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Global Reggae Charts - Issue #13 / June 2018

Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

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global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017 #13

editorial Welcome to a new edition of the Global Reggae Charts! In 1968 Toots & The Maytals sang “Do The Reggay”, thereby creating one of the first public documents that used the word reggae. In the 50 years since then, reggae music has traveled from the small island of Jamaica around the globe and found fans and lovers basically everywhere it has gone. Today, you can find reggae communities from Thailand to Brazil, from Ivory Coast to Sweden. Reggae in 2018 is a global affair. One year ago, we set out to provide the international reggae community with a useful tool: charts that represent reggae as the global phenomenon it is. This month, we celebrate the GRC’s first birthday. In our first year, we gathered a voter base that spans all continents, built the background infrastructure to make the charts work, fine-tuned the magazines concept, and much more. Still: we are far from where we want to be. Expect further improvements throughout the year! Our birthday edition comes packed. Besides the charts themselves, you will find an interview with Gary “Riga” Burke of Hemp Higher Productions about the current state of artist management. Riga managed renowned acts like Randy Valentine and Cali P, and he had interesting things to say. Moreover, we examined the DIY trend and compared it to the traditional label model in this month’s installment of Reggae Careers on the Internet. Last but not least an operational remark: with this edition, we changed the monthly label of the Global Reggae Charts, due to feedback from several of the radio hosts we are talking to. The charts are released in the midst of each month. Instead of carrying that month in the title, they are now named after the upcoming one, meaning this edition is the June edition. By doing so the charts feel more current and have a longer half-life, allowing our media partners to feature them more conveniently. The issue count is not impacted by that change. Cheers, Thomas Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine 1 global reggae charts | issue 13 / june 2018