 17:58 Page 2<br />

• D A N C I N G • S I N G I N G • K E E P I N G<br />

F I T •<br />

Classes run during Term Time<br />

First Class is a FREE TASTER<br />

Wednesday<br />

10.30am - 12pm<br />

The Western Baths Club<br />

Glasgow G12 8BZ<br />

Membership NOT required<br />

Call Natalie on 07712 862823<br />

www.dance-sing.uk<br />

F u n & F r i e n d s h i p • H e a l t h & W e l l b e i n g

www.westendermagazine.com | 41<br />

Artist impression aerial view of the new look Glasgow University campus<br />

Over in Woodlands, the intriguingly named<br />

Rain Dogs Society Barbers on Park Road<br />

is run by 30 year old Kevin McEnaney with<br />

business partners Ben Cross and Bobby<br />

Cowan. Named after a favourite Tom Waits<br />

album, they took the plunge to go out on their<br />

own after working for several years together<br />

in the Merchant City. Two years on in their<br />

distinctive West End premises and they<br />

haven’t looked back.<br />

‘Lots of clients came with us,’ Kevin explains<br />

‘It’s a competitive business to be in but<br />

between the three of us had a loyal client<br />

base spanning ten years. There is also a<br />

definite change in grooming habits and<br />

men are happier to spend money on a good<br />

treatment and cut now. My customers tend<br />

to be in the 18-25 year old age bracket but<br />

you don’t have to be a trendy young thing<br />

to come here, Ben and Bobby’s client base<br />

spans all age groups!’<br />

Kevin was shortlisted for the Scottish Barber<br />

of the Year award this year, and has serious<br />

plans in place to grow the business. Later<br />

this year the trio are looking at opening<br />

a second barbers shop in the city centre<br />

and are also planning their own product<br />

range. ‘We have a chemist on board and are<br />

aiming to produce an organic based range<br />

of hair products as we have never found<br />

quite the right formulation to suit our, or our<br />

customers, needs.’<br />

With over 13 thousand followers on<br />

Instagram and an online booking system for<br />

appointments Kevin is social media savvy<br />

and knows this is key to bringing in new<br />

business. ‘Although we are working around<br />

50 hours a week I am posting on social media<br />

every day and my account is linked to our<br />

booking system – there is also a phone app<br />

to book with us directly. We make it as easy<br />

as possible for our clients to book with us.’

42 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Christmas 2016 at Vinicombe Street<br />

Dean Marriott from Dean’s Deli on Byres<br />

Road is also successfully using social media<br />

to market his business, preferring Instagram<br />

over Facebook and Twitter to promote his<br />

great coffee, home baking, sandwiches and<br />

melts.<br />

He explains he posts real time, real life<br />

pictures, ‘what you see on our Instagram<br />

feed is what goes out to our customers.<br />

It’s a quick snap when we are preparing<br />

something. I don’t want to add filters or<br />

photoshop and make things look too good<br />

then not deliver it! We have great interaction<br />

with our customers on social media.’<br />

Pass the coffee shop on any day of the week<br />

and you will see it busy with locals, students<br />

and passing trade and for 29 year old Dean<br />

its been a long held ambition to run his own<br />

business. He went solo last October after<br />

working for several years with the Di’Maggios<br />

group, gaining experience in the bar and<br />

restaurant trade, and he thinks his successful<br />

start up has been down to delivering what his<br />

customers want.<br />

‘It was really apparent from the word go<br />

that folk were not looking for a traditional<br />

delicatessen, he explains, ‘We asked what<br />

people would like to see and have built up<br />

the business from there, so the majority of<br />

our menu has been picked by our regular<br />

clientele. In the West End it can be expensive<br />

to grab a coffee or eat out, so a key focus<br />

for us is affordability. We aim to offer great<br />

quality home made food and cakes that don’t<br />

cost the earth, and our coffee is under £2.’<br />

This ability to adapt to the local market and<br />

change business plan is what has made<br />

Dean’s so successful, as the idea at first<br />

had been to run a traditional deli. ‘Its really<br />

important to be open to changing course<br />

but at the same time you need a clear plan<br />

when it comes to running your own business.<br />

I am pretty focused and a details man. I<br />

knew I could run a deli but it was vital to be<br />

able to adapt when we moved in a different<br />

direction.’<br />

Dean, like both Kevin and Alec, is passionate<br />

about his business. ‘It’s great to be part of<br />

something new he sums up, I have been<br />

welcomed into the local community and have<br />

much to achieve. I saved all my life to get<br />

here and now I am focussed on getting on<br />

with the job!’<br />

deansdelicoffee.co.uk<br />

raindogssociety.com<br />

trakke.co.uk<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

www.westendermagazine.com | 43<br />

Lack of confidence? Pressures of work/recent promotion? Seen as a fixture?<br />

Whether it’s Leadership Development, Executive Skills or Creativity in the Workplace -<br />

there’s only one place to go when you need some independent thinking. And since we’re<br />

based in Glasgow’s West End it couldn’t be easier.<br />

Rated as one of the top coaching practices in the UK we bring a wealth of experience to help<br />

clients make the best of themselves. That translates into a great return through improved<br />

business performance - all very important in keeping ahead of the competition.<br />

If you or your organisation would like a free exploratory discussion<br />

call/text : 07973 816270<br />

or email : admin@executive-2020-coaching.com<br />

enabling breakthroughs to realise potential

www.westendermagazine.com | 1<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 1<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 1<br />

44 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

7 GREAT<br />



WITH US<br />

// Glasgow’s brilliant FREE bi-monthly magazine<br />

// Great editorial features: fashion, dining out,<br />

health & beauty, what’s on, local authors &<br />

artists, interiors & more<br />

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// 12,000 copies per edition<br />

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Free<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Free<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

For more info or to advertise<br />

email: suzanne@westendermagazine.com<br />

for a media flyer, or call: 07905 897238<br />


Westender www.westendermagazine.com Magazine Promotion | 45<br />

Accountancy<br />

Matters<br />

by Bruce Wilson & Simon Murrison<br />

Accounting basics for small businesses<br />

Google ‘how to start a business’ and<br />

you are bombarded with lists, tips<br />

and hints. Working with a diverse<br />

range of businesses – from start up to exit<br />

– I’ve learned there’s no simple formula for<br />

getting it right. However, the entrepreneurs<br />

that do succeed, work hard to avoid making<br />

rookie mistakes (or learn quickly from<br />

mistakes).<br />

Here are examples of rookie mistakes with<br />

simple ways to avoid them:<br />

• Relying on gut instinct. Write a Business<br />

Plan. Call it a survival manual for start-ups.<br />

• Trying to do it all. Outsource to experts,<br />

allowing you to focus on areas of business<br />

you are good at and enjoy.<br />

• Poor business systems. Choose a<br />

reputable accounting system with features<br />

designed for small businesses.<br />

• Ignoring red tape. Confront head on<br />

changing legislation and tax regulations to<br />

avoid storing up problems and losing the<br />

business.<br />

• Repeating the same mistakes. Break<br />

the cycle by using accountancy data to<br />

accurately monitor and forecast future<br />

business decisions.<br />

• Wrong business structure. Consider the<br />

future position of your company structure and<br />

who you do business with, it affects tax to be<br />

paid.<br />

• Not researching. Test and research<br />

products, services and marketing to build a<br />

strong business.<br />

• Not negotiating. Ask for discounts. A new<br />

trader is entitled to discounts when setting up<br />

trade accounts or rental agreements too.<br />

• Ignoring the competition. Keep an eye on<br />

the competition – new products or offers will<br />

tempt your customers away.<br />

Murrison & Wilson, CA is a full service<br />

accountancy firm specialising in<br />

business and tax planning for private<br />

individuals, the self-employed and<br />

small to medium sized businesses.<br />

Offering a free consultation, fixed<br />

and competitive fees, why not get<br />

in touch on 0141 290 0262.<br />

Murrison & Wilson Chartered Accountants<br />

10 Newton Terrace G3 7PJ<br />

0141 290 0262<br />


46 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Writer’s Reveal<br />

meets Charles McGarry<br />


Have you ever secretly thought you<br />

could write a book? Perhaps you have<br />

a great idea you think would make a<br />

great read?<br />

I must confess to wishfully thinking I could<br />

write a children’s book on this or a best<br />

seller on that, but from all the authors we<br />

have interviewed at Westender one thing is<br />

clear – the road to getting published can be<br />

a long and bumpy one. Even for the most<br />

established of authors.<br />

We talk to one newly published local writer<br />

who shares his long journey to the high street<br />

book shop and gives us a taster of his new<br />

book The Ghost of Helen Addison.<br />

Charles E McGarry is a new name to the<br />

world of Scottish crime fiction, having signed<br />

a two book deal for his Leo Moran murder<br />

mystery series the first of which came out<br />

this summer. It took years of revisions and<br />

rewrites to find a publisher and this up and<br />

down journey is described in a six part

www.westendermagazine.com | 47<br />

I think there is a third<br />

book for Leo Moran<br />

but I also have other<br />

ideas to explore.<br />

“and agents know how to make a book<br />

commercially viable.’<br />

Val McDermid and Christopher Brookmyre<br />

share their experiences in the podcast series<br />

which goes right back to Charles first putting<br />

pen to paper in his Broomhill flat with his first<br />

foray into writing several years ago. In 2012<br />

he co-authored a fictional account of Celtic’s<br />

1967 victory in the European Cup, which this<br />

year celebrated its 50th anniversary. The<br />

Road to Lisbon was well received and gave<br />

Charles the confidence to develop his crime<br />

series.<br />

The Ghost of Helen Addison is the first<br />

of two books featuring a colourful private<br />

investigator called Leo Moran, a man who<br />

likes the finer things in life and has an<br />

unsettling ability to talk to the dead. Set<br />

between the West Highlands and West End of<br />

Glasgow the two locations couldn’t be more<br />

different – one an eerie remote landscape<br />

in the depths of winter and the other the<br />

regimented beauty of the tenements of<br />

Glasgow’s West End.<br />

podcast series called Debut, which features<br />

interviews with some of the biggest names in<br />

crime fiction.<br />

Charles takes up the story, ‘I actually wrote<br />

the first draft of the book pretty quickly and<br />

although it didn’t get picked up I used the<br />

feedback that came with rejection letters and<br />

realised I needed to restructure the timeline<br />

of the story to make it work. You can’t be<br />

precious about your ideas, you really need<br />

to be able to take criticism as publishers<br />

‘Leo has a flat in Kelvinside,’ Charles picks<br />

up, ‘and I really tried to conjure up the<br />

aesthetics and the morose beauty of the<br />

area. I think the world here looks much the<br />

same as it would have done 100 years ago<br />

and that suits Leo’s old fashioned outlook.’<br />

Growing up in Jordanhill and now living in<br />

Broomhill has had a profound impact on<br />

Charles and he hopes the setting will strike<br />

a chord with local readers. ‘Leo is a well<br />

dressed and cultured man and he couldn’t<br />

live anywhere but the West End. He is very

48 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

much intertwined with the setting. Leo is the<br />

archetypical bachelor, genteel but with a<br />

working class background’.<br />

Leo is based partly on Charles himself but<br />

also on men from Charles’ fathers generation.<br />

‘He is an anachronism, he might as well be<br />

from before the war in terms of his outlook.<br />

He is a middle aged bachelor who loves<br />

beautiful things and beautiful music.’<br />

Charles goes on to explain there is also a<br />

comic element to Leo. ‘He can be really<br />

pompous and put people’s backs up – he<br />

takes himself too seriously. This side of his<br />

character was inspired by the main character<br />

in a favourite book of Charles’ called<br />

A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy<br />

Toole, a cult American novel published in the<br />

1980s.<br />

But Leo has something that’s set him apart<br />

from most – he communicates with the dead.<br />

According to Charles his visions come when<br />

he is asleep and they tend to be oblique<br />

representations of things that have happened<br />

so he feels duty bound to help police. This<br />

supernatural element is crucial to the story as<br />

it humanises the young murder victim (Helen<br />

Addison) by giving her a voice and readers<br />

see what her loss has meant to her loved<br />

ones.<br />

Charles goes on to say, ‘In the UK we are<br />

reticent about talking about this as a route<br />

to help in criminal cases but in some parts of<br />

America and Europe police are more open to<br />

exploring the psychic realm. Indeed the ideas<br />

for this book all came in a short space of time<br />

and one was a TV programme on psychic<br />

ability.’<br />

Competition!<br />

We have 3 signed copies<br />

of The Ghost of Helen<br />

Addison, to give away. Go to<br />

westendermagazine.com and<br />

click on competitions by the<br />

30th of September 2017.<br />

In five years time Charles would love to be a<br />

full time author. ‘I think there is a third book<br />

for Leo Moran but I also have other ideas<br />

to explore. What I would really like to do is<br />

write a post apocalyptic novel set in the West<br />

End but I don’t want to give too much away<br />

just yet!’<br />

And for budding authors out there he has this<br />

advice. ‘Don’t be intimidated by the length of<br />

a novel. If you write 250 words a day over 360<br />

days that is 90,000 words! Breaking it down<br />

into bite size portions makes it much more<br />

achievable.’<br />

Tips from the Top<br />

How to get published<br />

Be willing to take criticism<br />

Rewrite the previous days work<br />

after sleeping on it – you get a<br />

clearer perspective<br />

Write everyday, be disciplined!<br />

The Ghost of Helen Addison is out now.<br />

Charles E McGarry will be at<br />

Bloody Scotland on 10 September,<br />

bloodyscotland.com.<br />

All episodes of Debut can be listened to on<br />

iTunes (or equivalent), debutpodcast.com.<br />

The Ghost of<br />

Helen Addison<br />

£2<br />

OFF<br />

*<br />

RRP £7.99<br />

*Exclusive offer for WESTENDER readers<br />

at Waterstones 351-355 Byres Road<br />

branch only, by 31st July 2017.

www.westendermagazine.com | 49<br />



JOIN // HOST // SHOP<br />

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£75<br />

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for a media flyer, or call: 07905 897238<br />

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PI ATES<br />

*Flexi-Class passes available * One-to-ones<br />

* Relaxing West End locations * Good for Posture<br />

Great for Runners, Cyclists, Golfers, Desk Workers..<br />

* Suitable for Beginners *Great for de-stressing!<br />

www.pilatesglasgow.com 0787 647 3381<br />


50 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Fortune Works Centre in Drumchapel with some of Enable’s members and volunteers<br />

Celebrating 60 years<br />

of excellence<br />


What does community mean to you?<br />

For many adults living in Scotland<br />

with learning difficulties it can<br />

mean isolation. However, for over a halfcentury,<br />

ENABLE Glasgow has provided<br />

one of Glasgow’s biggest circles of support<br />

for people with learning difficulties and their<br />

carers.<br />

Born in 1954, ENABLE Glasgow was the<br />

association of parents when there were very<br />

few support services for families. Today,<br />

ENABLE directly supports almost 200 people<br />

with learning disabilities and has more than<br />

400 members across the city.<br />

Under the control of its members, ENABLE<br />

offers something of interest to everyone.<br />

Foremost is the Fortune Works centre based<br />

in Drumchapel, providing a full time 9am –<br />

4pm five days a week programme, which<br />

offers a diversity of training opportunities<br />

with a strong focus on personal and social<br />

development. But there is so much more. It<br />

runs two supported living units, a training-forwork<br />

service, a range of social opportunities,<br />

and support in people’s homes as well as<br />

campaigning at local and national level.<br />

In the West End are two residential services,<br />

Esmond Street and Balshagray Drive, with<br />

clubs in Summerston, Charing Cross and the<br />

Gorbals.<br />

The Project<br />

Over the past year, ENABLE Glasgow have<br />

been celebrating 60 years of hard work.<br />

Looking for a challenge? Then look no further.<br />

Members and supporters have been tasked<br />

with the challenge of raising £60 to mark<br />

the anniversary. The hard part is that you’re<br />

not told how to raise the money – that’s the<br />

challenge!<br />

They aren’t that mean of course and have<br />

provided a few ideas to get you started;<br />

• Invite friends over for a coffee morning<br />

• Have a dress down day at work<br />

• Sign up for a sponsored walk or swim<br />

To round up a year of strong fundraising<br />

efforts, ENABLE will be celebrating in style<br />

by hosting a Dinner Dance at the Grosvenor<br />

Hilton Hotel in the West End on the 30th<br />

September. The dance will give members the<br />

chance to dress up and celebrate the end of<br />

the 60th Anniversary year.

www.westendermagazine.com | 51<br />

Karen (Second from Right) with Enable members<br />

The early years at Balshagray House<br />

Case Study<br />

Karen MacKenzie, Social Activities Coordinator<br />

for ENABLE Glasgow shares her<br />

experience.<br />

What made you join Enable? I started as a<br />

volunteer in January 2008 at the Wednesday<br />

night social club in Charing Cross and found<br />

it extremely enjoyable and rewarding. When<br />

the opportunity arose to take voluntary<br />

redundancy with the Civil Service where I had<br />

been working for over 18 years I jumped at<br />

the chance to change career.<br />

After volunteering to gain more experience<br />

in one of the residential support services I<br />

was offered some sessional work supporting<br />

a lady in her own home for a few hours on a<br />

Sunday. This quickly led to an offer of a part<br />

time Support Assistant position in Balshagray<br />

House. Whilst there I completed my SVQ level<br />

3 in Health and Social Care. After working<br />

in all three of the services over a few years<br />

the post of Social Activities Co-ordinator<br />

was created and I was successful in my<br />

application.<br />

Half of my job is to organise various annual<br />

events and fundraisers for ENABLE such as<br />

dances, bus runs and fundraising nights. The<br />

other half sees me supporting volunteers<br />

who run our three social clubs and the Best<br />

Buddies programme in the South and North<br />

of Glasgow.<br />

What has changed over the last five<br />

years? The organisation has expanded<br />

considerably over the last five years with both<br />

Fortune Works and the residential support<br />

services growing and developing.<br />

How does Enable compare to your last<br />

job? Changing career to work for ENABLE<br />

Glasgow has been the best thing I have ever<br />

done! It’s very rewarding and uplifting on a<br />

daily basis to see the difference I make.<br />

What has Enable taught you? Not coming<br />

from a care background and having never<br />

spent any time with anyone with a learning<br />

disability I was starting from scratch.<br />

The training and support I have received<br />

from ENABLE Glasgow staff has been a<br />

fundamental part in my progression.<br />

How do you plan the social calendar for<br />

the year ahead? There are set events which<br />

have ran every year for the last 40 odd years<br />

such as clubs, dances and bus runs. We ask<br />

our members regularly to give us ideas of<br />

what else they would like to do such as nights<br />

at the Grand Ole Opry or Movie nights. We<br />

have a Social Committee who then decide on<br />

what the year’s programme should look like<br />

and this is made up of people who volunteer<br />

in our clubs. It really is the unique balance of<br />

those two words, support and community,<br />

that has helped ENABLE to work so well.<br />

If you are interested in volunteering please<br />

contact Volunteer Co-ordinator Jane<br />

Feeney for more information: jane.feeney@<br />

enableglasgow.org.uk.<br />

In order to run all the various activities<br />

ENABLE relies on financial contribution<br />

from its supporters. If you would like to<br />

participate in the project, please visit<br />

justgiving.com/enableglasgow to do so.<br />

F/ facebook.com/EnableGlasgow<br />

T/ twitter.com/EnableGlasgow

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Homes & Interiors<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

© Annie Mo's<br />

A BOLD<br />

statement<br />

Sometimes the plethora of options available for<br />

presenting our homes can make it confusing to<br />

know where to start. Susan Robertson offers<br />

some suggestions for building a room around a<br />

signature piece.

www.westendermagazine.com | 53<br />

© Bluebellgray<br />

© The Store Interiors<br />

Whether you’re looking for a slight refresh or a total<br />

overhaul of your home interiors, there’s always going<br />

to have to be a starting point, and sometimes that<br />

can be harder than you first think. With so many<br />

wonderful options available for your home, it can be<br />

easy to find yourself running around like a headless<br />

chicken looking at the different ideas available to you.<br />

I would suggest that you take a bit of a methodical<br />

approach to this. It may seem counter-intuitive to<br />

be structured in a creative process but an overall<br />

framework can be really helpful to achieving a<br />

coherent outcome.<br />

Think of a room a little bit like a delicious main<br />

course at a top restaurant. When you’re perusing the<br />

menu, you’ll likely make your initial choice based<br />

on the core, main item on the dish – either the meat<br />

or the alternative central feature. Then you’ll look<br />

at the vegetables and garnishes around it as what<br />

complements the main item, and what you will<br />

actually enjoy is the overall taste and presentation of<br />

the full dish as a whole. If you apply the analogy to a<br />

room, it can be really helpful as you pull together a<br />

new look and feel.<br />

So, applying this thought process in practice, start<br />

with a core, central signature item to ‘hang’ the rest<br />

of the room around, and the process of doing this will<br />

really help you identify your own tastes and bring out<br />

your own individual style. It’s much more satisfying to<br />

create a space for yourself and your family that really<br />

reflects your uniqueness rather than looking like<br />

you’ve just transported the Next catalogue into your<br />

living room.<br />

It can be easy to fall into the trap of picking some ‘nice’<br />

colours and slapping on the paint and we so easily end<br />

up with rooms that are ‘fine’. But we really should be<br />

looking for more than that, and have a bit of fun with<br />

it. Start keeping an eye on social media like Pinterest,<br />

and taking snaps on your phone of rooms or furniture<br />

or looks that you like, that can give you a feel for your<br />

own taste coming through. Pop all of these into a<br />

mood board and see if any patterns develop, or if any<br />

clear colour schemes come through.<br />

Depending on which room you’re working on, start<br />

looking for a signature ‘lead’ piece to structure<br />

around. In a living room this can be a bold sofa or<br />

vibrant rug. Also – keep looking at fabrics as, if you<br />

find one that you really like, you can use this to reupholster<br />

some existing furniture – it doesn’t need<br />

to be a brand new item. Just find something that you<br />

really love, that makes you smile inside when you<br />

think of it, that lifts your spirits when you see it. Then<br />

the rest of the room will flow from there and be great<br />

fun to create.

54 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

Taking the colour or fabric of your ‘lead’ piece, start<br />

to play about with more fabric. Pick up the key tone in<br />

other patterns and develop a palette of patterns, these<br />

can be used for curtains and cushions, then pick out<br />

one or two key colours for the wall from this, and a<br />

couple of bold highlighting colours for floor cushions,<br />

lampshades and throws. Think about the furniture<br />

and fittings in line with this too – what works best –<br />

wood or metal, dark or light? Play about with all of<br />

this using clippings and pictures on a big pin board<br />

first and you will see your dream room come together<br />

before your eyes.<br />

The other key element to consider in this process is<br />

the ‘feel’ of the room. Would you like it to be dreamy<br />

and romantic; fun and funky; cool and calming for<br />

example. These ‘feelings’ will instinctively come into<br />

play as you select your signature piece to hang your<br />

room around and it can be useful to try and articulate<br />

them to yourself and be aware of this as you develop<br />

your theme and palette. It can be helpful to keep this<br />

in mind as you pick up accessories and items for the<br />

room as your emotions at the time will affect your<br />

decisions so keep your desired theme at the fore and<br />

align your purchases to that, rather than your mood<br />

of the moment.<br />

The West End offers a vast array of opportunities<br />

for selecting what you need for your home. New<br />

technology has made it even easier for artists to<br />

translate designs into fabrics and useable pieces and<br />

so think of buying a signature or lead piece almost<br />

as you would in selecting a piece of art. Bluebell Gray<br />

brings beautiful art into fabric and home features;<br />

some of the stunning one-off pieces that Timorous<br />

Beasties create can almost stand alone in a room; and<br />

vibrant individual pieces can be sourced through the<br />

expert eyes of buyers at The Store Interiors, Nancy<br />

Smillie or Annie Mo’s.<br />

These days, you can even make your own!<br />

Individual designs can be easily transformed into<br />

fabrics, cushions and wallpapers online now so<br />

let your creativity flow and have a look at sites like<br />

spoonflower.com. Let your own imagination, in<br />

partnership with local retailers and designers<br />

combine to pull together a really unique and personal<br />

room that you’ll just love every minute of living in.<br />

anniemos.com<br />

bluebellgray.com<br />

nancysmillieshop.com<br />

timorousbeasties.com<br />

thestoreinteriors.co.uk<br />

© Nancy Smillie Shop<br />

© Timorous Beasties

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OFFER!<br />

FREE<br />

Gas Certificate<br />

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Legionella<br />

Assessment<br />

Are you a Landlord?<br />

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When you quote<br />

Westender<br />

“ Problem Solved”<br />

Call or email for a free market appraisal<br />

E: glasgow@zoneletting.com T: 0141-333-0990 W: www.zoneletting.com<br />


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Homes & Interiors<br />

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Dreaming of an Indian summer<br />

Any chance we get in Scotland, we grab some<br />

al-fresco action, whether it be long lazy days with<br />

the family, or evening drinks around a chimenea<br />

with friends. Whatever it may be, embrace it<br />

with style.<br />

Glasses on a<br />

Wooden Tray,<br />

£19.99,<br />

Nancy Smillie<br />

Large Pierre Metal<br />

Green Lantern,<br />

£42,<br />

Annie Mo's<br />

Persian Lime Candle,<br />

£8, Shearer Candles<br />

Tassel Cushions and Throws,<br />

Bluebellgray<br />

Jar LED Lights,<br />

£21.95, Nancy Smillie<br />

Annie Mo’s, 212 Great Western Road, 0141 331 0333, anniemos.com<br />

Bluebellgray, Ground Floor, 17 Park Circus Place, 0808 164 0130, bluebellgray.com<br />

Nancy Smillie, 53 Cresswell Street, 0141 334 4240, nancysmillieshop.com<br />

Shearer Candles, 388 Byres Road, 0141 357 1707, shearer-candles.com

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Reseal Service | Professional Tile Installation | Waterproof Bathrooms<br />

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We are a fully insured, reliable family run business with over<br />

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Our Reseal Service can restore your tiles by carefully<br />

removing all of your existing grout and sealant using<br />

non-abrasive chemicals and high precision diamond<br />

technology. Specialist chemicals are used to wash<br />

your tiles to remove soap scum, body fat, mould and<br />

mildew. Antimicrobial grouts and sealants are then<br />

professionally applied<br />

Our Reseal service includes;<br />

// Sealant Applications<br />

// Bonded Bath & Shower Seals<br />

// Chemical Sealants<br />

// Re-grouting<br />

// Two-part Sealants<br />

// Waterproof Tanking Systems<br />


£150<br />


& FITTED<br />

Bonded Bath and Shower<br />

Seals – Our unique and<br />

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T / 0141 611 9534 M / 0781 782 8681<br />

E / info@resealscotland.co.uk W / www.resealscotland.co.uk

Westender www.westendermagazine.com Magazine Promotion | 59<br />

Legal Matters<br />

Words from Donald Reid, chairman at Mitchells Roberton:<br />

If you live in the West End the chances are you’re in a tenement.<br />

There’s a great book out at the moment by retired lawyer Angus<br />

McAllister entitled ‘Close Quarters’. It’s a story about the neighbour<br />

from hell in a Glasgow tenement near Byres Road. He hounded his<br />

fellow residents to take their turn cleaning the stairs, observe deathly<br />

quiet after 7pm and all the rest of it. They hated him. Here follows some<br />

sound advice collated from helping resolve just such confrontations.<br />

Neighbourliness and<br />

cleaning the wally close<br />

Ifrequently get asked about neighbour<br />

matters. Someone is hogging all the visitor<br />

car parking spaces. The upstairs proprietor<br />

keeps letting his bath overflow and then<br />

makes a terrible din carting his children and<br />

their prams up and down the common stair.<br />

Another neighbour chains his bike to the<br />

stairway railings making it difficult for you to<br />

get past when you need to take out your bin.<br />

All amusing in the telling, but for the people<br />

involved it can be a living nightmare. As a<br />

lawyer I find I am often a bit impotent to help.<br />

Usually by the time a problem comes to me<br />

both parties are dug in deep. The suggestion<br />

that maybe they should back off and show<br />

a little tolerance meets with fury. Or the<br />

worst thing of all for a lawyer to hear is ‘It’s<br />

the principle of the thing.’ I just know I’m<br />

going to fail the test of achievement versus<br />

expectation.<br />

Then tell yourself you will try one more thing:<br />

a note through the letter box, a lawyer’s letter<br />

or whatever, and if that does not work you<br />

will do no more and content yourself you<br />

have at least tried. Above all let time pass if<br />

you can. People move. People get new jobs.<br />

People die. Or think about moving yourself. If<br />

you do, I can guarantee within a month you’ll<br />

have forgotten all about it. Until, that is, you<br />

discover your new next door neighbour is<br />

hard of hearing and loves Sydney Devine.<br />

If Donald can help please contact him<br />

by phoning 0141 552 3422, or by email<br />

at dbr@mitchells-roberton.co.uk.<br />

So what should you do, poor tenement<br />

dweller, if you get into a fight like this? What<br />

I would say is this: decide to do one thing<br />

at a time. Try ringing their bell and speaking<br />

nicely. If that doesn’t work don’t immediately<br />

escalate. Pause and decide if you want to go<br />

further, because the further you go the more<br />

difficult it becomes to stop.<br />

Mitchells Roberton Solicitors<br />

& Estate Agents<br />

George House<br />

36 North Hanover Street G1 2AD<br />

0141 552 3422<br />


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www.westendermagazine.com | 61<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

As we enjoy the season of summer<br />

light spilling through our homes and<br />

gardens, Susan Robertson looks at<br />

colourful and practical ways to dress<br />

our windows to the world.<br />

shades of<br />

summer<br />

© Glasgow Shutter Company<br />

The long days and expansive evenings of the<br />

summer create a wonderful atmosphere and<br />

brightness in our homes, so how do we make the<br />

most of this beauty, and how also do we ensure we<br />

get our weekend lie-in, and the kids can get beyond<br />

the 'but I can’t go to bed, look it’s still day time'<br />

confusion.<br />

It’s all down to just a bit of thought into how we<br />

manage the balance between dark and light. It’s<br />

worthwhile when doing any design or decoration in<br />

your home, to think of the impacts and your family’s<br />

needs at all times of the year. In the long dark winters<br />

we have here, the challenge is to maximise natural<br />

light into our homes, and the shorter summer<br />

seasons, we have the opposite scenario on our hands.

62 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

When I replaced the blinds in my home at the<br />

beginning of the year, I made the mistake of taking the<br />

cheaper option and not bothering with the black-out<br />

versions. This was no problem in February but trust<br />

me – when you can’t see the telly on a Saturday night<br />

because the sun is streaming through, and I’m up<br />

with the larks on a Sunday morning, I’ve realised a<br />

longer-term approach would have been much better,<br />

and what I saved initially had to be spent on resolving<br />

the scenario anyway.<br />

So, the main thing is to look at each room individually<br />

and its practical use for the family. Ideally it’s good to<br />

have the opportunity for each space in your home to<br />

have full control of light coming in and out but there<br />

are going to be areas that obviously matter less and<br />

more and have different priorities. For example, the<br />

bathroom windows – the priority is privacy but natural<br />

light is less of an issue here and these windows tend to<br />

be smaller anyway so you can take a simple approach<br />

with a practical blind to soften the hard edges of the<br />

window frame. Many bathroom windows have frosted<br />

glass for privacy but if you don’t, you can easily sort<br />

this with some sticky-backed sheets to create a frosted<br />

effect at very little cost.<br />

The kitchen is another area where natural light levels<br />

are less critical. Again, simple blinds are good here too.<br />

I tend to avoid curtains in bathrooms and kitchens –<br />

anywhere there’s splashing or heat, blinds or shutters<br />

are more practical options.<br />

Roller blinds are a versatile option, available in lots of<br />

colours/fabrics – as well as black-out options. Or you<br />

can also go for roman blinds, in my opinion these are<br />

a bit more appealing on the eye. They’re a good option<br />

for kitchens and bathrooms where you want to create<br />

a softer look and still have the practicality of the blind.<br />

Remnant Kings can help out with this, they’ll design<br />

and fit it all so all you have to do is decide on your<br />

fabrics. If you’ve ever tried to ‘resize’ an Ikea blind with<br />

a hacksaw and ruler, you’ll have learned the hard way<br />

to just get the experts in next time!<br />

The other option here of course is to use shutters. The<br />

Glasgow Shutter company is right on our doorstep here<br />

and can provide the expert guidance you need around<br />

this. Plantation shutters are an attractive and practical<br />

option for controlling the light, as well as adding<br />

soundproofing and insulation benefits. You can get<br />

these tailored to suit your home, in a range of styles<br />

and stains of quality hardwood, fitted professionally<br />

within about eight weeks.<br />

The living and bedroom areas are where a bit more<br />

thought is needed. In the living room you want the<br />

access to light to be quite flexible. You might have the<br />

TV on and want to shade the bright evening sun but not<br />

actually block out the evening. You might want to catch<br />

that sun for curling up with a book, at the window, or<br />

you may want to block it all out and snuggle in with the<br />

candles on. I would therefore be inclined to think in<br />

layers for living areas.<br />

The practicality and flexibility of blinds is great here,<br />

and you can now get these in any style or fabric to<br />

complement your room. Or you could consider thin<br />

lace drapes, Timorous Beasties do some lovely fabric<br />

options for this. This is great for privacy where needed<br />

so you can let the light in but still potter about in your<br />

jammies without the people across the road sniggering<br />

into their G&Ts. Then you can double this up with<br />

thick, full length curtains, and you’re sorted for all<br />

seasons and activities.<br />

There are so many great suppliers in the West End<br />

for fabric and tailored curtains, we really are spoilt<br />

for choice. You can make a statement through fabric<br />

and colour here, try Bluebellgray for some stunning<br />

artwork re-worked around your windows.<br />

This approach works well for a bedroom too, but<br />

definitely do not make the same mistake as me, and<br />

make sure that you go for the black-out option on<br />

blinds and thick, lined curtains to really make it time<br />

for bed when you want, and dark and snug on a Sunday<br />

morning, irrespective of the world outside.<br />

bluebellgray.com<br />

glasgowshutters.co.uk<br />

remnantkingsonline.co.uk<br />

timorousbeasties.com<br />

© Bluebellgray

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64 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Westender Magazine – Interiors & All Trades<br />

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Magazine Promotion<br />

Image I Gregor Reid<br />

Wee Kitchen Shop<br />

Beautiful Custom Made Contemporary & Traditional Kitchens<br />

When I ask Jenny what she can’t live<br />

without in her new kitchen, the<br />

answer comes fast ‘the Quooker<br />

boiling water tap! It was an extravagance that<br />

was well worth it. I’m sure I’m making much<br />

better use of my time now I’m not constantly<br />

waiting for the kettle to boil!’<br />

Friends recommended local Broomhill<br />

business The Wee Kitchen Shop to the family<br />

as they liked Greg’s approach and ideas.<br />

And from their first meeting they knew<br />

they were going to receive a personal and<br />

bespoke service from its cabinetmaker<br />

owner, Greg Bowers.<br />

Jenny continues, ‘the existing kitchen came<br />

with our new build house and was designed<br />

by a builder, not a designer. Although it was<br />

functional and looked ok it didn’t make best<br />

use of the space, was 16 years old and was<br />

beginning to look a bit frayed round the<br />

edges. Now there is far more storage space<br />

and light. The design and layout mean it’s a<br />

space where we can socialise, cook and eat<br />

– we now use this room more than we use our<br />

other living areas in the house.’<br />

With it’s fully staved solid oak peninsula,<br />

Corian Dusk worksurfaces and custom made<br />

matt white handleless cabinetry – it’s Scandi<br />

good looks are equally matched by it’s<br />

adherence to function and maximum use of<br />

the storage space available.<br />

‘I would recommend Greg and his team<br />

without hesitation (and have!). It was a great<br />

benefit having Greg cost and manage the<br />

whole project.’<br />

30% off Silestone, Corian & Granite<br />

worktops ordered before the 30th<br />

Sept’ 2017. Please call ahead for a<br />

FREE consultation appointment at<br />

The Wee Kitchen Shop premises.<br />

The WEE Kitchen Shop<br />

304 Crow Road, Broomhill G11 7HS<br />

0141 334 4747<br />

www.theweekitchenshop.co.uk<br />

info@theweekitchenshop.co.uk<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 67<br />

EST 1999<br />

SALES<br />




EST 1999<br />

1016 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8LX<br />

0141 553 2677

68 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

loads of<br />

studios<br />

open during<br />

the week<br />

too!<br />

hidden<br />

lane<br />



more than 20 open studios!<br />

every saturday from 12 till 5pm<br />

art, craft, jewellery & gifts<br />

upcycled furniture & homewares<br />

VINTAGE, FASHION & soft FURNIshings<br />

live music, cds & books<br />

nails, hair, yoga, pilates<br />


tea, coffee, cakes & treats<br />


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