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5.1.8 Batalla Rosado

5.1.8 Batalla Rosado (2008) p. 80 5.2 Discussion of interpretation problems p. 83 5.2.1 Summary p. 83 5.2.2 Evaluation p. 84 5.2.3 Comparison of the interpretations and identification of the problems p. 94 5.2.4 Suggestions for future lines of research p. 96 5.2.5 Value of narratology p. 100 III. 6. An analysis of narrative structure p. 102 6.1 The analysis p. 102 6.1.1 Time p. 103 6.1.2 Space p. 105 6.1.3 Events p. 113 6.1.4 Actors p. 115 6.1.5 Focalization p. 121 6.2 Discussion of results p. 122 IV. 7. Conclusions p. 126 8. Abstract p. 132 Bibliography p. 134 List of Figures p. 142 Appendices p. 148 4 | Contents

Acknowledgements. I am grateful to my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Maarten Jansen, for his guidance and support from the initial to the final stage of this thesis. He has inspired me many times during his classes, which he always gave with great enthusiasm. By sharing his knowledge and expertise I was able to learn a great deal more about the subject. I would also like to thank Dr. Araceli Rojas Martínez Gracida for her guidance in the initial phase of my research, and for encouraging me during the writing of my thesis. Last but not least, a very special thanks goes out for Ludo Snijders and Joran Smale who have provided me with feedback on my thesis during the final writing stage, and who have prevented me from making various grammatical errors. Any errors that remain are my own. 5 | Acknowledgements

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