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Totally Useless

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

Are you that totally useless?” my Rana


You know those people that can read

instructions or figure out any mechanical or technical issues? Those

individuals that can recognize where the problem lies and methodically

work their way to a successful conclusion?

I am not one of those guys.

In fact, if left on my own, I would probably still have a flip-phone and

need to get out of my recliner and change the TV channels manually.

I concede (without any shame or embarrassment) that I am a

“mechanical idiot.” To be labelled as “technology-challenged” would

be an understatement.

My “do-it-yourself” abilities consist solely of changing a light bulb,

or perhaps hanging a picture on a wall. My work tools consist of a

hammer and a screwdriver (and who the hell is Phillips?). That’s it.

Placing anything else in my hands is a danger to anyone near me - and

especially to yours truly.

Water or pipe issues? Call a plumber I tell Rana. Need to hang up

shelfs or hook up a television? Find a dependable handyman.

Have a problem with the computer? Smack it a few times and if that

does not work (it never does, by the way) find an IT (whatever that

means) genius.

But don’t rely on me I constantly warn Rana. And if (more like,

when) she does, the fault and consequences are all hers.

Thankfully for this publisher, I have an “Ace-in-the-Hole”, a “Mr.

Fix-It.” A guy who I bow down and thank every chance I get for keeping

my computer connected to the internet or making sure my big-screen

television can get ESPN.

He is our Vegas Voice Bill Blurb columnist, my “Bronx Brother” and

best buddy, Bill Caserta. No doubt about it, he is my savoir and hero.

How he has the patience to put up with my “life-threatening” issues

and my unconditional lack of

basic “manly” skills is a testament

as to what a great friend he is.

I cannot begin to tell you how

many times he saved me from

throwing stuff against the walls

or smashing equipment on the

floor (It’s definitely broken now

I “correctly” scream). And, luckily

for me, he understands that my

Bronx language is NOT directed at him.

“No need to get upset” Bill will calmly explain. It’s really quite

simple. Think logically, Dan. You just need to…”

“Fix it.” I scream. “Just fix the @$&*# thing before I heave it out

the damn window!”

“All you needed to do was plug it in… or double click…” Bill will

politely say as my temper tantrum goes on and on. No question, I (and

Rana) are very lucky to depend on him.

So, yes, I admit that if I ever appeared on the TV show “Survivor”

I’d be dead in 20 minutes. But I do disagree with Rana’s exasperated

claim that her PILL (partner in love & life) is “totally useless.” After all,

I know Bill’s phone number.


June 2018



Who We Are

We’ve very proud that in 2017,

The Vegas Voice received a total

of 8 state & federal awards for

our publication; including the

Nevada Press Association’s “Best

Investigative Story” and its

“Freedom of the Press Award” for

upholding the principles of the

First Amendment and protecting

the public’s right in exposing

the Clark County guardianship



One Last Thought

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

Before we begin celebrating Father’s Day,

please allow me one final word about

Mother’s Day. It was another season of getting

past that day without the woman who was such an integral part of my

life - my mom who taught me so much.

A woman I wanted to emulate to the extent that I was constantly

in hot water each time I walked into my Home Economics class. I

couldn’t resist telling the teacher that “my mother said custom made

garments were not stitched that way.”

Or that, “I would prefer to cook dishes the way my mother

does.” Suffice to say, the teacher, Mrs. Schroeder, would have loved to

see me vanish from her sight each day.

My mother was a 4’10” power house. She was funny and smart;

smart enough to make my dad believe he was the head of our family

for the 50 years they were together.

However, when that one eyebrow of hers went higher than the other,

and when her jaw set firmly into a deadpan glare, my dad and I both

knew to shut up and give her whatever she wanted.

My mother was a dress maker to titled ladies in her younger days.

When she tired of that, she opened one small shop in the heart of

London. The shop grew over the years into a small chain of shops

across England.

She was an astute business woman with an uncanny knack for

picking the right location and making it work. I remember as a kid

watching her argue with my dad over a lease she signed for a shop in

the English town of Peckham without talking to him about it first.

I was with her the day she signed that lease. My mom kept raving

about the location being in front of a busy bus stop and how wonderful

that was.

I have a photograph of that shop in my bedroom. It turned out to

be a true money-maker because she created a window display that

revolved with one of her dress creations. Anyone waiting for the bus

couldn’t help but stare at what my mom made.

Inside the shop was a selection of affordable copies of “that gown”

that any working lady could purchase. My wonderful mom “knocked it

out of the ball park” with that shop.

Not much changed after they immigrated to the United States.

When my dad decided to open a Las Vegas shop in the late 50s, it

was my mother who picked the location - right across the street from


It was 4 th and Fremont Street. They opened the first credit jewelry

shop in this city, Gee’s Jewelers. It thrived until the late 1990’s when

they both retired.


June 2018

Gosh, how I miss them!

If you want to know what prompted me to get so involved with

guardianship, look no further than my parents. If anyone had tried to

touch either of them - well, I would most likely be sitting in jail now.



Heather’s Self-Help Tips

By: Heather Latimer / Helpful Hints

My Josef is totally blind and 98. I’m

delighted to reveal some simple ideas to

motivate partners, caregivers and organizations

to copy our handiwork for the benefit of other

low-vision persons.

I dreamed up a simple guide.

(1) Purchased red parachute cord from Michaels and heavy-duty

Palmguard tape from the post office

(2) Gently marked the walls along Josef’s customary route between

his chair and the bathroom.

Do this at same height as the

handlebar of his walker

(3) Taped cord to the wall at

intervals and firmly attached

the cord to immovable objects

at each end.

By still holding onto his

walker, Josef stretches out his

fingers to touch the cord and

follow it.

Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books. Her biography,

and latest book “How to Overcome Once-Easy Tasks That Are Now

Pains in The You-Know-What,” are accessible on


June 2018

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

Those Darn Kids: Their three kids, all

successful, agreed to a Sunday dinner in

their honor.

“Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad,” gushed

Son No. 1. “Sorry I’m running late. I had an

emergency at the hospital with a patient and I didn’t have time to get

you a gift.

“Not to worry,” said the father. “The important thing is we’re all

together today.”

Son No. 2 arrived. “You and Mom look great. I just flew in from

Washington between depositions and didn’t have time to shop for you.”

“It’s nothing,” said the father. “We’re glad you were able to come.”

Just then the daughter arrived. “Happy anniversary! Sorry, but my

boss is sending me out of town and I was really busy packing, so I didn’t

have time to get you anything.”

After they had finished dessert, the father said, “There’s something

your mother and I have wanted to tell you for a long time. You see,

we were really poor, but we managed to send each of you to college.

Through the years your mother and I knew we loved each other very

much, but we just never found the time to get married.”

The three children gasped and said, “What? You mean we’re


“Yep”, said the father. “Cheap ones, too.”

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:



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By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought I’d write this month about a dear

I friend of mine - Jeannie Russell.

I’m sure you will remember the popular TV

series “Dennis The Menace” which ran from 1959 - 1963 on CBS. The

TV show was based on the Hank Ketchum comic strip.

Jeannie played the role of “Margaret”, Dennis’s playmate. You’ll

remember her as the little girl with the horn-rimmed glasses and


Jeannie auditioned for the role and of course was hoping to get the

part. In the casting business, they have what is known as a “call back.”

These are the actors who are narrowed down as the producer’s

favorites. Often you will have a “call back” (more than once) and have

to “audition” again; sometimes reading with the main star of the show.

This was an important role and there were countless girls all vying

for the part. At her last call back, she (along with the others) had to read

with Jay North, who played the part of Dennis.

Jeannie always credits Jay with the reason she got picked because

after reading with her, he turned to the producers and said, “I like

Jeannie!” It was important that Dennis and Margaret had a connection

working together, so Jeannie got the part.

She probably would have anyway, as Jeannie was perfect in the role,

but having Jay on her side helped them make their final decision. To

this day and after all these years, she and Jay are good friends.

Jeannie and I didn’t know each other as children as I am 7 years


Dennis The Menace

June 2018

older than she. We

never really ran in

the same circle.

Over the years

however, Jeannie

and I met at

various autograph


party’s etc. I was impressed with her from the very beginning. She is

truly one of the nicest people in the business and I feel blessed to call

her my friend.

We now do radio re-enactments together and she too is an animal

lover like I am. Jeannie is also a very well-respected chiropractor.

I also met Jay at one of the autograph shows. He too was as warm as

he could be. Jay is retired from show business and wants nothing more

to do with being an actor, because for him, some of his memories were

not his favorite.

As for Jeannie and myself, we both LOVE the business and I am

grateful that I can now call her my friend.

Until next time, remember: A smile is an inexpensive way to improve

your looks.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.

The Destination Isn’t Important - Just Enjoy the Trip

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

To those of you who know me, it will come as

no surprise to hear that I fell down the steps

to my garage yesterday.

For some people, living in the physical world is

no problem. These are people with whom I have nothing in common.

Then, there are those of us who throw ourselves into life - or traffic

- without a second thought. We are the ones who can’t run or throw a

ball - and certainly not at the same time.

When I was just three, I wanted to see if any birds were in our

birdbath, but I was too short to see over the edge, so I reached up to feel

around, hoping I could catch one. Not only were there no birds, but the

heavy stone bowl of the birdbath fell on my head.

My mother rushed me to the emergency room, where I met doctors

and nurses I would come to know well over the years. Broken arms

and legs, broken or almost-severed fingers, falling out of trees, down

stairs, monkey bars, roller skating into folding chairs, dropping a pot

of boiling water, and gripping an exploding glass hurricane - my life

has been full.

Then, recently, I fell down the garage steps. I was trying to carry

a large box containing a new, semi-heavy juicer, which I’ve moved

around the house for weeks before realizing I have no room for a juicer

in my life. I’d rather just eat the carrot… I’m just saying.

I held the box

with one hand

because I intended

to hold the railing

with the other. So,

I stepped down

onto the first step,

reaching for the

railing, but the

box knocked me

off balance and I fell, watching the cement floor rise up to meet me.

When the crashing and cussing was over, I was on the floor of the

garage, having slammed my head so hard that I definitely saw birdies

this time.

The dogs came running, never wanting to be left out of sensational

home accidents and barked appreciatively at me as I laid there

inventorying body parts. Today I’m covered with so much gorgeous

bluish-purple that I’m thinking of dyeing a purse and shoes to match.

On the upside, this serves as a timely reminder to all that most

accidents occur in the home. That is, most accidents occur in MY home

- so if I were you, I wouldn’t visit.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at


The Star Spangled Banner

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

have been intrigued by the origin of the Star

I Spangled Banner and how it became our

national anthem. Who was Francis Scott Key, the

writer of this descriptive poetry?

Legend claims he was a young poet watching the 1814 battle at Fort

McHenry; a fort built on the Baltimore Harbor. In fact, Key watched

from a British ship, on which he was held for political reasons. He was

with his mulatto friend, Beverly Randolph Snow, and a 19 year old

slave, John Arthur Bowen.

To his surprise, despite the continual bombing, the next morning the

fort remained, with the American flag flowing above it. The British left.

Thus, his inspiration for the poem, which he excitedly, quickly wrote

on the back of an envelope, continuing his composition at an inn the

next day. He named it, Defense of Fort McHenry.

The popular poem was eventually renamed The Star Spangled

Banner (SSB). It was later set to music of a British men’s social club,

written by John Stafford Smith.

The SSB was officially used by the Navy in 1889. In 1910, President

Woodrow Wilson declared it should be played at official events. In 1931,

Congress made it the national anthem.

It took precedence over American the Beautiful and later, God

Bless America. And the 3 rd verse of the SSB is rarely sung due to its civil

rights concerns.

Interestingly, Key was not a

poet and he never wrote another

published poem. He was a

conflicted and contradictory

lawyer; a product of the times.

Francis Scott Key was born

August 1, 1779 to a wealthy

plantation clan. He was home

educated until ten and then on to

public school and college, returning to practice law.

He married, had 11 children, and set up his legal practice in

Georgetown in 1802. Key later became District Attorney of Washington


He prided himself as a humanitarian and was often called “the

black’s” lawyer. Yet he was the scion of Maryland’s slave-holding


He believed in the abolition of slavery, saying that slavery was full of

sin and a “bed of torture” however, he advocated to protect the white

man’s right to own property in people. He claimed it was a constitutional


He died in 1843 never knowing his impact on American history.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.

Rotary Club Of Las Vegas SW: Anthem

Satellite Club

Please join us for a meet and greet to

see if there is an interest to form a

satellite group in the Anthem area.

We will also have light refreshments.

The details are as follows:

DATE: Thursday, June 28, 2018

TIME: 6 – 8 pm

PLACE: Buckman’s Grille

There are many of us living in Anthem, Seven Hills, Green Valley and

the surrounding areas who have been involved in Rotary or other service

organizations who would like to be involved again in some capacity.

Rotary members find great satisfaction in working with charitable

groups, including the homeless, underprivileged children and working

internationally with Rotary Clubs in other countries.

June 28th will be our first get together. Please join us, renew your

interest in a community service group that’s connected to countries

throughout the world.

We would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

For additional information and to RSVP, please contact: Cliff Silverstein

at 808-375-7287 or email:



Introducing Brilliant, the newest

interactive experience at The Neon

Museum. This revolutionary art form

uses sight and sound to transport you

through time and bring long dormant

signs back to life. If all this seems hard

to picture, that’s because it is. You

literally have to see it to believe it.



$23 • $15 Nevada residents, active military,

veterans, students and seniors


June 2018


started producing shows for The Vegas Voice

I about 3 years ago. It’s been a true learning

experience. Just about anything that can go

wrong has.

I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Lights and sound not working,

room locked, stage not set up, band late, performers lost, no time to

sound check and… the bar out of Vodka.

No matter what the obstacle “The Show Must Go On.” And it always

does. I have learned it always works out.

After putting the first couple of shows together, Publisher Dan

realized my passion for producing quality entertainment. He gave me

(pretty much) carte blanche to put together future shows.

This includes Big Band, one-man and variety shows giving

newcomers some exposure in Vegas. I’ve produced Holiday shows

and Benefits. I’ve hosted some of the shows and had some top named

performers host as well.

I created a solo piano concert for the acclaimed Philip Fortenberry

and a Veteran’s Benefit, hosted by Bob Anderson. We had guests like

Clint Holmes, Frankie Scinta and other top performers from Vegas.

We’ve had top-notch musical directors; including Ned Mills, Bruce

Ewing, Kenny Davidsen and Grammy Award winner Gary Anderson.

We’ve had shows in every “age qualified community” plus Station

Casinos and Silverton’s Veil Pavilion. We now have a benefit coming

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

On a different note this month, I am thinking

about this home stretch we’re running and

what is possible versus unfulfilled dreams. We all

have them and the most fortunate of us have found ways to accomplish

many of the bucket list events, while others have been shoved into a

new reality.

I mention this because I have always been a dreamer. I want to go

places, visit people, take on new challenges and even buy stuff! But I


Life took me in directions I never considered so I spend a lot of time

recalculating my options. Sometimes I feel like the lady who lives in my

GPS system when I miss a turn.

Staying positive can be hard work when you look back at all the

things you’ve postponed or cancelled. Then you watch the news and

you’re probably lucky you didn’t take the trip to Paris or Barcelona

that week.

The world and I are on different schedules. When all my thoughts of

adventures first came to mind, no one had ever feared travel advisories

because of terrorists or drug cartels.

It’s hard for me to accept that reality today. And everything required

just a phone call and a check.

It also doesn’t make sense to me that entertainment is now about


My Role as Producer

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

Dreams, Progress, Reality & 2018

June 2018

up August 19th

at a new venue,

the Adelson

Campus in


(See page 23).

There have

been afternoon

and evening

shows held just

about every day

Randall Keith was outstanding at our Sun City

MacDonald Ranch show.

of the week over the last three years, with deadlines that are sometimes

absurd. If I have a show in June, I usually need to have it all set 3

months in advance.

The musical director must be available, and performers need to be

in town. I must coordinate them as well as making sure the sound and

lighting people are available.

Coordinating load in times (that’s when the band gets there to set

up) and set up for sound checks, and performers’ rehearsal on show

day. Who’s singing what, when and where!

There’s a lot involved, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:

violent movies and mechanical monsters

taking over the world. I love the old TV shows

on cable when nothing was real, but it was fun

to watch. I didn’t have to be afraid the next

scene would show someone’s arm blown off.

I think it would have been OK for Lucy and Ricky to sleep in the same

bed and June Cleaver could have had a bad hair day once in a while.

Mr. Ed was, and probably still is, the smartest character on TV dispelling

his wisdom between carrots to Wilbur.

Calgon does not take me away, primarily because no one has a

bathtub anymore. The world is filled with walk-in showers made for

efficiency and speed, so you can go do a million things every day that

were never particularly important before.

I want to check my mailbox once a day rather than 50 times

electronically. If I wasn’t home, you would call me again since they

hadn’t invented answering machines.

On weekends I can go through time on the TCM channel and pretend

I don’t have a computer. And then I get a spurt of energy or curiosity

about something and I’m back in the race, on the computer looking

things up.

I wonder what Mr. Ed would say about all this progress.

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.


Featuring the

music of:


Ella Fitzgerald

Diana Ross

Billie Holiday

Etta James

Rosemary Clooney

Barbra Streisand

Celine Dion

Carole King

Lady Gaga

and more...

Accompanied by

Bill Fayne


702 755-3799

Ashley Fuller

Sun City




Naomi Mauro


Wed. June 6, 2018

Genevieve Dew

Sun City

Doors: 6:30 pm • Show: 7pm.




MacDonald Ranch

Sat. June 30, 2018

Tickets: $ 20.


Golf Course Rating

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

What does a “Golf Course Rating” mean

and how is it done? Let me provide a

quick overview of the system. Golf courses are

rated when new and not to exceed ten years.

What is a slope? The simple answer is that it

represents the difficulty of a golf course to a bogey golfer.

The number tells the golfer how difficult the golf course is for a

bogey player (17.5-22.4) relative to the difficulty of the course for the

scratch player. Courses in the US are rated from 55-155 with an average

slop of 120.

How is a course rated? People in every locale that have been trained

under the USGA course rating system volunteer in their respective area

to perform these tasks. I know one such person at MacDonald Ranch

who is such a volunteer.

What is taken into consideration for rating a golf course: the length

of the tees to the center of the green, dog legs, narrow fairways, hard

pan, deep roughs, gulley’s, speed of greens, trees, water hazards and so


Do Affirmations Really Work?

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

There are many different approaches to using

affirmations. Some disciplines tell you to

stand in front of a mirror and repeat your positive

affirmation a hundred times a day, for a minimum of six months.

Others tell you to repeat them three times a day for five minutes each

time, or to journal them twice daily. Others tell you to hang post-it

notes all over as reminders.

It seems that the point that’s being missed here is that, although

every desire begins with a vision, it is not the parroting of them. Rather

it’s our core beliefs that run our lives.

You can state your desires until you are blue in the face, but they

will never come to fruition so long as your inner voice retorts negative

responses to the topics that you are desperately trying to affirm.

Nothing Yet, But...

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

So as promised in last month’s article, I

shelled out the money to try the new, gonnamake-me-look-20-again,

Hanacure mask. It

received a ton of hype after Drew Barrymore

posted her mid-mask treatment pictures.

I admit, I was drawn in by the claims. I gave it a whirl.

There are of course many face masks on the market, from the $2.00

drugstore treatments to those like the Hanacure which set me back

$110.00 for 4 treatments.

Before using the Hanacure however, I first wanted something to

compare it to. I was originally going to test the old egg white treatment

I used in the 70s, but with all the recent salmonella warnings, I

wondered if that was still a good idea. I opted instead for a peel off

mask I purchased at Walgreens for $2.25.

I did the treatments a week apart, starting with my drugstore mask.

It certainly made my skin feel nice, but I didn’t look any younger. I

eagerly moved onto the Hanacure with high hopes!

Drew swore it took 10 years off her face and at 43 years young I’m not

sure she needs such a miracle. But I was excited to try it in case it would

do it for me. I must report however, it did not.

I will admit it was easy and fun to use. I mixed and applied as

directed and did achieve the similar mid-mask, selfie worthy results I

see all over Instagram.

As it dries, it become

increasingly tighter on the skin,

resulting in a wrinkled, facial

distorting look. When I rinsed it

off however, while my skin did

look nice and smooth, it certainly

did not appear 10 years younger

- or much different from the

drugstore mask results.

The Hanacure reviews claim it improves with each use, so I continued

to use the remaining 3 treatments.

Oddly, I do like it every time I use it, but honestly, I’m not sure my

face looks any better or different. Based on their claims, I may buy

this one more time to see if the continued use really does result in any


If after a $220 investment I still look the same, I will go back to

my drugstore peel off mask. Admittedly, I am a sucker for trying new

things, but I’m also practical and realize I have yet to find anything

that was truly a miracle.

It doesn’t stop me from looking though - hope springs eternal!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

Feelings of unworthiness, loser qualities, underlying fears, etc., will

always sabotage your efforts. Unless, that is, you’re able to identify and

neutralize them.

One of the quickest ways to identify your sabotaging beliefs is by

folding a sheet of paper in half to create two columns. On one side

write your desired affirmation.

In the second column write every thought that pops up in response.

Repeat this over and over until your mind stops spewing responses.

Once you can identify and silence your mind, you can choose to

replace it with programs that will serve your highest and best interest.

Affirmations however, don’t work since in conjunction with any

affirmation, commitment and actions are needed to manifest your


Ask yourself if this is really what you want. Imagine yourself stepping

into the role. What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Is this right for you? Write your goals. The more details and emotions

you can muster, the more successful you will be.

Can you commit to this? Commit to your list of actions, including

dates, and honoring your deadlines.

Finally, using positive words only, write your affirmation. Repeat it,

visualize it, act on it and truly believe in yourself.









Experience living perfected at

one of our two refined senior

communities serving Southern

Nevada offering strikingly

stylish apartment homes,

best-in-class wellness services

and amenities, and dining

experiences from celebrity chef,

Beau MacMillan.











June 2018

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes,

workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.


Car Subscription: Is it for You?

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

The future is all about subscriptions. From

television channels to cell phones to vacations,

the trend is to reduce the shock of a large, onetime

charge for services and products by breaking them into monthly


For example, a cellphone that can cost $1,000 up front is a lot more

palatable when it’s only $39 a month. Automotive manufacturers are

catching on to this way of doing business.

Although it mostly applies to luxury automotive manufacturers

because car prices for high-end rides are steadily climbing, it may not be

long before you don’t own a car at all, but rather pay a monthly premium

to have a car available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Book by Cadillac, Care by Volvo, Porsche Passport, Ford Canvas,

Lincoln, and more are offering options for those who don’t want to deal

with day-to-day car ownership. For example, Cadillac’s “Book” will pay

car insurance and maintenance and will also provide a vehicle for you if

you travel to another city.

Just think: No more rental cars. Just head to your hotel and a Cadillac

will be waiting for you. Cadillac’s program is $1,800 a month with a $500

deposit. Volvo’s program will allow you to subscribe to a new XC40 for

$600 a month, with no down payment. And you can change cars after a


Maybe you’ve always wanted

to drive a Porsche but couldn’t

afford the price. With Porsche

Passport, you can switch vehicles

depending on your need — or

even your mood.

Monthly plans are either

$2,000 or $3,000, depending

on your vehicle choice. That

includes a $1 million liability

insurance policy with $1,000

deductible, roadside assistance,

taxes, full detail washes and

maintenance and a personal

concierge who will clean and

deliver each vehicle.

To find out more details, or if

your preferred brand even offers this service, visit your local dealership.

When you factor in the costs of maintenance and insurance, then

subtract the headache of owning a car, this subscription idea might be

the best deal of all.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at





Experience quality assisted living in our

beautiful, newly remodeled community.

• Senior-centered activities and wellness programs

• Restaurant-style dining

• Transportation

• Housekeeping and laundry services

Call 702.369.6964

to schedule a

personal tour.

2205 East Harmon Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89119



June 2018


You Vegas Voice Elder Hub

By: Rana Goodman Formerly the Nevada

Association to Stop Guardian

& Elder Abuse we found we had a bigger purpose and wanted to serve

on a wider scale. We wanted to be the Hub of information, provide

access to resources, advocate for seniors, and impact the quality of life

for every senior in the community.

Our Mission & Purpose is to:

1. Be the HUB and anchor of senior information and resources.

2. Stop guardian & elder abuse by providing information, resources

and awareness of any senior abuse – including financial exploitation.

3. Help every senior enjoy life to the fullest and to: Live, Laugh &

Learn together.

As for our guardianship efforts, last month, Project Director Bill

Caserta, Dan and I held our 15 th guardianship seminar – this time at

Solera. As the photo shows, over 50 seniors completed and submitted

their guardianship forms to us for filing with the Nevada Secretary of


Photo courtesy: Jules M. Schreider

Going forward, please understand that we

are in the formative stages and are working

purely on a volunteer basis until we can raise

funds and/or receive funding to produce a

separate resource directory. Until then, we will be

publishing information in The Vegas Voice, The Elder Hub Newsletter

and on both The Vegas Voice ( and Elder Hub

( web sites.

Of course, please contact me if you need referrals or if you have one

that our senior community should know about. Word-of-mouth has

always been the best reference and I welcome yours.

As our volunteer force grows, so do our lists. Sharing is the whole

idea. Keep in mind the profound words of Dr. Margaret Mead: “Never

doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can

change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Also, please remember, neither Dan nor I are attorneys and we cannot

give legal advice. We can however recommend those on our “good list.”

And conversely, we have no hesitancy in naming those that “we would

not touch with a ten-foot pole.”

Yes, it is our opinion(s), but after getting involved in the legal process

concerning the guardianship scandal, we’ve seen first-hand what

attorneys (both good and evil) have done (or tried to do) to individuals

and families caught in the system.

Our first list on Attorneys. The “Good Guys”

Rena McDonald - 702/448-4962


Brandy & Jason Cassady – 702/650-4480

(Las Vegas & Henderson)

Those We Do Not Recommend:

David Bindrup - Henderson

Ethan Cutler – Las Vegas

If you would like more information on these recommendations,

contact me at (702) 251-4441 or email:




Proudly Endorsed by 5 Nevada

Lieutenant Governors:

Mark Hutchison

Brian Krolicki

Lorraine Hunt Bono

Lonnie Hammargren

Bob Cashell

“ I endorse Michael Roberson for Lieutenant Governor because he

has the unique ability, experience and expertise to help get big

things done for Nevada.” -Attorney General Adam Laxalt




Endorsed by

Paid for by Friends of Michael Roberson


June 2018

Quality Healthcare for Seniors is Easy to Find

When was the last time you went to see your doctor? Did you have

to wait weeks to get an appointment?

Once you arrived, were you in the waiting room for what seemed like

an eternity? Did your provider know your name and history, did you

have to repeat your health history for the umpteenth time?

If you called with a question, would they be happy to hear from you

or did they make you feel like it was a bother? If you’ve had any of these

experiences, you’re not alone. Access to quality healthcare, especially

for seniors, has been declining.

“Rising costs of treatment, low quality healthcare and physician

burnout are the three main reasons why Nevada ranks at the bottom of

national rankings,” says Tracy Wakefield, M.D., president of P3 Health

Partners’ Nevada Medical Group.


trusted pa-c.

SHE LOVES HER dogs, sports



P3 Health Partners

Medical group wants

to reverse that trend

and recently opened four new senior-focused medical clinics in the Las

Vegas Valley. The physician-led medical group specializes in Medicare

and approaches every patient interaction with a foundation built on

love and trust.

For Kelly Watters, DNP, NP-C, at P3’s Seven Hills clinic, this is key.

“The most important part of a patient relationship is mutual trust.

With that you can have a more therapeutic relationship and can

accomplish more goals.”

The P3 provider team has been caring for seniors in the valley for

years, so they know the challenges facing their aging patients. Dr.

Wakefield notes, “Our experienced team follows a care model focused

on quality. We put our patients first with their provider leading the team

of experts and professionals to support the doctor-patient relationship.

That team knows their patients’ needs and meticulously tracks their


The new clinics, staffed by two dozen clinicians, are easy to access

and near major thoroughfares in Summerlin, Southern Hills, Seven

Hills and Green Valley. A fifth clinic, near Mountain View Hospital, is

set to open in June.

You can learn more and make an appointment by calling (702) 910-

3950 or visiting


Chadwick Johnson


$ 20/30.

Very limited VIP


Jonathan Karrant

Sunday, Aug. 19th, 2018

Adelson Campus, 3-4:30pm

9700 Hillpointe Road,

Las Vegas, NV 89134

Chris Phillips- Elisa Fiorillo Sonny Charles

Zowie Bowie




Call 702.844.4841

to schedule

an appointment!


702 755-3799

Amanda King

Musical Director

Gary Anderson and

The Vegas Voice Band


June 2018




The Travel Company Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

Unpack just once with any of these trips!

Beat the Heat & Getaway!

Choose a Collette Spotlight Vacation…

One of my clients, who has traveled all over the world, recently

selected a 9 day “Spotlight On Tuscany” vacation from Collette.

She’s been to Italy before, but she was really attracted to the

“Spotlights” concept, which focuses on a more inclusive, more

relaxed style of traveling. And she was really pleased to find that

throughout her entire trip, she’d be staying in a four star hotel in

one of Tuscany’s famous spa resort towns, Montecatini Terme...

Seven days of Italian bliss and she would only have to unpack once.

Que Bella!

There’s still

time to make last

minute reservations!

Call Now!


Could this visit to Tuscany get

any better?

Experience the optional excursions.*

Choose from a Dinner and Entertainment

at a Tuscan Villa, a Tuscan Cooking Class

& Dinner in Montecatini, or a picturesque

day trip to legendary Cinque Terre, or

why not choose all three?

*Avail at additional cost

Starts at

$ 1399. pp dbl.


Air avail., but

not included


Call 702-419-0550 for more information

on “Spotlight on Tuscany” and all the other

“Spotlights” featuring City Stays & Quick

Getaways from Collette including:

London, 7 days

Christmas in London, 7 days

Paris, 7 days

Tuscany, 9 days

Rome, 7 days

New York City, 5 days

New York City Holiday, 5 days

Washington, D.C., 6 days

San Antonio, 5 days

San Antonio Holiday, 5 days

New Orleans, 5 days

New Orleans Holiday, 5 days

South Dakota, 7 days

New Havana, 6 days

Wow! Local professional airport transfers

provided by Vegas Vacationers

for every Collette Vacation


with air!

*All prices subject to change.and are based on per person, double occupancy. Single room

Collette’s latest booklets are

available now.

Call Crystal for your copy at

upgrades available at extra cost. MasterCard, VISA, Amex accepted or private checks. 702 419-0550


June 2018


River Boat Cruising

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

have often said the getting to and from your

I vacation can be challenging. It’s the price

you pay sometimes to see things you may never

have seen before. To have a once in a lifetime experience.

And I can tell you I have had “getting to and from” issues over the

years. However, I’m lucky. I can wipe those aspects of the total vacation

experience from my mind.

I don’t dwell on those “difficulties.” I choose to remember the

memorable first-time sights, sounds and wonders of this magnificent

world we live in.

Case in point. Even though I’ve been on over 100 ocean cruises,

I experienced my first river cruise last month. What’s the difference

between these two types of cruises?

Is there a difference? The short answer – YES. There is quite the


In fact, the only similarity is that you’re on a moving water vessel.

Ocean going ships hold thousands of passengers. Riverboat vessels hold

no more than 180 passengers.

Cruise ships can be a thousand feet long and two hundred feet wide.

Riverboats are typically 400 feet long and 38 feet wide. Intimate would

be the word to describe a river boat.

Service on a riverboat is more personal. The kitchen is only cooking

for 180 people, while on a cruise ship, it can be preparing for 3,000 to

6,000 people. There is no casino or nightly “Las Vegas” Style Revue”

on a riverboat.


L U X U RY &




River cruising is port

intensive, with the vessel

being able to stop at little

towns and villages along

the river. Shore excursions

are the highlight and a

leisurely dinner is the

primary evening activity.

But for me, the biggest

difference is what you see

from a riverboat. On ocean

cruises, you see a lot of ocean. The sights to see from the ship can be

few and far between.

Visiting ports like Venice or San Francisco or New York can be

inspiring. But most of the time, you see ocean.

On a river cruise, there is something to be seen around every turn.

The vessel is never more than 100 feet from shore. You can watch and

see the world go by.

Wave to folks walking along the river bank. Scan the shore and look

for mountain high castles. Or just watch the river run which has been

the theme for many great songs. Simply put, a river cruise can become

very personal and intimate.

Yes, I will ocean cruise on a big ship again - The PHAT PACK cruise

to the Mexican Riviera January 26, 2019 comes to mind. And we will

have a great time.

But I also can’t wait to go on my next river cruise.




Worldwide destinations • Michelin star-inspired cuisine

• Open-seating in up to 10 dining venues • Nobu’s only sea-going

restaurants • Spacious staterooms and butler-service suites •

Acclaimed service • Complimentary wines, champagnes and spirits

• Free, unlimited Wi-Fi • Included gratuities • Award-winning

entertainment and enrichment • Complimentary fitness programs,

optional spa indulgences • Crystal Adventures shore excursions,

including complimentary Voluntourism



DECEMBER 7, 2018

Los Angeles, California | San Francisco, California (overnight) | Cruising

the West Coast of USA | Santa Barbara, California | Ensenada, Mexico

Cruising the Coast of Mexico | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

EXTEND YOUR JOURNEY and enjoy 14 Days Round-Trip Los Angeles

with additional visits to Mazatlán, Mexico; La Paz, Mexico; Cabo San

Lucas, Mexico and San Diego, California.


when booking this voyage



800-698-1101 | visit

Your Exclusive Fares are cruise-only, per person in U.S. dollars, based on double occupancy for the first two

full-fare guests do not include transfers, taxes, fees or port charges starting at $300. All itineraries, fares,

programs, promotions and policies are subject to change at the discretion of Crystal Cruises. Crystal Cruises

reserves the right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees, promotion without notice.

Visit for the most updated Terms & Conditions. ©2018 Crystal Cruises, LLC. Ships’ registries:

Bahamas. AD180519_O

What Fun! “Let’s do it Again!”

Cruise with the Phat Pack

7 night Mexican Riviera

Jan. 26- Feb. 2, 2019

“Bus to the Boat”

Featuring TWO Special Private

Performances and Cocktail Party

The Phat Pack

Bruce Ewing • Kevan Patriquin

Randal Keith • Philip Fortenberry

(Musical Director)

This extraordinary group of artists met while performing

in “PHANTOM: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their own highly-acclaimed spectacle

that continues to thrill audiences everywhere:



come back new ®

Destinations: Cabo San Lucas,

Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta

Inside Cabin

$ 1169 pp,

Ocean View Obstructed $ 1269 pp,

Ocean View

$ 1369 pp,


$ 1469 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and includes the

cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and Round Trip Bus Transportation

from Las Vegas to the pier in CA, and all exclusive Phat Pack group only

activities. A $250. per person deposit is due at the time of booking and is

fully refundable until Nov. 2, 2018 when the final payment is due.



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


June 2018


Tucson Encompasses Diversity

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Many refer to it as the “Old Pueblo.” Its

indigenous heritage brings a wonderful

richness to the culture. The scenery defines the

Southwest, though Tucson is more than an

historic Southwestern town.

Home to Saguaro National Park, Tucson is honored with Arizona’s

signature plant. It is the largest cactus species in the United States, with

mature plants reaching 40-feet.

Saguaro’s can weigh 8-tons and live more than 150-years. Slow

to grow, plants develop 2-feet in 30-years, sometimes taking 50 to

100-years to grow the first arm. More than 1.5 million saguaros inhabit

the park.

Seventy-miles from Nogales, Tucson is a gateway to Mexico. It’s

located in Pima County which is named for its Native American

Indians, Pima.

Not Another California

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

At least that blue state has a beach.

Like so many of us here, my family and I

escaped California. I loved the beauty of the state

- from Redwood forests of the North to the beautiful beaches in the

South. California had it all.

The only problem was the liberal dominated government of California

wanted it all, and by all I mean our income through endless and higher

taxes, and our freedoms through endless laws and regulations.

It got to the point where I realized as a small business owner, I was no

longer working to feed my family. I was working to feed the government

with whatever scraps they allowed me going to my family.

We made the decision to sell our business and move to Nevada.

And while the move was just across the border, it might as well have

been across the universe. Taxes were low, government was limited, and

freedom was high.

Which allowed my family and most Nevadans to prosper. We settled

down and got busy building an amazing life in Nevada.

Then slowly things started to change. Too many of the people coming

here from California were for voting for the same types of laws and

the same style of politician. That created the nightmare in California

which we escaped from.

I watched as taxes were raised, regulations were piled on businesses,

and freedoms slowly chipped away at. The place my family loved to call

home was turning in to the place we had just escaped from.

But this time I chose to stand up and fight. Running for office for the

first time and getting elected to the Assembly where I fought against

the liberal effort to turn us into California East. Now I need you to join

me in that fight.

The first battle is the June 12 primary. It isn’t enough to simply

elect Republicans in November. We need to elect true conservative

Republicans who will stand with us in stopping the liberals from

turning Nevada into a blue state without a beach.

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:


June 2018

The often-photographed San Xavier Mission is an active native

parish. Much of the reservation borders Mexico. “Controversy swirls

around the Southern Arizona border fence like a dust devil.”

A 1972 law passed to conserve energy and preserve the crystal clarity

of the dry desert air, Tucson is an astronomer’s dream and home to

the International Dark-Sky Association. Tucson’s night skies are the

darkest of any city its size in the United States, making Tucson a center

for the dark-sky movement, aimed at reducing the creeping deluge of

light pollution.

High above the Sonoran Desert on the Tohono O’odham nation is

world-renowned Kitt Peak National Observatory an “experience like no

other.” Its many large telescopes are among the world’s finest.

Tucson has no pro-sports team but is home to the University of

Arizona’s Wildcats; hence Tucson is a college town. Home to Davis-

Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson is also a military town. And home

to nearby Mt. Lemon, as Tucson professes to be the United States

southernmost ski area.

Whatever your interest, Tucson encompasses diversity and cordiality.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.

702-635-2992 | 410 South Rampart Blvd., Suite 390 | Las Vegas, NV 89145


Democrats for the People

By: Howard Beckerman / Nevada Democrats

Seniors throughout Clark County are

coming out in large numbers to support the

Democratic candidates in the June Primary. Early

Voting began May 26 th with Primary Day June 12 th .

Even if you are registered “Non-Partisan” or “Independent” there

are several important votes that you can make in the Primary. All

the Judicial races, including the Nevada Supreme Court, are “nonpartisan”

and thus every registered voter is eligible to cast their vote

in these races.

Paul Aizley, an experienced former legislator is campaigning for State

Senate. The district was formerly represented by Michael Roberson, who

led the effort to recall State Senator Joyce Woodhouse (also a senior

citizen). Paul knows firsthand the difficulties of being a senior citizen

in today’s environment where senior’s needs are ignored by many in


In Sun City Summerlin, Rick Cornstuble (also a senior), is running

to represent Assembly District 37. Rick, a military veteran, and retired

teacher, has been advocating for seniors for many years.

Nationally, Senator Dean Heller and the leading Republicans are

touting ways to reduce the size of Medicare and Social Security benefits,

while Jacky Rosen and the Democratic leadership want to prevent any

cuts to Social Security and to expand Medicare and Medicaid.

Republicans refer to these programs as “entitlements” while

Democrats know

that our seniors

have put their hardearned

dollars into the

system and rely on these

investments to help them

through their retirement


Now that the fraudulent attempted

recall of our duly elected State

Senators is over, the Democratic

Party is ramping up its voter

registration drive. Volunteers will

be needed for all the campaigns. If

you would like to volunteer for any

of the campaigns you can contact the campaign directly or myself at

As for our meetings: Sun City Anthem Democrats: 2 nd Wednesday

of the month (contact David Hatten: and/or

Southwest Democratic Club: 3 rd Monday of the month (contact Steve


Howard Beckerman serves on the Nevada State Democratic

Central Committee, the Clark County Central Committee, and is Vice

President of the Red Rock Democratic Club. He has been active in the

political scene for over 40 years.




Paid for and Authorized by Friends for Steve Sisolak.


June 2018


Last month, my article addressed the

continuing “lip service specialist” (LSP)

a/k/a your elected politicians. They were

continuing word games of “fixing” the growing mentally ill problem

by saying something but doing nothing.

Low and behold, one of those LSP’s took issue contacting me saying:

“Don’t you (I) feel we need a dialogue with the powers to be so that we

can come up with a thoroughly thought out and workable solution?”

I replied, “Don’t you think that years of talking about the problem

and not once coming up with any legislative action plan is nothing

more than a political word game that does NOTHING to solve the


I told this LSP that his job is DO SOMETHING. That is what we

hired him to do, and if he isn’t willing to ACT, perhaps he should

leave the political stage and be replaced with someone who will!

Of course he didn’t like my response and subsequently hung up the

phone! I guess I hit a nerve that just made too much sense to him.

The nonsense just seems to be getting worse every election cycle!

VOTE for ONLY those who have an ACTION PLAN. All others need

not apply!

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:


What Nonsense!

June 2018

Two Dreams, One Goal

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action By: Michelle Mortensen OUR SHERIFF. KEEPING US SAFE.

When I was a child, I had two dreams; to

work in television as a journalist and to

work in politics. For the last 18 years, I’ve worked

for TV stations in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, Vermont and

of course, Nevada.

I was brought to 8 News Now in 2011 to solve problems for Southern

Nevadans, running the “On Your Side” division. The first problem I

solved was getting residents out of a dilapidated building, with no


Then I took on squatters, pharmaceutical companies, big banks,

hospitals, scammers, frauds, saved people’s homes from foreclosure,

got people necessary medical procedures and refunded folks more than

$1.4 million.

We needed someone who could cut through the bureaucracy and red

tape. That’s why I sacrificed everything to serve you.

In Congress, I will crush corruption, expose fraud and end

dysfunction. It’s time for real results.

I know you’ve been disappointed by politicians who broke promises

and lied to you. I know you are tired of candidates who keep running

for office over and over but losing in the general.

Please check out my platform here:

issues and I thank you for your support.

Siena Resident Runs for Public Office

Linda Cannon, a resident of the

Siena age-restricted community

has become its first person ever to run for

public office. A fundraiser was held last

month which was attended by seventy

people. Featured guest Wayne Allyn

Root spoke in support of Linda and her

candidacy for State Legislature Assembly

District 9.

As a former business owner, Linda

wants to support building a better business environment to attract and

sustain entrepreneurship in Nevada. She believes it is largely through

free market capitalism that more jobs and a broader tax base are

created resulting in a stronger economy—much like President Trump

has done nationally.

As a community activist and leader, Linda has spent the last several

years researching and writing about issues facing Nevada. Through

her work with the grassroots organization, NevadansCAN, she co-chairs

the Immigration Committee and is on the executive committee. With

that citizens action network, she has been working with legislators in

developing workable policy proposals to issues facing our state and our


Linda would like to use the District 9 legislative seat as a platform

to continue proposing workable solutions for issues facing Nevada

and to ensure that taxpayer monies are used for the benefit of Nevada

taxpayers. For more information, visit


MAY 26th - JUNE 8th




to find a polling place or

request a ride to the polls.



Crystal Czerkas-



aos, New Mexico is one of the most

historic art centers in the nation and it

was the home of Nicolai Fechin, one of

America’s adopted artists and most famous

impressionists. Plus Taos’ beauty and charm

was a driving force in my Dad’s development

as the artist, who signed his name Czerkas.

My Dad was a Californian, but his fascination with the Southwest

came from his private teacher, Nicolai Fechin, who loved

the area and insisted my Dad spend time there. Fechin (b. 1881

- d. 1955) had already established an extraordinary reputation

as an impressionistic artist before he fled from Russia to the US.

He traveled through many of the States, but only one area stole

his heart with its rural beauty and that was Taos, a village sixty

miles from Santa Fe. He along with several other well known

artists, including Georgia O’Keefe, settled in that region and

built a reputation for their community in the art world that has

lasted over a hundred years. Each of these artists had their own

style and interests but many of them like Fechin were especially

drawn to the Native Americans who resided nearby. The unique

customs, ceremonies, and habitats of the tribes really intrigued

Fechin and likewise my Dad, Victor Czerkas.

For more


Call Ray at:


June 2018

Taos is calling...

Pueblo Gathering Watercolor / 22” x 28”

The Mystical Pueblos series of paintings and giclees by Czerkas

focuses on the spirituality of our Native American populations.

Like Fechin, my Dad sought to preserve the heritage and beauty

of the Southwest. And the result is an ethereal quality in this art

collection that tells us these are scenes from bygone days, when

pueblos dominated tribal communities with an ageless, almost

surreal appearance. Original oils, watercolors and limited edition

giclees are available.



The paintings shown here are by Crystal’s Dad, the award

winning artist Victor Czerkas, the only known private student of

the great Russian impressionist, Nicolai Fechin. Want more info?

We’d be delighted to arrange a private showing...

Common Insurance

Myths - Part 2

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

Last month I presented some common

myths in the insurance industry. Below are

a few more which will hopefully enlighten and help you with insurance


My zip code does not affect my car insurance rates. FACT: Yes, it

does! Insurance companies evaluate their losses by many factors and a

prime factor is where you live and drive.

You can move across the street to another zip code and your rates

could go either up or down. In Las Vegas there is a gated guarded

country club in the middle of one of the higher rated zip codes! It may

not seem fair, but it is based solely on loss statistics in that zip code.

My jewelry is covered under my home insurance policy as part

of my contents. FACT: Only partially. Every preferred insurance policy

limits several categories for loss by THEFT and these categories include,

in part, jewelry, watches, furs, silver, firearms and money.

The companies vary by amount they allow, but it is typically $2,500

- $5,000 for “unscheduled” jewelry. If you have “high ticket” jewelry

items, you should get them appraised and “schedule” them specifically

on your policy. The premium is usually between $1 - $1.40 per $100


If my car is stolen, my insurance will also pay for the personal

items that were in my vehicle. FACT: NO. If your vehicle is stolen and

recovered, your auto insurance company will pay for any damage done

to your car (if you have appropriate coverage).

However, your personal items would be covered by your home or

renter’s policy. That usually means two different deductibles – bummer!

As my car gets older my rates should go down and conversely a

new car will cost more to insure than an old car. FACT: Maybe yes,

maybe no. Many people are under the impression that newer cars are

more expensive to insure because the parts are costlier.

However, new cars come with many safety features to prevent

collisions, protect occupants and prevent damage to the car. Certainly,

a brand new Mercedes will cost more than your 1978 Ford, however

many people lease, and when they trade in their 2-3 year old vehicle

for a new one, I’ve seen the rate decrease.

More next month.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.

Insect Infestation

By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

e are now into our growing season.

WIt is time to take steps to protect our

landscaping from insect infestation.

My defensive approach is two-pronged:

Mechanical and Chemical.

The mechanical approach utilizes your “eyes.” You should make a

daily visual inspection to ascertain what “invaders” are lurking in your


Look at the leaves, stems, flowers and branches. If you see infestation,

the quickest and environmentally friendly method of removal is to

spray the plants with a stream of water from your hose.

This method works well in removing spittle bugs and cochineal scale

that invade rosemary bushes and cactus as well as thrips on flowers.

Many unwanted visitors will be washed off.

If a more stubborn situation exists, take an empty spray bottle and

fill it with water. Add a ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and mix


Spray the entire plant with the solution. Insects that feast on flowers

and tender plants will fall off like a “one-way water slide for insects!”

This solution can be used as much as needed with no fear of hurting

the plants. Larger insects can be safely removed by using a pair of

tweezers and dropping them into a bag for quick disposal.

Some flowers can act as deterrents to insects. Marigolds can ward

off the horned tomato caterpillars and root-eating nematodes.

Chrysanthemums contain Pyrethrum which repeal insects.

With serious insect infestation, you want to use a chemical approach.

Note: There are two categories of chemicals: Contact and Systemic.

Contacts are sprayed directly onto plants for immediate results.

Systemics are mixed into the soil where the root system absorbs these

chemical and act as a “vaccine.”

When insects try to eat the plant, they are killed off by the insecticide

which is part of the plant makeup. Systemics, however, should not be

used on edible plants or fruiting plants since these chemicals will be

present in the food itself.

Using a combination of mechanical and chemical approaches will

help to protect your landscape and keep away unwarranted insect


Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native







Education and your




Understanding Dental Insurance

By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

Dental Insurance? An oxymoron if ever there

was one.

In my experience, senior citizens do not have

dental insurance. Not having dental insurance has become an excuse

for not seeking dental care.

What a flimsy excuse. If one is concerned about keeping and/or

replacing missing teeth, then not having dental insurance may be a


When one has dental insurance, they tend to go only to the offices

that accept their insurance. If a person has very poor dental coverage,

then that office will provide work and services in keeping with what that

insurance pays.

Dental insurance amounts to an annual credit coupon - and no

more. If one determines their care based on the value of this coupon,

then one must accept what that particular plan thinks is good enough

for you.

There are issues with insurance that patients often think are the fault

of the dental office. For example, very often when an office submits for

payment for a covered expense, the office and the patient, will receive

an EOB (estimate of benefits) by mail that denies the claim.

The decision to approve or to deny, either the payment or the

procedure itself is made at some random, remote location. We have

found that the individual who is making this decision on your behalf

is only in this position for a few months (at best) - so continuity is an


Someday is


What are you waiting for?

• Trouble eating the foods you want?

• Discomfort when chewing?

• Tmj problems /Jaw joint noises are not normal

• Sensitivity/pain with sweets?

• Gums bleeding?

• Tooth loss without replacement?

• Dentures making sores or not fitting anymore?

(Turbyfill dentures)

• Ugly smiles?

• why not look your youngest?

I will provide unparalleled dental care.



June 2018

A consultation is complementary

There are very few supervisors with whom one can intelligently

communicate on the patient’s behalf. And there are only so many hours

in a day to do so.

The fact that the EOB is returned to the patient as denied carries the

implication that the proposed dental procedure was not needed. In fact,

we have found that at the first submission, there is denial of benefit

80% of the time.

Naturally the patient’s perception is that the office is trying to do

something unnecessary. Denying the claim works in the favor of the

insurance company in two ways: (1) It achieves the desired perception

of unnecessary work so that the patient often puts off having the needed

dental work done, and/or (2) At the very least, there will be more time

taken up in going back and forth with the insurance company which

helps to delay their financial output.

I have found that the initial denial of an office’s submission is a

common business strategy of the insurance industry. The longer that

the insurance company holds onto its money, the more they make prior

to finally having to tender the payment.

Until next month, keep smiling.

1140 N. Town Center Drive suite #170

L.D. Pankey Institute alumnus, Dawson Academy alumnus,

Fellow Academy of General Dentistry,

Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International,

Northwestern University Dental School,

Turbyfill Dentures, etc.

Community Conventions

By: Judy Polumbaum / Our View

It’s taking me awhile to get used to this

homeowners’ association thing.

Granted, I’ve spent a good deal of time in China,

where the walled community is a traditional fixture – courtyards,

housing compounds, villages, and entire towns and cities have long

been surrounded by walls. But the U.S. brand of enclosed community

that emerged in the latter half of the 20 th century and became a familiar

fixture of residential living in Las Vegas is new to this newcomer.

By some estimates, half of Vegas residents live in HOA-governed

enclaves. I once associated such configurations with wealth and status,

but now know they run the gamut, from modest apartment complexes

to cozy houses, condos and mansions.

HOAs unfolded from the rapid growth of suburbs after World War

II, as developers and municipalities sought to reduce construction and

infrastructure costs. Planning experts offer numerous rationales for the

model’s success, most obviously the ability to fund collective services

and amenities.

HOAs have assumed many expenses previously borne by governments

and taxpayers, and fancier ones go further - providing for club houses,

golf courses, swimming pools and the like. Other identified functions

include separation and privacy, surveillance and social control, status

and identity, and safety and security.

Although the police announce daily notices of home break-ins, carjackings

and lurking strangers, I don’t feel the least scared in my Vegas

neighborhood. Yet safety and security seem to loom foremost in the

minds of our HOA board members and management company. A recent

letter announced that three of the four pedestrian gates in the perimeter

fence will be welded shut to deter non-residents from strolling through.

Many of the strollers are high school students taking a shortcut.

Neighbors complain about kids huddling to smoke dope, and some

have experienced vandalism or theft.

Yet overall the teen presence seems innocuous. Be they sullen or

boisterous, these young interlopers belong to the landscape of mundane

human activity – along with dogs walking and children playing that

drew me to this neighborhood in the first place.

The HOA letter bemoaned that when the pedestrian gates had locks,

people jammed or broke them, and when the locks were removed, the

poor gates still got body-slammed. The letter laments that intruders

climb over walls or tag along at the auto entry.

Won’t welding the walking gates shut (including the one my

dogs and I pass through on our daily jaunts) merely exacerbate the

problems? I’ve no objection to privacy barriers, but what’s wrong with

walking passages?

When we wall the world out, after all, we are walling ourselves in.

Judy Polumbaum is a professor emerita of journalism and a

recent transplant to Las Vegas from the Midwest. Her father Ted

was a professional photographer who thoroughly documented her




Oh No - Summer’s Here!

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

OK it’s summer already! OUCH! For those

who have not exercised or felt that we

certainly have “plenty of time” to get into that

“bathing suit” physique – here it is!

You can change into your slimmer summer physique very quickly

if you follow a few simple rules and do it consistently for 4-6 weeks.

During my ride to work each morning, I see many of my neighbors


They have developed camaraderie with other neighbors and pass the

time on their walks. This is also barbeque season and you know how

tempting all those hamburgers, hotdogs, beer and other goodies can

add on pounds!

Start by walking for 20 minutes at a moderate pace, increasing your

speed every five minutes or so. Gradually increase it to a little more

each day (or by the end of each week).

Walk early in the morning or later in the evening now that the

warmer weather is upon us. Keep a steady, moderate-to-strong pace for

the entire walk.

Start off by walking in a safe area – perhaps a park or if your

neighborhood is safe, just around a few blocks. I’m fortunate to

have not only a safe neighborhood, but also a walking track at my

community center.

Put on sun block lotion (no matter what time of day it is). Carry a

bottle of water, wear sunglasses, a hat, comfortable shoes and ID.

Remember to eat a little something before you begin your walk.

Dehydration can set in very quickly and lack of some “fuel” in your

body can add to dizziness and lack of energy to finish your walk.

If you have an iPod or MP3 – load in some of your favorite music. It

helps to pass the time away and before you know it, you have completed

your walk without even thinking about it.

Walking will burn off plenty of calories so that you can have that

hamburger, hotdog or nice cold beer without feeling guilty. Isn’t

summer food just yummy?

With all this said – walk to your heart’s desire! You’ll feel better, burn

off calories, meet new friends and enjoy some fresh air!



By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Headaches are one of the most common

reasons people seek medical help. A 2017

survey reported that 17% of adults suffer from

multiple headaches per month. The problem with treating persistent

headaches is that there are many potential causes for the headache.

Your brain has no pain receptors which is one of the reasons a

patient can be awake during brain surgery. Pain cannot come from

brain tissue. The blood vessels that feed your brain tissue however, are

a completely different story.

These blood vessels are many times the cause of the headache. As an

example, migraine headaches are believed to be due to irritation of the

blood vessels.

Migraines have multiple causes, including hormone imbalances,

food sensitivities, and stress. These headaches differ from other types

of headaches in that the person is unusually sensitive to light, sound

and even smells. Nausea and vomiting can also accompany migraines.

Sinus headaches are found on the forehead or at the cheekbones.

In this instance, there is local inflammation of the sinuses. The

inflammation plus increased mucous production puts pressure on the

walls of the sinuses, eventually resulting in a sinus headache

Tension headaches are usually felt as pain in the neck and the head.

The head feels like there is a tight band around it.

Tension headaches are due to stress. The stress causes the neck and

scalp muscles to chronically contract and become painful.

Another form or headache is called a cervicogenic headache. Here

the headache is a non-throbbing pain in the neck and back of the skull.

It can be felt around and behind the eyes.

A cervicogenic headache is due to a problem in the bones or soft

tissue in your neck that is irritating the local nerves. The pain is felt

along the trajectory of these nerves.

Differentiating the cause of the headache helps doctors understand

their underlying pathophysiology so that treatment is specific to the


Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


June 2018

Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at


Let’s Clarify Numbers

By: Dr. Victoria Boyd / Hempworx

What does potency really mean? What is

bioavailability? We get questions related

to these terms so hopefully I can shed some light

on understanding CBD lingo.

Potency refers to the levels of CBD and/or THC in a product.

Cannabinoid potency data quantifies levels of plant cannabinoids

present in hemp/cannabis products.

Producers are required to obtain potency data for THC and CBD,

the two most common cannabinoids. It’s important for consumers to

know THC and CBD levels because these will have a strong influence

on the effects of the product.

For example, some medical patients may want a strain with a

high CBD-THC ratio, while other consumers may request the opposite.

The best companies use a third party testing lab that conducts an

analysis verifying the stated levels, concentration of, or presence of


Potency can also refer to whether the CBD product is full spectrum

or an isolate. A full spectrum product produced from the entire plant

with no modifications will have minute traces of THC (at -.03% FDA

ranks a product as zero, but not FREE). However, some desire a totally

THC free product which means the other CBD compounds have been


Bioavailability is a complex subject, but simply put, it is the

measure of how much of any substance (whether ingested or inhaled)

Sal Parisi

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

For nearly four decades, Sal Parisi and his

bass guitar danced across stages with gusto

to the beat of the jazz, Latin and dance music he

loved before the wear and tear took its toll. He was particularly fond of

“romantic Latin jazz, the kind you could dance to.”

In bygone days, he created the high energy group Dance Vegas who

counted Las Vegas treasure Mark Giovi (pictured with Parisi in the

background) as the lone male among their trio of vocalists. Hitting

sevens and eights on the pain scale, Sal traded his music for a walking

cane and his steady income for disability checks.

At its worst, with prospects of a return to the stage bleak, the pain

caused the Detroit native to sell his collection musical instruments

fearing a return to the stage was impossible. “My spine is so far gone

they can’t operate,” he said of his six herniated discs, three bone-onbone

vertebrae and advanced arthritis.

“Emotionally, he drops,” said wife Susie. “His whole demeanor is so


Parisi was born into a family in the carpet business and pitched in at

an early age. He feels that the heavy lifting and physical responsibilities

of the business contributed to his ailments.

is used by the body or makes it into the bloodstream. If you’re trying

to figure out which method of taking CBD is the best “bang for your

buck,” there’s honestly no real clear option or “winner.”

The decision should come down to what benefits you’re trying to

achieve. If you take CBD every day for chronic symptoms, and want

long-lasting effects, taking it sublingual (oil drops under the tongue)

may suit you well.

If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting, fast-acting benefit that you

might not need every day (such as for a migraine or a bout of high

anxiety) then vaping CBD may be the better option because of its

quick entry into bloodstream, however its impact has a much shorter


The oil can also be applied directly on the affected area for great

and quick results. This information does not include capsules and

edibles, because their bioavailability drops dramatically due to the

digestion process.

Wish my article could include more details but space is limited so

keep the questions coming! Just email:

Order full spectrum or THC Free Hempworx CBD oil at: www.

As an author and trainer Dr. Victoria Boyd loves sharing

knowledge in diverse areas such as nonprofit development

and research on the medical benefits of CBD as an affiliate of

Hempworx. Email her at:

After picking up the

bass guitar as an 8-year

old, Parisi began touring

nine years later playing

in Top 40 bands. The

meager paying night

gigs in small towns gave

him an opportunity to

“door knock” during

the days, carpet cleaning

machine in tow. “I

could pick up an extra

hundred bucks a day

cleaning carpets,” he

remembers. That hard

driving mindset sustains

him today.

Parisi found relief when a friend recommended CBD, a hemp derived

product available in health food stores. And more encouraging is that

he’s reconnected with some former musician buddies with dreams of

returning to a local stage.






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Paying for Toxic Duty

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

The enemy is not always who, what, and

where we think it is. All that stuff falling like

rain on us in Vietnam was not mist or insecticide,

it was deadly dioxin (Agent Orange) that our government used.

Dioxin is one the most toxic substances known to man, and many of

us were exposed to it during our tours of duty. Short-term exposure of

humans to high levels of this stuff may result in skin lesions, such as

chloracne and patchy darkening of the skin, altered liver function, and

cancer…just to name a few.

Long-term exposure is linked to impairment of the immune system,

the developing nervous system, and the endocrine system. That was

the unseen and unsuspected enemy that has taken down many good

warriors since coming home.

Even at home, our troops have been toxically exposed. The

contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, is one of the few instances in

which former military personnel who weren’t deployed could become

eligible for cash payouts.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has published regulations

to establish presumptions for the service connection of eight diseases

associated with exposure to contaminants in the water supply at Camp

Lejeune. The presumption of service connection applies to active duty,

reserve and National Guard members who served at Camp Lejeune for

a minimum of 30 days between August 1, 1953 and December 31, 1987.

If they are

diagnosed with any

of the following

conditions: Adult

leukemia, Aplastic

anemia and other


syndromes, bladder, kidney & liver cancer, multiple myeloma, Non-

Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and Parkinson’s disease, they need to begin the

process for benefits designed for them.

For a long time, it was thought that Agent Orange only effected

ground troops. However the VA has produced a list of all the ships and

aircraft used by the Navy and Coast Guard that was associated with

spraying the toxins in and around all the inland waterways, and off the

coasts of Vietnam. If one’s military record can verify duty in these areas,

they are eligible to submit a claim for damages to their health.

The good news (if there is any) is that the Department of Veterans

Affairs is now confessing and divulging the truth. After recognizing and

owning up to the use of deadly chemicals in Vietnam, it has named and

declared many presumptive diseases and conditions in ailing veterans.

Many eligible and suffering veterans are filing claims, getting rated,

and receiving the needed treatment. I encourage all veterans to get

boned up on what those presumptive conditions are, and if any apply,

then take action and begin the process. You will be amazed at how fast

that process can go now.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.

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A good stager can minimize a multitude of flaws in a home, from an awkward traffic flow

and cave-like bedrooms to family rooms without a wall long enough for a full-size

couch. As home sellers increasingly use "staging" to get their homes ready to sell,

buyers must learn to look beyond staging’s "sparkle" to see a home’s bones and


The natural assumption is that a well-presented home is also a well-maintained

home. That is exactly the impression that the home seller is trying to make! It's a fact

that most potential buyers are distracted by the effects of staging. So, when you are in

the market to purchase a home, the first time you walk through a house you should

concentrate on fundamental issues such as the floor plan and the home’s location rather

than on how the home is decorated or the furniture is arranged.

Common items to watch for:

Don’t be dazzled by the light. Halogen lights, for instance, can make a room seem

larger, as can torchiere-style lamps that reflect light up to ceilings.

Don’t let shimmer hide the reality of the space. Items such as mirrors and glass

tabletops can make rooms appear larger. Measure each room to see how big it

really is.

Beware of tight spaces. Think about whether or not the furniture in a room is

appropriate for the room’s use. A bedroom without night stands might prove to be

cramped with a full-size bedroom set in it. Also look out for love seats that are in

place instead of couches, which can make a room seem larger. Measure

your furniture so that you know how much room you actually need (if you plan to

keep the same furniture).

Staging puts a house’s best face forward (so I do recommend that if you are selling your

home that you do consider employing these methods as they do work), but savvy buyers

need to look below the surface and think about what really will be important to them in a

new home when home shopping.

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home (or maybe both!) - you need an

experienced professional to guide you through the process. Your success is important to

me, so please call me today to assist you with your next real estate transaction. I'm here

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Sharing your goals,

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plantation shutters, coffered ceilings. Chef’s island kitchen with professional Wolf & Sub-Zero stainless appliances &

granite counters. Spacious Downstairs Master Suite features Wood Flooring, Gas Fireplace, Private Laundry Room,

and Walk‐In Closet / Dressing Room (12x15) with Custom Organizers & Cabinets. Master Bathroom w/ Jacuzzi Tub,

Steam Shower w/Body Jets, Dual Sinks w/Raised Vanities, Make‐Up Vanity, and Marble Flooring. Private backyard

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home with mountain views! Island kitchen with walk-in

pantry, recessed lighting, pot shelves & granite counters.

Family room with ceiling fan, living room & dining area.

Master with ceiling fan & walk-in closet. Master bath

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Shelves, Pantry, Breakfast Bar, Tile Counters, Tile

Backsplash, Stainless Steel Appliances (Gas Stove,

Microwave, & Dishwasher). Master Bathroom w/ Dual

Sinks, Shower/Tub Combo. $299,900

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home on 1.07 estate lot w/ oversized side entry 3 car

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counters, stainless appliances & designer

fixtures. Approximately 4000 sqft. $999,900

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with Granite Counters, Nook, Pantry, Breakfast Bar, Pot

Shelves, Built-In Oven, Microwave, Gas Cooktop, &

Dishwasher. Finished 2 Car Garage w/Automatic Door

Opener. Covered Front Porch, Front Patio, & Rear Covered

Patio. $359,000

1866 Via Delle Arti

Luxury 2 BR+loft/2.5 BA, 1519 SF townhome-style condo with

cherry cabinets, SS appliances, granite counters, custom paint &

flooring, plantation shutters, alarm system, raised panel doors,

fire sprinkler system. Upstairs laundry room with utility sinks &

cabinets. Ceiling fans & crown molding. Water conditioner & hot

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