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custom-made technologies.


technology solutions

AKE-technologies is the experienced specialist

for demanding system engineering with focus

on the automotive sector. We develop and

manufacture production systems in the fields

of assembly and test engineering, vehicle interior

products, disruptive noise acoustics as well

as environmental engineering.

Our expertise as an independent and innovative

system and development partner also

manifests itself in many top-of-the-range

vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes

and VW.

With our patented Shaker technology, we are

one of the world’s leading providers in the field

of disruptive noise acoustics.



Passau, Germany

ESTABLISHED 01 July 1978


Assembly and test engineering

Vehicle interiors

Disruptive noise acoustics

Environmental engineering


AKE-technologies GmbH managing partners: Boris Schneidhuber (left) and Bernhard König.

Tailored technology solutions

from a single source

AKE-technologies has been a valuable and innovative

partner of the world’s leading automobile

manufacturers and suppliers for more than 35

years. Our products and services contribute in

making vehicles ever safer and better. This is reflected

not only in the technical quality in the vehicle,

but also in the finishing quality in the passenger

compartment, for instance. This means

AKE technology solutions make an important

contribution in the ability to meet the growing

demands of the buyer and the high competitive

pressure in the automobile industry.

We are growing with this development and are,

therefore, convincing with a broad-based range

of technology and services. Depending on the

need, we offer high quality tools, high-performance

standalone systems or fully-automated,

integrated production and test systems. Our

offering also includes comprehensive services

in all process steps beginning with development

and design, prototyping and project management

up to production and assembly. Consultation, individual

support and a broad after-sales offering

are a matter of course for us and underline the

claim of enthusing our customers.

In short, we supply tailor-made, state-of-the-art

technology solutions and all-inclusive support –

at all times, everywhere and from a single source.







Other 5 %

Automotive 95 %




that you can trust

We ensure the perfect interaction of technologies, know-how and

quality. Together, this results in the effective, reliable solutions on

which you can build. We provide you with comprehensive consultation,

proven technology and a high degree of innovation power.













A strong basis for individual technology solutions

Customer-specific solutions are produced on the basis of the

in-house departments of Development and Design, Component

Production, System Construction, Electrical Engineering

and Software.


AKE is certified to DIN ISO 9001 and actively uses

the quality management system as a valuable instrument

of company control. Particularly in system

assembly, aligned structures and processes

across department boundaries are important as

one project is rarely the same as another. This

also applies in avoiding interface losses.

Our well-trained and experienced employees

form the basis of all activities. We ensure the high

performance level of our workforce through continuous

education and training, training courses

and qualification measures.

Our experts from various departments develop

and produce your tailor-made technology. We

place emphasis on highest quality in all areas –

from ourselves, our suppliers and all components

that are installed. Naturally, electrical engineering

and state-of-the art software are part of the repertoire

just as much as the 3D design with CATIA

customary in the automobile industry.

Through the continuous expansion of our activities

and the related increase in our in-house

manufacturing, we are able to guarantee high

quality and a wide range of services in pace with

the times.


Step by step

to the perfect system

From the initial idea to on-site commissioning, specialists are at the

factory for each step and create the ideal solution for you. In dialog

with our customers, we implement the requirements. Throughout the

entire process, we provide an expert contact person for you – true to

the motto “everything from a single source”.

R&D & design

AKE-technologies has turned three-dimensional

design with CATIA into an internal standard. The

individual components are matched in extensive

development steps.

Very early simulations and tests on virtual

prototypes can be carried out on our CATIA

workstations with the model data. By consistently

adhering to our quality management system and

the many design FMEAs associated with this, we

ensure that the individual parts we produce are

defect-free and that systems can be assembled

and commissioned on schedule.

Machining manufacture

of components

The use of state-of-the-art production technologies

and the high training level of our employees

ensures dimensional consistency and defectfree

individual part production. The continuous

expansion of the production capacities and the

erection of an additional production hall means it

was possible to optimize the parts flow of delivered

semi-finished parts up to finished 3D molding.

This increased productivity gives us greater

planning flexibility and the necessary head start

for the following assembly and commissioning



Free-form milling of contoured parts

based on CATIA data

Mold construction

Tool construction

All types of welding design

Fixture / tool construction and operating equipment

Steel construction, machine frames





Mechanical systems

The experience from more than 35 years of special

machine and tool construction creates the

basis for short development times and on-time

completion in the assembly of individual and purchased

parts into complex functioning complete

systems. The know-how of our engineers and

machine builders in dimensional and geometrical

tolerances and the interaction of machine elements

for transferring forces and movements

are further building blocks for the low-cost and

customer-oriented implementation of projects.

In the basic system, wherever possible we use

proven technology to create reliable systems.

Depending on the requirements, we enhance our

systems with high-tech components.

Electrical Engineering

and Software

Only sophisticated automation paired with

software for control and data acquisition can

turn system engineering into a high performance

system that brings the customer the desired


From the robot technology deployed (assembly,

handling, processing) through the camera systems

used (e.g. video final inspection) and the

correspondingly required data system technology

(process data, reading or printing codes) up to

laser technology (welding, labeling, measuring), it

is the many years of experience of our employees

that provides our customers with the decisive

competitive edge.

The experience of AKE-technologies secures the

innovative edge for customers in the realization

of economic overall solutions taking into account

the production costs at the respective location.


Assembly and testing technology

Functional and modern design: the patented AKE standard cell

Many of our systems are modular in design, based on the patented AKE

standard cell and conceived according to the customer's requirements.

Workpiece carrier systems, robot technology or monitoring systems are

ideally protected by the cell. The standard cell can be used as a standalone

system or in combination with existing systems.


Efficiency and safety

on all lines

We construct assembly systems which work manually, semiautomated

or fully automatically. The monitoring of quality plays

an important role in automated, highly-productive manufacturing

processes; we solve this by parallel checking and monitoring of

the processes.

To this end, we have developed test methods for

welded, screwed, glued, riveted, embossed and

seamed joints in quality control, which record and

visualize the process data.

Automated quality control is the essential thing in

production. Optical/visual, inductive and capacitive

measurements and test methods provide

meaningful results. To do this, we construct and

fit camera systems and test fixtures that intelligently

monitor and regulate the process. Data

recording and analysis is carried by the adapted

software which can store the target process data

of different applications as well as the real data

but, above all, displays and documents changes.

Numerous functions, such as methods for

statistical evaluations and all data backups, are

integrated in the process.



Joining technology of sliding bushings with

force/distance monitoring

Pre-seaming/seaming and calibration

of sliding bushings

Process-monitored riveting

Screw connections with rotation

and angle monitoring






Electrical tests

Part measurement using vision systems




Vehicle interior

This is where quality catches the eye

In every vehicle, the passenger compartment needs to be

absolutely perfect. By relying on AKE systems for processing and

manufacturing interior products, you will be able to meet your

customers' high quality demands.


When it comes

to inner qualities

The passenger compartment reflects the character of a vehicle. High

grade materials, carefully and durably finished, provide an especially

haptic experience. Very special requirements in terms of accuracy,

cleanliness and finishing quality are placed on production systems for

interior parts.

As an innovative technology partner, we offer a

complete product range for the processing of

plastic, leather, artificial leather, fabric or carpet.

AKE-technologies has already supplied a number

of different tools and systems for the production

of interior components. We have continuously

expanded and optimized our process technology

in numerous projects for applications, e.g. on

door panels, armrests, handles, center consoles,

pillar and luggage compartment trims as well as

roof liners. Our customers benefit from these

developments by receiving the latest in processing


Depending on the need, we offer standard tools

and systems, individual special solutions or

complete production lines for the manufacture

of interior parts.








Flame treatment

Anti-Friction Coating (AFC)




Door panels


Pull handles

Center console panels

Center armrests


Pillar trims

Luggage compartment side trims

Roof liner production


Disruptive noise acoustics

Patented technology: High Power Shaker

The patented High Power Shaker is a world first in the field of

disruptive noise prevention and detection. The testing bay is

used to stimulate the vehicle to simulate driving profiles that

reflect the exact conditions on the road. This allows disruptive

noises to be detected and eliminated in good time.


The design

of soft sounds

Car drivers react extremely sensitively to distracting ambient noises

in the interior. Noise design and elaborate vehicle acoustics with

insignificant low values have become the norm today in all classes.

Potential problem areas can be detected in good time and eliminated

with the noise analysis from AKE-technologies.

Tremendous technological developments in the

automobile and supply industry in recent years

have resulted in the vehicle interior becoming

ever quieter and therefore noises, that were obscured

in earlier times, are increasingly perceived

by customers as annoying. When new materials

are employed, often it is not known beforehand

what effect they have on the ambient noise in the

interior. Even the interaction of certain materials

can lead to unwelcome noises such as squeaking

or creaking. In order to be ready for the consumer

segment of the future, we provide our extensive

range of services on the subject of noise acoustics.

With the noise analysis and solution center,

we have created our own facility where we can

graphically present the latest technologies and

services to our customers.


True-to-life reproduction of disruptive noises

under a variety of ambient, installation and stress


Recording, analysis and documentation of the

disruptive noises with the aid of state-of-the-art

measurement and information technologies

Benchmark and objectivization of subjectively

perceived noises

Innovative methods for locating the central causes

Anti-Friction Coating (AFC)

Compilation and management of all relevant

knowledge in databases

Materials testing

Consultation in the development stage

Vehicle dynamics testing with quiet shaker

High Power Shaker for vehicles

High Power Shaker for components

Coating systems

Seminars on noise acoustics

Disruptive noise workshops

In cooperation with

Klaus F. Steinberg / www.7senses.org


Environmental technology

Production system for the manufacture of filter modules

This system processes endless filter membranes into multi-layer

filter modules, by means of automatic blank production with cut

edge sealing using ultrasonic roller cutting units. Robot systems

with modular gripper units are used to handle filter blanks and glue

connecting elements.


AKE technology unifies

economy and ecology

As a leading specialist for demanding system engineering, AKEtechnologies

has set itself the task of unifying economy and ecology

in a useful symbiosis that can significantly contribute to the

development of new green technologies. One result of this effort is

the patented, entirely new membrane technology for filtering and

cleaning wastewater.

Membrane technology has become a key technology

in closing the water cycle and recovering

recyclable fractions. In systems of this type,

substances are separated from wastewater

under pressure using special membranes and

micro-, ultra- and nano-filtration methods. The

main advantages of membrane technology are

that the systems operate without the addition

of chemicals, are easy to use and can be readily

designed to meet individual requirements. In addition,

because this technology does not require

heating, its energy consumption is considerably

lower than that of conventional thermal separation


Together with an innovative membrane filter

manufacturer, AKE-technologies has developed

an entirely new, cost-effective and ecologically

sound membrane technology for filtering and

cleaning wastewater. In this manufacturing

process, AKE handles downstream processing of

the membrane to create a closed and tested filter

package. In addition to this technology, AKE also

manufactures system equipment for the solar

and wind power industry.



Wind power equipment

Solar power equipment


Service makes

the difference

First class services are also part of being a valuable partner.

We provide numerous options so that everything runs properly.

Naturally we are also there for our customers after delivery and

system installation.

24/7 product support

Our experienced service team provides you with

competent, reliable and fast support. Regardless

of the location, we provide telephone support

and online help through state-of-the-art VPN

technology which allows the solving of many

problems. If necessary, a service technician can

be quickly on site. And if you need replacement

parts, we take care of shipment immediately.

Assembly and commissioning

Our service personnel with their know-how

ensure an optimum start. We supply, install and

put your new system into operation – worldwide.

You benefit from correct implementation and

professional commissioning. We also check for

contractual functionality. In addition, we will be

happy to train your employees in operating the

machines and support you in parameterizing the

systems to your needs.

Maintenance and inspection

No one can afford an unforeseen production

failure due to system damage. That’s why regular

and professional inspection by AKE is the best

way of preventing downtimes.

We check your systems at agreed intervals

according to defined checklists and provide you

with concrete maintenance recommendations.

You can also save costs with a service agreement

– for services and parts.


High-tech systems need trained personnel – for

operation, maintenance and process control. We

familiarize you with our technology and train you

for all pending tasks.


Original replacement

parts supply

The rapid supply of original parts by AKE ensures

that downtimes are reduced to a minimum. We

help in the identification of the right replacement

part and send it as quickly as possible. Any parts

that we do not have in stock can be obtained in a

very short time. You are always reliably supplied.

Upgrade programs

If systems need to be modernized or converted,

we are ready to offer you assistance and advice.

With customized conversion kits and technology

upgrades, we enable improved efficiency and

adaptations to the current state of the art.


If you have a problem with your AKE system that

our telephone support can no longer help, we

will send a service technician over immediately.

Agreed repair and maintenance work by our

service technicians is also possible outside

normal working hours.

Worldwide logistics

As a globally active company with international

customers, it goes without saying that we offer

the complete logistics chain. We take care of

organizing the shipment, complete the formalities

and ensure delivery, assembly and commissioning

on site.



who speak for us

The high standards we set ourselves and uncompromising commitment

to quality determine our business activities. We convince with

strong services and products which bring our customers added value.

We meet the high standards of the automobile industry and are a

dependable partner. Satisfied customers are the best proof and the

number of successful projects speak for themselves.





World 40 % Other 5 %

Europe 40 %

Germany 20 %

Automotive 95 %

• • • Audi • AVON Cosmetics • Beutlhauser • BMW • Brose Fahrzeugteile • Carcoustics International

• Daimler • Dow Corning • Edscha • ETIMEX Technical Components • Europa Carton • F.S. Fehrer

Automotive • Faurecia Automotive • Ferrari • Dräxlmaier Group • Grammer • IAC Group • Johnson

Controls Interiors • Jaguar • Knorr-Bremse • Lear Corporation • Magna International •

MANN+HUMMEL • MICRODYN-NADIR • MöllerGroup • Montaplast • PARAT • Peguform •

Porsche • Robust Plastics • Scharwächter Automobiltechnik • Shanghai Xiangzhi Indus trial

Development • Technische Universität München • TRW Automotive • VW • • •



• Lamination system, side flank, Grammer AG in Amberg


• AF coating system, door panels, Johnson Controls

Interiors GmbH & Co. KG in Neustadt

• Shaker system, BMW AG in Landshut

• AF coating system and clip assembly system, Intier Automotive

Eybl Interiors GmbH in Wackersdorf

• Assembly system for door hinge, Edscha Karosserieprodukte

GmbH in Hengersberg

• Assembly testing system for capacitor box, Dräxlmaier Group/

EKB Elektro- und Kunststofftechnik GesmbH in Braunau

• Gluing system, Johnson Controls Interiors GmbH & Co. KG in


• Lamination/edge-folding system, pull handles, Johnson

Controls Interiors GmbH & Co. KG in Neustadt/Donau

• Assembly system for door hinge, Edscha Karosserieprodukte

GmbH in Hengersberg

• AF coating system, Grammer AG in Zwickau

• AF coating system, POLYTEC Interior GmbH in Saalburg-


• Edge-folding system for belt line, POLYTEC Automotive

GmbH & Co. KG in Geretsried

• AF coating system – upgrade – robot maintenance, Dräxlmaier

Group/DST Dräxlmaier Systemtechnik GmbH in Vilsbiburg

• Production cell, BMW hinge net, Konstruktions-Bakelit AB SE-

286 85, Örkelljunga in Sweden

• AF coating system – light protection system, Dräxlmaier Group/

DST Dräxlmaier Systemtechnik GmbH in Vilsbiburg

• Assembly device, decorative strip, POLYTEC Interior GmbH

in Geretsried

• Assembly system, backpanel, map pocket, IAC Group GmbH

in Ebersberg


• Gluing system - air ducts - air deflector mount, Carcoustics

Austria Ges.m.b.H. in Klaus


• Assembly system, Eckerle GmbH in Beilngries


• Assembly line, multi-joint hinge,

Edscha Karosserieprodukte GmbH in Hengersberg

• Riveting machines, door panels + belt line, POLYTEC Interior

GmbH in Geretsried


• Assembly testing system, Dräxlmaier Group/EKB

Elektro- und Kunststofftechnik GesmbH in Braunau


• Shaker system, Volkswagen AG in Shanghai

• Assembly system, door hinge, Edscha Karosserieprodukte

GmbH in Hengersberg

• Full vehicle shaker + component shaker, Volkswagen AG

in Bratislava

• Shaker system, Volkswagen AG in Russia


• AF coating system, door panels, Johnson Controls Interiors

GmbH & Co. KG in Rastatt

• AF coating system, door panels, Johnson Controls Interiors

GmbH & Co. KG in Rastatt

• Assembly system – self-clinching screws, Edscha

Scharwächter Automobiltechnik GmbH in Hauzenberg

• Assembly line DAG R231 Softstop and R60 door hinge, Edscha

Scharwächter Automobiltechnik GmbH in Hauzenberg

• AF coating system – decorative strip, POLYTEC Interior GmbH

in Saalburg-Ebersdorf

• Pre-warming oven, belt line, Johnson Controls Interiors GmbH

& Co. KG Neustadt


• Line 65 feed system, ignition chamber mesh, TRW Airbag

Systems GmbH in Aschau/Inn

• Production line for BIOCEL filter elements - new end pieces,

MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH in Wiesbaden

• Line 155 pre-assembly, TRW Airbag Systems GmbH in


• Assembly system, closure for gas generators, TRW Airbag

Systems GmbH in Aschau/Inn

• Production line for BIOCEL filter elements,

MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH in Wiesbaden

• Assembly system ISE, TRW Airbag Systems GmbH in



custom-made technologies.

AKE-technologies GmbH

Adolf-Hoellinger-Str. 3

94034 Passau


Phone +49 851 95584-0

Fax +49 851 95584-40



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