How to prevent paper jams in Lexmark printer?


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How to prevent paper

jams in Lexmark printer


I am Lucinda Vogt

I am here to give presentation on “How to prevent paper jams in

Lexmark printer?”

“The problem of Paper Jam is common in the printer of all

brands. The recent models too are not free from this

complication. It is caused by various reasons including the

use of incorrect size and format of the sheet. Lexmark Printer

Tech Support Canada has provided guidelines that help us to

avoid frequent jams. We have tried to collect all the remedies

at one place. You must take care of the following while

inserting the papers into the tray and you will be able to print

without an obstruction.

Keep these in mind while printing

‣Buy high-quality laser papers

Insert 16 – 24 Ib. sheets in Media Tray and 20 – 39 Ib. for the

Multi-Purpose Tray

‣Allow thick settings from the Media Thicker Switch

‣Use the Multi-Purpose Tray for the cases when you use papers

which are heavier than 24 Ib.

‣You are recommended never to use the paper which is

designed for inkjets printers. The inkjet papers are coated with a

substance that might be dangerous for the Lexmark Fuser.

‣You should only use the coated media which is specially

designed for Lexmark laser printers

‣You should only use the transparencies provided by Lexmark

and the company does not guaranty the results of non-Lexmark


‣Put the sheets under the hooks which are visible at the front of

the media tray

‣You must fan the papers before installing them on the trays so

that they do not stick together

‣Put only the required quantity of the media, it will be indicated by

the red line appearing on the side of the paper tray.

‣You must regularly clean the paper feed rollers and paper-pick

rollers and to remove dust from them

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These are some common tricks that you can adopt in

order to avoid paper jams in your Laser Printer. We hope

these guidelines would be beneficial for you. Lexmark

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