Wishesh Magazine March 2018

Wishesh Magazine March 2018


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# W O R L D N E W S A N D E N T E R T A I N M E N T M A G A Z I N E<br />


MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 8<br />

Indian Events<br />


Indian Yoga<br />

Weird Kinds<br />

Of Yoga<br />

In focus<br />

Nirav Modi<br />

Lifestyle<br />

12 Laws of<br />

Karma<br />

Cover Story<br />

Sridevi Boney Kapoor<br />

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Editors Page<br />

Namaste !<br />

It has been an incredible month and we have our electrifying and<br />

eclectic <strong>Wishesh</strong> magazine for this month ready at your devices.<br />

This edition brings you some gripping details into the values<br />

Hinduism has imbibed in us to the importance of Religious symbols<br />

and their meanings. Don't forget to check out the marvelous cover<br />

story for the month, on “An Era Is Over”: Bollywood Icon Sridevi<br />

Boney Kapoor Dies. And pamper your taste buds with varieties of<br />

Popular Indian Sweets Around the World reading the lifestyle and<br />

relationship details.<br />

Our hopes and promises of bringing informative, entertaining<br />

and exhilarating pieces from the past few weeks have kept us<br />

enlightened all through. I am gratified by the Feedbacks and<br />

support you have shown, over the years. <strong>Wishesh</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is not<br />

just a news update on events from India but it is a way of life for<br />

Indians and everyone else. Everything you may have missed or<br />

have wanted to follow with captivating and gripping details, are<br />

compiled and presented hence forth.<br />

Fall in love with Indian culture, tradition and delicacies as we<br />

bring you some spectacular details on things which are close to our<br />

hearts and our souls.<br />

Enjoy reading through and don't forget to share your views.<br />

Best!<br />

Kiran..<br />

Read, Relax, Rejuvenate<br />

and Enjoy!!!<br />


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16-31<br />

Indian Diaspora<br />

works from Assam<br />

Hindu Wedding Ceremony<br />

Religious symbols<br />

Cover Story<br />

32-37<br />

Bollywood Icon Sridevi<br />

Boney Kapoor Dies<br />


38-45<br />

Story for Kids<br />

Sudama<br />

and Krishna<br />

46-49<br />

Healthy Living<br />

Offbeat exercises to get in<br />

shape<br />

50-53<br />

Indian Food<br />

Popular Indian Sweets<br />

Around the World<br />

54-59<br />

NRI Profile<br />

Meera Nair<br />

76-77<br />

Desi News<br />

Grand And Auspicious<br />

Sri Goda Ranganatha<br />


78-83<br />

In Business<br />

Justin Trudeau<br />

India Visit Highlights<br />

84-89<br />

In Focus<br />

Nirav Modi<br />

and the<br />

90-95<br />

Freedom Fighter<br />

Tipu Sultan India’s First<br />

Freedom Fighter<br />

96-101<br />

Indian Yoga<br />

Weird Kinds Of<br />

Yoga<br />

102-105<br />

LifeStyle<br />

12 Laws of Karma<br />

106-115<br />

Romance<br />

Powerful And Interesting<br />

Valentine’s Day Facts<br />

116-121<br />

Relationship<br />

Sexless Marriage

Travelogue<br />

122-129<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

130-133<br />

Indian History<br />

Rani Padmavati<br />

of Chittor<br />


134-139<br />

Technology<br />

Latest Facebook<br />

Updates<br />

Which Are Too Much<br />

140-143<br />

Automobiles<br />

Top 15 Safe CarsRight Now<br />

144-149<br />

Indian vasthu<br />

History of<br />

Vastu Shastra<br />

150-157<br />

Indian Spiritual<br />

Contrast and<br />

Comparison<br />

Between Spirituality

158-159<br />

Indian Events<br />

Bala Ramayanam<br />

160-165<br />

Fashion<br />

Pushbutton Spring -<strong>2018</strong><br />

166-173<br />

Special Movie<br />

Raid<br />

Rangasthalam<br />

Bharath Ane Nenu<br />

174-181<br />

Movie Review<br />

Aiyaary<br />

Tholi-prema<br />

Touch-Chesi-Chudu<br />

182-183<br />

Hollywood Tea News<br />

La-La-Anthonys<br />

Vanessa-Hudgens<br />

Selena Gomez<br />

186-187<br />

Star Gazing


SARAS- Light Transport Aircraft, Completes The<br />

Second Test-Flight Successfully:<br />

SARAS - India’s indigenous light transport aircraft on February 21, <strong>2018</strong>, was positively test flown<br />

for a second time. The flight took off for a text book flight from HAL’s airport in Bengaluru.<br />

The flight test was commanded by Wing Commander U.P. Singh, Group Captain K.P. Bhat and<br />

Group Captain R.V. Panicker of Indian Air Force- Aircraft and System Testing Establishment.<br />

This was the second of the 20 test flights scheduled for SARAS PT1N, before confirming the<br />

production version. The first successful test was reported after it was carried out on January 24,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The highlights of the SARAS Aircraft are:<br />

• CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) is doing the design and development of the<br />

aircraft.<br />

• The production model design of the aircraft is likely to be ready by June-July <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

• NAL has integrated various design modifications and enhancements on the aircraft like 2x1200<br />

ship engines and 104-inch diameter propeller gathers to cater to second segment climb gradient<br />

requirements.<br />

• The aircraft also features better-quality flight control system, rudder area, main wheel and brakes<br />

to cater to 7100 kg AUV, indigenously technologically advanced stall warning system, etc.

ICC Rankings: Virat<br />

Kohli crosses 900<br />

points in Tests,ODIs<br />

• Virat Kohli , the India captain became<br />

only the second batsman after South<br />

Africa’s AB de Villiers, in the history of<br />

Cricket to cross the 900-point mark in<br />

Tests and ODIs, as per most recent ICC<br />

ODI player rankings.<br />

• Pacer Jasprit Bumrah snatched the<br />

joint-top position among bowlers.<br />

• Kohli consolidated his top position<br />

with 558 runs in the 5-1 series win over<br />

South Africa, during which he banged<br />

three centuries.<br />

• Virat Kohli is now a good 22 points<br />

ahead of Sachin Tendulkar, whose ODI<br />

career high was 887 points which came<br />

against Zimbabwe in January 1998.<br />

Union Agriculture Ministry<br />

launches six new user<br />

friendly features of e-NAM<br />

Platform:<br />

The Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,<br />

on February 21, <strong>2018</strong>, Radha Mohan Singh launched<br />

six new features of National Agriculture Market<br />

(e-NAM) Platform with a purpose to make it additional<br />

users friendly.<br />

The new and user-friendly features of the e-NAM<br />

platform are MIS Dashboard for improved analysis,<br />

BHIM payment facility by traders, mobile payment<br />

capacity by traders, greater features on Mobile App,<br />

integration of farmer’s database, eLearning element in<br />

e-NAM website, etc.


Newborn baby mortality remains high:<br />

According to the UNICEF’s new report on newborn mortality, there have been<br />

worldwide deaths of newborn babies which has remained frighteningly high,<br />

predominantly among the world’s poorest countries.<br />

Babies born in Japan, Singapore and Iceland have the best chance at survival, while<br />

newborns in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic (CAR) face the<br />

worst chance.<br />

Although pointing out the global condition for new born, the UNICEF told that the<br />

number of deaths amongst children under the age of five in the past quarter century<br />

have been halved, but then again similar progress have not been made in ending<br />

deaths among children less than one month old.<br />

The UNICEF in its report said that since majority of these deaths are inevitable, and<br />

hence, we are failing the world’s poorest babies.<br />

World is failing newborn babies: UNICEF<br />

As per the UNICEF’s new report on newborn mortality, worldwide deaths of newborn<br />

babies remain frighteningly high, particularly among the world’s poorest countries.<br />

Babies born in Japan, Iceland and Singapore have the best chance at survival, while<br />

newborns in Pakistan, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Afghanistan face the<br />

worst chance.<br />

While pointing out the global condition for new born, the UNICEF said that the<br />

number of deaths among children under the age of five in the last quarter century<br />

have been halved, but similar progress have not been made in ending deaths among<br />

children less than one month old.<br />

The UNICEF in its report said that since majority of these deaths are preventable,<br />

and therefore, we are failing the world’s poorest babies.<br />

UNICEF Report<br />

“As per report, in low-income countries, the average newborn mortality rate is 27<br />

deaths per 1,000 births all across the globe.<br />

However, In high-income countries, newborn mortality rate is 3 deaths per 1,000.<br />

Newborns from the riskiest places to give birth are up to 50 times more likely to die

than those from the safest places.<br />

The report highlighted that more than 80% of newborn deaths are happening due to premature<br />

birth, infections such as pneumonia and sepsis or some complications during birth. These deaths<br />

can be prevented with access to well-trained midwives, along with proven solutions like clean<br />

water, disinfectants, breastfeeding within the first hour, skin-to-skin contact and good nutrition. The<br />

report also notes that 8 of the 10 most dangerous places to be born are in sub-Saharan Africa,<br />

where pregnant women are much less likely to receive assistance during delivery due to poverty,<br />

conflict and weak institutions. If every country brought its newborn mortality rate down to the highincome<br />

average by 2030, 16 million lives could be saved.”


India 7th most targeted nation for Web<br />

Application Attacks:<br />

In the list of targeted countries for Web Application Attacks (WAA), India has been placed at the<br />

seventh spot - according to a new report titled ‘Akamai State of the Internet Security Q4 2017’ that<br />

was released on February 21, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The report states that nearly 40 per cent of over 53,000 cyber-attacks in India occurred in the<br />

financial services sector during 2017.<br />

Key Highlights<br />

• The report tells that security happenings such as phishing, website interruptions and<br />

defacements, virus and ransomware have targeted the fast growing of the Banking, Financial<br />

Services and Insurance (BFSI) segment in India.<br />

• It also indicated that the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack frequency in the BFSI sector<br />

has amplified by 50 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2017 as compared to the last quarter.<br />

• It also located India seventh in the list of the top source nations for WAA.<br />

• While India continued the same position in the third quarter last year, the attacks sourced saw a<br />

fall of approximately four million in number as equated to last quarter.<br />

Type of Attacks<br />

DDoS Update / Circulated Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks: These attacks can take down<br />

websites, interrupt businesses, and divert resources, sometimes aiding as cover for more insidious<br />

data or systems breaches.<br />

Web Application Attacks Update: In comparison to DDoS attacks, web application attacks usually<br />

target application vulnerabilities in order to steal data or otherwise negotiation the underlying<br />

system. These attacks are way more common than DDoS attacks, with attackers often just<br />

scanning the Internet for susceptible sites to victimize.

READ,<br />

ENJOY<br />



Terra-cotta<br />

works Assam<br />

from<br />

16<br />

“Terracotta” is an English word. The word Terracotta has<br />

been derived from Latin and Italian words. ‘Terra’, which<br />

is Latin word-means ‘Earth-Soil’ (specially indicates the<br />

‘mud’) and ‘Cotta’, which is Italian word-means ‘Statue’<br />

(it may be noted here that ‘Cocta’, which is also a Latin<br />

word-means also statue). In local dialect of Assam it is<br />

called Pora Matir Shilpa.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

“Terracotta” is an English<br />

word. The word Terracotta has<br />

been derived from Latin and<br />

Italian words. ‘Terra’, which is<br />

Latin word-means ‘Earth-Soil’<br />

(specially indicates the ‘mud’)<br />

and ‘Cotta’, which is Italian<br />

word-means ‘Statue’ (it may be<br />

noted here that ‘Cocta’, which<br />

is also a Latin word-means<br />

also statue). In local dialect of<br />

Assam it is called Pora Matir<br />

Shilpa.<br />

Assam has two different<br />

communities? hira and<br />

the kumar in the clay and<br />

terracotta craft. Both have<br />

two different methods of<br />

working. The hiras follow<br />

the compression method<br />

and prepare the household<br />

articles and this craft is carried<br />

out by the women of hiras. .<br />

The kumars follow the wheel<br />

method and produce beautiful<br />

pottery articles which are first<br />

made on the wheel, dried and<br />

cooked in the bhattis or the<br />

ovens. The most commonly<br />

used pottery products include<br />

plates, earthern lamps, clay<br />

dolls, chains, diyas, pitchers,<br />

cups, incense ? sticks holders<br />

and many more items.<br />

The clay modeling industry<br />

that had occupied a prominent<br />

position in field of art and<br />

culture in ancient and medieval<br />

age, by degrees handed over<br />

to generation after generation,<br />

old and new by these people<br />

having knack in iconology. To<br />

meet the daily necessities,<br />

these potters make various<br />

materials for householdworks,<br />

religious-purposes,<br />

children’s toys et cetera.<br />

Especially, these terracotta<br />

articles made of clay has<br />

wide range of usefulness and<br />

bear great importance in the<br />

villages that is, rural life. In<br />

every household, both men<br />

and women use these earthen<br />

articles.<br />

At the initial stage, the artisans<br />

did not know how to make<br />

these articles. To make clay<br />

models, images and earthen<br />

articles, the potters are<br />

needed to follow the following<br />

procedures. At first they collect<br />

the soil (that is, a special type<br />

of glutinous clay for loaming<br />

soil) from the riverbank side<br />

and then mixed up with<br />

water the clay-modelers<br />

shape the different types of<br />

figure without the help of any<br />

mould with their uncovered<br />

soft hands. After that, these<br />

goods or models are dried<br />

in the sun and burnt in fire<br />

and finally different colours<br />

are used to decorate them.<br />

In previous time, the clay<br />

modelers did not use colour<br />

on their earthen goods.<br />

In fact, they were totally<br />

ignorant of this. Later on,<br />

they used only red and black<br />

colour to decorate these<br />

earthen materials. However,<br />

the modern artisans have<br />

started to use new technique<br />

and new colour to make this<br />

art attractive.<br />

This wonderful handicraft<br />

is originally a ‘woman’<br />

creation. When the maleheads<br />

of every family remain<br />

engaged with cultivation and<br />

small trade or business, the<br />

womenfolk used to spend<br />

spare time in making different<br />

utensils, toys etc. with mud<br />

and clay. Consequently the<br />

women who were wise and<br />

thoughtful started to translate<br />

their imagination into different<br />

images of clay, pillar, even<br />

clay fort. As per Hindu<br />

Shastra, the earthen utensils<br />

once used in any ceremony<br />

or festivals are not allow to<br />

be used again and so, glaze<br />

is not use in the materials<br />

for religious bigotry. This is<br />

why; these terracotta articles<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


18<br />

bear crudity. In fact, this crudity<br />

helped to increase its attraction<br />

and demand too.<br />

During the rule of the Hindu<br />

rulers, like Chandra Gupta<br />

Maurya to Chandra Gupta-II,<br />

et cetera the use of terracotta<br />

articles were vehemently in<br />

vogue. The people of that<br />

time made utensils, playing<br />

materials, images, religiousestablishments,<br />

statues et<br />

cetera of terracotta. There<br />

are still many houses and<br />

buildings, temples, forts, pillars,<br />

monuments where there are<br />

immense specimens of using<br />

things made of clay. Even, it<br />

bore equal importance during<br />

British period.<br />

The appearance of various<br />

metals and mental made goods<br />

brought decline in terracotta<br />

articles. The incident also<br />

happened in India. But after<br />

independence (that is, 15th<br />

August, 1947), its importance<br />

began to increase when the<br />

‘West’ inclined to its use.<br />

In India, the state of West-<br />

Bengal became a great patron<br />

of terracotta articles. The<br />

potters of West-Bengal took the<br />

leading part in this culture. The<br />

articles of Bankura in Bankura<br />

district under West-Bengal<br />

State, the relief images of<br />

Rajasthan State and the Dhubri,<br />

Goalpara districts of Assam<br />

State have occupied a pivotal<br />

position in terracotta market of<br />

the world.<br />

Even, terracotta an art<br />

of earthen ware or clay<br />

modeling came into existence<br />

from the rational art look<br />

and faculty of imagination<br />

of our forefathers, who had<br />

exhibited their excellence<br />

of intellect in building city<br />

or town found at Horappa<br />

in Sindh province, now in<br />

Pakistan country.<br />

Terracotta as a medium has<br />

dominated the handicraft<br />

scene of Assam since time<br />

immemorial. The tradition<br />

itself has been handed<br />

down from the generation<br />

to generation without break.<br />

Assamese terracotta products<br />

are exquisite examples of<br />

immaculate craftsmanship.<br />

Household articles, toys,<br />

dolls and images of worship<br />

are the main products.<br />

Gauripur is the centre<br />

for terracotta products in<br />

Assam. Today we have the<br />

descendent of such families<br />

engaged in improvised<br />

terracotta versions of various<br />

common figures of gods and<br />

goddesses to mythological<br />

characters, while toys, vases,<br />

etc have also found a new<br />

life.<br />

Dhubri in Goalpara district of<br />

Assam State have occupied<br />

a pivotal position in terracotta<br />

market of the world. The<br />

Assamese terracotta art<br />

and culture took its birth at<br />

Asharikandi, a small village<br />

near Gauripur town in Dhubri<br />

district. More than 80%<br />

families of this village are<br />

engaged in this ethnic-art<br />

(handicraft) and pass their<br />

life after sell these Terracotta<br />

products in the national and<br />

international market. Who<br />

have originated from the then<br />

East-Pakistan, that is, East-<br />

Bengal, popularly known<br />

as, Purba-Bangla or Purbo<br />

Bango, presently, Bangladesh<br />

and they live upon pottery.<br />

Most of these people belong<br />

to ‘Pal’ community. In Assam,<br />

pal means Kumar (that is,<br />

potter). Of them, 10 to 15 per<br />

cent family get themselves<br />

attached with terracotta art<br />

and culture. The people<br />

of this village plunge into<br />

great distress during rainy<br />

season when flood occurs<br />

in Gadadhar, a tributary of<br />

the river Brahmaputra blows<br />

beside this village. The<br />

Government has declared<br />

this village as a model village.<br />

As per Hindu Shashtra, the<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

earthen utensils once used in<br />

any ceremony or festivals are not<br />

allow to be used again and so,<br />

glaze is not use in the materials for<br />

religious bigotry. This is why; these<br />

terracotta articles bear crudity. In<br />

fact, this crudity helped to increase<br />

its attraction and demand too.<br />

In fact, this art and culture<br />

grew especially at the help and<br />

inspiration rendered by the famous<br />

‘Baruah’ family of Gauripur Raj<br />

Paribar. As this place is situated<br />

on the Assam – West-Bengal<br />

interstate border, so the influence<br />

of Bengali terracotta art and<br />

architecture is marked here.<br />

But the story of terracotta art<br />

and culture of this region will<br />

remain incomplete unless and<br />

the people speak anything<br />

about Saralabala Pal and her<br />

son, who are at the root of ups<br />

and downs of this Assamese<br />

ethnic art, terracotta in this<br />

connection.<br />

Forms of Clay and<br />

Terracotta works<br />

in other states of<br />

India:<br />

Longpi Coiled<br />

Pottery of Manipur<br />

Manipuri pottery is unique in<br />

style and technique. Unlike in<br />

other parts of India, the craft<br />

is practiced both by men and<br />

women. The potters of this<br />

area do not use a wheel and,<br />

instead, use the.<br />

Blue Pottery of<br />

Jaipur, Rajasthan<br />

The Persian Art of blue pottery<br />

came to Jaipur from Persia<br />

and Afghanistan via Mughal<br />

Courts.Blue Pottery is made<br />

from quartz and not clay.<br />

Materials that are used<br />

include quartz, raw glaze,<br />

sodium.<br />

Terracotta of<br />

Kutch<br />

Terracotta of Kutch is<br />

famous for its lovely craft<br />

workmanship. Artists here<br />

dry the clay in the bright<br />

sunlight and later these<br />

articles are painted and<br />

baked. Thanagarh is famous<br />

for ceramic items.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Delhi<br />

Delhi artists who have<br />

migrated from different<br />

parts of the states produce<br />

traditional terracotta craft in<br />

the most traditional way. A<br />

variety of earthen objects<br />

such as cut-work lamps,<br />

money banks.<br />

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20<br />


This wonderful<br />

handicraft<br />

is originally<br />

a ‘woman’<br />

creation. When<br />

the male-heads<br />

of every family<br />

remain engaged<br />

with cultivation<br />

and small trade<br />

or business, the<br />

womenfolk used<br />

to spend spare<br />

time in making<br />

different<br />

utensils, toys<br />

etc.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Uttar Pradesh<br />

Among the clay products<br />

of Uttar Pradesh, pottery of<br />

Gorakpur is very famous. The<br />

potters of this region make<br />

animal figures like horses<br />

and elephants with handappliqu?d<br />

ornamentation.<br />

Figures of.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of West Bengal<br />

The finest patterns of terracotta<br />

panels can be found in Bengal<br />

towns of Murshidabad,<br />

Birbhaum, Jessore, Hooghly and<br />

Digha. The theme is generally<br />

folk and the patterns are fairly<br />

highlighted with.<br />

Clay, Terracotta &<br />

Ceramics of Haryana<br />

Haryana produces a large<br />

variety of terracotta products<br />

such as lamps, pitchers,<br />

flower vases, pots, musical<br />

instruments, clay toys, goblets,<br />

human and animal figures,<br />

plaques, medallions, and wall.<br />

Clay & Terracotta of<br />

Goa<br />

Goan artists design attractive<br />

earthen ware, with its deep, rich,<br />

red surface. Water flower pots<br />

are the main items and are the<br />

hot selling item. Panels are also<br />

made here in a unique artistry<br />

way.<br />

Clay, Terracotta,<br />

Pottery of Jammu &<br />

Kashmir<br />

Of the two distinctive types of<br />

pottery available in Ladakh, one<br />

comprises of large images and<br />

icons painted in bright colours<br />

which are made for Buddhist<br />

monasteries while the other<br />

comprises of.<br />

Hukka Crafts of<br />

Haryana<br />

Hukka, chillums or the<br />

smoking pipes are very<br />

commonly used by the men<br />

and the women folk of this<br />

state. These hukkas are<br />

made out of clay and has<br />

an earthen pot in the centre<br />

where the smoking.<br />

Votive Terracottas<br />

of Molela,<br />

Rajasthan<br />

Murtikala, the art of making<br />

votive murtis or idols of gods<br />

with terracotta, exists in<br />

Molela, in Rajasthan. While<br />

the murtis were originally<br />

standing idols of local deities<br />

and various Vishnu forms.<br />

Terracotta &<br />

Ceramics of Punjab<br />

The main centres of<br />

attraction for this craft are<br />

Mohali, Ropar, Ludhiana<br />

and Hoshiarpur and the<br />

products include matkas,<br />

flower pots, diyas, miniature<br />

temple structures and toys<br />

that are beautified.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Himachal<br />

Kangra, Mandi, Kulu,<br />

Chamba, and Shimla have<br />

many migrated potters who<br />

have been living here since<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

elegant black pottery.<br />

Clay & Terracotta of<br />

Andaman & Nicobar<br />

The earthen pots of Chowra<br />

are hand-shaped by the<br />

women, with clay taken from<br />

the neighbouring island of<br />

Teressa. These are low fired<br />

using sticks and leaves. The<br />

finished pots have a smooth,<br />

shining.<br />

in the production of clay<br />

utensils”;” these occasionally<br />

produce toys and dolls as<br />

well, particularly at the time of<br />

various festivals and.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Andhra<br />

Utilitarian items of daily<br />

use are made in clay and<br />

terracotta with Chittoor being<br />

the main centre for the work.<br />

decades. These potters are<br />

locally known as kumhars. The<br />

products commonly made include<br />

pots, toys.<br />

Glazed Ceramics<br />

of Tamil Nadu &<br />

Pondicherry<br />

Southern India has its own<br />

distinctive glazed pottery. Vellore<br />

in North Arcot district has a<br />

tradition of black and red pottery.<br />

Usilampatti in Madurai district has<br />

black pottery painted over with.<br />

Clay & Terracotta of<br />

Maharashtra<br />

Dharavi in Bombay and<br />

Bhadravati in Chandrapur district<br />

are concentrating on artistic<br />

pottery on co-operative lines.<br />

These units manufacture a<br />

large variety of painted and truly<br />

Clay & Terracotta of<br />

Madhya Pradesh<br />

The age old craft of clay and<br />

terracotta art is practiced even<br />

today in its traditional way<br />

and with passion. Tribals of<br />

Madhaya Pradeh region make<br />

traditional clay temples called<br />

dhabas which has a.<br />

Pottery &<br />

Terracotta of<br />

Karnataka<br />

In south India terracotta<br />

pottery has maintained<br />

its traditional as well as<br />

commercial value. Food<br />

cooked in the pottery is<br />

considered good for health.<br />

Red clay is commonly used in<br />

designing images.<br />

Clay & Terracotta of<br />

Meghalaya<br />

A number of pottery units in<br />

the Garo Hills are engaged<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Assam<br />

Assam has two different<br />

communities? hira and<br />

the kumar in the clay and<br />

terracotta craft. Both have<br />

two different methods of<br />

working. The hiras follow the<br />

compression method and<br />

prepare the household.<br />

Clay & Terracotta<br />

of Bihar &<br />

Jharkhand<br />

The potter?s community<br />

known as Kumhars is<br />

generally found in large<br />

settlements of Jharkhand.<br />

There are wide varieties of<br />

items made for household<br />

use to decorative items. A<br />

large size pot is very.<br />

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22<br />

Key components of a<br />

Hindu Wedding Ceremony<br />

Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, and can<br />

also be a celebration of the couple’s religion and culture. One<br />

such ceremony that you might not be so familiar with? A Hindu<br />

wedding. Whether you’re invited as a guest, attending as a member<br />

of the wedding party, or are simply curious, there are a few key<br />

components you’ll see time and again. Here, our experts break<br />

down a Hindu wedding ceremony for you.<br />

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Marriages, according to<br />

Hindu beliefs are made<br />

in heaven, and once you<br />

are married, the bond is<br />

supposed to last for seven<br />

lifetimes. It is considered<br />

to be a turning point in an<br />

individual’s life as he enters<br />

the second important phase<br />

or ashram of his life – the<br />

‘Garhasthyaashram’. A lot of<br />

importance is associated with<br />

marriages in Hinduism as it is<br />

considered to be one of the<br />

most important duties of a<br />

man’s life. Through marriage<br />

he is paying his debt to his<br />

forefathers, by procreating<br />

children and ensuring<br />

continuation of his family’s<br />

lineage. Hindu weddings are<br />

long processes, with various<br />

rituals that may take days to<br />

be executed. Every single<br />

custom and practice in a<br />

wedding ceremony has deep<br />

philosophical and spiritual<br />

significance. Throughout<br />

the world the Hindus adhere<br />

to these set of rituals and<br />

continue on the traditions<br />

of marriage that is unique<br />

amongst those in the world.<br />

Traditional Hindu weddings<br />

fall, generally, along two<br />

lines: North Indian Hindu<br />

weddings and South Indian<br />

Hindu weddings. While both<br />

ceremonies are incredibly<br />

colorful and might require<br />

taking a few days off of<br />

work to attend the full range<br />

of festivities the rituals<br />

themselves vary. Here are<br />

a few rituals you may see if<br />

you’re celebrating a Hindu<br />

union.<br />

Types of Hindu<br />

Weddings<br />

according to sacred<br />

texts:<br />

According to Hindu sacred<br />

texts like Asvalayana<br />

Garhyasutra and<br />

Atharvaveda, eight different<br />

types of marriages are<br />

recognized by the ancient<br />

Hindu society. Four of<br />

them were categorized<br />

as ‘Prashasta’ or proper<br />

marriages conducted by<br />

following appropriate religious<br />

customs.The various types of<br />

Prashasta marriages are as<br />

follows -<br />

Brahma– It is the marriage<br />

that takes place upon<br />

receiving mutual consent<br />

from both bride and groom’s<br />

families. It is considered the<br />

most appropriate form of<br />

marriage in Hindu society.<br />

Daiva – The daughter is<br />

dressed up with fine clothes<br />

and ornaments and is offered<br />

as a sacrifice fee to the<br />

Deity. This type of weddings<br />

was prevalent during yajna<br />

sacrifices in ancient times.<br />

Arsha – The father gives away<br />

his daughter in exchange<br />

for a cow and a bull from the<br />

groom’s family. The groom<br />

takes an oath to effectuate his<br />

commitment towards the bride<br />

and her family.<br />

Prajapatya – Here the<br />

couple get married by uttering<br />

Sanskrit verses promising<br />

eternal love in presence of<br />

their families. This is similar to<br />

a modern day civil ceremony<br />

where neither priest nor<br />

religious rites are performed.<br />

Variations in Hindu<br />

Weddings across<br />

India<br />

Weddings among Hindus<br />

in India are a set of<br />

complex customs and vary<br />

considerably from region to<br />

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24<br />


region. Each community has<br />

their own spin on the basic<br />

Hindu wedding ceremony<br />

based on geographical<br />

location and cultural<br />

influences. While in some<br />

communities, it is a simple<br />

but elegant affair, in others,<br />

weddings spell grandeur<br />

and pomp. In North India the<br />

wedding proceedings are<br />

generally termed as ‘Vivah<br />

Sanskar’ whereas in most of<br />

South India it is referred to as<br />

‘Kalyanam’. Hindu weddings<br />

are basically a Yajna ritual<br />

with the Fire Deity or Agni<br />

as the primary witness. The<br />

rituals are primarily handled<br />

and carried out along with<br />

Sanskrit Mantras, according<br />

to guidelines laid down<br />

thousands of years ago by<br />

sages who created the Vedas.<br />

In some cultures weddings<br />

take place during daytime,<br />

while in others they are held<br />

only after sunset. In some<br />

communities like the Kerala<br />

Nairs weddings are matrilineal<br />

instead of patriarchal which<br />

the norm is almost everywhere<br />

else. While most north Indian<br />

weddings are big on fun,<br />

frolic and colors, weddings in<br />

South India are comparatively<br />

demure and modest.<br />

of the marriage ceremony. It<br />

may appear on an elevated<br />

platform, and is decorated<br />

with anything from flowers<br />

and greenery to fabric and<br />

crystals.<br />

Mehndi<br />

During the mehndi ceremony,<br />

henna is used to apply<br />

intricate designs to the bride’s<br />

hands and feet. The mehndi<br />

ceremony usually takes place<br />

one day before the marriage<br />

will be held, as the application<br />

can take hours!<br />

Jai Mala<br />

This is the part of the<br />

ceremony during which the<br />

bride and groom exchange<br />

floral garlands. The exchange<br />

of floral garlands is particularly<br />

important in South Indian<br />

Hindu weddings.<br />

Kanyadaan<br />

Otherwise known as the<br />

moment when the bride’s<br />

father gives her away, the<br />

father of the bride symbolically<br />

places his daughter’s hand<br />

into the hand of her fiancé. He<br />

may also pour water into the<br />

bride’s hand, which will flow<br />

through her fingers and into<br />

the hand of her groom.<br />

Saptapadi<br />

An important ritual in North<br />

Indian Hindu weddings, at<br />

this point in the ceremony, the<br />

bride and groom have their<br />

garments tied together, then<br />

take seven steps together (or<br />

make seven circles around a<br />

ceremonial fire) as they make<br />

vows to one another regarding<br />

the happiness and success of<br />

their marriage.<br />

Sindoor<br />

This is the red-orange<br />

powder applied to the part of<br />

a woman’s hair, symbolizing<br />

The Wedding<br />

Mandap<br />

The wedding mandap<br />

is a temporary structure<br />

constructed for the purpose<br />

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Each community has their own spin on the basic Hindu<br />

wedding ceremony based on geographical location and<br />

cultural influences. While in some communities, it is<br />

a simple but elegant affair, in others, weddings spell<br />

grandeur and pomp.<br />

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26<br />

In some<br />

cultures<br />

weddings<br />

take place<br />

during<br />

daytime,<br />

while in<br />

others they<br />

are held<br />

only after<br />

sunset.<br />

that she is married. It is<br />

applied to her part for the<br />

first time during the marriage<br />

ceremony.<br />

Dhruvadarshan<br />

accepts her as his lawfully<br />

wedded wife.<br />

Pratigna-Karan: The<br />

couple walks around the<br />

fire, the bride leading, and<br />

take solemn vows of loyalty,<br />

steadfast love and life-long<br />

fidelity to each other.<br />

Shila Arohan: The<br />

mother of the bride helps the<br />

bride to step onto a stone slab<br />

and counsels her to prepare<br />

herself for a new life.<br />

Laja-Homah: Puffed<br />

rice offered as oblations into<br />

the sacred fire by the bride<br />

while she keeps the palms of<br />

her hands over those of the<br />

groom.<br />

Parikrama or<br />

Pradakshina or<br />

Mangal Fera: The<br />

couple circles the sacred fire<br />

seven times. This aspect of<br />

the ceremony legalizes the<br />

marriage according to the<br />

Hindu Marriage Act as well as<br />

custom.<br />

Saptapadi: Marriage knot<br />

is symbolized by tying one<br />

end of the groom’s scarf with<br />

the bride’s dress. Then they<br />

At the conclusion of the<br />

ceremony, the priest directs<br />

the newlyweds’ eyes to the<br />

pole star, which remains<br />

steadfast in the sky though the<br />

stars around it move across<br />

the sky. So shall their new<br />

marriage be steadfast, though<br />

others may change around<br />

them.<br />

Vivah-Homa: The sacred<br />

fire ceremony ascertaining that<br />

all auspicious undertakings<br />

are begun in an atmosphere of<br />

purity and spirituality.<br />

Pani-Grahan: The groom<br />

takes the right hand of the<br />

bride in his left hand and<br />

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take seven steps representing<br />

nourishment, strength,<br />

prosperity, happiness,<br />

progeny, long life, and<br />

harmony and understanding,<br />

respectively.<br />

Abhishek: Sprinkling of<br />

water, meditating on the sun<br />

and the pole star.<br />

Anna Praashan: The<br />

couple makes food offerings<br />

into the fire then feed a<br />

morsel of food to each other,<br />

expressing mutual love and<br />

affection.<br />

Aashirvadah:<br />

Benediction by the elders.<br />

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Religious symbols<br />

and<br />

Their Meanings<br />

28<br />

Religious symbols and their meanings are sometimes lost<br />

on us. Very often, we see a holy symbol and don’t really<br />

know what it means. In other cases, some common<br />

religious symbols become so popular that their actual<br />

meaning is lost in history.<br />

In fact, some religious symbol<br />

means can also shock. So in<br />

the holy signs of a religion,<br />

we can sometimes find traces<br />

of its history. Symbolism<br />

thus works by popularity and<br />

interpretations. Sometimes,<br />

old holy symbols acquire<br />

a new meaning in the light<br />

history.<br />

1 Swastika<br />

The Swastika is a Hindu<br />

symbol of peace and<br />

prosperity. All home entrances<br />

and the ‘Kalash’ that stands<br />

for Goddess Lakshmi is<br />

adorned with this symbol.<br />

It represents everything<br />

auspicious and pure.<br />

2 Star of David<br />

The famous 6 pointed star is<br />

called the ‘Star Of David’. It is<br />

an emblem of the Israeli flag<br />

and marks Jewish graves.<br />

The interlocking of the lines<br />

represents the joining of<br />

David and Benjamin.<br />

3 Trident<br />

The trident is a Greco-Roman<br />

symbol of power as it used to<br />

be held by Poseidon, the god<br />

of Oceans. In Hinduism, it is<br />

seen as the symbol of Lord<br />

Shiva. In Christianity, the<br />

trident stands for the Devil and<br />

is called a ‘fork’.<br />

4 Christian cross<br />

The cross is the most popular<br />

signs of Christianity. It<br />

represents the suffering of<br />

Christ who purged the sins of<br />

Mankind with His own blood.<br />

This is perhaps the best known<br />

religious symbol on the planet<br />

because of its simplicity.<br />

Although the Christian cross<br />

represents that cross on<br />

which the religion’s leader<br />

was put to death, it is also a<br />

common symbol that predates<br />

Christianity. The cross<br />

represents the unity of two<br />

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Ahimsa Hand<br />

Om<br />

Trident<br />

Swastika<br />

Menorah<br />

Khanda<br />

Star of David<br />

opposite lines, and in some early religions<br />

represented fire as it can be seen as two<br />

sticks being rubbed together. Although<br />

the graphic design logo is associated<br />

primarily with Jesus Christ, as you can see<br />

it has significance that goes beyond this<br />

meaning.<br />

5 Khanda<br />

Khanda is a Sikh religious symbol and its<br />

meaning is related to power and purity.<br />

The Khanda has a crossed kirpan in it that<br />

represents political power. The double<br />

edged sword repents belief in a single god.<br />

6 Star and<br />

Crescent<br />

The star and crescent is the best-known<br />

symbol used to represent Islam. The<br />

symbol is not Muslim in origin, it was<br />

a polytheistic icon adopted during the<br />

spread of Islam, and its use today is<br />

sometimes controversial in the Muslim<br />

world. The crescent and star are often<br />

said to be Islamic symbols, but historians<br />

say that they were the insignia of the<br />

Ottoman Empire, not of Islam as a whole.<br />

The words “Allah” in Arabic script or<br />

characters can be regarded as visually<br />

representing Islam as a symbol.<br />

7 Om<br />

‘Om’ is a Hindu symbol that stands<br />

for the entire Universe. This symbol is<br />

actually a mantra that is pronounced<br />

from the core of your soul and represents<br />

Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe.<br />

The Omkar is a symbol of the syllable<br />

‘Om’, which is significant in the Hindu<br />

religion as well as many other Asian<br />

religions. This word is written in Sanskrit<br />

in this symbol, which is the language<br />

used for sacred Hindu writings. This<br />

graphic design logo defies description,<br />

using none of the archetypical shapes<br />

and symbols seen in other religions,<br />

which establishes Hinduism as<br />

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Star and Crescent<br />

Christian cross<br />

Fish or Ichthus.<br />

30<br />

Sikh Khanda Logo<br />

Design<br />

fundamentally different<br />

from other world religions,<br />

a positive impression for<br />

modern people who are<br />

always looking for something<br />

different and better.<br />

Buddhist Lotus Flower Logo Design.<br />

8 Pentagram<br />

A pentagram is basically a 6<br />

pointed star surrounded by<br />

a circle. This symbol stands<br />

for the Holy Feminine, but is<br />

also used in occult practices.<br />

9<br />

Fish or<br />

Ichthus<br />

Wheel of Dharma<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

Yin and Yang

Pentagram<br />

The ichthus or fish is the<br />

earliest symbol for Christ.<br />

This could be because all the<br />

12 original Apostles of Christ<br />

were fishermen.<br />

10 Menorah<br />

The Menorah is a Jewish<br />

symbol that looks like a<br />

candle stand. Apparently,<br />

God revealed the design of<br />

the Menorah to Moses in His<br />

dreams.<br />

11 Yin and Yang<br />

This Chinese sign basically<br />

symbolized the balance of<br />

Nature. It is also seen as a<br />

representation of male and<br />

female energies. The circle<br />

is a symbol of unity, while the<br />

dark and light symbolize the<br />

marriage of opposites, such<br />

as male and female, dark<br />

and light. The small circles<br />

of opposite color within the<br />

larger color sides represent<br />

that all things have a little bit<br />

of their opposite characteristic.<br />

It is impossible to see the<br />

symbol of Taoism without<br />

understanding the role that<br />

duality plays in this religion.<br />

12 Ahimsa Hand<br />

This is a Jain symbol that is<br />

very common in India. Jains<br />

believe in total non-violence<br />

and the stopping gesture of<br />

the hand is a reminder of the<br />

pledge against violence.<br />

13 Wheel of<br />

Dharma or<br />

Chamaru<br />

In Mahayana, Buddhist<br />

figures and sacred objects<br />

leaned towards esoteric<br />

and symbolic meaning.<br />

The Mudras are a series<br />

of symbolic hand gestures<br />

describing the actions of<br />

the characters represented<br />

in only the most interesting<br />

Buddhist art. Many images<br />

also function as mandalas.<br />

Mahayana and Vajrayana<br />

Buddhist art frequently<br />

makes use of a particular<br />

set of eight auspicious<br />

symbols,ashtamangala, in<br />

domestic and public art.<br />

These symbols have spread<br />

with Buddhism to the art of<br />

many cultures, including<br />

Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese,<br />

and Chinese art. Wheel<br />

of Dharma or Chamaru in<br />

Nepali Buddhism represents<br />

knowledge.<br />

14 Buddhist<br />

Lotus Flower Logo<br />

Design<br />

The lotus flower represents<br />

many things to Buddhists and<br />

other Asian cultures, including<br />

the purity and symmetry that<br />

are universally associated with<br />

blossoms. Because the petals<br />

unfold and eventually give birth<br />

to fruit, the lotus flower and other<br />

flowers represent the growth<br />

and unfolding of the self, as<br />

well as one phase of life giving<br />

way to another. This graphic<br />

design logo is heavily symbolic<br />

to Buddhists while also an<br />

attractive image for any religion<br />

to portray.<br />

15 Sikh Khanda<br />

Logo Design<br />

The Sikh Khanda features<br />

several symbols that are<br />

important to the religion as<br />

well as one more commonly<br />

recognized symbol. First, the<br />

graphic design logo is in a<br />

generally circular shape, with the<br />

circular Chakkar in the center,<br />

which shows the harmony and<br />

all-encompassing nature of<br />

the religion and culture. In the<br />

center is the double edge sword,<br />

a common symbol in this warrior<br />

culture. The two swords on<br />

either side represent the dual<br />

nature of the guru that leads the<br />

religion.<br />

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32<br />

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“An Era Is Over”:<br />

Bollywood Icon Sridevi<br />

Boney Kapoor Dies<br />

Sridevi was in Dubai along with husband Boney<br />

Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi, to attend<br />

the wedding of nephew Mohit Marwah. As per<br />

the report, Boney Kapoor, who had left Dubai<br />

for Mumbai, came again on Saturday evening<br />

to surprise his wife. He supposedly woke Sridevi<br />

around 5.30 pm and the couple chatted for<br />

around 15 minutes, the report says. Then Boney<br />

Kapoor asked her to dinner.<br />

The 54-year-old bollywood star went to<br />

the washroom to get ready. When she<br />

did not come out for some time, her<br />

husband knocked the door, then forced<br />

open to see the actor “lying motionless<br />

in a bathtub full of water”, according to<br />

the Khaleej Times.<br />

The report says, quoting a source on<br />

Sunday, February 25, <strong>2018</strong> “He tried<br />

to revive her and when he could not,<br />

he called a friend of his. After that, he<br />

informed the police at 9pm.” She could<br />

not be revived. Her shocked family says<br />

she never had any heart condition.<br />

The funeral of superstar Sridevi, who<br />

died in Dubai on Saturday evening, is<br />

expected to take place in Mumbai. Her<br />

family, in a statement said, her body will<br />

be brought back to India today. Sridevi,<br />

54, collapsed in her hotel room in Dubai<br />

on Saturday evening and a medical<br />

team had failed to revive her. She was<br />

affirmed dead when she was taken<br />

to the hospital, Indian ambassador in<br />

UAE Navdeep Suri told NDTV. Sridevi’s<br />

brother-in-law and actor Sanjay Kapoor<br />

said she had no history of heart ailment.<br />

The sudden death left her legions of<br />

fans and the film industry shocked and<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


heartbroken. Many people<br />

from Bollywood visited<br />

Sridevi’s brother-in-law’s<br />

home in Mumbai on Sunday.<br />

actress and film producer.<br />

Sridevi’s mother was from<br />

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.<br />

Her father was a lawyer.<br />

She has a sister and two<br />

stepbrothers.<br />

34<br />

Shock and sorrow hit the<br />

country today as Bollywood<br />

icon Sridevi, loved by millions<br />

for her roles in movies like<br />

“Mr India”, “Chandni” along<br />

with “Himmatwala”, died of a<br />

cardiac arrest in Dubai. The<br />

54-year-old, who had taken<br />

a long break from the movies<br />

after her marriage to Boney<br />

Kapoor, had returned to the<br />

silver screen six years ago<br />

with “English Vinglish” and<br />

worked in three films since<br />

then.<br />

Sridevi’s sudden death has left<br />

millions of fans in India and<br />

elsewhere in complete shock.<br />

In countless tributes, she<br />

was billed as the first female<br />

superstar of Indian cinema.<br />

Older daughter Jhanvi, who is<br />

debuting in films, stayed back<br />

in Mumbai for a shoot.<br />

The family waited on February<br />

25 for the legendary actor’s<br />

body as Dubai authorities<br />

carried out an autopsy. The<br />

body will be flown to Mumbai<br />

today for the funeral.<br />

About Sridevi<br />

Sridevi Boney Kapoor<br />

(born Shree Amma Yanger<br />

Ayyapan; 13 August 1963 – 24<br />

February <strong>2018</strong>) was an Indian<br />

In 1996, Sridevi married<br />

Boney Kapoor, a film<br />

producer who is also the<br />

elder brother of actors Anil<br />

Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor.<br />

They have two daughters,<br />

Jahnvi and Khushi. Sridevi<br />

starred in Tamil, Malayalam,<br />

Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada<br />

films. Regarded as Hindi<br />

cinema’s first “female<br />

superstar”, she was the<br />

recipient of five Filmfare<br />

Awards. Sridevi ranked<br />

amongst the highest-paid<br />

actors in the 1980s and<br />

1990s and is considered to<br />

be the most popular actress<br />

of the era. Sridevi started<br />

her acting career with M.<br />

A. Thirumugam’s 1969<br />

devotional film Thunaivan at<br />

the age of 4, and continued to<br />

act as a child artist in Tamil,<br />

Telugu, Malayalam and<br />

Kannada films. She made<br />

her Bollywood debut as a<br />

child artist in Julie (1975) and<br />

played her first adult role at<br />

age 13 with the Tamil film<br />

Moondru Mudichu (1976).<br />

Sridevi established herself as<br />

one of the leading actresses<br />

of Tamil and Telugu cinema,<br />

with leading roles in 16<br />

Vayathinile (1977), Sigappu<br />

Rojakkal (1978), Varumayin<br />

Niram Sivappu (1980),<br />

Meendum Kokila (1981),<br />

Premabhishekam (1981),<br />

Moondram Pirai (1982),<br />

Aakhari Poratam (1988),<br />

Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka<br />

Sundari (1990) and Kshana<br />

Kshanam (1991).<br />

Sridevi’s first starring role<br />

in Hindi cinema came with<br />

the 1979 drama film Solva<br />

Sawan, and gained wide<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

attention with the 1983<br />

production Himmatwala. She<br />

went on appear in a series<br />

of commercially successful<br />

films, including Mawaali<br />

(1983), Tohfa (1984), Naya<br />

Kadam (1984), Maqsad<br />

(1984), Masterji (1985),<br />

Nazrana (1987), Mr. India<br />

(1987), Waqt Ki Awaz (1988)<br />

and Chandni (1989). She<br />

also received praise for such<br />

films as Sadma (1983), Nagina<br />

(1986), ChaalBaaz (1989),<br />

Lamhe (1991), Khuda Gawah<br />

(1992), Gumrah (1993),<br />

Laadla (1994) and Judaai<br />

(1997). Following the role of<br />

the titular protagonist in the<br />

television sitcom Malini Iyer<br />

(2004–2005), Sridevi returned<br />

to film acting in 2012 with the<br />

successful comedy-drama<br />

English Vinglish. She then<br />

starred in her 300th film role<br />

in the 2017 thriller Mom. She<br />

earned critical acclaim for her<br />

performances in both films.<br />

In 2013, the Government of<br />

India awarded Sridevi the<br />

Padma Shri, the country’s<br />

fourth highest civilian<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


36<br />

accolade for her contributions<br />

to the entertainment industry.<br />

Honourary awards were also<br />

conferred on her by the state<br />

governments of Tamilnadu,<br />

Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.<br />

Sridevi was also voted ‘India’s<br />

Greatest Actress in 100<br />

Years’ in a CNN-IBN national<br />

poll conducted in 2013 on<br />

the occasion of the centenary<br />

of Indian cinema. She was<br />

married to the film producer<br />

Boney Kapoor, with whom<br />

she had two children. Sridevi<br />

died of cardiac arrest on 24th<br />

February <strong>2018</strong> in Dubai.<br />

Sridevi started her career<br />

as a child actor at the age<br />

of four in the Tamil movie<br />

Thunaivan playing the role<br />

of young Lord Muruga and<br />

acted in many Tamil and<br />

Telugu movies from then<br />

on. Sridevi made her debut<br />

in Tollywood as a child<br />

artist with the 1970 telugu<br />

film Maa Nanna Nirdoshi.<br />

Baby Sridevi’s performance<br />

in Poompatta (1971) in<br />

Malayalam won her the<br />

Kerala State Film Award for<br />

Best Child Artist. Kandan<br />

Karunai (1967), Nam<br />

Naadu (1969), Prarthanai<br />

(1970), Babu (1971), Badi<br />

Panthulu (1972), Bala<br />

Bharatam (1972), Vasantha<br />

Maaligai (1972) and Bhakta<br />

Kumbara (1974) are the<br />

most notable films of her<br />

career as a child artist. In<br />

1975, Sridevi debuted in<br />

Bollywood with Julie, where<br />

she played younger sister<br />

to the protagonist Lakshmi.<br />

She acted with Jayalalitha<br />

in Thirumangalyam, Kandan<br />

Karunai and Adi Parashakti.<br />

Sridevi’s body scheduled to<br />

arrive in Mumbai at 4.30pm.<br />

Rajinikanth arrives in Mumbai<br />

for Sridevi’s funeral at 11.03<br />

am. Same time, Dipti Naval,<br />

Farah Khan and Farhan<br />

Akhtar with his mother Honey<br />

Irani arrive at Anil Kapoor’s<br />

residence.<br />

Rajnikant tweeted “I’m<br />

shocked and very disturbed.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

I’ve lost a dear friend and the<br />

industry has lost a true legend. My<br />

heart goes out to her family and<br />

friends. I feel the pain with them<br />

#RIPSridevi... you will be missed.”<br />

Kamal Hassan tweeter “Have<br />

witnessed Sridevi’s life from<br />

an adolescent teenager to the<br />

magnificently lady she became.<br />

Her stardom was well deserved.<br />

Many happy moments with<br />

her flash through my mind<br />

including the last time I met her.<br />

Sadma’lullaby haunts me now.<br />

We’ll miss her.”<br />

Amir Khan tweeted “deeply<br />

disturbed and saddened by the<br />

untimely and tragic passing away<br />

of Sridevi, I have always been a<br />

huge fan of her work. Equally I<br />

have always been an admirer of<br />

the grace and dignity with which<br />

she conducted herself”<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


38 Sudama<br />

and Krishna<br />

Eternal Bond of True<br />

Friendship<br />

Indian mythology proliferates with colorful tales and lore,<br />

each having a hidden moral or lesson to learn from. While<br />

some of these stories deal with valor and heroic deeds;<br />

others relate in detail, instances of love and friendship.<br />

In this present day a true friend is one who is the most<br />

difficult to find and keep.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

We have several hundreds<br />

of friends, both online and<br />

offline, but only the really<br />

lucky ones get to meet that<br />

one friend and companion<br />

who will stay by their side, no<br />

matter what happens in their<br />

lives.<br />

Sudama: Early Days<br />

Sudama, who was also<br />

known as Kuchela in South<br />

India, was a childhood friend<br />

of Lord Sri Krishna. Legend<br />

has it that Sudama was<br />

Narada, who took birth on<br />

Earth in order to enjoy and<br />

participate in the many lila’s<br />

of Krishna. Narada is a divine<br />

sage and eternal devotee of<br />

Lord Vishnu.<br />

Sudama was born in a poor<br />

Brahmin family, to Matuka<br />

and Rochana Devi. Krishna,<br />

on the other hand, hailed from<br />

the royal family and hence,<br />

enjoyed the highest possible<br />

social status. However, this<br />

difference did not in any<br />

way hinder their friendship<br />

- the two were inseparables<br />

all the way through the<br />

tenure of their schooling<br />

while in Vrindavan. They<br />

studied together at Acharya<br />

Sandipan’s ashram.<br />

A Visit to the Forest<br />

Krishna and Sudama once<br />

went to the forest to gather<br />

brushwood. They stayed on<br />

there for long, walking and<br />

chatting with each other,<br />

while also enjoying the beauty<br />

of their environs. It started<br />

getting quite late and Krishna<br />

got hungry. Sudama, in the<br />

meantime, had some grams<br />

with him. However, he felt<br />

embarrassed to offer this<br />

simple food to his friend, who<br />

hailed from a royal family.<br />

Krishna kept telling him how<br />

hungry he was and asked his<br />

friend if he had anything at all<br />

to eat. Sudama denied taking<br />

along anything to eat.<br />

Krishna knew very well that<br />

his friend had some food<br />

with him. He also knew that<br />

the boy too was hungry, so<br />

he dozed off for a little while.<br />

Sudama immediately opened<br />

his little pack of food and<br />

stealthily ate up some of it.<br />

Krishna noticed all this but<br />

said nothing. Both the boys<br />

then collected the brushwood<br />

and left for their homes.<br />

After finishing with their<br />

studies, they lost touch<br />

for several years. Krishna<br />

moved away from Vrindavan<br />

and went on to Dwaraka,<br />

where he got married. He<br />

then became the King and a<br />

military leader of great repute.<br />

Sudama, though, remained<br />

as impoverished as always<br />

and stayed on in the same<br />

village; continuing to dedicate<br />

his life to religious austerities,<br />

mantra, japa and developing<br />

a spiritual attitude toward life.<br />

He also continued thinking<br />

of Krishna and loved him as<br />

always.<br />

Sudama’s Life after<br />

Marriage<br />

In due course of time, Sudama<br />

got married to Susheela<br />

and became a householder.<br />

However, he never had any<br />

interest in accumulating<br />

wealth. He was happy to<br />

live frugally, desiring no<br />

material gains. He accepted<br />

his financial status and<br />

preferred to spend time in the<br />

contemplation of the Supreme<br />

Godhead. He had not much<br />

money to spare for his wife<br />

and children. There were many<br />

times when the family did not<br />

even get two square meals.<br />

The children often cried out<br />

due to hunger and drank a<br />

lot of water to try and satiate<br />

themselves.<br />

Sudama’s wife repeatedly<br />

requested her husband to<br />

visit his old friend Krishna and<br />

beseech him for some financial<br />

assistance. She would remind<br />

him that he being a true<br />

Brahmin, a devotee and longlost<br />

close friend of Krishna,<br />

the latter would be only too<br />

willing to help him in his time<br />

of trouble. Susheela, like her<br />

husband, was not bothered<br />

about acquiring material<br />

treasures; but she was<br />

concerned about the health of<br />

her family, especially that of<br />

her children.<br />

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40<br />


Sudama Defies the<br />

Arrogant Knight<br />

An arrogant knight lived in the<br />

same town as Sudama. He<br />

hated Krishna’s popularity and<br />

the fact that so many were<br />

devoted to him. Since Sudama<br />

was one of the most ardent<br />

devotees of Krishna, the knight<br />

hated him too. He once called<br />

Sudama and told him that the<br />

latter would get anything he<br />

wished for, if he would only chant<br />

the former’s name. However,<br />

Sudama chose to defy the vain<br />

man and firmly stated that he<br />

would chant only the Lord’s name<br />

and no one else’s. The knight<br />

kept threatening him with dire<br />

consequences if he continued<br />

with his defiance, but Sudama did<br />

not waver and stood firm with his<br />

beliefs.<br />

In the meantime, Susheela kept<br />

begging her husband to visit his<br />

old friend Krishna, knowing that<br />

he would help in their time of<br />

need. Sudama was reluctant to<br />

ask such a big favor of Krishna.<br />

Besides, his view was that,<br />

Krishna being God, he would<br />

already know everything and<br />

would be aware of their suffering,<br />

without them having to go and<br />

complain to him.<br />

The knight was further enraged<br />

by Sudama’s utter lack of regard<br />

for him and decided to teach him<br />

a lesson. He went over to the<br />

latter’s home and began hitting<br />

him. At the very moment,<br />

Krishna, sitting in his palace<br />

with his wives Rukmini<br />

and Satyabhama, felt the<br />

actual physical pain of the<br />

knight’s attack on Sudama.<br />

He knew all that Sudama<br />

was going through, but<br />

kept silent, wanting the<br />

latter to approach him first.<br />

Each time the knight hit<br />

Sudama, Krishna bore the<br />

brunt silently. His wives<br />

wondered why he was<br />

repeatedly wincing, but he<br />

nevertheless kept mum and<br />

did not explain the reason<br />

for his strange behavior.<br />

Sudama Visits<br />

Krishna<br />

The knight continued<br />

punishing and hitting<br />

Sudama for days, but<br />

the latter yet refused to<br />

visit Krishna. Finally, not<br />

able to take it anymore,<br />

Susheela ordered him to<br />

leave forthwith and request<br />

help from the Lord. He<br />

eventually agreed to visit<br />

his long-lost royal friend<br />

at Dwaraka. He realized<br />

that it would not be nice to<br />

go empty-handed to visit<br />

the King and so, he asked<br />

his wife to prepare some<br />

foodstuff that he could<br />

present before Krishna.<br />

Having nothing to eat in the<br />

house, she picked up some<br />

flattened rice or “poha” and<br />

packed it in a little piece of<br />

cloth. Sudama took it and<br />

happily left for Dwaraka.<br />

Reaching Dwaraka,<br />

Sudama stared in<br />

amazement at the<br />

massive gates of the<br />

palace, and then entered<br />

therein, passing through<br />

several military camps<br />

and residential quarters<br />

on the way. Once inside,<br />

he saw Krishna seated<br />

with Rukmini. The Lord<br />

immediately got up and<br />

warmly received Sudama,<br />

fondly embracing him.<br />

The palace attendants<br />

were shocked to see their<br />

King behaving in such a<br />

fashion with this humble,<br />

obviously very poor<br />

Brahmin. Sudama was<br />

completely overwhelmed by<br />

the rousing welcome that<br />

Krishna gave him.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

The Lord asked him to be<br />

seated and, in traditional<br />

fashion, washed Sudama’s<br />

feet, as a mark of respect for<br />

a Brahmin. Krishna then took<br />

some of the water used to<br />

wash his feet and sprinkled it<br />

over his own head. He then<br />

offered Sudama food and drink<br />

to refresh him after his long<br />

journey.<br />

Krishna and Sudama<br />

Relive their Childhood<br />

Days<br />

Krishna then seated Sudama<br />

on his own plush bed and then<br />

both settled down to remember<br />

their days of childhood.<br />

The latter was thrilled by<br />

his friend’s memory of the<br />

wonderful days gone by; of all<br />

the adventure they had had<br />

together during their time at<br />

their Guru’s ashram.<br />

The Lord recounted several<br />

incidents during their time<br />

together, including one where<br />

the boys entered the forest<br />

to collect dried wood, on the<br />

order of their Guru’s wife. They<br />

got lost in the forest and could<br />

not find their way back. All of<br />

a sudden, there was a vicious<br />

dust storm and then thick<br />

clouds covered the sky, with<br />

thunder and lightning making<br />

the entire atmosphere even<br />

more eerie and unsettling.<br />

Sunset arrived all too soon<br />

and the dense forest stretched<br />

never-endingly before them.<br />

It soon started to rain heavily;<br />

flooding the entire area.<br />

The young boys were<br />

dismayed by the devastation<br />

all around and decided to<br />

stick very close to each other.<br />

Holding each others’ hands,<br />

they tried in vain to find their<br />

Guru’s home. They were<br />

trapped in the forest all night<br />

and the next morning, the Guru<br />

sent his other disciples to look<br />

for them. After a long search,<br />

they found the boys, utterly<br />

shaken, tired, sleepy and<br />

hungry. The Guru was very<br />

touched by the boys’ devotion<br />

to him and blessed them with<br />

all goodness and knowledge.<br />

Krishna talked in detail about<br />

the incident, relating how<br />

lucky they were to find such<br />

a spiritual master and how<br />

his blessings had helped<br />

them achieve much in their<br />

own lives. Sudama was<br />

wonderstruck by the Lord’s<br />

own humility and how simple<br />

he was, in spite of being the<br />

Lord God; the Controller of the<br />

whole Universe. They talked<br />

for a long time, after which<br />

Krishna finally asked Sudama<br />

what the purpose of his visit<br />

was and the reason why he<br />

had come to see him.<br />

Sudama Offers Puffed<br />

Rice to Krishna<br />

Krishna’s mood turned jovial<br />

and, with a mischievous glint<br />

in his eye, he asked his friend<br />

what the latter had brought<br />

him as a gift and if his wife had<br />

packed some nice eatables.<br />

Reluctantly and feeling very<br />

embarrassed, Sudama offered<br />

him the packet of flattened<br />

rice. Krishna, knowing what<br />

his friend was thinking,<br />

enthusiastically opened the<br />

packet and was very happy<br />

when he saw the contents<br />

inside it. He decided he would<br />

partake of the rice and then<br />

richly reward Sudama for the<br />

same.<br />

The Lord grabbed a handful<br />

of the foodstuff and happily<br />

ate it up. When he tried to put<br />

in a second mouthful though,<br />

his wife Rukmini, the Goddess<br />

of Fortune, held his hand<br />

and shook her head ever so<br />

slightly. She meant to tell him<br />

that with one handful of the<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


42<br />

rice, Sudama would become<br />

extremely wealthy in his<br />

present life. But with a second<br />

handful, he would continue to<br />

reap riches even in his next<br />

life. She was already obliged<br />

by Sudama’s offering, to<br />

stay in this Brahmin’s house<br />

and shower her grace in his<br />

present birth. She did not wish<br />

to continue doing so in his<br />

next birth as well.<br />

Krishna understood what<br />

Rukmini was trying to tell<br />

him and, with a gentle smile<br />

on his lips, kept aside the<br />

packet of rice. He then fed his<br />

friend a lavish meal, asked<br />

him to rest for a while and<br />

then spent some more time<br />

talking with him. Sudama,<br />

in the meantime, was in a<br />

state of transcendental bliss<br />

and so, actually forgot the<br />

reason why he had come here<br />

in the first place. He spent<br />

the night at the palace and<br />

left for his home early next<br />

morning. Krishna lovingly<br />

bade him farewell, though he<br />

did not offer him anything in<br />

material terms. On the way,<br />

he was completely happy<br />

and absorbed thinking of the<br />

wonderful time he had spent<br />

with the Lord.<br />

He thought that Krishna had<br />

desisted from giving him<br />

money and other material<br />

things, as he probably thought<br />

that those things may spoil<br />

his own attitude and make<br />

him too proud and arrogant;<br />

finally making him forget God.<br />

Thinking thus, he continued on<br />

his way back home.<br />

A Palace of Gold<br />

Awaits Sudama<br />

As he neared his home,<br />

Sudama was dismayed to<br />

see that his humble little<br />

cottage was missing. In place<br />

of that was a large, gleaming<br />

palace, made of gold, stones<br />

and jewels. His poor and<br />

shabby neighborhood had<br />

been converted into beautiful<br />

gardens and parks with lovely<br />

lotus-filled lakes, filled with<br />

flocks of different multi-colored<br />

birds! Regal-looking men and<br />

women were strolling around<br />

the parks and divine music<br />

was playing somewhere in the<br />

background.<br />

Sure that he had come to<br />

the right place, Sudama<br />

wondered where his little home<br />

had disappeared, virtually<br />

overnight. As he stood there<br />

taking in the sights, his wife ran<br />

out of the palace to greet him.<br />

She was dressed in opulent,<br />

rich silks and heavy gold<br />

jewelry and seemed to him<br />

like the Goddess of Fortune<br />

herself. She affectionately led<br />

her amazed husband inside<br />

the palace. Its chambers<br />

were beautiful and ornate,<br />

fit for Indra, the King of the<br />

Gods. The palace consisted of<br />

several ornamented columns<br />

and pillars, with rich silk and<br />

velvet canopies hanging from<br />

the windows.<br />

Sudama then understood that<br />

all of this was Krishna’s doing.<br />

The Lord had been silently<br />

watching him and his suffering<br />

for all these years. But his<br />

small, seemingly meaningless<br />

offering of the poha had paid<br />

rich rewards. He had been<br />

bestowed wonderful and<br />

incomparable riches and<br />

a palace, beautiful beyond<br />

human imagination.<br />

Sudama then prayed to<br />

Krishna, promising that he<br />

would never forget his Lord<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

in the midst of all this wealth<br />

and opulence. He accepted<br />

Krishna’s grace as prasadam<br />

and also resolved to use the<br />

money on serving the Lord. He<br />

lived peacefully with his wife<br />

and spent the rest of his life in<br />

luxury. However, he did so with<br />

a permanent and unwavering<br />

sense of gratitude and devotion<br />

toward the Lord, never once<br />

falling into the trap of ego<br />

and greed that wealth, power<br />

and position invariably bring<br />

with them. The Lord’s grace<br />

proportionately increased day<br />

after day, bestowing more wellbeing,<br />

happiness and peace on<br />

him.<br />

Sudama and Akshaya<br />

Tritiya<br />

It is believed that Sudama<br />

met Krishna at Dwaraka on<br />

the sacred day of Akshaya<br />

Tritiya. This day occurs just<br />

once a year and falls on the<br />

third day of the bright half of<br />

the Vaishakh month, during<br />

April-May, according to the<br />

English calendar. On this day,<br />

the Sun and the Moon are in<br />

exalted position and shine at<br />

their brightest.<br />

The word “Akshaya” signifies<br />

unending, imperishable<br />

or eternal. It is considered<br />

that valuables bought or<br />

new beginnings made on<br />

this day bear fruit and bring<br />

immense success and good<br />

fortune to the doer. This<br />

is why people traditionally<br />

purchase gold, silver and<br />

other valuables on this<br />

day. Akshaya Tritiya is also<br />

considered an auspicious<br />

day for conducting weddings,<br />

begin new business ventures<br />

and even undertake longdistance<br />

journeys. On this<br />

day, many Hindus bathe<br />

in holy rivers, conduct<br />

elaborate Poojas, make<br />

charities, and offer barley in<br />

havans (sacred fire rituals).<br />

Lord Ganesha, the Elephant-<br />

Headed Lord and Devi<br />

Lakshmi, the Goddess of<br />

Wealth are also worshipped<br />

on this day.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Why Sudama<br />

Suffered Poverty<br />

44<br />

Sudama suffered immense<br />

poverty for most of his life.<br />

This suffering was due to<br />

his karma. As mentioned<br />

earlier, during their childhood,<br />

Sudama had once eaten<br />

his food on the sly, without<br />

sharing the same with a very<br />

hungry Krishna. Sudama,<br />

being young himself, had not<br />

known the omnipotent and<br />

omniscient nature of Lord<br />

Sri Krishna and so, had not<br />

understood that this was all a<br />

mere lila or divine play on the<br />

part of Krishna. The latter had<br />

known all along what his friend<br />

was doing, but he had kept<br />

silent, only so that Sudama<br />

could finish his life’s karma by<br />

way of this incident.<br />

However, when Sudama<br />

offered Krishna a handful of<br />

poha; Krishna, the Supremely<br />

Benevolent One and the<br />

caretaker of his devotees;<br />

immediately rewarded him<br />

with unimaginable wealth and<br />

riches that would last him a<br />

lifetime. Since Sudama had by<br />

then realized Krishna’s divinity<br />

and started spending his newfound<br />

riches on charity, the<br />

latter kept showering him with<br />

even more grace and wealth<br />

that lasted all his life.<br />

Moral of the Story<br />

The story of Krishna and<br />

Sudama contains several<br />

hidden lessons that we could<br />

learn from. Some of them are<br />

as follows:<br />

All are equal in the eyes of<br />

the Lord and He does not<br />

differentiate between people<br />

based on petty caste, wealth<br />

and social status. We too<br />

should learn to respect each<br />

individual, as each one is<br />

a creation of that Supreme<br />

Being.<br />

God always rewards good<br />

deeds; however, He is also<br />

bound by the Laws of Karma.<br />

He knows when to bestow<br />

His grace on us. It may take<br />

a while for us to reverse<br />

negative karma and start<br />

enjoying the fruit of our good<br />

deeds, but it is bound to<br />

come to us in time. Till such a<br />

time arrives, we merely need<br />

to keep up with good karma.<br />

Bhakti or devotion toward<br />

God is the only thing that<br />

will lead us to His grace.<br />

Also, praying and conducting<br />

elaborate Poojas expecting<br />

material gains in return will<br />

never help us attain the<br />

Lord’s grace. Instead, being<br />

pure of thought, word and<br />

deed and offering our heart<br />

and soul to Him will give us<br />

everything we would ever<br />

need.<br />

Sudama’s Gift of the<br />

Poha<br />

Some may wonder how<br />

a handful of flattened rice<br />

would be enough to grant<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

story from this angle, Krishna<br />

was only returning Sudama’s<br />

favor.<br />

Sudama had come to Krishna,<br />

merely to express his love<br />

toward him. He had nothing<br />

to offer and yet, he did not<br />

beg for anything. Instead, he<br />

actually ended up feeding the<br />

Lord Himself. Krishna too knew<br />

very well that true, selfless<br />

love and friendship such as<br />

Sudama’s would only give and<br />

never take. The Lord himself<br />

was impatiently waiting for his<br />

poor friend’s arrival, so that He<br />

could liberate him from all his<br />

negative karma.<br />

good karma spanning over<br />

several lifetimes. Here is an<br />

explanation for the same:<br />

It is said that Annadaan or<br />

the act of offering food is<br />

the greatest ever charity<br />

man can perform in his<br />

lifetime. By offering the Lord<br />

a handful of poha, Sudama<br />

had unknowingly done the<br />

greatest deed of feeding the<br />

Universal Form of the Lord<br />

Himself. With this handful<br />

of the rice, Krishna, in his<br />

Universal Form, fed all the<br />

creatures of the world. This<br />

act of Sudama wiped out all<br />

his negative karma in one<br />

single moment of time; while<br />

also earning him enough<br />

good karma to last several<br />

more lifetimes!<br />

Sudama was extremely poor<br />

and could not afford even that<br />

packetful of poha. His family<br />

would go hungry for days on<br />

end, sometimes drinking only<br />

water in an attempt to satiate<br />

their hunger. In his case,<br />

therefore, the fact that he took<br />

the trouble to feed the Lord<br />

in spite of his own destitute<br />

condition was enough reason<br />

for him to earn a tremendous<br />

amount of good karma.<br />

Was Sudama’s<br />

Friendship eternal?<br />

As mentioned above, it was<br />

extremely difficult for Sudama<br />

to afford even a small packet of<br />

rice to offer to his friend Krishna.<br />

Krishna, on the other hand, was<br />

a King and so, bestowing so<br />

much wealth on Sudama was<br />

easy for him. Looking at the<br />

While Krishna’s gift was rare<br />

and precious, Sudama’s gift<br />

was invaluable and priceless.<br />

The Lord knew the amount of<br />

difficulty his friend would have<br />

gone through in bringing the<br />

packet of poha to him. Knowing<br />

Sudama’s pure and undiluted<br />

love and devotion for him,<br />

he had to respond with much<br />

greater love and affection.<br />

This shows that a true<br />

devotee’s love invariably<br />

forces God to bestow several<br />

times more love and grace<br />

on him. While God is in no<br />

way committed to respond to<br />

everyone’s prayer, He simply<br />

has to respond to a devotee<br />

who showers this level of love<br />

and bhakti on Him.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Images by: http://www.straitstimes.com<br />

46<br />

Offbeat exercises<br />

to get in shape<br />

When it comes to physical fitness, I’ve always<br />

opted for the tried, true and traditional. I’m<br />

perfectly happy with my light weight-training<br />

and a good jog in the park. The weight-training<br />

makes me feel buff and invigorated and the<br />

running helps me clear my head and get my<br />

heart rate going.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

But apparently I’ve been<br />

missing out on a whole new<br />

wave of inventive, fun and<br />

sometimes hilarious workout<br />

routines — from “aerial yoga”<br />

to “booty ballet!” I had no idea<br />

that hula hoops were back,<br />

and I certainly didn’t know that<br />

bouncing across the room<br />

like a kangaroo — on “jumping<br />

shoes,” no less — would earn<br />

me anything but strange<br />

stares.<br />

And those are just a few of the<br />

unusual new fitness trends<br />

that have workout enthusiasts<br />

across the country twisting,<br />

twirling and bounding their<br />

way to better bodies and<br />

better health.<br />

Of course, fitness crazes<br />

are nothing new. Ever since<br />

Jane Fonda released her hit<br />

workout series in the ‘80s,<br />

experts have been inventing<br />

new ways to get in shape.<br />

Sometimes it’s just a matter<br />

of modifying an existing sport<br />

into a fitness routine — like<br />

spinning, boxing or rock<br />

climbing — but other times<br />

the ideas are a little more<br />

creative.<br />

So, if traditional workouts<br />

have run their course for you,<br />

take a look at some of the<br />

more unusual fitness trends<br />

we found that are inviting<br />

folks to have a little fun while<br />

breaking a sweat. Who<br />

knows? Maybe one of these<br />

workouts could be your ticket<br />

to fitness.<br />

1 Parkour<br />

Also known as “freerunning,” this<br />

French import has you climbing,<br />

jumping, and maneuvering over<br />

and around whatever obstacles<br />

that stand in your way. It’s an<br />

awesome total body workout—<br />

and you’ll be more than ready for<br />

the zombie apocalypse.<br />

2 Sandbags<br />

The unwieldy heft of a sack<br />

filled with sand forces primary<br />

movers and stabilizing muscles<br />

alike to fire like no other. It’ll get<br />

you ready for a mud or militaryinspired<br />

race, and it’s great<br />

preparation if you’re ever called<br />

on to aid in a flood. Make your<br />

own bag and put it to good use<br />

with our DIY sandbag guide.<br />

3<br />

Vertical Climber<br />

Similar to a neverending ladder,<br />

it’s the absolute toughest cardio<br />

machine out there, training the<br />

core and back muscles and<br />

torching calories like no other,<br />

with virtual no impact on the<br />

joints. Hunt around the gym floor<br />

for this tall, angled apparatus<br />

(likely made by Versaclimber),<br />

politely unhook the treadmill<br />

dude’s coat from its handle, and<br />

give it a whirl.<br />

4<br />

Aerial Yoga<br />

The fabric sling supports<br />

whichever body part you have<br />

resting in it, so it’s easier to get<br />

a good stretch even if you’re<br />

not naturally flexible. Not<br />

to mention: bendy chicks<br />

in tight clothes. Look for it<br />

in your area under its other<br />

pseudonyms Unnata Yoga<br />

and Antigravity yoga<br />

5 Barbell<br />

Landmine<br />

A barbell anchored at one<br />

end to a pivot point on the<br />

ground is ideal enhanced<br />

core training, while allowing<br />

potentially greater loads<br />

than you can safely control<br />

with free weights. Check the<br />

far reaches of the gym for<br />

a landmine base collecting<br />

dust, or simply wedge the<br />

end of 45-pound barbell in a<br />

corner and go to town.<br />

6 Oddlifting<br />

Creating fitness tasks to<br />

do with heavy objects like<br />

rocks, cinder blocks, and<br />

full kegs preps the body to<br />

handle any circumstance in<br />

which strength may be called<br />

upon; after all, how often are<br />

you deadlifting or overheadpressing<br />

heavy objects in<br />

your day-to-day with perfect<br />

gym form? Think Strongman<br />

competition and you’ve got<br />

the idea. Wait, did you say<br />

“full keg”?!<br />

7<br />

Outdoor Rock<br />

Climbing<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

48<br />

Scrambling, reaching, pushing,<br />

and pulling your way over and<br />

up craggy terrain challenges<br />

your core, coordination, grip<br />

strength...and sense of fear.<br />

Take it outside and skip the<br />

ropes and harnesses in favor<br />

of bouldering, which trains your<br />

body laterally, a movement<br />

pattern no one does enough of.<br />

8<br />


Ever since Jane<br />

Fonda released<br />

her hit workout<br />

series in the ‘80s,<br />

experts have been<br />

inventing new<br />

ways to get in<br />

shape.<br />

Krav Maga<br />

The Israeli martial art teaches<br />

hand-to-hand combat skills that<br />

inflict maximum damage. All the<br />

while, you’ll get in crazy-good<br />

shape, thanks to calisthenics<br />

drills that begin every class.<br />

Look for a training center near<br />

you.<br />

9 Snowshoeing<br />

Trudging through the snow<br />

wearing soles the size of tennis<br />

rackets is both aerobic and<br />

strength training and it makes<br />

bad weather no excuse for<br />

skipping your workout. Plus,<br />

you can tell yourself it’s the<br />

scenery that’s actually taking<br />

your breath away.<br />

10<br />

Battle Ropes<br />

Who’d have guessed that<br />

whipping a super-thick rope<br />

as hard as you can into the<br />

ground would work not just<br />

your arms and shoulders but<br />

your entire body, and leave<br />

you panting for air? It’s also<br />

aggressively loud, and who<br />

doesn’t love to make some<br />

noise?<br />

11 Underwater<br />

Running and<br />

Aqua Cycling<br />

The water added resistance<br />

without impact, for heartpumping<br />

cardio and killer<br />

calorie burn without day-after<br />

soreness. Both are great<br />

cross-training for marathoners<br />

and triathletes as well as for<br />

anyone who’s rehabbing from<br />

injury.<br />

12<br />

Tractor Tire<br />

Flips<br />

It may seem super-weird,<br />

but think about it: In order<br />

to launch these enormous<br />

tires end-over-end, you have<br />

to squat, deadlift, row, and<br />

overhead press, all in one fluid<br />

motion. It’ll also prep you for a<br />

side gig with the pit crew at the<br />

monster truck rally.<br />

13 Gymnastics<br />

Rings<br />

Used in CrossFit and making<br />

their way into mainstream<br />

gyms and even for sale on<br />

Amazon, the rings offer<br />

instability that allows for<br />

intense bodyweight strength<br />

training. And no matter one’s<br />

opinion on gymnastics as a<br />

sport, everyone thinks the<br />

iron cross is totally badass.<br />

14<br />

Chi Running<br />

This unexpected blend of<br />

the Chinese martial art tai<br />

chi with jogging, chi running<br />

emphasizes posture,<br />

alignment, stride efficiency,<br />

and yoga-like breathing to<br />

improve running form and<br />

prevent injuries. ‘Cause<br />

let’s face it: No matter your<br />

age, you’re not getting any<br />

younger.<br />

15 Weight Sled<br />

Pushing or pulling a loaded<br />

contraption against the<br />

friction of the ground trains<br />

the whole body for sheer<br />

strength and power. And<br />

who knows when you might<br />

need to be your own tow<br />

truck? Find a sled at your<br />

local gym, rig one up by<br />

flipping over a box and<br />

stacking it with weight plates,<br />

or MacGyver your own from<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

stuff you buy at the hardware store.<br />

16 Capoeira<br />

This Brazilian art of self-defense<br />

was disguised by African slaves as a<br />

traditional dance so its practitioners<br />

could get away with becoming<br />

killing machines. You’ll work on your<br />

coordination, flexibility, and strength<br />

by kicking, chopping, and flipping<br />

through the air.<br />

17<br />

A Zombie Race<br />

What better way to encourage<br />

yourself to run harder than being<br />

chased by the undead? Some of<br />

these races also throw in mudrun-type<br />

obstacles for an added<br />

challenge. All told, it’s probably less<br />

life-threatening—and more amusing—<br />

than running from those Spanish<br />

bulls.<br />

18. Wood Chopping<br />

Grab an axe and get ready to do<br />

your best Paul Bunyan impression.<br />

Splitting wood isn’t just a way to<br />

have fireplace reserves for winter: It<br />

forces your muscles to work in total<br />

synergy—the definition of functional<br />

training—and shred your arms,<br />

shoulders, and abs in the process.<br />

And who knows, if you get good<br />

enough, you could test your mettle<br />

at a lumberjack competition<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Popular Indian Sweets<br />

Around the World<br />

50<br />

Weddings. Festivals. And any happy occasion, really. Indians sure<br />

know how to indulge their sweet tooth. What else could explain the<br />

sheer number of sweet treats that have their origins in India? Most<br />

Indians are known for having a sweet tooth. When it comes to having<br />

‘something sweet’, we are all equally guilty.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

That is why there is an<br />

amazing variety of popular<br />

Indian sweets. These Indian<br />

desserts are in high demand<br />

all over the world. All the<br />

different popular Indian<br />

desserts hail from various<br />

parts of India. Almost every<br />

state in this country has its<br />

own variety of ‘mithai’ or<br />

sweetmeat.<br />

The list of popular Indian<br />

sweets is almost neverending.<br />

Some of these mithai<br />

enjoy global popularity. For<br />

example laddoos and jalebis<br />

are famous in very corner<br />

of India. Each of these of<br />

Indian desserts come in many<br />

different varieties. Laddoos<br />

can be made of boondi, atta,<br />

sattu etc. Here are some of the<br />

most popular Indian sweets<br />

that enjoy legendary status<br />

all around the world:<br />

Gulab Jamun:<br />

Gulab Jamun is a delicious Indian<br />

version of donuts immersed in<br />

warm sweet syrup. As India’s most<br />

popular dessert, gulab jamun is a<br />

staple in most parts of the country.<br />

Gulab jamuns are served for almost<br />

every celeberation. Gulab jamuns<br />

can be served warm or at room<br />

temperature. From west to east and<br />

north to south Gulab Jamuns are<br />

a one of the most favorite Indian<br />

sweet dishes due to its silky texture,<br />

its dripping sugar syrup and its soft<br />

crust. The best Gulab Jamun recipe<br />

takes time to cook with the process<br />

involving milk solids or khoya to be<br />

cooked on slow burn until the water<br />

content has evaporated. Then the<br />

remnants are kneaded into soft<br />

dough out of which small balls<br />

are made out and then deep fried.<br />

Finally, the small balls are then<br />

soaked in sugary syrup which is<br />

flavored with saffron or cardamom.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

52<br />


Rasgulla:<br />

A very attractive way of eating<br />

carrots, gajjar ka halwa is another<br />

very popular Indian sweet dish in the<br />

northern and central parts of India.<br />

Originated in Punjab, it is usually<br />

made during the winter months<br />

and is a delight to have. Made out<br />

of carrot, milk, sugar and nuts it<br />

is cooked on a slow burner until<br />

the milk dries out leaving a mouth<br />

watering sweet dish to have post<br />

meal. Gajjar ka Halwa is a North<br />

Indian specialty with Punjab being<br />

the best place to have Gajjar ka<br />

Halwa on a cold winter evening.<br />

Payasam:<br />

Kheer, payasam, payesh or payasa,<br />

these are the many regional varieties of<br />

the same dessert. In Kerala, Payasam<br />

gets a dedicated space in the traditional<br />

thali during festivals like Onam or<br />

during the traditional Malayalam feast<br />

popularly known as Sadhya. In Tamil<br />

Nadu, payasam is served during<br />

most festivals like Gokulashtami and<br />

others. Traditional payasam includes<br />

ingredients like jaggery and coconut<br />

milk over sugar and dairy milk that is<br />

used predominantly in the North Indian<br />

variants. There is a wide variety of<br />

payasams: from the traditional recipes<br />

that include rice, vermicelli and moong<br />

dal to other preparations like jevvarisi<br />

payasam, thengai payasam, rava<br />

payasam.<br />

Petha:<br />

Petha and Peda are an out and<br />

out Uttar Pradeshi dessert which is<br />

gorged upon by millions with great<br />

joy. It goes without saying that<br />

the best dessert found in Agra is<br />

Petha and that in Mathurais Peda.<br />

Pethas are like soft, sweet, white<br />

rectangular candies made out of<br />

white pumpkin. Mathura is credited<br />

with the origin of Pedas. They<br />

are circular semi soft discs made<br />

out of khoa, sugar and traditional<br />

flavorings, including cardamom<br />

seeds, pistachio nuts and saffron.<br />

Agra ka Petha and Mathura ke<br />

Pede are to die for.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Rasmalai:<br />

Ras malai or rossomalai is a dessert<br />

originating from the Indian subcontinent.<br />

The nameras malai comes from two words<br />

in Hindi: ras, meaning “juice”, and malai,<br />

meaning “cream”. It has been described<br />

as “a rich cheesecake without a crust” Ras<br />

Malai is dumplings made from cottage<br />

or riccotta cheese soaked in sweetened,<br />

thickened milk delicately flavored with<br />

cardamom. Serve it chilled and garnished<br />

with slivers of dried fruit.<br />

Jalebi<br />

A dessert among street foods of<br />

India, jalebi or imarti as it’s known<br />

across India, is a sweet gorged<br />

upon by millions every evening on<br />

Indian streets or at homes with a<br />

cup of hot tea. Imarti or jalebi is<br />

made out of Urad flour batter which<br />

is deep-fried and then soaked in<br />

sugar syrup. A gift of the Mughals,<br />

a jalebi causes an explosion of<br />

sweetness in your mouth.<br />

Shahi Tukda or<br />

Khubani ka meetha<br />

The earliest visitors to India called it the land<br />

of milk and honey. Marut Sikka whips up a<br />

rich, saffron infused shahi tudka from Awadh.<br />

The recipe of Shahi Tukda is believed to<br />

have been invented out of a way to use<br />

up unused bread in the nineteenth century<br />

Mogul cuisines. ect<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


54<br />

Meera Nair<br />

The Complete Profile<br />

Mira Nair (pronounced Mee-ra Ni-eer) is the writer,<br />

director, and producer of award-winning films such<br />

as Salaam Bombay, Mississippi Masala , and Monsoon<br />

Wedding . Her films are studies in cross-cultural identity as<br />

her characters negotiate the complexities of life while also<br />

honoring their heritage.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Born in India, educated in the<br />

United States, and having<br />

lived in Africa since 1991,<br />

Nair is intimately aware of the<br />

conflicts and joys associated<br />

with nostalgia for home<br />

and outsider status. She<br />

explained to David Sterritt of<br />

the Chicago Tribune , “I’m<br />

interested in marginal people,<br />

or people who are considered<br />

marginal…. I’m interested in<br />

capturing the complexity of<br />

people and the complexity of<br />

life.”<br />

The youngest of three<br />

children, Nair was born<br />

on October 15, 1957, in<br />

Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India.<br />

The small village in eastern<br />

India was, as she described<br />

to Alex Perry in Time<br />

International , “Even in Indian<br />

terms, it’s really remote.”<br />

Her father, Amrit, was a civil<br />

servant and her mother,<br />

Praveen, was active in social<br />

welfare which included<br />

organizing a home for the<br />

children of lepers. Growing up<br />

she was noted for her interest<br />

in the people around her<br />

and her energy. The village<br />

elders nicknamed her “Pagli”<br />

which is Hindi for “mad.” Her<br />

father described her role in<br />

the family to John Lahr of the<br />

New Yorker: “Even though<br />

the boys were older, she was<br />

the leader.”<br />

wrote poetry, and acted in<br />

the local street theater. An<br />

excellent student, Nair was<br />

determined to get into a better<br />

school than the local one she<br />

attended. The teachers there<br />

expected her to do so well<br />

that they never noticed when<br />

she started putting nonsense<br />

in the middle of her written<br />

reports. With the help of her<br />

former headmistress she was<br />

able to convince her father<br />

to send her to an exclusive<br />

boarding school similar to the<br />

ones her older brothers were<br />

attending.<br />

Upon graduating from high<br />

school, Nair went to the<br />

University of Delhi but she felt<br />

a need to expand her horizons<br />

and began applying to schools<br />

in Europe and the United<br />

States. In 1976, she jumped<br />

at the full scholarship offered<br />

by Harvard even though<br />

she’d never even visited the<br />

campus. She started out<br />

in the theater department<br />

acting, but was bored with the<br />

staid productions of familiar<br />

musicals. She also found<br />

acting too restrictive to her<br />

need to have control over<br />

her creativity. Moving out of<br />

the theater department she<br />

turned to photography and<br />

eventually to documentary<br />

filmmaking.<br />

She made four<br />

documentaries. Her first was<br />

Jama Masjid Street Journal<br />

, made in 1979. Nair took a<br />

camera to the streets around<br />

a mosque that is the center<br />

of life in the city of Delhi,<br />

India. The film contrasts<br />

traditional life and how it fits<br />

into the structure of a growing<br />

modern city. So Far From<br />

India , released four years<br />

later, shows the journey of<br />

a young Indian man as he<br />

travels to New York for work<br />

and his reluctance to return to<br />

India afterward. India Cabaret<br />

revealed the normal lives<br />

of strippers who work in a<br />

suburb of Bombay. Her final<br />

documentary, Children of a<br />

Desired Sex , exposed how<br />

the medical diagnostic tool<br />

of amniocentesis was being<br />

used to determine the sex of<br />

fetuses, and how those that<br />

were female were aborted.<br />

Nair spent a great deal of<br />

Highly motivated and<br />

dedicated to whatever she<br />

put her mind to, Nair taught<br />

herself to type and play<br />

sitar. She also painted,<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


56<br />

time traveling on her own to<br />

show her documentaries. She<br />

eventually tired of answering<br />

irrelevant questions about her<br />

nationality as well as the lack<br />

of creative control that comes<br />

with documentary filmmaking.<br />

She still wanted more control.<br />

Discussing her primary<br />

frustration with documentary<br />

film, she told Ann Kolson of<br />

the Philadelphia Inquirer ,<br />

“Life controlled the film.”<br />

Working from the inspiration<br />

she found in the street<br />

children she met making her<br />

earlier films, she decided<br />

to make her first fiction film,<br />

which was called Salaam<br />

Bombay! . Her experiences as<br />

an actor, as a documentary<br />

filmmaker, and her respect<br />

for the children all came<br />

together in the film which had<br />

no professional actors. The<br />

actors were all taken from<br />

the pool of children found in<br />

the streets. She explained<br />

to the Chicago Tribune ‘s<br />

Sterritt why she used nonprofessionals:<br />

“It couldn’t<br />

be made with any other<br />

children … the inspiration that<br />

came from them was their<br />

spirit…. Also, their faces and<br />

bodies were a kind of map<br />

of the journey that they had<br />

traveled.”<br />

Making Salaam Bombay!<br />

called on Nair to pull together<br />

all her resources. There were<br />

logistical problems involved in<br />

trying to film the movie around<br />

the schedules of pimps and<br />

prostitutes. As producer of the<br />

film, Nair had to pull in finances<br />

from three continents in order<br />

to keep creative control. And<br />

finally, there was organizing<br />

and filming with a troupe of<br />

actors who had never acted<br />

before in their short lives. The<br />

final product was a film that<br />

received the following review<br />

from Desmond Ryan of the<br />

Philadelphia Inquirer , “Nair<br />

has contrived the extraordinary<br />

feat of treating this blameless<br />

degradation with compassion<br />

while never turning mawkish<br />

or milking the more appalling<br />

moments…. This detached,<br />

almost matter-of-fact approach<br />

to a way of life … is devastating<br />

in its cumulative force.”<br />

In 1988, Nair’s first feature film<br />

went on to win the coveted<br />

Camera d’Or for Best First Film<br />

at the Cannes Film Festival,<br />

the first Indian film to ever<br />

win the prize. Its premiere<br />

at Cannes was followed by<br />

a standing ovation from the<br />

audience. Other awards<br />

included the Prix du Public at<br />

Cannes, Jury Prize and Most<br />

Popular Film at the Montreal<br />

World Film Festival. Salaam<br />

Bombay! also received a<br />

nomination for Best Foreign<br />

Film from the Academy<br />

Awards.<br />

Three years later she was<br />

challenging audiences again<br />

with the story of Ugandanborn<br />

Indians displaced to<br />

Mississippi in Mississippi<br />

Masala . Instead of working<br />

with amateurs she had<br />

the luxury of working with<br />

names and faces familiar<br />

to audiences in India and<br />

the United States. The cast<br />

included Roshan Seth, who<br />

had starred in feature films<br />

such as the epic Gandhi<br />

and My Beautiful Laundrette<br />

, as the father longing to<br />

return to Uganda. Sharmila<br />

Tagore, a famous actress in<br />

Hindi films as well as many<br />

films by the Indian director<br />

Satyajit Ray, was cast as<br />

the mother. American actor<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Denzel Washington had the<br />

role of Demetrius William, the<br />

love interest of Meena, played<br />

by Sarita Choudhury, in her<br />

debut acting role.<br />

While making Mississippi<br />

Masala Nair met Mahmood<br />

Mamdani, who owned one<br />

of the locations in Uganda<br />

where they shot scenes<br />

for the film. Nair ended her<br />

marriage with Mitch Epstein<br />

whom she had met in 1977<br />

and married in 1981, and<br />

moved to Uganda to be with<br />

Mamdani. Their son, Zohran,<br />

was born in 1991 and Nair<br />

began making adjustments to<br />

her life on three continents.<br />

She and her husband teach<br />

at Columbia University<br />

through the school year. The<br />

family spends holidays in<br />

India, and then the rest of the<br />

time in Kampala, Uganda.<br />

Nair told Carrie Rickey of the<br />

Philadelphia Inquirer , “My<br />

clothes hang in three places,<br />

but I have a garden only in<br />

Kampala…. Where you plant<br />

your garden is your true<br />

home.”<br />

From 1993 to 1999, Nair<br />

made several films but none<br />

of them really seemed to<br />

hold the energy of her first<br />

two films. She made her first<br />

all-star film with 1995’s The<br />

Perez Family which included<br />

Anjelica Huston, Marisa<br />

Tomei, Alfred Molina, and<br />

Chazz Palminteri. Although<br />

the theme of displacement<br />

was one she had grappled<br />

with before, the film was not<br />

as well received as her others.<br />

In 1996, instead of dealing<br />

with negative critical reviews,<br />

Nair spent months fighting the<br />

censorship board of India to get<br />

them to release her film Kama<br />

Sutra: A Tale of Love , the story<br />

of two strong women celebrating<br />

their sexuality. When it was<br />

finally released in India, she<br />

insisted that movie theaters that<br />

showed it reserve three times a<br />

week for women-only viewings<br />

to encourage women to see it.<br />

By the late 1990s, Nair was<br />

burned out on the films she was<br />

making. She wanted to return<br />

to her roots, and also prove a<br />

point to her students that a good<br />

film could be made without a<br />

huge amount of money. On her<br />

summer vacation she took off<br />

for India with a small crew and<br />

enlisted the help of many of<br />

her relatives and acquintances<br />

to take roles in the film. The<br />

result was Monsoon Wedding<br />

, which was made for one<br />

million dollars in the course of<br />

30 days. Susan Stark of the<br />

Detroit News described the film<br />

about a Punjabi wedding and<br />

events surrounding it as “[s]<br />

wirling, loving, and brilliantly,<br />

sensuously colorful. [It]<br />

celebrates love, family, a culture<br />

that comfortably accommodates<br />

past and present.” The film won<br />

numerous awards and went on<br />

to make $30 million worldwide—<br />

the most money ever made by<br />

an Indian film.<br />

In 2002, she released Hysterical<br />

Blindness . The made-for-HBO<br />

film starred Juliette Lewis and<br />

Uma Thurman. The members<br />

of the cast of the film won<br />

three Emmys and a Golden<br />

Globe. In discussing her work<br />

with Time International ‘s<br />

Perry, Nair stated, “My feeling<br />

is that I do what I do, then I<br />

offer it to the world. I hope<br />

people will be affected by it,<br />

watch it and are impressed….<br />

I don’t think about the fruits of<br />

my actions. I just do the work.”<br />

In 2004, she was the creative<br />

force behind the remake of<br />

the classic novel of social<br />

aspiration Vanity Fair . The film<br />

starred Reese Witherspoon<br />

and took a different approach<br />

to the subject matter, casting<br />

humor and joy into situations<br />

that had previously been<br />

portrayed as dark and ugly.<br />

Nair also took liberties to add<br />

some Bollywood (popular<br />

Indian film) style to the film,<br />

introducing song and dance<br />

numbers to enliven the period<br />

piece.<br />

Never one to slow down,<br />

Nair began working on her<br />

next project while finishing up<br />

Vanity Fair . She described<br />

the situation to Amaya Rivera<br />

of Mother Jones , “I’d shoot<br />

Vanity Fair during the day—<br />

elephants, carriage, Reese<br />

Witherspoon—and at 6<br />

p.m. I would say, ‘Goodbye,<br />

everyone, I’m going to my<br />

room.’ And I read and reread<br />

The Namesake .” The film<br />

was conceived during those<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

58<br />


readings and within ten<br />

months she began shooting.<br />

Her cache with Hollywood<br />

had grown so much that she<br />

was asked to direct the 2007<br />

installment of the series of<br />

films based on the Harry<br />

Potter books. She turned<br />

it down to continue work<br />

onThe Namesake which was<br />

released the same year. Nair<br />

next planned to direct the<br />

film Shantaram and produce<br />

Gangsta M.D. , both of<br />

which were scheduled to be<br />

released in 2008.<br />

About Meera Nair:<br />

Mira Nair is an internationally<br />

accomplished film director,<br />

writer and producer born in<br />

India and currently based in<br />

the U.S.A. She has directed<br />

award-winning documentaries<br />

such as So Far From India<br />

and India Cabaret. Her<br />

debut feature film, Salaam<br />

Bombay! was nominated for<br />

an Academy Award for Best<br />

Foreign Language Film in<br />

1988. It won the Camera D’Or<br />

for the best first feature film<br />

and the Prix du Publique for<br />

‘most popular entry’ at the<br />

Cannes Film Festival besides<br />

25 other international awards.<br />

Her next film Mississippi<br />

Masala won three awards at<br />

the Venice Film Festival. Her<br />

most recent film, The Queen<br />

of Katwe, which got released<br />

in October, 2016 in India, is<br />

about the journey of a young<br />

Ugandan woman who aspires<br />

to be a chess champion.<br />

Personal Life<br />

Mira Nair was born on 15<br />

October, 1957 in Rourkela,<br />

Odisha. Her father, Amrit<br />

Nair, was a civil servant and<br />

her mother, Praveen Nair, a<br />

social worker. Nair moved with<br />

her family to Delhi at the age<br />

of eleven due to her father’s<br />

transferring posts. She is the<br />

youngest among her siblings.<br />

She left home at the age<br />

of thirteen to attend Loreto<br />

Convent Tara Hall, an Irish-<br />

Catholic missionary school in<br />

Shimla, where she developed<br />

interest in English literature.<br />

Later, Nair went to Miranda<br />

House at Delhi University and<br />

earned her graduation degree<br />

in Sociology. She was offered<br />

a full scholarship to Cambridge<br />

University, but accepted a<br />

similar opportunity at Harvard<br />

University.<br />

Mira Nair met her first husband,<br />

Mitch Epstein, in 1977 at<br />

Harvard University. They<br />

divorced by 1987. Nair met her<br />

husband Mahmood Mamdani<br />

in 1988 while researching for<br />

her film Mississippi Masala in<br />

Uganda. Their son, Zohran,<br />

was born in 1991. She lives in<br />

New York City near Columbia<br />

University, where she works<br />

as an adjunct professor<br />

in the Film Division of the<br />

university’s School of Arts.<br />

Apart from teaching and films,<br />

Mira also takes interest in<br />

yoga. In fact, when making a<br />

film, she makes sure that her<br />

cast and crew begin the day<br />

with yoga.<br />

Career<br />

Mira Nair began her career<br />

with small-scale films. With<br />

time, she developed interest<br />

in direction and made a<br />

number of documentaries<br />

for television. Her first film,<br />

Jama Masjid Street (1979)<br />

describes the life of Muslims<br />

in Old Delhi. Her other<br />

noted film, India Cabaret<br />

(1985) revolves around the<br />

lives in Mumbai nightclubs.<br />

Salaam Bombay! (1988) is<br />

a critically acclaimed movie<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

that won numerous awards in<br />

international film festivals. Her<br />

1991 film Mississippi Masala,<br />

starring Denzel Washington<br />

and Sarita Choudhury, won<br />

rave reviews. The Perez<br />

Family, which starred Alfred<br />

Molina, Marisa Tomei and<br />

Angelica Huston, was released<br />

in 1995. She also directed<br />

a movie called Kama Sutra:<br />

A Tale of Love Story, which<br />

narrates the story of love life<br />

in India in the 16th century.<br />

Her movie Monsoon Wedding<br />

in 2001 was a major success<br />

and won her several awards,<br />

including the prestigious<br />

Golden Lion award at the<br />

Venice film festival. In 2006,<br />

she made The Namesake,<br />

adapted from Pulitzer prize<br />

winner Jhumpa Lahiri’s award<br />

winning novel, and it also drew<br />

positive response from film<br />

critics.<br />

Awards and<br />

Recognition<br />

1985: Best Documentary<br />

Film, Global Village Film<br />

Festival for India Cabaret<br />

1986: Golden Athena,<br />

Athens International Film<br />

Festival for India Cabaret<br />

1988: Audience Award,<br />

Cannes Film Festival for<br />

Salaam Bombay!<br />

1988: Golden Camera<br />

(Best First Film), Cannes Film<br />

Festival for Salaam Bombay!<br />

1988: National Film Award<br />

for Best Feature Film in Hindi<br />

for Salaam Bombay!<br />

1988: Jury Prize, Most<br />

Popular Film and Prize of the<br />

Ecumenical Jury at Montreal<br />

World Film Festival for Salaam<br />

Bombay!<br />

1988: New Generation<br />

Award, Los Angeles Film Critics<br />

Association Awards<br />

1991: Golden Osella (Best<br />

Original Screenplay), Venice<br />

Film Festival for Mississippi<br />

Masala<br />

1991: Critics Special Award,<br />

São Paulo International Film<br />

Festival for Mississippi Masala<br />

1992: Best Director<br />

(Foreign Film), Italian National<br />

Syndicate of Film Journalists<br />

for Mississippi Masala<br />

2001: Golden Lion (Best<br />

Film), Venice Film Festival for<br />

Monsoon Wedding<br />

2002: UNESCO Award,<br />

Venice Film Festival<br />

2012: Padma Bhushan by<br />

Government of India<br />

Philanthropy and<br />

other contributions:<br />

Wherever she goes, Nair<br />

also lends whatever support<br />

she can. After the making of<br />

Salaam Bombay! she created<br />

the Salaam Baalak Trust, which<br />

is run by her mother, to help the<br />

children of Delhi who have<br />

been forced into prostitution<br />

and other horrible situations.<br />

In 2004 she launched the<br />

film lab called Maisha, based<br />

in Uganda. Set up similarly<br />

to the Sundance Institute,<br />

the lab is a home for East<br />

African and South Asian<br />

filmmakers to gather and<br />

learn new skills. In 2005,<br />

they hosted a screenwriting<br />

workshop and the following<br />

year a directors’ workshop.<br />

In 2007, they collaborated<br />

with the Full Frame<br />

Institute, which focuses on<br />

documentary filmmaking.<br />

Nair is passionate, driven,<br />

and creative. She travels<br />

the globe from New York,<br />

where she teaches at<br />

Columbia University, to<br />

Uganda, where she tends<br />

her garden. Despite all that<br />

she is well-grounded in her<br />

work. In discussing how she<br />

approaches her work she<br />

told Ethirajan Anbarasan and<br />

Amy Otchet of the UNESCO<br />

Courier , “You do extensive<br />

research about a theme, feel<br />

it and then create a story that<br />

could become universal….<br />

I believe in intuition. I follow<br />

my intuition absolutely in<br />

finding and developing<br />

stories to tell…. But finding<br />

a subject is not enough.<br />

The trick is to create a work<br />

situation in which intuition is<br />

allowed to reign.”<br />

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Merit- Based Immigration<br />

Amendments Moved<br />

To Immigration Bill<br />

In an attempt to improve existing high-skilled, merit-based immigration<br />

laws, amendments are moved to a White House-backed immigration bill<br />

by a top Republican lawmaker named Senator Orrin Hatch. The proposal<br />

for merit-based immigration laws could be of a big benefit technology<br />

professionals from countries like India.<br />

60<br />

Hatch aims to eliminate<br />

annual per-country cap for<br />

employment-based green<br />

cards, which helps skilled<br />

employees from the populous<br />

countries like India and<br />

China. This does not allow<br />

unfairly discrimination against<br />

applicants from other less<br />

populous countries.<br />

After moving the amendments<br />

to Senate Immigration Bill<br />

Hatch said, “I have long said,<br />

high-skilled immigration is<br />

merit-based immigration,”<br />

“It’s immigration targeted at<br />

the best, the brightest, and<br />

the most highly educated. The<br />

amendments, I filed today,<br />

are focused, common sense<br />

reforms that will make a real<br />

difference for our economy,” he<br />

said.<br />

The amendments would<br />

increase worker mobility for<br />

individuals seeking green card<br />

approval.<br />

The workers can change jobs<br />

without getting out of the line<br />

for the green card.<br />

Existing regulations get<br />

codified regarding spousal<br />

work authorisation as well as<br />

the post-education practical<br />

training.<br />

As per the statement, the US<br />

master’s degree holders or<br />

others being sponsored for<br />

green cards are exempted<br />

under the amendments<br />

from the annual numerical<br />

limitations on H-1B visas. The<br />

amendments also penalize<br />

employers who do not employ<br />

an H-1B worker for more<br />

than three months during the<br />

individual’s first year of work<br />

authorisation.<br />

Amendments also updates<br />

1998 law exempting H-1B<br />

dependent employers<br />

from non-displacement<br />

requirements and other<br />

recruitment.<br />

The amendment raises the<br />

H-1B salary level to USD<br />

100,000 from USD 60,000<br />

where the salary-based<br />

exemption comes to effect,<br />

eliminate exemption for superdependent<br />

employers and<br />

lessens education-based<br />

exemption to H-1B hires with a<br />

US PhD.<br />

“In particular, they will help<br />

streamline the process by<br />

which a worker with in-demand<br />

technical skills can obtain a<br />

green card and will cut back on<br />

some of the troubling abuses<br />

we have seen with the H-1B<br />

programme.<br />

“These are important reforms<br />

that can attract broad support,<br />

and I intend to pursue every<br />

opportunity to include them in<br />

the pending immigration bill,”<br />

the lawmaker said.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

White House Announces<br />

End Of Green Card Backlog<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

62<br />


n a fact sheet<br />

titled ‘ending<br />

the economic<br />

harm caused by<br />

our immigration<br />

system’, the<br />

White House<br />

said, “President<br />

Trump’s<br />

framework would<br />

end the visa<br />

lottery programme<br />

and reallocate<br />

some of the<br />

visas to help<br />

reduce backlog<br />

of high-skilled,<br />

employmentbased<br />

immigrant<br />

cases.”<br />

In a fact sheet titled ‘ending<br />

the economic harm caused by<br />

our immigration system’, the<br />

White House said, “President<br />

Trump’s framework would end<br />

the visa lottery programme<br />

and reallocate some of the<br />

visas to help reduce backlog<br />

of high-skilled, employmentbased<br />

immigrant cases.”<br />

Trump called for ending the<br />

visa lottery system later in the<br />

evening nad tweeted:<br />

“Time to end the visa lottery.<br />

Congress must secure the<br />

immigration system and<br />

protect Americans.”<br />

Most Indian-Americans<br />

are highly skilled and enter<br />

the country on H-1B work<br />

visas. They were the most<br />

sufferers due to the the current<br />

immigration system with a<br />

cap on green card allotments<br />

or permanent legal residency<br />

per country. The current wait<br />

period can be as long as<br />

70 years for Indian skilled<br />

immigrants for green card.<br />

Raj Shah, White House<br />

Deputy Press Secretary,<br />

told reporters during his first<br />

ever White House press<br />

conference that, “I think<br />

the president wants to see<br />

legal immigration reform. He<br />

wants to see us move from a<br />

process that currently exists<br />

in law of extended family<br />

chain migration toward<br />

merit-based immigration<br />

reforms,”<br />

“We want to look at the<br />

educational backgrounds,<br />

ability to contribute to the<br />

workforce in a way that<br />

helps American workers.<br />

So the president wants to<br />

see reforms that improve<br />

America’s economy,” Shah<br />

added.<br />

As per the Senate<br />

Republican Policy<br />

Committee, an average<br />

of 50,000 green cards are<br />

alloted through lottery for<br />

people across countries who<br />

do not enter US through the<br />

merit-based employment<br />

visas<br />

The White house has<br />

announced that the<br />

immigration framework of<br />

the US President Donald<br />

Trump will end the green<br />

card backlog of high-skilled<br />

workers by ending the<br />

diversity lottery visa. The<br />

announcement comes amid<br />

the growing demand by the<br />

Indian H-1B visa holders for<br />

the removal of allotment as<br />

per the country-limit.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Hike Expected In US<br />

‘Golden Visa’ Investment Limits<br />

Experts are in the view that<br />

there will be a hike in February<br />

<strong>2018</strong> in the investment limits<br />

under the EB5 visa scheme,<br />

popularly known as the “Golden<br />

Visa”. The deadline for the<br />

Golden Visa scheme has been<br />

extended by the US Congress<br />

last week till 8 February <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The last deadlines expired on<br />

10 January <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Introduced in 1990, the EB5<br />

scheme allows foreign nationals<br />

to apply for a green card by<br />

investing in the US. The Golden<br />

Visa scheme allows every<br />

individual to invest $500,000<br />

in either of two Targeted<br />

Employment Areas (TEAs)<br />

i.e. a high unemployment area<br />

in a US metropolis or a rural<br />

area outside of a metro or $1<br />

million in a non-TEA area with<br />

the potential to generate 10 or<br />

more jobs and obtain the US<br />

citizenship in a shorter time<br />

compared to H1-B visa holders.<br />

Recently, the EB5 visa has<br />

been turning out to be the<br />

shorter route to citizenship, in<br />

the context of stricter norms<br />

for H1-B visa issuance by the<br />

Trump.<br />

According to Mark Davies,<br />

Global Chairman of Davies<br />

and Associates which also<br />

deals with EB5 applicants, the<br />

number of Indian clients his<br />

firm handled increased from<br />

99 in 2014 to 238 in 2015<br />

and over 330 in 2016. “I<br />

expect this to be 500-plus in<br />

2017,” he said.<br />

Davies explained that<br />

investors can apply for an<br />

EB5 visa in 2 ways, i.e.<br />

either through regional<br />

centres or outside of the<br />

regional centres. Regional<br />

centres hold licences and<br />

are authorised to implement<br />

projects under the EB5 visa<br />

scheme. Advantages that<br />

come with working with<br />

regional centres is that the<br />

jobs created under the project<br />

concerned can be counted.<br />

“But on the flip side, there can<br />

be responsible or irresponsible<br />

regional centres, just as a<br />

person holding a driving<br />

licence can drive responsibly<br />

or irresponsibly”, Davies said<br />

Davies pointed out that the<br />

current deadline is applicable<br />

only to those who seek an EB5<br />

visa through regional centres.<br />

And the direct route is open<br />

forever.<br />

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64<br />

Investment Linked Visa Route<br />

For US Residency To Get High Priced<br />

The recent development for<br />

Indian immigrants seeking<br />

investment based US<br />

residency is expected to see a<br />

change soon. Though the US<br />

government plans to continue<br />

the investment based Green<br />

Card in EB 5 category but<br />

it would get costlier by as<br />

much as 5 crore. The recent<br />

steps by the US government<br />

which are vetting the visa<br />

applications under H1b Visa<br />

regime, boosted the EB5<br />

visa popularity among rich<br />

Indians. This is the quickest<br />

way to US residency by just<br />

investing in US businesses<br />

with the requisite money<br />

and creating adequate<br />

employment for US workers.<br />

The number of investment<br />

based residency visa have<br />

increased from 90 in 2016<br />

to 174 in Sept 2017. In total<br />

10000 such visas are issued<br />

each year by US. But from<br />

India the category of visa<br />

has increased considerably.<br />

There was a sudden uproar<br />

due to some tweets by the<br />

USCIS or the United States<br />

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Citizenship and Immigration<br />

Services, which gave a vague<br />

insight making people believe<br />

this EB5 program would also<br />

come to an end. One of the<br />

tweet stated, “EB-5 visas<br />

provide lawful permanent<br />

residence to foreign nationals<br />

who promote economic<br />

growth in the United States.<br />

We’re working to fix the<br />

programme.”<br />

Now USCIS has come<br />

up with clarity of the EB5<br />

visa program and it stated<br />

“Our proposed rule would<br />

increase investment levels<br />

and end gerrymandering.<br />

The changes would help true<br />

high unemployment and rural<br />

areas,”<br />

According to draft rules; the<br />

minimum investment limit<br />

for EB5 residency was $1<br />

million or 6.4 crore and now<br />

it is going to increase to<br />

$1.8 million or 11.4 crore.<br />

But in rural areas, presently<br />

investors are required to<br />

just invest reduced amount<br />

of half a million specially<br />

for those areas with higher<br />

unemployment limits. These<br />

rural areas are called target<br />

employment areas or TEA’s.<br />

Even here the proposed<br />

investment is now hiked at<br />

$1.35 million or 8.6 crore.<br />

1- Established after<br />

Nov. 29, 1990, or<br />

2- Established on or<br />

before Nov. 29, 1990,<br />

that is:<br />

Purchased and the existing<br />

business is restructured or<br />

reorganized in such a way that<br />

a new commercial enterprise<br />

results, or<br />

Expanded through the<br />

investment so that at least a<br />

40-percent increase in the net<br />

worth or number of employees<br />

occurs”<br />

Under EB 5 Green Card<br />

program, any individual with<br />

the necessary investment<br />

amount can apply and become<br />

a lawfully permanent resident<br />

but not a citizen of the US. But<br />

they must create at least<br />

10 permanent full time jobs<br />

with their investment, for US<br />

workers. These individuals<br />

receive conditional lawful<br />

permanent residence for<br />

themselves, spouse and kids<br />

under 21 years of age. And<br />

after a period of two years<br />

they can reapply for uplifting<br />

the conditional status. Once<br />

their application is approved<br />

these individuals and their<br />

family can permanently live<br />

and work in the US<br />

Post the child turning 21,<br />

the individual can further<br />

petition for this child as<br />

unmarried over 21 of a lawful<br />

permanent resident. But<br />

the waiting period for such<br />

petition is to long so most<br />

families gift the investment<br />

amount to the child who then<br />

applies for EB5 Visa in her or<br />

her name to become lawfully<br />

permanent resident.<br />

According to USCIS, EB5 visa<br />

classification includes; “all<br />

investors must invest in a new<br />

commercial enterprise, which<br />

is a commercial enterprise:<br />

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New Campaign By Indian-Americans<br />

To Remove Green Card Backlog<br />

A new nationwide campaign<br />

was launched by a few eminent<br />

Indian Americans in the US<br />

for the removal of the green<br />

card backlog. The newlylaunched<br />

group is named the<br />

GCReforms.org. The motive<br />

behind the campaign is to<br />

create awareness about the<br />

huge green card backlog.<br />

According to them, the impact<br />

of the green card is on nearly<br />

300,00 high-skilled Indian<br />

applicants.<br />

66<br />

The announcement for the<br />

nationwide campaign comes<br />

in the wake of the details of its<br />

immigration reform sent by the<br />

White House to the Congress.<br />

Sampat Shivangi, GcReforms.<br />

org President, said, “We not<br />

only support the physician<br />

groups involved in the<br />

immigration issues but also<br />

supports a fair green card<br />

allocation process for engineers<br />

and other professionals that are<br />

caught up in the quandary.”<br />

Ved Nanda, evans<br />

distinguished university<br />

professor from 53 years<br />

at University of Denver<br />

Sturm college of law, said “I<br />

Strongly Support the Cause”<br />

in a statement issued by<br />

GCReforms.org.<br />

Read: Indian-American<br />

Adobe CEO Leads USISPF<br />

Board<br />

GCReforms.org, the newly<br />

formed group has said that<br />

as per the current regulation,<br />

skilled immigrants from India<br />

need to wait between 25-92<br />

years for a Green Card due<br />

to per-country limits.<br />

Kiran Kumar Thota, one of<br />

the founding organization<br />

members, has said that<br />

the delays from the green<br />

card have to eliminated as<br />

this slows down American<br />

innovation and job creation.<br />

Hindu American foundation<br />

director Rishi Bhutada said,<br />

“Many bright individuals who<br />

are hardworking and selfdriven<br />

are always under stress<br />

to keep the same job role.”<br />

The creator of From The Land<br />

Of Gandhi Film on Green Card<br />

backlog, Prakash Wadhwa,<br />

said, “The contributions of<br />

skilled immigrants to America<br />

and their issues need better<br />

understanding and recognition<br />

across America, coming<br />

together of the Green Card<br />

Reforms is a great initiative in<br />

that direction.”<br />

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Russian oligarch backs lawsuit<br />

against Olympic doping whistle-blower<br />

68 The Russian oligarch who is<br />

the owner of Brooklyn Nets<br />

is bankrolling the lawsuit filed<br />

by three Russian athletes<br />

in Russia’s doping scandal<br />

against the main whistleblower<br />

in anticipation the<br />

whistleblower will be enforced<br />

to make his accusations in a<br />

U.S. courtroom.<br />

Grigory Rodchenkov, the<br />

whistleblower, is currently<br />

in a U.S. witness protection<br />

program. His testimony helped<br />

influence the International<br />

Olympic Committee (IOC) to<br />

strip Russia of participation<br />

in the PyeongChang <strong>2018</strong><br />

Winter Games.<br />

Three Russian biathletes<br />

who were disqualified from<br />

Olympic competition because<br />

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of alleged doping are looking<br />

for $10 million apiece in<br />

a suit filed Tuesday in a<br />

New York state court. “The<br />

objective of the litigation is<br />

twofold,” mentioned Scott<br />

S. Balber, attorney for the<br />

plaintiffs. “Obviously, we want<br />

to adjudicate the matter, but<br />

we also want full-fledged<br />

discovery, documents and<br />

depositions to demonstrate<br />

the falsity of [Rodchenko’s]<br />

claims.”<br />

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail<br />

Prokhorov was the chief<br />

promoter of the Russian<br />

biathlon program in the<br />

run-up to the 2014 Winter<br />

Olympics, which were held<br />

in the southern Russian<br />

resort city of Sochi. A<br />

source familiar with his role<br />

mentioned it to the NBC<br />

News that he is the chief<br />

financial backer of the<br />

lawsuit.<br />

Post the first of the three<br />

biathletes, all women, were<br />

forbidden by the IOC in<br />

September 2017, Prokhorov<br />

said he would be keen to<br />

finance such a suit.<br />

“I am sure that one of the<br />

court proceedings could be<br />

opened in the United States,<br />

[where] Rodchenkov can be<br />

questioned during the trial,”<br />

Prokhorov said to TASS.<br />

“Our athletes should have<br />

an opportunity to personally<br />

face the man whose words<br />

provided the basis for<br />

the outrage of sporting<br />

lawlessness.” He also

added saying “I am prepared<br />

to hire the best lawyers to<br />

defend the interests of our<br />

biathletes in any country of<br />

the world, where it will be<br />

most appropriate.”<br />

The Wall Street Journal<br />

reported in December,<br />

Rodchenkov alleged in sworn<br />

testimony that Prokhorov<br />

funded a Russian biathlete<br />

millions of rubles not to reveal<br />

the elaborate doping scheme.<br />

Prokhorov strongly denied the<br />

story.<br />

As per the source, even<br />

though, the suit has a limited<br />

chance of success, Prokhorov<br />

and the plaintiffs want to<br />

make Rodchenkov “face his<br />

accusers.” They want to make<br />

him give sworn testimony in<br />

confessions or, if the case<br />

reaches trial, in open court.<br />

Balber told he expects the<br />

Justice Department to put in<br />

efforts to keep Rodchenkov<br />

off the stand. The DOJ<br />

mentioned that the U.S.<br />

government “does not confirm<br />

or deny the participation<br />

of anyone in the Witness<br />

Security Program,” and<br />

disagreed to comment on the<br />

suit.<br />

As per the senior law<br />

enforcement officials,<br />

Rodchenkov is facilitating<br />

prosecutors with criminal<br />

investigations in the U.S.<br />

and in a different place.<br />

Since 2016 He has been<br />

in witness protection in the<br />

U.S. According to senior law<br />

enforcement officials, he is<br />

aiding prosecutors in criminal<br />

investigations in the United<br />

States and elsewhere.<br />

The Carnegie Endowment<br />

for International Peace,<br />

Andrew Weiss said Russian<br />

oligarchs have not used<br />

the U.S. court system very<br />

frequently, trusting instead<br />

on the British courts by their<br />

“more favorable British legal<br />

standards on what constitutes<br />

libel or defamation.”<br />

Weiss said “Rodchenkov<br />

is Enemy Number One in<br />

Moscow these days and the<br />

government has launched<br />

a full-scale effort to make<br />

him, not the secret statesponsored<br />

doping program,<br />

the focal point of their rebuttal<br />

to the IOC’s decision to ban<br />

Russian Olympic athletes”<br />

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Measles cases in Europe tripled<br />

The World Health<br />

Organization says Measles<br />

cases more than tripled<br />

in Europe last year, with<br />

eruptions and epidemics<br />

fueled by low vaccination<br />

rates.<br />

WHO said that more than<br />

21,000 people caught the<br />

virus in 2017, and total 35<br />

people died of it. The numbers<br />

shocked officials after a<br />

record low of 5,200 cases in<br />

2016.<br />

70<br />

Advisers met on 20th<br />

February to talk about how to<br />

increase vaccination rates in<br />

Europe.<br />

Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO<br />

Regional Director for Europe,<br />

mentioned in a statement.<br />

“Every new person affected<br />

by measles in Europe reminds<br />

us that unvaccinated children<br />

and adults, regardless of<br />

where they live, remain at<br />

risk of catching the disease<br />

and spreading it to others<br />

who may not be able to get<br />

vaccinated,”<br />

“Over 20,000 cases of<br />

measles, and 35 lives lost in<br />

2017 alone, are a tragedy we<br />

simply cannot accept.”<br />

Europe has been struggling<br />

to regulate measles for years.<br />

One of the worst recent years<br />

was 2013, when there were<br />

more than 10,000 cases<br />

across Europe. But 2017<br />

had more than doubled that<br />

number.<br />

Europe has been struggling to<br />

control measles for years. One<br />

of the worst recent years was<br />

2013, when there were more<br />

than 10,000 cases across<br />

Europe. But 2017 had more<br />

than doubled that number.<br />

The worst recent year in the<br />

United States was 2014,<br />

when there were 667 cases of<br />

measles. Last year, 86 people<br />

were diagnosed with measles<br />

in the U.S. and so far this year<br />

9 cases have been reported<br />

to the Centers for Disease<br />

Control and Prevention.<br />

The CDC says “The majority of<br />

people who got measles were<br />

unvaccinated. Travelers with<br />

measles continue to bring the<br />

disease into the U.S. Measles<br />

can spread when it reaches<br />

a community in the U.S.<br />

where groups of people are<br />

unvaccinated.”<br />

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Bermuda lawyer goes to court<br />

to challenge gay marriage reversal<br />

According to a court<br />

document seen on Monday, A<br />

Bermudian lawyer has filed a<br />

legal motion with the island’s<br />

Supreme Court to undo a<br />

new law banning same-sex<br />

marriage.<br />

Bermuda’s Governor John<br />

Rankin on Feb. 7, in the<br />

wealthy British overseas<br />

island of 60,000 people<br />

accepted the Domestic<br />

Partnership Act (DPA), which<br />

was a rare reversal of a trend<br />

amid Western countries of<br />

legalizing same-sex marriage.<br />

Domestic partnerships may be<br />

shaped under the law that will<br />

offer equal rights as marriage,<br />

the government says.<br />

The lawyer Mark Pettingill,<br />

challenging the act is<br />

representing Roderick<br />

Ferguson who is a Bermudian<br />

who lives in the United<br />

States. Ferguson is not<br />

currently trying to marry, but<br />

desires to be able to avail him<br />

of gay marriage privileges in<br />

the future, Pettingill said.<br />

Pettingill said on Monday<br />

“My client has the right to<br />

the constitutional protection<br />

of the law and that has been<br />

infringed as a result of the<br />

DPA.” He pursues to render<br />

the DPA void for contradicting<br />

Bermuda’s constitution,<br />

which promises freedom from<br />

discrimination. The motion<br />

was filed on February 16,<br />

against the Attorney General,<br />

whose lawyers attend as legal<br />

advisers to the government.<br />

A government spokeswoman<br />

did not instantly respond to a<br />

request for comment on the<br />

motion.<br />

Pettingill, a ex attorney<br />

general, won Bermuda’s<br />

wedding equality case in<br />

May 2017 in the Supreme<br />

Court, only to see it inverted<br />

nine months later.<br />

The Supreme Court ruling<br />

on wedding equality<br />

was celebrated by the<br />

Atlantic island’s small<br />

gay community, but also<br />

annoyed many, leading to<br />

protests outside parliament.<br />

Bermuda was first settled<br />

in 1609 and is the oldest<br />

British colony, having<br />

rejected independence in<br />

a 1995 referendum. Rights<br />

groups and some British<br />

MPs have criticized the<br />

bill, mentioning the United<br />

Kingdom should have<br />

stopped the legislation.<br />

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Donald Trump Jr. Tells<br />

India’s Poorest<br />

Have something special<br />

72<br />

Donald Trump Jr. applauses ‘spirit’ of India’s<br />

people during promotional trip to the country<br />

to help sell luxury apartments featuring his<br />

family’s name. Poverty-stricken people in<br />

India might teach some of the world’s richest a<br />

message according to him.<br />

Trump Jr. said “I don’t want<br />

to be glib but you can see the<br />

poorest of the poor and there<br />

is still a smile on a face,” the<br />

president’s eldest son said in<br />

an interview with CNBC TV18.<br />

“It is a different spirit than that<br />

which you see in other parts of<br />

the world and I think there is<br />

something unique about that.”<br />

He further added saying “I know<br />

some of the most successful<br />

businessmen in the world, and<br />

some of them are the most<br />

miserable people in the world.”<br />

As part of his trip, Trump Jr. is<br />

due to see with Indians who<br />

have already bought units in<br />

Trump-branded expansions.<br />

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A barrage of glossy full-page<br />

ads in Indian newspapers<br />

assured that buyers who<br />

order apartments in that<br />

development by Thursday<br />

will get “a conversation and<br />

dinner” with Trump Jr. a day<br />

later. “Trump has arrived.<br />

Have you?” read the frontpage<br />

advertisements in almost<br />

every single major Indian<br />

newspaper.<br />

The apartments are luxurious<br />

and expensive— though<br />

not shockingly so in the<br />

overheated real estate world<br />

of India’s wealthy elite. An<br />

apartment in the Trump<br />

Towers complex in the New<br />

Delhi area of Gurgaon runs<br />

$775,000 to $1.5 million.<br />

The mediocre person in the<br />

territory of Delhi now earns<br />

around $4,600 yearly, this was<br />

reported by the Times of India<br />

last year. That numeral was<br />

about three times the national<br />

average.<br />

On 23rd Feb., Trump Jr. has<br />

organized to make a speech<br />

about Indo-Pacific relations at<br />

a New Delhi business summit.<br />

Narendra Modi, the Indian<br />

Prime Minister is scheduled<br />

to communicate at the same<br />

event later in the day.<br />

After his father became<br />

president, Trump Jr. procured

the running of the Trump<br />

businesses together with his<br />

brother Eric.<br />

Contrasting his sister Ivanka<br />

Trump, Trump Jr. has no<br />

official role in his father’s<br />

administration. The Trump<br />

Organization has certifying<br />

agreements with all its Indian<br />

business partners, who<br />

construct the properties and<br />

obtain the Trump name in<br />

exchange for a fee. The group<br />

has five projects in India,<br />

making it the brand’s largest<br />

market outside the United<br />

States.<br />

The projects that Trump Jr.<br />

is endorsing in India were<br />

inked before his father was<br />

nominated. President Trump<br />

has promised to avoid<br />

any new foreign business<br />

contracts during his term in<br />

office to escape potential<br />

ethical conflicts. Trump Jr. did<br />

express his frustration at the<br />

inability to build the business<br />

in India while his father is in<br />

the White House. He said<br />

“It is unfortunate we are not<br />

able to do new ones because<br />

there would be no shortage<br />

of business that we could do,<br />

but it is an understandable<br />

opportunity cost of some of the<br />

other things that we are doing<br />

that are also important.”<br />

Ethics specialists have long<br />

seen the use of the Trump<br />

name to endorse even existing<br />

business ventures as tricky<br />

territory.<br />

An extravagant luxurious<br />

complex with the Trump<br />

name is already open in the<br />

central city of Pune, with other<br />

expansions in varying stages<br />

of construction in the coastal<br />

cities of Kolkata and Mumbai,<br />

and two in chrome-and-glass<br />

in Gurgaon.<br />

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Keep a check North Korea<br />

keeps getting better at Hacking<br />

74<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

In the most recent indication<br />

that North Korea’s cyber<br />

operations are more<br />

sophisticated and refined<br />

than commonly realized,<br />

computer security researchers<br />

have recognized a group of<br />

government hackers and<br />

spies in the hermit kingdom<br />

that are skilled to steal<br />

documents from computers<br />

that aren’t connected to the<br />

internet.<br />

Leading cyber security<br />

firm FireEye says its iSight<br />

intelligence arm has stalked<br />

a national-security related<br />

spying arm it calls APT37<br />

that has “expanded its<br />

operations in both scope and<br />

sophistication.”<br />

That hacking group, which<br />

is different to the one that<br />

attacked Sony Pictures<br />

entertainment in December<br />

2014, has been active since<br />

2012 and concentrates on<br />

defense targets in South<br />

Korea, FireEye says.<br />

CrowdStrike, one more top<br />

cyber security firm, informed<br />

the NBC News it identifies the<br />

group by the name “Labyrinth<br />

Chollima.”<br />

CrowdStrike intelligence<br />

paper says. “Their malware<br />

is quite sophisticated and is<br />

capable of stealing documents<br />

from the air-gapped or<br />

disconnected networks,” In<br />

addition “Primary targets<br />

include government, military,<br />

defense, finance, energy and<br />

electric utility sectors.”<br />

Protecting sensitive<br />

information on computers<br />

disconnected from the<br />

internet is a primary method<br />

of guarding it from hackers.<br />

Experts say the ability to<br />

jump that “air gap,” was once<br />

restricted to a small number<br />

of sophisticated countries,<br />

but it has become more<br />

common. For example, last<br />

year, researchers showed<br />

how a tiny drone can steal<br />

information by reading a<br />

computer’s blinking LED<br />

lights.<br />

FireEye’s manager of<br />

analysis, John Hultquist,<br />

informed NBC News:<br />

“There is no question that<br />

North Korea has become<br />

increasingly aggressive with<br />

their use of cyber capabilities.<br />

They are not just focused<br />

on espionage – we’ve seen<br />

them use it for attack, we’ve<br />

seen them use it for crime.<br />

A lot of that has been a fairly<br />

well-known group that’s been<br />

tracked fairly well.”<br />

APT37 or Labyrinth Chollima,<br />

added, “isn’t as well known,<br />

has always been South<br />

Korea-focused, has stayed in<br />

the shadows.”<br />

However, he also mentioned,<br />

“They are showing up<br />

in places outside South<br />

Korea, continuing to expand<br />

capabilities. If we don’t pay<br />

attention to this actor, we<br />

risk being surprised again.”<br />

The group has frequently<br />

exploited what are known<br />

as “zero day vulnerabilities,”<br />

Hultquist said — previously<br />

unknown flaws in operating<br />

systems that let hackers to<br />

crack defenses and can sell<br />

for hundreds of thousands of<br />

dollars on the black market.<br />

The U.S. intelligence<br />

community is also stalking<br />

North Korea’s cyber<br />

operations. In a worldwide<br />

threats assessment this<br />

month, intelligence agencies<br />

mentioned that “We expect<br />

the heavily sanctioned<br />

North Korea to use cyber<br />

operations to raise funds<br />

and to gather intelligence<br />

or launch attacks on South<br />

Korea and the United States.<br />

Pyongyang probably has a<br />

number of techniques and<br />

tools it can use to achieve<br />

a range of offensive effects<br />

with little or no warning,<br />

including distributed denial<br />

of service attacks, data<br />

deletion, and deployment of<br />

ransomware.”<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


76<br />

Grand And Auspicious<br />

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam<br />

Event In Phoenix<br />

JET Arizona; a global<br />

non profit organization<br />

invited everyone for<br />

the grand Sri Goda<br />

Ranganatha Kalyanam on<br />

Saturday Jan 20th 5:00<br />

and 8:30pm. JET or the<br />

Jeeyar Educational Trust<br />

founded by Sri Sri Sri<br />

Tridandi Srimannarayana<br />

Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar<br />

Swamiji, aims at “Worship<br />

Your Own, Respect All”<br />

“Serve All Beings As<br />

Service To God”<br />

This auspicious event held<br />

on Saturday Jan 20th,<br />

at Stetson Hills School,<br />

25475 N Stetson Hills LP,<br />

Phoenix was a free and<br />

open for all one, inviting<br />

mandatory registrations for<br />

attendance.<br />

Goda Ranganatha<br />

Kalyanam is celebrated at<br />

the end of Dhanurmasam<br />

to mark the marriage<br />

of Goda devi, who<br />

is Lakshmi Devi’s<br />

incarnation, with Lord<br />

Sri Krishna in the form<br />

of Lord Ranganatha.<br />

Goda Kalyanam was the<br />

final episode of Goda<br />

Devi’s mission where her<br />

phenomenal union with<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Lord was actualized! Her accomplished mission benefited not only her, but the entire<br />

mankind because it defined the right way to live. This ultimately creates a better world for<br />

everyone and paves path towards eternal bliss for the one who follows her path.<br />

The event began at 5pm with a stunning performance by Kala Dhwani School of Fine<br />

Arts proceeded by Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam. Later followed by a mesmerizing dance<br />

performance by JET Prajna Kids followed by fancy dress competition. At the end was the<br />

Maha Prasadam and this wonderful event concluded at around 8.30pm.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


78<br />

Justin Trudeau<br />

India Visit Highlights<br />

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met his Indian<br />

counterpart, Narendra Modi, on Friday.<br />

The meeting came towards the end of Mr Trudeau’s first official<br />

visit to India, which has been far from smooth.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Canada caused upset earlier<br />

in the week by inviting an<br />

alleged Sikh extremist to an<br />

official dinner; an invite it later<br />

rescinded.<br />

However, the Canadian PM<br />

has thrown himself into the<br />

visit, including by performing an<br />

impromptu Bhangra dance.<br />

Both countries have denied<br />

speculation that the Canadian<br />

PM has received a lukewarm<br />

reception in India.<br />

Mr Modi has, on many<br />

occasions, personally received<br />

visiting government leaders at<br />

the airport. But he welcomed<br />

Mr Trudeau on Twitter, a day<br />

before the two were scheduled<br />

to meet.<br />

The leaders finally met six<br />

days after Mr Trudeau arrived<br />

in India, and signed a raft of<br />

agreements reiterating Indo-<br />

Canadian ties.<br />

reason - Mr Trudeau arrived<br />

doing Bhangra, a popular<br />

Indian dance that he is known<br />

to like.<br />

The crowd cheered him on<br />

but Twitter he had a mixed<br />

reaction, with lots of Indians<br />

and Canadians seeming to<br />

disapprove of the display.<br />

Mr Trudeau and his family<br />

have also been in the news<br />

for wearing traditional Indian<br />

outfits several times on<br />

their trip - a decision that<br />

has amused some Indians<br />

and annoyed others. Many<br />

tweeted to say that Indians<br />

do no dress up like people in<br />

Bollywood films.<br />

Mr Modi received him at the<br />

Rashtrapati Bhavan, the<br />

presidential palace, in Delhi.<br />

They met again later on<br />

Friday, along with other<br />

delegates, to discuss trade,<br />

defence, climate change and<br />

co-operation over civil nuclear<br />

energy.<br />

Canadian Prime Minister<br />

Justin Trudeau, normally the<br />

darling of Western media, has<br />

been roundly, and sometimes<br />

savagely mocked for a trip to<br />

India that included cultural,<br />

fashion, and political blunders<br />

at every turn.<br />

Right off the bat, Trudeau’s<br />

trip got off to a bad start.<br />

Indian Prime Minister<br />

Nandera Modi, known for his<br />

social media savvy, did not<br />

make any posts welcoming<br />

Trudeau, who was greeted<br />

off the plane by a low-level<br />

agricultural minister.<br />

Mr Trudeau’s trip has been<br />

marred by criticism that his<br />

government is soft on Sikh<br />

extremists.<br />

He said the Delhi dinner invite<br />

sent to Jaspal Atwal, who was<br />

convicted and later acquitted<br />

of trying to assassinate an<br />

Indian minister in 1986, was a<br />

mistake.<br />

The dinner, which was<br />

hosted at the Canadian High<br />

Commission on Thursday night,<br />

then drew attention for another<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


80<br />

Canadian Prime<br />

Minister Justin<br />

Trudeau, normally<br />

the darling of<br />

Western media,<br />

has been roundly,<br />

and sometimes<br />

savagely mocked<br />

for a trip to India<br />

that included<br />

cultural, fashion,<br />

and political<br />

blunders at every<br />

turn.<br />

On Tuesday, Trudeau’s wife<br />

Sophie posed for a photo<br />

with convicted terrorist Jaspal<br />

Atwal, a Sikh separatist. Back<br />

in Canada, Trudeau’s liberal<br />

party has ties to the country’s<br />

Sikh minority, some of<br />

whom support the Khalistan<br />

movement, which backs a<br />

new Sikh state in India’s<br />

Punjab region.<br />

When Outlook India magazine<br />

pointed this out, they found<br />

themselves disinvited from<br />

a dinner with Trudeau.<br />

“Canadian Prime Minister<br />

Justin Trudeau feted the<br />

world over as the new face of<br />

‘liberalism’ seem [sic] to find<br />

it difficult to accommodate<br />

critical media coverage,” the<br />

magazine wrote.<br />

But the political blunders<br />

paled in comparison to the<br />

more visible cultural and<br />

fashion missteps. On several<br />

occasions Trudeau and<br />

his entire family appeared<br />

dressed in traditional Indian<br />

clothing, something other<br />

Western politicians don’t<br />

usually attempt with such<br />

vigor.<br />

Prominent Indian personalities<br />

expressed their distaste for<br />

Trudeau’s dress, with India<br />

Today calling it “tacky.”<br />

Trudeau showed up at an<br />

event full of Bollywood stars in<br />

full traditional dress, while the<br />

movie stars themselves simply<br />

wore black suits.<br />

On social media, popular<br />

Indian personalities put it<br />

more bluntly , calling for<br />

Trudeau to “have some chill”<br />

and calling his outfit choices<br />

“fake and annoying.”<br />

At one point, Trudeau,<br />

wearing traditional dress,<br />

broke into the Indian dance<br />

called the Bhangra , to a<br />

mixed reaction on Twitter.<br />

“I don’t know if Justin Trudeau<br />

thinks that international<br />

trade missions are reality<br />

TV shows, but they are not,”<br />

Conservative party leader<br />

Andrew Scheer, Trudeau’s<br />

main opponent, told Reuters.<br />

On CTV, a major Canadian<br />

news broadcaster, host Don<br />

Martin said that “ If this is<br />

Trudeau putting Canada<br />

‘back’ on the world stage, we<br />

should get off .”<br />

Trudeau’s hometown paper,<br />

the Ottawa Citizen, compared<br />

his trip to India to George<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

H.W. Bush’s 1992 trip to Tokyo,<br />

when he vomitted on Japan’s<br />

Prime Minister.<br />

“As for what ‘the work,<br />

achievements and objectives’<br />

of this cavalcade of<br />

embarrassment might amount<br />

to, it would have been better, in<br />

hindsight, if Trudeau had gone<br />

to India alone, invited himself to<br />

dinner with Modi, and thrown up<br />

in his lap,” the Citizen wrote .<br />

3 Mr Trudeau, who is on his<br />

first state visit to India, will fly to<br />

PM Modi’s home state, Gujarat.<br />

Besides a visit to Mahatma<br />

Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram on<br />

Monday, Mr Trudeau will also<br />

visit the Akshardham Temple in<br />

Gujarat and lead a discussion<br />

at the Indian Institute of<br />

Management on “Education<br />

and Investment Opportunities”<br />

with students.<br />

4 Over the rest of the week,<br />

Mr Trudeau will participate<br />

Five days into the trip, when<br />

Modi finally acknowledged<br />

Trudeau’s trip on social media,<br />

he did so with a picture of<br />

Trudeau in normal dress from<br />

2015.<br />

Developments of<br />

the visit<br />

1 Canadian Prime<br />

Minister Justin Trudeau<br />

was welcomed at the Indira<br />

Gandhi International Airport by<br />

Minister of State for Agriculture<br />

Gajendra Singh and Indian<br />

Ambassador to Canada Vikas<br />

Swarup.<br />

2 Mr Trudeau is accompanied<br />

by his wife Sophie Gregoire<br />

Trudeau and children Hadrien,<br />

Ella-Grace Margaret and Xavier<br />

James Trudeau. “For me to be<br />

able to be here on an official<br />

trip while bringing my kids with<br />

me to share this is really special<br />

and being able to enjoy this<br />

as a dad with my kids is really<br />

nice,” Mr Trudeau said after the<br />

visit to the Taj Mahal.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


82<br />

in business round-tables<br />

in Mumbai to promote<br />

trade, investment and job<br />

creation. He will also meet<br />

representatives of Indian<br />

Film industry to explore<br />

opportunities in the field of<br />

cinema.<br />

5 His bilateral meeting with<br />

PM Modi is scheduled for<br />

February 23, during which the<br />

two leaders are expected to<br />

focus on trade, defense, civil<br />

nuclear cooperation, space,<br />

tackling climate change<br />

energy and education.<br />

6 Counter-terror cooperation<br />

is also expected to be a key<br />

focus area. India’s concerns<br />

over Sikh radicalism in<br />

Canada is understood to<br />

have figured in the meeting<br />

between the National Security<br />

Advisers of the two nations<br />

held a few days ago.<br />

7 A number of Justin<br />

Trudeau’s cabinet colleagues<br />

are accompanying him on<br />

this visit. Three of them are<br />

Indian origin -- Science and<br />

Economic Development<br />

Minister Navdeep Bains,<br />

Defence Minister Harjit Singh<br />

Sajjan and Infrastructure<br />

Minister Amarjeet Sohi.<br />

Besides Foreign Minister<br />

Chrystia Freeland, and<br />

Science and Sports Minister<br />

Kirsty Duncan are also part<br />

of the team.<br />

8 In 2017, two-way<br />

merchandise trade between<br />

Canada and India amounted<br />

to $8.4 billion, split equally<br />

between exports to and<br />

imports from India. India<br />

was Canada’s eighth largest<br />

destination for merchandise<br />

exports.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

9 Mr Trudeau’s agenda is<br />

also expected to include a<br />

visit to the Golden Temple in<br />

Amritsar and Delhi’s Jama<br />

Masjid and a cricket ground.<br />

The cultural component of the<br />

visit is seen as an outreach to<br />

estimated 1.4 million people<br />

of Indian origin settled in<br />

Canada. India is Canada’s<br />

second-largest source of<br />

immigrants.<br />

10 Ahead of the visit, Mr<br />

Trudeau tweeted, “Wheels<br />

up for India and a busy visit,”<br />

attaching a photograph of<br />

his wife and three children<br />

boarding the aircraft.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


84<br />

Nirav Modi<br />

and the<br />

PNB fraud case<br />

Who is Nirav Modi:<br />

Modi, 47, shot to prominence in the past decade when he became<br />

the first Indian to feature on the cover of a Christie’s auction<br />

catalogue in 2010 for a Golconda diamond necklace that fetched<br />

$3.56 million at its auction in Hong Kong.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Born in India and raised in the Belgian city of Antwerp, the diamond capital of the<br />

world, Modi is a third-generation diamantaire. After dropping out of the University of<br />

Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, he joined the family business of his maternal uncle<br />

Choksi at Gitanjali Gems. Choksi, director at Gitanjali Gems, is also one of the accused in<br />

the ongoing CBI investigation. It was his initial nine years at Gitanjali Gems in the 1990s<br />

that laid the foundation for Modi’s own jewellery business. Incidentally, a PNB complaint<br />

said the Gitanjali Gems group companies used the same methods as the Modi companies<br />

to secure guarantees or comfort letters.<br />

Since 2010, Modi’s fame<br />

only increased as he became<br />

a jeweller to the rich and<br />

famous. Many of India’s<br />

biggest business families<br />

have been buying diamonds<br />

from him for years.<br />

In October 2012, his Riviere<br />

Diamond Necklace was<br />

sold for $5.1 million at a<br />

Sotheby’s auction in Hong<br />

Kong. In 2013, Modi entered<br />

the Forbes list of billionaires.<br />

Competing with the likes of<br />

pedigreed luxury jewellers<br />

such as Tiffany and Co. and<br />

Cartier, Modi went on to set<br />

up Nirav Modi boutique shops<br />

around the world. His clients<br />

include Hollywood star Kate<br />

Winslet, who wore diamond<br />

creations by the jewellery<br />

designer for her red-carpet walk<br />

at the 2016 Oscars.<br />

The PNB Fraud case, how<br />

it unfolded:<br />

On the morning of St.<br />

Valentine’s Day when many<br />

young Indians were preparing to<br />

exchange roses and presents, a<br />

horror was unfolding at Punjab<br />

National Bank (PNB), the<br />

nation’s second largest lender.<br />

Three minutes after 9 am<br />

on 14 February, when the<br />

local stock markets opened<br />

for trading, the governmentowned<br />

lender informed the<br />

stock exchanges that it had<br />

detected a fraud of $1.8<br />

billion (around Rs11,400<br />

crore), shaking the financial<br />

community and the nation at<br />

large. As the day progressed,<br />

it became clear that the PNB<br />

fraud was engineered by<br />

companies of diamond tycoon<br />

Nirav Modi, helped along<br />

by bank officials at its Brady<br />

House branch in Mumbai, the<br />

country’s financial capital.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

86<br />


At BSE, Asia’s oldest stock<br />

exchange located a stone’s<br />

throw away from Brady<br />

House, shares of the bank<br />

fell 9.81% by the end of the<br />

day, dragging down shares of<br />

other state-owned banks as<br />

well. In the week since then,<br />

PNB shares have lost 28%,<br />

while the BSE’s benchmark<br />

Sensex has slipped 1.33%.<br />

For Indian banks creaking<br />

under a mountain of bad<br />

loans, the news could not<br />

have come at a worse time.<br />

Modus operandi<br />

According to the bank’s<br />

complaint, the PNB fraud<br />

surfaced after one of the<br />

key accused bank officials<br />

retired. When Modi’s<br />

executives came calling for a<br />

letter of undertaking, or LoU<br />

(essentially a bank guarantee<br />

against which another lender<br />

gives a foreign currency loan),<br />

the new official in charge<br />

demanded the mandatory<br />

collateral. Modi’s executives<br />

insisted they had never given<br />

collateral before, raising a red<br />

flag. An internal investigation<br />

showed the bank had issued<br />

hundreds of unauthorized<br />

PNB LoUs to Modi and<br />

his uncle, Mehul Choksi of<br />

Gitanjali Gems Ltd, baring the<br />

bank fraud that proceeded<br />

undetected for the past seven<br />

years.<br />

about what precisely needs<br />

to be done. This is important<br />

because the scam clearly<br />

shows that supervisory<br />

process at public sector<br />

banks failed to detect the<br />

fraud and, hence, it needs<br />

to be improved,” said Abizer<br />

Diwanji, partner and national<br />

leader (financial services) at<br />

EY India.<br />

On Monday, 19 February,<br />

when a MintAsia reporter<br />

visited the Brady House<br />

branch, the branch that was<br />

at the epicentre of the PNB<br />

fraud, bore the look of a<br />

makeshift jail, with shutters<br />

down and the branch sealed.<br />

The Brady House branch<br />

that exclusively serves midsized<br />

corporates barred entry<br />

to customers, while inside,<br />

officials from the Central<br />

Bureau of Investigation (CBI),<br />

India’s federal detective<br />

agency, pored over papers<br />

and questioned bank officials.<br />

Financial frauds are not rare<br />

in India. The central bank’s<br />

June 2017 Financial Stability<br />

Report says losses from<br />

financial sector frauds rose<br />

72% in the five years to fiscal<br />

2017 to Rs16,770 crore.<br />

Banks have filed recovery<br />

suits worth Rs64,743 crore<br />

against wilful defaulters.<br />

Wilful defaulters are those<br />

defaulting on bank loans even<br />

though they or their promoters<br />

have the ability to repay,<br />

or they have siphoned off<br />

money, or put it some other<br />

use than was agreed on.<br />

Still, PNB’s innocuously<br />

worded stock exchange notice<br />

stunned the nation. The bank<br />

fraud is the second largest<br />

in India after governmentowned<br />

UCO Bank was found<br />

to have advanced $3.2 billion<br />

in export advances to Iran<br />

against overseas sales that<br />

were never made. The PNB<br />

fraud showed the ease with<br />

which fraudsters could game<br />

the system.<br />

“Nobody seems to be talking<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

The PNB notice to the stock<br />

exchanges, without naming<br />

anyone, said it had detected<br />

fraudulent and unauthorized<br />

transactions “for the benefit<br />

of a few select account<br />

holders, with their apparent<br />

connivance”. The bank<br />

termed it a contingent liability.<br />

Things became clearer during<br />

the day, when it emerged<br />

that the fraud the bank was<br />

referring to was the same<br />

one it had flagged two weeks<br />

earlier.<br />

On 1 February, CBI had<br />

registered a case against<br />

Modi and some related<br />

entities for allegedly cheating<br />

PNB of Rs 280 crore through<br />

unauthorized transactions.<br />

The bank had said at that<br />

time that it was investigating<br />

further to see whether there<br />

were more such transactions.<br />

The Rs280 crore turned out to<br />

be just the tip of an iceberg.<br />

As it investigated the case<br />

internally, before the public<br />

revelation, PNB found two<br />

junior branch officials had<br />

issued LoUs to foreign<br />

branches of Indian lenders,<br />

on behalf of firms associated<br />

with Nirav Modi and his uncle,<br />

Mehul Choksi. These bank<br />

guarantees were essentially to<br />

help these firms raise buyer’s<br />

credit from these overseas<br />

banks to pay for their imports.<br />

PNB’s complaint to CBI named<br />

two bank officials—Gokulnath<br />

Shetty, a deputy manager<br />

in its foreign exchange<br />

department; and Manoj Kharat,<br />

who operated the financial<br />

messaging system SWIFT.<br />

Both have since been arrested.<br />

These individuals, says PNB,<br />

had issued LoUs without<br />

getting proper approvals<br />

and without making entries<br />

in the core banking system<br />

(CBS), the software used<br />

to support a bank’s most<br />

common transactions. It also<br />

acts as a record keeper.<br />

SWIFT stands for the Society<br />

for Worldwide Interbank<br />

Financial Telecommunication.<br />

The scam happening via<br />

SWIFT went undetected since<br />

it was not linked to CBS and<br />

because checks failed at<br />

several levels, said experts<br />

In the normal course, when<br />

an importer goes to a bank<br />

for such a guarantee, one of<br />

two things happens. One, the<br />

bank asks him for collateral,<br />

which could be land or a<br />

fixed deposit. Two, the bank<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


88<br />

sanctions a credit limit after a<br />

credit appraisal. Here, neither<br />

of these procedures were<br />

followed.<br />

The bank claimed Modi did<br />

not use the funds obtained<br />

through this method for the<br />

intended purpose of paying<br />

import bills. In many cases,<br />

PNB alleged, the funds<br />

were used to settle earlier<br />

loans. In effect, every time<br />

a Modi-related firm asked<br />

for a bank guarantee, it was<br />

to settle an older loan taken<br />

through a previous bank<br />

guarantee. According to the<br />

PNB complaint, the scam<br />

had been going on for about<br />

seven years. When the new<br />

man at the bank spotted it,<br />

the amount had ballooned to<br />

around Rs11,400 crore.<br />

“There is tendency among<br />

bankers to only monitor and<br />

supervise funded exposures.<br />

Processes related to transfers<br />

must also be made more<br />

transparent, and banks must<br />

have a grip on technology<br />

controls,” said Diwanji of EY<br />

India.<br />

“Additionally, certain<br />

disciplines such as centralized<br />

processing of SWIFT<br />

messages only through CBS,<br />

must be put in place. Unless<br />

these changes take place,<br />

it is difficult to prevent such<br />

incidences.”<br />

As federal investigative<br />

agencies stepped in and<br />

skeletons started tumbling out<br />

of the cupboard, it emerged<br />

that Modi and his family were<br />

no longer in India.<br />

The CBI approached Interpol<br />

to issue a so-called diffusion<br />

notice against Modi, his wife<br />

Ami Nirav Modi, brother Nishal<br />

Modi as well as uncle Choksi,<br />

all four of whom had left India<br />

in the first week of January.<br />

A diffusion notice is a request<br />

for arresting or locating<br />

an individual, or providing<br />

additional information<br />

in relation to a police<br />

investigation. Separately, the<br />

ministry of external affairs<br />

suspended the passports<br />

of Modi and Choksi for four<br />

weeks<br />

The PNB fraud has<br />

snowballed into a political<br />

controversy, with the<br />

opposition Congress<br />

party, which led a coalition<br />

government for 10 years<br />

until 2014, and the Bharatiya<br />

Janata Party (BJP), which<br />

came to power that year<br />

on promises of ending<br />

corruption, trading charges.<br />

The Congress claims the<br />

actual size of the PNB<br />

fraud is Rs21,306 crore,<br />

and has turned up the heat<br />

on the prime minister and<br />

his government for Modi’s<br />

escape.<br />

What Modi says<br />

On the night of 19 February,<br />

when CBI officials were still<br />

holed up at the Brady House<br />

branch, a WhatsApp message<br />

started doing the rounds.<br />

It was a letter purportedly<br />

written by Modi to PNB.<br />

MintAsia could not verify the<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

authenticity of the letter, but<br />

a person familiar with Modi’s<br />

legal strategy said it could be<br />

genuine.<br />

In the letter, Modi blamed<br />

PNB’s “overzealousness”.<br />

He said the bank’s premature<br />

action has shut the doors on<br />

his ability to clear his dues.<br />

He said his companies owe<br />

only about Rs5,000 crore<br />

and his relatives named in<br />

the complaint had nothing to<br />

do with the operations of the<br />

firms under the scanner. He<br />

also emphasized that there<br />

had been no default on part<br />

of any of these firms over<br />

all these years. The letter<br />

also refers to the extended<br />

discussions between him, and<br />

between his representatives<br />

and the bank officers, besides<br />

his emails of 13 and 15<br />

February, according to a<br />

Press Trust of India report.<br />

immediate effect for a period<br />

of four weeks on February 16<br />

and given one week’s time<br />

to them to respond as to why<br />

their passports should not be<br />

impounded or revoked.<br />

“Since they have not<br />

responded so far, their<br />

passports have been revoked,”<br />

a senior ministry source said,<br />

noting that in its notice to Nirav<br />

Modi and Mehul Choksi, the<br />

ministry had made it clear<br />

that their passports would<br />

be cancelled if they failed to<br />

respond.<br />

Ministry sources said that<br />

future course of action will be<br />

taken on the advice of the<br />

investigation agencies. Modi,<br />

Choksi and others are being<br />

investigated by multiple probe<br />

agencies after the fraud came<br />

to light recently following<br />

a complaint by the Punjab<br />

National Bank. The complaint<br />

alleged that they cheated<br />

the nationalised bank to the<br />

tune of Rs 11,400 crore, with<br />

the purported involvement<br />

of a few employees of the<br />

bank. The Central Bureau of<br />

Investigation and the ED have<br />

registered two FIRs each to<br />

probe the case. The duo had<br />

left the country before the<br />

criminal cases were lodged<br />

against them<br />

On its part, PNB had said in<br />

response to Modi’s first letter,<br />

that he had made only vague<br />

commitments on repayment.<br />

While Modi’s commitment<br />

may have been vague,<br />

investigative agencies have<br />

claimed to have seized a good<br />

portion of his assets.<br />

Passports of Nirav<br />

Modi and Mehul Choksi<br />

revoked:<br />

On the advice of the<br />

Enforcement Directorate, the<br />

ministry had suspended the<br />

validity of their passports with<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Tipu Sultan India’s First<br />

Freedom Fighter<br />

90<br />

Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore<br />

well-known legendry for his bravery in the wars<br />

against the British East India Company. Renowned<br />

for his courage and valor, he is regarded as the first<br />

freedom fighter of India for his fierce battles against<br />

the British who tried to conquer the territories under<br />

the sultan’s rule.<br />

The Treaty of Mangalore,<br />

that Tipu sultan signed up<br />

with the British East India<br />

Company to bring the Second<br />

Anglo-Mysore War to an<br />

end, was the last occasion<br />

when British was dictated<br />

the terms by an Indian king.<br />

Being the eldest son of Sultan<br />

Hyder Ali of Mysore, after<br />

the death of his father in<br />

1782 Tipu Sultan ascended<br />

to the throne. As a ruler, he<br />

instigated several innovations<br />

in his administration and<br />

also extended the iron-cased<br />

Mysorean rockets which he<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

planned to later deploy against<br />

the advances of the British<br />

forces. His father, Sultan Hyder<br />

Ali, had diplomatic political<br />

relations with the French and<br />

consequently Tipu Sultan<br />

got his military training from<br />

French officers as a young<br />

man. After becoming the ruler,<br />

Tipu Sultan continued his<br />

father’s policy of supporting<br />

with the French in their fight<br />

against the British. He fought<br />

numerous wars against the<br />

British and tried his best to<br />

protect his kingdom from falling<br />

into the hands of the British<br />

East India Company. Loyal to<br />

his country until the very end,<br />

he died while he was fighting<br />

in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore<br />

War.<br />

It is said that the day was<br />

particularly hot when the<br />

clock struck 1:00 on May 4,<br />

1799. In a flash, there were<br />

76 Redcoats who crossed the<br />

four-foot-deep Cauvery, and<br />

were followed by columns of<br />

the 73rd and 74th Regiment<br />

of Foot. They stormed the fort<br />

of Srirangapatnam. It took<br />

the attackers not more than<br />

16 minutes to scale the westside<br />

wall and barge in the fort

simple tiger. He was a tiger who<br />

indeed could bite, he could claw,<br />

and he could severely attack the<br />

lion that came from across the<br />

seven seas – the British.<br />

through a breach, shocking its<br />

defenders. About almost two<br />

hours post this; the fort had<br />

fallen, its most famed defender<br />

falling along with his 8,000<br />

comrades-at-arms with many<br />

musket and sword wounds.<br />

Tipu Sultan, the ‘Tiger of<br />

Mysore’, was dead.<br />

Talking about the political<br />

environment in India today,<br />

which is indeed way more<br />

vicious than it was some years<br />

ago, it is challenging to talk<br />

about Tipu Sultan without<br />

incurring the aggression of<br />

certain sections of the society.<br />

Tipu rouses extreme liking<br />

among some who believe<br />

and see his uncompromising<br />

fight against the Britishers as<br />

something worth worshiping.<br />

But he also stimulates<br />

extreme hatred among those<br />

who perceive him as an<br />

oppressive Muslim ruler<br />

perturbing his majority Hindu<br />

subjects on the basis of<br />

faith and faith alone. Tipu’s<br />

heavy-handed dealing of<br />

those siding with the British<br />

and his immodest talk<br />

about mass conversions<br />

or implementations of non-<br />

Muslims are often quoted<br />

as proof by his modern-day<br />

detractors. But the actuality<br />

about him lies somewhere in<br />

the middle. Tipu was gifted<br />

with amazing compassion<br />

and generosity, but he was<br />

likewise capable of amazing<br />

brutality, particularly on<br />

those he didn’t consider his<br />

own.<br />

But if we ignore and keep<br />

aside this debate, the Tiger<br />

of Mysore was no just<br />

Tipu Sultan and his father Nawab<br />

Hyder Ali were known to be great<br />

warriors and Generals. Hyder<br />

Ali was known to be higher<br />

than Tipu in terms of military<br />

knowledge, approach, strategies<br />

and battle tactics. However, Tipu<br />

was recklessly brave. This was<br />

indeed something that struck fear<br />

in his rivals and something that<br />

demonstrated to be his undoing<br />

eventually. Nonetheless, the<br />

Anglo-Mysore battle is perhaps<br />

the most enthralling episode of<br />

modern Indian history.<br />

Hyder Ali was overwhelmed<br />

with the British and wanted their<br />

military aid to modernize his<br />

army. The British were unwilling,<br />

which led Hyder to strive for help<br />

from the French. With French<br />

service, Hyder rationalized<br />

his infantry and weaponry, but<br />

unlike other Indian powers of<br />

the day that overlooked cavalry,<br />

Hyder’s focus was constantly on<br />

his cavalry and he used it with<br />

excessive skill, always leading<br />

it from the front. In fact, the<br />

Mysore cavalry, with its rush and<br />

daring, had put together for itself<br />

a fearsome reputation among its<br />

enemies. In the 1770s, Hyder Ali<br />

had 20,000 cavalry, 20 battalions<br />

of infantry and an unidentified<br />

quantity of guns. Even the<br />

English reluctantly admitted<br />

Mysore cavalry’s dominance,<br />

though they mentioned to its<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


92<br />

actions as that of a swarm of<br />

locusts on crops.<br />

Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali<br />

also abandoned the common<br />

Indian practice of engaging<br />

militias raised up by provincial<br />

governors in warfare time and<br />

went for a fully centralized<br />

hiring and training system.<br />

A very elementary form of<br />

regimental system was also<br />

followed. But by Tipu Sultan’s<br />

time, Mysore artillery had<br />

accomplished a high degree<br />

of skill. Tipu gave birth to a<br />

rocket artillery corps organized<br />

in kushoons. Tipu’s guns were<br />

also known for their extended<br />

range and accuracy. It’s not<br />

known how many artillery<br />

pieces he had; but at the fall<br />

of Srirangapatnam and Tipu’s<br />

death in 1799, the British found<br />

421 gun carriages, 4,12,000<br />

iron round shots ranging from<br />

four to 42 pounds, and 176 12<br />

pounders inside the fort.<br />

But the one thing Mysore<br />

or any Indian power lacked<br />

that British had and could<br />

not be could matched was<br />

officer leadership. The British<br />

educated a culture of officerleadership—where<br />

officers<br />

were expected not just to<br />

lead their men into battle, but<br />

also undergo hardships with<br />

them and even succumb. The<br />

British officer corps, in India<br />

and in another places, used<br />

to suffer atrocious casualties<br />

in war. But by willing to make<br />

the supreme sacrifice even<br />

before their men, the British<br />

officer used to earn enormous<br />

respect from the troops he<br />

was in charge. And it isn’t that<br />

only the young subalterns<br />

were pushed into harm’s<br />

way, the drill was alike for the<br />

general officers too. If one<br />

reads accounts of the many<br />

battles that shaped part of<br />

the Anglo-Mysore or Anglo-<br />

Maratha wars, he would<br />

discover proof of this.<br />

The infantry divisions had to<br />

be withdrawn from Europe<br />

after a little over a year of<br />

service even during the<br />

First World War, when the<br />

Indian Army went to the<br />

Western Front. One of the<br />

explanations for that were<br />

the depleting ranks of British<br />

officers who could speak<br />

the language of their men.<br />

Officer wounded in both the<br />

Indian and British armies<br />

were quite high in this war.<br />

Tipu Sultan and Hyder<br />

Ali knew the power of the<br />

English. That’s why on that<br />

May afternoon, the English<br />

who broke Tipu’s capital saw<br />

him upright at the ramparts<br />

and shooting down British<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

officers. His attendants were<br />

giving him one musket after<br />

another as Tipu shot his rivals<br />

as if he were in a hunting<br />

game.<br />

But that was too late. Tipu died<br />

a soldier’s death. He could<br />

have withdrawn or escaped to<br />

fight another day. And indeed,<br />

that would have remained<br />

wiser perhaps. But he picked<br />

death over dishonour (read<br />

surrender). And at that instant,<br />

the king so despised by the<br />

English suddenly became one<br />

they admired.<br />

The Seringapatam Medal<br />

issued to all British and Indian<br />

troops contributing to Tipu’s<br />

defeat had a lion (British)<br />

trampling a tiger (Tipu) on the<br />

obverse. Although this may be<br />

in the realm of conjecture but<br />

the tiger symbol that the British<br />

used to denote India may have<br />

been inspired by Tipu. This<br />

was perhaps a great tribute to<br />

the Tiger of Mysore.<br />

Hyder Ali, who himself<br />

was uneducated, was<br />

very particular about<br />

giving his eldest son a<br />

good education befitting<br />

a prince. Tipu Sultan got<br />

education in subjects like<br />

Hindustani language (Hindi-<br />

Urdu), Persian, Quran,<br />

Arabic, Kannada, Islamic<br />

jurisprudence, fencing,<br />

riding, shooting.<br />

His father had political<br />

associations with the French<br />

and thus the young prince<br />

was skilled in military and<br />

political affairs by highly<br />

efficient French officers.<br />

He was just 15 when he<br />

accompanied his father<br />

against the British in the First<br />

Mysore War in 1766.<br />

Over the years, Hyder<br />

went on to grow into the most<br />

powerful ruler in the entire<br />

southern India and Tipu Sultan<br />

played important roles in his<br />

father’s successful military<br />

campaigns.<br />

Accession and reign of<br />

Tipu Sultan<br />

The British captured the<br />

French-controlled port of Mahé<br />

in 1779, which was under Tipu’s<br />

safeguard. Hyder Ali opened<br />

oppositions against the British<br />

in retaliation in 1780, and<br />

achieved important success<br />

Tipu sultan’s Early Life<br />

and childhood<br />

Tipu Sultan was born in<br />

Bengaluru Rural district to<br />

Hyder Ali on 20 November<br />

1750. His father, in 1761 who<br />

was a military officer in service<br />

to the Kingdom of Mysore in<br />

southern India, promptly rose<br />

in power to become the de<br />

facto ruler of the Kingdom of<br />

Mysore.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


94<br />

in early campaigns of what<br />

became known as Second<br />

Anglo-Mysore War. However,<br />

as the war advanced, Hyder<br />

Ali became ill with cancer and<br />

died in December 1782.<br />

Subsequent the death<br />

of his father, Tipu Sultan<br />

was made the leader of<br />

Mysore on 22 December<br />

1782. He instantaneously<br />

started working on military<br />

plans to check the advances<br />

of the British by creating<br />

alliances with the Marathas<br />

and the Mughals. In due<br />

course he was prosperous<br />

and successful in signing the<br />

Treaty of Mangalore with the<br />

British in 1784, bringing an<br />

end to the Second Mysore War.<br />

As a ruler, Tipu Sultan<br />

proved to be an effective one.<br />

He accomplished the projects<br />

left behind by his father,<br />

built roads, ports, bridges,<br />

public buildings etc. and<br />

also made numerous military<br />

improvements in the use of<br />

rocketry in wars. Through his<br />

strong-minded efforts, he built<br />

a challenging military force that<br />

inflicted serious harms to the<br />

British forces.<br />

More determined by now,<br />

he planned to expand his<br />

territories and set his eyes upon<br />

Travancore, which bestowing<br />

to the Treaty of Mangalore,<br />

was an ally of the British<br />

East India Company. He<br />

launched an attack on<br />

the lines of Travancore in<br />

December 1789 but was<br />

met with confrontation from<br />

the army of the Maharajah<br />

of Travancore. This marked<br />

the start of the Third Anglo–<br />

Mysore War.<br />

The Maharajah of<br />

Travancore fascinated to<br />

the East India Company for<br />

help, and in response, Lord<br />

Cornwallis shaped alliances<br />

with the Marathas and the<br />

Nizam of Hyderabad to<br />

oppose Tipu and put up a<br />

strong military force.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

The company forces<br />

attacked Tipu Sultan in 1790<br />

and soon took charge over<br />

much of the Coimbatore<br />

district. Tipu counterattacked,<br />

but was not much fruitful in<br />

his campaigns. The conflicts<br />

sustained for over two years<br />

and ended only after he signed<br />

the Treaty of Seringapatam<br />

in 1792 which lead to in his<br />

losing a number of territories,<br />

including Malabar and<br />

Mangalore.<br />

Even though he had<br />

lost many of his territories,<br />

the brave and daring Tipu<br />

Sultan was still considered<br />

a formidable enemy by the<br />

British. In 1799, The East India<br />

Company, in alliances with<br />

the Marathas and the Nizam<br />

attacked Mysore in what<br />

resulted into known as the<br />

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War, and<br />

captured Srirangapatna, the<br />

capital of Mysore. Tipu Sultan<br />

was killed in the war.<br />

He was a valiant and heroic<br />

warrior and proved his mettle<br />

in the Second Anglo-Mysore<br />

War. Dispatched by his father<br />

to fight the British forces, he<br />

exhibited great courage in<br />

the early conflicts. His father<br />

died in the middle of the war<br />

in 1782 and he succeeded<br />

him as the ruler of Mysore and<br />

successfully ended the battle<br />

with the Treaty of Mangalore in<br />

1784.<br />

The Third Anglo-Mysore<br />

War was another main war<br />

he fought against the British<br />

forces. This war, though,<br />

proved to be a major letdown<br />

and cost the sultan dearly. The<br />

war concluded with the Treaty<br />

of Seringapatam agreeing<br />

to which he had to give up<br />

about one-half of his territories<br />

to the other signatories<br />

which comprised the British<br />

East India Company,<br />

representatives of the Nizam<br />

of Hyderabad and the Mahratta<br />

Empire.<br />

More about Tipu<br />

Sultan’s personal life<br />

Tipu Sultan had many<br />

wives and numerous children<br />

including Shahzada Hyder Ali<br />

Sultan, Shahzada Mu’izz-uddin<br />

Sultan, Shahzada Muhiud-din<br />

Sultan, and Shahzada<br />

Abdul Khaliq Sultan.<br />

A courageous warrior,<br />

he died on 4 May 1799 in<br />

the Fourth Anglo-Mysore<br />

War while fighting the British<br />

forces. As one of the first<br />

Indian kings to have died<br />

on the battleground while<br />

shielding his kingdom against<br />

the Colonial British, he was<br />

formally recognized by the<br />

Government of India as a<br />

freedom fighter.<br />

While he is respected<br />

as a hero of the Indian<br />

independence movement in<br />

numerous regions in India and<br />

Pakistan, he is also regarded<br />

as a tyrannical ruler in some<br />

regions in India.<br />

The British Army’s National<br />

Army Museum graded Tipu<br />

Sultan among the greatest<br />

enemy commanders the British<br />

Army ever confronted.<br />

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the<br />

former President of India, titled<br />

Tipu Sultan the innovator of<br />

the world’s first war rocket.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


96<br />




WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Ever heard of weird kinds of Yoga? We all know yoga has its<br />

own benefits for your body as well as mind. It is great for<br />

meditation or brings in flexibility to your body etc. Yoga has<br />

been a popular form of exercise since around 1980s in the<br />

western culture and is ever since growing after there was an<br />

interesting spike in the year 2001.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

98<br />


Yoga has never stopped<br />

surprising us with the weird<br />

ways to mix it with the<br />

traditional beliefs and modern<br />

lifestyle. From new moms to<br />

animal lovers, from laughter<br />

yoga to naked yoga, there is<br />

yoga for almost everyone.<br />

Check out all the weird<br />

yoga practices that<br />

we have put together<br />

that makes the simple<br />

traditional yoga out of<br />

ordinary.<br />

1<br />

Naked Yoga: Yes,<br />

don’t be too shocked as this<br />

is exactly why we called them<br />

as weird yoga practices. This<br />

yoga is practiced in naked<br />

form. This has been practiced<br />

in one or the other ways and<br />

form since ancient times. The<br />

naked yoga was practiced<br />

in Europe in mid of 1980s<br />

which was common amongst<br />

the naturists. Along with the<br />

many benefits of yoga, the<br />

practitioners claim naked yoga<br />

when practiced, multiplies the<br />

health benefits and also trains<br />

the practitioners in accepting<br />

their body and others along<br />

with achieving the sense of<br />

separation from the worldly<br />

possessions and calms the<br />

mind and thoughts. This in<br />

the modern day could get<br />

difficult to adjust to since the<br />

classes are usually open<br />

to all genders. This is also<br />

called as Noga and known for<br />

its freedom of expression.<br />

Freedom of movement,<br />

beauty of human body and<br />

greater awareness of your<br />

skin and exploring much<br />

more with Noga. Take a look<br />

at the account in Instagram<br />

Nude_Yogagirl to understand<br />

why thousands are falling for<br />

Noga.<br />

2<br />

Laughter Yoga: We<br />

know the saying laughter<br />

is the best medicine, but<br />

did we know laughter<br />

yoga is as well? The more<br />

developed unusual style<br />

of yoga which has its own<br />

“Laughter Yoga University”<br />

as well is indeed something<br />

you want to give a try.<br />

Laughing not only increases<br />

our blood pressure but also<br />

helps burning calories and<br />

releasing endorphins and<br />

stimulating immune system<br />

and stimulating brain. Isn’t<br />

this list enough to prove<br />

all the benefits? Another<br />

great logic behind this Yoga<br />

is to fake until you make<br />

it. Which means it could<br />

be embarrassing to start<br />

with but you must never<br />

underestimate the power of<br />

laughter and laughing!<br />

3<br />

Beer Yoga: Wow! As<br />

incompatible as it sounds,<br />

it is a great success in<br />

Germany which is also a<br />

beer motherland. This is as<br />

well growing in Australia<br />

and many more other places<br />

around the world. No wonder,<br />

the followers do not find it<br />

contradictory since both of<br />

these could be their passion<br />

– beer + Yoga which is<br />

indeed centuries old known<br />

for “therapy of body, mind<br />

and soul”.<br />

4<br />

Doga: The very<br />

famously known as “Yoga<br />

Doggie Style” and the one<br />

type which you practice<br />

with your dog. Doesn’t your<br />

joy double to do anything<br />

with your lovely pet? What<br />

better than exercising and<br />

practicing yoga with your<br />

loyal best friend! The type of<br />

Yoga which was developed<br />

by Suzi Teitelman, and<br />

calling it as a partner yoga<br />

class where you have dog<br />

as your partner. Your pet<br />

would take part in the yoga<br />

too and you help them<br />

either by holding the pet<br />

through the different poses<br />

or through massage. You<br />

will be impressed with how<br />

much the dog learns too and<br />

capacity to do the asanas<br />

that you teach them. Doga<br />

is obviously much shorter a<br />

session as compared to the<br />

conventional yoga for about<br />

20 minutes but it has health<br />

benefits for both the dog and<br />

you. Doga lets you share<br />

the benefits with your dog<br />

and strengthening the bond<br />

between the two of you.<br />

Trending in Instagram now a<br />

days is the picture of dog on<br />

top of you while doing yoga<br />

to strengthen. By far, when it<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

comes to unconditional love<br />

and relaxation along with<br />

strengthening, Doga is the<br />

best.<br />

5<br />

Cannabis Yoga: The<br />

story goes back to Hindu<br />

Mythology where Lord shiva<br />

was known to consume<br />

cannabis before he entered<br />

into deep meditative state.<br />

Applying the same principle<br />

here, the Cannabis Yoga<br />

is trending in more states<br />

and increasingly sanctioned<br />

legally usage of drugs. There<br />

is a Yoga session in Los<br />

Angeles – 4:20 Remedy Yoga<br />

that encourages you to get<br />

high before getting started with<br />

Yoga. Also known as “Ganja<br />

Yoga” where many practitioners<br />

from California also have got<br />

legalized Marijuana. It is said<br />

that conscious use of Marijuana<br />

or Cannabis enhances your<br />

practice in many ways. It has<br />

benefits that cannot be ignored<br />

like increasing the relaxation<br />

and inner peace, sharpening<br />

the focus and concentration<br />

power, reconnection with your<br />

body, getting you into practice<br />

faster and easier and increase<br />

awareness and energy flow<br />

in your body taking the whole<br />

experience into a new level and<br />

intensity.<br />

6<br />

Hoga: Also called as<br />

Equine Yoga. The special<br />

practice of yoga with the<br />

connection and interchange<br />

of energy with a horse. It<br />

is believed that this form<br />

of yoga is from the ancient<br />

tradition of “Doma India”<br />

which was specialized in<br />

the taming practice of South<br />

America. This style of yoga<br />

is growing and spreading<br />

so fast among all the<br />

horse lovers and believe<br />

it, there is already a whole<br />

100h Holistic Equine Yoga<br />

Certification available in<br />

Costa Rica. The participants<br />

are expected to develop a<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

100<br />


skill to stretch, connect and<br />

heal with their horse and<br />

among many others. The<br />

horseback yoga encourages<br />

bonding with the partner<br />

and maintains a mental and<br />

physical harmony with the<br />

equine partner. There are<br />

different classes which usually<br />

involve standing with a horse<br />

in the yoga poses while<br />

concentrating and focusing<br />

on the breathing. This is to<br />

establish one foundation with<br />

the horse and human. The<br />

main focus on maintaining the<br />

balance with the horse through<br />

its movement is a challenge to<br />

the human to stay focused and<br />

balanced.<br />

7<br />

Tantrum yoga: The<br />

most emerging type of yoga<br />

that involves dance and vocal<br />

exercises along with the<br />

traditional routine of breathing<br />

and stretching their body. The<br />

tantrum yoga encourages<br />

one to release the stress<br />

by screaming, shaking and<br />

yelling along with chestpounding,<br />

and stomping. This<br />

is the best way to let go off<br />

the emotions and especially<br />

the older ones that sit in your<br />

head and bother. These stuck<br />

emotions in our head effects<br />

our body and changes it into<br />

stress or disease etc.<br />

8<br />

Mum/ Dad Baby<br />

Yoga: The practicing of Yoga<br />

with baby can be one of the<br />

best ways to tone your body<br />

post pregnancy. When the<br />

baby develops motor skills<br />

and rocking motion of some<br />

movements, pretty much<br />

the same as that of inside<br />

the womb, helps improving<br />

relaxation and helps in<br />

sleeping easier. Of all the<br />

above, the best is to aim at<br />

inner peace and deepens the<br />

connections and bounding<br />

between the mother and the<br />

baby. This yoga is also called<br />

as mommy and me yoga which<br />

is designed to strengthen both<br />

the kid and mother with the<br />

healthy workout. Stimulating<br />

the overall development for<br />

both, this is a highly trending<br />

type of yoga all over.<br />

9<br />

SUP Yoga: This type<br />

of yoga where you stand<br />

up on a paddleboard and<br />

balance your body while<br />

stretching and doing asanas is<br />

indeed incredible. The whole<br />

focus and strength of your<br />

body is needed along with<br />

strengthening the flexibility<br />

and reflexes of the body.<br />

Standing on the paddleboard<br />

is itself very difficult however<br />

mastering to perform yoga<br />

on this unstable surface in<br />

the middle of the ocean could<br />

make your muscles workout<br />

automatically while being<br />

soothed by the sea. It is<br />

indeed a relaxing experience<br />

that improves the sense of<br />

connection with the nature<br />

and body while on the ocean.<br />

Doesn’t this sound great and<br />

tempting to do?<br />

10 Aeroyoga or Aerial<br />

Yoga: This type of yoga<br />

where you defy gravity and<br />

have a total new experience<br />

exploring the new sensation by<br />

performing yoga while hanging<br />

on a belt or hammock. An<br />

extremely fun to practice with<br />

the numerous health benefits<br />

strengthening you mentally<br />

and physically. This improves<br />

and works on your spines<br />

specifically to have advance<br />

asanas safe and easily.<br />

Antigravity Yoga where you<br />

achieve a total body workout<br />

is not like any other exercise.<br />

Giving you a fit and fabulous<br />

body and fun added to it.<br />

11 Karaoke Yoga:<br />

Incredible as it sounds<br />

indeed, a fun activity where<br />

you practice yoga by singing,<br />

dancing, stretching and<br />

sweating your way to joy and<br />

physical fitness. If you think<br />

Yoga is taken too seriously,<br />

this is the right thing for you.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Letting go off your fear and<br />

connecting to your heart is<br />

simple way of enjoying the<br />

yoga. While the karaoke yoga<br />

could be a little easier than<br />

the conventional yoga, as<br />

it includes dj, tv screens to<br />

call out the lyrics and even<br />

sometimes air guitar. The<br />

traditional yogic objective<br />

here is to connect with your<br />

body, focus and balance. It is<br />

all about being you and being<br />

yourself.<br />

12 Hoop yoga: this type<br />

of yoga where you practice<br />

with a Hula hoop can be fun<br />

to do. The Hoop Yoga is full<br />

of energy and helps improving<br />

the coordination, creativity and<br />

body along with the immune<br />

system of the body. This Hoop<br />

yoga helps in strengthening<br />

both the core of the body and<br />

inner joy. Can you imagine<br />

doing the Hula hoop alone,<br />

and on top of it, some Yoga?<br />

Wow! Incredible won’t that be<br />

13 Kilted Yoga: This<br />

type of yoga id very special<br />

yoga where it helps you to<br />

strengthen up completely.<br />

The Yoga which is a freedom<br />

mix of Scottish and Indian<br />

traditions that turn out to have<br />

common values of freedom,<br />

serenity, strength and<br />

connecting with nature.<br />

14 Harry Potter Yoga:<br />

Are you excited reading the<br />

name already? Well, yes this<br />

is a type of yoga where you<br />

get to practice your magic<br />

spells in warrior pose. While<br />

listening to the passages of<br />

the Harry Potter Saga in the<br />

class and perform “Downward<br />

Dumbledore” is one of this<br />

types. The Harry Potter soldout<br />

classes which was started<br />

by Isabel Veltran has opened<br />

up doors to various other or<br />

rather any type of themed<br />

yoga classes.<br />

15 Yoga raves: Rave and<br />

Yoga would never as such<br />

mix in any sentence usually.<br />

But now since we spoke about<br />

the weird yoga practices, this<br />

tops in the list too. The Art of<br />

Living Foundation have found<br />

this where the two – yoga and<br />

rave go together. While you<br />

have the four hour rave, you<br />

are expected to meditate and<br />

burst out your moves, even<br />

chow down on some gourmet<br />

vegetarian feed. At the party<br />

one could enjoy dance, music<br />

and silence. The yoga begins<br />

with a warm up to the body<br />

and continues with an easy<br />

meditation which is guided,<br />

leaving the attendees relaxed<br />

and slowly connecting to the<br />

music. At the end of the night,<br />

there is another meditation to<br />

relax and calm.<br />

16 Stripper pole yoga:<br />

The weirdest of the names, we<br />

have stripper yoga which uses<br />

a stripper pole. Technically<br />

it is all about the connection<br />

here. Be it on an animal, or on<br />

water, the more you are able to<br />

balance, the more focused you<br />

are, and stronger. The strength<br />

similarly will be needed to hoist<br />

self around the pole adding<br />

more strength to your core and<br />

fun to your yoga routine.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


102<br />

12 Laws of Karma<br />

That Will Change Your<br />

Perspective About Life<br />

We all have read those karma memes on graphic tees<br />

and wondered who are we actually cursing here.<br />

Well! For everything we know, Karma is a Sanskrit<br />

word that means our actions, deeds or works. It is a<br />

spiritual science and is based on the principal of cause<br />

and effect.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

For every action there is a<br />

consequence and it affects<br />

the future of an individual.<br />

No matter how hard you try,<br />

everything you do comes<br />

back in the form of future<br />

good of bad. Your bad<br />

intentions contribute to bad<br />

karma and sufferings and<br />

your good karma brings you<br />

happiness and prosperity.<br />

Understand the 12<br />

laws of karma that<br />

govern your life:<br />

There are beliefs and<br />

religions which lay emphasis<br />

on karma and how to improve<br />

our actions and deeds for<br />

eternal happiness. Karma can<br />

be explained as a spiritual<br />

interpretation of Newtons<br />

3rd law; to every action<br />

there is equal and opposite<br />

reaction. So it means all our<br />

negative energies will come<br />

back to bite us. Karma is not<br />

a punishment or a crime.<br />

For a more psychological<br />

significance, karma is<br />

educational. How to be a<br />

good person and use positive<br />

energy for making ourselves a<br />

better person. The 12 laws of<br />

Karma are:<br />

1- The great law:<br />

As you sow, shall you reap.<br />

This law is also known<br />

as the law of cause and<br />

effect. It simply implies, our<br />

thoughts and actions have<br />

consequences. Whatever you<br />

put into the universe comes back<br />

to you. If you want happiness,<br />

love, friendship, peace and care;<br />

you ought to give happiness,<br />

love, friendship, peace and care.<br />

This is the factual law of karma.<br />

Karma works like a boomerang.<br />

The consequences may not<br />

be immediate but eventually it<br />

comes back to us.<br />

2- The law of creation:<br />

What we desire comes through<br />

participation. That means life<br />

requires our participation to<br />

happen. It doesn’t happen by<br />

itself. We are blended with<br />

the universe, inside and out.<br />

Our inner state is defined by<br />

whatever we surround ourselves<br />

with. Be what you want to<br />

have around yourself, and<br />

that is how karma works<br />

3- The law of<br />

humility:<br />

Refusal to accept what is<br />

will still be what is. Accept<br />

the circumstance in order<br />

to change it. Acceptance<br />

is a virtue or a belief that<br />

makes us strong enough to<br />

participate and bring about<br />

change. If you just focus<br />

on negatives in a person<br />

that you are not focused on<br />

higher level of existence.<br />

4- The law of growth:<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Wherever you go, there<br />

you are. Spirituality means<br />

changing yourself rather than<br />

changing people, things or<br />

places around. We only have<br />

the power and control for<br />

ourselves, and that is the only<br />

thing given to us. We must<br />

first change who we are and<br />

then life follows eventually.<br />

Our growth is above any<br />

of our circumstances. Just<br />

make an effort and commit to<br />

change yourselves first, and<br />

only when your heart changes<br />

things will change around you<br />

too<br />

104<br />

5- The law of<br />

responsibility:<br />

Our lives are our own doing<br />

, and nothing else. If there<br />

is something wrong in your<br />

life, its just because there<br />

is something wrong within<br />

you. To change your life first<br />

change your frame of mind<br />

and your surroundings. We<br />

reflect what surrounds us<br />

and whatever surrounds us<br />

reflects within us. Just take<br />

responsibility of whats in your<br />

life.<br />

6- The law of<br />

connection:<br />

Everything in the universe<br />

is connected. Even if you do<br />

anything inconsequential,<br />

it must be accomplished as<br />

everything is connected.<br />

Each of your step leads you<br />

further to the next step and<br />

life goes on. All the steps<br />

from beginning till the end are<br />

equally important to get the<br />

work done. Get the initial work<br />

done with the same courage<br />

as the end task. Your past,<br />

present and future are all<br />

connected.<br />

7- The law of focus:<br />

One cant direct attention<br />

beyond a single task. You cant<br />

grow spiritually if you have<br />

negative thoughts and actions.<br />

Direct your full attention to<br />

accomplish all your desired<br />

tasks. You cant have greed or<br />

anger if you focus on spiritual<br />

values.<br />

8- The law of giving and<br />

hospitality:<br />

Demonstrating our<br />

selflessness shows our true<br />

intentions. Our beliefs must<br />

manifest into our actions.<br />

Here we put all what we have<br />

claimed as our learning into<br />

practice. We cannot grow<br />

spiritually if you do not have<br />

selfless nature. We need to<br />

practice what we preach.<br />

9- The Law of change:<br />

History repeats itself unless it<br />

is changed. Stay committed<br />

to change and continue on<br />

a constructive path to direct<br />

positive energies towards you.<br />

10- The law of here and<br />

now:<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Present is all what we have.<br />

Stop looking at the past and<br />

plan about the future, as old<br />

thoughts prevent us from<br />

having new dreams. We need<br />

to live in the present. This will<br />

never let you move ahead<br />

in life. Live in the moment to<br />

enjoy and cherish it, as that is<br />

the only thing you have under<br />

your control.<br />

11- The law of patience<br />

and reward:<br />

All rewards stem out of initial<br />

toil. Nothing important of<br />

value can be created without<br />

a patient mindset. Toiling<br />

away cant be surrounded<br />

by wishful thinking. All your<br />

rewards can only be achieved<br />

through patience and<br />

persistence. And rewards are<br />

not your true results but true joy<br />

comes from knowledge of doing<br />

the right. You must know what<br />

you are supposed to be doing,<br />

for true joy.<br />

12- The law of<br />

significance and<br />

inspiration:<br />

One gets back from things<br />

they put in. The best reward<br />

is the one that contributes<br />

to the whole. Every bit of<br />

personal contribution is also<br />

a contribution to the whole.<br />

Loving contributions inspire<br />

the whole beautifully. Energy<br />

and intentions are the true<br />

components which define the<br />

significance of end results.<br />

Treat others how you want to<br />

be treated by others.<br />

Karma is a lifestyle choice,<br />

you get whatever you put into<br />

it. Karma promotes positive<br />

energy as it reflects our<br />

deeds and actions. Adopt<br />

self reflection to resolve your<br />

problems in life. Learning and<br />

adopting karma can lead to<br />

freedom from all sufferings.<br />

The 12 laws of karma state,<br />

Correct all your actions and<br />

make your mind positive.<br />

Check out how yoga has<br />

transcendental effects, and<br />

adopt yoga and meditation to<br />

improve your lifestyle. Even if<br />

the action doesn’t look positive<br />

but if the mind if positive, that<br />

action is a positive one.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


106<br />

Powerful And Interesting<br />

Valentine’s Day Facts<br />

Come February and here we are, thinking about the way<br />

we would celebrate this valentine’s day with our beloved.<br />

But wait! Have you read these interesting valentine’s day<br />

facts yet? If not, then why not reading them here; as these<br />

interesting facts about valentine’s day are sure to charm you,<br />

surprise you and even to some extent shock you.<br />

So get set for a roller coaster<br />

down the Valentine’s day<br />

celebration path. How this<br />

day came into existence and<br />

why is it celebrated the way<br />

it is, why some groups do not<br />

like this celebration and why<br />

for some it is the most special<br />

day.<br />

So lets make this year’s<br />

sweet nothings even<br />

more enchanting with<br />

some stunning facts from<br />

valentine’s day mention. Not<br />

all of these facts as some of<br />

them are weird too only the<br />

lovely facts about valentine’s<br />

day which would add more<br />

fun to your celebration with<br />

your beloved<br />

Interesting Valentine’s Day<br />

Facts We Must Know About:<br />

From the Roman times to the<br />

British traditions valentine’s<br />

day has so many interesting<br />

stories attached with it,<br />

that reading about their<br />

gripping details becomes so<br />

interesting for us. And not<br />

just the sweet nothings but<br />

the brutal and the barbaric<br />

too, which comes in as a<br />

historical fact associated with<br />

the advent of Valentine’s day.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Check out some fun facts<br />

about valentine’s day here:<br />

1- Valentine’s day is<br />

celebrated on Feb 14th<br />

in remembrance of Saint<br />

Valentine who is the patron<br />

and saint of all lovers around<br />

the world. But Feb 14th is the<br />

day when he was martyred<br />

for supporting the men in<br />

Claudius’s kingdom to marry.<br />

Roman emperor Claudius<br />

prohibited marriage and love<br />

for men as it deviated them<br />

from their path so he ordered<br />

the killing of Saint Valentine<br />

2- The phrase ‘wear your<br />

heart on your sleeves’ has<br />

a literal relevance to it.<br />

Historically in the kingdom<br />

of Roman king Claudius<br />

marriage was deemed illegal.<br />

For Claudius considered that<br />

men who were unattached<br />

were better soldiers thus he<br />

encouraged temporary coupling<br />

so the draw with names of<br />

women came into being. Men<br />

would draw the name for the<br />

festival, and that name stayed<br />

on their sleeves for the rest of<br />

the days of this festival which<br />

stated that women is his partner<br />

for the time.<br />

3- In the earlier times, it was<br />

believed that if you were single<br />

you would end up marrying the<br />

first single person from opposite<br />

sex on this day of the year<br />

which is the Valentine’s day.<br />

4- Chocolate is shared and<br />

gifted on Valentine’s day not<br />

just for its taste but it was<br />

considered to be Casanova’s<br />

favorite dessert. Casanova is<br />

known as a womanizer and<br />

had complicated affairs with<br />

them<br />

5- Why red roses on<br />

valentine’s day; well! If<br />

scripts are to be believed,<br />

Goddess Venus favored red<br />

roses above other flowers<br />

and also red symbolizes love<br />

and passion.<br />

6- Around 1 billion<br />

Valentine’s Day cards are<br />

exchanged in just US every<br />

year on Feb 14th.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


108<br />

7- Average spending by a man on<br />

Valentine’s day is around $120 and men<br />

spend twice as much as woman on this<br />

day, for gifts. Average men spends $156<br />

while an average women spends $80<br />

only.<br />

8- Around Valentine’s day, prices of long<br />

stemmed roses spurts around 30-50%<br />

more than their regular prices and can<br />

even go upto $75 and more<br />

9- Condom sales are highest around<br />

Valentine’s day, approximately 30-40%<br />

more than usual. Also more pregnancy<br />

testers for home are sold in the month of<br />

<strong>March</strong> than any other month.<br />

10- Between 3-5% pet owners give gifts<br />

to their pets on Valentine’s day.<br />

11- The symbol XOXO dates back to<br />

the medieval times when they came into<br />

being. An X was placed on enveloped,<br />

notes and at the bottom of letters to mean<br />

kisses. It signified honesty, love and faith.<br />

So symbol XOXO relates to kisses and<br />

hugs, where X is standing for kisses and<br />

O is hugs. X symbol looks like puckered<br />

up lips and when it is paired with O they<br />

look like embracing a kiss on the face.<br />

12- Around 75 % men and 25% women<br />

buy flowers and of those 15% women buy<br />

flowers for themselves.<br />

13- Teachers receive the most<br />

Valentine’s day cards followed by<br />

children, mothers, wives, sweethearts<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

and pets<br />

14- Around 2.5 million<br />

proposals are given on<br />

Valentine’s day each year<br />

15- Why did the phrase<br />

playing cupid come into<br />

existence. Cupid is the great<br />

creator of lovers in the entire<br />

universe, he is the son of<br />

Venus who is the goddess<br />

of beauty and love. Cupid is<br />

almost a mini-god of love.<br />

Cupid is a little boy with wings<br />

and bow & arrow, when we<br />

say play cupid about someone<br />

it implies they are bringing<br />

two people together to start a<br />

romantic relationship.<br />

16- Number of roses in a<br />

bouquet on Valentine’s day<br />

signifies something too.<br />

Giving two roses means you<br />

are apologizing, 12 roses are<br />

for marriage proposals and<br />

36 roses imply true love and<br />

the crazy 101 roses bouquet<br />

implies craziest love ever.<br />

17- Erotic gifts also see a rise<br />

in their sales. Around 1 sex toy<br />

is sold every minute in the first<br />

13 days of February.<br />

18- The world record for<br />

largest group kissing was<br />

made on Valentine’s day in<br />

Mexico in 2010 with over<br />

40000 people participating.<br />

19- Feb 14th 1929 is<br />

known for its Valentine’s day<br />

massacre for the shooting of 7<br />

Chicago gangsters.<br />

Stellar valentine’s<br />

day celebrations from<br />

around the world:<br />

Every country has their own<br />

specifics of celebrating a day<br />

of love, while many nations<br />

have their own specific dates<br />

when they celebrate love, but<br />

Valentine’s day continues<br />

to be a very important and<br />

romantic festival. Check out<br />

some popular ways nations<br />

around the world celebrate<br />

valentine’s day:<br />

1- France:<br />

France is actually the real<br />

world capital of love and<br />

Valentine’s day. Historically<br />

the celebration was barbaric<br />

and would encapsulate lust<br />

over love. “Loterie d’amour’<br />

or “drawing for love”, as they<br />

called it, would mean single<br />

men would fill houses with<br />

women. And men will then<br />

pick their match for the day.<br />

2- Italy:<br />

Italians celebrate this<br />

awesome day of love with<br />

spring festivity. From enjoying<br />

music, poetry and exchanging<br />

gifts to kisses it is all what we<br />

can dream of for love. There<br />

are also some old traditions<br />

which state the first man a<br />

woman sees actually married<br />

her later.<br />

3- Germany:<br />

Lovers in Germany are<br />

not the usual orthodox of<br />

conventional, they gift Pigs<br />

in addition to chocolates,<br />

flowers, cards and more. Pig<br />

in German culture represents<br />

love and lust and from<br />

figures of pig to pig shaped<br />

chocolates and cards anything<br />

can be given.<br />

4- China:<br />

Chinese are known to have<br />

celebrated this day differently<br />

in past, but now they have<br />

come to make it almost fit in<br />

the way Western world does.<br />

Their day for celebrating<br />

love falls officially the night<br />

of seven or the seventh day<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET

110<br />


of seventh lunar month.<br />

Traditionally lovers would get<br />

a chance to see each other<br />

only on one day, and women<br />

pray to find good husband’s<br />

on this day<br />

5- USA:<br />

Valentine’s day is an<br />

extremely popular festival in<br />

the US. People observe a<br />

holiday to honor St Valentine<br />

and his sacrifice. People<br />

express gratitude and love for<br />

teachers, parents, spouses,<br />

beloved, partner and even<br />

friends. Thus Valentine’s day<br />

has come out as 2nd major<br />

card giving and gift sharing<br />

festival in the US next only to<br />

Christmas.<br />

The above facts are not just<br />

weird but interesting too, while<br />

some of us just love the idea<br />

of celebrating Valentine’s<br />

day with our beloved and<br />

family for others it is more<br />

about the customs and rituals.<br />

The Valentine’s day facts<br />

compilation is a tribute to this<br />

auspicious day where love<br />

shines and smiles above<br />

everything else, no matter<br />

how old or young you are.<br />

Have You Read About<br />

Valentine’s Day Week List Yet<br />

And here again, I wish for a<br />

scintillating Valentine’s day<br />

celebration this year. For the<br />

day is not just about gifts,<br />

chocolates, cards and flowers<br />

but as day to celebrate love,<br />

joy of togetherness and the<br />

essence of relationships.<br />

So here comes yet another<br />

stunning and interesting<br />

compilation on Valentine’s day<br />

week list which is not just all<br />

rosy but not so good days<br />

ahead of Valentines. This is<br />

the full Valentine’s week list of<br />

<strong>2018</strong> beginning from Feb 7th<br />

and continuing until Feb 21st<br />

with every day being special<br />

for some prominent thing.<br />

Lovers and friends all around<br />

the world share these special<br />

items on these particular days<br />

to celebrate their love for each<br />

other. So as a tribute to the<br />

enchanting feeling of love and<br />

passion here comes an insight<br />

into February special days for<br />

lovers<br />

Valentines day date sheet<br />

gives an idea on how the<br />

days beginning from Feb 7th<br />

are special for lovers. Each<br />

day emerges from history<br />

of valentines day back from<br />

even the Roman times. And<br />

the current Valentine day<br />

schedule is just about feeling<br />

special, that warm of your<br />

relation must be celebrated<br />

each moment each day for it<br />

is not just you two in love but<br />

the entire universe arranging<br />

for your love to prosper. If you<br />

believe in true love, and you<br />

have faith in finding the right<br />

one at the right time, here is<br />

the time to put yourself into<br />

your relationship. For a true<br />

relationship must be cherishes<br />

and celebrated by the two<br />

people madly deeply in love.<br />

The Valentine week days<br />

are structured in a way that it<br />

gives you a step by step guide<br />

to confessing your love for<br />

your beloved. And for some<br />

other people the week ahead<br />

of Valentine is about losing<br />

or breaking up with someone<br />

you may not be in love with.<br />

What is Valentine’s day?<br />

And What is the history<br />

of Valentine’s day?<br />

Valentine’s day from Historical<br />

Roman times as early as 4th<br />

and 5th century when this<br />

celebration was so strange<br />

where it meant to hit woman<br />

literally for being blessed.<br />

Then came the era where<br />

romanticism and passion<br />

rules along with Shakespeare<br />

and Milton. Everything<br />

comes up to the meaning of<br />

Valentine day, why doe we<br />

celebrate Valentines day on<br />

14th Feb. Well! This day is<br />

believed to be the day when<br />

Saint Valentine was killed for<br />

supporting love and marriage<br />

in those times. The Roman<br />

King believed single and<br />

unattached men would give<br />

better performance than the<br />

ones who are in love so he<br />

prevented the soldiers and<br />

other men in his kingdom<br />

from falling in love and getting<br />

married.<br />

With it Valentines day has<br />

become the second most<br />

popular and celebrated<br />

festival around the world.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Every country has its own<br />

traditions and rituals but<br />

largely it all comes at sharing<br />

valentines day gifts and<br />

flowers and confessing your<br />

love for your partner, spouse,<br />

parents, siblings, friends and<br />

specially teachers who make<br />

up for the most preferred<br />

receiver of Valentines day<br />

cards.<br />

What is the meaning of<br />

Valentine’s day:<br />

Simply, when you love<br />

someone unconditionally<br />

you mean to share your<br />

feelings and passion. And<br />

what better way than to<br />

have a day dedicated for<br />

all the expression and love<br />

you can bestow in addition<br />

to being in love always. For<br />

children Valentines day is<br />

all about bringing on their<br />

creatives selves and putting<br />

out some really artistic cards<br />

and gifts for their teachers<br />

and fellow class mates. This<br />

day happens to be the most<br />

wonderful day for schools,<br />

where teachers are the ones<br />

who get the most number of<br />

cards in the entire US.<br />

Then for college kids and<br />

teens this day is a pleasing<br />

and delightful way of<br />

celebrating their first love,<br />

or someone special they<br />

just found or met recently.<br />

They have the most curiosity<br />

and anxiety for they are just<br />

beginning to understand love,<br />

passion, relationships and<br />

attraction. For them it is more<br />

about trend and flings as they<br />

are still not up to that level of<br />

feeling pure love<br />

For adults it is all about their<br />

true love, the one special<br />

person they wish to spend<br />

their life with. The meaning<br />

of valentine day schedule is<br />

just about bringing their true<br />

emotions and sharing with<br />

their beloved.<br />

And for elderly, Valentines<br />

day is all about celebrating<br />

their lives, the love that has<br />

matured and bloomed all<br />

through ups and downs in<br />

their relationships and yet<br />

come out stronger than ever.<br />

What is the valentines<br />

day date sheet, and how<br />

all day of valentine<br />

week progress:<br />

Valentine day has become<br />

not just a one day celebration<br />

now but a rather 15 day ritual<br />

with each day holding some<br />

specifics. So the 15 point<br />

valentine day list comprises<br />

each day be celebrated for<br />

something specific. All of the<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


112<br />

first 7 days add up to valentine<br />

day celebration and the next<br />

week takes it ahead to break<br />

up day which is not necessarily<br />

what everyone plans for but<br />

for those single or unhappy<br />

in love this can be a way out.<br />

Check out the Valentine week<br />

days and Valentine date sheet<br />

followed by most all over:<br />

1. 7th Feb– Rose Day<br />

2. 8th Feb– Propose Day<br />

3. 9th Feb– Chocolate Day<br />

4. 10th Feb– Teddy Day<br />

5. 11th Feb– Promise Day<br />

6. 12th Feb– Kiss Day<br />

7. 13th Feb– Hug Day<br />

8. 14th Feb– Valentines day<br />

9. 15th Feb– Slap Day<br />

10. 16th Feb– Kick Day<br />

11. 17th Feb– Perfume Day<br />

12. 18th Feb– Flirting Day<br />

13. 19th Feb– Confession Day<br />

14. 20th Feb– Missing Day<br />

15. 21st Feb– Break Up Day<br />

The above details about<br />

valentine’s day week list<br />

suggests how to propose a<br />

girl by first approaching then<br />

befriending and then slowly<br />

taking tit forward to reach<br />

14th Feb which is the D day<br />

for lovers. And then base don<br />

your experience you slap the<br />

next day and in a span of 7<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

days reach at a point where<br />

you break up if you do not<br />

feel your relationship is true.<br />

Before we proceed, we wish<br />

a very happy valentines day<br />

week with hopes of finding<br />

your true love. Let us look at<br />

the days of valentine week<br />

which not just have social<br />

media trends to set in but<br />

also to roll out the love and<br />

passion you have for your<br />

beloved:<br />

1 Rose Day celebrated on<br />

Feb 7th:<br />

Rose day is the day which<br />

begins days of valentine<br />

which will progress from 7th<br />

of Feb until 21st Feb. All<br />

that red crimson cherry and<br />

scarlet on top of wooden<br />

sticks is sought out and given<br />

to the beloved. This is not<br />

just a day for showing your<br />

lover how passionate you are<br />

but to share love with friends<br />

and family too. So giving red<br />

roses is the way ahead from<br />

this day. And commencing<br />

the valentines week ahead<br />

with rose means you wish<br />

for the relationship to bloom<br />

and reach its glory. Rose<br />

day is celebrates with lot of<br />

zeal and enthusiasm, that the<br />

sale of roses goes to never<br />

before high and one long<br />

stemmed red rose can cost<br />

as high as $75. For some<br />

red is just not the color yet,<br />

for their relationship is just at<br />

the beginning so begin with<br />

yellow and proceed to red in<br />

the course of time.<br />

History behind giving red<br />

rose just at the beginning of<br />

Valentine week date sheet:<br />

Goddess Venus who is<br />

the Roman goddess of<br />

love, sex, beauty, desire,<br />

fertility and victory. And she<br />

favored roses for they depict<br />

immense love, passion,<br />

desire and seduction. Also<br />

red color is a symbol of<br />

passionate love, so the<br />

tradition of giving red roses<br />

came in.

2 Propose Day celebrated<br />

on Feb 8th:<br />

Propose day is the second<br />

day in valentine day date<br />

sheet. You approach your<br />

beloved and confess your<br />

true love for him or her and<br />

then you propose them for<br />

a relationship based on<br />

passion, intimacy, love and<br />

admiration you feel about<br />

them. Organize your proposal<br />

in a way that reflects your<br />

true passion, have something<br />

special set up and propose<br />

straight from your soul to<br />

show how much he or she<br />

means to you. So pour in<br />

your heart on this day, for<br />

you know you have met your<br />

lobster.<br />

3 Chocolate day<br />

celebrated on Feb 9th:<br />

Heart shaped Chocolates<br />

are the true inspiration for us<br />

every valentines. And they<br />

represent the sweet and bitter<br />

combination which is what<br />

life is. Every relationship<br />

symbolizes the taste and<br />

depth of the chocolates.<br />

Your love is sweet and strong,<br />

passionate and filled with<br />

excitement and also has some<br />

downs of bitter days when all<br />

you need is to hang on and<br />

carry yourself forward without<br />

losing it.<br />

History behind giving<br />

Chocolate on the 3rd day of<br />

Valentine week date sheet:<br />

Giacomo Casanova is famous<br />

in the history as a womanizer<br />

who has elaborate affairs with<br />

woman. He represents love and<br />

lust with the element of pure<br />

passion. And chocolate was the<br />

favorite dessert of Casanova,<br />

so it is believed that sharing<br />

chocolate came in just because<br />

it somehow represented some<br />

strong form of love and passion.<br />

Chocolate is also believed to<br />

be good for heart and instigates<br />

desires in us. So to get steamy<br />

and feel the passion, gifting<br />

chocolates on valentines came<br />

into being<br />

4 Teddy day celebrated on<br />

Feb 10th:<br />

Teddy bears represent warm<br />

hugs and most woman like<br />

teddy bears a lot. To make<br />

your beloved feel special,<br />

teddy bears are just the right<br />

choice, to show how much<br />

this relationship makes you<br />

feel the warm and love.<br />

Teddy bear colors also<br />

signify so much more than<br />

just love:<br />

Orange teddy bear: You<br />

are all set to propose your<br />

beloved<br />

White teddy bear: You are<br />

already booked<br />

Black teddy bear: Your<br />

love is rejected by the person<br />

Red teddy bear: Love is<br />

mutual and he or she also<br />

feels the same passion<br />

Green teddy bear: He or<br />

she is waiting for you or your<br />

answer<br />

Blue teddy bear:<br />

Your love is so deep and<br />

passionate<br />

Pink teddy bear: your<br />

proposal is accepted<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


114 Purple teddy bear: Better<br />

luck next time<br />

Brown teddy bear<br />

represents broken hearts<br />

Yellow teddy bears means<br />

break up is official<br />

5<br />

Promise day celebrated<br />

on Feb 11th:<br />

The fifth day of valentine<br />

is promise day. This day<br />

is all about promises and<br />

accomplishing them.<br />

Promises is an extremely<br />

vital part in your relationship,<br />

and when you commit to<br />

something and accomplish<br />

your promises you make<br />

your beloved believe that<br />

you are the one for them. Do<br />

not make false promises as its<br />

not just making a promise but<br />

keeping it up too<br />

6<br />

Kiss day celebrated on<br />

Feb 12:<br />

Kiss is the silent language<br />

of the heart. And it conveys<br />

so much to our beloved, in<br />

addition to love and passion. It<br />

reflects love, passion, affection,<br />

greetings, wishes, peace and<br />

good luck; so many things.<br />

Interestingly the marriages<br />

are sealed with a kiss stating<br />

affection, love and commitment<br />

for each other. Gentle kiss is an<br />

intimate expression of love.<br />

History related to kissing during<br />

the valentines day and XOXO:<br />

Writing XOXO on envelope and<br />

kissing your beloved have<br />

some historical significance<br />

too. XOXO makes your face<br />

turn just like you are kissing<br />

someone. So show your<br />

affection and tenderness by<br />

locking lips this valentines<br />

7<br />

Hug day celebrated on<br />

Feb 13th:<br />

Hug day is celebrated to<br />

show the warmth and love<br />

you share with your beloved.<br />

Go ahead and give them a<br />

tight hug for your love and<br />

passion must be shown<br />

deeply for the celebration of<br />

Valentines.<br />

8<br />

Valentines day<br />

celebrated on Feb 14th:<br />

And finally, all of this<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

culminates into the day filled<br />

with so much love, passion,<br />

admiration, affection and<br />

desire. Feb 14th is the day<br />

Saint Valentine was killed<br />

and to honor and respect his<br />

belief and faith in love this day<br />

came into being. Historically<br />

Valentines day dates back to<br />

Christian saints and Greek<br />

and Roman mythology. Cupid<br />

the son of Venus (god of love)<br />

was a mischievous boy and<br />

he carried bow and arrow to<br />

which the mythology states he<br />

points the arrow and makes<br />

people fall in love. That’s how<br />

the term playing cupid came<br />

into being.<br />

Anti Valentine’s day list:<br />

Yes for some valentines day<br />

does not come up like the<br />

most rosy and passionate<br />

time. And their life may not be<br />

as lovey dovey as the others.<br />

So there is a social trending<br />

thread on anti-valentine’s<br />

week. The week just after Feb<br />

14th when you know it don’t<br />

work out for you or worked<br />

out the wrong way. Here are<br />

your days for valentine not so<br />

happy happy though:<br />

9<br />

Slap day on Feb 15th:<br />

When things do not go right<br />

and you end up experiencing<br />

things which ideally you<br />

should not have, well! A slap<br />

represents a push back to the<br />

one who came in at the wrong<br />

time with wrong emotions.<br />

When a guy or a girl rejects<br />

a proposal it represents a slap in<br />

the face. This is more like the face<br />

palm moment when you did not<br />

approve of the progress someone<br />

not so dear made towards you<br />

10 Kick day on Feb 16th:<br />

This is a very strong way to show<br />

what the other person did or is<br />

doing again and again is not<br />

accepted. This is the worst day<br />

for any lover, and this certainly<br />

is not an expression one would<br />

wish to undergo not at the giving<br />

end and most certainly not at the<br />

receiving end.<br />

11 Perfume day on Feb 17th:<br />

After that not so wonderful<br />

kick lovers share perfumes to<br />

experience fragrance of peace<br />

and harmony. Gift perfume on this<br />

day to allow a ore friendly relation<br />

to begin after that ugly spat.<br />

12 Flirting day on Feb 18th:<br />

So after that ugly wind up its time<br />

to begin afresh. Begin flirting as<br />

you have to find someone soon.<br />

Both men and women flirt on<br />

this day to find someone new<br />

someone they can fall in love<br />

with.<br />

13 Confession day on Feb<br />

19th:<br />

This day is not just for those<br />

who fell apart but also for those<br />

whose proposal was accepted,<br />

it is time to confess what you<br />

may have done intentionally or<br />

unintentionally which may or<br />

have hurt him or her. Many<br />

couples wait for this day to<br />

confess anything they did<br />

14 Missing day on Feb<br />

20th:<br />

Missing your beloved, well<br />

this is the official day to miss<br />

someone near and dear to<br />

you. Not literally you can<br />

celebrate this day but this<br />

day reminds you of those<br />

people with whom you spent<br />

some special part of your<br />

life. Who may or may no<br />

longer be that part of your life<br />

anymore.<br />

15 Break up day on Feb<br />

21st:<br />

Well for all those relations<br />

which were not on the right<br />

track and even the beautiful<br />

days taking upto valentines<br />

day could not sustain the<br />

love and passion it is time<br />

to call it quits. Breaking up<br />

may be extremely painful but<br />

right thing to do when no one<br />

among the two is happy and<br />

there absolutely seems no<br />

future together. So this ends<br />

valentine all days list here<br />

with, though it seems painful<br />

with break up but when we<br />

talk about love one thing is<br />

for sure, “ Love is happiness<br />

for some pain for others,<br />

passion for some refrain for<br />

others and no matter how<br />

deeply you feel it may or may<br />

not be reciprocated by all”<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


116<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Sexless Marriage<br />

When it is about happy marriage, it is more about the intimate<br />

bond that you share with physical, emotional, and spiritual union<br />

of two individual. Although there are no theories to suggest<br />

how important it to be sexually involved for a happy marriage,<br />

however is, statistics indicate that having sexless marriage might<br />

eventually lead to separation or divorce.<br />

Long time ago, sexless<br />

marriage was mainly to<br />

control the size of a family<br />

and there was less or no<br />

much difference between<br />

partners.<br />

Passionate wedding<br />

or marriages and<br />

compassionate marriages<br />

are both pretty successful<br />

and could as well be<br />

failures in their own<br />

ways and details. There<br />

is nothing such a thing<br />

called as success mantra<br />

for happy marriages. But<br />

for the very conventional<br />

marriage, sex is the<br />

most important part of<br />

matrimonial bliss. Not<br />

just physical expression<br />

but also emotional one to<br />

significantly show love and<br />

keep the marital life happy,<br />

mesmerizing and exciting.<br />

It is indeed a journey to<br />

balance love, affection,<br />

emotion and support<br />

throughout. But when it<br />

comes to sexless marriages,<br />

here are some ways to<br />

deal with it and tips to keep<br />

your marriage strong and<br />

charming.<br />

Surviving sexless marriage is<br />

more on the mental strength,<br />

courage than about anything<br />

else. The importance of<br />

physical bond for marriages<br />

is understandable, but<br />

the existence of some dry<br />

spell when our otherwise<br />

passionate wedding turns<br />

into a sexless marriage<br />

sometimes. It could as well<br />

be a temporary situation<br />

where all you need to do is<br />

be patient and give it some<br />

time for the relationship to<br />

breathe; else coping up with<br />

a sexless marriage could<br />

lead to split eventually.<br />

There are ways in which<br />

you could live in a sexless<br />

marriage without stressing<br />

out.<br />

Talk and talk it out<br />

with your partner– the<br />

very important bit in a<br />

relationship is to be friends<br />

to each other. There could<br />

be something which is<br />

worrying and disturbing<br />

causing some tension<br />

at work place for your<br />

partner which you might<br />

be oblivious to. Days and<br />

months have passed since<br />

you had your last sex but<br />

there is no discussion or<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


encounter again.<br />

118<br />

any specific details laid out by<br />

either of you to each other yet.<br />

Thus, talking and break all the<br />

shackles is the most important<br />

bit here to find what, why and<br />

all those questions to your<br />

sexless life.<br />

Check out when was<br />

the last you had sex. Not<br />

that you need to maintain<br />

a calendar, however,<br />

remembering when was<br />

your last moment of blissful<br />

experience with a pure bliss<br />

of climax, passion and love<br />

for each other. You might also<br />

remember the things that led<br />

to something and afterwards<br />

post consummation. Try to<br />

check if there was anything<br />

that went wrong or either of<br />

your felt stressed about it, or if<br />

there was any other marriage<br />

problem you might have to<br />

think about.<br />

Check for any erectile<br />

dysfunction. Let us not<br />

be awkward about talking<br />

about something which is a<br />

psychological condition. Not<br />

being able to consummate<br />

is a big cause of men drifting<br />

from sex and also erectile<br />

dysfunctions lead to moving<br />

towards sexless marriage.<br />

This could get emotionally<br />

stressing for the man. Your<br />

man would not be able to<br />

carry it through the climax<br />

and due to the awkwardness,<br />

and embarrassment, he<br />

could avoid attempting sexual<br />

Understand that you<br />

are not alone in this, there<br />

are many others sailing in<br />

the same boat. The most<br />

important rule of dealing<br />

with sexless marriage is<br />

to be stable emotionally<br />

and not feel alone. Do not<br />

blame everything to you, it is<br />

important that you know you<br />

are not the only reason to this<br />

and not to feel guilty about<br />

it. You are aggravating your<br />

woes and situation by causing<br />

unwanted stress.<br />

Did you have a baby yet?<br />

Just after the delivery of<br />

your first baby, the initial few<br />

months are pretty challenging<br />

to involve in sexual desire<br />

and time to have time to fulfil<br />

it with passion. Kids are a big<br />

responsibility and with them<br />

being cranky and fussy most<br />

of the time, it is difficult to<br />

find some free lone time with<br />

your partner to share intimate<br />

moments together. Gradually<br />

the desire starts to fade away<br />

and a time arrives when<br />

months would have been<br />

passed since the last you<br />

had sex however, you just<br />

continued to live as a married<br />

couple.<br />

Do not pressurize yourself<br />

or the partner to have sex.<br />

Sex is not any intimate<br />

bonding factor that you share<br />

with your partner. Extra<br />

physical intimacy can be<br />

gained with many other ways.<br />

All you need to do is to keep<br />

your gestures alive that makes<br />

you feel physically satisfied.<br />

Hugging, cuddling, touching,<br />

holding hands and just playing<br />

around can be simple and<br />

great ways to destress and<br />

also reduce the tension that<br />

your partner or you have been<br />

facing past sometime about<br />

your sexless marriage.<br />

Do not discuss your sex<br />

life everywhere. The more<br />

you talk negative about your<br />

sex life, the more it becomes<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

a subject of easy contempt.<br />

The more you think about<br />

it and try to analyze, it only<br />

leads to frustration and you<br />

feel bad about your sexless<br />

marriage. As a grown up<br />

and a matured person, you<br />

must understand that this<br />

is a personal thing and only<br />

you or your partner have the<br />

rights to know and determine<br />

the cause or the reason of<br />

it. Seeking help from the<br />

counselors or therapists help<br />

but do not intend to make<br />

it a subject of gossip. This<br />

only leads to damaging your<br />

relationship further.<br />

Honesty is the best policy.<br />

Your partner is your best<br />

friend and you have to start<br />

discussing of what you think<br />

and feel. You must not start<br />

avoiding sex talks with your<br />

partner. Either of you would<br />

have lost interest or avoiding<br />

sex but you have to free<br />

up and be honest with your<br />

partner as to what you feel and<br />

why. Your relationship has to<br />

progress and build on the layer<br />

of trust. Do not ever force your<br />

partner to be passionate but<br />

instead, give them the time<br />

and support to get back to<br />

routine.<br />

Try and find some alone<br />

time by sneaking out and<br />

spending more time together.<br />

Whatever could the reason<br />

be, you need to be happy in<br />

every stage of your married<br />

life. As a couple, you need to<br />

spend more time and alone<br />

time preferably. Each stage<br />

of life and marriage has its<br />

own challenges and different<br />

tricks that help and work like<br />

a date night, walks together,<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


road trips, movie nights,<br />

holidaying, backpacking<br />

or simple romantic dinner<br />

or anything that you like to<br />

do together. Keeping your<br />

efforts on is important to<br />

make your partner believe<br />

that you need them and that<br />

they are important to you.<br />

Maybe the busy schedule<br />

and lifestyle along with the<br />

daily grind has got into their<br />

nerves and this eases them<br />

out.<br />

120<br />

Keep yourself busy.<br />

An idle mind is a devil’s<br />

workshop. Haven’t we<br />

heard of this? Indeed, the<br />

best way to keep yourself<br />

busy is to take up some<br />

hobby that keeps you<br />

happy and gives you a<br />

sense of accomplishment<br />

over the day. You must<br />

have sometime given to<br />

your partner to work on<br />

their routine and get back,<br />

meanwhile, get busy doing<br />

something you like. Picking<br />

up hobby always works. Let<br />

your thoughts and creativity<br />

flow and help shift your focus<br />

to it allowing yourself and the<br />

partner to cope up with the<br />

sexless marriage stress.<br />

Either of you have an<br />

extra marital affair? Well this<br />

is something you must make<br />

sure that your partner isn’t<br />

cheating on you. An extra<br />

marital affair simply could be<br />

one of the biggest causes of<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

the sexless life. There is a<br />

possibility that the partner’s<br />

sexual interest has shifted<br />

and does not find you<br />

sexually attractive.<br />

Try some ways to turn<br />

your partner on. Yes, there<br />

has to be something extra<br />

ordinary you could do<br />

to impress your partner<br />

and lead them out of the<br />

monotonous routine. Your<br />

style and looks might be<br />

uninteresting for your<br />

partner to get turned on<br />

and might have stopped<br />

finding you attractive.<br />

Time to change your style<br />

and wardrobe to adapt to<br />

something they like and<br />

feel glamorous. Wear sexy<br />

lingerie and night wear and<br />

take the lead.<br />

Relax with some<br />

romantic music, candles<br />

and champagne. Make the<br />

mood lighter watching some<br />

romantic move, it helps in<br />

giving those passionate<br />

moments and makes you<br />

feel intimate and close to<br />

each other. Do not try to<br />

pull your partner into sex<br />

immediately; rather indulge<br />

in some passionate loving<br />

moments. Take it easy and<br />

slow and one at a time.<br />

the union of hearts and<br />

body and soul. It must be<br />

a blessed sacred thing and<br />

not just a challenge or a<br />

task to execute. Enjoying<br />

the process is more about<br />

it rather than thinking about<br />

the outcome as a whole.<br />

Do not get into wrong<br />

habits or any addiction.<br />

Smoking or drinking could<br />

be very tempting but you<br />

must understand that it is<br />

not the right thing to do<br />

resolve. Addiction to drugs<br />

isn’t going to resolve your<br />

issue nor will it ever. Finding<br />

the cause and working for it<br />

to release the stress is the<br />

crux. Staying off any such<br />

stimulants is the best for<br />

your health and your partner<br />

too.<br />

Remember, above all,<br />

expressing your feeling<br />

and adopting to some ways<br />

of physical affection is not<br />

usually sex. Check with a<br />

marriage counselor and sex<br />

therapist for more help.<br />

Never force your partner<br />

to have sex. It is not about<br />

conquering someone. It<br />

is more on what you feel,<br />

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Plan your Next Trip to<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

122<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Lakshadweep – the name itself is enough to<br />

imagine its serene beauty and heavenly marine<br />

life. Lakshadweep means ‘a hundred thousand<br />

islands’. Indeed, some big, some small, few are<br />

far and others being closer, some are inhabited<br />

and some are not.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


History of<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

124<br />

Travel to Lakshadweep<br />

will be incomplete without<br />

knowing the beautiful history<br />

of this place. Lakshadweep<br />

does not have any tribal<br />

group or aboriginal<br />

inhabitants. The islanders in<br />

Lakshadweep came down<br />

to settle at some point in<br />

history. There are several<br />

legends around how this<br />

happened, more recent<br />

story about Lakshadweep<br />

says that the islands were<br />

successively invaded and<br />

captured by the Arabs,<br />

Portuguese and then finally<br />

British. The influence of<br />

these countries is evident<br />

in predominantly Hindu<br />

and Muslim population and<br />

culture here. Being a part of<br />

India, it is most obvious to<br />

have their local dialect which<br />

is derived from Malayalam<br />

which is language of the<br />

state of Kerala in India.<br />

These descendants<br />

are mostly from either<br />

Arab or Indian ethnicity.<br />

Lakshadweep tourism is a<br />

recent phenomenon on the<br />

islands.<br />

Know Lakshadweep<br />

Better<br />

Lakshadweep is located<br />

off the coast of Kerala<br />

which is the southernmost<br />

tip of India. These islands of<br />

Lakshadweep are bestowed<br />

with miles and miles of<br />

beautiful, heavenly sun-kissed<br />

beaches which are magnificent<br />

and not so crowded.<br />

The glorious lagoons of<br />

Lakshadweep have turquoise<br />

blue water full of colorful<br />

marine life.<br />

Lakshadweep which is<br />

India’s smallest union<br />

territory has 10 inhibited<br />

islands and 17 uninhibited<br />

islands with attached islets<br />

and four newly formed islets<br />

plus 5 submerged reefs.<br />

Lakshadweep is one of the<br />

most beautiful and prettiest<br />

destinations that you could<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

ancient churches<br />

visit as your next holiday<br />

destination. This union territory<br />

is in the Arabian Sea that has<br />

twelve atolls and three reefs<br />

with five submerged banks. The<br />

excellent marine life, the lovely<br />

villages, amazingly comfortable<br />

and heavenly Lakshadweep<br />

resorts and the mosques in this<br />

place are few of the must go<br />

attractions for the tourists.<br />

The name as we said does<br />

stand for one lakh islands.<br />

Few parts of this marvelous<br />

Lakshadweep are kept out<br />

of the tourism deliberately to<br />

preserve their rich and serene<br />

natural habitat. Seeing the<br />

aerial view of Lakshadweep<br />

is mesmerizing like the<br />

emerald embedded on a<br />

turquoise sea into the deep<br />

sapphire ocean. Agatti is the<br />

only airport at Lakshadweep.<br />

The islands of Lakshadweep<br />

sport a luxurious growth of<br />

tropical vegetation. The local<br />

inhabitants are very friendly<br />

and warm at Lakshadweep,<br />

welcoming you to their<br />

beautiful place.<br />

Both music and dance in this<br />

place is deeply influenced<br />

by the Islamic culture. Since<br />

this place is pretty close to<br />

Kerala, the culture remains<br />

similar to that of Kerala.<br />

Parichakali dance, Lava<br />

dance, Kolkali dance and<br />

Opana dance are few of<br />

the famous dance forms<br />

which are performed<br />

during the marriage<br />

celebration or festivals.<br />

The vivid culture could<br />

also be seen during the<br />

occasions like child birth,<br />

ear-boring or marriages.<br />

Their tribal dance and folk<br />

music portrays the culture<br />

of Lakshadweep. Coir,<br />

shells, corals, oysters or<br />

even ornaments, jewelries<br />

and other decorative<br />

items which could be<br />

purchased from the road<br />

side handicraft shops<br />

near the beach. By now,<br />

you must have guessed<br />

that coconut and fish is<br />

found in abundance at<br />

Lakshadweep. The food<br />

is known to be spicy and<br />

tangy with many varied<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


flavors unlike at any other place.<br />

Best Time to Travel to<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

Lakshadweep best time to<br />

travel is usually from October<br />

until <strong>March</strong>. December being<br />

the peak season to travel to<br />

Lakshadweep as it is cooler<br />

and drier. Although, islands like<br />

Bangaram and Agatti are very<br />

pleasant during the monsoon<br />

months, Lakshadweep overall<br />

has a humid tropical climate<br />

mostly throughout the year<br />

with not much variation to the<br />

climate.<br />

126<br />

The sea is usually calmer<br />

during the months of <strong>March</strong><br />

until October with very pleasant<br />

weather allowing you to indulge<br />

in various water sports and<br />

activities. From <strong>March</strong> until<br />

May the temperate varies from<br />

22 degree C to 36 degree C.<br />

August is the peak monsoon<br />

season at Lakshadweep and<br />

might not be a very good time<br />

to visit this beachy location.<br />

Lakshadweep tourism sees<br />

a decrease in the number of<br />

tourists mostly in this period<br />

as the weather is pretty rough<br />

due to the rains. Also during<br />

the peak monsoon, most ferries<br />

are closed usually. But there<br />

are chopper facilities if you<br />

still want to visit during the off<br />

season. It is recommended that<br />

you confirm your plan and fix it<br />

before reaching.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

How to reach<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

Every traveler needs a special<br />

permit, Indian or otherwise<br />

to visit Lakshadweep. The<br />

easiest way by far to book is<br />

via a package tour through the<br />

government’s tour operator<br />

sports or you could arrange it<br />

from the hotel as they are pretty<br />

good to get it sorted for you. The<br />

foreigners must have advanced<br />

booking to be allowed to visit<br />

as a prerequisite. Foreigners<br />

are restricted to the islands of<br />

Agatti, Kadmat and Bangaram<br />

with a only transit permit of 12<br />

hours in Kavaratti. However,<br />

Indians may visit the other<br />

parts of Lakshadweep islands<br />

as well but they have very<br />

limited accommodation. Almost<br />

everyone going to Lakshadweep<br />

have to pass via Kochi which the<br />

capital city of Kerala, in India.<br />

You could take a ship or plane<br />

from Kochi to Lakshadweep.<br />

If you are wondering, how to go<br />

to How to go to Lakshadweep,<br />

Air India has 1 flight to Agatti<br />

from Kochi which is the only<br />

one airport in the islands of<br />

Lakshadweep. Part of the beauty<br />

of Lakshadweep islands is the<br />

limited connectivity. Although, it<br />

is not so ill-connected, they are<br />

not so inconvenient either. These<br />

Air India flights are six days a<br />

week, making it easier. While<br />

you are going via Kochi, why not<br />

spend a few days to take a look<br />

around the “God’s own country”<br />

Kerala? Another amazingly<br />

beautiful place you must not<br />

miss to visit.<br />

Ships and ferries from Kerala<br />

or boats, ply to Lakshadweep<br />

for the local people. There<br />

are occasional cruises as well<br />

directly from Mumbai, Chennai,<br />

Kochi or Vishakhapatnam.<br />

Now you know how to travel to<br />

Lakshadweep.<br />

What to do in<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

Lakshadweep tourism is<br />

centered primarily on the various<br />

water sports. Lakshadweep has<br />

so much to offer on the activities<br />

and you can as well indulge in<br />

the underwater experience by<br />

scuba diving, snorkeling or glass<br />

bottom boat ride. Parasailing,<br />

kayaking, fishing, water skiing,<br />

sailing, deep sea fishing are<br />

few of the many more activities<br />

that Lakshadweep has to offer<br />

to its tourists. There are pretty<br />

much amazing excursion tours<br />

that you can indulge in the<br />

nearby islands like Thinnakara,<br />

Bangaram, Parali or Kalpitty.<br />

Lakshadweep being one of the<br />

best places to find the coral<br />

reef formation. The multi-hued<br />

and very beautiful underwater<br />

experience it offers is indeed<br />

very promising. The water is<br />

super clean and you can see<br />

through very easily to where<br />

the beautiful vibrant reefs are.<br />

Due to the corals present in<br />

the bed of the sea, the water is<br />

shallow and makes it easy for<br />

the novice swimmers or kids<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


128<br />

to wade into. The richness of<br />

coral formation and fantastic<br />

marine life only adds to its<br />

mystique. But one thing that<br />

you must make a point and<br />

know that picking up coral is<br />

a punishable offense by law<br />

and thus you must fight your<br />

temptation.<br />

Along with all these activities,<br />

the next best experiences<br />

of the Lakshadweep travel<br />

guide come up to enjoy the<br />

serene beach. Relaxing and<br />

soaking sun in the beaches<br />

of Lakshadweep is one of the<br />

blissful experiences to have.<br />

Make sand castles with the<br />

creamy soft sand or simple<br />

get on to your mission for a<br />

perfect tan. Lakshadweep has<br />

so much to offer to relax and<br />

rejuvenate you and making<br />

you long for more. The never<br />

leave this place feeling is<br />

indeed true with almost every<br />

tourist who visit this heavenly<br />

place. The lagoons around<br />

the islands make the pictures<br />

perfect! A camera with extra<br />

pair of batteries or long lasting<br />

one and enough space for<br />

memory is a mandatory<br />

checklist item for you to pack.<br />

You will not be able to stop<br />

yourself from clicking pictures<br />

every 5 minutes.<br />

Lakshadweep although does<br />

not offer a lot of reasons to<br />

party as there are not much<br />

pubs or clubs around. Also<br />

a big point is that alcohol<br />

consumption is prohibited<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

except on the Bangaram<br />

Island. There isn’t a big<br />

shopping market which is<br />

a not so cool thing about a<br />

tourist spot or that you will<br />

not find many alluring and<br />

fancy restaurants to stop<br />

by. Nevertheless, you find<br />

beautiful skillful artifacts and<br />

handicrafts made of the palm<br />

fronds and coconut coir for<br />

your souvenirs.<br />

What to see in<br />

Lakshadweep<br />

Agatti Island: This is the<br />

island that you are going<br />

to land the first and is a<br />

great one located around<br />

459 km from Kochi, Kerala.<br />

Agatti Island being 6km<br />

long has surplus fishes and<br />

lets you enjoy the bliss of<br />

seafood here. Fishing is the<br />

main occupation here for<br />

the people who live. The<br />

island has some amazingly<br />

beautiful and best beaches<br />

for swimming in the whole<br />

world. Tourists love to<br />

indulge in water sports here<br />

and find huge lagoons too.<br />

The beaches are clean and<br />

the water is deep blue here<br />

with the most colorfully<br />

diverse underwater world you<br />

can find.<br />

Kadmat Island: This Island<br />

is one of the most popular<br />

ones for the tourists to visit.<br />

A huge lagoon in the west<br />

side of the Island which is<br />

about 10 km from the Amini is<br />

amazing too. You find dolphins<br />

cleaving through the beautiful<br />

clear blue sparkling water with<br />

some sea turtles and flying fish<br />

in the sea.<br />

Kavaratti Island: This<br />

Island being one of the<br />

most developed ones in<br />

Lakshadweep makes it<br />

the administrative capital.<br />

The population at Kavaratti<br />

is dominated by the nonislanders.<br />

Plenty of Mosques<br />

in the island which numbers to<br />

about 52 are incredible. Ujra<br />

mosque is the most beautiful<br />

one out of the 52.<br />

Kalpeni: This place is located<br />

at a distance of about 76 km<br />

from the south of Androth.<br />

The place is well known for its<br />

locating being in an extensive

and shallow lagoon. This<br />

lagoon is indeed world<br />

famous for its beautifully rich<br />

coral reef and marine life.<br />

Bangaram Island: This<br />

island is a beautiful tourist<br />

attraction too and world<br />

famous for its smooth sand<br />

beach. The amazing tall<br />

palm grove backdrop just<br />

makes it perfect for plenty of<br />

pictures and scenic beauty.<br />

The smooth sand here is<br />

caressed by the waves of<br />

the multi colored sea. This<br />

picturesque destination is<br />

around 8km from the north<br />

side of Agatti Island. From<br />

shipwreck snorkeling to the<br />

hidden beaches with hermit<br />

crabs and bluest of the ocean<br />

to the lagoons full of sea<br />

turtles make it a wholesome<br />

experience for the visitors.<br />

Pareli 1 and 2: These<br />

are tiny islands which are<br />

surrounded by shallow lagoon<br />

towards one side where as the<br />

other having a deep sea. You<br />

can cover this island by walking<br />

for 15 minutes. The shallow<br />

lagoon makes it a beautiful<br />

home for numerous sea turtles<br />

with the deep sea being homes<br />

for the stingrays and sharks<br />

or flying fish. This island is as<br />

well full of hermit crabs and sea<br />

turtles.<br />

Thinnakara: A small and<br />

cozy island making it a perfect<br />

paradise for the vacation is<br />

isolated and has very limited<br />

accommodations or cottages<br />

on the shores. This island<br />

offers a perfect escape<br />

especially for those who want<br />

to be out and far from the rush<br />

of life. Snorkeling, kayaking,<br />

playing volleyball or relaxing<br />

in the hammock and gaze<br />

in the deep horizon are few<br />

of the best things this island<br />

offers.<br />

Minocoy Island: The<br />

beautiful coral island which<br />

is in the Arabian Sea and full<br />

of the coconut groves along<br />

the long beautiful stretch of<br />

powdery beaches is one of<br />

its types in the world. This<br />

island is famous for the center<br />

for Tuna fishing. Another<br />

attraction on this island which<br />

is an ancient Lighthouse<br />

which was constructed in<br />

1885 gives you a breathtaking<br />

view of the island.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


130<br />

Rani Padmavati<br />

of Chittor<br />

Padmini, also known as Padmavati, was a legendary<br />

13th–14th century Indian queen (Rani). Several 16thcentury<br />

texts mention her, of which the earliest source is<br />

Padmavat, an epic fictionalized poem written by Malik<br />

Muhammad Jayasi in 1540 CE.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Padmani’s husband Ratan<br />

Sen dies fighting the siege of<br />

Alauddin Khalji, and thereafter<br />

she leads a jauhar. In these<br />

versions, she is characterised<br />

as a Hindu Rajput queen, who<br />

defended her honour against<br />

a Muslim invader. Over the<br />

years, she came to be seen<br />

as a historical figure, and<br />

appeared in several novels,<br />

plays, television serials and<br />

movies. However, while<br />

Khalji’s siege of Chittor in 1303<br />

CE is a historical event, many<br />

modern historians question<br />

the authenticity of the Padmini<br />

legends.<br />

The Jayasi text describes her<br />

story as follows: Padmavati<br />

was an exceptionally beautiful<br />

princess of the Singhal<br />

kingdom (Sri Lanka). Ratan<br />

Sen, the Rajput ruler of<br />

Chittor Fort, heard about<br />

her beauty from a talking<br />

parrot named Hiraman. After<br />

an adventurous quest, he<br />

won her hand in marriage<br />

and brought her to Chittor.<br />

Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan<br />

of Delhi, also heard about<br />

her beauty, and laid siege to<br />

Chittor to obtain her. Many<br />

events occurred during<br />

the period of the siege, till<br />

the fort was finally taken.<br />

Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was<br />

killed in a duel with Devpal,<br />

the king of Kumbhalner, who<br />

was also enamoured with<br />

Padmavati’s beauty. Before<br />

Alauddin Khalji could capture<br />

Chittor, Padmavati and her<br />

companions committed Jauhar<br />

(self-immolation) to protect<br />

their honour. After her sacrifice,<br />

the Rajput men died fighting on<br />

the battlefield.<br />

Many other written and oral<br />

tradition versions of her<br />

life exist in Hindu and Jain<br />

traditions. These versions differ<br />

from the Sufi poet Jayasi’s<br />

version. For example, Rani<br />

Versions of the legend<br />

Several 16th-century texts<br />

survive that offer varying<br />

accounts of Rani Padmini’s<br />

life. Of these, the earliest is the<br />

Awadhi language Padmavat<br />

(1540 CE) of the Sufi<br />

composer Malik Muhammad<br />

Jayasi, likely composed<br />

originally in the Persian<br />

script. The 14th-century<br />

accounts written by Muslim<br />

court historians that describe<br />

Alauddin Khalji’s 1302 CE<br />

conquest of Chittorgarh make<br />

no mention of this queen. A<br />

variety of legends are found<br />

in the regional oral tradition<br />

from about 1500 or later,<br />

remembered and retold in<br />

multiple languages, legends<br />

which evolved over time.<br />

Subsequently, many literary<br />

works mentioning her story<br />

were produced; these can<br />

be divided into four major<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Categories:<br />

Persian and Urdu<br />

adaptations<br />

and Antiquities of Rajas’han.<br />

His version was based on the<br />

information compiled from<br />

the oral and textual traditions<br />

of writers employed by the<br />

Rajput chiefs.<br />

Bengali adaptions<br />

132<br />

Between 16th and<br />

19th centuries, at least<br />

12 Persian and Urdu<br />

translations or adaptations<br />

of Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s<br />

Padmavat were produced.<br />

More Urdu versions appeared<br />

in the 20th century, all<br />

adhering to Jayasi’s love<br />

poetry tradition.<br />

Rajput ballads<br />

In 1589 CE, Hemratan<br />

composed Gora Badal<br />

Padmini Chaupai, the first<br />

Rajput adaption of the<br />

legend, presenting it as a<br />

“true tale”. Between 16th and<br />

18th centuries, more Rajput<br />

versions of the Padmavati<br />

legend were compiled in<br />

present-day Rajasthan, under<br />

the patronage of the Rajput<br />

chiefs. Unlike Jayasi’s theme<br />

of courting and marriage, the<br />

Rajput adaptions emphasized<br />

their honour in defending their<br />

kingdom against Alauddin<br />

Khalji.<br />

James Tod’s version<br />

During 1829-32, James Tod<br />

included a colonial re-telling<br />

of the legend in his Annals<br />

From late 19th century<br />

onward, several Bengali<br />

versions of legend were<br />

produced, when James Tod’s<br />

work reached Calcutta, the<br />

capital of British India. These<br />

Bengali narratives portrayed<br />

Padmavati as a Hindu queen<br />

who immolated herself to<br />

protect her honour against a<br />

Muslim invader.<br />

Lesser Known<br />

Things About Rani<br />

Padmavati<br />

There are a number of<br />

contesting stories about Rani<br />

Padmini. While on the one<br />

hand, the Rajput community<br />

maintains the sanctity of<br />

everything related to her,<br />

historians often say that her<br />

life was nothing but a poet’s<br />

imagination. Padmavat, a<br />

poem in Awadhi was written<br />

1540, more than two hundred<br />

years after Khilji’s death<br />

(1316). Before Padmavat,<br />

none of the historical annals,<br />

whether the annals of<br />

Rajput history or the Islamic<br />

rulers history in India had<br />

the mention of Padmavati<br />

or any figure like her. The<br />

Rajasthani folklore songs<br />

about Padmavati are believed<br />

to be derived from the 16th<br />

Century ‘Gora Badal Padmini<br />

Chaupai’, a Rajput adaption<br />

of the Padmavat which<br />

presented it as a true tale.<br />

As the debate whether Rani<br />

Padmavati ever existed or<br />

she was just the imagination<br />

of Mallik Muhammed Jayasi<br />

- who wrote Padmavat an<br />

epic poem about the siege<br />

of Chittor by Delhi Sultan<br />

Allauddin Khilji in 1303 -<br />

continues, lets us take a look<br />

at some of the lesser known<br />

things about her.<br />

1. Padmavati was a<br />

Sri Lankan<br />

The poem Padmavat, begins<br />

with a fanciful description<br />

of the kingdom of Simhaladvipa,<br />

where a princess<br />

named Padmani lived.<br />

Simhala (Sinhala)-dvipa falls<br />

in the Ceylon of yesteryears<br />

and present day Sri Lanka.<br />

Padamavati, according to<br />

Jayasi, was a “perfect woman”<br />

whose beauty was such that<br />

even goddess would envy of.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

2. Rani Padmavati<br />

had a talking parrot<br />

Jayasi writes that Padmavati<br />

had a talking parrot named<br />

Hira-mani who was one of<br />

the closest confidantes of the<br />

princess. Not only Jayasi’s<br />

Padamvat, but many epics<br />

or love poems, including<br />

Milton’s Paradise Lost and<br />

the Arab poem of Hateem Tai<br />

have shown animals or birds<br />

speaking the language of the<br />

main characters. Hira-mani<br />

narrated Padmavati’s beauty<br />

to Chittor King, Ratan Singh.<br />

Being completely mesmerised<br />

by Hira-mani’s account of<br />

Padmini, the king longed<br />

to marry the princess and<br />

managed to do so after a long<br />

series of dramatic battles and<br />

adventurous trials.<br />

3. King Rana Ratan<br />

Singh went to Simhaldvipa<br />

and won her<br />

Padmavat explains at<br />

length that how Rana Ratan<br />

Singh, who might not have<br />

known about the existence<br />

of Simhala-dvipa before<br />

the parrot told him went to<br />

participate in Swayamvar of<br />

Princess Padmavati.<br />

There he defeated many<br />

princess and kings who also<br />

sought Padmavati hands on<br />

several competitions and won<br />

the hand of Padmavati.<br />

4. Raghav Chaitanya,<br />

the sorcerer who<br />

instigated Khilji<br />

Raghav Chaitanya served in<br />

Rana Ratan’s Singh’s court<br />

as Raj Purohit. But he was<br />

a sorcerer in real who had a<br />

great hold on black magic.<br />

After Ratan Singh came<br />

to know about his reality,<br />

he banished Raghav after<br />

insulting him. To avenge his<br />

insult, Raghav reached Delhi<br />

and told Alauddin Khilji about<br />

the beauty of Rani Padmini.<br />

Initially, Khilji didn’t buy his<br />

story as he had plenty of<br />

women already in his harem.<br />

But the poetic description<br />

of Padmini’s as the most<br />

beautiful forced Khilji to<br />

think otherwise and he,<br />

according to Jayasi, thought<br />

of attacking Chittor.<br />

5. Padmavati<br />

wasn’t the only<br />

reason behind Khilji<br />

attacking Chittor<br />

A 1990s documentary serial,<br />

Bharat, Ek Khoj talks about<br />

five ratnas at length. The<br />

episode is loosely based on<br />

Khilji siege of Chittor to get<br />

Padmavati as told by Jayasi<br />

in Padmavat. These five<br />

ratnas were: A Swan who<br />

could sing poems, a gem<br />

filled with nectar, a stone<br />

called Paras which could<br />

turn anything into gold,<br />

one hunter named Shardul<br />

who could kill any animal at<br />

king’s behest and one large<br />

yet royal bird Lagna who<br />

could kill small animals and<br />

birds with ease<br />

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134<br />

Latest Facebook Updates<br />

Which Are Too Much<br />

Do you as well wonder why does Facebook constantly keep<br />

updating its application every other day for the Android users?<br />

The first <strong>2018</strong> update which was in January might indeed be the<br />

biggest one of the year. Over throwing the mindset of the News<br />

Feed algorithm, a decision by Mark Zuckerberg to change it and<br />

prioritize news from family and friends at the expense of public<br />

content, marketers, and news publishers is “The Thing” that<br />

everyone is talking about.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

If you are into Facebook<br />

marketing, a thing you might<br />

want to know and understand<br />

is Facebook algorithm. The<br />

Facebook algorithm is quite<br />

helpful in the huge number<br />

of posts that businesses and<br />

people share each day and<br />

choose the posts that they<br />

want to show in our News<br />

Feed based on a number of<br />

factors.<br />

A developer might have many<br />

things in mind to update the<br />

Android App. Mostly it is<br />

rolled out when they have<br />

an overall bug or when there<br />

is a big bug related to a<br />

particular group of people like<br />

a notable phone which has<br />

a problem with the current<br />

version of the application due<br />

to some specific reason. The<br />

improvement in the codes<br />

and fixing the bug mostly<br />

comes out as a new version.<br />

You get to see the details<br />

in the Google Play Store<br />

while you try to update the<br />

application. Facebook, pretty<br />

much has same reasons too.<br />

And, Facebook is always<br />

striving to make it high quality<br />

content with the images and<br />

other media stuff. Although<br />

we have seen many trying<br />

to degrade their application<br />

to the older version due to<br />

various reasons like the<br />

older version were faster<br />

but unfortunately sometimes<br />

they are not able to find any.<br />

But the newer version being<br />

slow might simply imply that<br />

they are taking time to load<br />

as they have increased the<br />

quality. People generally as<br />

the stats go, are very happy<br />

to use the apps even when<br />

the consumption of internet<br />

is high or increased with<br />

the update due to the better<br />

quality of data and content.<br />

There’s 3G, 4G and what not<br />

in the market now and apps<br />

feel kind of faster. However,<br />

the ones using slower internet<br />

speed like 2G still find it slow<br />

and high loading time. Most of<br />

the time, you do not see any<br />

significant update when they<br />

say “fixed major bugs” in the<br />

updated version. They are of<br />

course the backend logic and<br />

mostly the user interface that<br />

you see on your screen remain<br />

the same.<br />

Let’s go back to understand<br />

what happened in the month<br />

of January in the Facebook<br />

update. Are you concerned<br />

that it might affect your<br />

business? Well, you should<br />

not be. The usual resolution<br />

of “New Year, New Me” has<br />

changed into “New Year, New<br />

Facebook” at least for Mark<br />

Zuckerberg. One of the public<br />

posts of Mark Zuckerberg says<br />

as on Jan 11, 4:28 PM (PST):<br />

“We’re making a major change<br />

to how we build Facebook. I’m<br />

changing the goal I give our<br />

product teams from focusing<br />

on helping you find relevant<br />

content to helping you have<br />

more meaningful social<br />

interactions.<br />

As we roll this out, you’ll<br />

see less public content like<br />

posts from businesses,<br />

brands, and media. And the<br />

public content you see more<br />

will be held to the same<br />

standard — it should encourage<br />

meaningful interactions<br />

between people.<br />

If we do the right thing,<br />

I believe that will be good<br />

for our community and our<br />

business over the long term<br />

too.”<br />

So, what are these Facebook<br />

Algorithm Values that we<br />

have been talking about?<br />

Understanding the algorithm<br />

of Facebook begins from the<br />

point of knowing the core<br />

values that Facebook applies<br />

to guide their thoughts and<br />

work. These could give you a<br />

hint of what is the content that<br />

does good and what will not on<br />

Facebook.<br />

Giving you a brief<br />

summary of the new feed<br />

value of Facebook:<br />

Family and Friends come<br />

first: More than anything, the<br />

objective of Facebook here lies<br />

to connect the people via the<br />

News Feed which is friends<br />

and family. Thus the posts<br />

from the friends and families<br />

are prioritized on this social<br />

media platform. After these,<br />

the posts that Facebook finds<br />

that people want their feed to<br />

inform and entertain others.<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


A platform for ideas sharing:<br />

All types of ideas are welcome<br />

by Facebook like the genuine<br />

stories over the misleading<br />

ones, or the spammy ones.<br />

algorithm, we have a list<br />

of factors for your that we<br />

assume might have an edge<br />

on your posts showing up.<br />

The Facebook algorithm likes<br />

when:<br />

with complete legal profile<br />

information<br />

Posts from Pages where the<br />

fan group overlaps with the fan<br />

group of other known highgrade<br />

pages<br />

136<br />

You have a control to your<br />

experience: Facebook gives<br />

the individuals what they need<br />

and what they think is the best<br />

for them. Facebook created a<br />

feature to “see first” or “unfollow”<br />

to let the people customize their<br />

preferences and Facebook<br />

experience.<br />

Constant iteration: Like<br />

you say, change is the new<br />

constant. Similarly, Facebook is<br />

determined to constantly collect<br />

feedback and put it across for<br />

the improvement and ease of<br />

the users.<br />

Facebook aims at offering its<br />

users a “vibrant” experience<br />

but for the advertisers and<br />

marketers it becomes more<br />

difficult to reach out to their<br />

audiences and seek their<br />

attention. This is not any<br />

disadvantage as it does not<br />

mean you will have to face<br />

hardships with the ads.<br />

All it aims at is the fact that<br />

highlighting the right content to<br />

the right audience could make<br />

an effective campaign and a<br />

big difference in the marketing<br />

world.<br />

To make it simple for you to<br />

understand the Facebook<br />

Facebook Posts with<br />

lots of Likes, shares and<br />

comments<br />

Facebook Posts that go<br />

viral in a short time. For<br />

example, the ones receive<br />

a high volume of Likes,<br />

comments, or shares in a<br />

short span of time.<br />

Facebook Posts that<br />

are Liked, commented on,<br />

or shared by an account’s<br />

friends<br />

Link posts<br />

Post types that one<br />

networks or interacts with<br />

often<br />

Posts that are well-timed<br />

or reference a trending topic<br />

Posts from Pages that the<br />

users interacts with often<br />

Post types (e.g., photo,<br />

status update, or videos)<br />

which the users seem to<br />

prefer more than the rest.<br />

Also, the videos uploaded<br />

to Facebook which receive<br />

huge number of views or<br />

extended viewing duration<br />

Posts from other Pages<br />

To wrap it up, the pages might<br />

see a decrease in the content<br />

of video watch time, referral<br />

traffic etc. However, the impact<br />

will surely vary from page to<br />

page depending on few factors<br />

like the type of content they<br />

have and how people interact<br />

with any particular post.<br />

No one like spammy posts on<br />

the social media, especially<br />

Facebook like you ask the<br />

readers to “comment and<br />

share the post” or “like this<br />

post if you are …”. Such<br />

tactics which are known as<br />

“engagement bait” try to seek<br />

the advantage of the News<br />

Feed algorithm by boosting<br />

the readers to get greater<br />

reach. Although, according to<br />

the Facebook update, more<br />

of these posts are expected in<br />

the Feed, however, luckily this<br />

does not happen. Know why?<br />

This is because; Facebook<br />

is an intelligent thing where<br />

they have created thousands<br />

of categories for the posts<br />

to have a machine learning<br />

model which detects different<br />

ways of this engagement<br />

bait. Posts which utilize this<br />

tactic or methodology will be<br />

shown lesser in the news feed.<br />

Facebook is getting closer to<br />

its mission with each update:<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


138<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

giving their users a more<br />

meaningful and authentic<br />

interaction between the<br />

people.<br />

Is Facebook building<br />

music communities?<br />

Facebook lately announced<br />

their partnership with<br />

Universal Music Group, and<br />

then the contract of the largest<br />

major music publisher in<br />

the world, Sony/ATV. These<br />

partnerships with the music<br />

world give a new musicrelated<br />

experience for the<br />

users of Facebook. Also giving<br />

new platform for the artists<br />

and songwriters to build up a<br />

stronger profile and connect<br />

to the communities around<br />

music.<br />

Facebook’s campaign<br />

budget optimization:<br />

Facebook announced this<br />

already back in November but<br />

the related tests have been<br />

going slow, so the features are<br />

being rolled out gradually to<br />

some Ad Account (take a look<br />

at yours!)<br />

But what is budget<br />

optimization? The process<br />

which is similar to what<br />

is already being done by<br />

Facebook with your ads<br />

such that depending on the<br />

performance of the ads, more<br />

budget will be allocated to the<br />

“winning” ad by Facebook.<br />

Now this allows you to decide<br />

to do the same with AdSets<br />

too where you set a budget<br />

for the entire campaign and<br />

mention that you would like<br />

to optimize it. According<br />

to Facebook, this could be<br />

a good solution under the<br />

following conditions:<br />

Set a campaign-level<br />

budget and have more<br />

flexibility on the expenditure<br />

of your budget across the<br />

AdSets in the process of<br />

campaigning.<br />

Get the maximum results<br />

possible from your campaign.<br />

Ease the set-up of<br />

campaign and save time<br />

by lowering the number<br />

of budgets you manage<br />

manually.<br />

There is so much more to<br />

this, but all we know that<br />

Facebook is really working<br />

hard to get their social media<br />

for the right purpose and the<br />

right direction. Expect a lot<br />

of more big updates from<br />

Facebook, however, keep<br />

enjoying it as you always did!<br />

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The <strong>2018</strong> Kia Fort<br />

140<br />

Top 15 Safe<br />

CarsRight Now<br />

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety comes up<br />

with a handful of names every year of the vehicles<br />

which list in the top for the safety. 3 SUVs and 12 cars<br />

ranging their make from BMW to Mercedes-Benz,<br />

Hyundai, Lincoln, Subaru, Kia, Genesis, and Toyota<br />

have topped this list earning a distinction from<br />

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for the<br />

year <strong>2018</strong>. These cars range from small economical cars<br />

to large and luxury sedans.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

The protection of the driver and co<br />

passengers has become one of<br />

the priorities in the last few years<br />

and we have seen improvements<br />

coming our way over the past<br />

decades. IIHS president Adrian<br />

Lund mentioned, “All automakers<br />

now recognize the important role<br />

of safety in consumer choice, and<br />

they are increasingly receptive<br />

to working with our engineers<br />

to understand the next steps in<br />

keeping people from harm in motor<br />

vehicle crashes and to make real<br />

changes in their vehicle designs.”<br />

the driver side”<br />

For the year <strong>2018</strong>, there are only 2 manufacturers<br />

who stand above the rest of them in the list.<br />

Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands lead the way<br />

with another six Top Safety Pick+ finalists and<br />

winners. Subaru, being the second one to follow<br />

after the four winners. Take a look at the 15 IHHS<br />

Top Safety Pick+ Winners for the year <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

To get into the top list of IIHS<br />

safety, the vehicles have to<br />

mandatorily offer industry-leading<br />

front, side, roll over and read<br />

crash protection. To add to this<br />

list, the cars should have feature<br />

proactive crash prevention<br />

along with advanced headlight<br />

technology. IIHS puts its main<br />

focus on the passenger safety this<br />

year owing to which additional<br />

small over new overlap front<br />

passenger crash test has been<br />

included. As per Lund, this test<br />

was included in the list when the<br />

institute clarified that there were<br />

some manufacturers who were<br />

not paying enough attention to the<br />

safety of the passenger as much<br />

they do for the driver’s safety.<br />

He mentioned “Drivers expect<br />

that their passengers, who are<br />

often family, will be protected just<br />

as well as they are,” Lund said.<br />

“Manufacturers have been taking<br />

this issue seriously since we first<br />

shed light on it, and we’re confident<br />

that good small overlap protection<br />

will become the norm on the<br />

passenger side, just as it has on<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> BMW 5 Series<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Genesis G80<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Genesis G90<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


The <strong>2018</strong> Subaru Legacy<br />

142<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Hyundai Santa Fe Sport<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Hyundai Santa Fe<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Mercedes-Benz GLC<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong><br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Kia Soul

The <strong>2018</strong> Mercedes-Benz E Class sedan<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Mercedes-Benz GLC<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Toyota Camry<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Subaru Outback<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Lincoln Continental<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Subaru WRX<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


History of<br />

Vastu Shastra<br />

144<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

The origin of Vastu Shastra goes back to<br />

thousands of years. Vastu Shastra is increasingly<br />

popular these days and known as conceptual<br />

science that helps creating the harmony in setting<br />

homes or work places.<br />

Vastu Shastra, which is also<br />

the origin of architectural<br />

science and direction, is<br />

now very new. The first<br />

reference of this particular<br />

science was made in the<br />

Vedas, and hence, we say<br />

Vastu Shastra as a science<br />

was developed thousands of<br />

years ago.<br />

Vastu Shastra being the<br />

science of space and<br />

architecture supports the<br />

physical and spiritual health<br />

and prosperity. The art<br />

of Vastu according to the<br />

modern day historians,<br />

Ferguson, Havell and<br />

Cunningham, this<br />

architectural science was<br />

developed in the period of<br />

6000 BC and 3000 BC.<br />

The principles of science<br />

which has been made<br />

evident now were based<br />

purely on the effect of<br />

sunrays then (talking<br />

about thousands of years<br />

ago). These observations<br />

and corrections were<br />

noted and concluded after<br />

the complete aspectual<br />

screening and in-depth<br />

knowing of the situation.<br />

The learned men of those<br />

days might not have houses to<br />

live in those days but they most<br />

definitely had the dedication to<br />

live their lives according to the<br />

development of science now<br />

popularly termed as “Vastu<br />

Shastra” or “Vastu”.<br />

Vastu is a part of the Vedas<br />

which is believed to be more<br />

than four to five thousand years<br />

old. Through repentance and<br />

meditations of that period,<br />

Yogis had acquired answers<br />

to the beliefs that have come<br />

from the cosmic minds. Thus,<br />

we heed Vedas as divine<br />

knowledge. The knowledge an<br />

art of Vastu Shastra originated<br />

in the Stapatya Veda which is a<br />

part of the Atharva Veda. Vastu<br />

Shastra being a Vedanga,<br />

the body of Vastu is full of<br />

knowledge of lakhs of shlokas<br />

which were handed down to<br />

the generations succeeding by<br />

hand written monographs and<br />

word of mouth like:<br />

Manasara Shilpa Shastra by<br />

Manasara<br />

Mayamatam by the<br />

Mayasuras<br />

Vishwakarma Vaastushastra<br />

by vishwakarma<br />

Samarangana Sutradara<br />

by Raja Bhoja<br />

Aparajota Priccha which<br />

is a dialogue between<br />

Viswakarma and his son<br />

Aparajita and written by<br />

Bhuvanadevacharya<br />

Silparatna<br />

Agni Purana and other<br />

treatises and work by<br />

Kautilya and Sukracharya<br />

are not much popular even<br />

though they followed from the<br />

same document mentioned<br />

above.<br />

All these differ in the basis<br />

of style as they are based<br />

from different places of origin<br />

of the Text. Myamatam and<br />

Mansara Shilpa Shastra<br />

which are considered<br />

Dravidian as they are from<br />

the Southern part of India<br />

whereas, Viswakarma Vastu<br />

Shastra is considered to<br />

be Aryan as it is from North<br />

Indian origin. Mayamatam<br />

and Vastu Prakash were<br />

known to be the best because<br />

of their extensiveness and<br />

coherence. Mayamatam was<br />

then edited by hierarchy of<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


146<br />

Architects who were known<br />

as the Mayasuras while<br />

Vastu Prakash was then<br />

edited by the well-known and<br />

most esteemed Architect<br />

of ancient India- Acharya<br />

Vishwakarma.<br />

Vastu Prakasha however<br />

was a notable Text; it is<br />

known to be an individual’s<br />

concept which has its own<br />

limitations whereas, for that<br />

of the Mayamatam, it is a<br />

hierarchial one originated<br />

from the Ramayana era to<br />

the Mahabharata era and<br />

past. Thus, Mayamatam<br />

as a theory has a span of<br />

hundreds of years and has<br />

been evolving since centuries<br />

and is considered the most<br />

relevant one today.<br />

India is the mother of Vastu.<br />

Sunlight, energies, and<br />

all five elements of nature<br />

to be balanced and taken<br />

the maximum benefit of<br />

were something that was<br />

considered by the sages.<br />

The following lines depict the<br />

importance of Vastu Shastra:<br />

















The meaning of this phrase is:<br />

“Because of Vastu Shastra,<br />

the whole universe gets<br />

good health and happiness,<br />

all round prosperity. Human<br />

beings attain divinity with this<br />

knowledge. The followers of<br />

Vastu Shastra get not only<br />

worldly pleasure but also<br />

experience heavenly bliss”<br />

The above shloka clearly<br />

says that Vastu Shastra<br />

is universal. It is not just<br />

confined to any particular<br />

group of people in the<br />

progress of human being,<br />

irrespective of caste, religion<br />

or creed.<br />

Reference of Vastu Shastra<br />

has also been found in the<br />

great Indian epic Ramayana.<br />

The formation of the holy<br />

city of Ayodhya which was<br />

the capital of the kingdom of<br />

Lord Rama, has the similar<br />

plan written in the great<br />

architectural text “Manasara”.<br />

“Ramsetu” of Ramayana was<br />

as well based on the Vastu<br />

principles.<br />

Mahabharata, which is<br />

considered to be the biggest<br />

and the most popular epics<br />

of ancient India also, has<br />

references of Vastu Shastra.<br />

It has been denoted that<br />

Indraprastha, which is the<br />

city that was built for the<br />

Pandavas also had most of<br />

the houses constructed using<br />

this architectural science.<br />

Those houses constructed<br />

in the city of Indraprastha<br />

stood tall and looked majestic.<br />

These houses were kept off<br />

any obstructions and the<br />

compound walls were high<br />

and of uniform heights. The<br />

doors were decorated with the<br />

metal ornaments too. Even,<br />

“Maya Sabha” of Mahabharata<br />

was built as per the ancient<br />

principles of Vastu Shastra.<br />

It is considered that it was<br />

built by the great sculpture<br />

called “Mayan” as per the<br />

Vastu Shastra and was built in<br />

square shape.<br />

Buddhist literature makes<br />

a number of references<br />

to the buildings based on<br />

Vastu. There are a number<br />

of ‘Viharas’, temples, houses<br />

and buildings in the Buddhist<br />

texts that were based on<br />

Vastu Shastra. It is also said<br />

that Lord Buddha, delivered<br />

speeches on architecture and<br />

were pretty conscious of the<br />

construction of the buildings<br />

in order. Lord Buddha, a firm<br />

believer of these principles<br />

of architecture himself, often<br />

mentioned to the architectural<br />

science in the teachings.<br />

One of the facts that say Lord<br />

Buddha gave the course<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

and prosperity, and help the<br />

well-being of all persons and<br />

animals living in the house.<br />

These houses were free from<br />

obstructions and had big<br />

compounds with great walls.”<br />

In the ‘Matsya Purana’,<br />

following eighteen scholars<br />

of Vastu Shastra have<br />

been mentioned. They<br />

are Bhrugu, Atri, Mayan,<br />

Vasistar, Viswakarma,<br />

Naradar, Nagnajit,<br />

Visalakshan , Purandaran,<br />

Nandikesawaran, Sounakar,<br />

Brahma, Kumaraswamy,<br />

Bhargavar, Anirudhar,<br />

Vasudevar, Sukran and<br />

Brahaspati.<br />

tips to his disciples was to<br />

personally supervise and<br />

make sure all activities related<br />

to the construction of the<br />

buildings.<br />

Excavations in the ancient<br />

time, Mohenjo-Daro and<br />

Harappa were also indicated<br />

to be influenced by Vastu<br />

Shastra on the Indus Valley<br />

Civilization which shows<br />

some specific planning and<br />

construction. The basic<br />

rules and in the culture of<br />

Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan<br />

civilization are pretty much<br />

comparable and similar to the<br />

Indian origin.<br />

Vastu – the word comes from<br />

‘Vastoshpati’ which is used in<br />

‘Rig Veda’ which is one of the<br />

four sacred vedas in Hinduism<br />

also called as ‘shlokas’ as we<br />

mentioned earlier. These are<br />

meant to provide protection,<br />

prosperity and happiness to life<br />

as well after death.<br />

This ‘shloka’ below in Rig Veda<br />

says: ‘Rig Veda’ Script<br />








The meaning of this phrase<br />

is: “Oh God of structures and<br />

building, we are your devotees.<br />

Listen our prayer, make us<br />

free of disease, give wealth<br />

Ancient Books about<br />

Vastu Shastra<br />

Even though many ancient<br />

books are available, they<br />

contain information and<br />

formulae for constructing<br />

palaces and temples<br />

only. May be during those<br />

days these rules were not<br />

followed for small houses or<br />

not reachable to common<br />

peoples. Many such<br />

important principles and<br />

‘Shastra’ were kept as secret<br />

and provided only for the<br />

kings and ministers in ancient<br />

times.<br />

Indian architecture<br />

The science of Vastu is<br />

considered an integral part of<br />

the Indian architecture. This<br />

science developed during<br />

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148<br />

the period of 6000 BC and<br />

3000 BC as mentioned<br />

earlier. Being a technical<br />

subject, it was confined<br />

only to the architects and<br />

handed over verbally or in<br />

the form of hand-written<br />

monographs. The principles<br />

of construction, architecture<br />

and sculpture, as<br />

enunciated in the treatises<br />

on temple architecture,<br />

have been incorporated in<br />

the science of Vastu. From<br />

ancient literature, we gather<br />

that Vastu was treated as<br />

the science of construction<br />

of temples and royal<br />

palaces.<br />

Brihadsamhitha<br />

This book was written<br />

during ‘Guptha’ kingdom by<br />

Varahamihira. This great<br />

work has hundred and six<br />

chapters, about all subjects<br />

of human life. ‘Vastu Vidya’<br />

comes as the 53rd chapter<br />

of this book and it is one<br />

of the largest chapters. It<br />

describes formulae for the<br />

construction of bungalows,<br />

palaces, art works, etc.<br />

Viswakarma Vastu<br />

Shastra<br />

This book was written by<br />

Viswakarma and period is<br />

unknown. It contains lot of<br />

calculations and formulae<br />

for constructing palaces,<br />

temples, and sculptures<br />

according to Vastu Shastra.<br />

Samarangana<br />

Sutradhara<br />

A king named Bhojan during<br />

11th century wrote this book.<br />

It describes various methods<br />

of architecture, engravings,<br />

construction methods of<br />

temples and paintings.<br />

Silparatnam<br />

This book is supposed to<br />

have been written during 15th<br />

century.<br />

Aparajithai Britcha<br />

This book was written during<br />

12th century and may be later<br />

to the book ‘Samarangana<br />

Sutradhara’. It describes Vastu<br />

Shastra principles and formulae<br />

as a question and answer type.<br />

The discussion is between<br />

Viswakarma and his daughter<br />

Aparajithai.<br />

Manushyalaya<br />

Chandrika<br />

Thirumangalathu Neelakandan<br />

Moose wrote this book in AD<br />

16th century. The precious<br />

volume contains the scientific<br />

principles of Vastu construction<br />

of houses.<br />

Tantra Samuchayam<br />

Chennaas Narayanan<br />

Namboothiripad wrote this<br />

book in AD 15th century. The<br />

renowned volume specifies<br />

the implementation of Vastu in<br />

Temple constructions.<br />

Jayabritcha<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

This was written in olden days in South India<br />

and explains Vastu principles to be followed in<br />

building houses.<br />

Mayamata<br />

Mayan wrote this book in AD 11th century. It is<br />

an inevitable reference to Temple construction,<br />

building of houses and ascertainment of plots.<br />

Manasaram<br />

It contains only the voluminous descriptions of<br />

Vastu Vidya calculations.<br />

Viswakarma Prakashika<br />

Architect of Gods), wrote this book. The<br />

period is unknown and it describes lot of<br />

formulae for the construction of temples and<br />

sculpture, and explains principles of living.<br />

Silparatnam<br />

These are writings on interior decorations of<br />

Temples by Sreekumaran.<br />

Few other great ancient books based on<br />

Vastu Shastra are Brahmana Manjari,<br />

Vasturaja Vallabham, Vishnu Dharmottara<br />

Puranam, Mandana Sutradhar, Rajasimha<br />

Vastu, Deeparnava and Kashyapa Shilpa.<br />

Viswakarma, the ‘Deva Shilpi’ (Principal<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


150<br />

Contrast and Comparison<br />

Between Spirituality<br />

and Religion<br />

Being Spiritual and being religious are two concepts that<br />

people generally relate with one-another, contrary to popular<br />

belief they are in-fact different. Most modern day Christian<br />

fundamentalists like to delude themselves with the belief that<br />

they are devoutly spiritual because they have a “relationship”<br />

with their Holy Father.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

This concept of being<br />

spiritual has been lost<br />

through the tradition of<br />

modern day Christianity and<br />

many Western Religions.<br />

Spirituality is defined as<br />

being an inner path that<br />

allows one to become in-tune<br />

and harmonized with their<br />

body, mind, and soul. Being<br />

religious, on the other hand,<br />

often associates with fixed<br />

external values that someone<br />

may shape their belief system<br />

around. In essence, religion<br />

is a belief set around an<br />

external source where as<br />

spirituality is a transcending<br />

experience one must find<br />

from within. Spirituality does<br />

not require the concept of<br />

being religious where as<br />

many religions often try to<br />

associate themselves with<br />

spirituality. Religions that<br />

teach the concept of true<br />

spirituality are primarily of<br />

Eastern descent including<br />

Taoism, Buddhism, and<br />

Hinduism. These religions<br />

teach guided meditation<br />

as a way to calm the mind<br />

and harmonize with their<br />

energy where as many<br />

Western religions throw<br />

around the word meditate<br />

as an alternative to focus or<br />

comprehend. One way that<br />

each are alike is that they<br />

both encourage the concept<br />

of a total transformation that<br />

begins at point A and ends at<br />

point B.<br />

One popular idea is that there<br />

exists a distinction between<br />

two different modes of relating<br />

with the divine or the sacred:<br />

religion and spirituality.<br />

Religion describes the social,<br />

the public, and the organized<br />

means by which people relate<br />

the the sacred and the divine<br />

while spirituality describes<br />

such relations when they occur<br />

in private, personally, and<br />

even in ways.<br />

Is such a distinction valid?<br />

In answering this questions,<br />

it’s important to remember that<br />

it presumes to describe two<br />

fundamentally different types<br />

of things.<br />

Even though I describe them<br />

as different ways of relating to<br />

the divine or the sacred, that’s<br />

already introducing my own<br />

prejudices into the discussion.<br />

Many (if not most) of those<br />

who attempt to draw such<br />

a distinction don’t describe<br />

them as two aspects of the<br />

same thing; instead, they’re<br />

supposed to be two completely<br />

different animals.<br />

It’s popular, especially in<br />

America, to completely<br />

separate between spirituality<br />

and religion. It’s true that there<br />

are differences, but there are<br />

also a number of problematic<br />

distinctions which people<br />

try to make. In particular,<br />

supporters of spirituality<br />

often argue that everything<br />

bad lies with religion while<br />

everything good can be found<br />

in spirituality. This is a selfserving<br />

distinction which<br />

masks the nature of religion<br />

and spirituality.<br />

Religion vs. Spirituality<br />

One clue that there’s<br />

something fish about this<br />

distinction comes when we<br />

look at the radically different<br />

ways people try to define and<br />

describe that distinction.<br />

Consider these three<br />

definitions:<br />

Religion is an institution<br />

established by man for<br />

various reasons. Exert<br />

control, instill morality,<br />

stroke egos, or whatever it<br />

does. Organized, structured<br />

religions all but remove<br />

god from the equation. You<br />

confess your sins to a clergy<br />

member, go to elaborate<br />

churches to worship, told<br />

what to pray and when to<br />

pray it. All those factors<br />

remove you from god.<br />

Spirituality is born in a<br />

person and develops in the<br />

person. It may be kick started<br />

by a religion, or it may be<br />

kick started by a revelation.<br />

Spirituality extends to all<br />

facets of a persons life.<br />

Spirituality is chosen while<br />

religion is often times forced.<br />

Being spiritual to me is more<br />

important and better than<br />

being religious.<br />

Religion can be anything<br />

that the person practicing it<br />

desires. Spirituality, on the<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


other hand, is defined by God.<br />

Since religion is man defined,<br />

Religion is a manifestation<br />

of the flesh. But Spirituality,<br />

as defined by God, is a<br />

manifestation of His nature.<br />

152<br />

True spirituality is something<br />

that is found deep within<br />

oneself. It is your way of<br />

loving, accepting and relating<br />

to the world and people<br />

around you. It cannot be<br />

found in a church or by<br />

believing in a certain way.<br />

These definitions aren’t<br />

just different, they are<br />

incompatible! Two define<br />

spirituality in a way which<br />

makes it dependent upon the<br />

individual it is something that<br />

develops in the person or is<br />

found deep within oneself.<br />

The other, however, defines<br />

spirituality as something<br />

which comes from God and is<br />

defined by God while religion<br />

is anything that the person<br />

desires. Is spirituality from<br />

God and religion from Man,<br />

or is it the other way around?<br />

Why such divergent views?<br />

Even worse, I’ve found the<br />

three above definitions copied<br />

onto numerous websites<br />

and blog posts in attempts<br />

to promote spirituality over<br />

religion. Those doing the<br />

copying ignore the source<br />

and disregard the fact that<br />

they are contradictory!<br />

We can better understand<br />

why such incompatible<br />

definitions (each<br />

representative of how many,<br />

many others define the terms)<br />

appear by observing what<br />

unites them: the denigration<br />

of religion.<br />

Religion is bad. Religion is all<br />

about people controlling other<br />

people. Religion distances<br />

you from God and from the<br />

sacred. Spirituality, whatever<br />

it really is, is good. Spirituality<br />

is the true way to reach God<br />

and the sacred. Spirituality is<br />

the right thing to center your<br />

life on.<br />

Problematic Distinctions<br />

Between Religion &<br />

Spirituality<br />

One principal problem with<br />

attempts to separate religion<br />

from spirituality is that the<br />

former is saddled with<br />

everything negative while<br />

the latter is exalted with<br />

everything positive. This is<br />

a totally self-serving way of<br />

approaching the issue and<br />

something you only hear<br />

from those who describe<br />

themselves as spiritual.<br />

You never hear a selfprofessed<br />

religious person<br />

offer such definitions and<br />

it’s disrespectful to religious<br />

people to suggest that they<br />

would remain in a system with<br />

no positive characteristics<br />

whatsoever.<br />

Another problem with attempts<br />

to separate religion from<br />

spirituality is the curious fact<br />

that we don’t see it outside<br />

America. Why are people<br />

in Europe either religious<br />

or irreligious but Americans<br />

have this third category called<br />

spiritual? Are Americans<br />

special? Or is it rather that<br />

distinction is really just a<br />

product of American culture?<br />

In fact, that is exactly the<br />

case. The term itself came to<br />

be used frequently only after<br />

the 1960s when there were<br />

widespread revolts against<br />

every form of organized<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

authority, including organized<br />

religion. Every establishment<br />

and every system of authority<br />

was thought to be corrupt and<br />

evil, including those which<br />

were religious - but of course,<br />

Americans weren’t prepared<br />

to abandon religion entirely.<br />

So, they created a new<br />

category which was still<br />

religious, but which no longer<br />

included the same traditional<br />

authority figures.<br />

They called it Spirituality.<br />

Indeed, the creation of the<br />

category spiritual can be seen<br />

as just one more step in the<br />

long American process of<br />

privatizing and personalizing<br />

religion, something which has<br />

occurred constantly throughout<br />

American history.<br />

It’s no wonder that courts in<br />

the America have refused to<br />

acknowledge any substantive<br />

difference between religion<br />

and spirituality, concluding<br />

that spiritual programs are<br />

so much like religions that<br />

it would violate the to force<br />

people to attend them (as with<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous, for<br />

example). The religious beliefs<br />

of these spiritual groups do<br />

not necessarily lead people<br />

to the same conclusions<br />

as organized religions, but<br />

that doesnt make them less<br />

religious.<br />

Valid Distinctions Between<br />

Religion & Spirituality<br />

This is not to say that there<br />

is nothing at all valid in the<br />

concept of spirituality - just<br />

that the distinction between<br />

spirituality and religion in<br />

general is not valid. Spirituality<br />

is a form of religion, but<br />

a private and personal<br />

form of religion. Thus, the<br />

valid distinction is between<br />

spirituality and organized<br />

religion.<br />

We can see this in how there<br />

is little (if anything) that people<br />

describe as characterizing<br />

spirituality but which has not<br />

also characterized aspects of<br />

traditional religion. Personal<br />

quests for God? Organized<br />

religions have made a great<br />

deal of room for such quests.<br />

Personal understandings of<br />

God? Organized religions have<br />

relied heavily upon the insights<br />

of mystics, although they have<br />

also sought to circumscribe<br />

their influence so as not to<br />

rock the boat too much and too<br />

quickly.<br />

Moreover, some of the<br />

negative features commonly<br />

attributed to religion can<br />

also be found in so-called<br />

spiritual systems. Is religion<br />

dependent upon a book of<br />

rules? Alcoholics Anonymous<br />

describes itself as spiritual<br />

rather than religious and<br />

has such a book. Is religion<br />

dependent upon a set of<br />

written revelations from<br />

God rather than a personal<br />

communication? A Course<br />

in Miracles is a book of such<br />

revelations which people are<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


154<br />

expected to study and learn<br />

from.<br />

It is important to note<br />

the fact that many of the<br />

negative things which<br />

people attribute to religions<br />

are, at best, features<br />

of some forms of some<br />

religions (usually Judaism,<br />

Christianity, and Islam), but<br />

not of other religions (like<br />

Taoism or Buddhism).<br />

This is perhaps why so<br />

much of spirituality remains<br />

attached to traditional<br />

religions, like attempts to<br />

soften their harder edges.<br />

Thus, we have Jewish<br />

spirituality, Christian<br />

spirituality, and Muslim<br />

spirituality.<br />

Religion is spiritual and<br />

spirituality is religious. One<br />

tends to be more personal<br />

and private while the other<br />

tends to incorporate public<br />

rituals and organized<br />

doctrines. The lines between<br />

one and the other are not<br />

clear and distinct - they are<br />

all points on the spectrum<br />

of belief systems known as<br />

religion. Neither religion nor<br />

spirituality is better or worse<br />

than the other; people who<br />

try to pretend that such a<br />

difference does exist are only<br />

fooling themselves.<br />

There are no rules to<br />

Spirituality.<br />

As opposed to following a<br />

specific ideology or a set<br />

of rules spirituality simply<br />

lets you follow your heart, it<br />

encourages you to listen to<br />

your intuition and do what is<br />

right for yourself and others<br />

around you. It truly sets you<br />

free to be the best you can be<br />

and to be a good person with<br />

no promise of punishment or<br />

reward. The reward is simply<br />

your own inner happiness.<br />

Spirituality is based only on<br />

love and not fear.<br />

Dotted throughout religion<br />

there is lots of fear. Fear<br />

of the consequences of<br />

your actions, fear of what might<br />

happen after you die if you don’t<br />

live your life accordingly. Well,<br />

with spirituality there is only Love,<br />

it encourages you to focus all of<br />

your energy only on the good,<br />

and to act only based on love.<br />

This is a key point for me as any<br />

choice made out of fear will not<br />

be good for your soul. Whereas<br />

decisions made out of love will<br />

empower you, make you braver<br />

and feed your soul. It shows<br />

you how to stand despite being<br />

afraid, how to move on doing<br />

what you feel is right despite the<br />

consequences that may come.<br />

Religion tells you the truth –<br />

Spirituality lets you discover it.<br />

As opposed to telling you in black<br />

and white how the universe was<br />

created and why we are here<br />

Spirituality lets you discover<br />

these questions and answers for<br />

yourself. It empowers you to find<br />

your own truth in all things and<br />

sets no limits to how deep you<br />

can go in understanding all there<br />

is to know.<br />

WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH <strong>2018</strong>

Religion separates, Spirituality unites.<br />

Through our world there are many religions and<br />

they all preach that their story is the right story.<br />

Spirituality sees the truth in all of them and<br />

unites them because the truth is same for all<br />

of us despite our differences and uniqueness.<br />

It focuses on the quality of the divine message<br />

they share and not on the differences in details<br />

of the story they speak.<br />

The difference with Karma and Punishment.<br />

Instead of talking about punishment or the<br />

threat of hell Spirituality only talks about<br />

Karma. It’s the Law of Attraction, you get what<br />

you give. Simple.<br />

Walk your own path.<br />

Instead of ancients stories about angels and<br />

Gods, spirituality encourages you to make your<br />

own path and create your own stories. This<br />

sets you on a journey of enlightenment and<br />

self-discovery to which the only limits can be<br />

set by yourself. It encourages you to trust your<br />

heart and follow it wherever it may lead you.<br />

If you look at religion it all stems from<br />

a deep spirituality. Jesus and Prophet<br />

Mohammed (PBUH) for example all had<br />

deeply profound spiritual journeys before<br />

they embarked on their own journeys. So I<br />

do believe that all religion has truth in it, and<br />

that many people can be both truly beautiful<br />

souls and religious at the same time but<br />

ultimately anything that separates you or<br />

creates division is not good for your soul<br />

and definitely not good for the greater good<br />

of mankind.<br />

Spirituality reminds us that we are not<br />

separate, there are no borders, no races<br />

and no cultural divides. All that is true is<br />

that we are all one and the only constant is<br />

Love.<br />

Some more comparisons on religion<br />

and spirituality:<br />

There is not one religion, but hundreds<br />

There is only one type of spirituality<br />

MARCH <strong>2018</strong> | WWW.WISHESH.NET


156<br />

Religion is for those who<br />

want to continue rituals and<br />

the formality<br />

Spirituality is for those who<br />

want to reach the Spiritual<br />

Ascent without dogmas<br />

Religion is for those who are<br />

asleep<br />

Spirituality is for those who<br />

are awake<br />

Religion is for those that<br />

require guidance from<br />

others<br />

Spirituality is for those that<br />

lend ears to their inner voice<br />

Religion has a dogmatic and<br />

unquestionable assembly<br />

of rules that need to be<br />

followed without question<br />

actions and assume the<br />

consequences<br />

Religion threatens and<br />

terrifies<br />

Spirituality gives you inner<br />

peace<br />

Religion speaks of sin and of<br />

fault<br />

Spirituality encourages “living<br />

in the present” and not to feel<br />

remorse for which has already<br />

passed - Lift your spirit and<br />

learn from errors<br />

Religion represses humanity,<br />

and returns us to a false<br />

paradigm<br />

Spirituality transcends it<br />

all and makes you true to<br />

yourself<br />

Spirituality is the food that you<br />

you seek, that satisfies you and<br />

is pleasant to the senses<br />

Religion is not God<br />

Spirituality is infinite<br />

consciousness and all that is - It<br />

is God<br />

Religion invents<br />

Spirituality discovers<br />

Religion does not investigate<br />

and does not question<br />

Spirituality questions everything<br />

Religion is based on humanity,<br />

an organization with rules<br />