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40years of


custom-made technologies.


We have cause to celebrate: 40 years of design, development, special mechanical engineering, and automation. Over the years,

particular customers have accompanied us, we have implemented unique projects, and introduced pioneering innovations.

Our employees have made a huge contribution to this. Although founded as a one-man operation, AKE has in the meantime

steadily grown to around 200 employees. With much team spirit and commitment we have succeeded in implementing

special projects. Not least, this was the reason for the most recent extension of our company headquarters in Patriching. The

administration building was thoroughly renovated, and in addition a complete office complex was added onto an existing

production building, and a new assembly hall was erected.

In this celebration booklet, we describe the growth of the company, its facilities, and our business divisions.

Discover interesting images and articles from earlier days, get an impression of the renovation work, and find out more about

our business divisions and plans for the future.

Happy reading!


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Company founder Josef Ameres 5

40 years of AKE 6

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An interview with the AKE managing directors:

Bernhard König and Boris Schneidhuber

In 2008 Bernhard König and Boris Schneidhuber took over the leadership

of the company from company founder Josef Ameres. A lot has happened

since then. The two managing directors report on recent years and look into

the future:


have both been at AKE for a long time now. Tell us about your careers.

Bernhard König: After studying mechanical engineering in

Regensburg, I started my first job in the Design department of the

Deggendorfer Werft shipyard. Soon after that an opportunity came to

work directly in Passau again, at AKE as a design engineer and project

manager. That was a very exciting time, during which I learnt a lot.

Even back then, I worked together with Boris on projects; he was a programmer and I was project leader. In 2001 my life moved

to Nuremberg where, after various roles, I finished up as technical manager in a cable works. During this time, I never lost contact

with AKE, and I had a constant wish to come back here at some time. Then the day came, and I had a meeting with far-reaching

consequences, with Mr Ameres. I applied for a job as production manager, and received the response, “That probably won’t be

quite enough...”. Mr Ameres then told me of his plans. And that is how I returned to AKE in 2008 as one of the two managing

directors. Since then I have been responsible for the operational business and for human resources.

Boris Schneidhuber: After my vocational training I joined AKE in 1988 in the area of electrical engineering; soon after that was

added joint responsibility in the area of software. In 1992 I then became department manager for electrical engineering and

software development, and was entrusted with the task of training new employees. A few years later came the responsibilities of

quality management representative in addition - I was faced with the challenge of introducing a quality management system as

per the ISO 9001 standard. In 2005 we successfully received certification for the first time. Having already for many years been

a member of the management team which had been assembled by Mr Ameres, in 2008 the company founder offered to hand

over to me the managing directorship, jointly with a former colleague, whom Mr Ameres wanted to bring back from outside the

company. In 2011 Bernhard and I bought AKE technologies GmbH, and since then my responsibilities have covered sales, finance,

and strategic product development.


you look back, what is it that you remember?

Bernhard König: First and foremost are of course the memories of the major events in recent years, both professional and

interpersonal. But very often the smaller things are also of far-reaching importance. When I’m asked about my lasting memories,

many occasions come to my mind. For example, the first company excursion, which became the seed for what is now a tradition

of many years. The first AKE pensioner - that doesn’t happen everyday in the life of a managing director. The establishment of the

second works in Passau, with all the organisational challenges which were felt by many. The establishment of the subsidiary in

Romania, and thereby the birth of the AKE Group. But there’s also the permanent growth of the AKE family - and here I particularly

mean the many weddings and births which enrich the social life of a company.

Boris Schneidhuber: One is to be permanently and ongoingly confronted with repeating obstacles, and with overcoming them.

The greater the development steps towards the future and the related challenges, then the smaller the problems already

experienced and solved appear to be. Apart from innovative force and visionary thinking, the greatest assets of our company are

our employees and their capabilities. I well remember how we were able to master one apparently insoluble situation or another,

thanks to team spirit and our outstanding, motivated employees. Something that has repeatedly been confirmed in recent years

is that without the support of our own families, much would not have been possible, or at best only to a restricted extent. When

I review recent years, there’s one thing above all that I remember: that Bernhard and I have been able to count on our families

and our team at any time!


your opinion what is/was the greatest challenge?

Bernhard König: That is probably the permanent readiness to throw overboard what was old, and always to readjust to changed

circumstances. At AKE, this characteristic is certainly one of the most outstanding above all. If you want to survive in a shark

tank, then you’ve got to be able to swim well and swim fast. Driven by the volatile automotive market and guided by our Sales

department, we are in a constant state of change, and we always match AKE’s outputs to the requirements of our customers. To

keep that up is the biggest challenge and at the same time the biggest success factor for our group of companies.


Managing directors Boris Schneidhuber (second from left) and

Bernhard König with their wives


Boris Schneidhuber: I’m also of the opinion that it is a great challenge to continuously adjust oneself to the changing environment

and to recognise future trends in good time with the maximum motivation possible, in order to be properly prepared for them. For

this, our wish is to transfer our own motivation and inventiveness to as many employees as possible, in order to find innovative

solutions as a team. And it is often a challenge to face up to the geopolitical developments when we have relatively modest

potential influence.

What do you wish for yourselves in the future in terms of turnover, employee development, product development, and new


Bernhard König: As I said, if we can successfully lead the company into the future with the capabilities described, then that is

the fulfilment of almost all my wishes. I am sure that with such an outstanding team we will succeed in this, and it makes me very

thankful when I look at AKE today – I am proud to have been a part of it! For my partner, Boris, I wish that he continues to maintain

the necessary sense for the future needs of the market.

Boris Schneidhuber: I wish my partner Bernhard continuing success in the selection of our future workforce, hopefully to a great

extent from our own trainees. I also hope for the stabilisation of the automotive industry in terms of propulsion technology, in

order that we can restart long-term planning for that. In terms of product development, we wish to approach our aim of always

being able to offer the appropriate product portfolio, wherever possible at the right timepoint, in order always to be one step

ahead in the highly competitive market.

Company founder Josef Ameres speaks

Mr Ameres, how did you get the idea of founding your own company, and what were the


at the start?

The reason was very simple: after eight years in Munich I wanted to return with my family to

my homeland of Lower Bavaria - but there were hardly any jobs available here in the area of

technology. I therefore had to create a job for myself, so I set up an office in my own home.

When I started as a one-man design office, I was luckily able to bring a few orders with me from

my time in Munich. However, the collaborative work turned out to be rather difficult, because

there still wasn’t even a motorway going all the way through from Passau to Munich then.

In your opinion, what were the key projects and landmark decisions?

For me, one key project was the job for automating the manufacture of video cassettes. That

was the first sizeable full contract that I landed. It was for three manufacturing lines with a fully automated manufacturing

capacity of 90,000 cassettes per day, with a cycle time of about two seconds. In addition to the design, I also received the contract

to take on the manufacture and installation of the systems. For that, I found myself two machine construction companies from

the region. However, the collaboration was difficult, above all because of the communication. For me, that was the key moment

in which it became clear to me that my own assembly and manufacturing facilities were essential. Shortly after that, the first

sod was turned at our current location in Patriching. At the start, with my team I was still implementing projects from completely

different industries such as electrical engineering, packaging technology, and also from the automotive industry. At some point,

for reasons of capacity, I then took the decision to specialise in the automotive industry. In retrospect, that turned out to be a

good decision because, for example, the edge-folding technology developed then is still today one of the core products of AKE,

in a further developed form of course. A pioneering step at the time also was a joint research project with BMW and a university;

they came to me because of background noise problems in the vehicle interior. By means of trials, we developed the AFC coating

process, still used today, and the lacquer used in it.

What makes you especially proud?

Obviously that I succeeded in having two long-term employees in a position not only to lead the company forward, but also to

develop it further and to extend it – and that they were ready to do so. That way, the company could continue to exist without

changing its character significantly. Today, when I see the state of the company after 10 years and more, I realise that it was one

of my best decisions to hand the company over to the current managing directors.


Ameres, what advice would you give us to take away today?

In pursuing one’s goals, always remain true to the original principles. With that, I wish Mr König and Mr Schneidhuber all the best.

I wish them and the AKE team every success!



Josef Ameres founds

AKE Automation as a

one-man operation, and

operates as a designer for

special machinery and

applications. The company

headquarters are his own

four walls at Grubweg in



Occupation of the still

existing building at the

Patriching location, with

design office, and the

company’s own manufacturing

and assembly



Extension of business to

the whole European market,

including eastward

enlargement to Romania,

with assembly and testing


4 0 Y E A


Temporary move of the

company to Passau, Innstadt.

The first special machine

actually manufactured

by the company is

built here.

Also, the first sod is turned

for the company’s current

headquarters in Patriching.


Development of the

USA market with the

Vehicle Interior business



Introduction of the ISO

9001 quality management


First system for the

Asian market, in the

Vehicle Interior business




C o m p a -

ny renamed

AKE technologies

GmbH and

operational company



to Bernhard König

and Boris Schneidhuber


Purchase of AKE technologies

GmbH by Bernhard König and

Boris Schneidhuber


Completion of our assembly

hall 4 and conclusion of the

renovation works in the administration




Further production hall added to

the Patriching location

Development of the South

Africa market, Vehicle Interior

business division


Extension of the

Patriching location

Completion of the new

office complex with an

open-plan office for the

Design and E-Planning




Our locations, customers, and

partners worldwide

AKE locations

Partner subsidiaries

Our customers worldwide


Employee and turnover trends over time



28 mill.

26 mill.

24 mill.

22 mill.

20 mill.

18 mill.

16 mill.

14 mill.

12 mill.

10 mill.

8 mill.

6 mill.

4 mill.

2 mill.

1 mill.






1978 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020


Current distribution of turnover in terms of region and business division



Assembly &

Testing Technology

Vehicle Interior

Squeak & Rattle







Assembly systems for battery systems

E-mobility has long ceased to be a vision for the

future; indeed, for many vehicle manufacturers it

already forms part of the standard range. Numerous

OEMs are developing increasing numbers of models

using electric drive.

As a machine manufacturer, we were early in taking

the path towards assembly systems for electrical

components. The automotive suppliers and

manufacturers can now rely on our expertise in this


Our portfolio covers the assembly of fuse boxes for

battery systems, the assembly of modules, and the

final assembly of the complete battery system. For

this, we process lithium ion cells in round, pouch,

or prismatic form. The assembly systems integrate

all testing to guarantee system safety and the safe

and correct processing of the battery systems or


Currently, our particular emphasis is on all matters

relating to the manufacture of battery systems for

hybrid vehicles.

Whether for experienced manufacturers or complete

newcomers to the world of batteries, our goal is

to simplify project implementation by supporting

our customers from start to finish as an innovative,

reliable, and expert partner.

Assembly line for

battery systems using

prismatic cells

Assembly line for

battery systems

using round cells



Our standard cell for power distribution boxes

Within the Assembly & Testing Technology business

division, the standard cell has established itself as an

off-the-shelf solution which can be individualised.

Many of our systems are built as modules on the basis

of the patented AKE standard cell, and then tailored

to customer requirements. The cell protects the

circumferential workpiece carrier system, robotics,

and monitoring stations perfectly.

The AKE standard cell can be used for the assembly of

very varied components; one frequent application is

the manufacture of power distribution boxes.

The standard cell’s modular construction permits

a flexible layout and the adaptable extension of the

system. This means that, by building new cells into

the system, new component variants can easily be

integrated without excessive effort.

Various assembly and test processes are implemented

in our standard cell. The system can be implemented

in semi-automatic mode with workstations for

operatives, or else in fully automatic mode, linked to

an upstream injection moulding machine.

In the standard cell, we have created a flexible

system of modern design; through individualised

modifications it is suitable for almost all customer


System concepts for the

manufacture of power

distribution systems

Structure of operative workstation:

Structure of standard cell:

Panel for



Display for visualisation

of the components to

be inserted

Component feed

Small parts

Touch panel

Protective door

for system



Component feed

Large parts



Terminal boxes for

electrics and pneumatics

Return of empty containers

Cable ducts



Assembly systems for HV boxes and module connectors

AKE has already developed and built numerous

systems for the assembly of high voltage boxes

(HV boxes).

These systems are designed as manual workpiece

carrier (WPC) lines. The worker pushes the WPC from

station to station. and performs the assembly steps

with the aid of the permanently mounted machinery

components. The cost-intensive parts are mounted

directly on the machine frame, and exchangeable

trolleys make it possible to process different

component variants.

Here it must be ensured that all system components

which come into contact with the parts are designed

as ESD (electrostatic discharge) components, in order

not to damage the sensitive HV boxes.

Our many years of experience in the assembly of HV

boxes make us an expert partner in this difficult area.

A further application in the area of electric

components assembly is the manufacture of module

connectors. These are used in electric vehicles, and

provide the complete vehicle with power.

The systems for the manufacture of module

connectors consist of up to three welding cells, an

intermediately positioned manual workstation and

downstream testing cells.

In the welding cells, power rails are connected using

so-called flex belts. At the manual workstation, the

previously manufactured welded assemblies are

installed in the casing. Finally a visual inspection for

correct workmanship and a high-voltage test take

place in the testing cells.

Our applications for the manufacture of electric

components have already been used for many electric

vehicles, including those of Audi, AMG, and Porsche.

Assembly system for

HV boxes

Assembly system for

module connectors



Assembly systems for door hinges and door catches

compact system structure, with accessible system

stage for control cabinets, promises space-saving

integration into the existing hall layout.

The AKE assembly systems for the manufacture of

door catches also impress through very short cycle

times. A component is assembled and tested in

only 5 seconds. Various component variants can be

assembled in the system. High-resolution camera

systems measure and recognise the components

fed to them. All assembly processes in the system are

monitored automatically, and the process data is then


In addition to assembly systems for electric

components, systems for the assembly of kinematic

components are a further significant source of


AKE’s assembly testing system makes manufacture

and testing of door hinges possible with a cycle time

of only 4 seconds. The assembly of different types

can be performed using a single system. An operative

performs the insertion of the hinge bodies. Here,

the parts are inserted either directly into the rotary

indexing table integrated into the system or into

an upstream feeder station. Small parts are made

available via conveyor systems, with a buffer time of

2 hours.

Our assembly concepts are highly flexible because

of the use of operative/robotics combinations. The

The testing of components is decisive in the

manufacture of vehicle components. Below is an

extract from testing processes already implemented:

- 2D + 3D measurement

- Acceleration/vibration

- Image processing

- Testing of torque and turning angle

- Pressure testing

- Flow testing

- Electrical testing

- Colour testing

- Moisture measurement

- Weight testing

- Helium leak testing for leakproofness

- Force/displacement evaluation

- Temperature measurement

Assembly system for

door hinges

Assembly system for

door catches



Our Verinno - the edge-folding system available in different sizes

In the Vehicle Interior business division, our edgefolding

systems for processing arm rests, doorpulls, or

interior panels are a main application.

Our Verinno consists of a press system – called

a “clasp” – and as many rapid-change tools as

necessary. All component-specific functions for

processing the respective product are saved directly

in the tool. This means that any tool in any clasp is able

to function without programming effort.

The AKE systems can be used flexibly at different

locations, and are characterised by output of

components which are 100% free of reworking. On

request, AKE also supports its customers in the design

and construction of trimmers and of energy direction

sensors. The Verinno is used above all in edge-folding

processes for back-moulded column coverings, and

has established itself with many automotive suppliers

as the standard system.

We have now further developed the system: the

same principle, but much more space in the tool, and

32 tons press force. Amongst other things, this XL

variant of the Verinno is used for laminating car boot

load trays or parcel shelves. The system can process

components of sizes up to 1100 x 1700 mm. For this,

it is possible to link the system to various upstream

or downstream processes. Also for the larger system

the intelligence is located in the tool, similar to our

standard Verinno. Numerous manufacturing and

assembly processes can be implemented in the

Verinno, such as laminating, edge-folding, assembly,

stamping, welding, or riveting.

The AKE Verinno is now available in three different

sizes: our standard Verinno for numerous applications,

from arm rests to column coverings – a smaller variant

for special applications which have to implemented in

the minimum of space – and now, completely new,

the XL Verinno, which is used for large components

and where a higher press force is required. With

these three sizes, we can optimally cover the various

requirements of our customers and respond to their


Standard Verinno for

edge-folding processes

on column coverings

Assembly system for car boot

load trays using two integrated XL


Press system

Exchangeable tool



Coating and flame treatment - further Vehicle Interior core processes

AKE flame treatment systems are used for the

surface treatment of interior components such as

instrument panels, centre consoles, and interior

panels. In order to increase the surface tension of

various thermoplastics, and therefore to improve

their bondability, AKE technologies has developed the

flame treatment technology further. Space-saving

designs and the intelligent control of all parameters

minimise throughput times and costs. For flame

treatment, we place particular emphasis on safety.

These system concepts are flexibly structured with

two separate flame treatment stations. Quick-change

component holders are integrated into the system,

and this enables processing of different component

variants on a single system.

The Anti Friction Coating (AFC) systems from AKE

are a further variant of surface treatment. These

systems are used to spray interior components with

an anti-friction coating to prevent disruptive noises

in the vehicle interior. Depending on the customer

requirement, there are various models of our AFC


Our standard system with 12 workpiece carriers is

suitable for the rapid processing of up to 12 different

component variants. The double system is used to

achieve higher throughputs. Our AFC rotary indexing

table represents a compact, economical solution, and

is used when there is a smaller range of variants. One

special application is the combined AFC Clip system,

which is used above all for processing door trims. For

rapid processing, the clip process using a robot with a

clip star is implemented.

In order to ensure flawless production, air purification

in the area of the application station, a drying area, and

a service station are integrated into our AFC systems.

By avoiding overspray, we guarantee efficient coating

and a reproducible, process-optimised coating

process with fully automatic robotic control.

AKE’s AFC systems provide our customers with a longterm

solution in terms of parts quality, as well as large

potential savings in the price of parts.

Flame treatment system

for surfaces

AFC coating process

with integrated clip




Gluing systems for various applications

AKE offers its customers gluing and joining systems

at any desired level of automation. It is also possible

to combine assembly steps or lamination and edgefolding

processes. This is where we bring together

many years of experience, innovative energy, and

complete customer orientation. At AKE technologies,

extensive test series are used to test the practicability

of newly developed processes. The result is products

of the highest quality.

Very varied components can be processed in our

systems. Gluing systems for seat backs are a frequent

application. Here, upholstery material is glued to

the seat back fully automatically, and in this system

even attached parts are installed. The system can be

operated by a single worker who inserts the metal

structures and seat catches. The upholstery material

pieces are removed from a magazine system using

robots and then, together with the metal structures,

laid on a rotary indexing table. This is where the gluing

process takes place, with heating followed by pressing

of the components. For this system too, all process

data is documented and saved.

A further development in the area of gluing technology

is our gluing/laminating system for arm rests. With

this innovation, a fully automatic, reliable treatment

has replaced a laborious clamping process, difficult to

implement manually, bringing our customer huge cost

and quality benefits.

In the application, an injection-moulded part and

fabric décor are placed in the system by the operative,

using positioning aids. After a plasma pretreatment

to increase the bondability, the adhesive application

takes place. The components are then laminated and

edge-folded fully automatically. The system delivers

components which require absolutely no rework.

This system can be operated by just one worker. In

addition, by means of a simple tool change, different

component variants can be processed quickly and


Gluing/laminating system

for arm rests

Gluing system for




Vehicle shaker

Through the use of our patented High Power Shaker

(HPS) in test bench design for Squeak and Rattle

analyses, disruptive noises can be uncovered and

corrected in good time.

By mounting accelerometers mounted on the

bodywork, all movements of the vehicle can be

recorded during a real test drive along a stretch of

rough road. From this, a so-called drive file is created.

With the use of the HPS it is now possible under

laboratory conditions to induce the excitations in

the vehicle which were recorded on the test track.

In addition to these time/history signals, testing

can also be performed using random and sinusoidal

signals. Excitation in the vertical direction is created

in the vehicles on the AKE shaker system by means of

two or four High Power Shakers. Here, the ability to

reproduce the road profile is almost 100%.

Advantage of the simulation: there are no distracting

secondary effects, such as wind, engine, or rolling

noises. Another advantage is the exact reproducibility

of the journey - as often as you require. Subsequent

integration into existing test and production lines is

also possible.

With our patented Shaker technology, we are amongst

the world’s leading providers in the area of disruptive

noise acoustics, because our Shaker systems were

developed for disruptive noise analysis, and are

accordingly extremely quiet.

Component shaker

The test bench for vehicle components – our

EvoCarb – is a winner because it has been completely

redesigned and because the technical performance

has been increased through the carbon vibration

table; this promises particularly effective Squeak

and Rattle analyses. The unrivalled properties of

the carbon material have had an immediate positive

effect on our component shaker. The low weight of

the vibration table, a mere 20 kg, makes it possible

to test components with a higher dead weight than

before. In addition, the rigidity and extraordinary

durability of the carbon guarantee a precise and very

high transmission of power into the component.

Thanks to the corrosion and climate resistance of

the material used, and the retention of form during

temperature changes, our component shaker is

optimally suited for Squeak and Rattle tests in a

climatic chamber.

In spite of its singular capabilities, the EvoCarb is

whisper quiet while in operation. Its negligible noise

output makes it possible to pinpoint potential sources

of disruptive noise and enables our customers to take

corrective measures at an early stage.



Assembly systems for filter modules

As one of the leading specialists in sophisticated

systems engineering, at AKE technologies we have

made it our business to bring economy and ecology

together in a meaningful symbiosis, and thus to

contribute significantly to the development of new

green technologies. In partnership with an innovative

membrane filter manufacturer, we have developed an

economically and ecologically practical membrane

manufacturing technology.

The concrete result of this is a completely new,

patented, energy-saving system for filtering and

cleaning waste water without the use of chemicals.

For this manufacturing process, AKE has taken on the

further downstream processing of the membrane

into an enclosed, tested filter package. The system

processes endless filter membranes into multilayer

filter modules, using automatic cut blank manufacture,

with sealing of cut edges using ultrasound rotary

cutting units. The handling of the cut filter blanks and

the gluing of the connecting elements is performed

using robotic systems with modular gripper units. At

the end of the process, the packaged membrane filter

units are removed from the system.

As well as the manufacture of waste water filters,

we also offer our customers production lines for

the assembly of paper filters. Cutting and gluing

processes are integrated into the system, and the

installation of attached components also takes place

in this production line. The system impresses with a

cycle time of a mere two seconds. This is achieved

through the combination of special workpiece carrier

systems and so-called delta pickers – particularly

rapid and flexible robots.

The area of filter technology has become ever more

important in recent years. We wish to make our

contribution to environmentally sound lifestyles by

means of innovations in this sector.

Production line for

membrane filter modules



What we wish to achieve with our systems

The AKE managing directors report on their plans for

coming years, and describe how they wish to achieve

their goals:

The principal goal for the coming years is, in the next

investment step, to reunite the two plants 1 and 2 in

Patriching. We are promising ourselves that this will

give us a significant reduction in the manufacturing

costs of our system technology.

A further major step which we plan for the near future

is the foundation of our own subsidiary in the USA, in

a reflection of customers’ wishes. Many factors affect

the end result. AKE’s system technology reflects the

current state of the art. Whatever has been proven

through many years experience in special mechanical

engineering feeds into continuously new components

which, after thorough testing, are integrated into our

company’s special applications. Our systems provide

a balance of practical, manageable technology and

economical, innovative, technical solutions adjusted

to the budget.

We place great value on fulfilling the customer’s needs

order to secure our market share in the States.

In terms of our system technology, we definitely want

to ensure that we continue in the e-vehicle sector as

one of the market leaders worldwide for assembly

and testing technology. In addition we are focussing

on developing innovative systems which can be used

for a wide range of applications.

However, AKE’s machine construction is and remains

in terms of flexibility and profitability. We achieve

this only through the ongoing further development

of standards and processes, and through the

continuous further training of our team. The machine

construction of AKE technologies is a reflection of the

creativity and performance of our employees.

We are looking forward to the next 40 years!




The Design department creates 3D layouts, taking

into account the requirements of Sales and of the

customer’s order. The CATIA program is our internal

standard; here simulations and tests can be performed

at an early stage on virtual prototypes. In extensive

development steps, the individual components, the

assembly groups, and finally the complete system is



The use of very modern manufacturing technologies

and the high level of education of our employees

ensure dimensionally accurate single part

manufacture. Through the continuous expansion

of our production capacities and procurement of

the latest machine technology, it has been possible

to optimise the flow of parts, from delivered semifinished

items to the finished 3D moulded part. This

increases productivity, creates enhanced planning

flexibility, and gives us the necessary lead for the

subsequent assembly and commissioning processes.


Our experience of over 40 years in special machinery

and tool building creates the basis for short

development times and punctual processing for

assembling individual and purchased parts into

complex complete systems. The know-how of our

engineers and mechanical engineers is a further

building block for economical and customer-oriented

project implementation.


Our Electrical department consists of electrical

planners and hardware electricians. The electrical

planners develop the circuit diagrams for the systems,

and create the control cabinet design. Our electricians

then take on the electrical installation of our systems

on the basis of the previously created plans. They

then support both the pre-acceptance and the

commissioning of the system at the customer’s site,

in order to ensure problem-free processing.




From the robotics technology implemented to

the camera systems used and the required data

technology, and on to laser technology, it is our

employees’ many years of experience which gives our

customers the decisive advantage. We have created

our think tank within the Software department; this

is made up of our most experienced employees.

They develop and test new components, support our

programmers in-house or at the customer’s site, and

continuously work on improvements.


First-class services are an essential component of

being a valuable partner. We provide a wide range

of options so that everything runs smoothly. Of

course, we are available to our customers even

after delivery and system set-up. From installation

and commissioning, to training, maintenance, and

inspection, from supply of original replacement parts

to 24/7 product support, AKE provides everything

from a single source.

Order centre

The order centre groups together Work Preparation,

Purchasing, Goods Inwards, Despatch, and Export.

At the start of the project, Work Preparation decides

what will be manufactured internally and which parts

will be obtained by external sourcing. Purchasing

is responsible for the punctual procurement of all

purchased parts. Goods Inwards tests the supplied

goods for quality and correctness. Despatch and

Export look after the despatch of the goods, so that

the customer receives them safely at the end of the



In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers,

we pay close attention to punctual delivery and

optimised process workflows. For this, we introduced

quality management as per ISO 9001 many years

ago. In annual internal and external audits, we ensure

compliance with our requirements and work together

with all departments on continuous improvement.




Building a 600 m²

office complex,

including open plan

office, onto hall 1


Conclusion of the

conversion and

renovation work in

the administration



Erection of a new

hall with social

areas and a surface

area of 1000 m²



As part of our reconstruction works, we have

renovated the administration building at our company

headquarters in Patriching near Passau, extended an

existing hall by adding an office complex, and built a

further assembly facility.

We wanted to create a workspace for our team in

which they feel good and work happily. We have

The redesign of the administration building allowed

us to reassign the spaces. The advantage of this:

Departments between which there is a need for

active coordination were placed on the same floor.

Thus, Purchasing and Accounting are on the ground

floor, and this makes work much simpler. Project

Management and Sales are located on the first floor,

which allows the project managers to be included

achieved this through offices with a lot of wood, open

working areas, good light and ambient conditions, and

warm, pleasing colours.

Design has now been accommodated in the openplan

office in the new office complex. The open

spatial design allows the project teams to exchange

information actively, and simplifies coordination. The

individual rooms are often separated only by glass

elements, in order to impart a sense of open space.

The extension created 600m² of office area in which

there is space for Design, E-Planning department

managers’ and directors’ offices, and a large

conference room.

in planning as early as the acquisition phase. After

receipt of an order and its transfer to the respective

project leader, our sales people are also easily

available for questions. This is intended to ensure as

smooth a project execution as possible.

Through the expansion of our facilities, we have been

able to increase our assembly facilities hugely. In the

new hall, which has a surface area of 1,000 m² and

two integrated hall cranes, we are already working on

large-scale production lines. Excellent light conditions

and the high-quality technical outfitting of the hall

guarantee outstanding working conditions for our






Company outing 2018

We went with the whole team to Furth

im Wald. There we saw the Furth dragon

and walked in the natural biotope.

Company outing 2017

We travelled into the Bavarian Woods

on the Ilztalbahn railway. Then we went

hiking in the Buchberger Leite or visited

the Gabreta Celtic village.

Company outing 2016

This year we went to Burghausen, where

we visited the longest fortifications in

the world.

Company outing 2015

After paddling in inflatable boats across

the river Inn, we then stopped onboard

a small ship for a bite to eat.

Company outing 2013

This year it was “Up into the hills!” - even

though the weather wasn’t exactly kind to

us. But on the other hand we were rewarded

with a snack break at Dreisessel.

Company outing 2014

We had really great fun during this

excursion - we formed small teams in

hilarious competition with each other.

Company outing 2012

Our annual excursion was to Stein an

der Traun, where we visited a brewery

and a mountain cave.

Company outing 2010

High up in the sunshine - after our hike

we were able to relax on a sunny terrace

and enjoy the mountain specialities.

Christmas party 2018


Christmas party 2018

When work

becomes a

bit less

important . . .

Christmas party 2018


AKE supports the Hals kindergarten. Reconstruction

was required after the disastrous floods of 2013;

further funds were provided for new facilities.

The young athletes in the Leichtathletik-Verein

Passau club receive support from AKE in the form of

a financial contribution to a club bus.

AKE makes an annual donation to the Dritter Orden

children's hospital in Passau for the construction of a

new centre for premature babies and their mothers.

AKE participates in the 24h indoor cycling

sponsorship marathon every year. The sponsorship

receipts assist needy families and social institutions

in the region.

We support the knowledge workshop in Passau. The

amenity introduces children and young people to

the subject of technology.

We accept responsibility for the

world around us . . .

AKE has supported a regional football club with new

strips. The young players are very proud of their new

outfit, and are heading to the top of the table in AKE



~ What the press reports ~


We would like to thank all employees, partners, and customers who have supported us over the years.

Our team is the core of our success. Through their outstanding work and commitment, our motivated employees

are the foundation of AKE’s success. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks for this - we look forward

to many more years together!

We also wish to thank all partners, whether suppliers, banks, external advisers, or other partners who have

supported us in important matters. We can always rely on the best performances and depend upon our partners.

The relationships with our customers have made a large contribution to AKE’s success. Many customers have

supported us for many years already, and others have become valued partners only recently. We want to say “thank

you” for the collaboration characterised by respect and trust.

And so today we look back with pride on challenging, exciting, and very successful years - but our focus is also

clearly directed at what the future holds for us. We look forward to taking this path together with all of you!

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